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tv   News  RT  August 24, 2021 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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i in the, in the wake of the taliban shock takeover if i got to stand the white house says it didn't evacuate people earlier to avoid a complete crisis of confidence in the afghan government, but admit that it's related response. failed to stop that from happening anyway. now the un food agency wants shortages in afghanistan within weights. the organizations 18 for the country tells us of the looming, humanitarian catastrophe. needs are enormous new also to population and most important thing right now use them for why so that we can provide partial assistance from the people stuff. the also former, i got interpreters who worked with nato forces during the 20 year campaign from the british government for not getting that families out as relatives to feel reprisals
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from the insurgence. now empower, translate to say that after years of loyalty, such treatment is a bit a reward. so i but then the great, so why the to us just trying to get back to us. the 2nd shame we've, we've really shown what we did to my family as well. they're trying to get through the telephone check point to get to choose oh, good to happy with us. this is out into national for most go. i'm calling bray with the developments were across this tuesday with afghan standstill. dominating the global agenda right now for empowers their growth in a frantic scramble to meet that august. the 31st troop pull out the deadline. as the taliban was consequences if they failed. president biden's come in for scathing criticism for what's been described as
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a shambolic us withdrawal. the white house no claims wanted to avoid a crisis of confidence by evacuating area. but it meant that it's related response failed to avoid that. anyway. we did contemplate a big grey hail move of afghans and others in the july or early august timeframe. we made the determination not to do so because not just africa and government officials, but supporters of the afghan government. and i can't stand including many of the people who want to come out now said that doing so would trigger a complete crisis of confidence in the government as it turns out. not taking out the vacuum and not doing that. evacuation didn't exactly say the afghan government, we acknowledge that, but that was a consider judgment at the time. and this is the reality of those decisions. pictures from the apple perimeter, which as you can see, still large crowds of the gates of the only way left out of the country. people that are anxiously waiting for the apple to open those doors again, they've been shut tight for the last 2 days. but the hopes maybe dashed after
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washington changed its policy at the hub under a new initiative, only american citizens green card holders and people from nato countries are allowed to enter. but afghans who've applied for special us immigrant visas who reportedly told to stay away for now. and that's going to be painful news, not just for them, but for friends and family abroad. the indeed for interpreters rallied in london on monday against will they call the shameful behavior of persons government slamming the authorities that are doing nothing together. families out of the taliban control country. they say it's a strange thank you for putting their lives on the line was in day. if i wouldn't take this tape how they would communicate with the people, how would they find out? who is local holes in surgery? so i did a great job. but why they kill us? why? because afraid why they can target off families really in the home at the
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operational sessions for today we come in here and they are just trying to get back to us. this kind of shame we've, we've very sure and what we did for myself have a brother who is an interpreter, who was an interpreter for the british forces. he was here at the airport trying to get to the airport actually did it from checkpoint with the taliban. my family as well. so they're trying to get through the telephone check point to get to deal with taliban claims it took. i've got to stand relatively easily here are some pictures from the southern province of how month, where the locals are facing the aftermath of the militant, suspicious offensive with no doors or windows left in hospitals and schools that barely able to function right now. and there's no sign that's going to change anytime soon. the united nations is not warning that i've got to stand faces, an absolute catastrophe of hunger, homelessness, and economic collapse. and this financial aid is urgently sent. here's what the un
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secretary general's deputy special representative for. the country told us it is addition remains to be tense, needs are enormous, nearly half of the population are either half of the children or 5 orientation spaces home. attrition basically are very little nothing to eat. and almost 600000 people, placed by the dog, continues to ravage the country. one of the major issues which we probably did not factor in is how much of the natural disasters the drought and the dates are contributing in the, in the driving of what is happening over the years. we have holders for so much on this drive and how much we focused on the education, how much it was held. how much is social we're big moving forward. we should do
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that every time the significant attention to which are watching the center of the news, the political issues due to the issues that somehow if i get the social needs of the people, the limitation right now is local funding. limitation right now is that consequences or the military conflicts, but the most important scene right now for white people. everyone on this done, it will be packed and development. every one of the crisis came up in budapest area where russia's foreign minister met with his hungarian counterpart as part of an e u tool on certain reporters questions. so kind of roles talked about i've kind of stand on the west political games on the crisis. peter oliver followed the joint news conference. i've got this done, as you would imagine being discussed by the foreign ministers as they address the
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media set again for all the russian foreign ministers saying this, he had concerns that the he use foreign policy chief, had his priorities wrong when it came to the ongoing situation global yesterday, but he gave it to you for him. policy chief, joseph burrell. immediately after the americans withdrew from gaston, said we must not hello up canister to go into the hands of russia and china. if the head of a foreign policy thinks in such categories, then i feel sorry for you countries, you're forced to hear such a philosophy. and apparently just supported to me, that is not what mr. burrell should be worrying about and you, we much rather look to the against bringing come to their country as soon as possible, helping a lot of talk about a potential role that russia could play as mediator with the taliban regime. so to get love, ralph said that russia had spoken to all sides enough, got some for a long time and that those dialogues would continue was in your mind if we have
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been helping the african sites for many years. the so called moscow format was created in russia with the participation of china pakistan in iran, the usa and the russian federation. and obviously with the for government and the taliban. and now, after what happened and began to stand on the ground, when a new reality has been created, it will have to do with it. co mitigation code interaction with the aim of creating favorable conditions for the against to reach an agreement on their own, alongside mr. law for off with on gary and forum and a 50 to see also he said his country is grateful to russia, providing the foot nick d. c. and against the cove at 19 virus. you said that without those pertinent v vaccines, the country wouldn't have been able to get the vaccine rollout that they had. they also said that hungry hope to be producing scott, nick v. inside its own territory. in the very near future we live without spending
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the we would not have been able to have the most successful vaccine roll out in the european union. the plan to manufacture the vaccine in the hungarian city of the bridge and starting at the end of 2022 will be manufacturing the vaccine through a russian license. thus, in the future will be less vulnerable. gala from describe the relationship between hungry and russia as a pragmatic one. he said they didn't let geo politics get in the way of getting business done. however, he did point out that they don't agree exactly on everything. we've seen him that he has a magician. we do appreciate hungary pragmatic behavior, as with the past doesn't political and ideological games above the interest of development and the economic cooperation. even though there are and will be some disagreements. what relationship doesn't have any disagreements every now and again, but the overall take away with the message of for the tire cooperation, which was a phrase there was a multiple times 5 votes for ministers that they folks here in budapest,
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i meant the chaotic pull out from canister wiki leaks is drawing attention to its past revelations about americans. longest war and a series of twitter post to the organization, republished classified us documents, which it firstly to the public a decade ago. back then we can weeks found a julian, a songs was that the u. s. intervention would be an endless war. beneficial to only a few correspond don't call to take up the story. the swift fall of the afghan capital cast a dark shadow over every sacrifice made in the fight against the taliban. but there is a man who tried to stop things from going down this road. his name is julian, a son. she is the co founder of wiki leaks, and behind one of the biggest revelations in u. s. military history. in 2010, the whistleblower group released the afghan papers for the 91000 leak reports that shed light on the grim affairs. the u. s. was for understandable reasons hesitant
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to share with the public the unvarnished ground level picture of the word of god has done that is in many respects more grief than the official betrayal of the biggest leagues in u. s. military history. a devastating portraits of the failing war, and when these reports came into the public eye, washington's reaction was not to say, sorry, or even to try to deflect a guilt. instead, it shifted the blame on 2 songs, calling him a criminal for apparently putting american lives in danger. what he likes, walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service. it is an attack on the international community
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liaisons engaged in terrorism. he should be treated as an enemy combatant. so a psalms put american lives in danger. when he showed the world how us soldiers actually killed innocent people, how publications documented their involvement, a case by case level in the death more than 20000 people in afghanistan, and more than a 108000 people in iraq. and so when you want to distract from this, you just make the same accusation to the, to the person that is making accusation against you. wiki leaks determined that the 2006 operation medusa resulted in one of the highest civilian death tolls of the war. despite the shocking circumstances surrounding the event. it was poorly investigated. an american soldier was killed. they killed in an ac $130.00 gunship . this is a c 130 cargo, refitted with canons on the side. it circled overhead and rained down shells the warlock say $181.00 enemy were killed. the logs also say there were no wounded or
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captured. it was a significant massacre. the afghan papers go on to suggest that the cover ups began with those actually carrying out the slaughter us soldiers reporting on their own actions appear to lump civilian deaths with the number of insurgency had killed. wiki leaks revelations also shed light on special task force. 373 and a lead unit tasked with hunting down taliban leaders. many times though, they were involved in the killing of civilian men, women, and children, and washington later trying to water down the situation with misleading information about what happened. one example of this was when the task force fired rockets at a compound quoting nefarious activity there. but it was apparently not the case. it does appear to be evidence of all crimes. in this example is the task for 373 high miles missile strike on a house which killed 7 children. nato later recognized the children's deaths they
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had caused, but said that initially they had no idea they were there. the colossal price american taxpayers paid needless suffering caused the fall of a corrupt, failed state. why did all this continue for so long? one answer is gigantic profits for giants of the military. industrial complex with stock returns from 2001 to 20. 21. for government contracted companies like lockheed martin and northrop grumman totaling more than 1000 percent. it's one of many seemingly inevitable consequences of what a san claimed is a money making scheme of endless war to wash the money out of the way out of europe. back into the hands of a truck. that is my goal in to have in on
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no wonder the west may want to bury the truth and condemn julian a song whose fate is still hanging in the air as he faces 175 years in prison. if extradited from a u. k. jail cell to the united states. we talk more about us policy and i'm going to start with journalist taylor who duck and former whistleblower barrett brown. i think the u. s. government, to some extent, it doesn't really know what it's fighting for, nor fighting for the biggest thing such. it's more of a reflexive sort of series of power plays by individuals in the government. the basically, the manner in which the u. s. has a pedal, whistleblowers, journalists, leakers facts, even before trust him in the office. i think it ball into a perhaps to a, to all time low. and things did not improve. and 1656 years. i think anyone who knows who they're talking about has to look at the us as
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a wild animal and go from there. this is not the 1st time that jolina sanchez was correct in his assessment related to us foreign policy. i think we're having conversations about us wars in the middle east and in particular afghan, it's dan, it is so important to talk about julian authority and would you be contribution? i think the united states government is seeking to make an example out of julian assigned to show other journalists, this is what can happen to you if you expose the u. s. military industrial complex . and if you embarrass the us government, we can lead showed us through the ask in war diaries and the rapport laws if these were crimes were not happening here. and there, this is with some sort of rare occurrence. there were civilian casualties on a regular basis in wiki lease. expose that we should be thinking, joy and sergeant. we should all be advocating for his immediate release because this was certainly public interest journalism of the development to tell you about
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this tuesday mixed messages from ukraine on the possible hijacking of one of its planes in cobble airport. we'll try to shed some light on that for you among our stories after the break. the join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me . ah, with me
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ah ah ah, in the the news ah, europe could be facing major security problems while processing the thousands of refugees who so far managed to get out of afghanistan. because hiding among those fleeing the taliban are convicted criminals who were reported from the u. back to afghanistan, along with suspects on security watch lists of france has now taken into custody.
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one of 5 afghans evacuated to the country and then placed under surveillance for lead links to the taliban. the suspect fell to comply with a stay at home order in germany back guns with criminal records who been previously deported. manage to sneak back in via evacuation flights. the interior ministry says it's unable to screen people on the ground in afghanistan. the current procedure is a pragmatic one, which means that security checks on the basis of police finding this will only take place in germany and it was deliberately decided that we no longer carry out checks on the spot. but after arrival in germany in greece also said he won't accept an unrestricted inflow of migrants from afghanistan, adding that the chaos that i could probably have been avoided. what were seen right now in capital, in other parts of a garrison is frightening. and i think it could bring about an airing migration and international terrorism that we didn't want and perhaps could have avoided another
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days away from afghanistan or washington d. c. police officer who fatally shot a trump supporter during the january 6. capital riots has been cleared by an internal probe. okay, so it was become something of a political cause as well, with some republicans praising the victim as a martyr. this kind of open recalls. this is part of the ongoing fall out of the january 6 the capital riot, and we now have the us capital police announcing that they have concluded their investigation into the killing of ashley babbitt who was fatally shot during the event that took place on capitol hill. now, according to the statement they've released, there won't be any disciplinary action against the officer and carried out the shooting. they say case closed. this is what they said. the actions of the officer in this case potentially saved members and stuff from serious injury and possible death from a large crowd of riots who force their way into the u. s. capital and to the house
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chamber where members and stuff was steps away. now many conservatives say the case is not closed, and furthermore, there's a lot of outrage on the conservative side because the name of the officer who pulled the trigger has not been reveal it say there are very serious threats to the person involved. his life is on the line and so they cannot make public the individual who shot ashley babbitt, many conservatives have kind of considered ashley babbitt to be a martyr. many liberals are deeply concerned about this and the politicization of this jazz. it's also important to know that there were 3 other protesters who died during the january 6 capitals right now 2 died from natural causes and one from a drug overdose. in addition to that, there was another cap, a capitol police officer who died on the scene. first, it was reported that he was bludgeoned to das. later it was ruled that he died from a stroke. and after the capital riot, there are 4 officers who are involved,
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who are alleged to have committed suicide. and is said that the trauma of the capital riot contributed to that. so that's the situation. but as of now, the capital police say case closed no further investigation, no disciplinary action against the officer. there are conflicting reports about a possible hijacking of a ukrainian plane at campbell airport. mr. mcclain will type of plane that even is ortiz to be 3 pals. try to clear up the confusion still unclear why the state one was even made. it seems like the ukrainian foreign ministry is kind of arguing with itself earlier today. the deputy foreign minister came out with the faith and saying that their flights to their evaluation flight from against and to ukraine were unsuccessful. but more than that, he claimed that one of the planes was actually hijacked by armed persons and then later was practically stolen and flown soran. last sunday, our plan was hijacked. on tuesday, the plane was practically stolen from us. again,
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it flew to run with an identified group of passengers on board instead of lifting ukrainians. our next 3 evacuation attempts were also not successful because our people could not get into the airport. that kind of faith and that started all this confusion. it was extreme, technically extremely on specific what kind of plane is that a military plane? is that a passenger plane? he's had 3 flights of harmony planes. are we talking about? assuming it's one then? the question is, where is this hijacked plane? who is anybody looking for it because a hijack planes, a serious security risk. but it's making matters even more computing just mere hours after his statement, the spokesperson for the screening for a ministry came out saying that basically it completely contradicting everything. the deputy for a minister side and saying basically everything's fine. there are no hijacked ukrainian planes, neither in capital or anywhere else. the information about a hijacked plane been spread by some media is not true. according to the false person, what the deputy foreign minister meant to say was the situation in afghanistan is
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difficult and that the diplomats are having difficulty evacuating the ukrainian citizen. gee, also noted that all the planes, all the flights from ghana stand have landed safely in ukraine and even the uranium authorities have also deny that any hijacking took place and that a plane did land in iran, but only to refuel. and then we went on to give, but even these statements haven't exactly, completely cleared everything up yet. because since the initial statement by the deputy foreign minister, we saw several conflicting reports and rumors going on around online from stating that it was a u. s. military that appropriated the plane for its needs and some others reports suggested that the pilots of this evacuation plane actually decided to take a payday and make some for cash by flying. some wealthy wealthy people from iran instead of green citizens. so at this point it's really we just need to see more clarification from the craner authorities because especially from
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a deputy foreign minister because it's unclear why he suggested that the plane was hijacked. and basically just the way that ukrainian for mystery has been communicating. it's like it's fighting with itself so hence all the confusion. well, that's it for the moscow news room for this hour, scotty. now he's in the all american female, washington. iraq. next. oh, the news. the long when i was show the wrong when i was
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just don't the world yes to fill out the scene because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground better survival guide data. here's my goal is going to start at a federal reserve. so there you go. oh, heck, no. refrigeration came. well, look at the rest, the 7 years, bill it separately or what kind of the report or military mission again, stay will conclude on august 31st. the phone for
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who did a good to us all the quote unquote, a young girl who i really improved so much. you've got to do something that company will cut a couple of months. i think that was the place to get a quote to show me that this was the right weapon against the right and the local. no, no, no bought it from but it was filled out through z o o z the the signing of the us to all about agreement and laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan and then a mcdonald and her ah,
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with me i the there will be consequences, alarming words for the taliban if the united states is not out of afghanistan by the end of the month. this is by president fighting for press for an extension on
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the deadlines. so when did america go from a policy of no negotiating with terrorist asking terrorists for permission? this is another world leader states concerns regarding possible terrorist disguises, refugees escaping risk. and we will bring you the latest as well as talk with an africa and translator who helped american soldiers and get his perspective on the recent week. and then we're going to give you the 360 view of the former president trump riley over the weekend in alabama. it was one of the largest. so this is sign that the president is already on the campaign trail. get back to the white house. i'm no use and all of these stories on today's edition of new use right here on ours t america. let's get started. ah, have dentist and continued to dominate world headlines as the chaos continued in the streets. and us citizens still are very desperate to get out. now,
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world leaders are almost unified in their criticism. have a president by his ministration seems to fill the last few weeks, have been successful. the president believes we are making substantial progress. dozens of flights thousands, now tens of thousands of people vacuum from the country. we believe today will be an efficient and effective day and tomorrow and the next day as well. and as i said, he is taking this day by day and will make his determination.


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