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the ah, in the wake of the taliban shot over of afghanistan, the white house says it did not evacuate earlier to avoid a complete crisis of confidence in the afghan government. but it admits that its belated response failed to stop that from happening anyway. as un food agencies, one of the shortages within a week, the group's ag, before the country tells us of a growing humanitarian catastrophe. needs that are in on new population are most important. seeing right now, he's still provide funds so that we can provide partial people from gartner, or some afghans employed by foreign states did manage to flee the country. however, their relatives remain and fear retribution from the taliban. we spoke to one
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translator on the condition of anonymity because of the risk. i believed that americans are responsible for this negligence and then today's anybody will be killed as a result of this will be on behalf of the american government. ah, where you live direct from our studios in moscow. this is art international and whether you're watching from monterey, mexico or new york city in the united states. this is our team and we're glad to have you with us now. i've kind of stand has entered a 2nd week under the near total tele bomb control. foreign powers continue to scramble to get their nationals out. and president biden has come under a scathing criticism from opponents for a perceived shambolic. u. s. withdraw the white house now claims and wanted to avoid a quote, crisis of confidence by evacuating earlier,
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but admits its belated response had failed to avoid that. anyway, we did contemplate a big grape hail, move of afghans and others in the july or early august timeframe. we made the determination not to do so because not just african government officials, but supporters of the afghan government in afghanistan, including many of the people who want to come out. now said that doing so would trigger a complete crisis of confidence in the government as it turns out. not taking out the vacuum, not doing that. evacuation didn't exactly said the afghan government, we acknowledge that. but that was a consider judgment at the time. well, despite the complexity of getting thousands out of afghanistan, the taliban has warned to the us and allies of consequences if a complete troop withdrawal isn't completed by the pentagon's own august 31st deadline. since the mass evacuation started from couple airport 20 people have been killed in crushes in. stan peters with thousands more queuing outside in hopes of
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fleeing the country. a local journalist told us the situation on the ground. ah, only foreign military flights are updated from inside of cobbler international airport. ever quit the foreign diplomats and i've gone teachers who work for international troops and for either enjoy for enjoy us. i've got information now because we have been shut down for 48 hours to quit people that they are already inside of the airport. now we are, and one of the rushes gate of college or national airport. you can see that it still 100 people are waiting outside of the gate and hope to get a chance to go inside of the airport. ah,
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this audio is my work for 3 years for foreign troops. all my documents are approved for the day. i'm coming here to be told my documents are invalid, only us passport gets you here. america is the problem. they create these challenges, the cheating we get, people playing a game with the people problem came back my life, most of the shops are open. we can more traffic more via it goes in the industry. but though i'd have to ask that question summer for people who opened the shop. so that simply shop was been over for 2 or 3 days. the good thing about the talbot run and things here is that there are no explosions or fighting, but the best thing is there are no jobs or work at all. all departments have failed and people are tense. the all 3rd
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because a couple telephone going to some capture by the taliban. it has been several days that the government departments are shut down. are fluid. people are coming every day behind the peach department of the government, but they don't get permission from telephone to get inside of the government department. when it comes to running the country, there is presently a power vacuum. when our leaders came to couple, we have leaders. we have a president administered, all of our cabinets has been appointed. when only this take up their positions. they will tell everyone to return to work. she started caught on the door. lots of people are hiding in their homes. afraid to venture out. what is your message to them? allow people that today or tomorrow we may ask them to return to work. we have announced the national amnesty for everyone. we are not cannibals had to eat people say, ask our brothers. we will not tolerate off can things we have even us, the traffic, please do not disturb our drivers. and what you had deemed to never,
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ever disturb of can people are, they behaved very calmly with the people. meanwhile, the u. n. is wanting that i've done this down faces, an absolute catastrophe of hunger, homelessness, and economic collapse. unless financial aid is urgently sent. we spoke with the un secretary general's deputy special representative for the country. it is addition, remains to be tense, needs are enormous, nearly half of the population are either half of the children or 5 orientation phase of fission. basically, there is nothing to eat. and almost 600000 people, placed by the dog, continues to ravage the country. one of the major issues which we probably did not factor in is how much of the natural disasters drove forward dates are contributing
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in the driving of what happens over the years. we have so much on this because of the drive and how much we focused on the education, how much it was held, how much is social will be moving forward. we should do that every time that the be significant attention to which are watching the center of the news, the political issues due to didn't issues that somehow if i get the social needs of the people, the limitation right now is local funding. limitation right now is that consequences or the military conflicts, but the most important thing right now is to provide funds so that we can wind partial assistance to the people from garden stuff. every one on this done, it is a global issue. i've gotten respond ease and we, how we're looking at the international community. we have our goal,
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the live site. they will respond to the help will determine so many things in the future that the human and they may be got the woman that we've been meeting the natural disasters. the active development every one word with reports growing a telephone reprisals. anyone with connections to foreign forces may be in danger. some of those under threat have already fled, but we're forced to leave family and friends behind. we spoke to one of the many interpreters who worked with coalition forces during the 20 year campaign. yes, we keep his name and location secret of the moment my, my family is not residing in our own private home. they're living in somebody else's home. they're fitting for they live a day. they cannot sleep,
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they're going to suppress depression because of this whole thing. and and how long to discontinue, hold on them behind. i'm scared for them. i'm scared former my, my parents, the entire country is under the siege of the taliban. now that they have the, those databases and those information are pretty much to have everything about us. i believe that americans are responsible for this negligence, and today's anybody who will be killed as a result of this. their blood will be on behalf of the american government. or if i knew that someday the americans will hand over this country back to the same terrorist that we started fighting in 2001. i would not have joined the ranks . i would have not worked with the americans or british forces. we did not knew that some to be there will be a betrayal from the americans and the natural forces of been contacted by many british citizens who are stuck enough to stop. one of the situation where the british citizen with his children stood in front of the base for more than 3 days
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after being beaten by the taliban. a number of times and his children got tired, exhausted, and sick. finally, after the last time that he was beaten by the telephone, he left the airport and now is heading back to the village. and he called me and he was crying and saying that it's better to be killed by the taliban than being here . he related to the way in front of the airport in front of my kids, the wife at the same time the use thompson mat blames the u. s. for hampering efforts to evacuate. european citizens just have burrell warns that security levels at the airport are making the task near impossible. the problem is access to the airport, the americans are in control and security measures are very strong. we complained we ask them to show more flexibility. we are unable to get our employees through. they want to evacuate $60000.00 people between now and the end of this month. it's
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mathematically impossible. independent journalist luc renee says the situation a couple airport is yet again. a western lead mass. the magic, consult railey for your ass because song, the situation is getting worse. the end of the month is mayor. and if the taller bonds are all those starting, shooting again, let's say shooting before the end of before the new month is, has started, then it will become an even worse chaos. so i suppose the best way is that the american express trait as many as they can with the help of the nato forces planes that can land that the dutch to bel, she's the brits, the french and in trying to take as many as they can. but the problem is and remains as your just said, the employees, all of you, of all the stuff are left to themselves. it's just sy gone all over again. who
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could trust western democracies after this anger over the destruction. enough chemistry has reached america as well. people poured onto the streets of several major cities to protest. the tele bumps using power, the valleys took place on both the east and west coast from l. a. to washington, dc with demonstrators chanting free, dennis den, and biden, you betrayed us. they also demand the white house help, struggling after population is comes as politicians across nato member states blame the u. s. and joe biden, in particular, for the fall of afghanistan, are used on quarter comments. 20 years of occupation, more than 2 trillion dollars spend hundreds of thousands dead. it's a half the price tag only to get a humiliating defeat and botched evacuation in return. naturally, the president had some explaining to do to the american people in majority of americans, and forgive me, i'm just the messenger no longer consider you to be competent, focused,
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or effective in the job. i haven't seen the only reason we're against this is a place from which been lot attack the united states of america. had this been in another middle eastern country where he could have easily moved from we would have never gone to gas. biden's proverbial house of cards already looks as if it's coming crashing down the atlantic council called washington deer caught in headlights. the administration's job approval rating fell below that of disapproval for the 1st time ever. and the nations allies, well, they are not happy. catastrophe is their good people. so there were some battles incredibility. one for the developing of international relations, $99.00 sharp. this is evident. it is clear that this commitment by the international community has not been successful. this is the biggest debug that nader has seen since its foundation, and it is an e book of change that we are facing to see that commander in chief call into
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question, the courage of men. i forthwith to claim that they ran shameful in those who have never fought for the colors they fly, should be careful about chris lighting. those who have the united states of america bear the main responsibility for the current situation because of their decision. so leave of garrison in parts over with hasty, they have the main responsibility to make matters worse, said looks like the man, donald trump famously branded, sleepy joe might have been snoozing while all this was going on. i have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. i've spoken with our nato allies who spoken with nato allies, the who the secretary state or national security virus, has been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world. and our allies, as has the general or excuse me, i keep calling them in general, but my sister,
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defense, the fact of the matter is i have not seen a matter of fact the exact opposite. i've got, this is about america leading the world and all our allies have agree with that. the seemingly out to lunch attitude and utter fiasco that took place under the current administration has drawn criticism from not just biden's rivals, but from fellow party members as well. i am disappointed that the button administration clearly did not accurately assess the implications of a rapid us withdrawal. the images we saw coming out of of going to start show a tremendous humanitarian crisis. this is going to hurt us. no question about it. i think of janice town, his last, every terrorist around the world is cheering. they have watched the taliban defeat america. in effect, president buttons, poor judgment produced the worst possible outcome in afghanistan in only a matter of weeks. even criticism from the media was generally bipartisan secretary blank, and how did president bite and get this so wrong?
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how could officials have missed fish? how did it happen? how do we get here? does president abide not bear the blame for this disastrous exit from afghanistan? another 3 years of fighting and we're going to be lucky if we have a single ally left. america is back. that was biden's famous promise. but after a colossal failure in america's longest war, ever any are starting to wonder if he meant america's turning its back on everyone's trust. in others. tonight, the washington d. c. capital police officer who fatally shot a trump supporter in the january 6 right has been cleared by an internal probe. the case has become a political cause with some republicans healing the victim us air force veteran ashley babbitt, a martyr ortiz, kill him up and comments. this is part of the ongoing fall out of the january 6 the capital riot. and we now have the us capital police announcing that they have
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concluded their investigation into the killing of ashley babbitt, who was fatally shot during the events that took place on capitol hill. now, according to the statement they've released, there won't be any disciplinary action against the officer who carried out the shooting. they say case closed, this is what they said. the actions of the officer in this case potentially saved members and stuff from serious injury and possible death from a large crowd of rioters who force their way into the u. s. capital and to the house chamber where members and stuff was steps away. now many conservatives say the case is not closed, and furthermore, there's a lot of outrage on the conservative side because the name of the officer who pulled the trigger has not been reveal it say there are very serious threats to the person involved in his life is on the line, and so they cannot make public the individual who shot ashley babbitt, many conservatives have kind of considered ashley babbitt to be
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a martyr. many liberals are deeply concerned about this and the politicization of this das. it's also important to know that there were 3 other protesters who died during the january 6 capital riot. now 2 died from natural causes and one from a drug overdose. in addition to that, there was another cap, capital police officer who died on the scene. first, it was reported that he was bludgeoned to death. later, it was ruled that he died from a stroke. and after the capital riot, there are 4 officers who were involved, who are alleged to have committed suicide. and is said that the trauma of the capital riot contributed to that. so that's the situation. but as of now, the capital police say case closed no further investigation, no disciplinary action against the officer. we spoke to derek gibson, a candidate for governor of new york state, who says that he has no faith in biden's justice department and is calling for an independent pro. ok. have a close go independent investigation and he opens that
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a problem. we police officer wanted to catch, but it wouldn't allow it shows that they are hired if we needed through. and they told me to come out. this young lady was out for bedford decorated out going back really been in middle eastern time and had absolutely no weapon. we need to independent of investigation out. probably just because we are not going to get justice from the just from the political prison just department, nor where we get it from the capital internal police officer. they push the narrative that it was for inspiration, which is too little was any of the i got released basement plan. they didn't pat in a plot, make an edit in corrections, return now to a topic we feel deserves more attention than it is getting elsewhere. in the latest of a series of investigative reports, we look at the problem of transgender convicts abusing female inmates in prisons
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around the globe. growing number of women say that their lives have been turned into a living hell by mail, prisoners exploiting the system. in one of the most notorious cases in canada, women found themselves in danger. and after a predatory male offender who identified as a woman, was sent to their prison. the was in on him have inspecting the gene in the bathroom, making out with someone else and wanting to re son with me. free women leave the morning after bill. someone also had to take the bill, which she used under the assumption, but it provides protection from 8th and habitat is be going to mean the laundry room one day, telling me how beautiful i was. and he was trying to get his name. it was super
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weird. all the girls were uncomfortable, shalon and the house with him and everything. he tried to tell me he was in love with me. it was weird. he asked me to read for him and the 0 i started making out with her and feeling her out. well i was there. he breck, how many girls his last 3 years. and he also bragged about taking the girls virginity in the library to get details as well as the error when it, when they're worth your while speaking, there it was in the living room do you encounter? i couldn't eat after the bravest are inside women's jails, raising our women men are using this loophole to access already vulnerable. women who have no voice, so platform to speak from our government, setting out women to be sexually assaulted by these may read
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we have requested common from canada's correctional service about the allegations and we will let you know when we get a reply. in the meantime, we'll leave you with sounds good taylors, latest in depth report today, she speaks to activists, heather mason, who shed more light on that story in canada, along with her experience of abuse in prison. oh, in fact, i don't want to get a sense of your time inside, and specifically how trans inmates affected your experience. i was incarcerated with trans individuals and prevention. that was the 1st time i came across it. and then again, when i went to the federal and that was when they actually put them on compound with us, instead of segregating them away from us. and they didn't have to have surgery. so that happened in 2017. and what was your reaction when you lot was
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trans inmates living in the compound with you? well, i was actually really freak doe in provincial because they brought me over to the indirect supervision range. and there is a sex offender there that was bully intact. and he was there hiding out because of his crimes. that's what the guards told me anyways, that he was trying to peek into my style when they're searching me. so that was my very 1st experience of that. but when i got to the federal and i was told that there are men on compound with us, i was blown away. i didn't believe it. i couldn't believe that they were putting males in women's presence. i was actually harassed by one of them when i was inside, used to get me to try to walk back and forth in front of them so that they could check out my but lots of other comments as well. and then i was also in the halfway has with a male who had fully intact and it was like walking on egg shells. are you worried
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that there are people who are going to use the system in order to end up in a female prison? and then come out and decide that he's a man again. well, yeah, there's nothing to prevent them. if they claim transgender identity, you can't say that they're not transgender because you're discriminating against their identity or their expression, and even the one, but do get denied training for their utilizing the grievance system, which is a complaint system or correctional services of canada. and when their complaints not resolve their bringing it to the human rights tribunal, did you ever inform the gods about how uncomfortable you felt about incident you described of sexual assault and it? so how did they react? so. a as women, we do not utilize the avenues that are set up for us. so the grievance system and the human rights tribunal, we're just not, we're not taught about it. we don't understand how the system works. and for the
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most part, women are there. they're dealing with so much trauma, like a lot of them are like constitution, drug addiction and abuse their entire lives. they just accept it as another thing that's happened to them as reality of being female. so there are complaints and there are grievances, but not enough. women are speaking out because they're scared. did any of your fellow female prisoners have similar experiences to you? yes. some of my friends were like, pushed up against the wall in the laundry room and a hard time shut down their throats. they've had their breasts or their touch. actual comments. a few of them happens actually assaulted. so i speak to a lot of women that have been incarcerated, and the stories are very similar, same with physical altercation. they've never been punched in the face so hard.
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they're starting to carry weapons around, which is not a normal thing for women that are incarcerated in canada. they're putting soup cans and socks because they know that they're fighting males and not women. and there's the really, really big power difference between them. candidates, prison system allows men to choose to solve the sentence in a female prison. if they say they identify as women, they told me to undergo and you saw true or human therapy. that what is enough fuel far to say this is in the name of the quality and to ensure the safety of transgendered, the law change was pushed for by prime minister justin trudeau. himself. will you do your best to ensure that trans women are put in prison or prison, more appropriate to their gender identity? yes, i will ensure that i consider myself to be
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a fairly strong advocate for. for l g b t q 2 issues and fairly aware of all the different pressures and this wasn't one that i had ever thought of. so thank you. have a mason whom we just heard from, says the government has to rethink its approach to the whole issue. nobody wants to speak about it, they don't want to report on it. we're being told that we're lying, that it's not happening, that they get it, use that return. so back there's literally no discussion about it. there is no discussion before any of the policies that were implemented. and i feel like there are solution to this. they have the room in men's institutions that have wings and dorms, and they can make l g b, t q wings, better tailored to their unique needs over the united states. similar concerns have been raised. for example, by the case of janai at one row, a transgender woman in annoy who was transferred from a mens prison to
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a women's facility that was off the she alleged mail inmates had sexually harassed her, but in her new prison, monro herself was accused of raping a female inmate at the thought of the california past his own controversial law. now it allows trans inmates to be transferred to facilities that align with that gender identity. the law was adopted in january by may, over 260 transfer requests had been made. and that left some female convicts, very worried. i will not be victim anymore. i have endured sexual abuse as young as 4 to 8 and with the rape as well as numerous main staff correctional officers being an appropriate ever since had a fullness as be one for 2 has passed. i have been living in constant fear. i can't mentally function without fear. if the men come here, please help us. i'm scared just because they feel like
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a woman doesn't mean their penis doesn't work. we discuss california law with alexa horon, a co founder of partners for ethical and founder of the agenda mapping project. she says the well being of women prisoners is simply of no interest to legislators. senate bill 132 is, is, is look at the sentencing women who have committed whatever crime to the punishment of sexual violence at the hands of meals. and i think that in terms of the pyramids of nice, gavin newsome and scott, we are and every other enabler who has the largest to happen, views, the feelings of, and the physical safety of incarcerated women at the bottom of that terra mit of needs. when we of course understand it has to be a top ortiz keeping a close eye on similar developments in the us and elsewhere in the world. and we'll
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have more features on the issues raised to come me. ah ah ah ah ah hello and welcome to cross top where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle. we're witnessing a very disturbing media trick.


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