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all the politics sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then in the, in the wake of the taliban show can take the bus gun. this done un agencies warner, st shortages within weeks u. n. a chief in the country told us of a growing humanitarian catastrophe. needs are enormous, that population are most important seen right now. you still are wide so that weekend, wide impartial systems to the people from meanwhile attention. they will further back to us and allies of consequences. it depends and withdraw. deadline isn't on the 31st of august, and early some afghans employed by foreign states did manage to flee, but their relatives do remain in the country, fearing retribution from the taliban. we spoke to one translator on condition of
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complete anonymity because of the risk. i believed that americans were responsible for the technicians. then today's, anybody will be killed as a result of this. will be on behalf of the american government. ah, good evening you watching are the international where she's gone 10 o'clock in most guy. now ask, understand his end to the 2nd week on the near total taliban control emitted chilling warning from the wind that the country could run out of food within a matter of weeks. just this monday morning, the german military said a fire fight broke cash at the airport between afghan security forces and unknown perpetrators. one officer has been killed and 3 of his were injured supply. the transport hub remained the only way and the country. it was closed,
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new entrance all day on sunday, and will stay that way and shoes day in the bid to evacuate to thousands. already inside. since the evacuation started, 20 have been concern killed in crushes and stampedes with thousands more queuing inside the airport. in the hope of fleeing the country, a local journalist told us the situation on the grant. ah, only foreign military flights are updated from inside of cobbler international airport. have a great day for the plymouth, and i've gone see if you guys who work for international troops and for either enjoy for us. i have got information. now the cover gates have been shut down for 48 hours to create people that they are already the size of the airport. now we are, and one of the rushes gate of college or national ed. you can see that we still 100
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people are waiting outside of the in the hope to get a chance to go inside of the airport. ah, this audio is my work for 3 years for foreign troops. all my documents are approved for the day. i'm coming here to be told my documents are invalid, only us post will get you here. america is the problem. they create these challenges, the cheating we get, people playing a game with the afghan people probably came back. my life, most of the shops are open. we can more traffic more via it goes in the industry. but though i'm going to ask a question on the summer for people who opened the shop, the simply shop was been over for 2 or 3 days. the good thing about the talbot
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running things here is that there are no explosions or fighting, but the best thing is there are no jobs or work at all. whole departments have failed and people are tense. the also the congress, if you can, telephone gunnison captured by the taliban, it has been several days that the government departments are shut down. are fluid. people are coming every day behind each department of the government, but they don't get permission from telephone to get inside of the government department. when it comes to running, the can see there is presently a power vacuum. when our leaders came to couple, we have leaders. we have a president and minister. our cabinets has been appointed when only this take up their positions, they will tell everyone to return to work. caught on the docks and lots of people are hiding in their homes. are afraid to venture out. what is your message to them?
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i tell people that today or tomorrow we may ask them to return to work. we have announced the national amnesty for everyone. we are not cannibals here to eat people. they ask our brothers, we will not tolerate afghans being disturbed. we have even us the traffic, please do not disturb our drivers and our legit had been to never, ever disturb off can people they behaved very calmly with the people while the clock is ticking. because despite the complexity of getting 1000 i was over on the sand, the taliban has warned the us and its allies and consequences of complete treatment rule is not done by the pentagons own deadline of august 31st. but president biden already said on sunday that they may have to stay past that date. it's understood that britain's prime minister will use cheese days, emergency g 7 summit to ask washington to keep forces beyond the 31st to allow our vacuum ation ad lists to continue. now it does come as the un wounds that africa
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stan face is the quote absolute catastrophe of hunger, homelessness, and economic collapse. unless financial aid is sent urgently. we spoke with the un secretary general's deputy special representative in the country. it is addition, remains to be tense, needs are enormous, nearly half of the population are either half of the children or 5 orientation faces on the fission. basically, there is nothing to eat. and almost 600000 people, placed by the dog, continues to ravage the country. one of the major issues which we probably did not factor in is how much of the natural disasters drought, and the forward dates are contributing in the, in the driving of what this happens over the years we have hold is so much on this
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drive and how much we focused on the education, how much it was held, how much is social will be moving forward in time to be significant attention areas which are watching the center of the news, the political issues due to the issues that somehow if i get the social needs of people, the limitation right now is local funding. limitation right now is that consequences or the military conflicts? but the most important thing right now for wind farms so that we can wind partial systems to the people from every one on this done. it is a global issue. i've gotten some ease and we how we're looking at the international community. we are malleable, the live site,
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they were religious on the help will determine so many things in the future or the regular human and they may be got the woman that we've been meeting the natural disasters. the active development. everyone i with reports driving of taliban reprisals. anybody who has had connections with foreign forces could be in danger. some have already got out of the country but were forced to leave their family and friends behind. we spoke to one of many interpreters who works with the coalition forces during the 20 year campaign. he asked us to keep his name and location secret. but the moment my, my family is not residing in our own private home. they're living in somebody's else home. they're fitting for they live a day, they cannot sleep, they're going to suppress depression because of this whole thing. and,
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and how long to discontinue, how long them behind? i'm scared for them. i'm scared former my, my parents, the entire country is under the siege of taliban. now that they have the, those databases and those information are pretty much to have everything about us. i believe that americans are responsible for this negligence. and today's anybody who will be killed as a result of this, their blood will be on behalf of the american government. if i knew that someday, the americans will hand over this country back to the same terrorist that we started fighting in 2001. i would not have joined the ranks. i would have not worked with the americans or british forces. we did not knew that some to be there will be a betrayal from the americans and the natural forces of been contacted by many british citizens who are stuck enough to understand. one of the situation with the british citizen with his children stood in front of the base for more than 3 days
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after being beaten by detail about a number of times and his children got tired, exhausted, and sick. finally, after the last time that he was beaten by the turban, he left the airport and now is heading back to the village. and he called me and he was crying and saying that it's better to be killed by the taliban than being here . he related to the way in front of the airport in front of my kids and wife when the fate of afghan women under taliban rule is also a huge concern. worldwide, solidarity rallies across europe, protest is demanded action from the government, including taking more refugees. and he express fees the taliban will impose curriculum, barring women from key parts of public life. russia rudolph can use agency, spoke to a human rights activist about who's to blame for the current crisis. in my opinion, america is the main country who, who is responsible right now,
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because what they should be doing, they're not doing what they are doing is against humanity. terrorists, specifically, carly bonds mostly against them. and they are mostly against those women who raise their ways. who are not coming, fighting that themselves under the 4 in inside the 4 walls of the home to their cities and the target. that's the reason that because they were against them, they were against those barbarians policies of them. they were against their force in imposing those terrorist on their country. that's the reason that against them. well, for its part, the taliban does pledge to respect women's rights, but only within sheree a law. the militants are letting women work and girls go to school at santa ages again says women being negatively targeted. right now, most of them are movement. members walk members who are income level mon ending good high dad in hiding because they was when they did protests against the human
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rights violations, most of the terrorists, even according to the united nations searching for them and my members, they contacted me and they told me that people, i can't say people hatteras, they're searching a door to door home to home searching and they have lists of those them. and they have list of the human right defenders working against their policies and they're searching for them and they are trying to, i know they will be for security. i know they will be. they will be facing prosecution as well. if they got them be contacting their family member, call them and they are asking them to let them know they read about. so they are in constant move constant run from the service right now. some of them are hiding in different parts of the country. you know what is done,
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but they really need to be moved from that place as well. and go over the destruction in afghanistan has reached america to, with people pouring onto the streets that protest against the taliban. seizing power around these, broke on both east and west coast from a late washington d. c. with demonstrated johnson free afghanistan and biden traders. he also demanded that the white house helps struggling, and scam population does come as politicians across nato member states blame the us and joe biden, in particular, for the full of afghanistan, the quarter looks at the mounting anger, 20 years of occupation, more than 2 trillion dollars spent hundreds of thousands dead. it's half the price tag only to get a humiliating defeat and botched evacuation in return. naturally the president had some explaining to do to the american people and majority of americans. and forgive me, i'm just the messenger no longer consider you to be competent, focused,
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or effective in the job. i haven't seen the only reason we're against this is a place from which ben latin attacked the united states of america. had this been in another middle eastern country where he could have recently moved from we would have never gone to gas. biden's proverbial house of cards already looks as if it's coming crashing down the atlantic council called washington deer caught in headlights. the administration's job approval rating fell below that of disapproval for the 1st time ever. and the nations allies. well, they are not happy issues. catastrophe. good people for there were some battles incredibility. one for the developing of international relations, $99.00 sharp. this is evident. it is clear that this commitment by the international community has not been successful. this is the biggest debacle that nader has seen since this foundation. and it is an e book of change that we are facing. to see that commander in chief call into
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question, the courage of men, i forthwith to claim that they ran shameful. those who have never fought for the colors they fly should be careful about chris lighting. those who have the united states of america bear the main responsibility for the current situation because of their decisions leave of garrison in parts over with hasty, they have the main responsibility. to make matters worse, it looks like the man donald trump famously branded sleepy joe might have been snoozing while all this was going on. i have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. i've spoken with our nato allies. we spoken with nato allies, the secretary state or national security via he's been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world. and our allies, as has the general or excuse me, i keep calling them in general, but my secretary of defense. the fact of the matter is i have not seen
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a matter of fact the exact opposite. i've got, this is about america leading the world and all our allies have agreed with that. the seemingly out to lunch attitude and utter fiasco that took place under the current administration has drawn criticism from not just biden's rivals, but from fellow party members as well. i'm disappointed that the button administration clearly did not accurately assess the implications of a rapid us withdrawal. the images we saw coming out of of dentist on show a tremendous humanitarian crisis. this is going to hurt us. no question about it. i think of janice town, his last, every terrorist around the world is cheering. they have watched the taliban defeat america. in effect, president buttons, poor judgment produced the worst possible outcome in afghanistan in only a matter of weeks. even criticism from the media was generally bipartisan secretary blank, and how did president bite and get this so wrong? how could officials have mis fits? how did it happen? how do we get here?
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does president abide not bear the blame for this disastrous exit from afghanistan? another 3 years of fighting and we're going to be lucky if we have a single ally left. america is back. that was biden's famous promise. but after a colossal failure in america's longest war, ever any are starting to wonder if he meant america's turning its back on everyone's trust. not the taliban takeover has also sparse refugee crisis that has seen e leaders openly, fearing a repeat of 2015, who had more than a 1000000 asylum seekers. flooded into the block office, chancellor has repeated his firm opposition to taking in migrants and that's despite the chief this live on the line stating over the weekend that it is europe . small g t to help is to the absolute sustain, clearly opposed to us now voluntarily taking in more people and that will not
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happen during my chancellor ship. i'm not of the opinion that we should take more people quite the opposite. that's legal. i think it is very important that we offer it legal ways to those who have to flee afghan is down because of their convictions . we must now offer them safe ways to leave the country and be accepted. mentioned now, some western states processing afghan refugee visas, want them to wait in central asian nations that are part of the former soviet bloc until the border, russia, president putin has right rejected those plans and pointed to their pitfalls. now western partners frequently raised the question of accommodating african refugees in central asian countries before they get to us visa or some other one. so you can send people without a visa to these countries to our neighbors. but they don't want to take them with the visas. to their own countries, like there's quite a humiliating approach to the issue is form
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a foreign minister told us that the afghan refugee crisis shows that lessons are not being learned. simply cannot with you the whole african backup only to this migration issue. it's a much, much wider when it comes to security question when it comes to political responsibility. it's a complete loss of trustworthiness, of credibility, a what you all of the core where you're in terms of human rights, respect and sexual. and i think the destruction of an image is which will fall on our heads in even much more noisy away than the and then the current migration crisis. we have seen a tremendous degree of in competence. and i'm not the, by the type degree of competence and knowing a little bit of some of the organizations from the inside of the people who are now
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in the profile criticism. it's, it's, it's an absence of sense of realism. it's an absence of being able to think in the category of how your politics of human nature and of history i would say is an emblematic symbol off of what is still to come in terms of tremendous crisis. what ever has claimed to stand for the former british prime minister, tony blair, he sent you k troops into afghanistan, 20 years ago, has criticized the u. s. decision to pull act and said that the justifications given were in basilica. we didn't need to do it. we chose to do it, we did it in a b, d and to an embassy really political slogan about ending the forever was blair,
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there added to britain's involvement in the region was not hopeless despite the taliban advance that the u. k. has a moral obligation to stay in the country until the afghans who needed to be, ah, evacuated journalist and international affairs specialist, richard met hurst escaping about. blast claims. he calls the slogan about ending forever. was in basilica. but he's the one who followed george bush, the laughing stock of the of the western world in 2001 into 2 wars, both of gunnison and iraq. and he's the one who could not finish the war or 20 years later now in 2021. and he's still offering excuses, trying to justify what he did, the united kingdom and the united states to not invade afghanistan to help women go to university. even though that's a great thing, they invaded afghanistan under the pretext of nation building and disposing the taliban and getting all kinds. they, they claim that they assassinated they, they got been loaded in 2011. so what are they still doing there? he's the one who started this war in iraq,
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afghanistan. he was right behind george bush in the warranty. of course, he's still trying to justify what he did. now the washington d. c. capital police officer who fatally shot a trump supporter in general in the january 6th riots has been exonerated in an internal probe. the case has become a political cause with some republicans hiding victim. and us air force veteran asking babbitt as a martyr. so let's get more details and go live night, see us and speak with our correspondent, machaela morphine. a good evening, caleb. so i have further details being given then by capital police as to their reasons for exonerating this officer. while this is part of the ongoing fall out of the january 6th the capital riot and we now have the us capital police announcing that they have concluded their investigation into the killing of ashley bab. it was fatally shot during the events that took place on
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capitol hill. now, according to the statement they've released, there won't be any disciplinary action against the officer who carried out the shooting. they say case close what they said. the actions of the officer in this case potentially saved members and stuff from serious injury and possible death from a large crowd of riots of who forced their way into the u. s. capital and to the health chamber where members and stuff was steps the way. now many conservatives say the case is not closed, and furthermore, there's a lot of outrage on the conservative side because the name of the officer who pulled the trigger has not been revealed. donald trump wants the name of the officer who killed ashley babbitt to be revealed. so do many conservative voices. however, that name has been classified. they say there are very serious threats to the person involved in his life is on the line. and so they cannot make public the individual who shot ashley babbitt and his name,
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the officer who pulled the trigger. that name has not been made public. now, it's also important to know that there were 3 other protesters who died during the january 6 capital riot. now 2 died from natural causes and one from a drug overdose. in addition to that, there was another capital, a capital police officer who died on the scene. first, it was reported that he was bludgeon to death. later it was ruled that he died from a stroke and after the capital riot, there are 4 officers who were involved who are alleged to have committed suicide and is said that the trauma of the capital riot contributed to that. so this is part of the ongoing fall out. many conservatives have kind of considered ashley bab it to be a martyr. many liberals are deeply concerned about this and the politicization of this death. and despite the fact that the us capital police now say the case is closed, certainly won't be the last time we hear the name, ashley babbitt,
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or hear the case brought up. many conservatives will probably continue to raise the issue in the future. donald trump wants the name of the officer who pulled the trigger, revealed many conservatives or outraged feel. this was an unnecessary death. this was a killing. they've kind of turned into a martyr. so that's the situation. but as of now, the capital police say case closed no further investigation, no disciplinary action against the officer. okay, well thanks for the update that caleb is kind of more than reporting for us from new york. and thank you for watching. that brings you up to date. that's how the news is looking so far here in our see. but don't forget, go to website full of stories too. you can find that at asked me the
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the the, the, the, the join me every thursday on the alex simon show. when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me or military mission against them will conclude on august 31st. i want to sound so who did a good, who would have thought the quote unquote a young girl to do. and i really want the truth for my you got to be subtle there.
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that company will cut to the cut over the month. i think that i'm on the 7th, not to get a quote to ship a minute. this was the right weapon against the right. no, no, no bought it from but it was filled out through z o o z the, the signing of the us to all about agreement. and i laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan. and i know we still need that. i'm a dunaway and as i have this is your media, a reflection of reality the
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation, whole community. you going the right way for you being direct? what is truth is break in a world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows, ah, driven by shaped by those in
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me dares think we dare to ask me. ah ah ah hello and welcome to cross top where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle. we're witnessing a very disturbing media trend serving an ideology and scoring political points. trump's informing citizens, we had the rush gate hoax, the impeachment hoax, and the suppression of any debate on the origin of cobra. now front and center is the capitol hill riot. what does the f b i know?
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ah, ah! cross talking, the medium joined by my guess, dave lind, aarp in philadelphia. he's an investigative journalist, founder of the new site. this can't be happening dot net in detroit. we have steve gerber. he is a syndicated national radio talk show host and social media influences. and in plymouth we cross the patrick kennings and he's the editor and founder of the 21st century wired dot com. all right, gentlemen, cross stock rules and effects. that means you can jump in anytime you want. let me go to patrick 1st and employment here. i mentioned in my introduction here, you know, the, the rush gate hoax, you know, the, the 2 fake impeachment processes. the whole issue of what you can say about cobit and its origins. i mean, a couple weeks ago was very different story. ok, and now there are reports about what level if any, i want to be very clear here. i'm not making any claim here. involvement of the f
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b i in the events the project.


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