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tv   News  RT  August 21, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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the ah, the evacuation flights resume at cobbles made airport of tens of thousands, desperately seek to flee. i've got to stand now under taliban rule after the disastrous withdrawal of us troops. meanwhile, during the chaotic pull out, the western coalition also leaves ammunition for the insurgents, including advanced weaponry from aircraft to armored vehicles and even biometric devices. also this, our american claim, they are being refused like saving treatment, if they haven't had a cobit vaccine, even if their condition means that they cannot be inoculated. we put the issue up for debate. why all we actually trying to discriminate against bully around those small little group. people who chose not to take the boxes. i think
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everyone should be treated regardless of whether they do or not. a night these be most discussed with the i don't see if it's the right thing to use as an individual. ah broadcast, glad to recruit studios and mosque of this is aren't international. i'm john thomas . certainly glad to have you with us. now the situation has continued to deteriorate and i've kind of stand where the taliban has quickly swept to power across the country after the u. s. withdraw. and it has led to turbulent scenes, a couple of main airport where tens of thousands of both foreigners and afghans remained stranded as they desperately seek to flee the country. the gunfire can be heard in the scenes from
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overnight at the heavily guarded airport, with military personnel attempting to contain massive crowds, large numbers. we're also trying to get to the airport throughout saturday, but were stopped by both taliban and american guards earlier on friday evacuation flights resumed after several hours. now, while the airport remains one of the few places, not yet under telephone control, these images from the city of cost in the southeast, the streets there are being patrolled by the milton group who are telling locals to return to their normal life. they insist they will maintain their promise of greater tolerance and respect for human rights and have also said that they will not seek retribution or revenge elsewhere for each has emerged to showing how taliban fighters now enforce checkpoints on key highways. this one stretches out of the capital to the strategic city of july le bob. near the border with pakistan, militants are seen carrying assault rifles, machine guns, and even rocket launchers. they inspected cars on the road before waving some of
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them through however, pockets of opposition, notably the national resistance front for afghanistan. do say that they will not surrender to the taliban and are prepared to fight on. although it is facing an increasingly powerful taliban which has gained possession of vast quantities of western weapons and those include advanced artillery and aircraft that were captured from government forces or simply handed over to them. or you could have done of comments this video, write him claims to show taliban fighters, flaunting american made gear and well looking as natal. like as it gets headed, come out just a month ago. it would have been rubbish. doesn't obvious fake. but today it's you really believable americans left behind weapons and war machines worth billions of dollars so many in fact that the taliban might not even need them all. we don't
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have a complete picture obviously of where every article of defense materials has gone. but certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously we don't have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us at the airport and getting this much advanced weaponry, including a whole air force would have been bad enough. but misery loves company. americans also forgot to destroy biometric devices, used by the us forces to keep track of african nationals. the devices known as handheld interagency identity detection equipment contain identifying biometric data, such as iris scans and fingerprints as well as biographical information and are used to access large centralized databases. now, among other things, these gadgets can reveal if an individual ever cooperated with the american military. now these people could be literally one ice can away from death. the
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embarrassment of save captured american systems paraded in the straits is going to be something which will hold us for a long time. but even what is the fact that the us mismanagement cause washington to abandon allies in ways which were disloyal. and this is going to make it very, very hard for the united states to game or regain the trust of a major allies including the united kingdom, australia, japan, india, and the like weapons and equipment is not the only stuff. the u. s. wasted in gunnison billions of taxpayer dollars would dumped down the drain of failed projects and initiatives. $20000000.00 that makes the soldier look like he target on the shooting range. i mean sure. as long as it looks good, i hate to be an afghan soldier wearing a uniform. it's sort of like,
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shoot me written on the back. yes. the american military spent almost $30000000.00 on the uniform with a for as design to be used in a country which has only 2 percent over slander, covered by trees. 176000000 was flashed out on a road that failed to last even a month, and not because it was bombed or anything parts of it were simply washed away. america also burned through $9000000000.00 to eradicate of gum extends in from a poppy fields. instead, year to year, the rates of opium cultivation showed a steady rise. despite the investment, the cultivation of opium poppy in galveston has trended upward for 2 decades and insecurity has made it difficult to reverse. the growth of gaston developed its own ways for thousands of years. america tried to reverse its traditions and impose a new order for 20 years. so turns out opposites do not attract and
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garrison. we're going to start really not a place a coach. he says there are a lot of different people there. there are a lot of different tribes her the culture is much different than what we would expect or are used to dealing with. we often underestimate their own ability to be dedicated to remaining in control of their country and being able to move forward to do that and have the patience to do that. the failure and a lot of the interventions that turn into war and misguided misplaced money are because we don't think about the populations and the people we think about interests are much larger, strategic scale. and geo political competition, if you will, on who has more power in these reasons, i'm society. meanwhile,
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the pentagon has sent helicopters to rescue nearly 170 americans from a hotel near couples main airport. that is the 1st time since the afghan capital fell to the taliban, that us troops have moved into the actual city to evacuate individuals and a bit of a warning. you may find the following images disturbing. earlier this week, i made it chaotic scenes on the runway to men frantically held onto a u. s. military playing while it was taking off. they tragically fell to their deaths. just moments later, both were under 30 years old. one was a doctor. the other was zaki, on worrying a 1900 year old footballer for the afghan national youth team. but washington's envoy to the un insists no friends of america, were among those clinging to the aircraft. we are in a process of trying to get people out and our friends and allies are not hanging off of planes or friends and allies are getting the support of the u. s. government
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. i think her parents might have been on fire for the images that i've seen and i haven't been over there. but if those images are actor and they're not shooting a film, that lady might be lying. i mean, he got into play on his own. will. you got a plane, you fall off on your own right, and we'll do soon. so that's all in his on doing. and that was just a stupid action that was regrettable. and i believe it was a lot. he was a i regret doing that. i think pretty much anybody i was in couple was probably a friend of ours since they were working with our military. now we have they been straight up gas and they betrayed our citizens. are still there. and allies that for, alongside us, we seem to put our young men and women and that situation and they turn around and leave the course. you try to be, you go there. we have so many people helping us there. right? and then we just leave your on your own. now, you know, you want to do that to an enemy, let alone a friend and you know it's going to happen as soon as you leave there. so yeah, that's terrible. we don't do that. we didn't do that, and that's the reflection of leadership. on friday,
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joe biden gave an address and feel the questions on the crisis and washington's decisions in the run up to last sunday's fall of cobble. despite mounting criticism from all sides, he did try to put a brave face on it, although admitting uncertainty to vacuum ration mission is dangerous and evolve risks to armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise with the final outcome will be well biden. he essentially used his address to try and divert attention away from what were obvious shortcomings and lapses in judgment that led to the taliban serge over the weekend. now biden did try to sell the ongoing evacuation as if it is some sort of success. now, there is a situation as we understand where there are a number of american citizens that are still stuck in cobble. now it's also important to note that, you know, mainstream media has been quite critical of joe biden,
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on certain networks that tend to lean towards the democratic party and their coverage of launched scathing attacks on biden and how he handled the situation. secretary blink. and how did president biting get this so wrong? how could officials have miss fis? how did it happen? how do we get here? does president abide not bear the blame for this disastrous exit from afghanistan? now in his speech biden admitted that the administration thought up until the very last moment that the afghan forces would not collapse so quickly, the taliban would not be able to search ahead so quickly. and it's also important to note when he was thinking, he seemed to indicate that it was not the time for criticism. the can overwhelming consensus was that they were, this was not where they were not going to collapse the afghan forces. they were not going to leave and we're not going to just abandon and then put down their arms and take off to be plenty of time to criticize a 2nd. guess that is op races over. but now, now,
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i'm focused on getting this job done. now, seeing as this was a joint nato alliance that was operating and afghanistan, the hasty pull out has put that nato alliance once again into boston. in europe, there are some that are beginning to call into question america's leadership of the nato coalition. know we have not heard any like overt, straightforward criticism. some tropes have been found in the media lately and in the public domain. it's a remarkable change in tone because up until then biden had been viewed as the opposite of donald. trump has more reliable and trustworthy by the nato allies. however, there seems to be rising disillusionment among nato allies. and joe biden, though, says this is not something he's concerned about. i see no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. i've spoken with our nato allies. we spoken with nato allies, the secretary state,
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or national security via he's been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world. and our allies, as has the general r b. i keep calling them in general, but my sister defense, the fact of the matter is i have not seen that matter of fact the exact opposite i've got. now donald trump has said that this is the greatest strategic error in u. s. history. he called it capitulation. donald trump has said that joe biden owes america an apology. the world is now looking on and watching the scenes and cobble the white house is certainly under quite a bit of fire. joe biden's whole numbers are dropping. many are looking on the situation and afghan stan and saying that the united states seems to have pretty much dropped the ball here. and washington's allies are also counting the cost of events after their 20 year campaign in afghanistan, as simon write comments betrayed, abandoned friend for themselves, off the face, up to their own weakness,
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not the poor people of afghanistan on america night table. we left humiliated by washington, sudden decision, the job done and they didn't do all the to decades. britain, the defense secretary, even started welling up to me. get back something more and get back the u. s. golf ball that didn't the mountain to get people out. have to send some troops back us general mark community college admitted they had the off the taliban to help them get american safely away through the state department. the taliban are facilitating the safe passage to the airport for american citizens. embarrassing. what was embarrassing that it was for washington night. so my law in the room is they weren't even consulted on the time line. what consultations didn't happen, but julie ignored,
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we have seen the consequences of a difficult decision made by 30 allies together. when you decide to intermission that the nato general factory then release, powerful, powerful job, and bending the june a little bit. because even if the nighttime and the degree there was a need to come back and it's done, literally none of the others wanted to leave the dead of night, leave the car developed in the hall and more to the point they wanted us to stay behind. because without america, the other $29.00 men measure about youthful then africa, and only regimen and taking on the taliban and molly, youthful, what really must things off the full we the trauma truce bomb and about how useless nato minus america actually is. joe biden came to office thanks to this, but our alliance, just a strong foundation, which we can our collective security and shared prosperity can continue to be bill . but he didn't mean it. uncle joe made it look more pointless than ever. the 1st
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opportunity for you k p. m. to reason with that off, did we just feel that we had to follow the united states? the dollar went into press. it would be all right on the night. yes, that's exactly why i'm and the west could not continue. this us lead mission emission conceived strategic in support and defense of america without american logistics. without us guys, american money got ahead to say out loud in the gym and children, anglo american lawyers by saying we are basically dependent on the decisions of the us government. father, my new microphone is too busy, lurching right to win an election thing. he's much worried about stopping refugees heading into a petition. we need to ensure that we are protected from a large scale influx that cannot detrimental effects. so ordinary ass guy left on
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their own again, there have been some talk about trying to control the ton of on using the weapons weapon of choice sanctions. i dial is going to work and here's why. and how about, hey, we're in afghanistan represents the challenges for china, but also opportunities and beijing has been laying the groundwork for some time for these quote unquote friend relieve friendly relations that they hope to establish with the group. who, oh yes, join is coming on board is checkbook. lead designs on a nice so on the mind us both china very step and good job. everyone in turns are these. i think it's always worth giving a good shout out to some old school cynical with self preservation. on the one hand, this guy stands as president of gone, were poorly fled the country on sunday with 4 cars and a helicopter stacked with cash. he's denied that by the way, but my congratulations go to the gym forces whose priorities are well in order that
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may have left behind a load of their local support staff that they did find time to take home. yet $60000.00 can be more than $300.00 bottles of wine around. so the come in the program crowds hit the streets and parents for a 6 week of protests against coven passes. we will be reporting from the capital. just have a short break. this is our international once again, we've got ourselves into a quagmire member, that was the popular word during the vietnam era. and the afghan stan is yet another military quagmire. $2.00 trillion dollars. couple of 1000 soldiers died. and for the same reason, there was no clearly stated mission, there was no incentive to win, right?
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because all the contractors are getting fat rich. and so finally, they just had to give up the ghost driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me, i think we dare to ask in the welcome back. this is art international. now, france has entered a 6 weekend of rallies against a vaccination passes. after authorities made the mandatory to enter public places,
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almost 200000 have been out on the streets again to protest from paris, artist, healthier reports standing in quite a significant place in paris in the square in front of duluth museum. so this had teach symbolism for the people of france, and i would say, easily $10000.00 people have turned out at this particular demonstration. it's wonderful that is happening concurrently. this often in fact, a day in paris alone is more than 200 demonstrations across the whole country. now people have taken to the seat because they're against the company to be vaccinations. at the same time, miss march started at the offices of a p h. and the prom crate embedded because protests are against the mainstream. french media that they say has been incorrectly proclaimed that the coven vaccination is 100 percent safe. they also argue that they've been depicted negatively in the media, that they've people who are pro liberty,
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not people who are and i'll coast and he back says and all the others. however, this is the, as i mentioned, the 6 consecutive, we can, that we've seen protests like this across crowns, and the protests have sometimes resulted in violence. this particular protest has been organized by the yellow bit. and we'll take a quick look now at what some of the previous protests have seen. the the the now there is a strong police group. as the protest had marched down some of the main street given
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pirates, the police have been following behind in various bands and on foot. and at the same time we all, what's the thing? a strong police presence here. they've been following the marches down the main streets of paris whenever the marches of the police have been cheering at them in a short time ago. there was some shuffling happening here in front of the loose museum. i've been talking to a number of the protesters, and the point that they've really been making is that they worried about the future of france. they think that the country has now been divided into those who are pro, to help pos that is needed to, into any kind of public space and have been in practice for almost 2 weeks now. and those who are against and take a listen. i'm here just to, to show the work that liberty is really close to everything we have, you know, so if we're taking our liberty to what do we have, what do we have left?
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nothing, all these rules, this new rules about the sen past are just are just worsening. and i think we don't have any freedom left and, you know, trying to bike sneak children, try trying to forbid people from going to the restaurant, etc. is like, you know, a big change in our society and that's about it. i think i'm here because i just don't want this society that's, you know, comp coming towards this. and i'm fighting for my own generation. i'm fighting for the next generation as well. i want them to know what freedom is you can see to the rights of me a presentation of police bad. these are police who are inside the vehicles. there are many that are amongst the crowd with a veterans and coding of the protest is the concern, of course, is that this could result in violence still to seem to say, but certainly
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a strong feeling here. and we are witnessing bigger numbers and we saw last we came so it's 30 is an indication that the anger and frustration on the streets of paris it's far from over. meanwhile, after more than 200 days in lockdown, anger has also boiled over in the australian city of melbourne with classes between anti restriction protestors and police this weekend. more than 200 were detained. as officers fired pepper sprayed to break up crowds. 6, please, required hospital treatments every protest. her arrested faces fines of around 5 and a half 1000 australian dollars. that's just under 4000 us. the demonstrations are up to after authorities extended locked downs across the entire state of victoria for another 2 weeks. tougher restrictions are also in place for other regions after a spike in coven cases. similar rallies were also held in sydney and brisbin. in the fall, out from the pandemic continues over in the u. s. as well, because
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a number of doctors and medical institutions are now denying care to those unvaccinated against cove. it 19, allegedly even if they have been life threatening conditions in the state of alabama, which has america's lowest inoculation rate. one doctor laid out why he won't be treating anybody without a chap. if patients asked why i told them cove, it is a miserable way to die and i can't watch them die like that. unfortunately, many have declined to take the vaccine and some end up severely ill or dead. in washington, the patient was allegedly denied liver transplant as he did not have a covert vaccine. he says he is not an anti vac, sir, but his medical condition means that a job could cause serious complications. we put the issue of who should be treated up for debate. he is for certain people talk of actually because he's cara sigma. he's refusing to see his patients last 5 years. actually breaking
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up across retired because they actually you mustn't from intentional wrong thing. and on time these patients are not the same. i don't, i don't want to say at risk at home. i think everyone should be treated regardless of whether they do or not. i just kind of thinking that we've got to get out of this somehow. otherwise, we couldn't get, it could be a mismatch. we're now in a situation where we got found people dying on a daily basis again, because it said or thought way and the u. k. in america, most tracks. now, i'm thinking that this doctor's really trying to make a point, the only way to get that. normally we're not going to control the infections. i think it's just trying to convince people really and people should be doing their own research, but they should be looking in in the right places. i think when we are in a position in the united kingdom, where we are 8075 percent of the population vaccinated rising. why all we actually
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trying to discriminate against bully horizon, though small number of people who chose not to take the boxes very often. the reason it makes me feel better at a middle clocked in a policy has no medical benefits. what's happening with this last 5 ration program? people hoping us buy will sorts of bains even with good advertising and ninety's females to say. disgusted with your daughter, said, if it's the right thing for you as an individual, for your individual, how to have these fact sheets and then you can picture in the u. s. for example, we're in a situation where we've already got 6 people also we haven't got time and 3 people . so we need to just back tonight as many people as possible. we're going in the winter and we want to try to avoid a lot when this ludicrous situation. we're so very recently, if you've been vaccinated twice, i'm due tested negative for the crowd of ours. if you're in the same room or
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somebody tested both, if you were forced to stay off work 600000 people should dive on notting work in the united kingdom. anything, any medical procedure carries way that your risk? what you got to balance thought risk for very many people being box next will be the right decision. and for all this, it will not be the right decision, but we have not mandated vaccines those fall and all the axiom program has been overwhelming success. leave people alone who don't want to do it. the danger of forcing them is not worth it to search in national morning isn't about 31 and a half minute. stay with us. the the the the
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the new britain was written well. when you said that, could you put it to google? i wouldn't be going to show you. so you didn't numbers to but if you didn't, the if the mother molar, that's what you will cover financing for us to let them know in order to follow
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the lease. you must not. although he's not nobody me and he's a sucker. and you say you got a bill in front of me personally, hon ah ah the ah ah.


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