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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  August 19, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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the the the news? hey folks, next up, a man and full jalen rose, hit the hell out of the ball over on s p. s. great coverage during the finals that he did. and he's also got a podcast called jalen rose renaissance man. my, my man did 13 seasons in the n b a. so he knows of what he speaks, plus a surprise on who his biological father is. i did not know this to. i read the notes, but it'll explain a lot about jalen. dr. jalen rose right up to this on dennis miller plus one.
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folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. happy to welcome a modified bollard show. jalen rose 13 year and be a veteran. best selling author philanthropists tv personality is building the resume here. currently an a, b, c, and e. s p, an analyst, state of the art and hoops for n b a co host, the jalen and jacoby jacob, the i don't even know the other cat because i think of it, it's jail. and she also has is jalen rose renaissance man podcast that's available with you, where you can get your projects that i tell you his old man could ball for private as he was. he was, he was providence before before or the day in bed. marva got so this is jalen rose jalen. i appreciate the love i'm a huge fan. i'm a major supporter of all. busy things dennis miller need to be on and also thank
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you for knowledge in providence friars and jimmy walker, please before this is i need a story. well, listen, jimmy walker, i think beats lou. well, he's still lou at that point. i don't think he's creevy lou, i'll send her out of power memoria. and i think jimmy and his senior year, low, 30 somewhere. i don't remember the exact number, but he's leading score in the country. man lit up the holiday class. i get the garden 2 years, there is the only guy with the n v p, and i love the quote, jalen you're the coach is kills me. when mark kept the warriors beat them and he missed a shot at the very end. i think george thompson might add that his face. this the all the bad moment i've ever heard that it's beautiful. wow, thank you very much. that means a lot. you know, it's funny is that, and i see in 67, you look back. i think clyde in the salukis when they had some guys who owned the
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garden because clyde goes on to be the quit essential garden player, man. absolutely, and the honor that i have though, i never met jimmy walker while he was alive. i was gracious enough along with the legend, dave, being my godfather, to go to the funeral to pay my respects. and i'm so very grateful for everything that you know. gina was the he provided for me is for ration. but the honor dennis has been when i get a chance to meet earl. busy the pearl monroe, and he's telling me stories and walk class frasier and kareem. abdul jabbar came up to me like kareem abdul jabbar no money. he came up to me. it was like your grandmother was a great cook. i used to go over and hang out with your dad, and i was just blown away of the gravity of everything that was happening. so again,
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i'm the youngest of, for my brothers and sisters weren't necessarily collegian athletes. so i think i got the jeans honest. and always will you get to talk to jimmy at the end? i know you didn't meet him, but i hear you had some contact with him that must have been i don't know bad for a kid who had known as dad, but his dad was in him to such a degree. it must been very, very beautiful to talk to him towards the end. right. yes, it was. it was very beautiful because as a college student from 199194 of mich allen wrote a book on a fire fire. and one of the people he set out to interview was jimmy. and jimmy didn't want me to think if and when we ever met, he was trying to piggyback off of my fat 5 fame. he was paying respect to me in the situation. so he wrote a letter and had missed out will give me the lever letter the night before a final for gay. now as i look back at this and i'm older not to understand and
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anxiety and depression and all of these days the comb with like not meeting your biological pair and use in him is motivation. he wore 40, he was number 24 hour number 42 in high school out of spite. he's going to know my name one day and that's what i carry from a single parent home. so i carried that letter from the college years. it's still like the early 2 thousands with me like linus and a blanket and never really opened it because i wasn't necessarily going to open and so i was psychologically ready for whatever was going to be in the let. and so i never talked about my relationship or broken relationship or lack thereof, a relationship with my biological father. and so after he passed, but in early 2, thousands, i got a couple of phone numbers through providence, through austin cro 01 of my teammates and attract them. donna got them on the phone
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. i told him i love them. i told him, i'm great. or, you know, the genes that he provided. hopefully he gets a chance to watch the play. hopefully i get a chance to meet him. and then a couple years later i start working in the media and i plan to go to kansas city to media mino. and unfortunately he passed before i got a chance to happen. its nature nurture. god knows where life takes its. i shouldn't even be privy to your life to that degree. but i know the mum, you look at your mom and they're like joan of arc staying in. but at some point, i don't know what happened between those 2 is the man and woman. but the fact that he did not want to piggyback off the fab 5 tells me there was some stuff in jimmy walk. that's a pretty cool gesture man. and he might not have been there. but that's a cool move on his park. that was classy in. he knew the kind of pain that it bought away february, 2nd of this year i lost my biological mother,
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jean rose at rest in peace. my miss, you, i love you so very much and i will do everything i can to keep her legacy alive. and since we're talking about james walker and my uncle leonard hicks took my mother to the hospital to give birth. my mother combined the names james and lynn, or it came up with the name jalen. and i'm still very fortunate when i'm working the n b a draft. i get a chance to see a name that she bird, a name that she created now become a legacy that's going to live and a full staff man there for. i read about your last year, man, you've had a, you've lost some folks got, i mean i send up prayers to your brother that it's hard to lose that many people in your life but, and also to have that. but you're stuck against the fact that your career is, but you know you're about to really happen. it's happening now. you've built it the
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right way due to the love of these people you've lost, but it's odd sometimes when life comes with the good and the bad at the same time and you don't know where to go in your head. absolutely, and that's, that's the navigation as you know, personally and professionally as we each start to get older, to be able to persevere a lot of turbulence that we're going to counter a life because none of us are immune to it. and i remember being able to be amongst my professional and friends, my, my personal professional brands and just being really grateful that i had limited deaths in my family. my grandmother would have turned a 100 in for august birch. i just lost her less than a year and a half ago, a 100 or. and so when you have that, like you start to feel like life is going to happen to you and your family for ever
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as so these lessons of those couple of losses that i've endured. it just reminded me to start live in life like i have another 75 years because i actually don't know . you got to take a big bite out of every day. i always tell kids when i talk to my kids, everybody else's kids, they ask advice, they go, don't get too hung up on this career thing. try to smile more days than you don't smile as early as you can in life. because you're going to find out what day you're going to be, you're going to regret that you didn't just say drops off the at a bite out of this. right? and also, i like to tell those same you here's where life changes. when all of your bills are in your name, that's where you live jay's right? they're not. your insurance is in your dad's name. your ball bill is in your uncle's name. somebody pay you an allowance every month. know when all of your
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bills are in your ne, that's when your life changes. and so your point exactly right. it's important to really enjoy it. embrace it and do it. you can change your goals and dreams. we're going to talk to jail in the 2nd segment about you got a lot happening right now between podcast and the s p and show the analysis where you just did a great job when the m b account done in the files. and i also want to talk to him though here a little bit, because once you have a, i think my man had 14 years in the shows that is a long ride. and he was part of the dirt. lucky, lucky, 13 beautiful. but part of the most famous incoming class ever billy free drops out of the university. michigan is underlay good cat. but who knows at this point? i remember the fish always looked a little so on assuming i was thinking what was the fishes wrap when he came into re jackson jimmy king jalen rose. busy christian rubber and jawad hours living room . and that said, come on over to ann arbor. i got something percolate he thinks of the south facing
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what was his rep, brother? so i'm glad you were there, and i love you, cause fisher. he deserves to be in the hall of fame. it ended up being the imperfect storm that became the perfect storm. because at the breeder left michigan. when on that year, one of the s c a championship. and as a detroit kid to this day, i live glen rice, romeo robinson, shaw higgins lloyd bought terry meals. i idolize them. so when they went to championship in $89.00, the state of michigan and the city of detroit, we were at an apex. desmond howard won the highest man at the university of michigan. the pissed is one back to back championships at 8990. so been the 55 burst on the scene. so the year before we arrived to campus michigan didn't make
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the tournament. so that ended up working in our favor. and so now we join a team that has a couple of holdover veterans that were juniors that were seniors that were experienced. plus, we had our talent, and we had coach fisher and you're right. compared to the other coaches in the big to think about who was there, bobby knight, jean katy like, like these guys were their emotions on their slee at all times. and for him, it was almost like you got the nerve to have these 5 guys were in his long shores when he blackshoe black socks and he bought his talking all of these, all of this trash. why? why don't you didn't you know, school. it was school and there something that happens in the fab 5 documentary where we getting off the bus actually me and i got on attracts to dennis. he's like
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jalen. so that shirt in, i'm not sure he took my jacket in like he disciplined us. but he didn't embarrass us. light red light. yeah, we're talking the jalen rose j as in jimmy walker, atlanta's. the letter, the man who drove his beautiful mother to the hospital to have him. he is a 13 year and the 8th at best selling author philanthropists. i want to talk to him about this academy tv personnel. you see him on a, b, c, s p, and analysts for the mba count does yeoman's work on this jalen. and the other guy show and he's got a podcast. now we're going to talk to him about jalen rose renaissance man. that's all right after this, with the indeed renaissance man, jalen rose. dennis miller plus one ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah, will i now we have cigarettes. i just heard that it was a healthy alternative to figure out how do we trust tobacco companies with their message that these new products are actually going to reduce? are these, these are making the tobacco wars the
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folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one. talking to j ro, you know, jalen rose renaissance man, vailable, where you get your podcast. jalen. i'm wondering right now everything's coming together. and i'm trying to think who, who teaches you at the beginning about the communicative skills that are necessary . listen, there's, there's talking in life. then there's talking. you have to split a weird line between being bigger than live and irregular. jo barkley does beautifully, but who taught you your broadcasting skills because you've got great jobs man. thank you very much. and this something i always wanted to do, like i was never to prospect in middle school or high school. that was like, he's guaranteed to be the m b a player. so i always had the approach that i was going to be successful in the sports and entertainment arena regardless. so while i was a member of the fab, 5 of the university of michigan,
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my major was also communications radio tv film. and i'm one of the people as fortunate enough to actually get the work in the profession that they have a degree in the united states of america. right. and so that there was a time even when i was john hagen. i will my brand that we plan, john bad football and be a live basketball. we try to make a rule that if you lose a game, you changes the oldest going to fine line and go to sleep or start picking your nose. and i kinda got this my uncle pam or who was like to my home with i li, like or my band was like a combination of mohammad. i leave with a joke and rare box like he was a he was, he was like in detroit a pair moore's nephew or genie role this fun to read or knows me as jalen, but they don't call me that in detroit is so what ended up happening is just being around that environment, gave me a little confidence to understand that the ability to communicate is something that
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i love to do. and i started to appreciate the power of the voice and the power of the tongue and how you speak things into power. both positive and negative and i enjoy doing it. and so in the li, clamp are good seen by indiana places that we make it to the finals is like, oh yeah, i want to be doing this lab. and then i get traded to the board in 2002, i'm like, well, we got the worst record in the league. i need to pick up a hobby in the off season. so i actually started to work with the g math war. it's based on the idea to work in b, a finals and the lakers in new jersey nets. they liked it. i saw the same idea to the best damn sports show. fox. they hired me at the agenda with jayla from like 20023 as you know, the like 2007 there started up brother star stuff in between that time of working in a bill network, fox movies, a lot of stuff, tnc it in a 2007, atlanta that he has be in. we're talking to jalen,
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rose renaissance man. tell me about the podcasts, brother. everybody's got one now. i always said people was i did it for a while. i just don't want to work as hard anymore. but people say why you do a part because they said it's the same that i used to say to a shrink and he charged me $400.00 an hour. oh, glad you went there. i'll say this every day. that is therapy. that's exactly what it is. for me, and so each show has been different, and so i was the 1st former athlete with the pod cast. so now you see a lot of different job in the space, but in 2000 a chance, 2011, i've pitch bill simmons, the idea to do the roles report on grant land. this is before apple, before spotify. i was doing the mon, you to periscope at the time. and so harris because yes, because sure. right. because i was trying to think it
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a name and it came to the parents go wow. and so not only did the content continue to come to me and because there are a few to for the audience, but also start to realize that we were doing it. oh you too. i can have a profound impact on the visualization of the show. so i started to change the pictures in the background. see at the time people with radio shows or may had. so bob will have some hills or something like that. so i put pictures up that represented my personality to represent my background representative that i was passionate about. and so the jailer jacoby podcast is more variety, shows sports spin with all of the are in advance. but then we talk about, you know, the font, the in sports, the renaissance man, not ask. there are a few tick, somebody that's in your phone right now. they're telling you about some depression that they have, like i seriously, and i would be saying this, if this wasn't real, everyone did this. i can not make this up. someone called jayla to jacoby voice
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mail today. and they said they heard something i said on the breakfast club, about some own bias simone bias and naomi. oh, soccer. the gentleman was talking before you know it. he was breaking down at the end of the voicemail. this happened today. he said, you say somebody's life, but he was breaking down on there. and so that reminded me why due to renaissance, may of course is fun and i'm hanging out with chefs. and i'm hanging our artist and i'm hanging out with comedians. and i'm haven't adam silver, gabrielle jojo, said the entertainer, big sean master p like the list goes on and on of the guess. right? but i do it as a book which makes me proud. and you notice as a veteran in this industry where somebody is like really put a sweat equity in the content that they're putting out versus is like cookie cutter
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. yeah, so i create a theme of, so i interview the guess and then i create a theme based on who that guess was that i talk about an acknowledged to be then i interview the guess i do a gone a 62nd to do not do a last call about the entire thing is so it becomes so very therapeutic, how it gets executed, how i try to encourage, i call it sol, food. goal right now, a download. the renaissance may podcast. this is my so full like dinner status therapy muted and is truthful in his honest and i'm really glad that the new york post gives me the opportunity to express myself. yeah, it's got a tight format, but at the end of the day it's got a human quality that you don't hear a lot of these things. and when you that is powerful to hear that guy call in because you got to remember there's somebody out there. this is like a 911 call for them collect like you checked in with them and pulled them off the
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ledge it's, it's amazingly powerful stuff, man. it is, it reminds us the power of our voices and the influence that we have. and it taught me just as an industry veteran and somebody as so very fortunate, i've earned the respect of my peers and of the industry and my crowd in the audience that i can't just talk. i can't just speak, they expect me to preach, and they expect me to have a moral or moral compass behind what i say. i can't just, you know, be irresponsible with my voice. and that was a reminder of that for me. how important that is. a by the way off topic, but on topic to some degree speaking to preach and a spider sally still stuck with that content. and mo, todd, that's my gaff. either sell,
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it will be odors. we give dan sports or we bought the minucci. imagine my brother went today and it was half of it was cold. like, you know, i made y'all got to stay in the room. i bought the house in the middle of the tray city. i remember saying that article a letter about the place and he was all in the 1st blush of look at this pad or better. wait. so that's the maggie way to have the value that is a heavy not you got to carry their spider adela. so larry's dallas layer, that was a classic moment. glad you brought that up. in closing, let me talk about the jalen rose leadership academy. hit me ma'am. tell me about it . what's it about? thank you very much for allowing me to acknowledge it because everything that happens at our school, dennis is nonprofit, is important for us to get the word out because everything need to be written or
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raised. we're open enrollment, we're tuition free. we're public charter, a founded to school in 2011. and the thing that makes our school extra special is we're not only graduating young people from high school. we're also supporting them and graduating them from college as well. college or university community college, secondary education, military, whatever they desire to do. so we're basically in their lives from there a great summer. and so there are 6 year in college, almost in a lot of cases. people don't graduate in 4 years. and why is that? so still substantial is because you don't get as far what high school diploma anymore now. and so now you get these young people to the finish line say hey, could graduation to graduate from high school? don't you have your head in the air you, you never see a high school again and they never support you again. well, when
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a journey is an over, you can now go get a job and make a $100000.00. get occur on a plan and then move out of the neighborhood. i don't work that way in fits. unfortunately, in america, the quality of the education has been defined by a person's zip code. i wanted to create a public school that had all the makings of a private school environment that we could help provide. and so i'm really proud to work this been done. we're number one in the city of detroit for college matriculation. we graduate 97 percent of our scott. wow. and i'm proud of and if you ever in detroit, i would love to give you a tour, introduce you to our young people and our staff. i'd be honored brother, and i can see why you're a 103 year old beloved grandmother felt it was ok to move on to heaven. because she said, look, you, my grad said jail and he is not in the hell out of the ball at every level. and then circling back around in the zip code to take care of the people like being
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took care that, that she said that she would say that she said baby, i look out over window and i pray for you all day. you do such an amazing job with everyone juggling everything. when i was just used to make me scrap books, i have like 10 large tubs of scrap books were monday will be in a newspaper. my grandmother were cut it out. they say my name on the news coming up next. she popped in the v h. s tape, the v c r. she will record at time step and this is 6 seconds. this is 900 seconds . i'm so very grateful that i had, i still have the love and support my late mother and grandmother. and so thank you for acknowledging that. that's exactly what she used to say. well, brother, it is so nice to see a man who's fully realized, you know, you could be beaten to hell out of a career and not have the other thing tied up. the personal life. you seem like tom
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wolf said in his great novel, a man and full brother it's. it's a good time to be jalen rose, i'm happy for you. it's nice to meet you man. if i'm ever in time, i will take you up on that tour. brother, you've got a date, i appreciate the love, grateful for having me on. jalen rose full of good to talk to you man. you so dennis? well, it was, was the oh, driven time shaped by those in me dares think we dare to ask me
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you know, when you go to deal with a 6 day marathon of creativity, a multi cultural festival and the biggest variety is the competition for a few days. became a russian cultural capital, 28 categories. ahh from filing a piano to the parenting and data protection night years just throwing up a little over water in limits. georgia, you know, if you could get some kind of a 3 or 4 to
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be here. they filled out a when reading or content. the delta games only take the very best of the best. buy. choose me. americans love buying homes. ah, this was a funny middle part of how our political leadership and our country large understood the bargain. you get a whole and then you know, rebel right, as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer, deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream,
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but the bigger question of who the dream has been for the man who for several hours threatened to have enough explosives in his truck to destroy 2 blocks near capitol hills renders to d. c police. his ex wife says he is mentally unstable and was upset by trump's defeat couple airports. he's more chaos as desperate parents try to pass their children to us soldiers hoping to give them a better chance of a new life. meanwhile, the u. s. military report, will you kill gas to disperse those mapping at the air field? thing it risk being overrun. does your headlines this hour another look at about an hour's time? this is already rational, but with.


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