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me on the telephone says it will no longer allow us nationals to leave the country restricting cobbler airport access to foreigners only the groups also confirmed. it won't agree to extend the united states withdraw the deadline beyond august. the 31st us president joe biden, meanwhile says that he will stick to that day despite calls from world leaders to secure a copy of the airport for as long as necessary. meanwhile palmer, i've done interpreters who worked with nato forces during the 20 year campaign slammed the british government for not getting their families out. many fear reprisals from the insurgents now in power. so i didn't know the grades, but why? just trying to get back to us just that kind of shame, we've very sure what we did my family as well. so they're trying to get through the
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telephone circle to get to choose are but guess love direct from the city of moscow. this is art international. i'm sean thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. or now we will start with the crisis and i'm going to stand tele bonds decision to only grant foreign nationals access to couple airport the sol facility, providing flights out of the country. it leaves world powers in a frantic scramble to meet their own august 31st deadline for a complete withdrawal of their forces. the militant group has refused to extend that date and also threatened consequences if it is breached, leaving many afghans in turmoil. a local journalist described life in his country to my colleague calling brain a week after it was taken over by milton's bill 100 and how is it off? people are waiting different, give us a call at for to to, to, to get
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a chance to get inside of the airport and have a quick from call. but unfortunately that people are waiting from 3 days. but today they belong to the person of the taliban in a press conference said that there was not a little guns hand guns that indicated to leave. i haven't gotten any more. so we're just over a week into the taliban rapids and take over. what is life like currently where you are? today i went to the tv and i compared to cc from a to 3 days before the teams that they gave back to its normal life. the shops are open and the restaurants are open . people or the people came back to the room alive to the to the works. but unfortunately, still the government departments are still the buyers bargain. really made
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a big problem for the people in the city because the machines are completely empty . the bags are loos, that people are running out of money if you go to the bargain that have this of people lighting behind it. bigler, when you are the behind the but the bumps the big challenges but that people are really getting back to it to get together live, walk into their life. i know it's still early days, but is there any indication yet that the taliban is delivering on its promise to be more progressive than it was previously when it was empower such as allowing women's rights for instance, while the car on says that we have not made any spectra for the woman to know how to which, how detailed you want to go to the work, we need to make a specific expect inspector for the telephone. under the time that we make it better for the day. asked the woman who said to the home, not do not go to the to the walls and they will,
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they will get home. but the has the problem. how about the people before the inter to call we are in the, in the beginning of the, or in the 1st day on the 2nd, the telephone is the problem at all the people which is a security and the c t. people are very good security and most of it including cobbler city. but the woman go back, who was our government departments will be open soon. these kind of promises that has not been implemented yet. president joe biden said in his latest speech to the nation that america evacuated more than 70000 people from afghanistan in august. he also warned of the threat posed by the terrorist group, isis k, and stressed that the august 31st to exit data is contingent on the taliban cooperation. we agree that we will continue to close our close cooperation to get people out as efficiently and safely as possible. we are currently on
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a pace to finish by august the 31st. the completion bog is 31st depends upon the tale bon, continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport for those who are trans, we're transporting now. no disruption to our operation. joe biden earlier discussed the situation in afghanistan with g 7 leaders. the group failed to agree on whether to extend the evacuation beyond august 31st despite please from some are easily as details leaders all the g 7 nations taking part in a virtual meeting. of course, the top issue on the agenda was i've kind of stuck in what to do the nation, such as the u. k in front, trying to take the opportunity to plead with us president joe biden, to extend that deadline for evacuation beyond august. the 31st, but joe biden, sticking to that day to those countries, of course want the us to remain at least couple airport to help with evacuation
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effort. so many diplomats in foreign officials sit and i found a song, but of course also africa who selves who works with the occupation over the course of the last 20 years. but we also saw that you are the europe and commission president vonda lion coming forward to speak about whether or not that would be a formal recognition of the tyler bond. and there will 40 and i've gone to stun. she said that that's not something the g 7 would consider doubt very clear pre conditions to talk with taliban and shaw. michelle said there are operational talks that are necessary for the daily proceedings around cumberland at the airport. but this is completely separated from political talks or any question of recognition. and the g 7 was and is very clear that we have
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a very strict conditions. and that we stay united in the question of a recognition that is not on the table with the taliban. one question which has been raised as what to do about some of the aid money which goes to afghanistan. it has currently been frozen. and ms. vonda. ly, and pointing out that that money can't be given and put forth unless there are some solid guarantees. in particular to some of the human rights conditions that the west have put on that aid. we have 1000000000 euros set aside for the next 7 years for i've got her son in the u development systems. this a, there's no frozen and is frozen until we have solid guarantees and credible actions on the ground that the conditions are being met. and the theme being repeated by british prime minister barbara johnson, who said that when it came to talk with the father bon,
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that's the g 7 did have some leverage. and when it comes to engaging with the, with the taliban and engaging with the government in afghanistan, whatever, it's its exact composition, the g 7 has huge leverage. and today the g 7 agreed we brought them together and they agreed a roadmap for future engagement with the taliban. so if there's huge funds are going to be unfrozen eventually for use by the, the government and people of afghanistan. then what we're saying is i got this don canton look back into becoming a breeding ground of terror. dennis tom, a comp become a, a naco state. of course, there is still the process of forming a government in the future to be had. but the thought about also warning themselves when it comes to this question of whether or not forces will remain in the sun beyond august the 31st. they've been very clear if those countries like the us and
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others don't leave and there will be repercussions. meanwhile, in london, former african interpreters rally on monday against what they call the shameful behavior of britain's government. if slammed authorities for doing nothing to get their families out of the telephone controlled country, it's a strange thank you. they say for them placing their own life on the line. if i was in day, if i wouldn't say this tape how they will communicate with the people, how would they find out who is local, who is in surgery. so i've done a great job. but why do kill us? why? because afraid why target families leaving the home at the operational structures for today we come in year and they are just trying to get back to us. the 2nd option we've, we've really shown what we did myself, have a brother who is an interpreter,
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who was an interpreter for the british forces. he was here at the airport trying to get to the airport actually even did the front checkpoint with the telephone. my family as well, so they're trying to get through the telephone check point to get to the the crisis and i've kind of stand unfolds. wiki leaks is drawing attention to past revelations about america's longest war and a series of twitter post the organization. republish classified us documents, which at 1st leaked to the public a decade ago. back then wiki leagues founder julian songs warned that us intervention would be an endless war. beneficial to only a few. our correspondent don quarter comments. the swift fall of the afghan capital cast a dark shadow over every sacrifice made in the fight against the taliban. but there is a man who tried to stop things from going down this road. his name is julian, a son. she is the co founder of wiki leaks, and behind one of the biggest revelations in
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u. s. military history and 2010. the whistleblower group released the afghan papers for the 90. 1000 leaked reports that shed light on the grim affairs. the u. s. was for understandable reasons hesitant to share with the public the unvarnished ground level picture of the word of gaston, that is in many respects more green than the official betrayal of one of the biggest leagues in u. s. military history. a devastating portrait of the failing war in afghanistan. when these reports came into the public eye, washington's reaction was not to say, sorry, or even to try to deflect a guilt. instead, it shifted the blame onto
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a songs, calling him a criminal for apparently putting american lives in danger. wiki lakes walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service. it is an attack on the international community. julie, this is engaged in terrorism. he should be treated as an enemy combatant. so a sounds put american lives in danger when he showed the world how us soldiers actually killed innocent people, how publications documented their involvement. a case by case level in the death of more than 20000 people in afghanistan and more than 108000 people in iraq. and so when you want to distract from this, you just make the same accusation to the, to the person that is making accusation against you. wiki leaks determined that the 2006 operation medusa resulted in one of the highest civilian death tolls of the war. despite the shocking circumstances surrounding the event. it was poorly investigated. an american soldier was killed. they called in an ac 130 gunship.
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this is a c 130 cargo, refitted with canons on the side. it circled overhead and rained down shells the warlock say $181.00 enemy were killed. the logs also say there were no wound, little captured. it was a significant massacre. the afghan papers go on to suggest that the cover ups began with those actually carrying out the slaughter us soldiers reporting on their own actions, appeared to lump civilian deaths with the number of insurgency had killed. wiki leaks revelations also shed light on special task force. 373 and a lead unit tasked with hunting down taliban leaders. many times though, they were involved in the killing of civilian men, women, and children, and washington later trying to water down the situation with misleading information about what happened. one example of this was when the task force fired rockets at a compound quoting nefarious activity there. but it was apparently not the case. it
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does appear to be evidence of all crimes in this example is the task force free 73 high miles missile strike on a house which killed 7 children. nato later recognized the children's deaths they had caused, but said that initially they had no idea they were there. the colossal price american taxpayers paid needless suffering caused the fall of a corrupt, failed state. why did all this continue for so long? one answer is gigantic profits for giants of the military. industrial complex with stock returns from 2001 to 2021. for government contract companies like lockheed martin and northrop grumman totaling more than 1000 percent. it's one of many, seemingly inevitable consequences of what a san claimed is money making scheme of endless war to
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wash money out of the way out of the base of european africa back into the head of it's already on that in the all my goal in to have in local and no one or the west may want to bury the truth and condemn julian a song whose fate is still hanging in the air as he faces 175 years in prison. if extradited from a u. k. jail cell to the united states. we discussed the u. s. policy, and i've got to stand with journalist taylor who dock and a former whistleblower bared bro. i think the u. s. government to some extent. it doesn't really know what it's fighting for, nor the binding. pretty big thing. such, it's more of a reflexive sort of series of power plays by individuals in the government's domestically. the manner in which the u. s. has a pedal, whistleblowers,
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journalists, leakers facts, even before dropped into office. i think a ball into a, perhaps, to a, to all time low. and things that non improves and 1656 years. i think anyone who knows who they're talking about has to look at us as a wild animal and go from there. this is not the 1st time that jolina sanchez was correct in his assessment related to us foreign policy. i think we're having conversations about us wars in the middle east and in particular afghan, it's dan, it is so important to talk about julian authority and would you leave contributions? i think the united states government is seeking to make an example out of julian authority to show other journalists, this is what can happen to you if you expose the us military industrial complex. and if you embarrass the us government, we can lead showed us through the afghan war diaries and the rapport logged it. these were crimes were not happening here. and there,
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this is with some sort of rare occurrence. there were civilian casualties on a regular basis. in wiki leaf expose that we should be thinking, joanna sergeant, we should all be advocating for his immediate release because this was certainly public interest journalism in europe. major security problems continue in the processing of thousands of refugees who have so far managed to get out of afghanistan among those fleeing. the taliban are convicted criminals earlier repatriated by the you to afghanistan along with suspects on global security. watch lists are in the u. k. and after national on britain's no fly list made it into the country on a military plane, he was declared, however, to not be a person of interest and was free to go. and in france, the police have taken into custody when a 5 evacuated afghans alleged to have links to taliban. that suspect failed to comply with a stay at home order. and then in germany, meanwhile, some previously deported dams, with criminal records,
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managed to sneak back in through evacuation flights. the countries interior ministry says it is presently unable to screen people on the ground in afghanistan . the current procedure is a pragmatic one, which means that security checks on the basis of police findings will only take place in germany. it was deliberately decided that we no longer carry out checks on the spot, but after arrival in germany. meanwhile, hungry has said that it won't accept an unrestricted flow of migrants from afghanistan. the countries state secretary has underline that the chaos there could probably have been avoided. what we're seeing right now in capital, in other parts of garrison, is frightening. and i think it could bring about an error in migration and international terrorism that we didn't want and perhaps could have avoided while the evacuations continue, we have discussed some of the security concerns with charles shoe bridge if former counterterrorism intelligence officer, some degree,
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the concern is justified because often you've got a situation where g to the arctic situation on the ground and we're talking about the ground around and inside the capital airport in some way that it's taking place . not it means that got together with the problems that no doubt taking place in people haven't correct documentation. i'm a lot of problems around the actual nice know fly list themselves. what today is attention many times in the past, for example, in actresses of those, but also the ease with which people can get run days. in any case, it's not surprising that some cases have arisen and i think we can expect more to happen. meanwhile, in budapest, russia is foreign minister met with his on gary in counterpart as part of his you tour. sorry, lab i have discussed, i've got to stand on the west handling of the crisis. there are 2. peter oliver followed the joint news conference. i've got this done, as you would imagine being discussed by the foreign ministers as they address the
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media set again for all the russian foreign ministers saying that he had concerns that the use foreign policy chief had his priorities wrong when it came to the ongoing situation. global bodies give it to you for him. policy chief joseph burrell. immediately after the americans withdrew from the dentist and said, we must not allow of canister to go into the hands of russia and china. if the head of foreign policy thinks in such categories, then i feel sorry for your countries, you're forced to hear such a philosophy and apparently to support it. to me, that is not what mister burrell should be. worrying about you. we must rather look to the against springing com to their country as soon as possible for the whole thing to love to talk about. a potential role in russia could play as mediator with the taliban regime. so gala from said that russia had spoken to all sides enough for a long time, and that those dialogues would continue was in your mind if we have been helping
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the african sides for many years. the so called moscow form, it was created in russia with the participation of china pakistan in iran, the usa and the russian federation, and obviously with a form of government and the taliban. and now, after what happened in galveston on the ground, when a new reality has been created, it will have to do with it. co mitigation code interaction with the aim of creating favorable conditions for the against to reach an agreement on their own. alongside mr. law for off with on gary and foreign minister b to see also he said his country was grateful to russia for providing the foot and the v. c. and against the cove at 19 virus. he said that without those sputnik v vaccines, the country wouldn't have been able to get the vaccine rollout that they had. he also said that hungry host to be producing scott, nick v, inside its own territory in the very near future. like us, you know,
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for the we would not have been able to have the most successful vaccine roll out in the european union. the plan to manufacture the splitting the vaccine in the hungarian city of the bridge and starting at the end of 2022 will be manufacturing the vac thing through a russian license. thus, in the future will be less vulnerable for gala from describe the relationship between hungry and russia. as a pragmatic one, he said they didn't let geo politics get in the way of getting business done. however, he did points out that they don't agree exactly on everything. we've seen him that he has a whoop with my dish. we do appreciate hungary pragmatic behavior, as with a past doesn't pull geo political and ideological games above the interest of development and the economic cooperation. even though there are and will be some disagreements. what relationship doesn't have any disagreements every now and again, but the overall take away with the message of for the tire cooperation, where she was afraid. there was a multiple time 5 votes for a minute,
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says that they folks here in budapest, poland plains, a plans to build a wall along its border with bellows and double. the number of troops had, has his station there to oppose the recent influx of migrants. that as you countries remain on alert over a surge of refugees from afghanistan and iraq. we are dealing with an attack on poland. it is an attempt to trigger a migration crisis. we will not allow the creation of a route for the transfer of migrants via poland to the european union. neighboring lithuania also plans to complete its own bell russian border wall next year. those countries along with a fellow member states latvia and estonia, say the bell roof has been facilitating. the surge of migrants has a form of hybrid warfare. they claim this is in retaliation to you, sanctions against minsk. meanwhile, pollings government insists it has sent essential items to dozens of migrants
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stranded on its border with bellows. where saw recently came under fire from rights groups over the trapped refugees who include women and children. they are said to have been stuck at the border for more than a week. poland has denied them entry, saying that they are the responsibility of bella luce, a former vice chair of the european council on refugees and exiles. keith best says while building by such countries has previously proven ineffective, we remember 2015 hungry built a wall against refugees coming in from serbia. i mean the these measures which may be particular. busy to better, really lithuania is now trying to build a will v you money against better is for the same reasons as, as potent. so it seems to be an endemic problem that people keep on wanting to build walls. sadly, they're not very effective in achieving the objectives, but the originators want the answer is to have an international agreement about how
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to deal with migration flows that are caused as a result of war or oppression. or. busy change in regime countries coming together, not trying to so these things individually as countries by building the piece of war. but actually by having a concert, i'm afraid it is one of the massive failures. busy of the european union as an institution, i mean it's been based upon nimbus. i'm not in my backyard. so every country has to be exclusive in saying it's not prepared. busy to take refugees, america is back in vietnam. that is the curious slogan. the u. s. government is using to compliment vice president. common harris has a rival in hon. no way to strengthen economic ties. there that after her rival was delayed over and health incident according to the u. s. embassy there. here's our
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cheese. john hardy, with more curious and somewhat alarming way to start the trip that said, vice president harris pushed ahead with her trip to vietnam, arriving in hanoi right around 10 p. m. local time. there it was delayed several hours. however, because of a health situation, according to officials in hanoi now the u. s. embassy, there released a statement reading quote. earlier this evening, vice president's travelling delegation was delayed from departing singapore because the vice president's office was made aware of a report of a recent possible anomalous health incident in hanoi vietnam. after careful assessment, the decision was made to continue with the vice president's trip. you're probably wondering what the term anomalous health incident means. well, it's basically the u. s. government term and, and essentially code word for the have on a syndrome. it's a neurological condition defined by, among other things, dizziness, nausea, my range and memory loss. and i got the name after american officials based and of course have on a cuba 1st reported experiencing the symptoms back in 2016. and since then, 3rd,
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been dozens of other cases. actually more than 200 and counting of us state department. ca, embassy personnel, and other us diplomats and officials reporting the symptoms in china, russia, and most recently, actually vienna austria now at least 2 embassy staffers were reportedly sickened by these symptoms in hanoi and will at some point, reportedly be met evac out of illinois for treatment vice president harris meanwhile, did not take reporters questions. upon landing in vietnam, her spokesperson said that the delay had nothing to do with the v p. 's health, adding quote, she as well, all is fine and looking forward to meetings and annoyed tomorrow. that's the news. this hour in about 32 and a half minutes, i'll be back with another full and fresh look. this is our national. mm. the ah,
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hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter lavelle last me and appears to be near washington's 20 year effort to nation building. tennyson was always going to end this way, a complete and total failure. it is doubtful. the corrupt government in kabul will last long after the american withdrawn of dennis and remains broken and the american people poor and no one is held to account the cross walking up canister. and i'm joined by my guess, marvin wind bomb in washington. he is the director of afghanistan and pakistan studies at the middle east institute in del mar. we have scott ritter. he is a former intelligence officer and the united nations weapons inspector. and in kabul we have we stocked.


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