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o, as many as $15000.00 people as gain a sand could be eligible for evacuation to the united states where there are few details when it comes to just how these americans are african nationals will be taken out of the country. we're really working hard to get as many people through as possible, and quite frankly, we're not we're, it's obvious. we're not close to where we want to be in terms of getting the numbers through. so we're going to work that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we're going to get everyone that we can possibly evacuate evacuated. and i'll do that as long as we possibly can until the clock runs out, or we run out of capability. meanwhile, china is waging wet summer crying psychological offensive against united states, raising a state media to trumpet america is a failure. and i'm going to stand there china this while using the unraveling situation. i've dentist and to its own benefit, but they also have their own concerns about the taliban control. the afghan stand
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and other islamic extremist groups are g. john had, he has more china's official state run news outlet, the ship one new service published an article this week titled the fall of cobble sounds, the death. now, for the decline of us, her gemini, it goes on to describe the unraveling situation in afghan, a stand riding the roar of aeroplanes, and hurriedly retreating crowd reflected the last dusk of the empire, the empire referring of course to the united states. it's yet another example of what some media political analysts say is trying to attempt to wage a psychological offensive against the us by using it state run media to celebrate america's losses. while warning other countries about us support. when chinese foreign minister one ye host 2 taliban officials back in july, it was certainly a message to the united states and world for that matter about trying to interest in afghanistan. and clearly a move to make inroads with the taliban. but at the same meeting when also demanded
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the taliban sever ties with the ease turkestan, islamic movement, or e t i n. a separate is group asian has blamed for terror attacks and it's north eastern shin jang region. china's foreign ministry spokesman continued the same line about china's hopes that the taliban creates a quote open and inclusive political framework. while adding really our terms, we all expect the taliban to resolutely combat all kinds of terrorist forces including the east turkestan islamic move in and effectively fulfilled their commitment to, to allow any forces to make use of afghanistan's territory. the threatened security of neighboring countries. john pito, chinese officials have reportedly become increasingly concerned about afghanistan becoming a safe haven for islamic terror groups like the e t i n and other militant groups encourage a stan and tajikistan setting their sites on china. as has been the case in recent years, having to trust the taliban,
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which is so often exerted its power now through diplomacy, but through the barrel of a gun may prove as difficult for china as it has been for the united states. for news is hughes. john hardy, if china and united states needed any more reason to have contention, axia has just released report saying, bill barnes is the current c i a director during his visit last week with israeli prime minister, natalie bennet warrant of future chinese investments in israel, especially with the tech sector and new construction. now a point of contention between the previous administrations of both countries. when discuss it, especially following the warning that the partnership between the united states and israel could actually be damaged if chinese project partnership projects like this . newport that's going on in haifa or continue what looks like the bio ministration is going to continue the same. doing business with china could jeopardize their business with the united states threat as well before now all israeli officials are
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saying is more talks are planned between the israeli national security council, china and the white house construction still continues to joining us to discuss this even more is tobin smith, toby, there's a lot of things to talk about in it's region. likely. you're pretty much expert on a lot of them. thanks for joining me. could be if you could get us over this quickly though, on the scoop by acts. yes. you know, you've looked at the, obviously it's very contentious and the reason why do you think exactly is the us hoping to accomplish when they go to a country like israel and say stop these project with china or it could hurt our relationship. do you think, what are, what are the, what is united states wanting from them? well, i remember china in united states have gone into a cold war for lack of a better term at this point. and israel, because of their unique technology and their growth economy, by the way, is the one harbinger that the united states doesn't want to see. they don't want to see israel and china working together because, you know, we have
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a big stake in israel. it also means that china is getting closer to this group with some really incredible technology. and this cold war is about technology. and so i can understand that there is to israel is going to always say, as long as we have supplied, you know, all their radar, all their missile, so on and so forth. they're going to, you know, play footsie with china. they're not going to go ahead longer, that because at the end of the day we are the country that protect israel and also keeps israel safe from some of their other enemies. right. so obviously that part of, sorry, i just think it's really interesting that the vitamin tracy is going to continue this idea of threatening the relationship just like the trunk administration did. one of the few things that actually benjamin netanyahu did not get along with, let's move on to the game, which is the primary reason i want to have you on yesterday, i guess enough canister veteran corey mills had this to say on the show. china wants this economic resource warfare they're going to expose this as the greatest
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existential threat. and they're going to create the one road one belt, which is gonna essentially create your trade routes. and they're gonna continue to expand with the help of other great research superpowers. tobin, how is patient doing this? are they wanting to start the new so corrode are to reestablish it? and what does that say to them about the chaos that has followed these past few weeks? well, it's not going to be the great, so crowd scottie, it's going to be the great copper and lithium road. i know we talked last week. i think most people don't really comprehend how large of, of the copper supply the lithium many people call can stand the saudi arabia of lithium lithium. if you think about a lithium ion battery, which is what electric vehicles are all about? 20 years ago, nobody cared about this. it was going to be a way to get cheap. copper trying to put 354 to $500000000.00 in to try to get going. and then it all came apart because they had no security. so you, you go fast, forward to today. now it's
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a slam dunk for china that come in and be the silk road. i either copper road they already consume 50 percent of the copper in the world because they make 50 percent electric vehicles. as electric vehicles go from, here's my chart from 5 percent to 40 percent by 2030. are you kidding me? this is a, this is trying to, you know, dream to have this come apart for us to be the bad guys for us to look like idiots and all, by the way, in, you know, enough can instead, this is islamic way. this is a prophecy. the prophecy was that china, a friendly state was going to come out and help and get rid of the infidel that, that the you know is love is good and god is good. and now even al qaeda has an opening there. so this yes, at the end of the day we were in there because we sensually were protecting and going after al qaeda. well that's malarkey we're trying to make sure the tell about didn't get 3 trillion dollars worth of of copper or lithium. well guess what?
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they got it and we got nothing. ok, so let's talk about the partnership between the taliban and china. obviously, what could be the dangerous aspect of a beside just guess what? there's gonna be more products to go into some go into the chinese manufacturing, but is there actually still more of an element that this is going to strike them the taliban and they might eventually use this and other areas besides just ask dana, stan. well, you know, china is in many parts of the world that people don't really know their, their part of. and the idea of the, the golden rule, the open road policy and in africa in sub sahara. you know, they're extensively all over the world. now. i think the bigger issue here is that the propaganda from this is just fabulous for china trying to has their own problems, of course. and so now they get to change the narrative. america bad look how stupid they are. they couldn't work with these people, look at us where the great guys were going to come in. and we're going to put $500000000000.00 trillion dollars into building the infrastructure that they
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couldn't get before. and they will, they will have a hand in, they'll have lower lower cost. so when they have lower cost, gosh, guess what, you know, they'll be more competitive. this is, you know, kind of plays a long game. the taliban play the long game. united states is played a very short game and we pay a serious price. well, i have also want to retire does not have the best record in regards to religious. right. firstly, for the muslim community, do you think the taliban did their research actually to see what was going on or is being claimed right now, the accusations against china in regards to the muslims that exist within their community. and is that something that could even be concerning, or guess what, does the mighty dollar or in this, or in this case, the mighty mineral actually overcome that? yeah, well remember the, the leaders is the group we're talking about in the north part of china. and they are literally with in china, and that's probably the biggest reason if, if they really wanted to get rid of them or they wanted to do something or they
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would have done it years ago. so the weavers are provide labor, they provide very cost low cost, labor costs, and china will keep that ad. but you've got to separate them from the taliban because afghanistan with the minerals that they have and with the money. remember the u. s. reserve federal are just cut off all their cash. they literally have about $10.00 in the bank, so they need china cash more than anything else. and china is very willing to put cash into something where they know they'll get a magnificent return. chinese are pretty smart that way. well, be real interesting to see how quickly this actually starts to flow and that's how it is it right to say that they're trying to recognize them as equal. and you've also have other government saying the taliban establishes a government. it doesn't matter necessarily about the human rights issues. do you think other countries will actually begin starting to have trade? because if it's this is this valuable, the country. why wouldn't others get in on the deal? and who do expect them to be? yeah, i mean, obviously russia will be one obviously, you know,
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singapore and other places which are export countries because it, you know, even australia for that matter because i used to be the king copper and now they're running low on copper reserve. the caliber has to play, play this smart, you know, and i, it sounds like after 20 years have got smarter. they can't be beating children on the streets. they can't be pulling, you know, weddings off to their sergeant center. they have to keep a, a narrative and a perspective that allows for westerners to then say, okay, listen, you guys are playing ball will, you know, step forward. they know that now, i mean, remember, i think you could probably say the war basically was what on social media before it was, it's one. you can take a video that goes to a 100000000 people in 5 minutes and they're aware of that. they didn't realize that till the cell phone got going. so this is sort of cell phone just clemency. don't do stuff that gets on tick tock and 150 or 200000000 people see it and,
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and keep your nose clean with the, with the countries that will, you will benefit from that you will get financial aid to i think they've grown up and i think we've underestimated, have grown up, they are, well, i guarantee it's pretty hard to see something if it's banned. i'm a commentary, it'll be interesting to see if they put those sorts of mandatory banding on social media platforms on the internet limits that we see and other countries. and you know, honestly, tobin i'm not that optimistic that i think somewhere americans will find their way to grief their way back and even if it's not so currently wrapped in the american flag. kevin, like always saying we're discussing good to see now when we return, we have lots of great discoveries in today, but american scientists think they might be on the verge of a new energy source, which hopes to be a game changer for both the environment and society. in the future, all the details after the break. the
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news. welcome to mac guys are quite as well survival guys, looking forward to your best video games. this is what happened is the benches in britain. it was kaiser report now we have the cigarettes, i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these, these are making the tobacco tours? i unexpectedly, upside of the pandemic. kenya is experiencing an elephant baby boom. 206. why does kenya have so many cars? and how has the pan demick impacted people's lives?
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and a role is a very big along any fact he end up killing himself. ah, i don't believe nearly and then you got one via whoa. and i will proceed as well before i get him in the media group. if they get the idea mad and i can say lucky to the mean thing in it because of that of the one, anybody who did the they didn't even notice whether they call to do this. but i know the company just wasn't going whatever did the we have covered multiple debates over who has been kicked off
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a popular social media platforms and what is considered free speech and present time. but now many bait is not only regarding political figures here in the united states, but also figures around the world, especially groups over 3rd governments sort of re, it's the latest debate and those that involve bringing the ballpark hosted either press here on our to america, steve thanks for joining me. my pleasure. scott is, i mean, i think we could have seen this comment. we knew this debate, the 2nd atlanta san started take the headlines. we knew that this is going to come up. so steve and i can tell the audience a little bit about who is involved in this debate and what is it exactly about? well, twitter is allowing the spokes people for the taliban to, to send messages out to their supporters to claim fall. so it's like all the people are so thrilled to see as they're celebrating and blah, blah, blah, when of course they, they don't allow, for instance, in the most notable of all those that have been kicked off twitter. and that would
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be donald trump. i mean donald trump, after july after january 6th, they banned them and. 4 and yet they allow the taliban to put out propaganda and we should point out that it's not just the taliban. it's also hamas. it's also the supreme leader of brand, the biggest terrorist as nation state in the world. so they pick and choose who they don't like. and by the way it's kind of consistent. scott, if you look with the rest of the media, the media will tell you what the taliban is saying. the media will tell you what hallmark is claiming, as far as casualties and whatnot. donald trump, they'll say that's a lie. you know, they might quote a bill to say, of course he's lying. they don't say that about hamas or the taliban. so it's consist, twitter to me is just another extension of, of the liberal media and that's who they all are. ok, so i've asked 50 though if they had not banned or put in a policy of banning people like the former president as well as several other
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people that people would be in conservative media. do you think there would be an issue? i mean, if everybody was allowed to be on, would there be a complaint now, i mean if there were, i mean they have policies, but if everybody was allowed to be on, for instance, one of the twitter representatives, i read a quote today from him said that they're going to allow the, the taliban people that spoke to people to be on as long as he doesn't get too violent. it is in his tweet to violent. i thought they had a strict policy of, of non violent, non incitement. all that kind of stuff. so no, i mean if it was a free and opened up for him for everybody, then i guess, you know, you take it with a grain of salt, say, well, everybody's on there. but you know, but there's no way to even compare. well, if they allow donald trump, they should allow the taliban, i mean there's no comparison to that, but i see your point and to your point, if it was wide open. yeah, i guess there be no controversy. well, and that's, that's,
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i think people are scratch heads now. you look over on facebook, those, the facebook actually band of the taliban. the bands for the groups, but somehow people start able to kind of negotiate through that being said, i think facebook is one of the 1st groups that were banned from actually being in, in africa, said themselves. why in facebook taking this stand and instagram and what's out there, sister companies, why are they doing it and why they're not putting more pressure on twitter saying, listen, you're making all of bad in this? yeah, well i don't know that they necessarily like each other, and i don't think that twitter cares what's a good thing to them necessarily. but i do think that facebook look, this is an obvious, an easy no brainer to score points. ok, facebook is under all kinds of scrutiny, rightfully so for so many things and allowing so much on their while. again, benny conservative one and so they could look at this and say, have a door moment while we get a band, the taliban dog corps,
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then they're going to go forward and try to score points as they are. because now we're saying, well, look at good old baseball, they're doing the right thing. why can't bed all the way to do the right thing. so i, it's all a game. it's all one upsmanship. it's all public relations. and, you know, and basically what it comes down to is, will facebook be offending their employees? you know, if they, employees of the social media groups that, that like google, all, you can work with the pentagon, you can't do this, you can't do that. so i guess nobody's offended as they spoke that the taliban was banned and i guess it twitter. not too many people are offended. that's the television isn't ban. real interesting. rather we're living in no doubt but short. i think they said steve is why republicans and even of democrats joined in hearings last year regarding this revoke in the tax free status saying, you're not just a platform, you're actually a media outlet, but nothing ever came out of those. we heard lots of fiery speeches. nothing came out, nothing changes done. do you feel like congress and those on capitol hill really
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want to see changes, or is this just like immigration, a topic that they can all campaign on you know, if we thought maybe under donald trump, this could get done. i'm not blaming him for not getting done, but it didn't get done. then the liberals that at some time they speak up and say, oh, this is outrageous. we gotta get it done. nobody has an interest. nobody cares to get section $230.00 revamp to hold these social media platforms responsible. nobody, not the republicans, the democrats, nobody because if they did scott to you and i know it would have got done, it's such a again, a non brain or no brainer. it's easy, they could do it in a minute, but apparently, for whatever reason, they just have no interest in doing it. it makes no sense considering many of them themselves have been banned, and you would think at least 5 yourself if you're not fighting for the rest of america, have freedom of speech at least 5 herself and you're right. they remain oddly silent unless it's come in as it's actually been if any them steve,
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like always thanks for joining. thank you. scottie, a major development for clean energy, the roads largest laser. here the united states produced an incredible amount of fusion power. in a recent experiment, archie crestwood, dr. suite, has more on what it could all mean. a laser, the size of 3 football fields, focusing on a tiny target, the size of a baby. and the study, the hot spot dean, the thickness of a piece of human hair, was able to generate more than 10 quadrillion watts of fusion power. this is a look at the lawrence livermore national laboratory, massive laser, the world's largest, and most powerful spending some 300 yards, is able to recreate the temperatures and pressures close to what exists in the core of stars. this is called nuclear fusion and some fine to say it could be considered a completely green source of energy. this is different from nuclear fission, which is the only type of nuclear power currently being utilized today. this
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process splits adams apart, such as uranium to capture the energy released. the fusion then merges to nuclei together to form a heavier elements. the california base lab showing results from its latest study using their forceful laser scientists were able to produce 1.3 megajoules of energy and have national ignition facility. all the effects are very brief, 100 trillions of a 2nd. the results are said to be promising and a key achievement infusion research. a small pellet of hydrogen isotopes were heated and able to produce more than 10 quad trillion watts of fusion power in that small amount of time. oh, more hurricane a chief scientist at the lawrence livermore national laboratory called it a right brother's moment, that wallace breakthrough is been seen as a huge one. experts say we still have a long way to go before fusion will be available in the commercial market. reporting for you to choose from tosh. a sweet r t. a 1000000000 air battle over space is brewing. this could be predicted. ok,
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you got jeff bay? this is blue origin. they are suing nasa now over a moon landing contract. ordered solar. 211 mess space acts. now the last claims the agency was unlawful and improper and it's an evaluation of proposals for a human landing system program. that's just one more intense stand off over the multi $1000000000.00 lunar landing program. trish service reports. well, jeff bezos is not backing down after being told by the u. s. government accountability office in july that nasa did not violate the law by awarding only one lunar lander contract a space x when there was originally supposed to be 2. now he's taking this fight to federal court today, jeff phase as blue origin, once again arguing now says decision to award space x nearly $3000000000.00 to develop the next generation of commercial space craft that will take us to the moon . this time by doing the space agency with the lawsuit filed friday with the us
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court of federal claims stems from an april announcement that nasa gave a $2900000000.00 contract to eli must space x for lunar landing equipment and not to companies like bases this blue origin that was expected while the details of the lawsuit are not publicly available because they are sealed. it accuses nasa as having been, quote, unlawful and improper. and it's evaluation of proposals concerning its human landing system program, blue origin set in the statement. it is an attempt to remedy the flaws in the acquisition process, found and now says human landing system, we firmly believe that the issues identified in this procurement and it's outcomes must be addressed to restore fairness, create competition, and ensure a safe return to the moon. for america, and while the agency has maintained the decision was made because of the finding shortfall, the agency responded to the suit saying in a statement, quote, nasa was notified that blue origin filed a bid protest with the united states court of federal claims following the denial
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of the protest filed with the u. s. government accountability office regarding nasa selection for the human landing system option a award. nasa officials are currently reviewing details of the case. basic c e o. ilan must also wing in just fair to claims on twitter for weeks. at one point saying that if lobbying lawyers could get you to orbit bay, those would be pseudo right now. all this as blue origin lost the top engineer on its moon lander team to its rival space ex, yet another blow to jeff bays. those further fueling this battle among the millionaires. reporting for news use hughes trinity chavez. r t. well, that's all the time we advertise shows time. sure to fly, but i promise you the conversation, which we are going to continue. so please follow me on twitter at scottie and hughes, use the hash tag team and vh. and make sure for this show and more in everything we've ever done in the past. you need to download the portable dot tv app for your apple or android device. like, always thanks for watching. and,
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ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer type relation or community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere which direction? what is truth? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to this end. the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah,
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in the an unexpected upside of the pandemic kenya's experiencing. and elephant baby boom. 250 . why does kenya have so many cars? and how has the panoramic impacted people's lives? is andree will have big long in any fact he end up killing himself. i don't live on a lease and then you go buy a car. well, and i will make a little was let me know. did you get mad and say lucky to me in it, because at night that the when the nimble who
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did the they didn't even notice whether they call to do it. but they know they come in. it just wasn't go or whatever it is. you know, mr. moser, what we need to do is we could do the google i want you to do. i see you have been going to show you where you didn't know where to put it in the is the mother molar. that's what you will cover. the 1st bill,
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i don't know if i use them in order to follow because that's how much you so much. not although a lot nobody me and he's a sucker and you say you go tommy ah, your partially hon, which ah ah ah
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the ah, it's all about unleashes a hail of bullets on a crowd after people raised the national flag symbol. the militants have replaced across the country with their own banner. not the only show of resistance as 10010 soldiers reportedly rally in the north of the country under the leadership of the vice president who is now. i've got a sense of legitimate liter. it's claimed that they have already rest of back areas you're coming to tell about, take over rips, open old wounds in europe, where there are mounting fears of a possible repeat of the 2015 migrant prizes and 20 years. and.


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