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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 16, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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future, obviously for again, it's damn, but until we make a change in our nation with regard to our foreign policy, we don't have much of a bright future either. still had had this silence from joe paul to know what's happening in afghanistan as a found. the broker, he's giving a speech a bit later on around 15 minutes, scheduled off to attorney to the white house from his weekend retreat will be following. not on many more updates. officers will bring the oh, i use what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk with me ah ah, i use
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my recent studies, 90 percent of all the money print thing for all the different programs never leaves wall street. right. so it just stays on walter, just saying, here's an infrastructure bell, road tunnels bridge is and they the 2000 paid bill. they've numerate all the things where this one is supposed to go. and then they pass the bell. then they authorize the money to be printed and then they sent it for distribution to wall street. a long races on that very clearly in the money philosophy charge, which is always going towards europe. they never goes anywhere. assisted on wall street balance sheet and they use it to buy expensive property. and that's been the story now for more than 20 years. the welcome back. in the meantime, the fast a bunch of british troops arrived in cobble on saturday to faith god, nationals,
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and how read ok for math down stuff. $600.00 soldiers are expected in total of the european states have been evacuating the nationals and suspending diplomatic missions. denmark in no way a temporary shopping dash at compound germany and finland clothing that facility, citing the deteriorating situation. more than 60 countries have called on ask alliston to ensure the safety of those who want to leave given the deteriorating security situation. we support a work into secure and colon all parties to respect and facilitate the safe and orderly departure of foreign nationals and afghans who wish to leave the country. those in positions of power and authority across have danced on their responsibility and accountability for the protection of human life and property. and for the immediate restoration of security and civil order. the u. k. is foreign secretary as being flagged for not cutting his holiday short early as to taliban
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seizing afghanistan and dominic rob returned to britain only on sunday. corresponding charge dashti reports from london. well, the question here in the united kingdom is, where is the government and where is the leadership in responding to the crisis in the stone? in fact, the last time we heard from the prime minister of ours johnson last week, he says that person should be incredibly proud of what is the chief in the region, obviously in light of his complete tale. bon, take a very questioning response indeed. and today, the prime minister is posting a cobra meeting. that's a meeting where the cabinet should all be attending, but the foreign secretary dominic rob is nowhere to be seen as he is on holiday. and obviously it's his job to try and deal with these international issues, particularly in regard to foreign policy that has respond to instigate as a whole host of criticism against him. so the foreign secretary to go a while during an international crisis of this magnitude is nothing short of
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a shameful. i think it was amazing, staggering that the foreign secretary was still on holiday, while i canister was collapsing to the taliban. you've got to be on duty during that sort of period where we're so deeply and intimately involved in it. we haven't heard from the foreign secretary and about a week despite this being the biggest single foreign policy disastrous and suez. so i don't know what the foreign office is thinking over say the united kingdom is being part of this nature occupation over the last 18 years, the brit fast and initially when to under the international pretense of a pro, humanitarian and pro democracy mission. however, all you believe, but the very fact and speed of this taliban take as many people point to the defeat for minutes early. politically. this sounds as a very humiliating time for the west and that foreign policy because the west has always predicated its entire regimes on being the most robust. and it's not just on
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to will activists that have this point of view. but even some tory back benches in government, this is completely humiliate for the west. we assembled the most incredible technologically advanced lines. the world is ever seen. and we're being defeated by an insurgency that is armed with a k 40 sevens and all p, jeez. this will be the biggest own goal made by the west. so far this century, the humanitarian disaster that's about to unfold will be kansas straw fake. the migration challenges will be huge. we will see further terrorist attacks. we know over the weekend, 600 troops deployed as a rescue mission to try and get these people back safely. that includes british nationals, but also gone is that help assist the british army during the occupation already around 300 people have been for in fact the idea is around 122-1500 throughout the next few days, kill the coastal full files and brought home. but we've seen absolute, chaotic scenes cobble. what we do know is the military side of the airport,
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as in the british side, where the british planes are in the airport on this point in time. secure. however, the defense secretary ben wallace here in the united kingdom speaking, how are you today? in a radio interview became a very, very emotional. he even became quite choked up. some people will get back and we will have to do our best and countries the processes people. why do you feel it? so personally mr. wallace can undersold because it's 20 years of sacrifice is what it is. parliament is being recalled back from the summer recess. i saw on wednesday, i forgot the speaking of everything from the war on terror as gender and foreign policy in the 1st place to the very fact that 5 weeks ago, the primary support, johnson said the takeover would be out of the question. obviously, that is actually wrong at this point. so many people will be questioning the prime
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minister on all of that. but what about the intelligence that provided this nato exists in the 1st place? and crucially, what will happen? so all of these refugees over the last 18 years, millions of people in australia. so i have been displaced, and now we are set to see quite undoubtedly another refugee crisis, and as much pressure here in the united kingdom to provide safe and legal passages . but in light of quite a hostile context from the home office in terms of its refugee processes, there's a lot of criticism against the government at this point. so what we'll see on wednesday is a huge array of purchases. most of all, of course, 50000 civilians died during this 18 year old patient 500 british troops. many people question, what was it all for my colleague with you she spoke to correspond to point to say about your reaction to the fall of off kind of stone to the tunnel on. i think it's fair to say that not just your opinion leaders, but the world in general is in
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a state of shock here in france, the priority is on evacuation. we have heard from the french president, seeing saying that the mediate an absolute power is the securing of both french national and african citizens who are there any son on the part. and he had a particularly talking about african citizens who have assisted the french government. the 1st flight is slated for monday, and it comes as the french military scenes reinforcements to the united arab emirates, to facilitate with the evacuation process. now all of this is happening as i balls are being raised and questions are being asked as to how the taliban was able to achieve such a quick victory. and certainly we have more more people asking questions as to the policies of foreign countries when it comes to engaging in was i uploaded the u. s . defeat in vietnam?
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i'm sickened by the routing of gaston. it is time to think things over before embarking on that and worse. because if war doesn't solve anything, defeat changes everything at the moment. there is no clear statement as to whether or not countries plan to recognize the taliban as the official government of afghanistan. we have heard from the british prime minister boys johnson urging countries not to act by laterally in terms of recognizing that taliban, what he wants to see is a kind of united front with like minded countries responding in the same way. and he believes that that will be the way to prevent counties done from becoming a breeding ground for further terrorist activity in the past 10 years and less. we've had just every now and again, an accident of refugees and migrant flooding into europe. now it looks like it's going to start all over again. do you think europe can handle another of us as the 1000000 dollar question?
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many people here don't want to see a repeat of what happened. 56 years ago with the migration crisis that unfolded then, and certainly speaking to people here on the streets of paris, many of them are nervous that we could be seeing a dis, a room, a piece of that migration crisis again, as far as europe itself goes the continent is split particularly in terms of what to do with african refugees who've made their way. yeah. but actually don't have the white papers in terms of remaining in us as refugees. we did see a number of countries, right. and later to the european commission, insisting that they have the right to same back to have gunnison, those african refugees who don't fit the criteria. but subsequent to that, we did see a number of countries backtrack. so we simply seen the slips inside europe itself in terms of what to do with these migraines. the main concern being expressed by european countries is that they don't have the capacity actually to handle another
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huge wave of migration. the clock has run out on how long we can wait to adopt the complete overhaul of europe's migration and asylum rules we need. now at the moment they ask, richard community comprises about 10 percent here in france. it is the 2nd largest refugee community after the syrians. we are expecting the president, the manual kron to address the nation at 8 o'clock this evening, local time on the situation in afghanistan. so it will be interesting to see what exactly he has to say at that point. while we're hopefully just a couple of minutes away from the us president finally after what seems like 6 days of silence, boring statements, not commenting on the unraveling chaos. and i've kind of stop, we will of course, jump in as soon as he comes on. in the meantime, we're going to continue all special coverage about those dramatic events have been unfolding enough kind of song over the last 24 hours. seems that of shaken the
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world. the town of our house now declared an end of war in the country that's off to it's fighters, effectively captured every major city, including the capital, cobble move up to nearly 20 years. the entire nation is now back under control of the militant group. there are confirmed report states. these 7 people had been killed. the capitals port just a warning, the following images. you might find, obsessing the 14 can be seen on the ground at the apple this morning. the images come off to unverified to video emerged online, reportedly capturing the moment us troops opened what they called preventative fire at the airport. it's not confirmed that led to the deaths of those people. as a us soldier, say they only shot into the some reports suggests the victims may have been killed in the stampede, and people were rushing towards plains to get out of the country. well this is how the apple looked on sun sunday night and the only part of the city that still
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remains out of the telephone hands. thousands can be seen, desperately searching for an opportunity to me. the commercial flight has again been suspended after they were resumed. yeah, now hear me option to get out of the country as on board posts all said to be under the control of the taliban. the town of the town is a huge concern for those who have been walking for coalition forces over the years . so, so that some of them have been taking desperate measures to leave the country i want and you may find the following footage. distressing. so this unverified footage on social media claims to show someone falling up from a plane as it was taking off from cobble app when it's claimed online that the past and had been hiding in the under carriage of croft. however, as all the objects were also seen falling from the plain, it's not yet been confirmed whether anyone was killed. and a local news agency called toto says town about medicines have stormed its office
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in cobble. they entered the compound and seized the weapons of security on failure . my colleague, neil harvey, heard from a local john this about the latest developments in afghanistan. now that the taliban has taken pow, all the bond are very adamant in quite public the so that there isn't a necessity and that no one would be targeted. no one would face in their traditions the taliban holes to instructed their fighters not to go inside people's homes. i was looking at a statement under twitter page of how much i had the official spokesman riding that some people who had gone in and collected armored vehicles and weapons and other stuff. what identified. and no one has the permission to go inside people's homes that everyone should feel secure inside their homes. what we have to see and wait is how the time of transition. now from fighting into governance into politics. we
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have to remember. taliban are no more of the shadow government. they have got to control and we are still not clear what sort of government we might be looking at. you know what that government might look like, who will be part of it? will it only be the taliban? but there's also talk of curfew tonight, for example, this top off, you know, majors preventing looting and careless in the city. this is still a city of at least 6000000 people who are, you know, thousands of st. and then they're got exceed that. how many cars i didn't actually airport, where, you know, hundreds of ones and women and children tried to get onto any plan that they could . and they were fired by the american forces. dad, at least 5 fatalities. more than 50 people have been wounded. and on the parameters of the airport, it is all about who are present. so it is not only chaos,
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but it's also tragedy. you know, that's how one of the looks after 20 years of massive investments by the us and other than blood impression. just a few hours ago, the total news agency said on twitter, this office had been seized by members of the taliban. do we know what the situation is there now? was told was the office of one of the most popular and b television station. i saw the taliban coming in collecting the weapons that the government had provided for the prediction team of tallow over the years because there are various risks, you know, but the tone was very polite and the taliban promised to lower employees that they will provide security. so no one is complaining, it is just the development which the lawyers employ, including the ceo of movie group mercy. and he has confirmed on his trigger page the un security council has held and i'm not in the session over. i kind of start with the countries envoy speaking of the taliban conducting how such as the lives
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are in danger. representatives of other countries also express concern for the well being of the people in the region and those who want to leave it brushes and voice trust the importance of addressing potential threats that exist in the country. now, the reason we spoke with we are still concerned by the ongoing presence of terrorists, french and spanish stone, which can spill across the borders thus threatened the security of neighboring countries in central asia concern. also the flows of refugees across the border. it's created an additional burden for jackie stone, was becky down around and pakistan. not to mention the risk of fighters infiltrating the region by pretending to be refugee. as the 15 member body that leads to the united nations convened there. heard from antonio gutierrez, the un secretary general, who emphasized the need for the security council to use all tools at its disposal to deal with the global terrorist threat as it relates to afghanistan. from there we heard from the special envoy for afghanistan,
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describe the crisis in the country. we've witness time and again, how taliban have broken their promises and commitments in the past. we have seen gruesome images of parliament, math executions, of military personnel and target killings of civilians and kandahar and other big cities. mister president, we cannot allow this to happen in cobbled which has been the last refuge for many people escaping violence and taller bonds. revenge attacks probably residents are reporting the taliban have already started house to house searches in some neighborhoods, registering names and looking for people in their target list. it's also important to note we heard from the u. k. representative who emphasized violations of human rights and atrocities committed by the taliban. emphasizing that may be necessary for the u. k. to cut off its assistance to afghanistan due to these violations and they would not want to aid the taliban or help enable it's atrocities. meanwhile,
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the representative of the united states took the floor and spoke of the united states as if it was a champion of human rights with deep humanitarian concerns for the afghan people. here's what we heard from the u. s. representative. we need to all do more. and the time to step up is now. we urge afghanistan's neighbors and others in the region and beyond to give refuge to be temporary or permanent to afghans attempting to flee. and together we must do everything we can to help f ganna stands to help afghans who wish to leave and see refuge. now, many observers in the international community heard these words is somewhat hypocritical. arguing that the way the united states handled the current situation shows that there is a kind of a lack of concern to us. they could, by all means, be preventing this humanitarian moment. this big moment of desperate concern with
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united states is doing nothing now. jen, saki, the white house spokesperson is currently out of her office, and joe biden has been silent and on vacation now, joe biden is expected to speak later today, but he has been pretty silent. the situation in afghanistan has boiled over and there's been a torrent of criticism on social media and elsewhere of the biden ministration for how they're handling the situation and cobble. here's some of what's been said. president biden's decisions have a link toward and even was equal to the humiliating full of saigon in 1975, who basically gave up on the african government not just now, but all the way back to the start of these talks. what president biden did was to embrace it, he owns it, it was a huge foreign policy failure with general armies, occasions to sheriff 7 month into this administration. everything points to complete collapse. now at this point, the meeting has concluded we are in many countries are raising their concerns about
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humanitarian issues, resulting from the situation and the pending fall of cobble. so the current moment the international community seems deeply concerned. all eyes were on the security council as they met, but all eyes globally seem to be on afghanistan as the crisis there develops with a lot of questions being asked about the united states, its intentions, and what will be the future of the country. for the side and some chairs fighting over what's happening in afghanistan is about to be broken any moment. now he is expected to give a speech off to a tiny white house from his weekend retreat. as soon as he just comes out, we will be tuning in the meantime, rushes largest airline. our flight has said that to have it slides will temporary stop flying over the terrace of afghan stone until water is restored. the company says me will rushes, diplomatic mission continues to walk as normal in cobble despite most for and i'm
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the closing that, the russian ambassador, the african military that used to god it's compound, has gone. and taliban fighters are now in the place. you told us that today everything seems come in the capital. whenever we operate as normal, there is no reason whatsoever for any changes. we work at full speed because it is come at least its com and the capital. even schools for girls are i hope there is a school near our embassy. now the taliban is going round campbell and taking everything under its control, they are taking responsibility for everything. in particular, they impose the curfew to prevent loosing and set up a hotline for citizens to report crime. for 20 years. washington has been fighting here. a large number of locals, including the taliban, considered it's an occupation. washington had initially pledged to complete its pullouts by the 1st of may. it deceived the afghan people who noticed it many wonder why a great power behaves like that. and why have they now sent an extra 6000 troops?
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i can't speak for them, but apparently the americans are fearful of certain possible implications. well, like i said, the jury fighter and it looks like he's going to break his site. and so the of the chaos in afghanistan is going to be broken any moment. now he's running a bit late, the themes he will be giving a speech to returning from white house. we will be shooting in the oh good, good. i know you got to deal with a 6 day marathon of creativity and multi cultural festival. and the biggest variety is the competition for a few days. became a russian cultural capital,
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28 categories. ahh from violin and piano, to be honest with parenting and data protection night years just throwing up over water. give me your, your issue. so you pretty good. some of us we are going to be here. they filter when read in or context, the delta gains only take the very best of the best buy i i is your media a reflection of reality in
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a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere which direction? what is truth? what is faith in the world to corrupted you need to this end the so join in the depths the remain in the shallows. ah ah! you know, mr. moseley, when you said that i could do the good to
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google i want you to do i see you have been going to show you so you didn't know if you didn't the if the mother molar. that's what you will cover. frontier. net crystal down bill, i don't know if they use them in your voice to follow because that's how much you so much. not a lot nobody me and he's a sucker. and, you know, you know, that's what you personally, hon, which ah
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ah ah, my recent studies 90 percent of all the money for a thing for all the different programs never leaves wall street. right. so it just stays on walter infrastructure, bell, roads, tunnels, bridges, and they the 2000 page bill, they numerate all the things where the money is supposed to go. then they pass the bell, then they authorize the money to be printed and then they sent it for distribution to wall street. a lot of places on that very clearly in the money philosophy chart, which is always going towards europe, they never goes anywhere to sit on the wall street balance sheet and they use it to buy expensive property. and that's been the story now for more than 20 year
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loan. when i was shot the wrong. when i was just don't the room yesterday out. the thing becomes the attitude, an engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look for common ground the
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ah the the. c tales the confusion i called the port enough kind of stone as the us pulled out its remaining star unverified video show crowds of people running across the field and a desperate bid to get out of the country by clinging on to american plains. i need southern people have reported me being killed in the unrest. un security council holds in emergency session restaurant is dawn with representative voicing concern of a human rights violations in the country. the parliament have already started house to house searches in some neighborhoods registering names looking for people in their target list. you as president is expected to give his fast it is free.


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