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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 24, 2021 3:30am-3:55am EDT

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the who's the i am kaiser. this is the kaiser report. let's take a trip down memory lane through the history books, talking about geo politics as it was a 100 years ago, 150 years ago from some big brain sewer to looking at the big map and how that's relevant today. stacey. well, our upcoming guest, dan collins tweeted something that blew my mind and it fits into a lot of what the cause report has been talking about for the past while the past decade. and you know, that whole region of the world of this, the cities trap, the silk road, china, china, emerging,
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and all the problems happening in afghanistan, the middle east, that certain area of the world. we're going to look at something called that i just learned about. but i'm going to read you the wikipedia because it's really interesting in light of what's happening with the u. s. poll losing an afghanistan . and then around announcing that they say that they're joining their officially going to be accepted. and the shanghai cooperation organization, which i have not been in the previous 2 times. they applied, so the geographical pivot. and this was introduced by sir, how ford john mack hinder. ok, ma kinder. he was an english geographer, academic and politician who is regarded as one of the founding fathers of both geo politics and geo strategy. so he dubbed this phrase the geographical pivot of history. it is an article submitted by him in 190004 to the royal
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geographical society that advances his heart land theory. in this article, ma kinder extended the scope of geopolitical analysis to in compass the entire globe. on page 150 of this he said, who rules? east europe commands, the heartland, qu, rules, the heartland, commands the world, island who rules the world island commands the world. so max, you're probably wondering what is the heartland, what is the world island? what are these things? well, the world island, as he said, which so this, if you rule the world island, this area you rule the whole world, and that is the entire length continent of europe, asia, and africa after you asia. because this was the largest most populous and richest of all possible land combinations, that controlled half of the world's resources in that area. that has been part of
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this strive for the last 100 and something years. hundreds of years, really. the offshore islands, he said included the british isles and the islands of japan. the outlying isles included the continents of north america, south america, and oceana. so any country who wants to rule the world needs a rule that world island right well brings up to previous empires and what gave them geo graphic strength, right? there is a british empire in the american empire, the british empire ruled the seas. and in his work, he talks about how having the critical landmass trump's having dominion over the seas. and because of all the natural resources that are effectively in that land mass in the american empire, it was a phrase manifest destiny. as america went east to west and they conquered that entire continent more or less, and separated or isolated or protected by 2 oceans. so they were it having the ability to grow accordingly. now we're entering into
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a period where this idea of having the critical landmass the island is coming into play. so around joining the shanghai cooperation organization or s c o. we've been talking about that for a number of years. and once now they're stepping up. so now they join, also, afghanistan is now no longer under the influence of anyone but the f gattey's. so now you, you see how this can take shape, how this takes form. so now this incredible land mass with the one bed, one road initiative, china and russia very closely linked now. you know, there's food and over there in china again selling some ice cream. they love a russian ice cream in china. i think that's the entire basis of the one about one road empires, russian ice cream, and now an afghan stan. and there it is. that's what the guys talking about. and this is the new empire. so you're going to discuss that particular thing. the geographical pivot of history and history,
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we have the pivot of history that we've been talking about. that's the study, the shop, there's a pivot happening. we've been saying this over and over for the last few months. but den collins talks about this in relation to china and what's going on over there and afghan nathan and elsewhere. but, you know, so let's go to that story about around the shanghai corporation organization around to join shanghai cooperation organization. that hasn't been formally announced road and china is well aware of this because in both land and sea roots around geo political position on the structure of more than 65 men in america. go west young man. i think today the mantra should be, go east, i'm a plan of one belt. one road. china will inevitably be one of the access routes of these countries to the open waters of iran. therefore, around can, provides is a when it's a win win win win situation that there's no losers in this, in this new conversation you've seen on us mainstream media for the past, you know,
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with, without any coherence or reason or rationality. but i think we've been, you know, you don't get to hear it because everything is censored these days except us. is that right? i think sir dunk away was far coming. hey, what is it has to do with hunter bite and it just seems weird that our afghan astound policy makes china the big winner. yeah, that is a funny joke. we couldn't possibly tell that because everyone's really sensitive about that. it could get this platform, don't share it. don't tell anybody can take a break. when we come back, mar, don't go away. unless we're not here anymore. exactly. we might not be here. but still come back. somebody over here. it should be somebody else. the me.
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the join me every 1st on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me this is your media a reflection of reality in
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a world transformed what will make you feel safe for the tycer relation for community you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is in a world corrupted? you need to this end. the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah ah, welcome back to the kaiser report time now to turn to dan collins, entrepreneur and business ban expert on many things, including china. dan, welcome back. a great to me back. alright, i fall, you on twitter, and you know,
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you put out some great content on twitter. what's your twitter handle again? believe dan collins, 2011. that's right, and i saw this, you know, you're talking about geographical period of history playing right now and how this period relates to the news of the failure of the us military project in gaps, afghanistan, and also in iran joining the shanghai cooperation organization. expand on this? well, it's interesting development news, bro, this week i ran is doing the s c o cooperative organization. clearing russia, many countries of central asia and of course, led by china. they have a cooperative, different type of defense agreement against anti terror. iran's now going to be able to purchase a lot of chinese military equipment like a carrier missiles. this could totally have been middle east security. i mean, how are you know, us as and for secure in the middle east with our aircraft carriers. now they may
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not be able to get anywhere into the middle east, so yes, you always been developed around is joined the geo political pivot of history was a founding geo political principle that no one can ever be allowed to control eurasia, your asian land mass, the reason why is it would then become a world's island and the rest of the world kind of become a backwater. so what you see recently is kind of the realization of mckindoe's island. you have russia plus china plus central asia all the way out to the middle east. china by far the world's largest customer for oil now from the middle east. and you got what's the mic hinders island and what could a pen trade flows and could eventually create backwaters out of places like western europe. right. you know, with iran the strategy was asked to isolate them to apply sanctions. and here with the stroke of a pen, we've got an enormous addition to the shanghai cooperation organization,
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which fills in the missing piece and the one bed one road initiative. and also why just, you know, the economies of scale. there's a certain, gustavo, here, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts stand, and you mentioned aircraft carrier. so those aircraft carriers were prevented from going in. now they'll be able to, to, to get right and what will be denied access essentially from that area. and that is america's flagship deterrent. i mean, that's all i really use. so this is a total game changing moment in history. and it harkins back to as you point out what's been talked about 100 years ago, a g, a politically. what we can expect from something like this. now the speed of the collapse of afghanistan back into taliban control as being compared to the helicopter left out of saigon. the new york post here in america ran a front page story bite in saigon. what's your assessment of the situation and
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trying to benefit the complete boon dog. max. $2.00 trillion dollars spent over 20 years. thousands of lives, loss this day was coming. i mean italy bond, even last year, controlled more territory than they did in 2001 on the u. s. as initially went in the 1st 6 months of the war. i think us did it was, it was a good response. they created the victory, but they get involved in this stupid nation building stuff over to decades. away tax dollars as fast as you can spend with a $1000000000.00 a week at one point, you know, goes in afghanistan, goes right back out to military military contractors. it's been a, it's been a boon dollar. we're going to see potentially 5000000 refugees in advance. dance of all the women are gonna go back into into feudalism. many of the men are going to be in big trouble with reprisals. anybody worked with the american government and ghana saying has already toured the world. the leadership of again, a stand has been to moscow. they've been to shanghai as almost they already control
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afghanistan, which they in fact do outside of balls. we've been leaving behind military equipment. you a v s. we had 100 humvees roll into iran yesterday because they didn't want to be captured by the tale burn that were given away equipment. now. china's already got $400000000.00 funds set up to put electricity in the country. so we spent $2.00 trillion dollars and only 35 percent of afghanistan as electricity today. that's the result of our nation $1000000000.02 trillion dollars. but john is coming in, they're going to put a electrification in the country. they're going to build railroads, they're going to build an oil pipeline right down to our pakistan, which is already built and links up for iranian oil. so it's basically a way to get a oil lan bridge from the middle east to china and they will no longer be hand cost at the streets in the lock and singapore via u. s. navy blockade. so it's
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a major, major strategic breakout for china. right. and of course, you live in china for 20 years as a business man, you're doing business over there. you live in, in the us now, but you speak chinese and i would imagine i'm going to ask you, have you been following any of the chinese media and how do they, how do they play it in terms of their dana stand there it's, it's basically a black guy in the united states is just one more and you know, from the financial crisis of, oh, $8.00 to the cold experience now into at the collapse of afghan stan in potentially iraq, which basically ran running now is just one more card in the deck of american impotence and geo political stage. yeah, and we say yes and focusing on china here for a 2nd. so a lot of headlines. we've talked about china crushing some of their most successful companies like gant financial or education companies. you know,
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going back 500 years in china burning their treasure fleet. once again, you know, 500 years ago, i believe it was the bang dynastee where they had the world's greatest naval fleet . thousands of crafts and they dominated global trade. but the new leadership came in, they burned to the ground, fearing that the mark until class was getting too powerful. as i understand, the story is, is a replayed of this to some degree and financial jack mark these big tech companies . it is there, is there a similar dynamic? i know there's 500 years apart, but is it similar? it could lead. i mean, the answer is it could be, it could be a turning point. i think it's too early to tell what china china does have a cyclical history of boom and bus. and every time the bus happened is because the government, because of government overreach. so a lot of there is a, i think a misconception today about china and the chinese government would disagree with this. but the chinese government did not create the chinese economic miracle. it
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was the chinese people. china took a long time to learn how administered 1400000000 people, got me just back in the cultural revolution. when the false i got was happening. they were starving 4050000000 people started in sixty's cultural revolution. got into the eighty's, they kind of went to capitalism. they said private enterprise is good. they boom. they even when i moved to china and 998, i was an exchange student troy university. they were told we have no money for you . go start businesses, everybody's starting businesses because the government had no money. so they took it, there was basically no regulation do whatever you want for the last a fair capitalism. the chinese economy boomed. and then over the last 58 years, you've seen the government take credit for that and just put more and more and more regulation. if they continue to de, incentivize the economy, they will have a problem and they will sallow. but i think it's too early to tell, we'll see their, their smart operators. they may see we've overreached and they may pull back. so
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they are very proud. they take a very practical, appall approach to managing the economies all see how it develops. right? well, certainly under the shanghai cooperation organization, we've got china rushing around now as a member and the one bed one road initiative, which is china's initiative. and i think they've already allocated some huge multi $1000000.00 credit facility to start building that out. how far along are they and building it out? puerto bill railroads or build countries have been electrified. countries like either by john have high speed trains. meanwhile, in detroit, we had 2000000 people were down 260-0000. that's my original home down. i'm bring it up, we've been de industrialized or if the structure is a mess, we just passed the 3 trillion to our infrastructure bill. i would bet nothing actually ever gets done. there may be a few media projects that they highlight,
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but we can't build anything him or like to change the train. either way ahead of us ports of the building, sir, along bridges in montenegro, which the youth complained about you know, the expressway in montenegro that you complained about the country didn't have an express way. so the trying to build the belt road, the 14 plus one protein in the eastern europe, all that lot of eastern europe companies are now moving towards china's orbit. so you're going to see that your asian heartland, china, russia, iran factor stands going to bring in the orbit of southeast asian countries, eastern europe. and because the, the economics, it's too strong, china's economy is so much more powerful the united states at this point. yeah, here there's an interesting thought, you know, puzzle. so you know, in the us, they do all want printing and they do all the stimulus packages and they talk about all these programs. but if you look at the money velocity number, it's trying to 0 because all the money get stuck on wall street,
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wall street keeps it all. it's a huge bottleneck. never gets distributed. something like less than $0.05 of every dollar. the government prints gets to the designated destination or they say it's going to go. so this infrastructure bell, if it's 3 trillion 90 percent of it will stay on east hampton. you know that in something like that, similar in china now you would know better. so when the government initially puts out these huge programs, does money velocity actually, is there a velocity? is it actually happening or, or is it, was it just one big show? no, the my, the banking system, as you know very well in the banking system, controls the united states economy in china. the banking system is state on it is there to put loans out and put money into the economy. but that money actually goes into real projects. it doesn't get turned into the casino, where it just gets speculated in united states. i mean, as somebody does business united states, i can tell you small business, medium size is not getting unsecured loans. there's no loans out there. the same
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people are, you know, 0 percent interest rates from the banks, but average people are paying 20 percent plus on a credit card. it's interest rate a part that you talk about. but there is no banking, the private equity system, the wall street in united states is not set up for the real economy in china, it's all real economy. the ceo of a bank construction bank, take bacon china. they may, they are twice as large as j. p. morgan make $2.00 to $3.00 times the profit of gc morgan. the ceo might make $200000.00 a year. meanwhile, jamie dining becomes a billionaire. as an employee of a bank, i do become a 1000000000 or as an employee, it's ridiculous. so it's, so it's a completely different financial systems. china doesn't get into speculation, they don't get into all the leverage stuff. the banking system, the current, they've been fixed only to provide stability for business. so that's what the whole system is about. building a real economy with real jobs and real prosperity, right?
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and a g d p over there is something like 1718 percent in the u. s. it's barely positive . we'll get into the 2nd segment. thanks for being on cars report. dan and i was going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert want to thank i guess, dan collins. until next time i oh, the me ah ah. driven by a dreamer shaped by concur, those vision in me dares think we dare to ask in
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american love by an armed ah, this would have fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country large understood the bargain. you get a whole and then you will rebel, right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer, deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the short or conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to create truck rather than fear take on various jobs with artificial intelligence we'll summoning the theme in a robot most protects its own existence with the ah
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11 o'clock in the morning. moscow time high in headlines in the wake of the taliban shock. takeover of i've got to stand the white says it didn't evacuate people earlier to try to avoid a complete quote of confidence in the african government. but then now goes on to admit that related response failed to stop it happening anyway. and now the un food agency was the shortages that i've got to stand within weeks. the organization is a chief for the country telling us of a looming, humanitarian catastrophe. needs are enormous. nearly all the population are most important. seen right now,
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you still provide the terms so that we can provide partial to the people from gartner. stuff.


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