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kiana stands the mother and i know we still need that done by and does her the ah, can use an artsy rocket. it's a residential building and cobble killing up to 6 people with many more engines. meanwhile, pentagon officials the saying they carried out a u. s. joint strike targeting suicide bombers had the apple deploy extra security guard following the distressing scenes witnessed early this week when a suicide attack targeted beside claiming at least a 170 lives, including 13 us marine. people were also left injured
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following 20 years of war. and millions of dollars spent on the veterans voice rang to read how the situation in the country unraveled so quickly. just even invading up down of fan was already a failure. historically, no one has ever able to conquer up data will continue to make the same business days. and we're just being used for the with the mit. i get a sense of joining us for the weekly here. anaki international and explosion has killed up to 6 people in the african capital campbell, including 4 children that's according to local reports. at the same time, us central command is confirmed that it is carried out to us drone strike, although they have not so far confirmed any casualties. according to the pentagon
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officials, a bomb laden shrug was destroyed, carrying several suicide bombers in the direction of car black port. this all comes 3 days after a suicide bombing at the airport. and just 2 days prior to the u. s. deadline with the latest his r t correspondent, morale gas dance in the afghan capital. it has now been confirmed that this was indeed an air strike. it happened just in the valley just beyond the valley between the 2 hills behind me. that is where the airport of gobble is. the drone strike itself, the strike targeted a residential neighborhood. there. they identified a threat, a vehicle board id, provide exclusive device, a suicide vehicle that potentially could have been driven towards the airport and designated their says, just a few days after that deadly attack at the airport search, the american troops parish, the dozens of taliban sizes, and more than
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a 100 women children civilians all desperate to get inside. before the evacuation wraps up on the 31st of august, that is the deadline for american troops the allies to get out of of got to start unless they want to reach the confrontation with the taliban. the taliban is made that very clear. as the evacuation facts wraps up, the situation here is 10 cities tense because of the security threat that isis k, which claimed responsibility for the last bombing may try to attack the airport again. that is the biggest fear. but aside from that bombing aside from the latest drone strike will as try conducted by us forces things while pence have remained somewhat somewhat peaceful of thursday, suicide bombing at campbell airport, left 170 dead. hundreds more injured with many needing hospital treatment. a number
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of them remain in a critical condition. we spoke with one survivor who described his experience that i had applied for the visit, the for this invited us to come near the door. i was near the gate when the explosion occurred. i saw myself falling to the ground and when i stood up i told to the last one side of my abdomen and then they brought me to hospital is one of the wounded. well, i spoke with them a orange defense and political commentator about us drone strike, which may have killed as many as 4 children, 6 people in total. he said that any such operation carries a risk of severe collateral damage at thing to morrow and operational dilemma. if you don't that you are going to suffer mass casualties, but you're not sure you can pinpoint and strike the perpetrator without the think
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others. what are the limits to what is called limited strike and being said, because a couple ethnic capital. but being kind of country up up, got histone are and government, perhaps i'm gonna book this is what we are expecting to see in the months, and perhaps use ahead as probably been trying to rule the country volleyball. he's only the most powerful militia or organization around not the only one. i. c, k, you challenging well, the isis splintered mentioned there, isis. k. behind thursdays, bombings is that active in eastern afghanistan and pakistan and lost a savage campaign of bloodshed when it was founded in 2015. the
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the we did hear about this group, for example, and i believe, april 2017. when trump and essentially authorized the pentagon to drop the mother of all bombs in eastern afghanistan, i believe in the non ga har province on ices k. but the roots of this group in its existence is poorly understood. and of course, when we hear these press briefings at the pentagon, there's very little context. this group actually is a direct byproduct of the us invasion and occupation of afghanistan. it grew out of the pockets, donnie taliban, who were disgruntled taliban members who wanted to carry out attacks on us targets
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inside pakistan and afghanistan. one of their most spectacular attacks was on camped camp chapman, a u. s. military base where they used a c. i turn coat to attack us soldiers. there are several other attacks on american assets, and this all led to a rise of terrorism inside pocket on directly related to the u. s. presence in afghanistan, 6 years ago, the pakistani taliban, which was widely suspected of being used by the african government, backed by the u. s. against pakistan turned into isis k central. it's the same thing as isis. so most viewers with no slumming state of iraq and syria, right. isis, which was this group that took over in 2014, 2015 big swats of iraq and area. and by the way, who were able to do that because of massive amounts of military equipment that the us left behind the civically interact,
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that's where they really got their weapons from. they went into iraq, took those home, these are weapons and went back into syria, isis k, which is the islamic state of correspond, which essentially means eastern. they don't like the taliban, they're not friends with the taliban. they've been fighting the taliban. but more importantly, they've been fighting the us and i bring up the point about the weapons because we just did the exact same thing enough dennis and left behind. unbelievable amounts of us military equipment, massive amounts of weaponry and guns black hawk helicopters from these. we left it all there the same way that we did in iraq. so we could be creating a very similar problem of what we saw. 20142015 with the other isis. but i see the case far from being the only fact should able to carry on such attacks that warning coming from the african national resistance front, which controls the punch in the valley at area now seen as the center of the anti taliban opposition as foreign relations had believed the terrorist threats in the country right now is even stronger than 20 years ago. it could be isis cable. we
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think there are, there are other elements plan the attacks. and that might have perpetrated such attacks against us soldiers and was a terrorist attack on the watch of the taliban. a group that says we are able to provide security. and now in one day we see numerous terrorist attacks happening on the watch. unfortunate the international terrorism and get us on as much stronger compared to 2001. this is something that the national resistance front of afghan on has been saying for the past year. we believe the international community should help our efforts to combat the national terrorism and afghans in 1900 on the, to the international community, abandoned scanning them. and we saw how afghanistan became a haven for terrorists groups. the same will happen in the international community, abandoned of canada into 2021. there's no pose threat towards everyone. no one is
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an exempt, and terrorism is after every state, whether it's part of the western world or the eastern. the 13 troops killed and thursdays bombing. we're the 1st death of us personnel, enough canister, in 18 months. and one of the largest daily death tells for a decade 10 to the service member from the camp pendleton, military base in california. dozens of people have been laying flowers at the entrance to the site. those killed comprised self, 9 marines and one sailor, most of them in their early twenties, the patented basis, him to the 1st marine division, the largest and oldest in the cool was paying respects, including relatives of those killed express, the sorrow and frustration, the tragic events. let him down the leaders and those records that was through through bid mission at this point and tell him to send them in like that. you never wanna,
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you never want to see something like that happen. and so that's that's it. so yeah, it's heartbreaking. there's not enough words to express, you know how i feel right now, but i just, you know, i feel that somebody has led on their hands and it's just with so i need it so unnecessary. you know, i seen on the veteran's voice their anger at how the current situation is played out. we heard from to accept the real failure of this war and up can expand or whatever you want to call that a conflict was explicitly pointed out in the dentist and papers where a lot of generals basically spoke about the fact that there was no mention that had so yes, of course i think, i think not pulling out of just even invading up down of sam was a radio taylor. historically no one has been ever able to conquer up dana, stan, people said people, i'd talk to our a re,
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it's completely budged. there is no. ready political will, and there is still americans trapped in afghanistan and still haven't been able to get to and as far as lessons learned from, i mean other previous words. i mean, if we haven't learned from vietnam, if we didn't learn from, you know, from iraq in their early 2 thousands. i mean, we're just gonna continue to make the same big mistakes because we're not the ones that are pocketing the mit. and we're just being used for the will of the mit and that's, and that's what i say about that was the crisis in afghanistan unfolds wiki links is drawing attention to pass revelations about what is america's longest war. then a series of twitter post still demands ation. republish classified u. s. documents that it 1st linked to the public a decade. back back then we can found the julian, the songs warned us intervention would be an endless war. beneficial to only
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a few quarter takes up the story. the swift fall of the afghan capital cast a dark shadow over every sacrifice made in the fight against the taliban. but there is a man who tried to stop things from going down this road. his name is julian, a son. she is the co founder of wiki leaks, and behind one of the biggest revelations in u. s. military history. in 2010, the whistleblower group released the afghan papers more than 90. 1000 leaked reports that shed light on the grim affairs. the u. s. was for understandable reasons hesitant to share with the public the unvarnished ground level picture of the word of god has done that is in many respects more grief than the official betrayal of one of the biggest leagues in u. s. military history. a devastating portrait of the failing war in afghanistan.
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when these reports came into the public eye, washington's reaction was not to say sorry, or even to try to deflect a guilt. instead it shifted the blame on to assad's calling him a criminal for apparently putting american lives in danger. what he likes, walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service. it is an attack on the international community. julie, this is engaged in terrorism. he should be treated as an enemy combatant. so a sounds put american lives in danger when he showed the world how us soldiers actually killed innocent people, how publications documented their involvement in a case by case level in the death of more than 20000 people in afghanistan and more than a 108000 people in iraq. and so when you want to distract from this,
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you just make the same station to the, to the person that is making accusation against you. wiki leaks determined that the 2006 operation medusa resulted in one of the highest civilian death tolls of the war. despite the shocking circumstances surrounding the event. it was poorly investigated. an american soldier was killed. they called him an ac 130 gunship. this is a c 130 cargo, refitted with canons on the side. it circled overhead and rained down shells the warlock say $181.00 enemy were killed. the logs also say there were no wounded or captured. it was a significant massacre. the afghan papers go on to suggest that the cover ups began with those actually carrying out the slaughter us soldiers reporting on their own actions appeared to lump civilian debts with the number of insurgency had killed. wiki leaks revelations also shed light on special task force. 373 and
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a lead unit tasked with hunting down taliban leaders. many times though, they were involved in the killing of civilian men, women, and children, and washington later trying to water down the situation with misleading information about what happened. one example of this was when the task force fired rockets at a compound quoting nefarious activity there. but it was apparently not the case. it does appear to be evidence of all crimes in this example is the task force free 73 high miles missile strike on a house which killed 7 children. nato later recognized the children's deaths they had caused, but said that initially they had no idea they were there. the colossal price american taxpayers paid, the needless suffering caused the fall of a corrupt, failed state. why did all this continue for so long? one answer is gigantic profits for giants of the military. industrial complex with
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stock returns from 2001 to 20. 21. for government contracted companies like lockheed martin and northrop grumman totaling more than 1000 percent. it's one of many, seemingly inevitable consequences of what a san claimed is money making scheme of endless war to use wash money out of the way out of the base of your back into the head of a try that in the goal. my goal is to have in no wonder the west may want to bury the truth and condemn julian san, whose fate is still hanging in the air as he faces 175 years in prison. if extradited from a u. k. jail cell to the united states. so the come here in our say committing crimes behind bars. we look at the growing problem with trans agenda,
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complex, abusing fellow inmates in women's prison story after the break the ah, with me ah ah, ah.
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join me every thursday on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the in the ah, we'll come by. we return now to itself is that we feel this is more investigation that is getting elsewhere than the latest of a series of reports. we're looking at the problem of transgender convex, abusing female inmates in prisons around the globe. a growing number of women said their lives have been turned into a living hell by mail, prisoners exploiting the system. and one of the most notorious cases in canada,
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women found themselves in danger after a predatory male offender who claimed to be identifying as a woman was sent to the prison. the was in on him have inspecting the gene in the bathroom making i was someone else and wanting a free son with me. free women needed the morning after pill. someone also had to take the bill, which she used under the assumption that it provides protection from 8th and habitat as b. he quoted me the laundry room one day, telling me how beautiful i was. and he was trying to get with me. he was super weird. all the girls were uncomfortable, shalon and the house with him and everything. he tried to tell me he was in love
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with me. it was weird. he asked me to read for him and this grow inside of making out with her and feeling her out. well, i was there to break the how many girl his last the there. and he also bragged about taking the girls virginity in the library to give details as well as the air when it, when there were a few of us even there it was in the living room. do you encounter? i couldn't eat after the breakfast or inside women's jails rating, our women men using this loophole to access already vulnerable. women who have no voice. so platform to speak from our government is setting out women to be sexually assaulted by these may rate the correctional service. canada told arte provides a safe and secure environment in prisons and does not tolerate sexual coercion or
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violence that my colleagues, husky, taylor spoke to. activists, heather mason, he said more lies on that story in canada and describe your own experience of abuse, imprison. oh, in fact, i want to get a sense of your time inside, and specifically how trans inmates affected your experience. i was incarcerated with trans individuals in provincial, that was the 1st time i came across it. and then again, when i went to the federal and that was when they actually put them on compound with us instead of segregating them away from us. and they didn't have to have surgery, so that happened in 2017. and what was your reaction when you love that that was trans inmates living in the compound with you? well i was actually really freaked in provincial because they brought me over to
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the indirect supervision range. and there is a sex offender there that was fully intact and he was there hiding out because of his crimes. that's what the guard told me anyway, that he was trying to peek into my style when they're searching me. so that was my very 1st experience of that. but when i got to federal and i was told that there are men on compound with us, i was blown away. i didn't believe it. i couldn't believe that they were putting males in women's presence. i was actually harassed by one of them when i was inside, used to get me to try to walk back and forth in front of them so that they could check out my but lots of other comments as well. and then i was also in the halfway has with a male who had fully intact and it was like walking on egg shells. are you worried that there are people who are going to use the system in order to end up in a female prison? and then come out and decide that he's a man again. well, yeah,
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there's nothing to prevent them. if they claim transgender identity, you can't say that they're not transgender because you're discriminate against their identity or their expression, and even the one, but do get denied transfer. there are utilizing the grievance system, which is a complaint system or correctional services of canada. and when they're complaint, it's not resolved. they're bringing it to the human rights tribunal. did you ever inform the gods about how uncomfortable you thought about incident you described of sexual assault? and if so, how did they react? so as women, we do not utilize the avenues that are set up for us. so the grievance system and the human rights tribunal, we're just not, we're not taught about it. we don't understand how the system works. and for the most part women are there. they're dealing with so much trauma, like
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a lot of them are like constitution, drug addiction and abuse their entire lives. they just accept it as another thing that's happened to them is reality of being female. so there are complaints and there are grievances, but not enough limit. speaking out because they're scared. did any of your fellow female prisoners have similar experiences to you? yes. some of my friends were like, pushed up against the wall in the laundry room and had time to shut down their throats. they've had their breasts or their touch, actual comments. a few of them have been sexually assaulted, so to speak to a lot of women that have been incarcerated. and the stories are very similar. same of physical altercation. they've never been punched in the face so hard. they're starting to carry weapons around, which is not a normal thing for women that are incarcerated in canada. they're putting soup cans
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and socks because they know that they're fighting males and not women. and there's the really, really big power difference between them. candidates prison system allows men to choose to solve the sentence in a female prison. if they say they identify as women, they don't need to undergo any sod, true or hormone therapy. that what is enough fuel far to say this is in the name of the quality and to ensure the safety of transgender is the law change was pushed for by prime minister justin trudeau. himself, will you do your best to ensure that trans women are put in prison or prison more appropriate to their gender identity? me answer is yes. i will ensure that i consider myself to be a fairly strong advocate for. for l g b t q 2 issues and, and fairly aware of all the different pressures and this wasn't one that i had ever
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thought of. so thank you. have a mason whom we just heard from, says the government has to rethink its approach to the whole issue. nobody wants to speak about it. they don't want to report on it. we're being told that we're lying, that it's not happening that have begun to use that returns back. there's literally no discussion about it. there is no discussion before any of the policies that were implemented. and i feel like there are solution to the they have the room in men's institutions that have wings and dorms and they can make l g b, t q wings, better tailor to fit their unique needs over in the united states. similar concerns have been raised, for example, by the case of tonight at one row, a transgender woman in illinois who was transferred from a mens prison to a women's facility that was off to she alleged mail inmates had sexually harassed
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her, but in her new prison, monro herself was accused of raping a female inmate at the thought of the california past its own controversial law. now it allows trans inmates to be transferred to facilities that align with that gender identity. the law was adopted in january by may, over 216 transfer requests had been made. and that flash some female convicts, very worried. i will not be victim anymore. i have endured sexual abuse as young as 4 to 8 and with the rape as well as numerous main staff correctional officers being an appropriate ever since california. as as b one for 2 has passed, i have been living in constant fear. i can't mentally function without fear. if the men come here, please help us. i'm scared just because they feel like a woman doesn't mean their penis doesn't work. we discuss california law with alex horon, a co founder of partners for ethical and founder of the agenda mapping project. she
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says the well being of women prisoners is simply of no interest to legislators. senate bill 132 is is like a sentence thing. women who have committed whatever crime to the punishment of sexual violence at the hands of meals. and i think that in terms of the pyramids of nice, gavin newsome and got winner and every other enabler who had the largest to happen, views, the feelings of and the physical safety of incarcerated women at the bottom of that terra mit of needs. when we of course understand it has to be at top ortiz keeping a close eye on similar developments in the us and for the world. and we'll have more features on the issues raised to call me
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the next round of our investigation into transgender crime. in female prisons as tomorrow or monday, we'll be looking back at cases in the us state of california and also in the u. k. and that wraps up for this news. our do join us for more than 30 minutes. the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk.


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