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when you said that i least could, you do the good to google i want you to do. i see you have been going to show you where you didn't know where to put it in the is the mother molar. that's what you will cover. financing for. net 1st, let me yes you are. we still follow some of you so much. not although a lot nobody me and he's a sucker and you say you got your partially agreeable, which ah
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ah ah ah, the dissolution of a country is rather like a plane crash. natalie. terrifying and extremely ran because that was the one that was
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in the 1980s. the soviet union was like a large airline are following its flight plan through clear skies. it seems that the engines were running smoothly, but its kept. it was changed too often for the see could see it was in the please only leave the chef the go to pull up the road. you describe it shows no player still no, probably lose it with a new pilot suggested a slight change. it caused them to but yes, you will be 40 years in if you will listen. you gotcha. with a lot of i 985 which help came to page 54. the fresh young general secretary was compared favorably to his older rather frail treatises. gorbachev with energetic popular and he immediately for
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a claims that the country had to change. despite the parents stability, the soviet union did in fact have severe economic problems. oil, the main commodity exported to the west suffered a sharp price drop in the 19 eighties and the country was choking on the arms race trying to keep up with its biggest rival. the u. s. huge sums had been spent on new missiles, tanks and submarines. elijah to lose their mattress. and so i was just trying to get some sort of somebody over the bid both of the school that just get them on their own. this prosecutors will become negotiated here. some of those. yeah. but my great studies will be as openness of tedious, pretty scary, perfect for his interior,
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which and motional then got too much off off as a renovation program for the embattled domestic economy. the general secretary loans perestroika, which would become a very popular word all over the country in the eighty's. but not every one, winnie understood what it meant is throwing up. i mean, i should combine this with them, but let me i didn't of the boys didn't you by choice crew wish shutters, kim, oak noise. when you were mission i a bit is through the program. when you go quit or some of the living here below on the smoke originally program, when you bought you recently, i believe the ship still open, the room was good. what do you, what would you give me? she would prefer took
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a quest for gloves. just little bit is through the doors to be ready with the changes garbage are initiated were intended to stay the country away from an economic dead end. but in reality, things only deteriorated his attempt to reconstruct the plan. soviet economy only worse and it's a trade deficit. and the word deficit became as well known as perestroika. do you guys provide? i don't know if you go but who you know, i didn't go by the way we did actually go sale for work. i was telling you, but if you can call me, he speak for a little boom and using the skis feels low in presumably can yes or social committee scare the cities for him, or who would you let him?
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i be sort of sort of widely healey, sort of wildly look dos to willis. do know, don't get paid through. you will need to read that to you that we but as for board near the some of the really he shows his hope for whether we lose your last name of the the we will, is that we will actually show that on us or their goal is that the last most did not, but she was the stuff we used to be a swab was when you most the glass miss level the slumbers deal with the press this number at him, but them which the parker, if you say it is a group of the video, but you must be new. it's nice to be with you. it must me. but to me the,
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the way you knew what was the last one was good, but you have to very different public images to the west. he was nicknamed, going to be the liberal minded politician who taken the 1st steps to making up with his arrival. the new general secretary had away with european and american leaders. there was still of typically one assist. well, good luck on their church,
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the door, the little gear or gordon is from the at the deal we will sustain your birthday party. meanwhile, within the u. s. s, our opinions about gorbachev was shifting, the general secretaries new initiative stood up. frequent public annoyance is anti alcohol campaign in particular, government you off that t total announced restrictions on wines and spirits for things new born years ago when asked me to want to go and get my grandmother a brand new. so she said deployed it is police for me, which is going to show it to him and i will show him critique vs the store. but sure were you from left to your garage door to give him a garage door blue cross.
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sophia doesn't have a control of course, because of the knock i put in the produce from the underground gallery, diminished the mate chief, made it into the guinness book of records. the fullness don't inquiry. it's 55 kilometers of still as i used to store and mature, high quality and wine less to collect what's the invoice and always start a little bit out and then it's still still. it's not giving me a lot to do better with you in the machine you just deal with stuff issues going through you know, basically for sure we still use if this is what
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should've been brought to live. i live to my ratio of any of the countries total area. little diva was 1st in the world and wind production with its main industry. due to the prohibition, half the vines were destroyed. and that could only lead to an economic collapse. that should please take the spanish command bushing mogley the speech. should you give me a call? my starbuck car could do with a lot of people, but she was probably planning to remain the 1st and only reformer. but he triggered a reaction which at a certain point, got out of control yesterday at newport. the why is that the union will you d,
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i chest is the 1st the knowledge? well boy you are not. we gotta get, ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in the world transformed. what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being
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that somewhere? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths all remained in the shallows. ah, now we have e cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these are making the tobacco wars? oh yeah, you could go to a sick day, marathon of creativity multicultural festival. and the biggest variety is the
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competition for a few days. became a russian cultural capital. 28 categories. ahh. from filing a piano to the parenting and data protection nigeria just showing up for always water. again, my name is george george. if you could give the credit of a 3 or 4 business days to be here. they 1st had to when read or contact the delta games only take the very best of the best buy. choose me.
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in the late 19 eighties, a strong competitor appeared to rival done but you off buddy, see us in. he was a senior party leader and just like that about you off he demanded change, but he was willing to go much further and some already believe that he did not go to my job and become the countries primary reformer much who lives with us also started trying to push the present sharing with the order they don't know what it is or the i would prefer to go wrong, but also for the soul try to use and you said you know, so are you them. so you so much really in the shop for us a good to go through the grade, they will follow the where the simple i think in some a little because we're hoping it was somebody anybody i just what he was from that
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of my boost on will very matrix lisa, but i'm sure she'll visibly nice for me that the me ability she him. chelsea one of the station we need, we use that us to build your over the english here. but i see if she was at the p f that will in for you what, what is nikolai? it's me, yes. just remove it on the grass case lives in your convenience . i mean, you know, yeah, oh sure. mm . released from the bottle. the genie refused to obey god but freedom of criticism,
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previously unthinkable under soviet public policy, created opportunities to attack the general secretary himself to the ground with. no, yes. was left stuff to go by troy. she's not revealing that only maggie she should be you know, she wouldn't have a video. please feel free to give me a call tomorrow. no problem when you get the but she looks like you're on your spot on walk in the hospital. good deal. but if i move, move nearby, you could just help me with a short struggle. don't fly in the company. but that gets off of the ritual. of she was a boot. you jumped out of the job. i was hoping your low yet will
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you please? did you go through my role is going on with your fortune? well yes, no. further. the pursuit here, the are in the get the not all of them is we need to look on the bus, steaming up. yeah. must be blushing. the other electrical work there should be that can you believe was also yahoo, popular shows. she got a lot more. she and blah chip, single of the tip group. i started to go very if you don't want it comes over, you know, these are dupel thought the new going to show you deal with us. scala evolution . you mom who she tried to but the to hold them to do what you have to present them with the choice. and yes, what goes on what you see on the, on, on the
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gateway but was pushing for those and follow up on the wireless words on an area by the black sea was once a major result in the soviet union. technically, it was part of the georgia soviet socialist republics, even though the population was mostly. but the u. s. s. are ignored that what internal borders will one big country, but in the mid 19 eighties, along with the publicity of freedom that gorbachev introduced, came talk of independence. what with it's a regular still
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a new mode level. some were trying not families no matter where you might work. did they come monday for us to check the coastal research. we did everything. sure she did. she said the defendant was $930.00. julie's yes miss. i was gonna tell you what i'm calling for. i mean, the way to scan, okay, you're not going to want to do a sample that be, that's why you just met me. we most it was listen,
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avoid local news. you need more person to mr. was admitted as well. so let's close the match loose wishing she'd give them some money and you got a credit. miss washington, you've got to have a good the different teaches math, but denila is port new risk. you need to know when as is this place, again, is what she said met. and then the machine is loosely surprising when her number was let go. when you get a passcode leading up kosky for more value slogans like georgia for georgia were heard more and more often in tbilisi only the georgia language was permitted and only georgians were allowed to hold administrative jobs. in those circumstances, the tiny caucasian republic population had limited options except being georgian
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leaf bullfight. why not get upset of metrics for washers and jacob. ringback ah. ringback georgia began to talk seriously about decision from moscow. clearly planned to leave and take a housing with the house were against the wall was near us. so we just do that. so you know what, you don't you're on but it's all my beauty, richard coffee that he has them right up to sort of you about it. but the other 2 boys got at the new was worse. and now show me what so that that was, you know, what is it, how can i and so there was no big deal for us than most the building is john berg
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joker. so good luck. sure. to follow my master exclusively, just on the phone. but as i knew it was, you know, the return on will she was junior. he, i'm not really much going, you know, well, isn't it, you're running the e 0. this is why i'm not going
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to. so was mobility bill was pres, louise, you need the story on using much or is push love the soviet union central office seems not to realize it had opened pandora's box in every republic. nationalists began to demand independence. it took a while for moscow to decide what to do with the separatists and how to stop the ethnic conflicts that are similar dangerously arisen caucuses and central asia. let us grow, but to see this is where the rustling mission center limited new skills. doc, marriott, horizon was moved him. those that are pretty good to me, lou. and i remember really easily a bunch of a dish, f capacity, but it will be to show some of us come over to the actual addition,
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but i want that. i have to move around when you put a good about sure, but it is actually and general ski less than if you put in your muscle. it is necessarily going in do you ship the progression? you know, some of it nice for conflict of grow our sure. got pretty mean. you know, there's a corner issue is that us looks pretty pretty sure clear. what is my son? i got the report i want to, it's the political enemy, about the last in that them well new to get conflict when you shoot over your but you have turned a blind eye to some protest and ordered others to be put down by force riots in back who in tbilisi were violently disbursed in january 1991 must go made a last attempts to reassert its influence in the baltics. special focus were
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deployed civilians, the little indian capital and were ordered to clear the tv broadcasting center of nationalists. because when that's what you want, if you want to give it to us, but you know, when you stand, you can provide you that your school. so you have the national dealership in your, at your home as well. so you just center and they come to my school kid meddleson isn't, can you be the speed that you use to use to ship stuff from city or was it the near or something? the question. so if you have some are starting to bless you as well, what it can is simply getting worse nor the worse where there was more fantasy, which he restriping virtually from user care. just when is william cares or not
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just kept on it. when he did a year, when he was with us, mostly with unions, always put in her name. is you so pissed up on the notion that you could come to the village coast. we do end up your question. we still are, so tell us when you present the 1st space, which you put in here is where to put a good sort of where you for your orders when the, when you flush the bottle and what we started, it sort of question was to search and misty and they didn't. but footage of soviet special forces trying to disperse. the ground was seen far and wide. shots were fired and probably not just by special forces. both sides suffered casualties. later in moscow, gorbachev would express the claim that he had not given the order to us. all lame
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would be put on the commanding officer. ah, welcome to mac financial survival guide. looking forward to your message this is what happened the patches in britain. delicate watch kaiser report when i would show the same wrong when old fool job don't yes, to see out the same because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground,
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the annex painted upside of the pandemic kenya's experiencing. and elephant baby boom, $200.00 are fixed. why does kenya have so many cars? and how has the pandemic impacted people's lives? is andree role is a fairly big along in any fact he end up killing himself. i don't live on a lease and then you go on via well, and i will make a little was no, did you get the idea? can you say, can let me mean the thing in it because i know that a lot of the, when anybody who did the
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they didn't even notice whether the course you don't know. but i know the company just wasn't go or whatever they're americans love fine. ah, this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large, understood the bargain. you get a home and then you know, rebel, right, that's the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for
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the man who was threatened. he did nothing. has been his truck to destroy, to blog, to capitol hill, to renders to believe his ex wife says he's mentally unstable. one was upset by trump defeat the couple apples these more pale desperate parents tried to pass that children to us soldiers hoping to give them a better chance of a new life. the meanwhile, b u. s. military reported, please take us to the spot. so the last thing at that deal saying at risk of being overwrought and plus british comedy, it's our last loved ones to the concept enough down to start as what a providing factor that just made by the.


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