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could be on the way, pretty says your physician runs you bra. so some countries are cutting themselves off from scientific advances for political reasons. this whole pandemic really held a mirror out well, did show me the truth about our political system, about health and equality about inequality globally. and of course, about a political move to ation, which interfere with what, what other like be strictly scientific and medical consideration. so for example, in, in britain, we have been point forward in making huge a contract with the united states and other countries to buy their vaccines. but we have to ignore the efficacy, both of the russian vaccine and of course of the chinese. and it does seem that we're going to suffer the result of that at the, at the sputnik 5 vaccine tickler was 1st to publish phase 3 results. and at that time showed in 96 percent efficacy was the most effective a lot of actions really. and it doesn't,
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the efficacy holding up very well. we are cutting off. there was a political resume from the scientific advances that are available in the world today. some breaking news coming in from the state for washington d. c. military base is unlocked on. i will report someone and then to find on the individual supported at the facility. the basis was a potential threats until the workers to stay inside. well, following that story will bring you any updates as we get them all in a few mom, it's time you can catch up with what i just saw. news views and hughes. so we're backing off our join us again. the news, the news
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the the new charges against the candidates for violating international law regarding arm sales have been made. we're going to give you the details regarding the parties involved and their responses. the national security agency award of a secret 10000000000 dollar contract to amazon has been challenged by microsoft raising questions that only about the annotated ability to keep a secret. but how tight is that relationship between silicon valley and intelligence agency? or ben was going to give us some answers. and speaking of government contracts in
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my p. d as good and $59000000.00 on 5 year. we're let you know what was purchased and what the n y p d hope to accomplish with their arsenal of potentially invasive surveillance. there's a new article out reveals the inside pay to play world involving some of the most popular magazines on your new rack. we will ask someone who is very familiar with the business and whether or not this is just the evolution of the industry, as well as get her take on the latest news about prince andrew under review by london police. but no official investigation has been open yet. these stories as well as your i should be on the skies tonight, 1st less feel performance. you don't want to miss hughes and you're watching news views right here on our to america. let's get started. ah, weapon. which could be used in the conflict of yemen are being provided by the
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canadians. so they may report by amnesty international canada and project power shares. there are 2 other suspend, also have arms to saudi arabia effective immediately. now the group, i just prime minister just introduced us government is violating the arms trade treaty by transforming weapons to the gulf kingdom, which are being diverted for use in the war in yemen. light armored vehicles and sniper rifles were transferred from canada to the keno fedor rubia have already been found. so to give us the details to bring down mcadams, executive director of the front. paul, interesting institute. thank you so much for joining me, daniel. hi, scotty. you know, i just want to start off with just some background to this. you know, i hear a lot of things actually being exported out of canada. agriculture energy. great honey. but rarely do we actually talk about military items. so how big is the military trade into 3 out of candidate will, can, there's not a major player in military exports, but it certainly is a modest player,
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a middling player, i would say it ranks probably 12 or 13 in the world in terms of arms export but significantly, for the topic that you bringing up today is the 2nd largest exporter to saudi arabia after the states. so a major military trading partner of saudi arabia, if not a major arms export or on the world scene, which daniel, to help, you know, raise his red flags right there to be canada. so do you actually hearing the story know in the background, looking at it, do you actually believe canada is in violation of the arms trade treaty and will actually suspend their partnership with saudi arabia now that it's come to light? well, the 1st part, i don't know, and i'm not an expert, i don't pretend to be one. i'm not an international arms lawyer, so i don't know. but certainly from what i've read from, i've read the amnesty international report. we have seen a pattern in the past of these weapons, while they're being assured that they will only be used to wonder humanitarian
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guidelines. we've seen them and yet, and we've seen him in that horrible horrific war and human being. so i think it's certainly on a moral level candidate to rethink its export policies towards saudi arabia. well, it's interesting, just the tro said that he was actually looking for a way out when his 1st came out. but then he lifted the fries on wet ben export permits, and that was in april of 2020. so do you really believe that he is buying or is it just so profitable? he can't pass at the dollars. it is profitable, it also gives you a lot of political influence, which canada, manus does want and would like to have in the middle east. you know, i think what they mean by lead time pass is let the hawk shogi thing pass is 2018. when this saudi just didn't, was assassinated by his own government. you've got to let some water roll under the bridge before it goes back to business. as usual, it looks to me like premier trudeau now believes it's time to go back to business as usual. well, the question i have,
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and you mentioned that candidates 2nd behind the u. s. to export these weapons to side, or let's just say they did to spin sales where there actually be an impact on the fighting in yemen, or would they find somewhere other to get somewhere else get their resources? well, that's a good question and i wonder who would make up the difference. you know, the by did ministration, might have one or 2 people and in the administration concerned with humanitarian affairs overseas. of course, a lot of the so called humanitarians in the bud administration, actually, closet hawks like cement the power, who's never seen a humanitarian war. she didn't like. but you know, there is some possibility that washington was very, very happily. take up the slack, but there might be a temporary, tactical inconvenience for saudi and it's ongoing war against them. and what i think the global arms trade is so profitable, that certainly someone would step in to fill the gap well and that forgive me on this. it's like, you know, why didn't 1st, why did we not know more about this going into and if one step out does that
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actually mean they're not going to find the resources somewhere else? at least this one. we have to identify granted by an international group looking into it. but this also makes me wonder, is i'm looking at the numbers that it looks like canada, do you think they're looking to increase their weapons exports, you know, last year despite coded everything happening. the amount of permits increased by 5 percent. that didn't seem like much, but couple 100, despite it, sale of saudi arabia they did diminishes from master sales by 1500000000 still several 1000000000. but to think that they're actually looking going maybe this might be something we need to actually booster. our resume with global arm sales are a huge business in the u. s. of course is number one. the problem with these is the absolute worst form of corporatism, because the population is taxed and forced to pay for the r and d for the development of these weapons systems. and then pseudo private companies and rake in the profits from the sales of these military equipment overseas. and then the government's benefit by increasing their influence over countries they
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seek to see influence over. so it's really a global boone dogwill. and unfortunately, what you see are poor people in yemen and elsewhere who bear the brunt of this sort of global bonanza in for the arms dealers in the governments. so then then here's my question is i'll supply for other countries. ok, let's say they are in violation of the arms treaty act. who's going to enforce it? who's actually in charge of saying you're wrong, stop and would other countries go, but wait a minute, why does that country get to do in that country? doesn't? who's actually in charge right now? that's why i think you need to look deeper. and of course, this is a big issue in these weapons. shouldn't be export or we know what they're being used for. but there needs to be a bigger issue, which is to take a look at global interventionism to take a look at what the saudis have done to take a look at u. s. foreign policy. you know, the exports of weapons were always a trailing edge to policy decision. at some point, the saudis meant the decision to attack him in the u. s. is made the decision to illegally occupy syria. so these things do follow the core. if you want to strike
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the root is, is look at interventionist one policy and look at stopping the interventionism, stopping in business for the policy overseas. and maybe we have a little bit of peace. maybe that could be, that could be a nice if we lived in a perfect world real quick. i'm sure you, since you said you are not necessarily a lawyer in the global arms trade. i do have to ask you what other countries and like i said, somebody's gonna fill the gap, have military trade. those were aware of with saudi arabia, which might be going under the radar. like i think canada was i think candidate as i think some of our nato partners have a small deals with them. but of course the front of it is borne by the us and canada in terms of sales. but there are plenty of countries. the european union would be very happy to get into that business is a very profitable business. so i think you'll see plenty of places that want to slink under the radar as you very actually put it and start selling all kinds of horrible goodies to the saudis. well, here was the big thing is i was reading that, that report, that really kind of perked my interest. the majority to
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a large chunk of what canada sells is to non nato countries. now we've got federated, non nato countries, which basically means candidates selling to our enemies to potentially we could have to fight. so basically, once again, i feel like that we are arming those folks that supposedly one day we might actually be at war with, which is a very scary thought. is that something how that you kind of read into this report as well? and i imagine that on a lots of different perspectives, not just dealing with saudi arabia, well, 80 percent of candidates, military exports go to non nato countries. so there you are right there is very, there's very little reason why they wouldn't go to potential enemies in on the, of the believe. certainly in the united states that we should not be exporting any weapons at all. busy to anyone because these are created with the us of us tax money. they should be used to defend the united states, not to raise the profits of pseudo private companies. so i think that would go a long way towards solving these problems. i'm sorry, that's just stupid, in my opinion, i think you're literally giving our enemies. suppose they could one,
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fight the bullet to shoot back with. and that's very sad in the world that we live in all for a mighty dollar in the back of a politicians pocket. daniel mcadam, thank you so much for joining me for it with us. thanks for having scottie amazon. just finish it. a secret cloud computing contract was up to $10000000000.00. now the decision was made public by a lawsuit filed by microsoft. or it's a tech giant, it's challenging the contract. boom bus co host, an investigator has been swan is looking into this story for us. was gotta, you're not gonna believe this, but the contract name is actually get this wild and stormy. that was the contract that was drafted between the n s a and amazon for this 10000000000 dollar cloud computing contract. and it turns out that this is now the 2nd contract in just a year between the u. s. government and major tech companies valued in the billions of dollars in november the ca, awarded c 2 e contracts potentially worth tens of billions of $1.00 to $5.00
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companies, a, w. s, microsoft, google, oracle, and ibm. originally that contract was offered to only microsoft, and it was challenged in court by amazon, amazon, claiming the president trump had steered the contract away from amazon and to microsoft because of his dislike of jeff bezos. on that note, it is become a 2 horse race between amazon and microsoft when it comes to government cloud computing contracts. microsoft is a long way to go, considering that amazon has been forming government relationships for the past 10 years, which might explain why amazon was awarded this latest contract. there are few details about the program, but a tough intelligence official has previously said that the n. s a plans to move more of its data on to commercial cloud platforms. john sherman acting chief information officer of the department of defense told fed scoop in february of 2020, that the n s. a wanted to move its data from some sites and use vendors for managed cloud services as part of its hybrid compute initiative. but to do so without
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bidding out the contract, well that could be a problem, which is why microsoft filed that protest with the government accountability office, or the g a o. the federal agency tasks with probing government spending decisions. the bottom line here scott, is that microsoft says that the se did not do a thorough enough job, evaluating all the potential competitors before awarding that contract for new views. hughes, i've been one not in new york, were newly released documents revealed the department bought nearly 200000000 dollars of surveillance tools. no public oversight. the new sparking outrage amongst many trees. chavez has the story on today. the n y p t under fire for spreading over a $100000000.00 of public funds on policing technology, with no public oversight, the legal aid society and the surveillance technology oversight project, or stop obtain the documents which include contracts with vendors. and they show
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that the n y p spent at least $159000000.00 on facial recognition. predict the policing programs stingray cell phone trackers, and even vans with x ray machines to small weapons purchases that were all made through a special expenses fund. that remains confidential under the special expenses program, a controversial secrecy agreement that was terminated last year after stop and other privacy groups lobbied for the public oversight of surveillance technology or post act, which requires the n y p to disclose details about its public surveillance infrastructure among the documents are contracts for palin, tier american science and engineering, which provides x ray bands that can detect weapons and vehicles. 1500 feet away, and e d m a solutions which provides biometric surveillance like facial recognition . the department also signed a contract with key w corporation, 1st thing re, cell tower simulators thing res spoof cell towers to learn mobile phones into
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connecting with them. and then the devices can collect data sent by the phone, including its location in response to n y p d said that the documents were released before post came into effect and maintains that quote, no other police department or federal agency has gone to the level of depth and transparency on law enforcement tools used in the field stop executive director albert fox con, encountered that the n y p d hit it surveillance, spending not to protect us, but to protect its bottom line. he said in a statement, these technologies are expensive, invasive, and just don't work, but the n y p d isn't just wasting millions on proven technologies. it's putting black and brown communities at risk. high tech errors are often just the 1st step to false arrest wrongful imprisonment and being torn away from your family because of a faulty algorithm. now advocates say that the n y, p d should not be permitted to hide millions of dollars in spending. but law enforcement officials tell me that this kind of technology is absolutely essential to ensure the safety and well being of the public reporting for news use hughes
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trinity job as r t. and when we return a former supermodel hern reporter, georgia to tell us her experience in the world of fashion. and why does the latest revelation have pay to play for key features? is not that surprising news. the join me every 1st day on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess on the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the who's
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ah, have you ever wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? well, for the right price, you can be, and we're not just talking about local rags, but major publications around the world like playboy and maxim. and new article is shedding some light on the world where looks and money can buy you the title of covergirl. this could be a sign of the economy and print magazines that just trying to stay alive in this world of digital. but our next next just just to mclean. so this is nothing new. it's actually been happening all the time. thanks for joining me. jessica. got a great to be here. good to see you. ok. yeah. such as the world i think of. oh,
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go ahead. i'm sorry. i want to tell me what is the story here. so, you know, be funny and then let's just break it down to the social media. so before the advent of we have in dram now facebook and back when might be through jerome was originated, taught, all the social media platforms have pretty much destroyed. what the authentic modeling industry really represented in the ninety's. if you take a look through all the editorial spreads all the magazines, all the model agencies back during the ninety's in early 2000. it was a very different time, different era, different protocol for actually finding girls that would actually have a true career in the modeling business. so now if you don't have 300000 followers on instagram, you're not a super model. so it's really interesting how this is all taking a dive into a whole, another direction, people that have a large following all of a sudden become an instance social media star supermodel. none of these girls are models. if you look at these platforms that they've built for themselves,
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it's all about no, to righty. because of the true business of modeling, you have agencies such as the leads i am g next models will. amena, they never have their models paid to be in a magazine. i mean that's unheard of magazines would hold casting. fashion editors would see girls would set up. shoot. that's all paid for. you are actually paid a day rate to be featured in the magazine. but now things have turned in, social media is pretty much taken over, so it destroyed the authenticity of the fashion modeling world. well, for becoming a reporter, jessica, you are also cyber. so there's agencies, you talked about leap models out of miami i. m g and new york. so you do know this industry. did you know this was happening back then? maybe not even to this extent during that time. and yeah, thank you. i was represented by formulae, by those companies in my twenties and never really had surfaced during that time. you would, you would attend capping, you go to the calls, they would call your agent and say, yes, we'd like the book. so and so it was
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a very formal, very professional type of business. and now it just seems that they're all over the map. there is no protocol other than let's be or social media link. i want to see how many followers they have. so in the reality of it, what do you fall are followers on social media, have anything to do with a career of longevity in the modeling world? and there's been scandal, there's been sex scandals through the beginning of modeling areas. we're dating all the way back to the seventy's, but now that we have all these different movements, you know, that have been created by such organizations and pretty much the democratic party to try and set out and destroy things and create a whole new platform. you take victory secrets, for example, not too long ago. what about a month and a half ago? they destroyed the entire platform. no more angels, no more fashion show. no more supermodels in the window. victory secret. if you go to the mall, you take a look at all these advertisements. they're entirely wiped out. now they're replacing with the l. b d community making report to you from the in the us olympics soccer team. so this
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has nothing to do with the fashion industry. it's a political propaganda movement, but it's taken over and you have all these scandals going on and they want to brush it under the rug like it never existed. but then yet hollywood comes forward and they want to say, ok, we want to push for, for justice. we want to push for women to have equality and, and, you know, abolish sexual assault. well, it's been going on for years. it's just not as prominent then as it is now because the social media platforms have allowed a gateway to open up and expose all of these people that are sold women in the fashion business. i mean it's all about politics, power, and money. at the end of the day it's, it's never going to change, it'll just be significantly more exposed. and we are going to talk about because there's someone i think of prince andrew politics power. many of them for you to i do have to ask though, because something we look at a lot is the credibility and trust people have in journalism. but in this case, does it kind of damage that trust that people have in the overall publication?
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if a person has bought their piece, does it not make people actually doubt what else in a magazine is being purchased? maybe it's the endorsement, the opinions, the suggestions made by articles, right? well, within the magazines they have multiple departments. so you know, you have your sales department, you have advertising, then you have your, your spread, your editorial spread or fashioned and spread. then you have your cause medic, companies that will place ab, you know, you flip open, the magazine, used to seeing the day at the water. the water was one of the prominent companies that highlighted their skin care in the magazine. so in that, in that era, it was just a really traditional formal business, and now it's just turned into a political scandal. and with anyone that doesn't share the similar ideologies about fashion and how that should go. i mean, to vote magazines a prime example. they place these different people and highlight stories on them that that really wouldn't be normally in fashion. otherwise, would they just switch? they've taken like a political geared towards fashion and it's, it's take,
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it's gone downhill since the ninety's, the fashioned modeling industry is not what it used to be 152030 years ago. i mean, look at sports illustrated. you see online now they have, it's not about highlighting supermodels or the hard work and the training that is is put into becoming a model in sports illustrated or victoria secrets is highlighting women of all shapes, all sizes. and i'm not here to body shame. this isn't about body shaving, but it's about the reality of what the fashion modeling business is all about. i mean, it's like the super bowl for models to be in sports illustrated or victoria secrets again, that sort of notoriety and achieve that, that status and now today we've drifted away because god forbid we have to be politically correct. right. well, well, become that sort of movement, right? but one thing that the movement, oddly enough, is not highly highlighted is what has been going on with jeffrey epstein and his whereabout, before i let you go, i want to talk about prince andrew and its involvement. where does l, maxwell and jeffrey ab st. knowing the monetary, re falling along the story,
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talking about a drama? do you think they're going to be able to protect him from this latest round of accusations for jenny? go for a who's offered it before. has regard said that she was forced to have sex with him at 17 metropolitan london police have looked into this issue twice before, cleared him. but as this time actually going to actually make them out to open an official investigation, they're not going to open an official investigation. the royal monarchy is a powerhouse p r machine. if you look at the scandal that prince charles had with camille parker boyles right before diana died, it's kind of, it's kind of ironic how those 2 correlate together. print sandra is really protect protected, no pun intended, by the entire monarchy and by the queen. so when you sign into that life, you're extreme protected. now will he continue to be able to have royal duties? no, that's done, but they're not going to just throw me under the rug. that's for sure. they're going to protect him at all costs. he's not going to give a seat, but they're not going to hold a trial. well, jessica, like always thank you for continue to cover the story and follow it,
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and we will have you back on. got thank you. got it. mother nature's personal firework show is visible this month per se. the meteor shower is picking on thursday. so how can you watch it? larger corresponding natasha suite will tell you if you look up at the sky tonight, i think you're witnessing or burning plane not to worry. it's the annual per said. meteor shower and scientists encourage you to get out of the city to enjoy this wonder a phenomenon. it's not every day you see a meteor shower. this annual show happens as the earth passes through the trail of the swift tuttle comment. the fragments left behind from the comment appear as meteor showers in the sky and its occurring tonight. this event was officially discovered for the 1st time back in 18. 62. however, some scientists claim this per said, meteor shower has been observed for the past 2000 years. the best time to see this light show is from midnight to dawn. if you're in the northern hemisphere, away from light pollution, it's possible to see more than 40 percent in an hour. the moon is expected to be 13
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percent fall, so the dark skies will provide an even better viewing experience. recently an unexpected meteor shower hits either norway, when i witness, described it as a big line that looked like a plane on fire leaf. so if it went out and then there was a white smoke, a few seconds passed before i heard a thump and a small tremor on the ground. i didn't quite understand what it was right away. now officials say it's not very often for norway to see meteorites, since it's rare, the stone is said to be very valuable for research. they, i don't understand them. so there are some rocks that are about this big. i think they are black on the outside and if you crack it open, you will see that is black on the outside, but light color on the inside. that's a very typical 1st impression of a media. right. look back here at home, official c. patience is key. for enjoying tonight's amazing light show all the good news is he won't need a telescope as a percent are bright enough to view with a naked eye. but experts suggest taking about 45 minutes to let your eyes adjust to
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the darkness leveled. if you can't make it outside of the city in time, nasa will be live streaming the event on all the social media platforms reporting for new if you choose and how sweet r t that's all the time we advertise. because by quick like always, our job here is to provide you the information and the 360 view of all the issues. but most importantly, you can make up your own opinion on what is going on in the day that we can continue the conversation. so please follow me on twitter. i promise lots of live the conversations are we read all of your tweets and your suggestions i had to do is treat me out as scotty and use your civil hash tag team and and for this show and more from the past, the future and all the great programming that we have here at our america, portable dot tv app for your apple or android device. and like, always thanks for watching until next time. ah, ah, ah, ah,
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i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims, like the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you don't just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you see your micro grass, you say you triggered me. you said your heart be again from psychological way, just news or psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the the, the news
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the advancing boy, the hour about and makes rapid temperature will games and i've got a song now report to be only 50 kilometers from the capitals. walking on my evacuation with the us led lights leaving the country. i've got nationals who risk their lives assisting, foreign military now, violent retaliation from the sergeant taliban. we speak to one a former translator. he works with the british and american army. he's authors identity to be concealed by his safety of his family. first from the belief that you tell us what will happen, don't are going interpreter who serve to petition american forces. it will be the african interpreters will create the force on a powerful last test through a passenger box in a town of vote on a ship western.


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