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drive me on going on, we're happy to see that we used to have combat the ation projects here. currently civilian obligation on the rise would be you should, if you buy 2 laps following with the breakup of the soviet union. currently we can research and we have a new high tech plan and we are getting you and it is a long term search in the chemical industry. you're a mistake, you practice you up and running and then there was to know about all guess, canada gas procession, project family shopping over all in rushes. for instance, specific region regions are hosting projects with you show me the should kafka barrage flooring a month and that's the new metals deposits limits and mining is really very good in the district. a lot has been done to improve investment of climate and like to thank the governors of the regional here in the protest in 2022. you know from
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nathan and nobody can go. i see him on the move in with the terms of investor appeals for russian regions to wish to join the top 30. you with the russian regional manual in your currently we didn't have a single one of the top 30. now we have a full shooting and what we did you expand guarantees and you might have incentives for our business man. look at movie when sound that we need to be able to come up with new incentives or whatever you wish to rush as far as to lead a grace needs to be on the higher days grace needs to be higher than rushes average . and we need to provide the rights environment that you stations. gotcha. so the lending government services need to be discussed. so globally can patients,
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if they need to be the best human because you're in the entire pacific which you're in the floors and it is a daunting task, even though that, that aura is. but it's ultimately what the goals are. we need to come up with a sound precedent sets of incentives. typically when the coral island future with no local, not the business community will not have to pay transport land taxes. but for 10 years, a company and another set of taxes and these companies, these are companies that are registered and operate them. and then you get company on the higher your hands. and they will also have a low where social he can do to increase tax 7.6 percent, which is only doing this is the so called important contributions where you get the will. but they will be able to do
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a t export import their equipment because it is one that's actually a much faster and easier way and he will not be applied unless the equipment or the him, the leads the territory of the carolina. he's preferential regime will not be applied to the operation of that which he asked for. without exceptions. these are soon the processing of hydrocarbons. this was the sports of the wooden by a resources. well, these are high revenue businesses in themselves. so this is why they need in preparation regime, excuse me, for these admins, for the fact station customers you choose to consent to what will be available, not just to russian, can you, but also to foreign investors, including from a neighboring countries from japan. it should go and that's what we discussed with them earlier. we spoke about the nene shoes and i will provide for
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economic development by joint corporation there. sure. i'd like to use this opportunity to make you an aside in tokyo hosted the summer olympics of the paradigm picks are about 200 and i'd like to congratulate the organizing committee, the citizens of japan. would you tell him that i've met and use that with some of the organizes a villain games? i know that personally, i'd like to congratulate them when you can. you probably know they said she meant it's been a successful event of the world level under very strange circumstances. now let's go back to our topic ladies. we believe that this new regime we'll have to provide the right environment, launching projects and tourism culture bio i. he can use culture under numerous to
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fish processing. we will lead to people who live in the far east need to see new power houses in hub. so with that, which is huge export potential and this will help to create the provide for high salaries. new means which is local airports and highways that would contribute strongly to rushes economic growth. and we would like to expand the snaps work and their capacity throughput capacity of a bicycle. more railway leads in new york issue, bush and other rail railways will just be expanded on that now on the bicycle are more railway. the vehicle really? it's been a long term process. she knew even the, the 1st half of the 20th century,
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which the 1st exploration works with. don paul much was it was 974 when full scale construction new project photoshop's. and we will mock the 50th anniversary style. and i'd like to loop through clean with that, she's a big thank you to the veterans to spend so much effort to delay this railway through the mountains through the ridges. this is a very important railway, archery for the weather and use that so thank you so much. you've laid the foundation over, and i mean, we now need to upgrade this railway, use them according to schedule and to achieve the capacity targets that we set for ourselves. you will, we will do that. definitely asked to expose the difference to plenty of good job. we are transporting more cargoes, we are processing more cargoes,
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but at least means that revenues are off. we'll spend the revenue to improve the living standards of all people, but also need to be aware of the station or need to protect our environment to take me which the dust from coal exploration people can feel. the coal really was yellow found they've been filed, complain that we've adopted a series of measures. we signed agreements with the companies. i see rationally ports when you do need to look at the latest cutting edge technology in trans shipment. it's a very, he's your issue. these colleges having are being adopted in russia and increasing fashion, and i hope they will be adopted here in the far east. but we need to take a step further. we need to introduce as part of our legislation,
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so that the call the ports and not just of the motor blood washed off in the hotel, but also the more money more it's becoming rockport needs to have a continuous environmental monitoring system in place. if you took a look, let's talk about some of the local issues, deficits to construction materials, showing you sort of some of being transported from thousands of kilometers away. and they saw him when you talk of makes projects more expensive. no justin infrastructure. but also, even though it was the civilian in the construction industry, so we need to set up our own industry here. a cluster will be set up in the hub, are asking this region that has the right to production and left the right personnel. but he will be back, will benefit the entire far. he's a strict obliged to instruct the russian government to work with russian railways
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with fidelity in the russian efforts. move it, and you got doing the highway construction company to you. number 3 and morale, the human, the proposal. solution is your budget which we need to rely stored on the, from the but themselves mission, engine, environmental issue, which requirement is transport it to me just to develop the russian far east and to ramp up the capacity of the northern syrians. it was the past decade, the body of the, the volume of cargo being transported through the set passage has increased several times. it seems to be $986.00. we used to transport 7500000 tons in the last year. and we had about 2, it's a department that you knew by 2024,
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we will transport about 8 see 80000000 target. joseph mcgrath. and i'm so i met with some of the moderators of the session with that. all. but who you're delivering is the cost of the forum and, and contain the line like additional you could run with those $3.00 issue along the not the route. so when i tell you, i think with the, with the round around that will be take place throughout the year. but i mean, every season we will definitely come to that. we'll just need to provide for the right technology for security. you need to make sure that the airports are ready, but this is the future for euro cag transportation. probably a lot of money from europe to asia and back community. and we need to be with launch just they can 1st, regular roots between st. petersburg can lot of all stroke including container goes
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. freight transportation was where you may need to test this route. normally holligan's in the far east needs a new economy ticket. for me, it needs to be high tech jobs. are they building new start ups that set new trends for you on the commuter where it's a serious of industries and countries. you know that there are a lot of it at the foundation for cooperation with many other countries. we need to rethink the developments of in time, the straight assume the wasn't years in the far east. houston is needs environmentally clean energy sources left on them, including a tournament with your sources of energy project like this
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stance in the, in that a good look of could you make a luminous answer? we have academic lama nasa fascinating flow table nuclear station to go in the country region on most people when you're in a home and dom we're regional. methanol will be produced was, can be used not just as a source for chemical once the of these are also as the next gen was fuel, particularly for chemical maritime me and said you shipment. what it is that the like to ask the regional storage is to provide the right to systems where you will get more of it, which and then you. but we also need to have the energy by act of capacity of the, the c's here. but we could be using what's going on with the c wave is through the electric power station in the heart of that motion. the induced nicholas that when
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kids set up with all the green, tory, of hydrogen to ammonia in the cluster here, there will be grace. there will be one of the sustainable demand for that. here in the asia pacific class, we need to come, we've disruptive technology transport energy. this is a major challenge for our science and economy, like instruct the governance venue of us to get to think with a how we can use the far east to can produce a green hydrogen here and pneumonia. but to you could say here provide feasibility studies and to invite do she, china and japan using the i b that just take funding these projects. because all the leading economies have taken up serious commitments. seeing that love by protecting the environment and that it is full in line with domestic and
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international climate goals and like to and some of the commer projects that we would push for here in the far east. take these talk on the beach. can you me? well as well known, you mean the gold listing is sharlene region will be the venue for a pilot project that will enable the region to when you but as you progress to monitor the emission, expedia and absorption of c o 2, they will the major plans and enterprises will provide carbon reports, but i the report on the carbon footprint, we have a specific goal by 2026 1000000 dollars. and we saw helene region needs to be kind of carbon neutral with the there emissions need to be offset by the amount of c o 2 that will be absorbed into government. my tv supposed to come up with a writer legal framework. yeah. but i see launch climate based projects that you
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might need some years to calculate and to take account of garbage units in line. and we don't wish to look to be moved international standards. i believe that as early as 6 tobar, we'll have a meeting, and i see on that topic when we need also to expand the, the test. that's a test the, all the geographies that we're going to soon. and i know that those regions are interested in that group in the globe. furthermore, because the with the climate ease shift took and you don't impacted by the developments in the r t, it needs to be predictable years. and that we need a monitoring framework. then the we need science professionals could help us just on the system and when you do national monitoring system, what the for the permafrost might do in the sewer needs to be ready. she would set
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up and launch delete. and by the end of the year, rushing easy was chairman of the council. this year, bonds are chem and she liked to be to was like you set up a, an expedition international edition. we should have the high school here in the port in the future about the tap, the resources of the north lead us to get blood work and talk through the north pole station. it will be used in the coming months. it will have the white facilities for such an expedition as my colleagues, your friends, the meaning and the value of all the ambitious plans that we are embarking on here . you know, just to explore natural resources just to attract investment with new technology and the ultimate goal is ease to provide for your comfortable living
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environment for the people so that i see to grow their children, create new families, work and leave and create here really good teachers keep a dedicated demographic package saturday and if they're already in place here in the far east, already doing one of payments are due to what you made when the 1st child is born. usually message. now, we have the additional maternity package for those who bury 2nd child and those who bear the 3rd and 4th children. and that says yielded very good results. the birth rate here in the far east is higher than russia's average, will show up. so there is still a lot that has to be done. it's a total absorption. we discussed this issue yesterday to meeting with our
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colleagues. we need to reverse the trend of the flow and we need to finally improve these figures. we need ultimately to improve the living standards here by 2024 guys may have very so if you get up the region here in the far east to mean you need to enjoy living standard, which is a place rushes average. this is a comprehensive, very daunting task and we need to involve cons, systemic efforts. first its health, garrick, lean, your doctors and nurses. thus doing this bullet here, you can reach me to shoot us the boys and exert themselves to the ultimate for me. but we cannot rely on some average formulas to calculate their salaries definitely to take into account the business, little curren local seconds. when you move,
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we need to provide the right incentives. additional incentives, believe they will be, should in need to put in place by street. it's a huge territory with low density of population, and people who reside here got your name means is need to have quality health care and the bus number is not yours and it needs to be reliable and affordable and available. it's the record you didn't yesterday, could you with the governor's and with government, we'll discuss some of the proposals. so from the united russia party, you should 1st, we will increase current expenses for if you will. you will help get here, malone, the typically, for the remote regions, you show me regional with low density, an extra 1000000000 roubles will be spent on an annual basis. and this is just the 1st step in the single subsidy. we will be interested in doing the tricky. there
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was a through and she period this is she more than 2476 and the social infrastructure items have been built in 700 have been repaired. these are the local hospitals, schools. the need to know what city me out of the, for an extra $20000000000.00 roubles will be next year. at least half and union will go to provide a better health care. p t d. meet me out of town. that's on top of 57000000000 roubles that's out living is that the are being and how that have been already allocated to improve your health care. here was another task which is very important for the, for a speech to dealing with mister 1500 post office here with 80 percent located in the hard to reach areas and with 3 quarters require it was night . you over all the repairs that he's here with that i see from turned off much to
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dealing with the former. sure enough. again, when you push it will have to rush and post distance on the main to make some proposals to help people, for example, to get some services online or that the post office could offer in the food items we will was to stop by the projects here in the far east in the premier region in hub, our us ca territory and the republic of the raja that works and then we will expand, extend them to other geography and every person who lives he needs to be able to have access to trouble at the right, age occasion, so that they could do their job and he, and upon the premium initiative for united russia, we need to upgrade our skills in the next 5 years when you room
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a 3 month plan to repay a more than $1000.00. but i school building to a school concert is about 3 to why the end of 20 to 23. we will introduce 21500 new seats for school children. when we jo. yes, the number of school children is growing, but many of them also leave the cherry tree to go to other regions. and then they saw the families there. they find a job there, and they catch it for 3 days. this is why we need to prove you must primary higher education. here it is. you can use in the far east by years who we need to enhance qualifications of the personnel who work here. and i hope that world skills that will be held here in ha barra scott over there when you, if you would, you know, that will help to drive the capacity here that will be held in 2023
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solutions. asked for higher education. and you have the availability here in the far is the lowest, you would just be drip. but then for many people elsewhere in russia, this is why we will increase the number of free budgets. it is, but always in places where you can reach to a good, you know, local university for the, the number of budget see which it has to be even higher than the plans that are offered by the governance. quality of higher education needs to be improved education programs need to be graded. community in line with c demand economy employ is the same to you and z request from with the students themselves. we need you to attract, went to please professors from around the world. when you go to the far east and where you federal university needs to just become human, there was a,
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one of the top global universal terms of f. m. i was looking at the number of students in terms of number of students that will be employed me globally. you grasp and really you you ok. housing a stupid is also an important issue with the 2019. it's usually a grammar. we have dedicated your mortgage program at an interest rate of 2 percent pollution and for those who need you to buy an apartment or build your own home recently released in the process for me. sure. including using the so called forest and hector, more than 20000 families and she 24000 families have been able to position that when you receive that mortgage group, you could you would, we would like to extend that program. it's at least a few of us because of cranium looseness,
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another us to get somebody to show me so that we can attract a new wave of highly qualified interest and it wants to get the price of housing that has significantly increased. there is no shortage of demand. there should be addition to sorry, shortage of supplying release. ne not. then there was ticket that was due by 2024. we need to see an increase in construction limit by 1.2 times versus 2019. so the government needs to come up with extra solutions to simulate was out construction. that was new. housing is part of living standard grammar. we need to have a comprehensive program to upgrade the far east and cities and towns. and she said that, you know, go through,
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she was not just bound to real painting even to saw school. we need to set new trends. they shouldn't focus around major facilities and long as you fake it should be for people and the needs to be countable. environment you, when you break them for you, projects get for c normally going economy of the future because each did you we environmentally clean new public transport too slow and running along and streams with the thank you. going to going to the hero baker, towns of thing done several by carls. bama are very important for the buy call are more, you're pretty much just railway telling me case and they use the pros and definitely you need to reach out to me and. and to respond to then we need to rely on the recognition that we launched and to me just recently. so infrastructure products loans to do married city is the form that the bonds by the dom dot rafa institution
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and the stupid welfare or the national well. so you can, you fund solution, you can also, you need to use the mechanism of the far isn't concession. so when utility infrastructure, he's built by private investors, government assumes responsibility to repay those. and then the long term, muster plumbing, master plan, and the development blueprints, you need to be drafted for each town. and then the next 2 years. the 1st one is going to be my hope will be adopted to the next eastern economic forum. and then we'll send those plans in motion when you venture, the development of far east asia, precedents if in terms of a scale in terms of its significance. but at the same time, it's one of the most promising, rewarding area for start ups. for me,
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it's a huge challenge, but it will be very exciting, but external of it could attract young professionals, actually for 30. it is a sheer as we can then we're still going to develop the russian far east has long term, an absolute priority to shared responsibility. for the government, the regional national government of all the levels and before us has major company, us tron and private companies get a huge complex him. this region has unique climate nature. even though the newest version of courage and endurance with them are that shit and features just because of the characteristics typical of the local people, they know how to set up with the lofty goals and how to achieve them. the 4th news, that's what the value here, what i see that we need to set up the right environment so that the household
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income is on the rise. and i hope that's going to and i'm positive that we will achieve those results together. can you shoot to the confident that that will happened, will make it, and i really hope that you can when you make a strong contribution. i wish you success. and thank you when, when should they to? alright. well present potent, they're talking at the far east and economic for mistaken questions. are we going to dip out of it? that thing happens every year is very important for the development of that area and how it fits in with the rest of the grade. the asia pacific region, also as president putin was saying there that says a conduit for a trade for a connection between europe and the far east. not believe we're just just take the visuals of that. but let me just wrap it. if you just join this just
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for a minute or 2. so when president putin there giving a pretty detail, the regional synopsis, if you like, of what the plans were for that area. this is a course, an annual thing didn't happen last year because it cove it and looking on as well, the president's mongolia, the president because of the welcome, then you taught a lot, didn't the about how the economy should be develop new industries, new start up. so should be found and should be promoted with the tax incentives and stuff and how it would be, how it should be to live, to improve the living standards, to improve education, but time and time again, the web, back to green technology that, that was the way forward you mentioned cycle in just a couple years time. they had to be carbon neutral. everything had to be offset. it was a plan that were bringing quickly there and they hoped to expand the said that place had to be carbon neutral by.


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