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you people are martyrs, he's got killed these people, innocent people or leaf disproportionately punish, using it to people with execution. not say it's in the sense of, there weren't proven guilty. they're not here. they're not heroes, and they're in the victims and martyrs. and we should make sure to keep all this proper context and assessing it because understand like either select the face and lies the outcome here. but at the end of the day, you saw another cup get away with killing another innocent person or lisa, innocent, proven guilty, and is not being held accountable in the process once again, 9 trunk transparent. and that's the real story here. okay, and just to let you know that the capital police internal prob said that the actions of that police officer was lawful. but certainly we understand your point. if you say, thanks for coming on, that was you get hired to miami based election integrity activist and independent you in this. thank you. just a half 9 here in moscow. what back against the top of the the
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robin driven by adrian shaped bank. in me a dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah, there will be consequences. alarming words for the taliban if the united states is not out of afghanistan by the end of the month. this despite president fighting for an extension on the deadlines. so when did america go from a policy of no negotiating with terrorist asking terrorists for permission?
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this is another world leader states concerns regarding possible terrorist disguises, refugees escaping risk. and we will bring you the latest as well as talk with an afghan translator, who helped american soldiers and get his perspective on the recent week. then we're going to give you the 360 view of the former president trump raleigh, over the weekend in alabama. it was one of the largest, so this is sign that the president is already on the campaign trail. get back into the white house. i'm know he's and all these stories on today's edition of the news you to use right here on ours t america. let's get started. ah, have danica and continue to dominate world headlines as the chaos continued in the streets. and us citizens still are very desperate to get out. now worldly are almost unified in their criticism. however, president,
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by his ministration seems to fill the last few weeks have been successful. the president believes we are making substantial progress. dozens of flights thousands now tens of thousands of people. vacuumed it from the country. we believe today will be an efficient and effective day and tomorrow and the next day as well. and as i said, he is taking this day by day and will make his determinations as we go. have our protest continue around the globe and here in washington, dc as well. many atkins and african americans are for under reports the story. fear what their country will look like under taliban rule are 2 sides having ger reports . the story right here in front of the white house is one of several us locations with the afghan. they ask bra, and there are some borders gathered over the weekend with one message to president joe biden. and that is, they feel be trained by the i don't think the by the ministration is listening to
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the asking people. i think they are focused on trying to rectify the mistakes that they've made, which have been horrendous. and it's they need to listen to african people and listen half can americans and hear what they're saying here. they're demands and do what he needs to do to bring afghans here as quickly as possible. today we're here to protest and get demands from the biden administration. we're here to ask the vital ministration to cancel their agreement. there's no such thing over negotiating with taliban. not at all. we do not negotiate with terrorists. we don't want tara risk as, as our government. we do not want taliban as our government. protesters were chanting things like re afghans and save afghan as dan and many were holding up signs of sanction pockets on they say it's supporting the call of on and they're also demanding that the us open up their borders to afghan. and nearly everyone i spoke with had a family member still that back, you know,
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and they felt helpless. and i thought never people crying in they were worried about their family members. would they say they haven't spoken? do all of on took over and more or in hiding, and they are very afraid specially afraid for their sisters, where they're on and for their male cousins. i think the females have probably the worst scenario going on enough canister. being a woman who escape that situation myself 21 years ago. i understand wholeheartedly what it's like a woman there. as of right now, on stan, or abuse, oppression, destruction, loss of education, loss of rights, no work. how can we believe that there's anything is going to be different that hasn't been shown. it hasn't been in their history. # and war them just a protest. this was people who are telling me that this is a community where app can coming together and supporting one another, specially at
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a time when naples for god forgotten by the name country that occupied samples 20 years. yeah. and now left them in the exact same hands of who they were supposed to be protected by for news use hughes. i'm sorry, i haven't jer are to the now, meanwhile, in london, doesn't a former african interpreters have gathered outside the british home office. they are demanding that the u. k. government helps their relatives out of africa and they're offering taliban revenge for helping western allies are to isa ali reports . many of these met all former interpreters who worked with the british army critical with the initial response, at least of the british government to that well draw back those evacuation attempts . we saw those teens of people definitely fleeing and mikael, still take you to a couple of port. and one of the individuals coming on the face criticism from dr.
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court in the british foreign secretary dominic rob. now the u. k. government have stepped up that they say that they've already evacuated 6000, nearly 6000 people, including over 3000 afghans and they say those efforts scheduled to continue. now we've also been talking to some of the people attending this protest. some of those organizing this protest, they say many of those stocks back in afghanistan like were interpreters or otherwise help the occupation portal during the past 20 years. but also many of them have families back in afghanistan, many of whom they say hiding for the lives, of course, the evacuation and the way it's been handled has got political implications. as i mentioned, dominic rob coming on criticism for his initial handling. not nice because he remained on a holiday while the crisis was unfolding his now back from that holiday and taking
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charge of the situation. but elsewhere we've been seeing colds for bars. johnson, to use this week g 7 virtual meeting, a call on joe biden to extend the deadline from august. the 31st. when us forces relieve, i've got a sub, but got a course come with it. so in political and military risk, the thought about a warm you have to keep to that agreement to keep that promise not to extend the se in i've gotten beyond august the 31st will bear the consequences about decision. now the taliban has issued a warning to the united states saying there will be consequences if the united states is not out by august 31st. and russian president vladimir putin has fears of terror as disguises. refugees. coming out of afghanistan, the russian president, so concerned russia is ready to ship weapons to central asian allies to prevent
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terrorists from fighting the region. so why are we not hearing the same concern about terrorism here in america? as cargo planes, full of refugees are landing the united states most without background or even complete medical checks. not president trump. at this present, i had this to say regarding the refugees one screened and cleared. we will welcome as can, who helped us in the war effort to their new home the united states of america. because that is who we are. that is what america is. now for those refugees, i am actually a little bit confused. as kids today are going back to school with amanda, wearing masks, social distancing, and even vaccines being placed on students, all this fall, thousands of refugees have come from afghanistan to america without much knowledge of their present health. and we don't even know the conditions they will be housed in and the medicare current medical care given. once they land. it is anything like how this ministration is handling the immigration issue at the southern border. america could be on the verge of another health and national security crisis sets
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in our own backyard. but one man who did make it out of afghanistan is x per se. bert, i'm sorry, no, sorry. and he joins us now to give his insight into an afghan translator for the u . s. and what he is hearing from his friends, joe, back in the country. thank you so much for joining us. thank you, man. appreciate it. yeah, tell us a little bit about your role within afghanistan and the united states and how much hope you have for other translators to get out of the country safely and their families. and thank you. majority the interpreter, their stock, and cobble and different houses, the taliban there. and looking and searching the house during the night and also the taliban. there surrounded the airport, kia port and they are taking pictures of the people and asked name and ask taliban the spies. do ask people name, who do you are, what, what do you did before? we will, how do you blah, blah,
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blah. so especially i'm kindly requesting all interpreter and language. please do not share your information with others and me. i support united state, i work for us government 11 years in frontline. i lost my fingers in the war. the taliban, they cut my finger, solve the nose and all that. and the taliban, they put a 300000 dollar bounty on my head in 2008. when i was the us marine and front line . and now the taliban came back to the to the cd to the cobble. and they are hunting my family. my family have already moved to dubai and have a cell and near the cobbling airport. i cannot share the information for the news, but i'm kindly requesting president biden. please do you broke your promise. i respect you,
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but now you left us behind. you brought taliban back. you are innocent people menu or the people of afghanistan, day like taliban or they support taliban. but majority people of i've got to say they have taliban. the witnesses, a ww people. they left up get a son and they are even they jump on an airplane, but they said we will kill ourselves, but we are not hunting us to the wild animals means taliban. so a lot of retired generals, colonels like colonel mar veto. congressman chris met mr. jerry torres retired army, all my friends, they are supporting us. they are supporting me with my family, but job i didn't didn't. so i'm kindly requesting please support and it's and
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people and please support american allies well and favor. and i really, if it's so sad to hear that there hunting down your family still, and obviously you've already sacrificed so much physically with your own giving. i have to ask you what, how are you actually recruited by the us military? and would you think that was there any promises made to you to protect you and your family in the future if this situation was to happen at some point? first i, when i join in 2004, and when i came here they said we will protect you or we will protect your family there. but they did. and my family moved from note of i got a son a couple days ago like 5 days ago, but my cousin de taliban behave my cousin and but i never gave up. i asked people to pray for me that i can save my innocent family
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and the taliban when i was supporting the marines and supporting the innocent people, the taliban, the for the bonded. because at the taliban they lost a lot of people. a lot of people, the joint americans, a lot of people, they said we want america to stay here like japan. you see the america, they were there for some of the ears, but the people they ask why american they left up, get us, and we want the america, if the government doesn't. but we, we want, but united states, they left up garrison and 20 years and also the taliban. they're celebrating day by day. and they are taking party. they say we beat russia, we beat america, which is us not true. shame on us. we have to fight. we have to take the virus out of the afghanistan. well as soon as possible, sarah, so sorry to hear that about your cousin. that being said, you know,
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do they have listed they know who these people are? do this, taliban know who worked with the americans ahead of time. how are they finding out these people? and for those that are there people being falsely accused and actually being sentenced to death, who did not necessarily help out the us, but just they're not getting a chance to actually plead their innocence. they're just being sentenced to death. yes, they say anybody support american? i heard the people say the taliban will not harm people will not be people like they did it before. no, no, no mike and my brother and my 2 siblings. they move from chicago to dubai by support of by support of congressman chris met. but the beaten by taliban taliban de beat my family. they beat every every, every single people and the people. a lot of people they tell by taliban, but the taliban they are not showing us. they say no social media,
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no facebook do not post anything. they block everything, so people, they cannot see american or, or international people. they cannot see. they block everything. if anybody posts against taliban, they will be hated automatically says, just real quick before i let you go, you said that you feel betrayed by president binary lie. do they not take care of your family? that being said, he said that it was just absolutely surprise of the taliban took over afghanistan and just a meager less than 2 weeks. is that how you see, or was there actually on the ground from people you've talked to, was it pretty started, this is going to happen, or do tell them was going to gain control rapidly. once the u. s. pulled out. actually the people they were, they were surprised. why did mister ash of getting the so called president off? i'll get this done. he escaped from afghanistan. he was talking, you know, actually the, the tree people, they handle all up genesis shop gunny with 2 other partners. they had and that's
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why the majority people, they don't like. and the former president of a gun son, mr. sharp guinea was minister, was the chief of war, was the mayor was everything. so he didn't let anyone to work there. and they, he stole a lot of money, he's came from up get a son and the rest of money like $5000000.00. he gave it to the p. p. s. as to his unit to has people. so people of guns, i'd say once we see or receive the former president, i shall get any anywhere. we will not let him to walk or we will not let him to be alive because they are very upset from former president of i've got us on it. former president of our son was the hated president and the history of get a set of sorry, my heart hurts feeling will be praying for family and for their safe return for all of those that are on the same situation. thank you so much for joining us. we'll talk soon in the future. after the break, president trump emerges in front of
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a crowd of almost $50000.00, to deliver his opinions on how inviting presidency has gone so far, or pal joined us with their opinion on his speech. as well as was former president can still draw a crowd to what it could be for the future as to the brain. the ah ah, the ah
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americans love by an armed, ah, this was fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain. you get a home and then you will rebel, right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial back and think about no longer deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for
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the the pictures of the crowd, 847000 people and attended president trump raleigh over the weekend and coleman, alabama, caused excitement from his bass while drawing fire from critics over the timing, cuz sharing we still are in the middle of a pandemic. but it was his comments which again, like always game to the attention. biden fail totally on the pandemic. and he's now overseeing the greatest foreign policy. you merely ation in the history of the united states of america. vietnam looks like a master class in strategy compared to jo biden's catastrophe. i dealt with abdul. he was the leader. i set up dual. anything happens we are going to rein terror upon you. it will be a terrible while to give it $360.00 of you bring in david kaz,
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former assistant us attorney and ed martin as well as shape. please ego. thank you so much for joining me. ed and david, you know, i know you're laughing because you were wondering if i was gonna play the one quote, i think there's t shirts already played, but i do have chairs and kids watch redid involved the whoa. coul president trump sales about woke. i'm going to start with you cuz this is, this is your home territory. he did new social media platform to get the point across on saturday night. do you think he has in for the former president is getting strength again. and what does that mean for his future? well sure, look. one thing is, donald trump is a master at this, right? i mean, a governing is hard work. joe barton is learning that being a candidate and being out is easier. and donald trump loves to turn phrases and to get people amped up. so it was a master class in donald trump. there's never been anybody like him. the other thing though is that as you see biden's stumble and i mean at this point, even the mainstream media, the fake news is admitting that biden is stumbling. you, the people are saying, oh my gosh, what's happening this contract?
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i mean, i hear from grassroots, leaders who are saying, you know, we need to change this direction, but can we change it in time because we're losing so much ground in the world, in our economy and all the rest. so look, a trump is stronger than ever it's donald trump's republican party. if he wants to run for president in 2024, he gets the nomination. i think he's running against the devastated democrat party today in washington. the moderate democrats are running away from the party, so it's donald trump world and we're just bouncing through it and he absolutely enjoys it. well, to that point, david democrats are empowered, buddies here to play defense defense office. and in this case, democrats empower or their actions actually helping to reignite some of the same fire, which people believe help get trump elected back in 2016 when you're looking at how the economy is doing, how do our national security and obviously the recent events and i can understand well, ed can turn a phrase to, but i think that the reality is that by this doing actually quite well. and i think
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this is requiring him to stay in the middle. and i think as long as he stays in the center, he'll do very well and he'll be re elected because trump will always have that base lloyd's be out on the fringe. you know, they said that this was trump stock. i call this penny stock. the fact that he could turn out 47000 people in the middle of alabama, that's the red estate in the country the read his place. so that's no surprised at all, but what he needs is the suburbs and as long as bite and doesn't veer off. busy to the left, i think that will be good and i think this experience while it is humiliating, i think people will come to their senses that there was no other way. trump wanted to get out of afghanistan. he didn't want to leave even 15000 troops. there to maintain the status quo for a few more years. bite went along with that. that's true. but this was trump's plan . trump negotiated with the taliban truck made this disastrous plan and it's hypocritical for him now to try to gain political leverage from it. ah,
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so is that going to be the line that the democrats are going to take? and is it going to be able to hold water at the fact that this was our trump would have done it? and this is all trumps fault. it's just a different person carried it through. well, look, it's always the person who's on the watch that gets the credit or blame. you know, donald trump was present during the pandemic. i think he lost in 2020 because of that, it's just as impossible a hand to deal with. but i think joe biden is nobody thinks joe biden handled this well, everything about it is ham handed. it's a mess by look, let me preview for david what the republicans are going to run on and sweep into the mid terms they're going to run on joe barton. you think he's a moderate, we have a 1000000, maybe 2000000 people coming across our border. now 100000 f canney refugees, we're not going to check the suburbs are worried about this. trust me. and here's another one. the suburbs are worried about you spend trillions of dollars and you rework welfare. so used to be welfare. you had to look for a job. now it's just checks to people. the suburbs are looking up and saying, ha, you're making me keep my kid in a mask in a school distance learning, and you're given money away to people who work right now. biden, 1st of all,
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you won't run for reelection, he knows that we know that the only question is whether he last till the midterm, because people democrats are now talking about how his performance is now matching the impression of his cognitive ability. and they're wondering how long this can go . the only problem is common looks more in depth than he is. and so they're really, the democrats are in a hobson's choice as they say, david, real quick, i got 30 seconds for you. is there someone in the democratic party, whether it be by joe biden, that can match that type of enthusiasm, an excitement amongst the democrat base a currently on the scene? i think that biden has shown that you don't need to be mr. excitement member. he won the nomination, they didn't think he would, they won the election. they didn't think he would. they said he was down in the basement. you know, i was a head of a task force under president reagan. and as long as the republican stick to a program, which is not trump, they tend to do well, it's not trump program, it's free trade. it's individual liberties. it's a lot of things that trump didn't actually stand for when he was an office. well,
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i can guarantee the midterm is going to be about biden's agenda and where people stand on that we'll see who makes the grade. ed. david, thanks for talking. thank you. scottie. andrew. cuomo might have left the governor's mansion, but he didn't take his dignity or his dog captain governor andrew call us 3 year old shepherd. mix did not move out with the governor last week in preparation for the final stroke of midnight when he is no longer in office. but leaving your dog behind me there revealing about a person's character. so we've re in line are full of character on his final thoughts on this soon to be disgraced. governor, thanks for joining me, lionel. thank you. my final thoughts though, was it should be your final thoughts. so on governor cuomo, as you no longer be able to have that full title. that being said, you think cuomo is feeling remorse, now for any of his actions? no, no, he has actually no remorse, whatsoever. he has no sense of guilt. he has no sense of shame. he has no appreciation for consequence. he is a predator who to this day, instead of saying,
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i want to thank the people of new york for giving me the opportunity to ship know, maybe leaving on a high, you know, he did one more time. he said, i didn't do anything it if i did, i didn't mean to and i've got a weird humor, and i like to talk about what did this weird machinations in this delivery that made people think? thank god, he's gone. it was the worst valedictory ever. ok, so is there anything good the cover color when even a positive that he did? is there a chance that will be what he's known for? or will he always be known for his legacy of how he tucked his tail again? his likes in that office that and how was responsible for the debt? the 15000 elderly people, when they put coven positive people into nursing homes? when president crime speaking of president trump, who brought the comfort and noble of the java center, and he could have done this now when, when andrew to be fair during his 1st year of 4 years, he actually was very good getting budgets on time and lowering dougherty they did
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a good job, but then i don't know what happened. who knows? nobody is going to remember that this is like the again, remember scotty the, the, the reason the effect, the last thing people remember when you said goodbye instead of making people feel good and looking forward, how we're going to join have the whole goal. i'm going to get bothering her for i knew he didn't do that. he basically provided more apollonia to explain this, this sick behavior is demented. well, but he has gone from office as of today. i know. thank you so much, joyce, at least for now before the long time. thanks for joining us. and that is opportunity show. it goes quick in the meantime, phone for our study and he's the hash tag team and the h. and for this year, more, you want to download a portable a dot tv app for your app or android device. like, always thanks for watching. the news. join me every thursday
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on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the media a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. type relation, community you going the right way? where are you being somewhere which direction? what is truth? what is faith? in the world corrupted? you need to this end. the join us in the depths
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will remain in the shallows. ah, ah, the headlines is the taliban so it will no longer let scan nationals access the capitals port corners alive to reach the facility green source i confirmed, it won't agree to extend the united states. the deadline beyond august 31st to g 70 voting crisis in afghanistan, you need to have us cure port as long as necessary. joe biden says he is sticking to target with through the target control deadline of august 30. first. the renewal form i've gotten interpreted, he worked with nato forces during the 20th campaign slammed the british government for.


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