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tv   News  RT  August 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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1st aid on the alex simon show, and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. in the top headlines with us, our live on our t us lockers house at isis k. enough. kindest. on the drones, dr. killed 2 of his operatives and leaves one more wounded. it is the 1st reprisal for thursday's couple. airport bombing in which 13 americans were among the many killed and shot the fighting couple. the dispos crowds as people continue to flock to the airport, desperate to flee despite the ongoing warnings about terra threaten. also in the
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program, it's a most amazon web services have been hosting and i still propaganda site for month . taking it down only offer a chip off from a watchdog following the car bowl atrocity. ah, welcome to your news line from moscow. this is arty international from the entire team here. welcome to the stories. president joe biden is now vowing more strikes retaliation for thursday's devastating. a taco cobble airport, enough gun, just on washington's already confirmed. it carried out a drone strike against the islamic state of failure that claims to be behind the atrocity. this is said to have eliminated to isis k members and injured another. panic on says there were no civilian casualties, but it's not known actually, whether the target even played a direct role in those days attack. now that porter tact left 170 people dead 13 of
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them. americans whose deaths president biden has vowed to avenge the u. s. as also want of a further threats posed by isis in the region by it and says fresh attack on cobble airport is highly likely within the next 24 to 36 hours. meanwhile, the august 31st deadlines set for the us withdrawal from the country is now just 3 days away. the isis splinter group responsible for those those attack has been active in eastern afghanistan and pakistan since 2015. a middle east affairs expert ali risk has questions about why when the us had intelligence about the attack, it failed to prevented what i think, regardless of whether it's truck had taken place or not. i think the speculation efforts will continue to be in jeopardy. i mean this danger of the suicide bomber going ahead and carry or carrying out an attack like the one which we saw this danger always exist. you have to remember that the suicide bomb off from what i saw
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and succeeded in this terrorist operation, despite the fact that the united states had intelligence. that such a scenario was likely the united states declared this global war on terror, opposite timber 11. and here we have the polygon coming back to tower, and we have high scale terrorist activity in the country. and i think that this goes to show that the united states, the global war on terror embryo has failed. the chaos near cub board shows no signs of relenting and it's video. you can see people running for cover of gunshots of fired out because via filed this report from the afghan capital with scott days left until the end of the evacuation. things are still very tense here in capital not quite as heads. not quite as bad as things were in the
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immediate aftermath of the buildings or the bombing at capital airport. nevertheless, security measures around the city have been beefed up. so the taliban has set up more checkpoint, security checkpoints on roads leading to the airport, but that is only going to have a limited effect because there are so many roads more than that. the crowds at the airport having dispersed there just as strong that justice packed anti terror aids across the city are continuing. security measures have been beefed up as much as much as they can be. so the taliban is still conducting door to door searches, anti terror rates across the city, trying to identify to detain, to catch more isis. members from off a dozen to a dozen ice supporters were detained, arrested around couple 3 of them had the pictures published by the taliban. and the taliban is promising to put a stamp to stamp out to put an end to ices presence here in capital around of
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gotten this done. but this is something they say they will only be able to do once the united states leaves. so the threat level is, is very high, both the taliban in the united states and its allies expect the expect the i splinter. so i just came to strike again, especially given how much cottage their last attack caused perhaps publicity for them. this is exactly the taliban says what they want. they want to discredit the taliban and they want to get people on their side. say only we can provide you with security and we are the true gods people here got his time. they say that the tyler bad news is too weak. it is to west denies that it is lost a edge. nevertheless, the united states as also enact that maximum security measures at the airport around several check points in the area, has been clear that people tried to get to close voting shots offline both by the
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taliban, by us troops that flashback grenades, even gas grenades are used if, if the crowd gets out of control, but things are also desperate for ordinary people that, that includes people who worked with us forces with nato forces, with the embassies diplomatic stuff. people who still haven't been able to get out, never might get out. they still haven't been vetted or approved for evacuation. they haven't been able to contact anyone. they haven't been able to secure arrangements for their families. so suddenly, with just 3 days left for people to get out of up, get this done and, and the crowds, the queue huge their ease, i sense of desperation. well, those who served in the afghan army police on the western about government now for your persecution, taliban though has promised a sweeping amnesty for all those who fought against them are roughly video agency talk to a man who served as a special forces officer under the previous government and as
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a mom and i had always wanted to join the military. and so when i graduated from school, i did, i received training at the academy of special forces in cobble. our unit was deployed to areas where there was fierce fighting police officers would call us in as reinforcements when under heavy fire. and it looks like we don't have a future now that the government has fallen. i call on the nomic emerett to establish a stable all inclusive government. as soon as possible, we must all shake hands now and rebuild our country on our road. the biggest concern i have is my children. we studied, we got some education, but what will happen now if the situation continues like this, it will all be hopeless if the government employees don't go back to work the future, the country will be in peril. currently, the diversities and schools are closed and we are concerned about our children's future. since that's all about take of all that kind of st on nato forces have been scrambling to get out of the country, trying to make sure the very same time. they leave nothing behind of any value for
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the military. a number of nato basis in the hellman province were abandoned by foreign forces, though they 1st destroyed a buildings, vehicles and equipment. taliban fighters have since quickly moved in to seize control of these sites. for the meantime, rushes a special representative for kindness on says a political settlement in the country is actually feasible. taliban wants to form a new leadership, which will include representatives of other ethno political forces if events develop. according to the scenario, there is a chance, a pretty good one, restoring order enough canister on was the support of the international community. with the whole, the afghan cries as dominating debate in america, the biden administration has found itself in a rather awkward spot. not just because of the intense criticism it is facing, but because it seems unable to decide what its relations to ship with a taliban now or to should look like i should, i should say, a corresponding art is equal. donald has an explanation on this. as ganna,
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sun is teetering on the brink of a security collapse and washington, which brought the country to the edge, is busy figuring out if it has any friends left and the taliban controlled country . the television is not what they are, not a group. we trust they are not our friends. that message is clear enough, but only until you hear this and we're doing everything we can to be prepared for those attacks. that includes reaching out to the taliban who are actually providing the outer superior court and around the airfield to make sure they know what we expect them to do to protect us. so the us is partnering with the taliban and the pentagon, as explicitly admitted they have the american military, rely on the taliban to protect them. both sounds like a friendship, one moreover, that the u. s. cannot afford to lose right now. it's just las troops in the cobbled terror attack and more atrocities are feared, the
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ah, the the the, the threat from isis is extremely real. we believe it is their desire to continue those attacks and we expect those attacks to continue the state apartments have all this mixed messaging is simply part of its weight and see strategy. let's see how the taliban let government fairs and then will act. but the public, along with the conservative opposition, are not buying this. they said,
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as political impotence on behalf of the president going forward, we will judge our engagement with any taliban lead government in afghanistan based on one simple proposition, our interests and does it help us advance them or not biden's, chaotic withdrawal set the stage for this violence thousands of people trying to get into the airport is right for suicide attack. biden has blood on his hands and must be held accountable to say that today's loss of american lives in cobble is sickening, does not begin to do justice to what has happened. it is in region, and joe biden is responsible. it's now clear beyond all doubt that you have neither the capacity nor the will to lead. he must resign. do the american people a favor resign and turn the job over to someone who can handle it. joe biden is between a rock into a hard place here on the one hand in the us. the very idea of dealing with the taliban is massively unpopular. but the fool out from the american,
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with the group has been a bigger disaster than the white house anticipated. so now they find themselves in a nightmare situation. the pentagon, admitting its troops simply can't defend themselves without the help of the taliban . i think it's important to put this in context. we should have never gone into afghanistan. mullah omar was more than happy to negotiate with the us to hand over . been lawton, back in 2001. and instead, the military industrial complex and the so called nieto alliance got exactly what they wanted this endless war. and at one point at some point b, b, and i was going to have to be pulled off. but joe biden certainly done his share of screwing up on this. the u. s. came to ganeth and to fight terrorism. and it's as if they're just learning that there's still plenty of unfinished business in that particular department. as we conduct these operations, we are sustaining the highest level of vigilance for an attack against the airport by isis k or another terrorist group. or commanders on the ground have taken every
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step they can to prepare for such an attack. or president has authorized every capability that those commanders have asked for to protect the field against such an attack. washington wanted to close a book that already had a few too many pages in it. instead of it may have started a new chapter. amazon web services has found itself in rather hot water for hosting and islamic state propaganda site. since at least april of watchdog points about the security lapse prompting the company to remove the terrorists content. amazon web services had this to say about the incident colon investigation were disabled to website that was linked to this app as it was in violation of the amazon web services, acceptable use policy. when we receive reports of potential violations of our acceptable use policy, we act quickly to investigate and take action to disable prohibited content is all
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mac states content violated amazon web services own policy, and included an alleged photo of the suicide bomber who attacked cobble app or on thursday, we've off amazon for comment on why the islam it's website remain up to so long. the head of the watchdog spotted, it says the terrorists, what even trying to conceal their activities is just mind blowing that even after all his ears, isis could still find a way to exploit a hosting company like amazon. this app isn't an trying to stay located. it is blatantly filled with official isis claims media and locus of ice media arms clear as day. michael rectinwald's, former liberal studies professor at new york university, told us that amazon's predominant focus on domestic threats that to real dangerous to americans. slipping through the net are looking for, you know, they're following congress's direction, in order to route out. so called domestic terrorism. and they're,
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they've completely taken their, i, off of the ball where real, the international terrorist express are concerned. and so they let you know, live this app, and this website exist on their web service for months and probably planning what's happening on there for all we know. it was after all password protected web site, and yet they had no idea until finally a watchdog. finally, points out after this attack with pictures of the bomber involved. this is just unbelievable. as i said, it's not that surprising, giving the, given the focus, the lack of priorities, the complete, fictional, kind of scenario that they've been chasing after in terms of the domestic terrorist in the united states. which is completely ridiculous because this doesn't even exist. i sold some of the program here on oxy is hungary now looking for its very
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own brick set of pro government newspapers calling for a national debate about a potential hooks that a more of that up real quick. i join me every 1st day on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic . development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. a very critical time. time to sit down and talk
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when i would chose the wrong. why don't just don't the world? yes. to shape out the scene because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground in this international life. for moscow, i speculations once again on the rise about with a hungary could be preparing to follow the u. k. out of the e. use exit doors. a software, a pro government newspaper called for a national debate about a possible hooks it. but it spoke a huge backlash in that country with claims prime minister victor autobahn is
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making secretive moves behind closed doors. as peter oliver now explains hungry future in the european union, subject to the whole debate right now. an article in a pro goldman newspaper by a leading member of an organization affiliated to prime minister or bon has let the blue touch paper on the potentially explosive issue. now those who support the current government are suggesting it may be time to talk about hungary exit from the you or hooks it. i know it's considered to do, but someone has to write the word down and for the 1st time, not necessarily as a deterrent hooks. it hungry, voluntary sulphur, and exit from the e. u. the hungarian foreign minister, though, has dismissed out of hand the proposition of the country's exit, which is hungry, has been a member of the european union and will remain a member of the european union, were interested to see the e. u as a stronger organization. budapest seem to have relished its role as the use black
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sheep of late victor oberon and his party barely missing an opportunity can both heads with the commission on almost every su possible senior figures, though within all bonds for jazz party started to suggest that now maybe the time to go their separate ways, arrogance politicians, robert faces and we would not be admitted to the e. u today because of our so called rule of law issues and values and views proposition lead to see this as a naked attempt by victor rollback to get his country's future in the european union into the national debate. we know well how fidel potty propaganda works. first, an idea circulated, then several people argue for it until it becomes an official government, gold. hungarians go to the poles next year and the united opposition all currently neck and neck, with all bonds for years. while the very idea of hooks, it may leave many outside of hungry just seeing her, the income been prime ministers, political rivals, fail, pulling,
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hungry out of the eu. has been on all bands duellist for a while or been has been planning to leave the you for a long time. and now that they can seem to steal billions of euro's and you found so easily, he's accelerating the exits. you may well end up being a campaign if you here in 2020 field, put a cursory glance at the only country to leave the european union for you day and all of the problems in doing that. they will serve as a cautionary tale. so those 2 things missing from brussels is the right idea. these are all over our fi, budapest, hungary, political scientist, daniel and mika says tensions between the hungarian government and the you have never been greater. recently younger in government started campaign against g, b, t, people. and are you members say it's criticizing campaign since
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2015 crises, the governments to say new, open space losing their own christian identity. and now they have only just as global is liberal, either the be. so this is when the borders of the government are not satisfied with the, you know, the rather the fighting the culture dementia and further on the, on, on the policy image. and what he's not changing is that it seems that the companies between the roof and union and the government will be more severe and they're going to be also financial consequences of these. this is why actually the government content place to initiate the new debate over the exit. china has slammed the united states for his recent report on the origins of corona virus, accusing the us of trying to pin the blame on beijing. the us intelligence
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community has recently compiled the so called report on the origins of coven 19. it is a mendacious report, made up of political purposes. there is no scientific basis of credibility in it. the u. s. r for followed by us. special services was released on friday. it stays to the current of ours, wasn't developed as a biological weapon. admitting though that intelligence agencies are in fact divided over that issue. it also accuses a chinese side of a lack of transparency and also is no final conclusion on the pandemic origin. but we're trying to claim it's for dietrich maryland. earlier in the program, i spoke with joseph gregory mahoney, professor of politics of the east china normal university and shanghai who told us the lab league theory has been politicized by america. the further strategic interest against china us has been an incredible source of miss information about china, both before and during the pandemic about many different issues. and certainly
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about the origins of covered my team to my understanding. there was not an outbreak, but there was a breakdown lapse security in 2019. so those who trust the american position now, whatever it is, so personally for political reason, not scientific ones. i think the real question here is the fact that, you know, this research was ongoing and it was transparent. and furthermore, that the u. s. for many decades has played a key role along with china and providing a global public health net, a global public health security. clearly those, this idea that it is a nation of the origin from a lab, this conspiracy with this lab late, why so to speak? is definitely a weapon, nation to further america strategic interests against china. it is the simple story of a young girl and her friend, a grizzly bear, but it seems to have caught the world's imagination as the russian animation master
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on the bear has seen off stiff competition from the likes of peppa pig and sesame street to become the highest globally rated kids' tv show. so we went to the production studio with a magic made to find out why a cartoon about a bare is become such a roaring success. from flip books to 3 d generated cartoons. animation has always been able to capture the imagination of both young and old. and today the most popular record soon among children all over the world. turns out to be a russian one, marsha and the bear. and it's made here in moscow at animal cord animation studio. started in 2009 marsh, and the bear now has over a 100 episodes, several spin off shows and has been translated into 43 different languages. it is proven to be one of the most popular kids cartoons in the world. so let's find out what it takes to capture the imagination of youngsters worldwide. if you haven't
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heard of the show before, the premise is quite simple. it follows a little girl named marcia who constantly gets into trouble and her big furry friend bear who tries to steer her away from disaster teaching her some valuable lessons in life along the way. it's a simple concept, but it's proven to be an international sensation. and while each episode is only around 7 minutes long, it can take up to 9 months to make. but it all starts with the script with god, with the crash you. when it all begins with a scraped, and this is the most difficult part of the process. with a good script, you'll either make good film or not 5050. with a bad one, a good film is impossible. script writing is one of the hardest task. since we've been working for a while with covered a lot of topics, there is certainly a bit of a crisis of ideas at this point. and a good script writer is a hard to find as it is. but an animation is great writer, even rarer because we do pantomime, there is minimum dialogue with all of that has to be thought out. and every writer we have is worth his weight in gold. once the writers are happy with the script is
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then developed into a storyboard and a symbol to d at a magic. this process can also take several months with vertical slew the news. if after several months of writing and rewriting, it all goes to a storyboard artist, he's like a drawing director and he has to take all the tax and visualize it. determine the framing, what the characters do. at the same time, he has to understand editing framing. everything has to be quite expressive. the drunk process is rather quick, although a storyboard for an episode takes about 3 months. but in 3 d, it takes a lot of times are produced. after that, we'll take the storyboard and turn it into 2 d n a matic. this is basically timeline where we put all the frames and it becomes a sort of 2 d cartoon with low frame rate. and then we put in the dialogue. we do the sound before the animates, unlike many big budget. moving through this record, the actress she does several takes, which is what works then we put in the sounds, the music and with this model of the node we hold screenings,
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we'll look it up over, decide in some changes, what works, what doesn't. and when everyone's happy lunch, 3 d production with the storyboard complete and the dialogue recorded. it's after the animation team. this is where the magic of animation happens. all the scripts, the idea is the storyboards. they all get sent here and turned into something more closely resembling the final product. and it's all done by these animators and directors. here they take the basic movements of characters depicted in the storyboards and bring them to life. when you want that on record, 1st, the story board goes to the director. he then assigns the scenes to the animators and gives them his feedback. and then they both play out the scenes. if with live actors come up with ways for everything to look great, which is fun to watch, they determine how the characters move at pace, and then the animators do their job. so in storyboard form, this is what this seems like. and here's what the animated did with it,
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and here you can compare the sound is already recorded during the storyboard phase . so when it's passed on to the animators, they apply phonemes to the models, and then the animators goes through all to make it to the scene. he can add a smile or frown. one simple scene, which last, just over a 2nd, can take up to 5 days to animate. and each is just one of the hundreds of scenes that go into creating an episode. and then after months of time consuming and meticulous work, the final version is pretty up rendered. and finally released to the world marsh. and the bear seems to have tapped into something that children throughout the world can understand and relate to. and with all the stories it's told and has yet to tell, hopefully it will make these children better people. and along the way, leave some lasting impressions. more details on marcia and the bass online at r t dot com the meantime that wraps up your news program for this help. hala my colleague collin bray here at the desk and
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a half an hour's time with more of your weekend world headlines. thanks for joining me. ah, ah, the ah, ah. imac kaiser or more of my guys do financial survival? this is a hedge fund. it's a device used by professional galli wags to earn money. that's right. these hedge
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