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what the administration hoped to accomplish this, china's envoys, the un says the us army and their coalition partners should be held accountable for allegedly violating rights. and i'm going to stand and should continue to press forward. this is the director also needs for the leader of the taliban in afghanistan. and what was supposed to be a secret meeting, raising lots of questions as well are for hopes to give us some answers we are searching for. and a california man was arrested in possession of narcotics, voted hand guns and hundreds of election ballot or bringing the story, plus the $360.00 view of how the california recall election for governor newsome is progressing. i'm going to use all of these stories on today's edition of new views right here on our t america. let's get started. ah . following the debacle of the us troop withdrawal and again it's in the u. s. is
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in full damage control mode. world leaders are wondering whether or not us is trustworthy, are still the superpower of the past. now the white house, the answers to those questions well, vice president comma harris, who is currently on a 7 day trip through asia with a goal of shifting the heat on to china in regards to security and control of the south china sea. in the south china sea, we know that beijing continuance to coerce to intimidate and to make claims to the vast majority of the south china sea. and asians actions continue to undermine the rules based order and threaten the sovereignty of nations. well that's as she discuss with singapore leaders, holiday gift shopping and climate change, rather than focusing on the events afco, stan, and the speech sitting and singapore. the stories that we are now hearing about.
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the caution that if you want to have christmas toich for your children, it might now be might that be the time to start buying them? because the delay may be many, many months. now, china is appealing to the us saying the us and our allies committed right violations in afghanistan should be punished. so it seems like, while harris is going around trying to take a little job to china, china went straight to the juggler and took it to the top governing body of the world. so i don't know if this is more odd than awkward guess what? i know, man who will steve gil, for us trade official joint optics of her being in vietnam while we're seeing sort of a deja vu all over again. vietnam withdraw moment in afghan. a stand is just the kind of optics that somebody in the white house ought to be fired for. well, and that's the common is i get all the time. if anything, if you are going over into this region, why would you not make this more of a focus of your trip? and yet very little as being said, which kind of goes along with what's happening here in the u. s. in regards to stan,
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besides just positive points, but in reality we always had this conversation with any administration. what caniff vice president it actually accomplish and is harris thing to the country she's visiting, are just gonna say, hey, you know what, i'm going to drop all times leadership to china and i want to follow the united states because of your leadership. well, i don't think anybody watching world events during the, by the administration's public policy failures is thinking that our allies in our adversaries are, are going to be anything other than scared and emboldened on those 2 fronts. you know, and then for her to bring up this christmas shopping spree, i guess it is appropriate because we've just gifted the taliban, $83000000000.00 worth of armament weapons and an aircraft. so it's been christmas in cobble. so i guess that's why it's on her mind and then for to also bring up climate change as an issue that might delay christmas present. i guess again the taliban and by the administration are and please watch step because the taliban announced today that they're going to be doing what they can to fight against
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global climate change. so again, whether it's giving them free weapons for christmas or whether it's enlisting their support to stop the rising tide that may prevent christmas in america, it seems like this is an administration that is off point on every single issue. and steve, i mean, you have to think when you're talking about a terrorist group actually talking about something like climate change, like they're a legitimate government, like other countries are supposed to be worried about. you have to wonder what is going on here. and you have to wonder, considering there's still chaos in the streets about ganesha. the taliban would even think even bring this up. seems a little bit. what's the word oxymoron. it is kind of comes to mind. feel like moronic part. yeah. well that's been, keep in mind. they are, they are absolutely on a p r offensive to make it look like they're the kinder sweeter, gentler, you know taliban 2 point. oh, and yet the stories were already getting from from afghanistan of the torture, the brutality directed at women directing those who have helped the u. s. and now we've got this hard deadline that,
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that we're going ahead and pulling our troops out while the taliban is saying, you know, there is no safe spot for americans or afghani who are trying to leave here. while president obama speeds up the process of removing whatever forces we have there, they can help guarantee some sort of a simple exit well, and that's what brings us back into china. and it's because china has gone to the u . n. and say, hey, guess what? us and all their allies, they've done wrong and i guess they need to be punished. i'm kind of wondering why china would take this to the you and kind of drawing this line and say, and saying, guess what, you, the country you need to decide between china or the united states. who are you going to stand with? meanwhile, comma harris today in the singapore we're saying we're not going to make you decide asia. do you think calmly knows where these countries in asia would actually choose to stand within the present? you know anybody watching world events, right? now that's an ally has to be concerned about whether this alliance is, is as strong as it pretend to be or has been under previous administrations. i mean, we saw basically the chinese, you know,
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show their muscle and hong kong they are continuing to threaten taiwan. you know, if you're a taiwanese resident or a time when he's business, you've got to be terrified that the chinese seem to be looking at what's going on an afghan to stay in and other parts of the world serving. we can take taiwan and the biden administration won't lift a finger to help them. our allies and our adversaries again, are watching very closely what's happening and gain a stand and sadly for america's future. the lessons that both are learning is not good for us. well, and we've looked at common harrison in the last 2 months, you've kind of sooner on the back burner. she was given in charge of the border. we know how that goes with the price is still happening and they sent her on this trip today. some people suggested they're trying to beef comma harris's foreign policy resume and see how she handles that. is this trip actually helping or hurting her in regards to how she has diplomat? how she handles the diplomatic relations with countries that are both adversarial as well as our friends, but not when she talks nonsense about christmas shopping and global. busy warming
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and ignoring the global crisis that is going on an afghan to stay. and i think if anything it underlines that she is not ready for prime time. but then as anybody in this administration really ready for prime time and the challenges that were confronting, you know, the bottom line is that she's a little bit like hillary clinton in that her poll numbers do better when she's invisible than when she's visible. so part of the idea may have been to get her out of town. so she didn't have to comment and maybe make missteps about afghanistan. but i don't know that that's helpful when she's making, you know, silly, ridiculous comments about christmas shopping when, when the world is aflame, always stay. we talked about what, what is being talked about by comma harris, the christmas shopping. what's not, i can say, but one thing that was not talked about that if i'm very curious today, us review of covert origins. it in today, you're getting very little press about that. the research, suppose it, the u. s. was doing to figure out where exactly this virus came from, the source, it comes out say, but do you think the vice president is even bringing up this topic?
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obviously vietnam's been hit by it. obviously singapore has had their own issues as well. but yet we're not hearing this mentioned why not. we know where it came from . it came from wu han, it came from china. it is clearly a weaponized virus or it wouldn't have the kind of ongoing capabilities that it's shown. and yet again, this is an administration that can't directly confront china anymore than they can directly confront. it ran russia or anybody else in the world, because they don't have the strength of character, the strength of, of conviction to actually go toe to toe with our adversaries. in the world, so they can talk tough, like kamala harris has done a little bit in, in singapore, in vietnam, but actions speak louder than words. and i think the world's looking at the actions in afghanistan. and sadly, knowing that this administration's words don't mean anything, including not being willing to confront china on what the whole world knows this came from china, and yet they paid no price in it. well, i'd say, i think it's like if you think if the united states and this of this phrase is not
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willing to stand up the taliban, if they're going to be not willing to stand it. if they're going to way to stand up to china. i mean, it's like asking david or goliath, which when you think they're scared of and if they're scared of david, i can tell you they don't wanna take on the life, steve, always great talking with you. thanks guy. that's the ongoing situation and i can stand. yes. president joe biden says evacuations are on track for the august 31st deadline to finish by august the 31st. the completion bog is 31st, depends upon the tale bond continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport . for those who are transfer, we're transporting out no disruption to our operations. in addition, i've asked the pentagon and the state department for contingency plans to adjust the time table. should that become necessary? i think it would be ok to debate whether or not the taliban is really cooperating at this point with the united states west hughes. but i'll leave that to you joe. meanwhile, the joe also decided to send the director to the taliban to ask for safe passage of
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americans her present bite and did not realize what he said. william burns to meet with. abdulla ghani bar r dar is that florida has been 8 years. any prison filing a joint ca pakistani operation. therefore, the irony of having the director of the ca now asking a favor to the head of the taliban and expressing a positive response is laughable. and of course, the deadline of august 31st remains in place to discuss for try me by merely veteran and founder of the american veterans polish network. chris and i, we see with the withdrawal, there was no preparation. there were logistical errors. it's shocked, absolutely ridiculous. and now we're seeing continued sorta variation and strategy differential between intelligence agencies, the white house. it's just the ultimate lead from behind strategy. it's truly embarrassing and it's really got relay consequences. so it's more than just
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criticizing a, a goofy president. what a goofy president, who's causing some serious problems for american citizen, jack in interpreters and our allies around with low. okay, so chris really has a question and this is for the idea of moving forward. what is the best way to ask a favor from a group like the taliban do we know has a history of causing violence and chaos within the streets they take over? i mean, the intelligence community is known for clandestine communications are trying to leverage any type of other arrangements that may be of interest that we have a minimal negative impact on our forces or our foreign policy. it's very difficult . i don't think it's likely that we're going to be able to secure something both on just the trustworthiness of this entity in general at the taliban. what things they follow around. but i do think the intelligence community would have some co bones and quotes,
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so to speak. that they could maybe throw to try to secure something and we just have to hope that military personnel, our challenges services to offset the absolute lack of will power from his current administration. and it's, it's just truly embarrassment after embarrassment. and clearly the foreign policy credentials with present abide and have been total failures from come all harris, just completely and educated, completely uncommitted, and just glued to her teleprompter. well, that being said, you know, you, you talk about when you're going into any negotiation who you send in considering the history of the leader of the child. when do you think the director of the cia was the right person to send it? don't you think walking into that room already hit the leader of the taliban would be in it and it advantage they are h i hate to be just extra pessimistic care, but i just don't see that much room for success. it's just not a part of the ones that they've obviously got the upper hand. i think the chances of having some sort of successful negotiate with the taliban currently is just
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completely. it's going to be finishing returns and it's, it's not likely, but obviously we have to put some sort of plan forward and any kind of clandestine concessions that don't really give a farmer side of the us is our best bet. and we're certainly playing from behind. what's our best bet is to hope that our soldiers services have some sort of bowl and they can offer. it will give us a chance to have some sort of variation and get something out of this. well, you know, just when i'm watching this coverage or when the story 1st, i thought wait a minute, how can we actually chris get a ca, director in and out of afghanistan. but we're not able to get americans and a large number of americans over the past few weeks out. and they're even saying they probably want to be able to get them out by august 31st. how can i direct or get in and out of can stand, but we can't get anybody else? well, it goes to priority soon. as you know, there's many current operations go around. there's many american veterans that are involved in the back that misinterpreted some of these veterans that will even
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break the law to get those guys out of there because their lives have depended on. so obviously there's a lot of operations truly going on. the private sector effort teach is very encouraging. in case this goofy administration can't, can't get it right. but we've obviously seen people just flooding into the southern border. so it's kind of ironic. we're going to hang our allies out to drive it protected many men and women in better serve their truly industries. not a surprise to me, but hopefully we'll be able to secure something with with the taliban of minimal health. ideally, i guess we've gone from saying that a terrorist negotiated with the thing is what i find funny. burns was the same c i a agent who negotiated the iran deal. $15000000000.00. now some, i'd say this is a pay off. others might say it was the iranian money, whatever it is, somehow $15000000000.00 went back to the iranians. we didn't find out about it for a few years. interesting to see if any money was on the table in this case as well . he obviously has access to it. now i am always great to talk with you. thanks for
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joining us. when we return things a criminal might find useful to have guns and drugs election ballot pretty to renew this very odd story out of california. and what happened to the person arrested for a legal possession of all story after the break. ah ah ah ah, i will. i
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hello, driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me. oh, that was a mark. sounds good. i took marking function. you got a good way to show me
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what to do. john? i got on the how did i put it on the top limit and i wanted them to be skilled back to do the work for me. one above the less about me and the many california and we're not happy with how governor gavin knew some handle the kronos pandemic. after telling the state to wear a mask in between bites of food, there's actually publicly seen at a high and restaurant the large group of friends not wearing
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a mask. one of the several reasons the locals are getting ready to vote in newsome to recall election. but there are also few issues happening along the way or to correspondent touch suite has more on what police have encountered. please found a man at a 711 here and torn asleep in his car in addition to drugs and fire arms. they also saw that he was in possession of more than 300 stolen battle is for the recall election ballot is also appearing in your mailbox, making this about as easy as it's ever been. well, getting a ballot in your mailbox is convenient. there was also more of a risk with balance getting stolen. a man was arrested monday and torrance at 711 was sleep in his car. please say there were over 300 stolen recall ballots. however, they were not opened or tampered with. uncle police said they found a loaded hand gun, some narcotics, and then a bunch of mail which turned out to be over $300.00 election ballot in the back seat. some addresses were from nearby lawndale and compton, so far police had to determine a motive. this video or foreseen on social media,
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some claim it's showing to women, caught on camera stealing recall election balanced at an apartment complex in valley village. police have not commented on any findings from this video. and as a recall election years, candidates are stacking up against new some, including the re elder and caitlin jenner. there's a lot of governor can do, but we have to have a governor that actually is willing to do this. new service never even went down to the border. i cannot believe that discussion. been in office and never been to the board. the recall election for governor summer is set for september 14th. please say they're working with the local l. lee county elections office as well as the us postal inspector about this case reporting for news you choose akasha sweets receipt to give us a 360 view of how things are actually going into the california gover recall. we bring into a credit commentator jan bonus and joe collins, california congressional candidate, and us navy veteran. thank you so much for joining me. a give me. ok. so
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joe, i'm going to start with you on this one. do you think the people of california for watching the story? these are just 2 examples that we have found that they should actually word that the recall governor's election is being filled with fraud on either side. i'll be there in a long time, even to jo. even before the tab and i've been in, it's for a long time that people should be worried. i mean, we thought in 2020 election and we knew that a democrat hello all the stuff, the issue or the gather news, state and office. during this election we know he started will $40000000.00. nancy pelosi is on t comma harris is coming from the gate of nowhere to campaign format. we know that democrats even a you and, and all these other organizations are pulling all the stop to ensure that gather newsome stays in the office. now the one thing that republicans and conservatives fail to realize that nobody is going to play this election pair and you have to play the same exact game. if you want to win if the democrats are playing. well,
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that's over to jan on this. do you feel like democrats right now are playing games in regards to this? i mean, there's one kid on their side and he's in office currently right now. republicans have put multiple, i think there's at least 4 main known ones. do you think that the democrats also are going or looking at the republicans, putting them under the microscope, making sure that they're not committing fraud? well, i think this whole issue of massive voter fraud is just one of the biggest fraud has been circulating around the country since to 2020 election. it may look there if it's not a perfect system, there may be flaws here and there, but even the most partisan attorney general and history and that was william bar, the justice department concluded that there was no credible fraud that it was committed in the 2020 election, so this is just a canard to suggest that of the tens and tens of millions of voters that go to this pole. but there's massive fraud is just at outlandish a story. and the republicans have been tried to forward that sense. trump legitimately lost the 2020 election and it really undermines democracy. so that's
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the response i make to what i think is more important issue here. well, and that's the issue is the role. that's my question. well, the democrats in california, if it turns out that they are able to have enough 50 all it takes is 50 percent plus one. if they're able to get that. recall gavin newsom. g, i do think the democrats will accept that, or will we hear these still claims, as we've heard on both sides the aisle when their candidate last from the democrats said there was fraud involved in this election? well, like i said 1st, why don't they just city fraud, i'm confident of that. and secondly, i don't recall any repub, any democrats over the last many, many years talking about when they lose election, that there's fraud or massive fraud. so the democrats certainly aren't in a position to make that got argument cuz it's not true. the fact is, that the fact is that this election will be fair. there won't be any fraud. and whoever wins or whoever lives will be by, by, by the results. and i don't know who's going to win. i have my favorites. but nevertheless,
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it's not going to be one punctuated or characterized at any level by fraud. well, not the thing, joe. if you listen to jana, democrats are very, very obvious. say that fraud does not happen. i love that. they are very, i really, i, i hope it there, right. i hope that we don't have fraud. and yet, i've seen that accusation where they have a 2016 and there was brought in an interference. and there is a difference between the 2, joe. what is your response to that? the democrats say there isn't probably because, by the way, with cases like showing it doesn't say whether who those ballots are for, couldn't be used for say, listen, we need to throw it all out. because obviously there's been some misnomers that have happened that we can't explain could that also prepare the grounds the throughout the election itself? well, i'm going to tell you this. i'm going to agree and disagree with that would end at the same time. the reason why i'm going to agree is because he is right, there is no election fraud, it's election integrity issues. and i'm going to disagree because we feel every time a republican winds up as you see, i'll leave the mcgrath maxine waters. nancy pelosi talking about was fraud and election. so to say that there is no fraud and democrat never yo fraud is,
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is like crime what happens every single time we can ignore it, fine, whatever. but look, i'm gonna tell you like this, you know, i hope that the election doesn't have friday. i hope that we have a free and fair election, but we know that's not going to happen. i mean, even if you look at the balance now they have a little circle that, you know, allows anybody who collect balance and see if you, you know, mark yes, to recall gavin newsome and that's the, that's the easy throw away for about harvesting is. busy legal in california, we have an influx of illegal immigrants and we have the motor voter system even do dish was out lie 1500000 people on our registered voter role. that should not be there that are eligible to vote. unfortunately, we're going to have some, a lay of regularity issues and it's a lesson, but we can pray that it's ok to jana fact to you. i mean, obviously i get it election days pretty hard for one person on a day. the longer we make it though, the more time that is, don't you have these questions that are that come up? is there any way i mean a month to have an election?
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isn't that a little bit too long to expect that there would be issues that arise and i'm not even talk about the governors races. i'm talking about any of these races as we're going to move forward that a month is a long time to have some sort of election and not expect something might go wrong with it. well, if history is any guide and i think history should be, there's been virtually no fraud that has resulted in and changed a election in this country at least in my lifetime. the only exception to that might have been in 1960. when i think richard nixon was probably rightfully deprived of the presidency by the manipulation of a daily machine in illinois. i love john kennedy, i'm glad he was president. but you know, in retrospect as i've matured, i'm sure that that election was stolen from richard nixon. but that's the last election that i'm aware of in modern history that might have been stolen. and jose comment that nancy pelosi and maxine waters are always calling broad. i've never
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seen that. i don't know what newspapers is reading the only thing that they've observed is the fraud that has been purch perpetuated on the democrats by the republicans filing these frivolous lawsuits in pennsylvania and in georgia and elsewhere around the country to try to overturn the legitimate election of 2020, that's the only fraud that has ever ever occurred in relation to this election. okay, so simple question for both of you. why did this man have 300 balance? i open balance and it's back. see where did those come from? real simple. where do you think jan? well, i mean, look at, why did he have guns and drugs? i mean, you know, we have to balance what she going to do with and he's gonna sit there and fill out the names at $300.00 voters. i mean, that's just one of those st. we'll probably find out that he stole it from a polling place. i don't know, but it's, that's a kind of massive fraud that could ultimately and influence an entire election in a state of california with 1000000 voters. i'd 6 no, but it's sad to think that balance or that is available as gun and drugs to get that scary going forward. thank you for joining me. that is all for today. show
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guys i quick, but you know, in the meantime we can continue this conversation or you follow me on twitter at scottie and hughes. make sure you that has human vh. and for this show and more, you do not want to miss out on downloading the portable dot tv app. it's free on your android device, the all of the great programming we have here at our t america. and as we continue to follow these stories, continue watching r t america where we really appreciate your view. thank you so much and we will see you later. the ah ah, is you'll media a reflection of reality? the in the world transformed what will make you feel safer?
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tycer lation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth watches in the world corrupted? you need to this end. ah, so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, our military mission against them will conclude. on august 31st. i went to the phone, so who did go to us all the quote unquote, a young girl who i really need for my you got to do that, you know, southern company the cut chicago with whatever. okay. that was really the place to get a quote to show that this was the right weapon
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against the right and the local. no, no, no bought it from but it was filled out through z o o z the the signing of the us to all about agreement. and i laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan. and i know that mcdonald and he joined me every thursday on the alex salmon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the moon
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the, the clock's ticking for evacuation. some car bull is the taliban blogs. any deadline extension and puts the brakes on citizens fleeing abroad. we hear from the mayor of ca, bullet by the situation on the ground in the capital. the departure of many people from up on the sun. this has created some sort of things among the rest of the population. this is very good opportunity for some people. they would like to take this opportunity and go elsewhere. also a sparks of potter to them or fear of for shouldn't slipping away, may be, well us weapons contract has called for a continuation of the mission and i've got to stand. but as american mainstream media forgotten, that could be a conflict of interest going on to white to be true.


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