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germany is dangerous, is in the mind, the sovereignty of other countries. the exceptionalism that america uses in its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is founded, shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large companies would lose millions and millions or is business and business is good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. the extraordinary success in this mission is due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless. courage is united states military and our diplomat and intelligence professionals. us president joe biden called the mission and i'm gonna send success despite the chaos and bloodshed during the final days of us. military presence also claimed that american efforts to remake of the country in its image
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and are coming to an end as foreign powers raised together the last of their people out of cobble hundreds of after they, once employed have been left without protection. a former interpreter work for the british embassy tells us that the pay has betrayed its local staff. in a bit, i will put them in a very good rate. i hope do more than make up a car. and britons at the top, did not admit he doesn't know exactly the number of citizens to left in afghanistan . that as he faces a backlash over his handling of the evacuation mission from the country. and those are your headlines a lot happening. but don't worry in just under an hour's time, my colleague, kevin, no one will be here with a full and fresh look at your new stay with our international
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the kaiser. this is the kaiser report. it psychological warfare world economic forum cutting to the core of american reason to be attacking our positivity to direct attack on america by the world economic forum. the war is on, stacy. that's right. the world economic forum, those behind the great reset, calling for the great reset, you know, they host the world economic farm, dabbles and diverse switzerland. and earlier this year, i guess, late last year we covered them saying that that the great reset was coming and we need a great reset while they're out now with warning against toxic positivity. yes, they want you to have fear, anger and sadness,
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apparently fear anger and sadness or natural emotions. they say, and we should embrace them to learn more about mental health and how to help dot dot dot. they give a link. this is why psychologists are warning against toxic positivity. you and i know this is fear uncertainty and doubt. they like to encourage that. just tune into the cable and lose my dears for some fear uncertainty and doubt. right. you know, before america, the world grew up on sadness and depression. that's the state of the world. you had, you had a bunch of lord sewer psychotic. and they rolled over the serfs and they tortured them for the most part. and that was life on planet earth. then america came and it was about pursuit of happiness. it's right there. and the freaking constitution, the bill of rights, the declaration of independence or the world economic forum, knowing that they won't be able to take over the world and resume near feudalism unless they get relative america. as now launched us sy ops psychological warfare
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trying to convince americans that they, we should return to the days when everyone was hiding under a rock frightened to death. well, you know, this is war. we'll see how this goes. toxic positivity, you know, this is a pretty striking statement coming from an organization that once a great reset. and so here are some headlines that might help them with their fear uncertainty and doubt. they want to so into the population so that they don't get to positive about things. and that is our favorite here on kaiser for our guest, dan collins. he says, almost 1000 ships now back logged to leave china, get your christmas gift. now inflation coming f y, i then invoke, or is supposed to open thursday, but probably too late to save christmas. so this was in reference to this headline code with outbreaks called log jams. china's busiest container port. so they're chronicling that shanghai in ng bow ports. the 2 port of the busiest in the world,
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i guess a few workers there were infected with cove it and they shut down the entire thing . and of course, we know that supply chains during the scope of crisis of a year and a half, whereby everybody is working from home or just staying home and getting enhanced unemployment benefits and a huge amount of air drop in cash into their balance sheet. and of course, spending it on good from china. so let's see if how this impacts china hope christmas anyway, you know, fear uncertainty and doubt. you might not have christmas. right. well, stacy, as you know, we don't need young from china to celebrate christmas. you can make a snowman, doesn't cost anything. you can take a bit of paper folded over a few times. make some cuts with the scissors. open it up. it's a beautiful snowflake, and just hang that from the window to beautiful christmas item. you can write a poem to each other, write a love poem to your loved ones. you can do that for christmas. you don't need young from china to celebrate christmas. you know, they don't have
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a god. they don't have a christmas. they don't know what positivity is, so we don't need them. well, they certainly do have the almighty dollar and they've got lots of them and that's something for them to celebrate. and here we have on friday there were $994.00 bulk cargo ships. had been lined up to access 60 china ports of which ning boat and shanghai are jammed up the most. this was more than double the number of 400 ships waiting and port queues and early august, according to ocean bolt, a data company that tracks dry bulk commodities and shipping operations. so that's a more than doubling and just one month of the traffic jams, a lot of gems at these china, it's so where it's going to be september. october are like the 2 busiest months for shipping container ships. so there, you know, as people are getting ready, the retailers are ordering all their supplies for christmas for the thanksgiving after thanksgiving, the black friday, black and fiber monday, you know,
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they need all these goods in there and their warehouse to ship out. so we'll see. we'll keep a track of that and hopefully, you know, the world economic forum will be impressed with our reporting because we'll have some fun for you. like 30 here. remember that during the holidays we watch. it's a wonderful life. a frank capra film starring jimmy stewart and donna raid a wonderful tale of holiday cheer, family coming together. they usually pay at $5.00 or 10 times during the holidays, put it on 247 on every cable, and every network outlet you possibly can. cnn. just play, it's a wonderful life continuously and you know, interrupted occasionally with that burning your log video that they play during the holidays. you just watch a log burning in the fireplace. you can watch that for hours and it just gives a warmth of joy. you can't possibly imagine, that's all we need. we don't need all the junk from china while max. certainly people need a place to spend all there's the meta tags. and now there's an infrastructure bill
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coming with more stimulus after that. another $3500000.00 to dole out in the 2nd half of the year. so, you know, they've got to spend their money somewhere. and here's another thing. they certainly cannot spend at a local retailer or local mom and pop owned retail outlet, right? because, well, those we all got rid of that the boomers got rid of those in the eighty's and ninety's, and here's an interesting thread. you know, i'm trying to mange maintain, let you embrace the fear, anger, and sadness. and these headlines here because in the eighty's and ninety's, boomers and generation, next, we got rid of all the local retailers, the momma pop owned, american owned shops. and what we did is we basically took wal mart target staples, all these huge, big box retailer,
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multi nationals owned by investors all over the world for basically eradicate the local retailer. so this is on the news. i found it really interesting thread here from a journalist named stacy mitchell. even though her name is stacy. she's not related to me. but it turns out the big box stores or an even worse deal for cities and towns worse than anyone. even their opponents once thought. so in the eighty's and ninety's, the way they got around local regulations and got cities and towns to embrace them, was that they said you would have a huge tax revenue come in. well, now that the data is in all these decades later, they took all the incentives. they took the money to build the infrastructure, to build the building, to build the, the access roads, to that they took the city and town money for that. but the bottom line was actually another story max,
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there are 2 big costs. big box stores are expensive in terms of the public services . they require mainly police and road costs. and 2nd, big box stores cause the value of downtown and other commercial buildings to drop a few years after a walmart or a lowe's opened. the end result for the cities finances might be breakeven or worse when you accounted for these losses and cost right here in america. i think we should all get back into whittling. i don't know if you recall, but back in the early part of the last century, a lot of people whittled. you take a piece of wood and you get a little knife and you just a little that would go whittling. now you perfect. you're willing, you can build furniture with your wiggling skills. you could even build a house, right? you don't, you could build toys for the kids. you make a little to a car for your child. you don't need it in a wal mart by some slave may plastic chinese thing. yes, little kid a little cart made out. are you willing would? and who's the big loser china?
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who's a big winner? america? i think you're wrong. if you listen to our guests are free, can guess dan collins, he'll say that their wages in china are actually very similar to here. there's a purchase in price parity. they have a huge middle class, the biggest middle class in the world, much bigger than here. and they actually work for their income. we here don't have to work for our income, where gifted it from by them, they're biting bucks. so the other thing is that yes, the wages in china have long been suppressed. and partly at the behest of those multinationals that are american own there american, there on wall street, there given funds from our pension funds, our state and local pension funds, all of our pension funds invest into these, these big box retailer. and in fact, the, the c e o is of those have benefited from the price that wage disparity. that is
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now closed. that is over. so china will be fine if wal mart pulls out. if kmart pulls out of, i think came, are actually bus. if target, if lowes of all of the big box retailers back out of china, they'll be fine because they have what is called cast. they have real money, they have real well. they have real workers who still know how to make and manufacture stuff. so that's the answer. stay here. yeah. they have paper. well they have no bitcoin as a matter fact, they shut their bitcoin mining down. not sense. they burn their treasure fleet 500 years ago under the ming dynasty as a country made such a bone headed and stupid mistake. and as a result, they're going to watch their empire collapse. they think they've got america on the robes, but we can come back with our positivity in our pursuit of happiness as always wins . right? well, in the meantime, fortunately, one day you might be able to work again and have your own shop and do your own business because walmart and lowes and all these big box retailer said this woman
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stacy mitchell is talking about our abandoning these cities and towns. they're just like the fractures, abandon all sorts of wells across, you know, oklahoma and north dakota and texas. well, there are bad and in here and now a decade or 2 after they've been built, the picture for these communities is getting even worse. the big box chains are systematically contesting their property evaluations, slashing their payments and hundreds of communities. and using this concept called the dark store, dark stores, a scheme that the chains cooked up around 2014. when they started appealing tax valuations, my grounds at their stores should be valued as though they were vacant, buildings and not going concerns which at the end of empire and being pushed on us this fear, anger and sadness reimbursed. i think that's i've done a pretty good job. i don't, i won't be too positive about this. i don't want to be toxic here,
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but i think i've done a good job for the world economic forum here. right? because we get corrupt politicians, they're just replace them with honest politicians, something we haven't seen in america for a while, get rid of all the old garbage and start from scratch. yes, it will get it. so china, you lose take. when we go back, we're going to discuss more interesting things. don't go away. the me ah, ah, ah, the ah.
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the the pacific leg around the world expedition by 1000 miles round the clock and dead calm. miss dennis in every country close by like the crew. gavin's food and one or 2 to chat for a show. the little boy in the lead on the little thing is
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got everybody locked down or almost no food and no water that only giving them up. so somebody stuck in the cove. it you're living like to see men of home, but in the 21st century, i the me welcome back to the kaiser report. i'm at kaiser time now to go to david morgan of the morgan report. david morgan, welcome back. max. gotta say so. it's a pleasure, david morgan, we just mark the 50th anniversary of the next and shock when president nixon close the gold window, thus defaulting on us obligations 50 years later. what's your assessment of the
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consequences of that decision we're going in the jubilee. 7 seven's. remember christine guy talking about the magic number 7 and every 7 there's a shimmy. just 7 times 749. so great role over the 50 year were there is this it, i don't know, but i thought it through a bit of a curve ball and i'm not ruined. charlie being somewhat straight up about it and you can play the straight man. i think there's going to be the reset some time in the 50th anniversary. in other words, you've got a year ago or less markets and society and history tends to go and cycle, you know, you find cycles and they pop up over and over again. and we could very well be looking at of seismic chain certainly. and other cycle people talking about is the 4th turning. this is another historical precedent where generationally speaking good man, create good times, create bad man. create bad times to sum that up. so 50 years later do you believe
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it was fitting that the u. s. empire basically collapsed on august 15th in the place. we're all on pires. go to die and that's afghan, a stand. so remarkably on the actual 50th anniversary, david is the day when we essentially saw america collapse and capital. yeah, there's a lot to that story and you're part of the day share a little bitter 100 g o pull up politics and me. but i did look at the war and as you know, i, my background came from, you know, pretty high level connection, the air force and, you know, they have 2122 from the stuff that no one knows about that i was privy to you over 30 years ago, i don't think it's over max. i think this thing's going to accelerate. i think we've got a lot to pay for. i think these deeds of what's going on in the global empire is ending and it's not going to be a pretty and there is one week and i'm a indicator that would indicate that things are fundamentally different and that
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would be inflation. and for a long, long time, the inflation has been hidden. its been hidden principally by outsourcing jobs and factories that china, where the slave labor and china wars, giving america a lot of cheap goods. so we didn't really have that inflation that we had back in the seventy's, or we had just outright fraud by the central banks. who would he, donnelly, adjust the cpi number to hide the fact that there is actual inflation. but my question to you is it appears as though we're entering into maybe a sick or goal inflationary period with prices now, kind of the genie is out of the bottle. what do you think? well, i think you're right on your basis. i also think that it is out of the bottle and that most people aren't in the stock market. most people don't really know how the banking system works. most people don't even know what the purpose of interest rates are. so all they know is that when they go to fill up their gas tank, when they go to the grocery store,
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things cost more and they equate that to be inflation, even though it could be a supply breakdown or a food shortage is some of the reasons prices force tire. so i think it's a lot to do with the psychology. i mean power in speech and just finish listening to it. even talked about the seventy's and how people started to expect inflation and how they're watching that very closely. i don't know how they know what the inflationary expectations are with their data, but i'll leave it to them. maybe it's the n s a spine on all our, everything we carry around with us all the time. and there are certain buzzwords and they get data that way and i'm not being facetious. what i do know is that i don't think you can break the back of it in the needed category. was that it's food, it's housing, it's energy. i think those are here to stay, regardless of whether or not it turns out to be temporary, because there might be a further a commercial real estate. but there could be sooner or later something in the bond market. i just took a look at a few of the charge for the interview,
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so i wanted to just, you know, get my head around the big pitch your course, the bond market looks great. the s and p does a great move up during the speech. i mean, happy times are here again, max has done what you can be so concerned about looking at the political saying a little bit extra countries aren't buying, buying the story and they're not drinking the koolaid, brazil, south korea, russia are now engaged in active interest rate hikes, i think they're trying to get ahead of what they see as being an out of control inflationary scenario. these are commodity producers typically and they see the data 1st hand. do they know something that may be j pal doesn't know very likely. i mean, let's go back to the big, big picture, not toil is energy. and if you've got russia getting in on the act where they don't know if they can circumvent the dollar, look, every time anyone want to circumvent the petro dollar and signal for oil or
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anything but the u. s. but then there was a price to pay. you look at what happened to daffy, you look, which happened in the euro zone a couple times. and now that's going to happen. it's happening. and i think that's kind of one of these. one of the signals to this 50 or jubilee this. how does sorts out again, i don't think will be pretty, it will happen exactly how i'm not certain, but you know as much as me, if not more on the central bank digital currency. i mean, the whole thing about defy was for decentralized fine, and bitcoin being the star leader for a long time. but now after a short time it was a k y c. you know, you can be as anonymous as you want, as long as you go through an exchange and give them know your customer situation. not that you can't do it anonymously. i'm well aware of that fact, but most people don't. so it's back to and you know, it's not to be confrontational max, but you know, bitcoin, i really love the idea, especially early on to the story was decentralized and it got that to distribute
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wealth. the way we would like it to buy a free market, entrepreneurial spirit, but it's turned out so far and you can correct me that the whales a lot if it's enough you hands and this is and i don't think with tasha you're not remote or had in mind that's my take, we'll get to that a 2nd. i kind of want to focus on a couple of things are saying there that pick my interest. and you were just saying that any country that can circumvent the petro dollar will. and you mentioned some famous cases, obviously in iraq and libya where the, the wasn't intention to start trading dollars out outside while outside of the dollar, the petro dollar. and we saw, you know, the hit men are flown in as, as john perkins would call them the economic hit man. and hillary clinton cackling in the white house when the can, daffy was, was being actually murdered for the sake of the big oil companies. so,
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but any country that can get out of the petro dollar will, is one of the, one of the things we need to keep in mind here when we see capital fall. and we see the helicopters on the embassy roof like we did in saigon, and 975. is this sending a message to the global markets that the window is open now for countries to circumvent the, the petro dollar, not the window deciding glass door. i mean, it's all open, it's apparent for anyone with eyes to see. and that's kind of scary because we held the premium position as the empire king for a long time. and we basically lost it overnight, not that we were weakening and weakening and a weakening, but as you pointed out, so accurately on the day of are very close to the afghan. it's jan. were all empires die we die. you mentioned that your background is good. does go back to one of the branches of military, the air force. you have a fairly what at one time had
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a fairly high level position. so when you see the image is coming out of capital this week, and you see the response by the president united states, is this a new chapter in, in america's foreign policy? and because i've seen american foreign policy be irresponsible before, and certainly the vietnam war was a quagmire that went on for years needlessly. we now know that the leaders knew it was a losing war from almost from day one. and that was a huge tragedy. but it does, it seems like we're, this is a new territory. david, it seems like this level of dysfunction where we're actually leaving billions of dollars with a weapons behind and thousands of sit friendlies and put and soldiers that are getting killed. this seems like a new chapter, so my question is, is this something that's kind of new and then on a scale of given your military background, where would you place this is it is,
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is it as catastrophic as it looks or am i missing something? okay, well let me try to break that down a bit. is it as catastrophic as it looks? yes, maybe more so i think the number one word comes to mind is predictability . i mean, we have someone that is supported lee commander in chief, you know, has the final say over the arm service is all branches and very unpredictable. and there can be an under reaction. and then a week later be an overreaction. and so that's very scary to me personally, and i should think, you know anyone paying attention i do think we're going to hit a new level. i do think there's going to be a lot more, as i said earlier, price to pay. i think we're going to walk you looked at, is this going to move over into taiwan? are you know, what's going to go on from this point? nice. try and predicting more conflict from this point forward. i'm sorry to
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say that, but that's what i see. right. well, sticking with our theme that we've been talking about for years now, which is dollar bond market, precious metals as a way to kind of get signals and all this noise. and what we're seeing, how do you explain the strength and the dollar, and the stock market. there's pyramid, you know, they upside down pyramid. i rely on, i think john, after fed banker, new york bank, fed, how long deceased, you know, everyone goes to proceed safety until they go into absolute safety. what does that mean? the most sacrosanct perceived dead instrument is us treasury's knee at bills, notes, or box. and then you go from there and a physical in the cash, you know, money markets are us dollars and then you go into physical gas. and then from there, once that starts to break down, what's your competence is broken down,
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then it's gold, gold and silver. and we're not there yet, we're good and we're in the phase of proving that pair, that pyramid has a good good concept. and that will quantity is king. you want to be liquid, there's nothing more liquid than us dollar. even if you're in brazil are argentina, has a better example, think give up on the base and they get greenbacks, physical currency of the united states cuz it's more trusted. and the whole time i was watching pal, i thought, what would i do if i was in issues, to be honest, probably just about the same thing because it's number one job is even though he says, monetary stability. i'll choke on that one because of anything but a stable monetary system. but he does state that, but it's confidence. his whole speech is about, we know what we're doing. don't pull the curtain back, we have it under control. if inflation gets out of control, we have measures that we will employ of you know,
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very rapidly to curtail it will bon words, competence, competence, competence, trust me, trust me, trust me. that was a bottom line as they all. and he did give reference to, you know, a lot of things that are valid. and i have to also be honest that we could see some transitory inflation not. and what i outlined all my words back on to an energy, probably, you know, read or housing does shelter, you know, people. but we could see, as i said, you know, some fall off in some, let's say not important. good. like, you know, big screen tv. this i phone 17 and stuff like that. all right, david, we have to come out there. thanks for bringing i kaiser report. bradley, thank you. that's going to do for this additional because report with me max guys are and stacy herbert when i think, i guess david morgan at the morgan report until next time by the me, ah ah,
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