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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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ah me, they have paper. well, they have no bitcoin as a matter of fact, they shut their bitcoin mining down. nonsense. they burg their treasure of late 500 years ago under the main dynasty as a country made that your bone headed and stupid mistake. the news tom action returned senior. what's going underground, the team and i are away at the moment, but we'll be back for a new series on september the 8th until then we'll be playing some of your favorite
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episodes of this season coming up on this show as the china and russia snubbing g 7 summit continues in cornwall in the u. k. we speak legendary of a historian, an activist. golly, about the meeting of the liberal leaders and ask how hope can be grasped from the jaws of despair when it comes to palestine, pandemic protest, and the police, all the same, all coming up in today's going underground is after repeated threats against china and russia. so cool, g 7 leaders in england continue to talk about the future of human kind from the economy to cobra. to climate catastrophe. the summit, guarded by thousands of extra members of the u. k. security forces is facing massive protests including from groups like extinction. rebellion used by boris johnson to justify new, arguably draconian, anti protest legislation. so how can protested descent really make any difference when power more and more lives in the hands of the one percent? joining me now is the original rolling stones street fighting man, author an activist carrie gully, who has been at the heart of civil protest for decades. tag. thanks so much for
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coming back. gone. i should say it's been a week where there's been bombing across syria linked to these very g 7 powers, obviously, following on from may's 11 day war against garza and jerusalem, you will take 1st of all on the g 7 meeting in england during a pandemic. i'm not totally sure why they want to meet. i mean, why do they want to be a magnet or huge protest? this is not the f b r exercise to get their respective populations and citizens, ideologically prepared for what they're going to be doing economically. and which is extreme name, ultimate and what they're going to do, re china and on a scale of re russia. i think the key issue obviously is, i mean i didn't decision to take now. liberalism, as we have mounted and to foreign money, whether it works on all we will see. but the fact that this is an initiative which
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has been taken by a present of it marks a shift within ruling circles in capitalism. and the 2nd question related to that, which they have to discuss, of course, is how long these huge corporations can get away without paying any taxes at all in the countries where they are aware of the rest and where they make money. whether they will come up with any satisfactory solutions as a matter of opinion, because in most cases, these logical operation, the new 1000000000 as fund quite a number of political parties, both in europe and the united states. so it's not easy to take them all. it will have to be up behind the scenes, protracted negotiations to see how much these greedy bar shows are for back to
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well, so as a print money, as they arranged the printing of more and more and more money as you say, this, this very fundamental change in your liberal orthodoxy, there are reports again of refugees trying to cross the channel goes to england. and of course, biden's vice president is meeting guatemala, telling the people of latin america do not to come to the united states. a big mark, change to the tweets from bite, and then come on a harris doing their election campaigns. do you think they learn something from the european union? they can pay off to stop the refugees from, from nature nation was because you did this. the question is, the european union, as reno paid off, large amounts of money to prevent the refugees from the syrian which is now being prolonged and kept going by the west is, should be suppressed, but they will not take on the responsibilities. they've never liked to do back in
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europe. i mean, i want to say that directly, but top, seriously, when you people decide to go to wall, you should allocate amongst your so preferably popular company, refugees are going to come in at the end of these was or during these was. so if you all escalating in syria. busy you should say, gum and a half a 1000000 burden, a quarter of a 1000000. so people are prepared saying this is what these countries are. countries are going to war, and this is the result. don't blame the refugees. blame those who create the refugee. so europe's position has always been marginally, was historically than that of the united states, the americans when they leave a country where they've either failed or inflicted heavy damage and just induce the
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stalemate. i'm thinking now korea and vietnam do take in refugees from these countries. but largely from a social layer of the population that has collaborated with, they don't do it for everyone, but they doing the europeans tend to, to not to do even that, as we see in front of the debate taking place and in the united states. for this democratic regime to trust carrying on with trumps policies and mout. so to write creek, which is either the same or my can even was thing we just want to take, you mean, do you remember the brouhaha the when trumpeted. all this, how can he do this? now you have a government which on this front and on foreign policy is doing the same. so
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it's, it's on this level. i mean, come on, harris is the remarks to the south. americans look pretty appalling, but they don't even have to alter the yeah, lots of different things at the same time. can be brutish enough to keep the refugees that put them up in the appalling conditions and keep taking the billions that the e u. supplies have large, it has to be set for rights history. so, i mean, why can these refugees, which are created by, was being fought by the west not be allowed to come to the concrete way to the was mean they have that certain political and moral responsibility to do this. so if you don't want refugees, don't make was that's a lesson. they refused to think of, you know, where they're going to into the next a short bombing raid. they just carry on. they're doing it in syria. they're doing
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it in other parts of the middle east. a region now which is no, no peace since the 1st gulf or, and the sanctions imposed on iraq after it. there is a back story here. and that back story needs to be stressed all the time for the younger generations, these are not today's events. these are events which spring up the past and the past was filthy and ugly, and no one seems to have learned to me this. we invite the tag passenger on obviously turkey denies racism, but your vision of the world that complete drugs with the nature nation media coverage of the g 7 as the g 7 lead is talk about a rules based international order and how the fight now is against china,
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obviously, bars, jones of sending our aircraft carrier towards chinese maritime borders. do you think? i mean, is a captive media that's covering the conference? the media in the west has been deteriorating and degenerate since the collapse of b. o. so let's face it and it's obvious that while the soviet union existed, they put up, you know, the, one of the priorities was to show how different we are. so space on television and in the mainstream newspapers was allocated to some dissenting voices as if to mock the russians and say, ha ha, you gone to that we can. and this process is now read such a stage that the mainstream media actually is behaving more and more like the old province used to do women, you know, in the fifty's. so even the 60,
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just affectively acting on behalf of the state and sometimes completely creativity . you can pick up more or less any paper, whether it's a writing tabloid, or well as liberal guardian, and on key issues. the line is virtually the same. i think some of our readers and listeners are punishing them for many other alternatives on television because of the development of technology. you can see news from on our t on 0 sewer on. numerous have a channel that exists that monopoly is being broken, but obviously only for the privileged people or people who can do is not everyone in the world as a computer or a telephone on wait,
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you can watch this. a bad monopoly has been broken. and that's a huge step forward, which is why they now want to control twitter and facebook as well. so many people putting up because from palestine or interviews that i just told this breaches or whatever stand has they call it. is that what is that? what made this 11 day war in may different to previous was because they couldn't ignore the destruction in the mass killing of civilians and women and children. absolutely. they couldn't do it. and you know, these images, i mean they have punished just a euro by bombing, their office is 1st of all ages ago. then during the iraq war, especially after the jersey, right, had no station said to them, these are our ordinates. please make sure you don't have grown attacks and rockets
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on this place that's. that's off they will give them the code miss the use them and bombed the 0 headquarters. and they were disgusting images made by a canadian documentary filmmaker who showed the entire western media homed up and got her seeing the fall of broke about with american. so just cheering and doing this and bad, and they stood up, gave it a standing ovation. the data is the level now of large chunks of the west. the media though action though one should say that the recent attack from gaza, the images that have come out from that have created not a c change. i wouldn't use that phrase but have created a circle ship, both in public opinion, which is shocked. not you know that these things have been happening for years, but a shock now in gaza since 2008 my memories, right?
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non stop in the bathroom is exactly the same bombings, children dying buildings being knocked down, shock, horror disappears. it's never mentioned again. but in a small way, this has been going on every day in some shape or form either in the occupied territories or in israel. it says, all in gossip, the fact that the new york times chose to publish on its front page the pictures of all the kids that died in god something to 5 years ago. because israel says that there were anti and dome software in the associated press, al jazeera building, that was, that was blown up. we'll take a short break. there were himmel from legendary author an activist char. golly, out of this break. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation,
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let it be an arms race is often very dramatic developments. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk when i would show the wrong, why don't i just don't rule out this thing because the after kid an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground in the
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welcome back of the g 7 summit continues in cornwall surrounded by police to keep the protest as it bay. i'm still here with those are an activist, derek alex. all media seems to not directly link it to the g 7 leaders. this is israel, this is evil that yahoo faces are no covenant for tomorrow. in israel. they don't link it necessarily to british america. you nation arm sales to israel, that's killing these children. why should i mean, that's something which is inconceivable. for west israel has been such a reliable relay of western imperialism since 194849 onwards. that is something they cannot consider is punishing it for what it is doing. and people sometimes say to me, but, you know, do you think this will, could ever and i could walk. and within 3 months,
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if the united states in particular and its allies imposed miller cree sanctions. and if necessary, economic sanctions on israel till it pulls out all its troops from the occupied areas to start off with and remove the settlements, they have to be removed. so i think that could be a demand, which in due time, some more good sign is supported, but that's all gone now is through itself because the state run by these really far, right. and still they give it so much leeway. so the war, the situation goes on, the wake still the next hour. you know, the pattern will probably be the same. i mean, the 1st in the 30 one which lasted 3 years. forced these re lease to negotiate,
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but they picked and chose who they negotiated with the leadership in killing this not the leadership of being in the occupied last. i'm in the israel itself. and this is been a problem which we don't discuss often enough in my opinion. is that the collaboration of the palestinian authority and the leadership has been a disaster story. even recently, i was told as these horrific things were going on in jerusalem, and garza and other parts of the country. the p l. o. leaders in a number of places were using security forces to dump and down demonstrations on the west back. this is a beam that out. well, the p a obviously denies that says it's all part of the resistance. but certainly what you're saying is that good, arguably by hand on a shroud we on, on this program in the 1st few days. i mean, what about descent?
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i mean, you, you talking about how descent was arguably allowed a little bit more room in the so called mainstream media before the fall of the berlin wall. now we hear evidence from the spy cops inquiry here in britain concerning you. how they spied on you and the people around you. the demonstrators today, outside the g 7, do they have reason to be frightened of the authorities more frightened than even you were in the over many is fighting for civil rights. well, i mean, they'd be admitted that they had 14 officers. it's, i don't mean over 45 years. was i frightened? look really, and i'll tell you why. because there's very little i said in private on political issues that i didn't also say uplink and they must have known that i sent it on television. i said it on the radio. i said it had meetings and i said it had hope. the private dinners, not a big secret, i think, and i'm saying now, so it's not
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a question of being frightened. it's knowing they do it. but asking, why do you do it? mean, what do you need today? the situation is completely different, as we know when the counsellor p. i'm goes away live by her own secret police with the backing of the c i o the cia with the backing of around secret police or the government within. i know, and if you remember not so long ago, we were told how often the stars he was in east germany was fine. non stop on the citizen. the west is doing exactly the same thing. actually they're doing it on a level much, much higher than the stuff every one can be spied all. so the people demonstrating should be why right of infiltrate as being sent into the ranks
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and unit building relationships of whatever sort. that is really only what they did and the fact that they can actually change anything by spying on people. i mean, i'll tell you a story. there was spies placed in 1917 by the crime, bizarre and secret police and the leadership of the bulge gm dementia. a party, one affected it. they actually made the revolution. and the funny thing is the general running the crown. i used to say it's very funny, the bolsheviks eyes to be put in the boat. you x and the mon. com and they're giving a description of similar situations and fighting with each other. just like the bulge makes sense to me. i was getting in fluids.
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the organization said to, but i mean, they were, you know, obviously that was a different situation. but what so different? i mean, what will they get out? a whole, these spying pick up people. i mean, they already have laws to lock people up for months without a be a school and it's been a disgrace. and then the new and protest bill coming coming through, i think i'll be, will all you'll be may be surprised that at least joe biden is talked about maybe something intellectual property rights for a little while on the coven vaccine. talking a little bit about saudi sales to saudi arabia for use on yemen. britain stands fast says we will continue selling the weapons to kill people in yemen. is there a sign that some of us allies are even more gung ho than joe biden and insecurity operators? it's true and they do it to show to show
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their loyalty to the concept of how the world is run and to say to the us, we have we in defending you better than you can do that. and this whole notion, which i've 18, you know, nonsensical notion that there is something called an international community. it's not, there is no international community. there's the united nations security council, where a retail can stop anything back in the united states knows this any the international community. it goes and does what it wants everywhere. as for forest johnson, sending an aircraft gallery and to china, it's patrick. it's to show loyalty. it's to show we, we will be with you always. i mean, blair was even worse than johnson in sucking up to the americans and they are very nervous. now having left the that the keep are in europe as far
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as the u. u. s. is concerned is not the truth be told it's germany, it's been that behind the scenes for some time smell sort of even open. that is the country with which the us is really interested in maintaining a very close relationship when they take for granted. germany, of course, has over this russian nordstrom to deal at the moment. yeah, you see the problem with the german government has been there for some time as long as us troops stationed in that concrete. i mean, think about the war ended in 1945, the west port in well known nazis and cautious and key positions in the army and intelligence services. 40 to 45 percent of the judiciary, the army. and so the top ross were not changed, same in japan,
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yet in both these countries, they still have military bases. and so both these gun creeds, japan, more than germany, have no real sovereignty. the hatred of russia now is not related in particular to what may or may not do. it's related to the fact that the russian government has taken back its sovereignty. that gorbachev in his week, when he, in a completely craven way, had given up all the crops to we do what you want and got no concessions a toll apart from global ones on nato. nature will not extend its frontiers, etc, etc, which they have broken with impunity. so it was necessary for any government in russia to take back sovereignty. and as far as the chinese complained, who can doubt now appear in many ways,
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the sort of most important country in the world, the economically and they're not going to be treated like they were before. so all this military threats and saber rattling and aircraft carriers is going to have known him, the chinese are the most important country. there was no doubt people in the united states who was thinking we, we couldn't russia a long time ago, decades ago, by making a block with china. and we succeeded to a certain extent in doing that. perhaps we should do a deal with the russians to weaken china. they told they think in those terms that if we can get russia on side, we can then use them. i myself, am not sure that even if they try this seriously, it's going to work because people have a few lessons and you know,
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this is what has been going on of the last 5 or 6 years has affected different parts of the world. i mean, i would say this to you that it's very interesting that when both scenario 1st came to find brazil, the western media, including the financial times, will very pleased economically. it's not levels back radical, but they were please now so horrified by what bugs morrow is doing to that country . and lulu was standing and hoping info ratings are going higher and higher that the german british basset is in brazil, the gold on lula. and said we want you to take whatever the cost and we are prepared to support. you probably deny this. i know it's a fact, as if lula doesn't know what's been going on and who backed the google against him and against dillema when the who back to the us the us. what is
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it just very briefly then? i mean all the g 70 is presume we are agreed that they want to overthrow the government of venezuela. still, obviously, bars jones in hosted one, glad to hear africa just a charity case. presumably talked about his go vaccines and, and you said it's the stager, they've steve just lost it to the china. do you think something really significant is changing in that, in america? obviously we have these rumors of castillo and emperor. yeah, i think the, you know, contrary to what some analysts said, i never believe that the thing tied was totally over. because the think tied as it was, gold was effectively a form of less social democracy. sometimes not even to left, backed by mass movements against the right. that's what this movement was that it's most radical under travis and radical, you know, on a lesser level in other parts. i mean, we've seen decrease 9 bolivia where the code up to topple. april has been
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defeated in peru, they tried very hard to make this sort of totally corrupt far right. fuji murray, lady was fathers and expressed him to the still in prison, charged with murder, an argentine of just being shipped. so it goes up and down in the kidney. there's been a huge victory for people who want a new constitution. you want to create for the truly in the center party and for the right wing infinity. so i want to give up on south america and look, i'm too far again. he will try and work, i think, with china and russia, and not with the to work, try and bring him down. and in venezuela defend so far, they taught the venezuela. nami would crumble, the venezuelan generous could be bought with dollars, and they would then organize a friendly call to the student whose name i forgot,
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who they paraded around europe and north america, the actual president. i mean, that's a joke. they don't even know what they're doing. no one takes this sort of behavior seriously. whatever ruth, shortcomings, he's state and then as well in states as being solid and resisting attempts to topple my stance, they experience from the past. they know what happens when you do that. well, there's more on that in america. now your dream channels are going. thank you. that's it for one of your favorite episode of the season will be back on september the 8th for brand new season. still uncovering the stories buried by the so called mainstream media until then keep in touch with us for social media and let us know who you'd like to see. on the next season of going undergrad. ah,
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they have paperwork. they have no bitcoin as a matter fact, they shut their bitcoin mining down, not sense. they burg, their treasure of late 500 years ago. one of the main dynasty has a country made that your bone headed and stupid mistake. the the, the breaking news of this out on the international celebrate re gun bio rings out across the americas 20 of presidents and i got us on and suddenly coming to an end depending on confirms the last of us evac flight had left the country where it's now off to in the morning on the 31st is to get.


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