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tv   News  RT  August 12, 2021 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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the ah headlining right now, the taliban said that seized the afghan. it stands a 2nd city kandahar with uncertified video, allegedly showing security forces fleeing the city vaccines from pfizer and but done a show, a severe drop it efficacy when faced with the delta variance according to a new american study and 5 fight isn't volunteers. battle huge wildfires in russia's far east where a state of emergency enforce smoke and ash coated huge areas are correspondent, is in the thick of it, and the firefighters have now created this mineralized zone. this is basically the whole purpose of this is that the fire, as you can see it still burning there. it will not be able to pass beyond the zone . ah
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. with 347 headline news. this is our t international for moscow. my name's collin bryce. just had 6 pm here in the russian capital, same time in afghanistan, and that's where we're starting for you this hour. and the rapidly shifting situation that we're going to start with the breaking news to explain what you can see at the bottom of your screen that the taliban says that it has seized the country. the 2nd largest city canada in the south, unverified video is already circulating on social media, reportedly showing africa security forces fleeing the city. that just an hour before the taliban announcement, you can see a motorcade of military vehicles, some with africa, national flags driving through the streets. as i say, that footage is verified. now are joining it's live, it's live to cobble. now the capital journalist also worried join just that. what more do you know about the capture of kandahar is the taliban claims
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on monday got palace which has been a sign of power in kandahar province over the last 20 years. also the home of the former police chief of kandahar generosity was taken by the taliban. the provincial governors office was also the site of some surrenders. according to some accounts, the governor of the province is only left with the 6 or 7 of his party guards refusing to leave. he's from kandahar we heard reports of heavy fighting between the taliban and members of the kandahar police inside the police headquarters, as well as in the upscale, i know may not township. we have to really remember that kandahar is the home of senior. all of our leaders and commanders, this is where they started their movement in the 1900 ninety's and come to hong is where i've gotten special forces in commanders over the last many years of pe, the massive risk of trying to protect the strategic districts as well,
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as the city itself, we saw the taliban beaching parts of the city over the last 7 to 8 weeks. we also saw american drones carrying out here strikes against the taliban. but there are also many mass surrenders of police forces from various tribes over the last 15 months or so. what is very concerning for the african government that is very heavy fighting and the center of harass city with several key government buildings being taken by the taliban. we noted the former jay, the commander smile hahn who was a one time taliban prisoner in the 1. $990.00 is putting a stiff resistance, but it's not clear what if any impact that might have. we're also getting reports of heavy fighting on the outskirts of the city of missouri sharif and the district of did not very far from the 29. shaheen corps that is protect, that is to protect the northern provinces. but the front line is outside of the
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main army base. so you have a very difficult situation for the african special forces for the african government. because this is the moment of panic, the taliban have created that deliberately. i did say a why a flash earlier that the her out, her police age k would be taken by the taliban kandahar courses in the south. that's been in a predominately tell about controlled area. anyway. i imagine most african government forces are concentrated more to the north and around the capital. so what does this bode for people in cobbled and will it be next? what do we have to really remember that these events are unfolding and a very rapid pace? there's a lot of confusion around the complex local dynamics where provincial governors of either set entered to the tal about or have entered the cities like in the case of was me wanting safe passage. i think it also shows you
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a heartbreaking. busy a scenario for african commanders and special forces and afghan pilots from across the country deployed for months and months and months trying to defend these countries. what has also emerged that the government armed. busy a lot of these powerful figures providing them with hundreds of militia men to salaries and a lot of money and now they're nowhere to be seen. so there are a number of factors contributing to this situation. i think it's also a very embarrassing scenario for the americans, the international community in nato, when a place like cotton r falls in line is time does not have a credible piece process or a comprehensive and permanency side. we have to really highlight this for our viewers around the world. that it was the american officials and other wisdom officials, publicly, priding on the fact that the taliban were not to do this, the thought about were not to do in this. and now the african people are left
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extremely vulnerable. that is not mental is not incompetent. that is not to say that i've gotten politicians in african government fit to put the country before their own political interest and political bickering. and one really feel sorry for africa and soldiers in our like, they've been bearing the brunt of this conflict. so many within the african military are now asking, why did we did? why so many sacrifices allow, the americans will say they put in the money they put in the effort. they've had significant losses themselves. and i've now pretty much said you're on the road and it's up to you to sort it out to you now say, judging by what you've just set that, that, that hope is somewhat futile. well i ones do speak to the americans from a very bad full past when the russians who are defeated here, the americans basically left there was nothing for them which lead to the civil war, the rise of taliban and in the 911 attacks. so many ones are saying fine, you're leaving, but leave responsibly, you know,
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leave what the peace process commit to that, you know, don't lit up on a fall back to the 1990 s the dynamics. so quite dangerous, this time for the region for i want to sign in for the world. and let's also not forget, you know, what has been dubbed time and again by, by western countries in every other country as be stalks. these are efforts to start be stuck. these talks have not resulted in an end to the bloodshed in suffering of the african people. and now we are looking at a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions where one's of lost their homes that harvest their cobs, their businesses. and you know, people who are invested in this country are basically not hopeless. and the situation could actually get worse. there could be a domino impact on provinces and, and around cobble in cobble itself does face a massive risk. that is the item that gets lost and a lot of the geopolitical talking here in the power struggle that's accelerating
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massively in recent weeks is the people themselves. we are going to talk later to the, the red cross. but just how significant is like a military and crisis in afghanistan right now. what we know, according to the united nations, that one children continue to get killed in, tragically, shockingly big numbers. we also know that there are civilian casualties and fatalities. but remember, more than a 1000000 ones have been forced to leave their homes, their 1000000 more, who are caught in the fighting. and these major urban centers fled will have been displaced over the years in these districts in these provinces. and now they have got nowhere to go and those who have been able to come to cobble few 1000. and they've only been able to basically brenwood themselves, a pair of clothes. this is the generations and generations of ones who are caught in this brutal conflict in war. the fight for peace, peace is elusive. entire families are being destroyed and killed. we, yes,
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we see that in terms of numbers. unfortunately, because of lack of information and lack of access, i can go like the rest of my colleagues, even international colleagues to where this brutal war is taking the lives of ones . but it is tragically safe to say that the country is bleeding and it's a country with a broken heart and soul, especially when you see people you know, the top of them of put so. busy much of their lives in dreams and education and commitment in this country. and it's come to this. now. we just heard that the united states as told all american citizens and at the embassy that they should leave afghanistan for that safety and other american official earlier said he expected cobble to full within 90 days. how well defended is cobble is 90 days optimistic while these statements do cause a psychological torture and turbulence among ones you know,
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we have to also remember that all of these countries except for the united states in great britain, especially to keep deporting off once, give saying that one is time is safe and only recently they've stopped that process temporarily. at least you know. so a couple does face the risk of taliban attacks. large scale attacks because the districts of cobbled province are not secure. the province is in an round carbon like globe. and what about of i've seen a lot of taliban advances. busy and i'm afraid, you know, this is a very psychological fear. now among ones, when you hear such big names, kandahar rod mazata. when you hear one officials surrendering and making their own ideas, it is ought to have a very destructive and negative impact on the psyche and confidence of the african people in cobb totally out with you. but i'll stay safe to talk to you again. sorry, it's in such circumstances. we'll be back with you. should there be any more
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developments for now though, journalist, but i'll worry a couple. thank you. let's go up to speed on where we are. then the taliban has been sweeping through the country in recent weeks. seems nearly a dozen provinces now, as we've just been outlining to the mass offensive developed in the wake of the pentagon to withdraw. the taliban advance comes as talks and cats are between african authorities and the taliban failed to produce a peace deal. meantime, washington made it clear, but it won't come to cobbles, rescue african leaders have to come together. we lost thousands at last death in injury. thousands of american personnel got to fight for themselves. meanwhile, the number of us news outlets, citing an undisclosed intelligence official claimant that the capital cobble could fall to the taliban within 90 days. but just look at the situation as it stands right now. the militants control around 2 thirds of afghanistan, you can see them in red. that means that government forces that the areas in green,
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it's a much diminish territory. located in the much more populated north and around the capital. the rest are just those contested regions, but they're on the bring out the islamists have taken hold of some districts in close proximity to the capital with taliban wrapping up. it's offensive in april, following immediately after us president jo biden's announcement that american troops were pulling out at the time the estimates group health less than a 5th of the countries territory. now it's ramped up to more than half it seem africa and government controlled area shrink from about 30 percent of the country to just 16 percent. now in shelter saw space of time. the pentagon though insists that the fall of cobble isn't necessarily on the cards. we are certainly mindful of the advances that the taliban have made in terms of taking over yet an increase number of, of provincial capitals. other thing i'd say is that no potential outcome has to be inevitable, including the, the fall of cobble,
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which everybody seems to be reporting about. it doesn't have to be that way. with the hostility showing no sign of abating enough, gonna stand you any woman, any 400000 people have had to leave their home since the start of the year. and it's been a huge spike since may. the un says the displaced people are heading to cobble in search of safety, a hair. it just some of the heart wrenching stories, but the refugees have to tell, have been displaced from telecom. the telephone killed my son. they took all the belongings from my house and set fire to demonstrate the punch me in the mouth, causing my teeth to fall out. they demanded my son and i told them that he's a school teacher. she recently became a teacher and had not even received his salary yet, had a class has broke out and we were taken hostage in the fighting, went on for about 6 to 7 days. and we couldn't go outside to do anything we managed to escape. and now we are displaced. let's get more of that now from the
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international committee of the red cross now to most like a big battle join us live, welcome to the program. we're hearing some awful stories and some terrible numbers just how bad is it in afghanistan right now, is there enough food and shelter for the many who are internally displaced? number 31 great concern in urban centers. more and more you can have in your house or destroyed in suspect that have been destroy walker and hospital. and then the 4th year been discussing that hundreds and thousands of people have been forced to insert the for a certain number of those who are going there. busy are many people there
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most families who are because i heard defining the costs are completed in order for them to move. sure. to really appreciate it. it's very concrete for seen so many and on top of that. but we have been building also in number of who are injured or because of conflict. i think it can be reported recently street to see what was happening right now. for example, in can do in many of the more recent . now this would have been distressing at any time, but it's also a mass movement of people during a pandemic. how was all this impacting the coven vaccination programs?
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her over the year offer complexities on 7 days on us. and on top of hospitals who are already because of the current position because of increasing number of coming year to re record. we are also raising the call that he says when it comes to like submission. of course this is one of the support and encourage for the bickerson, the vocal for, for me to reach to are those covered by the for you here. been done for the running for, for here. what there are like the blue book because now for example, hospitals and more who carmen
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their carter and so forth from making the miserable for the common prefer for the ordinary gift to have seen such a mission for now you remember if you remember, we have seen children and women and injured because i won't give you one last week which has been supported by her secret receipt 159 patients affected by gunshots. so they're getting more so this is the kind of clear. so think of all those people who are largely moving
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north north towards cobbled because they didn't feel safe at home in the south to under the taliban control. what about if couple does fall in the coming days, weeks, months, and those people want to move across the border? pakistan, iran, are they able to cope? how bad could this get for them? vertical quarter movement. so far we have not seen cancer indication that have been few moments here in their record, but not me here. indication for massive movement as we speak now. certainly are in boxes on it, on and on. i see interest with your local partners and you look for the photos and we are in contact and and we know that this happened in the class. he moved in
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for the time being confirmed. we have moved marketing more and more also, water recent fees, which we have done on the fight in parties for much managers are still different. organizations are definitely going to work in the fact that you're able to have access to your attention. and what about those you can't get out civilians and immediate danger in the taliban control areas on the contested territory. if i can please indefinitely popular to certain particular leave
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here we have seen are you near your infrastructure populated or hospitals or other infrastructure like water supplied cubic tools on lake electricity. mystery from nickel both in solution. certainly we are getting damage and storage and having an impact on property. some work here shop for the supplier who are also sector and some are just having one fact on the street and doors for people who are in the city. i don't have an increasingly difficult job in the coming weeks and months on the ground in afghanistan, so we wish them the best for now though not your most cubic bowels from the red cross. thank you. to our other headline news now in
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a worrying drop in advocacy for the pfizer and madonna koby vaccines has been marked in a new american study showing that they did significantly against the delta strain off the 6 months corresponded alia pertaining to join me earlier to explain the findings, this is a so called pre print study, which means that it hasn't gone through peer review yet, but the study contains numbers. the numbers outline the trends, and they are scary. they cannot be ignored, even though they only come from one state of minnesota. but there are about the efficacy and when it comes to preventing infection for v madera vaccine, the advocacy has dropped from 86 percent in january to 76 percent in july. however, with pfizer, it's been a real statistical nosedive because the efficacy has fallen from 76 percent in january to 42 percent. and experts are linking all this with the spread of the
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delta various in the us. now i've said that this is a pre print study. however, the overall situation with corona virus in the us is echoing these numbers and it does look scary because if you look at the daily growth a bit more than a month ago, it was about plus 12000 new cases in one day. and you know what they registered on august. the 11th plus $155000.00 southern states are reporting that they are running out of intensive care unit beds. and here's what we heard from one doctor who was working with corporate patients in the region. we're going back to want you to go when we base our full. so we have to put pins more than happy to allow 2 people to come on a while. the spread of the delta variant is clearly set to become a nightmare for. ready american officials, without the full vaccination of
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a vast majority of the population, most likely new variance will keep appearing. and again, perhaps they will be more dangerous. and this is something that senior medical experts have been warning about for, while long as the virus continues to spread, you give it ample opportunity to mutate. and when you give an ample opportunity to mutate, you may sooner relate a get another variance and it is possible that that variant might be in some respects worse than the already very difficult, very, and we're dealing with now. so any thoughts or reassurance from any officials on this was so far in common to the 1st reported on the minnesota study as senior joe biden, administration. officials said the following, literally, if that's not a wake up call, i don't know what is and perhaps at this point these guys aren't that key to comment on that worsening situation because only a bit more than
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a month ago during the 4th of july celebrations. joe biden was more than just optimistic about his efforts against colbert. thanks to our roaring fact scene efforts, we gain the upper hand against this virus. we do live our lives. our kids can go back to school. our economy is rory back. well, this is what joe bought was a bit more than a month ago. now the situation is completely different and it could turn into a complete flow for the government, trying to stay positive things that they need to vaccines in the mix. how many others holding up? i'm going to give you 2 other names, and in that case, the situation is much more promising. that is johnson and johnson and rushes split . make me enough for the 1st one. i mentioned the efficacy against the delta variant is at 95 percent, which is impressive when it comes to rushes. sputnik fee, the efficacy dropped, just like in the case of but there are no. and pfizer,
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but it only dropped to 83 percent, which is still an impressive result. compared to 42 percent of pfizer. so perhaps this is the reason why the developer of sputnik be suggested and proposed cooperation with pfizer. suggesting starting trials with sputnik as a booster jap. let's see what kind of response they're going to get. because we do remember that despite being allowed in dozens of countries, sputnik, we has not yet been officially approved by the world health organization k medical inside next then dr. ron g brought joins as a consultant, physician and search for britain state health service, the an h s. doctor pro. welcome to l t. as we've said, this is only a small study, but it does sometimes feel like it's 2 steps forward. one step back old standing still. how can setting do you see this drop in the efficacy of the pfizer medina, vaccines? thanks so much. good to be with you. as you say, this is a small study,
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but not of ational study. so looking at about 40000 patients for the last 6 months, when there has been a dramatic change in the prevalent variant in the united states as your correspond, it was saying, looking primarily at minnesota, but run by the rest of the health center. the may health clinic and during that time the prevalence switched by dramatically from the alphabet being 85 percent prevalent to the bill to very being 70 percent prevalent and a little bad to main vaccination. is that the united states and in the mechanic and those were the ma, done on the one hand and the by and check on the other find tech a fight extensively and united kingdom far left of the mcdonough. the other one that we were not on the launch the fight as present and nonetheless, welfare was overall, i think it's important to distress but still in terms of hospitalizations. and then most of the vaccines approving, pretty effective. but it's very interesting to see the number of infections which
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are so called breakthrough infections, which happen off the patients have been vaccinated. and it does seem that they would drop in the case of the medina from 8676 percent. and in the case of the, the 5 by and pick it up, surveys, no study in minnesota for a dramatic drop from 706042 percent. now the methodology is not absolutely clear. so exactly what that means in terms of the way in which the patients presented and tested, and the exact duration following vaccination are not available to scrutinize. but nonetheless, you know, it's indicative of reduced efficacy probably have the vaccines against the delta variant. a lot of health agencies around the world are trying out mixing and matching with different vaccines. it's has differing results in success. russia is offered to supply sputnik v as opposed to pfizer. do you think it'll be accepted? it's difficult to say there's been a huge amount of them. this whole pandemic really held
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a mirror out to the world. it's shown us many uncomfortable truth about our political system, about health and equality, about equality globally. and of course about a political move servatius which interfere with what would life be strictly scientific and medical consideration. so for example, in, in britain, we have been quite forward in making huge a contract with, with united states and other countries to buy their vaccines. but we have studiously ignored the efficacy, both of the russian vaccine. and it does seem that we're going to suffer as a result of that at the, at the sputnik 5 vaccine tickler was 1st publish its phase 3 results. and at that time showed in 96 percent, efficacy was the most effective of all of the vaccines really. and it does seem to be holding up very well different studies, but between 90 or 83 percent, efficacy in terms of reinfection rate against the delta variance. so we're cutting off of the political reasons from the typical boxes that are available in the world
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today. that is something that we see happening again and again. at the early stages, the russian relates to pointed out that they, they were particularly efficacious, were selected because of the technology they were using to the, to different virus strains. human, how homeless i know, virus brain reduce the the m r n a for the for the s like protein of the vaccine. whereas the asked present for example, is a single strain on both of the vaccination, the prime and the coast. and i think for that reason, the particular cases and they offered to cooperate with astrazeneca, but i haven't seen the results of that cooperation. and certainly there's been resistance to accepting it. yeah, i know when i had spoken in january, most of my antibodies that had that all the big farmer in the lobbyists would be
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all hands on deck for this. but hope springs eternal. dr. brock, thanks for joining us on our team to national thank you. okay, little more and more and headline stories at all t dot com and i'll be back here to update you in half an hour on the way though. but how do we increase in the illegal trafficking of human organs of trouble? in consequence of afghanistan's humanitarian crisis, which we've been hearing about it next, i what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy going from station let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, a very critical time time to sit down and talk.


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