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tv   Documentary  RT  August 16, 2021 7:45am-8:01am EDT

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the judge, that's the traditional colon shorter guy this is a i i think de marathon of creativity
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a multicultural festival. and the biggest variety is the competition for a few days term became a russian cultural capital. 28 category ah violin and piano to the out. his parenting and data protection was out of the garage. i played down and down the bunk of contestants ages range from $10.00 to $25.00. and i'm on the bus where she looked at them in 2020 because of the pen demik. they had to perform remotely. but now they're back on an actual stage with atmosphere team spirit and of real composition. yeah. c oh, the filter were in 580 to be seen when singing of music contest run alongside
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athletic competitions and cherry at races of 1600 years until the 20th century. they were forgotten. now it's an international cultural project based in moscow issue. it was corporate ego, my new language. as an international conference, an advisor to the delphi said he may recall how it all began here she thought it was to be here. they 1st had to win regional content. the delta gains only take the very best of the band registration chicken and straight into writhing ah, the next day brings auditions until at last it's time for the finals. the judges are all big names. yet we ship grand euros. could we put it in those years?
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ago which i was can wasn't ready to you via me. one, let me know. so i missed the last school the galena slip of the, from human region at a cheap, repaired her 1st dish. the pie by 12. she was making boy to me on the slide, the more was he would i think being a pro kitchen since she was 16, she's about to surprise the judges with a white fish souffle glaze, tomatoes and spinach pure a little less than yes. this is unusual for
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ah, 3 of angelenos dishes, one. her special commendations were it was, it was done that they should give you the closing if you fish, when you got the give me your, you know, again, would you say i me judging this over. so he'll be good to go that you me, you might not years just going up. feel old with water last school was your la you did
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by rome of lyric baritone dream to being a football player. his teacher heard the 1st grade a thing and advice, the parents to send him to music school. he used to be keen on pop songs, but realized 5 years ago that classical music had much more depth on, you know, something was nobody at them. you know by the junior over here. oh i
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the just the put the book you point of the use with some boys to you know you could get some of the . 6 stuff that you need with this is let me let me in the media. they said, but nobody didn't leave you alone. yeah. you get 3. i mean yeah, i was just doing this a little longer. yeah. yeah,
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yeah. yeah, yeah. oh i said again soon office 13, he plays accordion and baller like studies, judo and math. but singing is what he does best. he performs complex syllable, sustained cars and peasant jumps. his teachers say he was kissed by god. ah, ah me, you know, you're fighting most because i see you move motion multiple stories and you the what do you think you should have been?
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you need to do what you can with right now. she just didn't know what i was to change my daughter. she mature, really pretty, pretty lives senior. can i get one lady i watched or, and you would check with them or kid when you're national. mean as soon as you go to school with them and then it gives your yes there was received in the concert. this is going to be for me and the
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little girl is going to like stressing adults and she's worked in this field since she was 6. she started at a fashion house in hunger, where she learned about design and fashion shows. she felt the connection of 5 benefits in her work. she tried to explore the female psyche never could then just use it. but he's keeper, if you could, you company, you know, trying to finish it all for me. that's what the one of those numbers. yeah. no, she wouldn't. she would get a report and you see just once a month i hope you thought it for you.
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is it a shot sally bullet? yes, i got a little reason it's just got my new she missed over. i already have again a 10 year old boy mr. cough goes to enable cbs music school. but his curriculum is college level is not on the games be often performed as senior program, including a variation of folks home entitled the peddlers and, and in from to country style rendition of to go go example is one of the festival judges. so with the jones, for 2 generations abdominal players to meet the buyers and
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living i used to be interesting to film in bush chest, the gym bush that goes to disappear though it seems that the role of the floors and up to our property with which much knowledge, you wish you well, they have a free stocks which goes to your or what your, if you could let you know, and you might to chase to rip as few just going to know what you need. yes. come
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up with the most to done. that was a point yesterday miss whittaker school was by you she stays with but don't say pretty much what they're going to do because with the technical cuz i still enjoyed which i mean not to who are scenary muslim. yeah, those mobile needs are done. you know, to mozilla, or what i hear, what you're the alina middle nova, is 15 years old and comes from the old school. and it was a bit. she's worked with textiles for 5 years. and is now learning the patchwork technique do the digital is
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a chance to visit those in your question with my bulletin is 9, you know, but i still reported july i'm it, isn't that look on your snow nice little bit for us while you're in the for the live streaming of stuff that you one of the show for the little as you can see now you can still come on the you're the one i don't is up on the list. so my global pasto, you could actually watch the vice president almost here, or even now these young artists can fill a stadium from any winners. this gone up performance is that the 1st appearance on such a big state and others are already heading off to so low concepts in their towns
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on the team that takes the most metals wins the games. ah ah, ah ah. when alex seemed wrong. when all just don't you. yes to see out the thing because the after an engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look for common ground in the i can use here and i'll see to national at least 5 people have reportedly been killed. cobble airport enough gun. this done, the news coming shortly after i'm verified. video emerged on line showing us soldiers using what they called preventative fire report to just the victims they had been killed at a stand paid. people rushed to get out of the country. chaotic situation of the pool comes as the taliban is back in total control of afghan, the son following the capture of the country's capital on sunday. this fall is a week of rapid territorial games by the the time is it rushes to evacuate.


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