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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 26, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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sharp gandhi's presidential palace they're attempting to put on a more professional phase. they're attempting a public relations campaign, but kind of tale bonds, leadership control the taliban rank and file. that's another question. and we have seen attacks on has are, as we have seen attacks on girls schools. so it's an open question. max, always a really appreciate your work. you've done some really good stories more around the world. max blumenthal editor of the grades are in joining us here. in austin international appreciate it marks. thanks for your time. thanks a lot. well today's the had been warnings of an eminent terror attack outside cobble that board with multiple european leaders now readjusting their plans in the wake of today's last. it comes out the 31st of august deadline fost approaches past which no western forces ought to remain in cobble. earlier i heard from europe correspond peter oliver and in u. k. r t z e to ali who brought us both, brought us up to speed on the latest international reaction. it will start with you,
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have we heard anything concrete yet from the decision makers in europe's capital? well, not just in europe from the us as well on tony a good t, as just recently has said that he will be convening a meeting of the un security council on monday. specifically to talk about the ongoing situation in afghanistan here in year if we've heard from sha michelle, the counsel president who condemned the attack and said that he hoped this wasn't going to see a resurgence in terrorism emanating from of gun stun, nato secretary general, yet installed in but also adding his voice to the condemnation of this attack. he said this evacuations would continue, that, that remained the priority. getting people out through cobble apple where they possibly could. when it comes to germany, they hide the nouns through and kind of cut them both. the german defense minister that the german evacuation mission had been completed. that's the evacuation of all
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german soldiers diplomats and the remaining german police officers that were on the ground in afghanistan. they have since sent one transport plane back to cobble apple. this is a special called go transport plane for, for taking people who require immediate medical assistance, taking people from the ground, they're who being caught up in this horrific terrorist attack and flying them off to what we understand to german bases in back histone where they couldn't receive medical treatment there. we've also heard from high co must the german foreign minister who confirmed that there were no german personnel, no gen and citizens involved in the, the terrorist attack, you know, no, no germans were among. busy be killed or wounded on the grounds, and when it comes to the evacuation process, i said it had being completed angle emacula, german chancellor, describing this attack as despicable said be the window of being able to get people out of the country. well,
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close pretty much and i'm going to come cut about the defense minister blaming that window. closing on the taliban, taken into consideration, this evening's events. we see that the risk is close. so this is a high pressure situation in which to evacuate people from the country and operate an al lift. we know that the time window is narrowing the anomaly the, the attack that we saw today, and of which had been warned in recent days. and also this morning had made it clear that the problem geishas of the operations in kabul is not possible. the security situation on the ground. tell mr. feasel to allow an expansion pass the 31st of august have made this impossible. well here in rome, the defense ministry concert, no italians had been caught up amongst the killed other wounded from the terrorist attack on friday. what we have seen though. busy with a number of those countries announcing the end of the evacuation programs, norway said it was impossible for them to take anymore. people out. they've been
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joined by belgium, poland, and canada. all saying there was no more left to be involving that personnel from the ground from. we heard from emanuel chrome that the french president was speaking in dublin during meeting with the irish leadership. what he said was that there was 20 boxes of french nationals on the guns that france was wanting to evacuate from the country. 20 pulses waiting near or right cobble airport that they intended to try and get them out. but it didn't look good for them doing that so far. you said that the embassy was being evacuated in the, the french ambassador to afghanistan would continue his work from rome to london. isa over to you, any reaction from downing street because it wasn't so long ago that london was saying he would like to actually see that deadline extended? absolutely. we've been seeing, in fact, over the last few days, warnings coming from you. k officials that there would potentially be some type of
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attack, specifically targeting the evacuation is termed some warning go their own systems, of course, about the potential threats of this attack. and it's now played out as johnson, the prime minister. however, saying that the u. k. will be found that they will, they see is their responsibility to continue to get people out of the country and say, those efforts will still continue. we're going to continue without operation and we're now coming to towards the end of it to the very end of it. in any event, what this attack shows is the importance of continuing that work in a fast and efficient manner as possible in the hours to remain to us. and that's what we're going to do. the case manager of the fence have been saying today that they are working closely with best sources in their own assets that are in trouble
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to try to establish exactly what happened as we've been hearing this evening. and it appears that the attack is being attributed to the so called bombing state in quarter sawn group, who of course, in the past, attacked the town of johnson. interestingly, himself, he wouldn't be drawn and exactly who is responsible, but took the time to explain. and to point out, as well as how about members as well have been killed in this attack. likely bar is something that realizing that of course, we talked about how been assisting those evacuation attempts, but also not wanting to call playing on them because of course, those lines of communication, those lines of negotiation are going to be key in the common day, not just again for that continuing education effort, but of course going forward about the type of government we might see enough crowds done and what role the cannibal place in that and what influence the u. k. would like to keep going forward so far as johnson,
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as it was still continuing to decidedly have that evacuation attempt continue. but also, of course, not costing any blame as an issue to say that's still establishing before facts. now let's give you a recap. now, of oper i can use from afghanistan, us update all the numbers for you that happy to confirm explosions just outside the international airport in cobble where, of course, a chaotic evacuation effort has been underway ahead of the us military withdrawal. reportedly 60 people have been killed in a 150 injured. the pentagon has just confirm 12 american soldiers are among the dead, with 15, wounded by the explosions come just hours after western governments had warned a security threat that so far there be no serious claim of responsibility. tyler, by nearly downplayed terror threat warnings as a provocation. and it's now saying several of its own gods were injured in the blast along with women and children. there are unconfirmed reports that
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a terror group called isis k, which is an afghan affiliate of islamic state may be behind the attack. early report suggests the 1st explosion was a suicide bomber. the 2nd was a car bomb. and the 2nd happened near the byron hotel, where british and americans have been based in recent days awaiting evacuations. a several european nations announced earlier on thursday that they will halting their evac from cobble. they're still around 1500 americans and other foreign nationals still enough. got us on the old trying to get out of the country before the us with your old deadline, which is now 5 days away. well, it's a short time ago we discussed the terror types outside cobble airport, with a number of experts on the region. on one could imagine that there would be various groups operating on the ground and the i s on the i s k that is set to be responsible. we need to have a responsibility claim they could be people coming back from the middle east,
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or at least part of whom i would be coming back from the middle east after you know, participating in the me, him over there and iraq and siri and so on. and they would be claiming legitimacy, and for them, this is an opportunity. and the russia now would be those people who are gathered even civilians who aren't gathered in front of the airport gates or nothing but collaborators and look at the taliban. and they are allowing them to go so they shouldn't be allowing them to go and basically be this whole operation would be about telling right wing works 3, missed the elements in the entire of understand that the taliban are not the people who are supposed to protect us and to protect and we are so it's basically a recruitment exercise there stealing some of the legitimacy from the town. and if they could kill or injure some of the western soldiers,
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especially american soldiers, and that would be even better. you know, the more the merrier. there is another element as well, which is a bit more strategic or, and which is that this sort of action would put stream on the evacuation process. it would force more screening. it would put strain on the supply chain of people entering the airport. and so this could force the united states or push it into a position where it might want to extend that 31st of august deadline, which would put strain you know, between the united states and the town about the relation between the united states and the tolliver so basically all of it is about upsetting the apple cart. and if we think of, you know, terrorists or extremist people then pretty much the same. but if we think about tribal affiliations, then people are different. so this is where are they?
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those, you know, i s k assuming that they are the ones responsible might be coming from one of the criticisms that will, undoubtedly, you will be put forward in any future in investigation or committee. look at this operation will be the inevitability of this, this kind of attack that, you know, the united states created the conditions for this very incident in the manner in which this operation unfolded. so yeah, and we need to realize that just because, you know, the one bomb went off. there's real potential for additional attacks isis course on is a very sophisticated terrorist organization. and there are still many, many targets out there. you know, we, we went the way we went into couple invitation that was generated,
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you know, lends itself to this, this kind of attack and, and these targets are still there. the citizens are still crammed in americans and british are still stuck in places outside of the airport, awaiting ex filtration. so this is a, this is a tragedy. i do think we're going to see increased cooperation between the coalition that the telephone and rapidly ex filtrate identify pockets of foreigners . up until now the telephone has been provide, you know, is been creating more obstacles than, than, than, than facilitation. i think the child on once the americans out now and they will do everything in their power. now that just attack is taken place to help the coalition get it's identified. citizens out of cobol. i think that will be one thing that comes out of this. no, because the child understands it,
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the longer these, these pockets of americans and british and foreigners existing couple of the greater detract from isis. and it makes you tell by look bad they're supposed to be in gendering competence among the afghan people. and indeed of the coalition that they are in control, the security situation and football in a check like this only underscore is that nobody's in control or security situation and or of course, life after max abraham is associate professor of political science at northeastern university of boston. where it's now nearly 4 in the afternoon. good to see today the pentagon has just said is now working with the taliban to deter islamic state in afghanistan. does that mean the cub bullet tank has brought the form of foes closer together? well, there was a deal struck of course, between the united states and the town and 3rd, many details of the deal, but the bones and that were that the united states was going to read canister in
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return. the taliban was going to patrol that country in terms of the counter terrorism and certainly make it so that americans wouldn't get killed. of course, the main reason the u. s. within i can see and was following 911 for counterterrorism purposes. in hearing you have the us, you know, being struck with multiple fatalities and suicide, attackers seem to number 10, a t 12 now reported american fatality. right. and so of course, now the united states is saying to the taliban, you must do better. we need to get out of this country and you need to facilitate these evacuation. and so that is going to require the child to go after yesterday, the presume perpetrators in a way like they never have before. but we've been hearing, you know,
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for many years now. taliban taliban by taliban is a military organization. tyler by no terrorists, not to tell the telephone is seen as a militant organization or a terrorist organization by a number of countries around the world, including that of russia. but what kind of cooperation could we be expecting then between the us and the taliban? do you think? well, i certainly get the gist of your question. it is deeply ironic that the united states would be especially fighting the taliban for 20 years. and now all of a sudden the towel van controls copper war and the u. s. is dependent on the towel band for its own safety. i. 1 think that the main urea of cooperation will be with just the call on the ground for the evacuation because 3rd, still numerous americans. the number is often changing its fluid but
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certainly they need to get. a you know, the u. s. military needs to get. a say a 1000 american for whatever the current number is out of the country. and that's going to require some toby and help in particular, to tell the end is going to be asked to expand the security perimeter in order to ensure that you know, future terrorists don't get so close to the airport. and this is particularly the case because we're not just talking about us military planes which have some defensive capabilities. but there are charter civilian planes. also running sorties for the americans that are in a private capacity. and so clearly the u. s. military wants to push away the military as far as possible from the american. what do you make max of the timing of this attack today? the cobble international airport by this group is called isis k. talk to us about
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the timing and i guess possibly as well. what kind of message is isis k trying to send with today's attack of the car bull airport? well, i think for us there's a lot of loose talk about military groups in afghanistan, including i watched cnn today, there was a lot of conflation by general mcmaster about these different kinds of militant groups. but there really is an important difference between the taliban and islamic feet. kerry, which is basically the b i. yes. appeal yet based in canada and where is photography and what's the american to lead back in a fan. and they want to transition from a know to group to a government the same way that they were essentially from 1996 to 2001. and the sense that they were the government to toby and says that he does moderated and to an extent,
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i believe that that's true to an extent i s k. on the other hand is much more extreme. it doesn't have clear political goals and it is more extreme, not just in terms of its ideal would you but also in terms of it could bloody americans. it will, this is true anywhere in the world, and if it can bloody the local population and civilians, it will do that as well. whereas the kelvin is much more careful in how to wield the pilots and show up the united states doesn't trust hotel. but relative to r u. k, the taliban is moderate in the u. s. hopes to work with the taliban. at least until the u. s. can extricate itself from this war torn countries. max abraham's associate professor of political science at northeastern university in boston. we appreciate your time. thanks for joining us here on our end to national anytime i will take the story even father. we continue on breaking news coverage here on the
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asi, international live now to cobble to ortiz morales guest vf, who has been joining us now throughout the evening, hours here on the international with breaking news mode. we've just watched the pentagon press, the not much frankly was said about these attacks at the board to confirm the tax with the cobble app or do you have any updates for us now from the afghan capital it will things the things are very tense here in the last 20 minutes we've heard 2 more explosions. one of them powerful is being corroborated by local press, no, no indication as to the source. well, what is happening, though, there is some talk of as strikes. we have cartoon no way of confirming that but there is that. busy going around room was and speculation at this point. nevertheless, nathan activity is over the last 36 hours at this point unprecedented. we've been
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here for almost 2 days. we haven't seen this sort of intensity as support, evidently. flying overhead. we had heard the united states say that those behind list will be held accountable for their actions once, as it is established, who precisely was, was behind these double bombings. a couple put the claims that claimed the lives of a dozen american service, much more injured. so there, there is definitely a lot of action here on the ground. also the pentagon saying that it is coordinating with the taliban to ensure security around the airport. i would like to say that that may be a very difficult task, given that there is a huge, a huge press of people still despite the explosions around gobble airport. people hoping to get out of the country, people hoping to board, but the final floods out of the country. among them,
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interpreters among the many people who believe that they will be persecuted by the taliban, who believe that there is a threat to their lives. the families if they stay in the galveston, but many of the people now in mobs around the airport in the press of people there, the thousands and thousands are those seeking to use the opportunity to get out of the country. we spoke to the minister of information, you get point, administer the of the taliban earlier today, his 1st interview, he said the com and security will only be restored at the airport and cross the country when the united states and its allies withdraw on the 31st of august, if, if they do that, he says the much of the blame for the security situation for these bombings is with the united states to get its allies because they encouraged people to come to the airport. they spread the message, the message of hope,
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where people believe that if they go to the airport, they would be flown to security to safety, to a better life. and many afghans heard the message, those that the message wasn't, wasn't directed that. and they also came for a chance and eventually what this resulted in is these press of people kilometers and kilometers longer than i described, the allowed suicide bombers and this car bomb to go off with the northern and eastern ends of the airport. just to remind everyone in the north, there was a suicide bomber who set off his vis very close to american servicemen in the east, in the eastern part of the airport. there was a car bombing between the baron hotel heavily used by american and british forces. and there diplomats in prod, days, an exclusion between that hotel and the check point just across the road across the road, which is packed with people. again, like everything else, re, checkpoint around the airport. security will be very difficult to insure while the
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press, if people remains there. and there is little evidence that they're going to disperse . we've seen hiring footage from the aftermath of those bombings, very grisly, 60 dead, i believe, 850150 injured. those are the tally so far again, bound to raj, bound to increase, just to remind everyone we are hearing as well. perhaps that strikes room the ash lights, but we're suddenly hearing explosions. one quite powerful pipe. a much more powerful than the others that we've heard from different directions in the city. the 1st one we thought we heard was from the direction of the airport. others coming from from different directions. so certainly things haven't come down here and doubles. well, it's roughly half past midnight where you are now wooded out and it sounds, it sounds like the tonight is not coming down at all. when you talk about these
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blas explosions and possible air sorties as well. and what i'd garcia i live in cobble will speak to you soon. all the thanks for joining us here on our to international. we've been giving you all the updates now on i've got just on at least to confirm the explosions outside the capital that bought a motor at just now saying he's hearing more explosions that could very well be bombing campaigns and not attacks at the airport. we'll give you more details on air and online at r t dot com for the meantime, we are back in 5 minutes. the ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the world transformed. what will make you feel safer?
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this was the right weapon against the right hand body, but it was filled out through z o o z the the signing of the us tal about agreement. and i've laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in afghanistan. and i know that i'm a dunaway and as i have the the news back guys are financial survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price. now, well, reduce the lower, the best undercutting,
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and me ah ah, i use americans love buying homes. ah,
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this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain. you get a whole and then you know, rebel. right, as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system, be really interesting to dial back and think about the longer deeper history of what housings meant in the united states. not just that old question of the american dream, but the bigger question of who the dream has been for this is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation for community. are you going the right way or are you being
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somewhere direct? what is truth? what is faith? in a world corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, top headlines on breaking news that's out here on t a double tower or taco top lap or killed. 60 and injured $150.00. i made the evacuated evacuation of us that we understand a 12 us soldiers among the dead. a correspondent on the ground also says he told a 3rd law about earlier than attack on cobble that it was possible and probable but might be aimed at harming the color bands.


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