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names and at the same time, the taliban is not the same as our kinder. but certainly here in france, the poetry at the moment is on evacuation as it is within other european countries . and on monday, we could see these flights getting on the way with france, placing a power sheet, bringing home and evacuating both french citizens and africans who have been assisting the french government for me, and absolutely the implications of what's going on, often stretch far beyond of course have gone to stones bought us out was paula flare. bring us the very latest french fraction from paris. and that is all done for this hour. we will be back at the top with all the very latest breaking it down to you, so pop by them. the the
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me, the at the height of the 2020 corona virus pandemic, mass media really covered stories from africa. the world was more interested in it, and africa had more or less infected people in europe. so one story got people's attention. newspapers reported that kenya was having an elephant baby boom journalist linked the unprecedented surge and the elephant birth rate to tourists being restricted from the pog. they said it was the most positive side of a low down, but kind of, it had nothing to do with it. ah, ah,
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prince to my biggest sister. so you see 2018. we go to pretty good green and we have a lot of it says same in 202020. you tend to to interview godaddy's variables of $200.00. 60 more rains means more food for the female elephants to feed their young. extraordinary things happen in amber, certainly national park touches of female elephant giving birth to a healthy twin male. truly an extremely rare case. she said if it is my mom mother, good mother. there mother is there, puff some table, see if the because the out being lived at the edge of this one with the mother with the gun on the bus, you go to the foam feed and come back to the to the go in and then get mother go to
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the home if the flock vs. so yes sir. do you think that that could be their mother? so they they look so good. when the male cars go up, they leave the family. the females who will stay together then participate in the lives of thing. they live alone and return solely from a thing. it's not always even possible to tell who the father is. that family is overseen by the owners female. she knows where water and the best pastures are in these cubic times, the lives of the elephants haven't changed a bit. they didn't even notice whether the coffee isn't all over the. but i know is because because, because see if maybe they could ask us where we can see the tourist. we county a little vehicles. i know that we've been told
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the but for those who work at the bar go live nearby. things have changed drastically. know, a lot of people have to be many companies, even a head to another kids is draven was a big loan in a bunk. and in fact, he end up killing himself. peter's, i told he is a mechanic. he has a house near. i'm both in the national park and although he doesn't work at the park itself, his family depends directly on it. how. how do it not to give him any getting in his i'm a pretty big you know, and then get going will no much i will. i will work on my how i nominated if you were my luca c, monica me realize they have me or yeah, my sister about wanting to know
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when when you're over the need, would you like me to have to go and i wasn't getting all my to like, you know, you know, just you know, like you meet with me when i need to come up, but i will not give me a little level of health, but do again, i'd like to get the all new. it's not reflected in worldwide cove. it's statistics. the virus is affected almost every single canyon family and human
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a nickel, $935.00, yes. out of the live on a leon's, and you got one via a dog. wishing that dumbly look when he had least i can even put on a linear and deliver them in the same as well. and i will be here to help in a bad leash on my sounds. one buyer i know cause you now can. we'll go over how to izzy and i know compared to people who actually kimmy c k. i cannot see the borrower, and they're taking a say look it when the mean thing in it because it has, i don't have i got the money in or not, not, not do i you school of and you know,
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to me like me to your buddy go buy a whole good. good. i'm not, i mean the food it says i don't i don't mean nothing. you, melissa? good equal. good. not good. you doctor mosley studies are where we are on that much at that got us. you can run that 30. i do. listen, we immunity will lydia? of those are glad, and they did the viewer. why do you mean the media group?
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if they get the idea they hadn't the sub luly good. i mean the some agreement with another do you and what that? well, no need could up and him up on monday may every as well that he could be not able bundle more than demand even then they didn't in any environment muscle by the way, i mean, by the
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way for them to, for me to move them because i think i'm more yeah, i mean you can use as much as i say, then i'm in a f on a familiar up a new number. them know what to do, you know, but no, no, but so we know me and i knew when one of the weather is going well. mumble mean you her sir. who was on the way the, when it's the demo idea, because, you know, he didn't image yankee, go on to the, there's a move on, i mean,
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you're not gonna, you know, get there, you're going to the nation. do you not thought of the, the, the, one of the few who is able to navigate the new circumstances in a timely fashion is lincoln new job, the principal of a private school over and over destruct much. we were totally these people called all my teachers. we discussed the the what can we do with these some tools we had to keep your life going on because the school not to be in a position to pay you. so we decided to do them. the best thing that you can do and keep on is to bring that over 700 in these classes year.
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so good, good money and do i, but now we're starting from the capital and the profit that we got. we started putting the next much the. ready sudden, you know, before and because it moody open that was another grid, a challenge because these are the same rooms that these people would come to see, you know, shifted to bigger room that did the dining hall where we know today the 100 and we started the painting those glasses there as the bus to do to the user to get out working capital of the starting the money i makes that is a very new institution and it came from
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yeah. blessing in disguise. we open the next or that we do this, then we have around 100 to delete the newcomers. the group decided to know you're talking about $700.00 plus. so we can see that maybe it was a blessing in disguise. almost 200000 people contract. it cove it in kenya, point 3, the sense of the country's population. research is believe that generally in africa, the limiting factor is that the average age on the continent is 20 is. while the proportion of people over $65.00 is only 3 percent. sure that we go back to our normal life to us to come was know in seeing a lot of these people go bucks with the walk. we go back to normal life,
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the kenya has reopened its phone. does, as most african countries have, but still very future, it's becoming the whole b the
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ah, me my recent studies, 90 percent of all the money for the thing for all the different programs never leaves wall. right, so it just stays on while you're saying, here's an infrastructure bell road tunnels bridge is and they the 2000 paper bill, they numerate all the things where this money is supposed to go. then they pass the bell, then they authorize the money to be printed and then they sent it for distribution to wall street. a lot places on that very clearly in the money philosophy chart, which is always going toward 0, they never goes anywhere to sit on the wall street balance sheet and they use it to buy expensive property. and that's been the story now for more than 20 years.
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that's the traditional holland, shorter than this obviously this is a i i think de marathon of creat.


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