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small business, i'm show business. i'll see you then in the washing the weekly out into national and those speak breaking news to tell you about in the headlines this sunday. a lot of news, but it's one big story. the taliban says it's encircled. has been confirmed to the africa and capital capital, the militants. rapid advances swept the country, taking every major city. now. it was ongoing, brutal fighting and we could only save ourselves and fled to cobble. there is no food and no water. the family very worried because they have no idea what to do. many other families also flood and living in that condition. nikosa recorded before today's breaking news. now, while africa nationals who risk their lives assisting for military's now say they fit violent retaliation from the research and taliban, we speak to one former translator who asked for his dentist. he's be concealed for
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his and his family safety. first from the believe the detailed up on 100 down every are an interpreter who served to partition american forces. it will be the african interpreters or will free the until the force on the use open door policy seems to slam shut this story, brought you in the week, but very relevant today to with the blog split over the migration of refugees from afghanistan, several states insisting on their right to forcibly to pull people lose asylum cases of been rejected. ah, mid day a one most good time. good afternoon for me, kevin. oh, in law, from our international will do center moscow. it is the weekly where we usually recap. the big stories of the we can tell you, but anything that's happening right now, but it's been overtaken with
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a big stories happening right now. and that's where we to go straight to 1st of all, to f. ganna. stan, the taliban has surrounded the african capital cobble negotiations for a peaceful hand over are reportedly on the way with a government in these minutes. this come shortly after the us special envoy, 12 canister, apparently had asked, is amiss not to enter the city the on this builds on the rapid gains by the telephone throughout the week. early this morning the group captured the eastern city of july, the bad on friday they took up chemist on 2nd largest city kandahar. seems to have been pretty easy going not a lot of resistance met along the route. according to our witnesses, the islam militant group said it seized hundreds of weapons and vehicles as one of the large amounts of i munition in the city, which will of course help their cause along the way. meantime, the u. s. has started evacuating embassy stuff from the country that's been ongoing
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for a little bit now. here, american choppers landing and taking off from the consulate, 5000 troops was said to help out. another 1000, drafted in recently, diplomats were also reportedly directed to destroy sensitive documents. and computers before they left. so the taliban reports the controls every board post across the country. and the only way to get out of afghanistan is through cobble airport. but i'm seeing news lines as you may have heard, just in the last half i was saying that basically if there are any flights today, they are all full powers sub a wounds, a local journalist, he told me a bit more earlier on the pupil have why because of this already and no peace and situation of the solid lot capturing the. busy big cities such as come to my city, why the color guard into the reaction cover the cheese on a bit. they don't. they don't want to give up to the level so then don't
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was thought of on and cover. i myself, i'm afraid. and as well as the pupil enough get some are afraid because of the car level. so near to the car will see there is no any support from the government offices yet about the german list. so we are worry about, or that was with national news news, the genesis and with, with, with, with other like late fees and other this can be done for journalists, so i'm very good people, early a fled the african capital, desperately seeking shelter, of fleeing them from the taliban advance what their fate will be now remains to be seen. the face harsh living conditions we had from reported earlier on and telling me also as an acute shortage of food and water. and of course those people that
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fled there. they thought they hoped for some safety from the people who are trying to get away from the taliban. they must be no extremely fright. what the future will be. mark tamala from i came from the northern jo john province. there was ongoing, brutal fighting and we could only save ourselves and fled to cobble with light from the hero, proven due to have the fighting. many other families also fled and living in that conditions. elicitation continues like this in gaston, when it wants us to return, they should support us and give us weapons so we can defend our country as we have lost our family members during the case of the war. now was african women, we should get weapons and fight back in july, you as president joe biden said, it was highly unlikely then that the telephone would over the country. but look at where we are today. the current situation shows those predictions were woefully inaccurate. seasonally portraying connects looks at the outcome of those 20 exhausting years of military adventures. just pictured the timeframes
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really have a proper think about it. i was 12 when america sent its soldiers to again a stand for the taliban to be dealt with. for 20 years for 2 decades, washington was splashing exorbitant amounts of cash on this grand attempt to give the troubled central asian country a favor. coalition servicemen were dying even more way more local lives were lost. so what do we got now? 20 years versus what a couple or a few months in which the taliban respected as a force, a step away from taking over the whole country pretty much use
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the mother myself and some people of the top car, condos, and babylon probably came here to the parking lot we have all fled. if i change there is no food and no water. the family said very worried because they have no idea what to do. have been just placed on top, comes to the telephone, killed my son. they took all the belongings from my house, fire to them and trust me. but if you think all this is a huge surprise, which came out of nowhere. sorry, that's not really the case. right after the u. s. pull out announcement in april. the taliban instantly proved it's not just ready to but they want full control and
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they're practically the doorstep of capital cobol now. but at this point, the government there won't be able to rely on a helping hand from washington. african leaders have to come together. we lost thousands at last death and injury. thousands of american personnel got a fight for themselves. uncle sam is pulling out, but some of the troops have to stay or even be sent back to secure the likes of fleeing us. diplomats but watch out for the wording because according to washington, this is not an evacuation. this is not abandonment. this is not an evacuation. this is not the wholesale. busy withdrawl, what this is, is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. this is a draw down of civilian americans 46 years after one of the most
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humiliating episodes in the history of us overseas operations. the falling of south vietnam and the capital saigon. joe biden already had to answer questions about the vietnam defeat. flashbacks, you see any parallels between this withdraw and what happened to vietnam with some people feeling what? 0 the tale. vaughn is not this out in the north vietnamese army. they're not, they're not remotely comparable in terms of capability. there's going to be no circumstance for you to see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. this kind of confidence by the president has done little to convince those who have come up with lines that you can see right here. the journalists can smell a replay of saigon. the growing numbers of politicians turned critics of the going to send for bob can't help drawing the unfortunate parallels either the latest news
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or the 3rd, the drop down, and our embassy and a hasty deployment of military forces seem like preparations for the full of couple better than biden's, decisions have hurtling toward and even worse, equal to the humiliating fall of saigon and $975.00 were basically gave up on the african government. not just now, but all the way back to the start of these talks. what president biden did was to embrace it. he owns it. there was a huge foreign policy failure with general army secretions. just sheriff 7 month into this administration. everything points to a complete collapse. anyway, the whole pull out may end up as an immense reputational issue for the biden administration, for the u. s. as a whole, it's very likely to tarnish the entire 20 years of coalition presence. and again, it's dan, but take a moment to think of the price which the afghans are paying and are to pay. and the
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foreseeable future, the number of locals displaced is set to reach 3500000 this year. war is war. the decimal will only keep on rising. the whole crisis puts neighboring countries in jeopardy. you just can't help asking the same question. what was all of it for these long and controversial 20 years? total failure? i think that there is any other way you can possibly measure, but i mean the capacity when the soviet stuff that's going to sound and 900 can i meet the pro civic government did not collapse in this way. in fact, it took some 2 years before any major cities fell to the majority of being was here was saying, major cities pulling one off the other to have a taliban before the americans. and even for the left, which gives credit to compact things that shows how, how much less successful impact americans have been building a stable government. and i've kind of stamina service one, the service didn't exactly do a good job there for clarity,
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the americans of failed did. one thing that got less to do with the of the daughter of miss underestimation of the taliban shying as it is to do with underestimation. of the will to fight the government forces. i mean, simply put, the government forces collapse. they've shown very little will to, to, to fight. and so it's really a moral problem when the government forces more than the strength of the taliban coverage continues to go and take those live pictures from cargo. you know, when you look at that, you wouldn't really know today that anything particular was happening. but this big change in the offing there, in kabul, a sunny day, a lot of negotiations going on. let me bring you some latest lines coming in. i'm seeing on the news was in the 1st one is a bit a news about russia. russia saying that it does not intend to evacuated embassy stuff in cobble, as the russian envoy to have got to stand. seeing those pictures there. of course i think we were looking at the american embassy there where it's
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a different picture. a us says she knew helicopters, we're seeing flying in and out quite a bit around the u. s. embassy. cobble, early on, as evacuations were taking place. 5000 soldiers deployed to look after us residents, the us diplomats, some people affiliated to the us. but russia saying repeat that, it is not intent to evacuate its embassy stuff in cobbles, and that's according to the russian envoy to get this done. other developments going on behind the scenes robot 10 minutes ago wearing. reuters reporting the africa and president i should have gone is an emergency talks with the u. s. special representative, rough canister and reconciliation though, my colleagues, another tall nato officials. reuters a daily report for recall, but gandhi's government were in talk to the taliban over a peaceful surrender of cobble and very much that seems to be what the taliban
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is saying. they won as well. taliban at the moment. although it looks that they've taken cobble, and they said they have no plans to take cobble by force as they enter the outskirts of the capital. on the u. s. embassy is beginning and evacuation. at the moment the taliban seems to be heating calls and telling the people there to surround the city. but don't go in because we want to negotiate something peaceful with ashcroft gunny, the afghanistan, that president his future. now we don't know what that will be, but he certainly involved at the moment with the negotiations. now it was the us lead alliance withdraws african nationals who had helped foreign troops. and now fading reprisals from the taliban were hearing elsewhere in the country. earlier on . i was reporting soldiers asking to be protected. they were worried about government soldiers were worried about reprisals from the taliban. well,
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one group of africans who desisted. u. k. forces rallied on the streets of carville just last friday to money protection from the british government. perhaps their calls were heard, $600.00 british troops deployed their then to safeguard u. k. nationals as they evacuated from the capital, as well as to support crucially relocation of former african stuff. but whether or not, whether that means they're safe and order cause remains to be seen in every single case. we spoke to one interpreter who worked for british american forces. he was so worried he asked to remain anonymous out of fear for his life. my family has to it's in depaul sometime my m b home was attacked twice. my father has been given warnings and threats many, many times my. my dad's name was called that his life will be severely at risk because he offered no one but 2 of his sons against the italian
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recent, the one of the interpreter. his father was caught in a province, he was beaten very badly and he was asked to ask his son, who will, who is an interpreter, to come in trace the issue because of the time of our recently one of the interpreter who used to be an interpreter for the american special forces was assassinated by the time of the interpreters who have served for years and years or stems enough kind of tracing risk and benches. however, you could government instead of serving deadlines, bringing them to live in peace and safety with their kids or they are making excuses and new conditions put in place only to reject their cases. all i'm hearing from my colleagues is the big cases have been rejected,
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rejected. there was a number of cases which were told, but they were good to go. they were even given in there was sent an email confirming that when they were ready for their flights, they are told that they can read it to the u. k. r. and my brother book office wanted to for the coalition forces. my brothers still enough to understand the british government is making false accusations and excuses to withhold. not only my brothers visa, but many interpreters who genuinely need the british government's help and are very high risk or strongly believe that the taliban will hot down every are going to interpreter who is. so if the partition american forces, it will be the african interpreters or who paid the until the force. after recent
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events, the you and warning with any $400000.00 civilians have had to flee their homes. and i've got to stand since the start of the year with a huge spike since may, many fled to carpool, as we've heard hope for safe haven there. but, you know, judging by the breaking news of bringing this out, what sort of safe haven they're going to get remains to be seen the taliban at this minute negotiating with the government to try and enter that price if you like. for them, the capital, the main countries, but to try and get in there and take charge with no bloodshed they say. but what about these people who have been trying to flee from the taliban to get to cobb where they're going to go know, seeing reports, there is no way to go all flights. a book, if there are any given the security situation? uneven weather planes will commercial planes we flying out of that airport. busy you know, worry that could be shooting, etc. here are just some of the heart wrenching stories that those refugees had to
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tell us in the week. i have been displaced from telecom, the telephone call to my son. the took all the belongings from my house. i'm satisfied with them in front of the punch me in the mouth, causing my teeth to fall out. they demanded my son and i told them that he is a school teacher. she recently became a teacher and had not even received his salary. had a class has broke out, we were taken hostage of the fighting, went on for about 6 or 7 days, but we couldn't go outside to do anything we managed to escape. and now where do you? but those display stuff come seeking asylum, may not be that welcoming europe with a blog currently loggerheads of what to do with migrants. and those flip violence. we brought you this story in the week and we'll recap it again. it's very person at ortiz pool asleep delving into what happened to europe's open door policy. previously, your opinion is split on what to do with african refugees speaking assign them in the letter to the european commission. civil countries insisted they have the right
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to force to be deport those whose cases have been rejected. they vote that not to deport him, would motivate war refugees, to flee to europe. we would like to highlight the edge of need to perform returns both voluntary and non voluntary to afghan. a stan stopping return sends the wrong signal and it's likely to motivate even more afghan citizen to leave the home for the e u. the situation in afghanistan is deterioration by the all when it comes to the us and nato prepaid to what's called a troops at the end of the month after decades is all the situation is so bad that the netherlands, germany, and france have decided to cause the deportation to be for now, the situation in afghanistan is likely to change and events for the coming period are so uncertain that i have decided to introduce more atoria on debt, partition decisions and departures. grease or strength,
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belgian and denmark standing. they want the rejected, assign them because the e u is not really and does not have the capacity to kind of another major migration crisis. why haven't you guys are waiting make up around 10 percent on asylum seekers there. the 2nd largest group, after syrians and for a continent still scarred by the migration crisis of 56 years ago. there was a feeling of a who, a feeling of having been they before, that has your opinions worried. they might be on the verge of a fish refugee crisis. those people who are here from a gun is done, they're not my, they're a few use and asylum seeker. and that is why it is very important to remember. at our best in countries have signed humor a convention refugee convention. and they are duty bound to has anyone
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not only of guns, but syrians are anybody who come to to their country? and as far as them, because of you are in the country, are any conflict personnel to to the life? so i think then the western countries say, oh, we don't care if a wonder if you just go home or do for them. i think this is a violation of human rights and we shouldn't do that kind of thing. the the join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the
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world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the i think is part of mental health revolution. we increasingly freeze political claims. law firms, the language of mental health became more common. so if you disagree with something i said on this program, you don't just say i just agree with you. i think you're wrong because of the following problems in your evidence or logic. you see your micro greg, you say you triggered me. you said you hard me again, some psychological way because those are psychological terms. and i guess an enormous problem for politics because it's almost impossible to have a discourse on that terrain. the
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ah, hello good. you want to weekly live with me, kevin? from out in to national and we'll do stage 2. moscow is just to 24. pass the the top story, the breaking news if you just joining us is enough kind of stand today. the taliban of entered the outskirts of cobble, but they say they have no plans to take the capital by force. and they say they're not good to carry it as they put it. revenge on any. well, we got a lot more to come on that in the coming hours, but they've been a lot of other breaking stories today. important ones, i'd like to bring you to your attention as well and brief you on this on next one, then events and pakistan where the death toll nodes clam to 13. after an explosion in karachi, in the south of the country, 6 children and 7 women were killed in the plaza that happened on saturday night report say a hand grenade was thrown at a pickup truck that they were traveling in as a returning from a wedding. re sad scenes there,
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the motive is still unclear at the moment number of theories about it, but nothing confirmed. authorities are looking at a number of lines of investigation including a possible terror attack, but not confirmed here. you can see investigators at the scene trying to work out what's happened and another developing story. 20 killed and $79.00 injured after a gas tank of fuel tank. we're not sure what type of fuel exploded in the north of lebanon. a warning, suddenly disturbing pictures coming up as often goes where the scene of this kind of thing a number of people are still reported missing, know, red cross metix, a transporting burn victims to local hospitals earlier. the cause of that blast is yet unknown. former lebanese prime minister sat rary cold on the country's president, they'll use the opportunity to call on him to step down over the incident, drawing a parallel to the massive explosion that leveled like huge part of bay roots
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a year ago. and since then, a lot of criticism about the way that the government's handled it from the top down about the financial issues, the corruption, etc. this is just going to fuel the discontent. i guess. that's why the call is on the boss to resign. if you like, i spoke to a local journalist about the situation in the country where it's going and the part, this particular incident plays in it right now. its the gas tanker that was reportedly transporting fuel into the city of probably crossing through according to what i'm hearing today and local reports. it's possible. busy that this truck was smuggling fuel in the neighboring countries, namely theora here. this is according at least to local residents who do records having seen someone firing directly at the gas tanker. now this has often happened knowing that a lot of smuggling have been taking has been taking place,
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especially throughout that area on their way to syria. a lot of fuel hasn't been smuggled. i mean, it's such a terrible mass because we don't have fuel the way it is in lebanon. we are plunged in the dark generators are struggling to keep up and now with a lack of fuel and the price hike because of the subsidies being listed on fuels. lebanon is completely in the dark. and as i'm saying here, i'm running on generators. i don't know what time it might cut off and it's just over a weakness year on a massive explosion leaving that's an understatement at the port bay road. no cause for the president to step. should he go and what difference is that going to make? just like what happened with the port explosion, they had promised answers upon 5 days after the explosion and over a year. and we still have no answers as to what happened and what caused that devastating port of explosion that killed over 200 lives here in lebanon. and
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displaced hundreds of thousands, not to mention injured, thousands of others, the people of lebanon, at least the ones. the revolutionary was definitely wants and overhauled the entire political class, starting from the president downwards. they want an entire reform, an entirely different government that will be able to run this country the way it should properly be run. because at the moment, for government has been so inefficient ever since the beginning of the crisis, all they've been doing was to throw the blame at one another, just trading blame and doing absolutely nothing. the crisis has been spiraling down or is ever since and things keep getting worse just when we thought we had really hit rock rock bottom. we wake up the news like this. series of after sharks rocking the caribbean nation of haiti today, just out of a deadly queer left more than 300 dead forcing the government to declare a state of emergency across almost half the country. only again, i'm afraid you may find some of these pitches disturbing,
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but it's what happened. we filled to the mistress return the quake, which was also felt in neighboring countries, brought them buildings in the rubble strewn from the streets. almost 2000 people were injured and quake. he comes. his haiti continues to face political instability . months after the assassination of president joe vanelle malise. now that quake strip struck 150 kilometers from the capital port. a prince. the quake was even more powerful than that, that struck in 2010, but there was a stroke of luck to it. if that could be the case, if you could say that, that one back in 2010 hit very close to a heavily populated city. it killed, you may recall at the time and the rhythmic amount, 300000 people, a little bit of luck this time maybe that this weekend's quake was no and near port a prince that heavily populated area. so the death toll as we know it much, much less, but that much show no consolation for the friends and family involved of course.
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and can look at this as quick have similar characteristics, twin devastating trema that occurred 11 years ago. fortunately, the time it didn't happen near the capital, most populated city poor to print as it did in 2010. however, we'd still see it's effect and here use of damage to infrastructure. for an early warning system to work. units detecting from us should be near the, at the center of the population should live farther away, giving them valuable seconds to react. but in places like haiti and california, as quakes occur and well populated in places that isn't an effective warning system which would give people time to prepare a robot. so breaking news story this sunday off international. the taliban surrounded the africa and capital cobble grew claims. it is old, his fight is not to enter the city and leave reportedly arrived at the presidential palace. this is a new line and for negotiation.


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