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living like the semen of old, but in the 21st century, ah, the begging goes on. what i've seen and witnessed was so destructive to this day. i haven't gone to sleep. coming up. this are the 1st of all in depth reports into the victims of america's brutal war on terror. following us, the rule from us kind of stand former guantanamo detainees. with them, bag shows the horrors he suffered. they had a sound, a woman in the, in the next room that led me to believe was my wife being tortured. they were with pictures of my children in front of me and also where do you think they are now? what do you think happened? like we took away,
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we get access to the lab port just days after it was abandoned by western troops to terminal and the equipment shafted in destroyed during the us retreat for the helicopters. and there are a lot of them that were abandon the was to be caught various various electrical blocks, remove the ye, looks to buy its way out of another potential. michael crisis with plans pay stunned neighbors. hundreds of millions of euro's to homes such reference j ah hello, good evening, without international now with the us gun is done, washington is now set to review the failings to be rushed on chaotic evacuation. an r t said to scrutinize the horrific impact that the occupation had on the lives of
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millions of afghans in the special report. we tell the stories of people affected directly by the long running battle in ghost civil. i quite in our 1st report, 53 year old morrison bank lives in britain's works for a prison rights organization and doesn't look like somebody who's lived the experience of america's worth prison practices. but he knows about them all so well . i had to stop telling myself that i'm the father, that i my son, i'm a husband that i'm a human being. i started to whole myself. what i had been told that i was and that was my number 558. that was my number and gone to the in room in may
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2002. i was interrogated by the c i and the f b i and they threatened if i did not corporate to send me either to egypt or serious to be further tortured. either you're with us or you with the enemy. there is no in between. and that doctor still stand ah, in. i think it's quite clear to me that united states respond to the terrible acts of 911 was vengeance. the war on terror is not a police operation. it's a military operation. why they picked from me? it wasn't just me. they picked on everyone who knows. if anybody prepared to hand you over to contact to talk to you. you know, i live pakistan is the enemy of right and i'm my parents and i'm a deal national. they handed me over to the americans without any legal process
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before i was held for a year in 2002 to 2003. and i saw 2 individuals beaten to death by american soldiers. these terrorists play by a whole set of different rules. it's going to force us in your words to get mean dirty and nasty in order to take them. i will use all tools at our disposal to do so. the boys a few bad apples. isolated incidents one by one. the terrorists are learning the meaning of american justice to lead this place. i pity my what me and i did. states was doing in afghanistan,
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they were bringing people to this torture sight afghans 40 afghans and abusing them outside of the rule of law, and then allowing some of them to go back home. and they would go home and tell people what the americans did. by the time i got to guantanamo, i was begging to go to turn on because what i've seen and witnessed in the background was so destructive to this day. i haven't, i can't sleep i . several of us was sent to one tunnel including several taliban members who now heads of various departments from the act and government were tortured. we were stripped, we were beaten, was spat upon. we were humiliated photographs. this was taken during this period of time they had a, the cons. a woman in the next room that led me to believe was my wife being tortured. they waved with
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a picture of my children in front of me and asked me where do you think they are now, what do you think happened in the night and took your way? and of course, what they wanted me to do was cosign a confession that i was a member of al qaeda, which i was not. and this was, i'd say, stand it, i got it. i think i got it better than a lot of the other prison. ah, ah, i me, ah, so this is the handmade calendar that i made when i was in guantanamo. i thought that perhaps if i counted the days that it will be easier. but when the days turn into weeks and months, and then 2 years, i realize that it was just futile when i received such letters from my children who are very young at the time, it actually made it worse to look at the calendar and start to count on the days my
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children were growing up without me and every day, without them, with a stab in the heart. and they would come sporadically, they had to be vetted uncensored by the us censorship. my daughter who was 6 at the time, wrote a poem, 12345 was like what the official life. and they redacted that because they said that has numbers in a numbers could mean some sort of a code. so it was that kind of nonsensical reduction disconnecting from the idea of being a father, ironically and sadly, but also my own personal faith, my belief in god my reading, the koran and again and expectedly becoming friends with several of the american soldiers who would bring me little snippets of information. sometimes they can a chocolate. sometimes we can a dvd player and show me a film, lexus,
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humanity that i have never forgotten to despair. and i think i left guantanamo not hating america because of those soldiers, me. messages directly from some american soldiers who say that this has been a, a war that has destroyed us as individuals. soldiers, i've spoken to told me that they cannot sleep at night. so i am in no doubt about the, the effects of this war, not just on the individuals, but on the nation as a whole of whom the soldiers representative me has gone to the shop and unity types were destroyed. the united states produced
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a senate report on torture, but not a single person was ever bought for charges for these war kind. recently, i gave evidence the international criminal court for their investigations of abuses by americans, enough. they would investigate to be like states, the african national army and the taliban. the only ones who responded by threatening the international court was the united states of america. they said that we will sanction all members of the international court. we will arrest any members of the icpc who come to the usa or elsewhere that want to investigate us. i think the united states of america needs to step back if it wants to help any of any assistance to the people who understand it's got in a position to negotiate those conditions. it has, it has been an aggressor. the taliban already made gestures towards russia to its china, to it's the wrong to it's focused on within denisia with the united states and britain in particular. i think that feeling very upset because this is
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a defeat. it's a military defeat. however, you want to look at it and not imperial hubris, as it were, will not allow them to say that we need to move forward and continue within negotiations that we began in doha, that they cannot be any more saber rattling. it's no good for the african people. it's no good background assessment with a britain or america. you've really got to find a way for me. we'll have service special reports to throughout the week speaking to those who look were shattered by the us war on terror. and the meantime, video has emerged of us soldiers falling into the air and ground could pull international airport in late august, as crowds of desperate afghans tried to force their way on to the airfield. the footage was post by us marine guarding the airport and the pick service members throwing smoke grenades, firing warning shots, and pointing their weapons at civilians with women and children among them.
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american officials early a confirm to that warning shot had indeed been fired as a means of crime control or cabal airport is now devoid of western troops. and under taliban control, the u. s. military tried to destroy whatever equipment they could before leaving, which can also be seen here in the marines. video. our senior correspondent motor scans the f ports from the apple. these place looks very different to what we arrived to during the evacuation that cleaning the plagues up. there's said enormous amount of work to do what with all the vehicles, all the armament tool, the i'm you mission that was left behind by us and allied forces as they were treated as above while there was of it this tool as a person that is still being cleaned up, but as i said, there's a lot of work to do these evacuation that the pentagon cools the largest and most
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complex in history, left a whole lot of trash behind trash, wreckage and they, bree the taliban command, the pelvis, they destroyed 95 percent of the equipment, stuff, and systems, they destroyed everything and destroyed cars, airplanes, especially the military. for oedipus, are destroyed 100 percent. we asked to see the airport and once crammed into the back of a pickup truck, we got our wish. it was like a movie set, a disaster, the scene. our 1st stop was the helicopter graveyard, all the helicopters and there are a lot of them that were abandoned at capital airport. they have been sabotaged quite visibly. the was, have been cut various, various electrical blocks removed and smashed, apparently with a sledge hammer, anything the taliban or even afghans could use the americans destroyed. and what
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they couldn't bring themselves to destroy. they let loose, he'll be the dog great. the cause such as the on lot you have yet many of the dogs lives behind by americans. but they weren't locked in crates as we had be led to believe what they were let you at the dentist, someone before the father, us troops would take someone, had opened all the crate and left them with, with food on line animal activists of mobilized in the thousands there in the sense that the american troops could have left behind these dogs right there next to the runway. at the mercy of the taliban, the americans left the dogs to get out from the specific places. but our teens on our office called the in charge of those dogs. and to dave, they came to the port and they are trying to collect the docks and they are trying
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to the facility for them and what they need to give them all we can say that these may be just what the taliban needs. a p r stuck collect the dogs, had the move with the activists and reap the humanitarian glory. alternatively, they may have enough on their plate. she, the americans didn't justice for the helicopters and vehicles. they trashed much more than that. when i was at the, at the morning led to the airport. so i saw a lot of destructions here. many things were destroyed. i don't know who did this actually, america was there. we have got damage and the road infection you can see at the backside of me, it was also damaged. but fortunately by the help of our lobby made it and we might make it correct. the other interesting thing about the airport is the, the hundreds of armored diplomatic vehicles that have been left here abandoned
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during the evacuation. they used these vehicles to block off roads while the evacuation was on the way. this is passport control at capital international airport. this is the states that it was left in after the evacuation was complete for some reason, other than destroying while the military vehicles and aircraft that the united states left behind. they also did stored much of the airport civilian infrastructure, computers, x rays, cameras, even arrival and departure screens. here they saying it was the americans who cut the power cables knocked over the monitors, smashed windows and kicked in doors, even new to the vending machines. why? perhaps boredom, bats hate. you don't then the 20 year war and leaving a humiliating evacuation without feeling a little bit of spite. or i'd get you
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a couple of gotten this done. now with some european countries refusing to accept afghan refugees, a recent joint statement from the year, his pledge 300000000 new arrives to help nations that border f ganeth stan deal with the flow of newcomers. over the past few days, thousands of african refugees have entered pakistan, setting up a makeshift camp, one border crossing the country's already home to about one and a half 1000000 afghans. and this lemma bat has recently announced to is closing the crossing g to the sheer volume of people arriving. don quarter takes a closer look at another migrant crisis in the making. as the u. s. fled war torn afghanistan, it left countless thousands, either displaced or scrambling to leave the country. and now your opinions are having flashbacks of the 2015 migration crisis. oh,
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based message known to you and its member states send determined to act jointly to prevent the reoccurrence of uncontrolled, large scale illegal migration movements faced in the past. appropriate security checks should be carried out, including through the full use of relevant to you databases, as well as registration in euro deck. this time though brussels is ready to buy out app. dana stands neighbors, as long as they're the ones willing to bear the brunt of the refugee influx. the you will engage and transmit support to 3rd countries. in particular, the neighbor and intransitive countries housed in large numbers of migrants and refugees to reinforce their capacities to provide protection, dignified and safe reception conditions and sustainable livelihood for refugees and host communities, saw me, your country is like austria, poland, and hungary have flat out, refused to accept any new migrants, while germany has sent its foreign minister, high co moss, to plead with the middle east and central asia. but many countries are already at
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full capacity around in pakistan, for example. so the highest influx of afghans last year with the latter accepting nearly $1500000.00 new asylum seekers pushed to the capacity. you know, can we absorb more if we give is what needs to be understood? it's no wonder as lama bod is not looking for anymore or our focus on. we're not support. massive influx of refugees to focus on or d 5. and he have millions of refugees. this is burden on pipes, tons of his sources because the international community is dark port gummy, and it has also created social nomic problems in part through the past 4 decades. same is true about 8 on the main question is why these are the fuji's are to go to you don, our focus on only why not the rest of the word, especially the developed war or the european union are the states
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should accept those refuses in 2020 to ron also accepted a whopping 780000 refugees despite crippling sanctions. while this year, thousands more are expected. it's not like the country is getting much in the way of international aid either. now the financial assistance provided by the un and the european union, etc. they are welcome. of course, they provide very little compared to what it will actually cost for the government to host these peoples. well, iran already has a can refugee population of around a 1000000 with a total of over $2000000.00 as can. he is currently living in iran. so iran is already hosting a very large can population. and because of the current american sanctions on your, on the raining economy is not doing very well. and i think having a person, iraqi, jeez,
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any year on is going to be very problematic for the government. you can also count turkey on the list of migrant overloaded countries. back in 2016 europe, provided ankara, assistance to stem the flow of europe, bound migrants. and to this day, 3700000 syrian refugees and around 300000 afghans remain as turkey, we have sufficiently carried out our moral and humanitarian responsibilities regarding migration, it is out of the question for us to take an additional refugee burden. another regional player took a stan has agreed to accept some refugees temporarily while as becca stand has completely closed its borders to them. so as the west wraps up, it's costly and arguably, pointless. 20 or conflict. it seems like they're expecting others to clean up the mess it left behind. they have middle with janice that they have ruined their security and they left the atkins unstable. they left them in a way that they rather where sure that there would be war and
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instability in the country. and they don't care about the problems that they have cause they, us should not be allowed to escape the prices. the europeans who aided the united states, they should not be allowed to escape the prices. they are the 1st and main party that are needed to pay the price for their you know, for the fire that they started in this region. in other news tonight, 11 people have died in new york and new jersey is hurricane ida continues to wreak havoc in the united states. the hurricane is now recognised as one of the strongest in american history. the storm previously hit southern regions of the u. s, but it's not continuing its way across the northeast flooding neighborhoods, causing widespread power activities and plenty of destruction. your can. new jersey have already declared a state of emergency. one is being reported to the 20 days of all say,
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retreat parts of pennsylvania. married a mandatory vaccine passes a back in the u. k. headlines is the government proposed to publish proposals on the east. scotland has already said it will make vaccine passports obligatory at night. clubs and large scale life events. you propose, subject parliamentary agreement that vaccination here to the cation should be introduced later this month, personally, nightclubs and adult entertainment venues. second, unseat, indoor live events with more than 500 people in the audience. next on c t do live events with more than 4000 people in the audience. and lastly, any event of any nature which has more than $10000.00 people in attendance or the proposal is aimed at holding arise and co case numbers in scotland, which have gone up 6 forward over the past month, the scottish opposition and hospitality sector. they say that the new plans will hurt businesses while ignoring people's right to choose the fact that has been no
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attempt to engage with the sector ahead of this announcement is extremely concerning. night clubs and event organizers will be on the frontline of implementing this policy. and representatives need an opportunity to ask questions of the scottish governments. plans exist another example of the symbolic last minute needs or decision making up the government. as predicted, the government has reheated their coven id card scheme. they are divisive, unworkable and expensive, and the liberal democrats will oppose them. while there are also proposals to introduce similar measures in england. later this month, we discussed the plans with michael kill, who runs the night time industries association. he warned that fir, the controls could cause irreparable damage to a business sector already under tremendous pressure. it's going to have a cancer stroke impact, you know, want stuffing on trade on customer confidence. and we're going to see
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a critical position that's coming. going to come out the backend of this with many businesses, potentially not surviving and many who are overburdened with that in a critical position. i think there is a reality to the fact that there are some people who decide to do that, but there is still some skepticism amongst many groups, a lot of ethnic groups, et cetera, that they are, you know, consent to their being less down a pathway of being vaccinated is terrible to think that we all the carrots been dangling from some people with regards to becoming double vaccinated. you know, it's a society issue that needs to be address. there is a lot of skepticism. there's a lot of communication and misinformation out there. and that stamps the governments do not, not hold businesses that have been closed for 18 months, have many of them have the bird in there and now use them as the final string to trying to draw people in screen double vaccinated is you know, something that is very difficult to see what's known as slammed apple for what he
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believes to be an encroachment of privacy, which he says could lead to governments trolling through your phone. the u. s. take, giant says it wants to scan content on know, biles, in an effort to crack down on child pornography. the n s a whistleblower just for that. once it starts to fish f. s such files, it opens the door for governments to search for other behavior deemed to be criminal. instead of a private company, seeing their bibles in the cloud on their systems. now doing on your home, they take it away that separation between what they owe and what you all know. they're telling your device what to what they say. you can't have this viral on your we develop the system to detecting they talk to decide in the future. what kinds of files will be searched for? it's no longer company question. it's a good question. now,
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in an interview with russian media snowdon also discuss the result of the u. s. intervention in afghanistan. and also burst until after 2 when asked whether he thinks he can actually win the nobel peace prize. snowden has to be nominate with junior stange along with chelsea. manny for the 2021 accolades. you can lead it back to the doctor. that brings you up tonight. that's how the news is looking good to have you company. we're back in the top of the the rather driven by dreams shaped by those in
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me the dares thing. we dare to ask. oh, me . well, consider alex salmon, shall we look at the ends of a medical longest war in afghanistan, 20 years ago at the start of the conflict, colonel lord and wilkerson was at the,
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at the center of decision making as chief of staff to then us secretary of state colin powell no, i distinguished professor william and made a college, was his assessment of a medical longest war. he joins alec shortly, but 1st you are 2 semesters and the most in response to actual last week on political polling between professor john curtis. i'm james kelly. did scott said, love it, opinion poor youth and faith doesn't stipulate what the rest of us in scotland are thinking i'm. it's not simple. monica, don't say that this is a must watch for all induce supporters. i didn't respond to james kelly, the parents. teddy says grace, sure to see you on a gym. and finally, sarah alba says it was nice to see you on tv teams. let's have more non veteran kernel lord and wilkerson prepared us presentation by which colon power justified the invasion of iraq to the international community. he describes it as the worst
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moment of his professional life as he moved from washington insider to tension. critic of the new con policies of successive us administration. he joins alex, the close of the american intervention in afghanistan. come along this, welcome. thank you so much for joining me on the alex allen. show. glad to be with you. really. this week cover woke us in the last american troops, nato troops of left afghanistan. but 20 years ago, you were right at the, the center of decision making. what was that amy thought back in 2001. this was a conflict. hon engagement that might go on for 20 years. i'm really glad you added nato there. the united states has done its level best to pull nato into out of area operations and therefore justified continued existence,
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a subject on which i can relax. but to your question, i was there in the beginning, and i was there when people like colon pals, lawyer himself a former deputy secretary defense william howard taft, the 4th, a very famous name and american politics objected to the war instrument pointing out that we had used law enforcement as our principal counter terrorist methodology for years only want exception really on a legans rate on libya in april of 986, which didn't last very long. and there was a lot of sense to that reality politics sense to using law enforcement to continue to use it. the moment we selected the war instrument, we elevated al qaeda and it's like 2 warriors status. we even had extraordinary difficulty coming out with a term to describe them. so the geneva conventions and other things wouldn't apply to.


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