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and stay with our 2 international ah, ah, the me, the, the at the height of the 2020 corona virus pandemic, mass media really covered stories from africa. the world was more interested in kind of it, and africa had less infected people in europe. but one story got people's attention . newspapers reported that kenya was having an elephant baby boom journalists linked the unprecedented surge in the elephant's birth rate. to tourists being restricted from the pog. they said it was the most positive side of
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a low down. but kind of it had nothing to do with it. ah, ah, could to my biggest issue. so you see 2018. we got a pretty good green and we have another versa. same in 202020. you tend to to interview godaddy's variables. so $260.00 more raises means more food for the female elephants to feed the young. extraordinary things happen in amber, certainly national park touches plenty of female elephant giving birth to a healthy twin. mailed truly an extremely ran case. she said, for this much money mother, the good mother there. mother there puff sometimes we see if the
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cause being lived at the edge of this one with the mother, we begun. mamma and the bus, you go to the foam feed and come back today to the gun when i go to the flock via sofa. yes sir, do you think that could be their mother? so they say look so good when the mail comes, go up, then leave the family of the females who will stay together as soon participate in the lives of that whole thing. they live alone and return, so leave a meeting. it's not always even possible to tell who the father is. the family is overseen by the owners female. she knows where water and the best pastures are in these cubic times that lives at the elephant hadn't changed
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a bit. we didn't even notice whether the coffee is no no, but i know is because because because see if maybe they could ask us where we can see the tourist county a little vehicle. i know they think we need to cancel the but for those who work at the bar go live nearby. things have changed drastically. know, a lot of people who will be many companies, even a head to another kids. those draven was a very big loan in a bunk, and in fact, he end up killing himself beaten site. as a mechanic. he has a house near. i'm both in the national park and although he doesn't work at the park itself, his family depends directly on it. how, how and do it. and i think you know, what many getting in his, i'm a pretty big you know, and then get going will no much out of work on my how i get. but mom and i will see
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we knew my lucca susie, monica, me realize they have me on my mobile number over to me when jeff is really no ones. but oh, window where you like him, you have to go and i didn't get home. i don't like any of you know, that just, you know, let me, let me, let me bring it come up, but they will not give me a little level of help. but do again, i'd like to get all
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new. it's new reflected in worldwide coverage statistics. the virus is up painted almost every single canyon family and also nickel $935.00, yes. out of 11 on aliens. and you got one via the cushing that dumbly liquidity. at least i can even put on a linear and the level may be under for the same as well. and i will make a year to help the 4th a leash on my sounds in this one by i know because you now can war, but i do is he and i know compared to people who actually see, let's go now a serious and they're taking a say, look it when the mean thing in it will because it has to leave.
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i got on monday in or not, not, not do i you school of and you know to him if you mean listening to your buddy, i love you. bye. good . very good. i'm not, i mean the food book it's usually, i mean nothing ah human good equal good. not good. you doctor mosley studies where we are on that much at that. got us. why didn't
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you run that list? and we immunity will near the walls that are glad and they did. the hook is so close viewer. why do you mean the media? if they get the idea now the sub. yes, you can really good. i mean, going to come again the machine to get with you and i really need it could up and him up on the phone a every as well that he could be not able bundle more than demand even then they didn't ban. let us daddy in
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vitamin muscle, by the way, i mean, by the way, we put them in that in lucia. they've got more. yeah. i mean, you can use as much as i said, i'm in a f on a familiar up. i knew your number them the one i didn't know but no, but so who knew me? and i knew when i went on with is going mumble mean you prefer before i was on the way
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the when it's the i know i don't because he didn't image yankee bill on the move on. i'm not going to you know, get there. here's your business, you a enough going to the nation. do you not thought a he knew ah, ah, the. 2 1 of the few who is able to navigate the new circumstances in a timely fashion is lincoln new, jericho, the principal of a private school over and over destruct, much total. it is all peoples i called all my teachers the we discussed the the what can we do with this? to us,
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we had to keep your life going on because the school not to be in a position to pay you. so we decided to do them the best being that you can do and the cheap on is to bring that over $700.00 in these classes year. so good, good money. do i, but now respect to being from the capital and the profit that we got. we started putting the next much the sudden, you know before because it moody open that was another grid, a challenge because these are the same rooms. these pupils would come to see, you know, shifted to bigger room. that is the dining hall where we welcome to the that are funded and we started,
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you've been doing those classes. they're asked about to do to the user to get that working capital of the starting the mac. next, that is a very new institution. it came from list. yeah. blessing in disguise. we open the next or that we do this. then we have around 100 liter newcomers we group and defy the day. and now we are talking about 700 plus year. so we can see that maybe it was a blessing in disguise. almost 200000 people with contract it cove it in kenya. point 3 percent of the country's population research is believe that generally in africa, the limiting fact is that the average age on the continent is 20 is while the proportion of people over $65.00 is only 3 percent.
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sure that we go back to our normal life to us to come was no in feeling a little what is that? a good people. go back to the walk to go back to normal life. the kenya has reopened it's phone does as most african countries have but still very future is becoming the goal in
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the americans love buying homes. ah, this was a funded mental part of how our political leadership and our country large understood the bargain. you get a whole and then you will rebel, right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer, deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for the
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ah me. oh that's good. that's the traditional level in georgia. and i feel this is your last
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i use a sick day marathon of creativity, a multicultural festival. and the biggest variety is the competition for a few days. became a russian cultural capital. 28 category ah violin and piano to the out. his parenting and data protection. when i tried this and i learned on down the bunk of contestants ages range from 10 to 25 and i'm on the bus.


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