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be at top ortiz keeping a close eye on similar developments in the us and for the walt. and we'll have more features on the issues raised to call me the next round of our investigation is transgender crime and female prisons will or tomorrow. on monday we'll be looking into cases in the state of california and also in the u. k. next, let's return to our top story this our, that is that a rocket explosion has been reported in cobble this just 3 days after the suicide bombing that occurred at the cities airport. local major is saying that 2 people, including a child, have been killed and 3 others have been injured. the rocket is believed to fit a residential building. let's get more on this story now for lossy corresponding rock garcia if he's on the ground in the afghan capital, it's pretty unclear in early stages. how much is true to these initial reports?
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and it's very easy for information to become muddled. what are you hearing on the ground? how confident are we on these reports? rather? i apologize. the, we're having some connection trouble, but i presume i'm now on there. i am now and that we have heard of these blas 1st that were reported a series of blas, but the that has now been agreed that there was just the one bloss near. i'd say he'd road in capital, which is about 3 to 3 kilometers away from capital airport. a residential building was allegedly heat according to numerous footage that we've seen from the machine, as well as our contacts who say that a number of people have been injured according to other sources. 2 people have been killed. 3 others injured. first, we heard that there may have been multiple rocket strikes. again. we're now hearing that there was just one rocket strike. also,
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there is some speculation going around that it may have been a drug struck, carried out by the united states forces, who was still stationed at the airport of gabble about 3 kilometers away from where this allegedly took place. again, the details are still coming in, according to the latest 2 people may have been killed. as many as 3 others injured in the latest attack was latest escalation in baghdad. just to remind everyone this comes a few days after the terror attack at terror attack a capital airport, which isis claim they claim. the suicide bomber detonated his vest at just a few meters. 5 meters away from a checkpoint, man by both taliban fighters in the united states troops. as a result, 13 american troops perished as well as many others more than a dozen who were injured. along with 200,
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almost 200 afghans were killed in that incident, almost as many as many injured. it is unclear how many kill what killed by the, the blush that how many were killed by and hewing godfather. nevertheless, the situation is still developing with regards to this latest last and we'll bring you more when we hear more details. many thanks to correspondence on the ground, the in car bull, the can capital rod gives the rod, importantly pointing out that very, very initial information that we're getting hit. it is at the moment suggesting that there's been fatalities and injuries will clarify that. get more from miranda, that information comes into us. now the, i see splinter group that was behind thursday's bombings in the capital of afghan. this son, they've been active in the east of the country and also in pakistan. and they lost a savage campaign of bloodshed when the group was founded back in 2015. the
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the we did hear about this group for example, and i believe, april 2017. when trump and essentially authorized the pentagon to drop the mother of all bombs in eastern afghanistan, i believe in the none go har province on isis k. but the roots of this group in its existence is poorly understood. and of course, when we hear these press briefings at the pentagon, there's very little context as group actually is a direct byproduct of the us invasion and occupation of afghanistan. it grew out of
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the pockets donnie taliban, who were a disgruntled tolerable members who wanted to carry out attacks on us targets inside pakistan and afghanistan. one of their most spectacular attacks was on camp camp chapman, u. s. military base where they used a c. i turn coat to attack us soldiers. there are several other attacks on american assets. and this all led to a rise of terrorism inside pockets on directly related to the u. s. presence in afghanistan, 6 years ago, the pakistani taliban, which was widely suspected of being used by the african government, backed by the u. s. against pakistan turned into isis k central. it's the same thing as isis. so most viewers would know slumming, state of iraq and syria, right. isis, which was this group that took over in 2014, 2015, big swats of iraq. and. and by the way, who were able to do that because of massive amounts of military equipment that the
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us left behind the civically interact, that's where they really got their weapons from. they went into iraq, took those home these weapons and went back into syria, isis k, which is the islamic state of correspond, which essentially means eastern. they don't like the taliban, they're not friends with the taliban. they've been fighting the taliban. but more importantly, they've been fighting with us and i bring up the point about the weapons because we just did the exact same thing enough dennis and left behind. unbelievable amounts of us military equipment, massive amounts of weaponry and guns black hawk helicopters from these. we left it all there the same way that we did in iraq. so we could be creating a very similar problem. what we saw 20142015 with the other isis. but isis case far from being the only faction able to carry out such attacks as the warning from the afghan national resistance from the controls. the pansy valley and area now seen as the center of anti taliban opposition. it's for relations had believed
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that the tetra threatened, the country right now was even stronger than 20 years ago. it could be, i says, cables we think there are, there are other elements plan. the attacks might have perpetrated such attacks against us soldiers and was a terrorist attack on the watch of the taliban group that says we are able to provide security. and now in one day we see numerous terrorist attacks happening on the watch, unfortunate b international terrorism and get us on as much stronger compared to 2001. this is something that the national resistance front of afghan is on, has been saying for the past year. we believe the international community should help our efforts to combat or national terrorism. and in keeping the, to the international community abandoned dennis them. and we saw how afghanistan became a haven for terrorists groups. the same will happen if the international community abandoned the candidates into 2021. there's no pose threat towards everyone. no one
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is exempt. and terrorism is after every state, whether it's part of the western world or the eastern. the 13 us troops killed in those days, bombing with the 1st death of us personnel, enough counting the 18 months. and one of the largest daily death tells for a decade, 10 of the service member for big camp pendleton, military base that's in california. dozens of people have been laying flowers at the entrance to the side. the dead comprised of 9 marines and a sailor. most of them another early twenty's, the pendleton base is home to the 1st marine division. that's the largest and oldest in the cool. those pain respects including relatives of the dead express, the sorrow and frustration of the tragic events gave him and let him down. the leaders and as she could feel
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through buds through but mission at this point and tell him to send them in like that you never want to, you never want to see something like that happen. and so that's that's it. so yeah, it's heartbreaking. there's not enough words to express. i feel right now, but i just, you know, i feel that somebody has blood on there and then it's just with, so i needed to unnecessary, you know, well this is seen all me veterans voicing their anger. it how the current situation is played out. we heard from 2 former services the real failure of this war enough can expand or whatever you want to call it. a conflict was explicitly pointed out in the dentist and papers where a lot of generals basically spoke about the fact that there was no mention that had no mission. they didn't know what they were doing there. and they didn't know what they were going to do in the future anyway. so yeah, so of course i think, i think not pulling out of just even invading up. dennis sam was
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a radius taylor. historically no one has been ever able to conquer up down. people are all set with people. i talked to r a re it's completely bunched. there is no. ready political will, and there are still americans trapped in afghanistan and still haven't been able to get to and as far as lessons learned from, i mean other previous words. i mean, if we haven't learned from vietnam, if we didn't learn from, you know, from iraq in their early 2 thousands. i mean, we're just gonna continue to make the same big mistakes because we're not the ones that are pocketing the mit. and we're just being used for the will of the m i c. and that's and that's what i'd say about that was the crisis and i can send them photos wiki leaks is drawing attention to pass revelations about america's longest war. the series of twitter post the organization,
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republish classified us documents that it 1st linked to the public a decade. back back then, we can, leaks found the julian, the songs warned that the u. s. intervention would be an endless war. beneficial to only a few and quarter takes of the story. the swift fall of the afghan capital cast a dark shadow over every sacrifice made in the fight against the taliban. but there is a man who tried to stop things from going down this road. his name is julian, a son, she is the co founder of wiki leaks, and behind one of the biggest revelations in u. s. military history. in 2010, the whistleblower group released the afghan papers more than 90. 1000 leaked reports that shed light on the grim affairs, the u. s. was for understandable reasons hesitant to share with the public the
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unvarnished ground level picture of the word of gunner stand. that is, in many respects more green than the official betrayal of one of the biggest leagues in u. s. military history and devastating portraits of the failing war in afghanistan . when these reports came into the public eye, washington's reaction was not to say, sorry, or even to try to deflect a guilt. instead it shifted the blame onto assad's calling him a criminal for apparently putting american lives in danger. what he likes, walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service. it is an attack on the international community. julie, this is engaged in terrorism. he should be treated as an enemy combatant. so a san put american lives in danger when he showed the world how us soldiers actually killed innocent people, how publications documented their involvement as
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a case by case level in the death more than 20000 people in africa. and more than a 108000 people in iraq. and so when you want to distract from this, you disconnect the same accusation to the, to the person that is making accusation against you. what do you, leaks determined that the 2006 operation medusa resulted in one of the highest civilian death tolls of the war? despite the shocking circumstances surrounding the event and was poorly investigated, an american soldier was killed. they called in an ac 130 gunship. this is a c 130 cargo, refitted with canons on the side. it circled overhead and rained down shells, the warlock, se $181.00 enemy were killed. the logs also say there were no wounded or captured. it was a significant massacre. the afghan papers go on to suggest that the cover ups began with those actually carrying out the slaughter us soldiers reporting on their own actions appear to lump civilian deaths with the number of insurgency had killed.
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wiki leaks revelations also shed light on special task force, 373, and a lead unit task with hunting down taliban leaders. many times though, they were involved in the killing of civilian men, women, and children, and washington later trying to water down the situation with misleading information about what happened. one example of this was when the task force fired rockets set of compound quoting nefarious activity there. but it was apparently not the case. it does appear to be evidence of all crimes. in this material example is the task was free, 73 high miles missile strike on a house which killed 7 children. nato later recognized the children's deaths they had caused, but said that initially they had no idea they were there. the colossal price american taxpayers paid needless suffering caused the fall of a corrupt,
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failed state. why did all this continue for so long? one answer is gigantic profits for giants of the military. industrial complex with stock returns from 2001 to 20. 21. for government contracted companies like lockheed martin and northrop grumman totaling more than 1000 percent. it's one of many, seemingly inevitable consequences of what assange claimed is money making scheme of endless war to wash money out of the way to the base of europe getting back into the hands of a try that in the goal. my goal is to have in people wonder the west may want to bury the truth and condemn julian a san whose fate is still hanging in the air as he faces 175 years in prison. if
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extradited from a u. k. jail cell to the united states of the scale of america's problems in afghanistan have been revealed in 20 declassified documents published by the us national security archive on shows how issues were consistently and deliberately hidden from the public can 2002, then defense secretary donald rumsfeld was worried, the mission was drifting. you never mentioned publicly, rather arguing that there was no point in negotiating with the remnants of the taliban in the decade later though in the american diplomat of the same concerns. the 1st question of did we know what we were doing? i think the answer is no. if that was ever a notion of mission creep up again, it's done. we went from saying that we will get rid of ok the so they can threaten us to say we're going to end the taliban. then we said we will get all the truth the tell about work with then further to have our exit strategy b. s. table government, and again, it's done. we have to say good enough is good enough. that's why we're there 15
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years later on there that are in chief of wikileaks, as recent events in afghanistan, vindicate the groups lakes. although he is a guy supported by all the revelations that came out of the documents by we can use 11 years ago. some of them, of course, went from earlier period ca, documents, diplomatic cables, military documents, it all pain the, the, the truth, the, the true picture of what was going on and i'm kind of from 11 years ago. and it was somehow didn't register the, the lie continued, that is the, the most of pricing. so, you know about the, the current events basically is, and the things that the mainstream media cars come to record with is how was it possible for 20 years to maintain the law, what was going on inside them. julian assault also said that the africa was being
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used to launder american and european money. what, what did he mean by that? the trillion dollar plus the trillion dollars probably under estimate did go into us or pocket the military industrial complex. the, the private contractors like dunkirk who were supposed to be training the outcome, police, et cetera. it was a massive flow of money that went into the wrong pocket. it could only be called corruption on a large scale. on top of that, of course there's the corruption inside the sun where basically money was used as carol zone to, to pump on the fire or they were no loves good on the fire, just to gasoline being pumped on the fire that does not create a lasting bonfire, everybody knows that while this get an update on our top story, this, our and explosion has been reported in kabul. it comes just 3 days after
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a suicide bombing at the cities airport. and reuters news agency is now citing to us military officials saying this was a us drones strike. 2 people, including a child of reportedly died in this strike, which happened on a residential building with 3 of the people injured. let's bring in the guest now can speak to java, drawn up who is a joe political analyst and documentary banker. he joins a cert from his lama, but in pakistan, thanks for joining us. that information is just in, it's coming from a reuters foreign correspondent in greece. ali who's quoting us military officials, that this was the us to try and strike that appears to have killed innocent civilians including at least one child. if this turns out to be true, this has to be double checked and verified. this looks like something's gone, horribly wrong there in the chaos of conflict. and if that is true,
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it's just above the iceberg. the matter, the where the americans have been operating and vanished on they have been killing the civilians under the gobble killing doris and ministers. and this is not the 1st time that i'm, that i'm hearing that he don't attacks, did kill innocent childrens didn't walk us on bordering region. and also in the one is on a much larger scale. not trouble with americans is that they are having a very, very disgrace will exit something they've never witnessed in this entire history. it was then what happened with them and your mom was what happened with them. then they try to recreate from 979. so i think now these, these military grew of these g hardy groups, they have a competition to a, to be to america, to kill them. and it goes and that is something which is unfortunately, it seems that the people in loaners like and in the military group which is which
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is more hostile towards the americans, it gets gashed politically. and right now as we speak, i think that prediction seems to be there, but at the same time, there appears to be an attempt on the part of other jihad to groups like these does go off highest dash to undermine the total of the dollar bond. but at the same time, i think the americans themselves are responsible. they have an, especially the extent of their presence in this town. they should have left on by me 1st. that was the original deadline under the fish deal, that they did not follow the notes, be swap them with americans is that they are not willing to fight on the ground. they have heavily, like the ball is drugs and dollar tacks, which lead to kill thousands, tens of thousands of people over the course of 2 decades that help dollar bonds would exclude more and more suicide bombers against americans. so again,
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the records are making the same mistakes. they are not willing to fight on the ground and general perception. and i'm going to stop and focus on these that the medical, what vehicle are not mentally they are just trying to fight off from the holidays and not coming on the ground. and that has resulted, obviously, these ma soon can, you repeat today may be just above the ice, but what happened? but again, the, the bigger picture is that americans are, they simply don't know how to recreate it in a guess. we'll manage that guess a simply is not there and know the militant groups are after them and they want to give the maximum tough time to add more insults or whatever the left over his head in the word java. if you are an african civilian right now, it's hard to imagine just how terrifying times in the space. many of them are
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afraid of the the taliban. they feared the arrival. now they are also afraid of being killed by i c. k terrorists. and on top of that, they have to be concerned about being killed by us drone the taxes. if it turns out that the, today's information is true, or even if they just happen to be near the intended target, it feels like the security of the situation on the ground. the in cobble is maybe never been worse. i think with the next couple of days, particularly once or medical leave of longest on or to get it from august 30. first, the skill to situation understand is likely to be improved. and by the end of this year, america will not have an agreement with the focus on a, from the scottish, from using bucks on experience to attack inside of on. so the ability of the americans to operate on august on from, from the skies would be largely, i would say there bruce. so and then i think this part of the american stroke all
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counterterrorism abrasions, i think they would have lot of difficulties focus on is most unlikely to allow them to operate beyond this year because the agreement is going to expire. and buckets on is most likely to renew it. something the pharmacy phone has already indicated, but not giving you a bigger picture. when we bought that the most of the people who are trying to please, i think less, less make a distinction. these are the rest of the community in gobble and other partial on this phone. large number among them translators, intelligence contractors, and the spice, and some of the what, what would nichol it as a good morning structure, guardian medical center, stablish. they want to exit from on and together there is a 70 percent unemployment and everybody wants to leave the job in the end. the us, if one moment up with unity people on the,
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on the understand largely i have seen those images. they're like all a boss, and that is why they have to fight again dog in. so gender group can that are done with walk and almost through an electro call. elected a government without just public school. i think all bonds have huge public school . that is why they have returned to bought and the images that the rest of the media is trying to pull. the army of all is trying to clear on the war, bring it all to context, and that is a, just an i should need to do the ality, which does not reflect the overall picture of the, of understanding on public perception in favor of a dollar bond. and they are simply, i think, happy with the return of the follow up. ok, and if you could just very quickly, we're a little bit short on time. just wanted to ask you the taliban obviously, geographically now before they controlled pockets of the country. now they pretty
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much control it all. that's an awful lot more territory to spread the forces over does not create a lot of opportunities now for the likes of ice escape to carry out terrorist attacks. absolutely, you are right. because of getting order suicide is not something so so difficult. any group of few people are or that particular organization may or may run into few dozens, dick, and give a tough time to any government. so thought bon would fears a tough time, but at the same time we have to understand that the no one knows better than the bomb to control diesel side bombing because they themselves have been to prove that that pulses and many people off from del ranks and files they joined the iris. this dash, so they know they're actors and i think once they fully in jobs from cornerstone because the government has yet to be formed. my understanding the situation is that they are most likely to crush these. these. i assess the dash because they dollar
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bonds more, their actors didn't know the rules that operating. they know the area to which they are reading, but we have to understand that the americans are responsible for creating, dashing the sun and elsewhere in the middle east. a day thought that they came just to get rid of the so called harvey groups. but, but i popping up a kind of islamic islamist group. regional has, has been split into so many smaller groups as is one of which more different countries in the region. they are using them and many people on this study with disrespect india and some of the remnants of the government they might have been using some of the supplemental groups of the dash to undermine the authority of the dollar bond. java really appreciate you coming on fascinates to get your
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thoughts on this. and i guess is geopolitical and let's documentary make a jump it rhonda, thank you. okay, you're with our scenes national breaking news story. this how we're going to get very short break and i'll be back with the light to see that ah, ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy fantasia and let it be an arms race on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk
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welcome to maximize their financial survival guide. looking forward to your benefits. this is what happened is the pensions in britain. this was kaiser report the families with mark mark new function. you would like to get some more. yeah, worried miller definition me number the whole do y'all done? got that. i've got that limit. i wanted them to go back to
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the work for me about the run, the less about the me and the breaking news on r c. a wrong kid fits a residential building and carbo killing at least 2 people, including a child me to report to saying that this was a us drug strike the pallet on just really extra security call. the level following this interesting scenes witnessed earlier in the week on a suicide attack, a targeted port claiming at least 170 lives, including 13 u. s. troops. hundreds of.


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