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me the headlines, the sal at chaos and gulf cobbled pools of thousands of afghans trying to flee the country. the images show people desperately trying to cling to apply and attempted to take up with some of them later, plunging to the telephone for ccs controller cobble. we speak to the militant group, which is declared, the countries now firmly and its grip to withdraw. all of us troops had to be carried out in a strictly organized manner. the world can see that the territory of afghanistan is now under the control of the islamic camera. permission and ghana stand was never supposed to been nation building. it was never supposed to be created a unified centralized democracy. a defined president biden defends his true withdraw, blaming the unfolding chaos enough, gone. the sun on its lead is for fleeing,
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and the count. me for not fighting reality makes you lead as anxious over potentially massive inflow of refugees to europe. my stuff, i'm belong to. everything that has followed has not been as successful and has not been achieved in the way we have planned. on this, we must anticipate and protect ourselves against major irregular my great 3 flows. ah, i, they're great to have your company this now you're watching r t into a mass exodus is underway in afghanistan with dramatic bitches coming from the capital capital, where a huge thumb paid form this people tried to leave the city fleeing families also stormed the international port, at least 7 people, the reportedly being killed. the taliban managed to seize control of the entire country. 2 weeks before the u. s. was set to complete his troop withdrawal falling
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a costly to decade war. the verify latisha on social media shows some disturbing features as desperate afghans fearing for their lives attempted to cling to the outside of the u. s. air force plane cobble, airport report, say human remains were found in the landing gear of the us military transport aircraft following is flight from cobble and gunshots were heard at campbell international airport monday. hundreds of desperate afghans rushed towards the u. s
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. military jed, also preparing to take off the same tawny and soothing chaos, meant a german plane, only managed to evacuate just 7 people with other german nationals unable to reach the jet farms. and i munition was seen abandoned in luggage racks in the carpark of the port locals abandon the weapons. is there tempted to flee the country pitches also most of those lucky enough to make it onto a plane on sunday, although they with them met with another crush of people this time on board 640 said to a packed inside this particular u. s. jet now, does the pentagon says it's preparing to accept 22000 asylum seekers? u. s embassy cobble and also been evacuated with stuff fling in a helicopter to the capitals airport. and said to comparisons being made on line to similar evacuation almost 50 years ago. during the war in vietnam, washington though insist that there are no parallels to events in saigon. let's
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take a step back. this is manifestly not saigon. we're working to make sure that our personnel are safe and secure. we're relocating the minimum of our embassy to a location at the airport. it's why the president sent in a number of forces to make sure that as we continue to draw down our diplomatic presence, we do it in a safe and orderly fashion. we discussed the ongoing situation in afghanistan with former u. s. navy intelligence officer, steven rogers. he says that he can't help but are parallels with what happened to vietnam. the goal was to ensure that the app in government was strong, that it was a nation where the people were free. it was a nation, ruled by a constitution and not ruled by any dictator or a terrorist organization. so the goal was never achieve. 20 years of work was put into that we have seen is a caster feet. how do you leave all these people behind the talk about the afghan
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assistance to, to, to be met with the baby, torture and murder. this reminds me of saigon. i was in the air force during the time, so i god fell. and when i see helicopters in bul landing on rooftops in an airport and giant us air force planes, having him refugees, board. those planes reminds me of saigon. and when we see its history repeating itself, so there is no bright future, obviously for our ganesh them. but until we make a change in our nation with regard to our foreign policy, we don't have much of a bright future either. the while sister john last year, they expect to mohammed name from the telephone political office. the group is still class by most countries in the world as a terrorist organization. so
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i think the answer to this question is really obvious. the world can see that the territory of afghan austin is now under the control of the islamic state, the islamic emerett waste war against the occupation in order to create an independent islamic state. it was claimed that there were 20 different terrorist groups, happy, more or less operating in afghanistan. but when he is land make emory announced to see far a few years ago, not a single shot was fired. and then the islamic emirates struck an agreement with the u. s, there were rumors in the media and reports that different groups when conflicts over this agreement. but the truth is that no one broke this agreement, then the groups joined, the taliban and the invaders announced their departure. then more more groups began to join the merger. dean will know joe biden appears confused in some of his statements. withdrawal of us troops had to be
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carried out in a strictly organized manner. after signing the agreement, we told the us that the withdrawal should take place in a strict order to an agreed shed. jewel, we told them that at every meeting, and then when they postpone the withdrawal for 4 months or longer, we told them the same. i don't know why there is this chaos and confusion and tension or why the dramatic events took place at global airport. the scenes course pains all afghans and also cause fear in those trying to leave the country. they are not exposed to any danger because they are in our homeland, among their people. we strive to make the future for the people and the country worthy. we have no desire to take revenge on these people. we strive to ensure that our people united despite all the challenges we want to build a new country and make our people have a decent future. we have issued a number of decrees, including the decrease concerning those translators who collaborated with the occupying regime for one reason or another. the past is the past. they don't have
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any problems right now. okay, let's get more on recent development in afghanistan from local journalists. sure. of and jeff is are the welcome show if it's 2 days now, is the telephone road back into cobble and safe control. how you describe the situation in the city now? well, thank you very much. the situation is getting back to normal live day by day to day . we had a better life than yesterday. i ran to the t t. i saw the shop sort of slowly, slowly, getting or paying the market really should be getting open until we have been from the last 5 of them all to all 50 to total back to the work and also the power button. let the woman that, that the woman, the woman's, our mission come back to get to come up there in case that dishes, how get
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a job today we all witness that. maybe us and several, the private tv. we have seen a woman's back to the world. you're doing the media as long as you know they want to get back to normal. i think life is changing the time by time that sounds positive. let's just address some of the well negative claims though that are that are out at the un security council session. yesterday. the ask an invoice claimed that the telephone had been going house to house and carrying out what he called to target killings. is it that unsafe at the moment while we had somebody records or we had some rumors just kind of underst house house problems. we had these reports and other provinces got it, found that the that, that the entry to the house is in missouri sharif in, in jose,
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john got a son yesterday we have got the room on the baton distorted. the housing also, they are locked in for the government people every day said that you're looking for the journalist and in call. it was a shocking use for everyone even for me in the shop. i left my office and i rent a place, but i immediately denied that. who do belong to the found out i'm the leader of all about well, how much money he published? i mean, it's made and you said that the car will be fine or save the taller by the end of the couple people on down the route of the title of no tolerable fight that has permission to enter out all the people and cargo. also dr. stedman from
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cool people come, come, come back to call and relax. now let's talk about what's been seen at car blan port pitches that will have gone all round the world. thousands of people desperate to flee, some so desperate in cost in their lives. is that still the situation that now or things calm down to sent? well, unfortunately, we have the same situation and 2 days before in the night room or is it in america that they are based in the air board? they are taking the gun family to abroad. so america and one that was the photo, as we don't have a part for the ones, that's why right the call was probably the 40 note from america would take them to before in this room. i really, i, i don't the family from thousands of families. i'm just a family,
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they all are just moved to the airport, the iraq to the airport just in case i can get abroad or can get out of the country. unfortunately, because of those lectures, there are some fighting on the, from the, on the, on the, on the family, according to my aid formation. several of them. we get all from one day. but the still, the condition is the same, be changed. but off the week i went to the airport, i wanted to see the how to reach them to tell them don't let any i've done to get inside of the airport. i mean, i've gone to the families that they have a passport or they don't have a phone for a reason. they don't know. no one has the permission to get inside the airport, but inside the airport in the runway. unfortunately, it's still we have, we have the same problem. fascinating to, to get that update line from our canister and the opinions of local journalists should. and jeff is sada me while the taliban has been seen patrolling the
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streets of the capital, brandishing weapons and heavy military equipment. they were also seen drive an american home vase and collecting guns from people promising no one would get along with the sweeping territorial against the taliban seems to not just political power, but also us supplied for power to guns ammo. helicopters even more than president boynton broke his song until the crisis more than the day after the taliban took control. he claimed that the u. s. mission enough counting was never about nation building. our mission and can stand was never supposed to been nation building. it was never supposed to be created a unified, centralized democracy or only why less interested in again, stan remains today. what has always been preventing a terrorist attack on america, homeland the state? and can we start contest the pass? comments? 2002 bought and said that failing to establish
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a solid national government in afghanistan might create a lawless, safe haven for anti us terrorists. l. morbid takes a close look at the president's conflicting history with the conflict. when you look at what's happening and i have ghana, stan, you can hardly say that joe biden is blameless. he supported the war 1st in congress and then his vice president. and now he says that his decision for a sudden withdrawl is correct to many. it looks like he has absolutely no clue what he is doing. what in his mind, it all makes perfect sense. we want to have can, santa was 20 years ago with clear goals. get those who attract us on september. 11th, 2001. and make sure i could not use f ganeth stan as a base from which to attack as again we did that. now. some are remembering how wishy washy joe biden was when it came to the obama white house's decision to take out. been lawton, eventually praise the decision when it fit the overall narrative and emission that
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will go down to the annals of intelligence and special operations. some of america's most gifted security professionals track down some and a lot after the trail had gone cold. joe, what do you think? and i said, you know, i didn't know we had so many economists around the table. i said, we oh, demanded direct answer. mister president, my suggestion is, don't go, we have to do 2 more things to see if he's there. now biden looks a little shaky when you look over other foreign policy decisions as well when it comes to iraq. he voted for the war and he pushed the false claims about weapons of mass destruction. but now he's for withdrawing their to as vice president. he supported prime minister ma leaking and many of argues that he ended up emboldening isis when it came to libya, biden was very outspoken in supporting the overthrow of what was at that time,
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one of the most stable and economically prosperous regimes on the african continent . now says that one was a big hoops as well, starting to look like biden doesn't really know what he's doing on the global stage . this is something his critics have been pointing out quite loudly in recent years . i think biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy, a national security issue over the past 4 decades. remember our biden campaign for office by calling out? donald trump says unpredictable and untrustworthy. when it came, the u. s. foreign policy. well, recent moves in afghanistan are certainly not an argument in joe biden favor, you know, it's hard to know what's going through biden's mind because he does change his mind on, on strategic issues. and he doesn't have any clear set of guiding principles when it comes to foreign affairs. yes it's, it's somewhat of a crisis. but the crisis happened a long time ago when democrats stopped supporting and non interventionist military
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policy when, when democrats were all in favor of going into iraq and going into afghanistan. and when they supported hillary clinton and obama, when we, when the united states military got involved in libya and other places, they already lost the logical battle. they are in a crisis happens. so this is just another symptom of bad policies within the democratic party. and the democratic party losing the good things that had ever had that it stood for almost 20 years of us involvement in afghanistan is taking a heavy toll, a millions of people so, so not been kind to american taxpayers. we've had to foot the bill for one of the countries most expensive was in history. we take a look at the extraordinary cost the campaign. on my orders, do you in the united states, military has begun strikes against al qaeda, terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes by
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meeting a series of challenges with determination and will and purpose. the the me i the real the wealthiest country in the history of the world. and yet we have the higher trial poverty rates, almost any country on earth. our mission at ghana stand was never supposed to been nation building. may wally you need is
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a growing increasingly worried about how the situations develop again, scanner, stuff for the caskets. but to europe, the huge sent me of refugees. the french president and german chancellor were among the 1st a voice that consent devante, c, p. we must anticipate and protect ourselves against major, irregular my great re flows that would endanger those who use them and feed trafficking of all kinds. we will therefore take the initiative to build without delay. a robust, coordinated and united response will involve the fight against irregular flows unblocked as it is now, given that okay, can no longer carry out attacks against the united states from gaston, as they did on september 11, 2001 with everything that has followed has not been successful and has not been achieved in the way we have planned or respond her concerns the into the crisis and the potential impact could have on europe. the german chancellor found the time to
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attend the film premier in berlin. and despite criticism, the countries only managed to safely evacuate 7 nationals from cobble so far in before recent events, number of ass cancelling the country, each week was estimated to be in the 10s of thousands that's now expected to grow rapidly face with the crisis america. as authorized off a $1000000000.00 in immediate age to african refugees does not tease pizza, oliver explains the vast majority of those non goods won't be washington's problem . europe has watched on in horror at the speed at which 20 years of nato occupation of afghanistan was turned around by the taliban advance sit down north pole at p. it is a challenge for peace and international stability against terrorism and those who supported smith. now granted, this is an extremely bitter development. the leader, dramatic and terrifying. now have to concentrate on the rescue, but we don't want anybody bilaterally recognizing the taliban. we want to united
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a position amongst all the like minded, as far as we can get one, as hundreds of thousands of people have already fled their homes, enough gone, it's done, and many more are expected to do the same. here in germany, the man who's looking to replace angular medical as chancellor says, we can't be allowed to let recent history repeats itself. we have to give our 1st joint european and trans atlantic response this week. the mistakes in dealing with the syrian civil war must not be made again. 2015 should not be repeated. the us quitting galveston and the return of the taliban is set to see a rise in booth seeking sanctuary. but just where these people are going to go, there's already around 3000000 off gun people displaced in iran. over 2000000 of whom are and documented to ron has suggested that it could set up more refugee camps on its east in border. but that would require funding with eyes looking towards the a you for help. pakistan is home to 1400000,
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registered african refugees and asylum applicants. but along with turkey, which is housing over $3000000.00 syrian refugees, islam about an anchor, a king to work together to stop more arrivals. take your turkey is facing a growing wave of africa migrants transiting through iran. we will continue efforts to enable the return of stability in the region beginning with afghanistan. and to do that, we have to pursue and strengthen our cooperation with pakistan. b, u. member states, all very aware that europe is a destination of choice for many fleeing. i've got to stop so much so that earlier this month, 6 member states put their name to a letter warning house stopping deportations back to afghanistan would be viewed stopping return since the wrong signal and is likely to march of 8, even more of going citizens to leave their home for the you. many hope to the 2015
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refugee crisis was a warm, soft not to be repeated event. it would seen that reality may have different plans . right now, we know that up to 5000000 guns thinking to leave their country and added would be much more than we have seen and 2015. the overwhelming majority . we know from the pole in germany and continental europe. don't want to see a new wave of mass migration, especially not from garrison where people off to 40 years of war for them it's extremely difficult to, to integrate into the very liberal and feminine european societies. so there is a consensus from the center to the right. don't let them in and don't agree with the 2nd 2015. there are some foreign ministry said that the situation unfolding and
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of galveston is the natural result of the u. s. and they treat withdraw critics, a washington's length operations in the country been playing directly into the taliban hands as it is done off reports. they've done it finally from seriously be in the mid least to venezuela and cuba and latin america. washington has a decades long history of failed attempts to bring anti government militia is to power . and at last, they've cracked the code in afghanistan, feeding them. they should have just fought against them all this time. thanks to our military. generalize and brave fighters of afghanistan. taliban regime is coming to an end. there is little doubt that our greatest military challenge right now is afghanistan. we must reverse the tale, bonds, momentum, and deny the ability to overthrow the government. our troops will fight to win. we
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will fight to win. it all started so well. the u. s. invaded the taliban fled to the mountains. the u. s. trained and trained and train the new. i've got an army, spend billions on supplying it with more noms. we spent over a trillion dollars. we trained and equipped in afghan military force with some 300000 strong. we gave them every tool. they could need all of us in vain, only for the taliban to seize all the equipment. as soon as i've got to send fools, which strengthen their already solid position in the country, the comprehension of the situation on the ground was also far from what you might expect from the country, deeming itself the military and intelligence superpower. the united states currently lacks a comprehensive strategy to gates reconstruction efforts in afghanistan. it also lacks overarching plants with clearly defined metrics to guide its work in
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a number of key areas, such as anti corruption, connor narcotics, health, education, gender rule of law and water. all this lead to the inevitable corruption, the thriving within the security forces. there glaring ineffectiveness and as a result, lack of trust to the u. s. backed institution from locals. the african population perceives places, predatory bandits and calls them the most hated institution in the country. around 30 percent of the recruited police have deserted with issued weapons to set up their own private checkpoints and extolled money from travelers. various sources before the taliban courts were preferrable alternative and that they were perceived as accessible, fast and less corrupt than the government established courts. so when the u. s says something like this, that force proved incapable of defending the country. and that did happen more rapidly than we anticipated. is it that big of a surprise?
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i mean, really well, but at least this time america is meddling actually lead a militant group. even one recognized as terrorists by many states to gain total control over a country of galveston who failed. the united states failed and they failed to train the ocoee and military. but to be honest, this isn't even the 1st time where we've in something like this. remember how much the united states invested in in nation building in iraq and how the iraqi security forces word. at 1st sight of islam extended, it was very obvious to me. as soon as the united states said that it would be withdrawing that this was essentially the same thing as hinting the keys to the towel them. but i truly do not believe that the american public understood this. and i'm not even sure that the bite in administration understood the seed. this is what happens when you try to impose a western concept of them,
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but democratization onto a culture that has absolutely no concept of, of it. i mean, they didn't, they never had an army there before, and they, they were more involved in insurgencies and whatever. then we tried to build an army. this was totally alien to them. so none of this is surprising. and many of us very early on were saying this is a, a prescription for disaster. and this outcome is very dismayed. on the one hand, i feel very badly for the asking people because they have really taken the brunt of, of this miscalculation both by their own leadership and by the united states. government again wraps it up. this house coverage of the events unfolding enough galveston. we will continue to follow things closely. join me for updates in half an hour the
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the in the, in the me at the height of the 2020 corona virus pandemic mass media really covered stories from africa. the world was more interested in kind of it. and africa had more or less infected people in europe. but one story gone people's attention. newspapers reported that kenya was having an elephant baby boom journalist linked the unprecedented surge in the elephant's birth rate,
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to tourists being restricted from the park. they said it was the most positive side of a lot down, but kind of it had nothing to do with it. ah, ah, prince, tomorrow's big assist. okay. so you see 2018. we got a pretty good green, and we have a lot of us as female. so 202020. yeah, 2020. we gotta be willing to 100 or 6 more raises means more food for the female elephants to feed their young. extraordinary things happen in amber. certainly national park touches plenty of female elephant giving birth to healthy twin males truly an extremely.


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