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[000:00:00;00] the job with the legacy, the magical in this place to me personally, is that you exist within one dimension with the world around the social human case . time with the rhythm of all the people who are close friends relative to scaffolding, different left in this way. because if you're in one dimension with nick, you have some time one could look, we live on the right or wrong deal with
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a constant. rosco reporting for our teeth from the north pole. if you want to relive so constantine adventure, all of these reports are on duty for a bit of escape. as of this weekend, scott, you know, he's in the healthy american team in washington are on the way after which i'll be back here to update you from. it's even moscow in about half an hour. see it the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk
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the give me you're tired, you're poor. you're huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeny shore read the poem cat on the statue of liberty . but i guess i missed where it said the president is allowed to pick and choose or actually can seek refuge in the united states. and not be turned away. indebted plains, with thousands from africa, innocent are continuing to land in the united states, thousands from south america are also being distributed around the u. s. and small town communities. the majority of those from a cuba who risk their lives floating across the ocean, including the latest 13, are almost always turned back to their homeland double standards. we're going to give you 360 view along with the latest from afghanistan, including why the taliban is that actually recognize as a terrorist organization by the u. s. one that could mean for future friendship.
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ida is now gone, however, she packed a very powerful punch to new jersey, new york, and maryland on her way out, bringing the latest damage and the death toll number, which is sadly continuing to ride. i'm here near watching the use right here on our t america. let's roll. ah . we began with the situation. i can't stand or the us state department says is expedite in the process of thousands of special immigrant visas for african refugees. but it's slow going as us continue to monitor the taliban control of couple or 2. john had he isn't honest or, and continues from miami. so john, i'm going to ask you, what did the state department have just say about how the taliban is running things . now that the u. s. is left while the state department, scott said the u. s. is basically reviewing,
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specifically how the afghan government will function what it's going to look like and it's formation and the way can be us is withdrawal. now that the mission has turned from a military operation into a diplomatic one, state department spokesman that price. so the u. s. is waiting to see how a new afghan government is formed, how it will function and what the composition of that government will ultimately look like. further, he said the u. s. is keeping a close eye on the taliban and how it's living up to its various commitments with, including the potential for any forms of assistance will be the action, the actions of any new ask and government that is safe passage, respect for the rights of the people of afghanistan, including women and girls, and minorities and government that is inclusive, a government that follows through on its counter terrorism commitments and
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a government that respects the universal international norms. now i asked about the u. s. influence over the taliban price went on to say that the u. s. does have some influence and it includes holding onto the ask in central banks $10000000000.00 in reserve funds currently being kept in the federal reserve . the u. s. federal reserve in new york city, along with the commitments that the taliban has made with several 100 other countries and also the un security council and how it operates, including as price was talking about the treatment of women, minorities, and other issues that you know, let's face it, the taliban doesn't exactly have a very good track record on this. as there are still concerns about us citizens remaining in the country and afghans getting their s i v their special immigrant visas, expedited us officials have said the the that america this i v program does work slowing and was not designed for a mass evacuation errol. if mission that we've been seeing, and that's something that current officials release, you know,
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pretty squarely put the blame on the truck and ministration for pulling resources and funding from. but that s 5, these are being processed and expedited at this point for the thousands of african refugees that have left the country or are still trying to get out, you know, and that, that's a process that continues. we're seeing refugees going into other countries into europe, and also coming here to the united states, thousands upon thousands. so it's a very slow, very complicated, very convoluted process. though it does continue. one final note, scotty, the us military says it destroyed or demilitarize, much of the equipment left behind. specifically some of the planes and helicopters that were left at the airport and cobble there been also some reports that us troops may have ransacked and damaged other parts of the airport. specifically some of the areas used for civilian usage, but to be clear, there is no evidence of that. those reports appear to be based on potentially taliban information and also hearsay. so i wanted to make note of that because i think it's important, you know,
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after the us left bag room air base there and again, it's dan looters did trash various parts of the the base there. so it's certainly possible that's happened once again at the cobble airport as well, airport and cobble, or that it was even possibly taliban that caused some of the damage. it remains in clear but to say that us troops, while they were engaged in this mass of actor, the largest aerivac effort in the u. s. history while also dealing potential more potential license attacks. the ransacked and looted vending machines is a bit of a reach and someone says that i would or that with our teeth. john, how do you reporting? and this it has gained in continues. it's post us reality. the couple airport is in full control of the taliban. without any remaining western troops, us armored vehicles, helicopters, and ammunition still remain scattered and abandon outside the ones. busy terminals are to senior correspondent, moor. i guys do have reports from the scene. these place looks very different to
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what we arrived to during the evacuation that cleaning the plagues up there is said enormous amount of work to do what with all the vehicles, all the amendment tool, the i'm you mission that was left behind by us and allied forces as they were treated as above while wardrobe at the school as a person that is still being cleaned up. but as i said, there's a lot of work to do these evacuation that the pentagon pools, the largest and most complex in history, left a whole lot of trash behind trash wreckage and a brief the taliban command that tells us they destroyed 95 percent of equipment stuff and systems, they destroyed everything and destroyed cars. airplanes, especially the military or for us are destroyed 100 percent. we asked the she the airport and was crammed into the back of
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a pickup truck. we got our wish. it was like a movie set, a disaster. she, our 1st stop was the helicopter graveyard and all the helicopters and there are lots of them that were abandoned at capital airport. they have been sabotaged quite visibly. the wires have been cut various, various electrical blogs removed and smashed, apparently with a sledge hammer. she, the americans didn't just assure the helicopters and vehicles they trashed much more than back when i was at the, at the morning led to the airport. so i saw a lot of distractions here. many things were destroyed. i don't know who did this. actually, america was there, got damage, and the road section you can see at the backside of me, it was also damaged. but fortunately by the help of our lobby made it and we might make it correct. the other interesting thing about the airport is the,
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the hundreds of armored diplomatic vehicles that have been left here abandon during the evacuation. they used these vehicles to block off roads while the evacuation was on the way. this is passport control at kabul international airport. this is the states that it was left in after the evacuation was complete for some reason, other than destroying or the military vehicles and aircraft that the united states left behind. they also destroyed much of the airport civilian infrastructure, computers, x rays, cameras, even arrival and departure screens. here they saying it was the americans who cut the power cables knocked over the monitors, smashed windows and kicked in doors. even looted the big machines. why? that's boredom, perhaps hate you do that the 20 year war as even
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a humiliating evacuation without feeling a little bitter spite. or i guess you could have gotten this done well now the taliban had to control about ghana. stan, various countries are trying to decide how they are actually going to recognize the organization and all countries like canada, the united arab emirates and russia recognize taliban as a terrorist organization. here in america, the african taliban group is actually not on the list of foreign terror groups recognized by the state department, allowing the u. s. government to go shoot, negotiate with. but the treasury department, national surety however, had placed a television on their official terrorist list, which means no businesses or trade allowed as of now. so what does this mean for the relationship between the taliban and the u. s. going forward? we bring in a former counterterrorism officer, drew burke wester, thank you so much for joining me on this. okay, thanks rob. me got it. okay. so obviously we're having a little bit of mixed signals as to what happened in those last few days and who's
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responsible for what they're on the ground in cobol. once again, we'll find out the truth is more and more is revealed. but let's talk about here at home, in the relationship moving forward between the us and ask innocent. what does it take to be seen as a terrorist organization by the u. s. state department? well, the initial is actually pretty broad and it's pretty simple. it's groups that engage in terrorist activities, which again is a broad statement and it's broad and on purpose. and then groups that threaten national interest. nation are citizens, are national security of the whole all boxes that the taliban in afghanistan have checked throughout the 20 year. engagement that we've had with them, which is why i think a lot of america discretion had, i'll be honest, the i was actually kind of surprised to find out that our state department does not recognize. but the state department says it's because now we're able to talk to them. we can actually have these sort of piece conversations with them because we don't because we don't recognize them as a terrorist group. do you think it is in the best benefits of the us engage in these diplomatic relations with the taliban?
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which is what is being said by the state department. the pentagon and the white house right now should occur and possibly could have here occur here in the near future. no, i think honestly from so i've deployed over 30 times to the country. i've spent most of my adult life there. i know those guys inside and out is categorically and same to approach this from a diplomatic approach and think that it's going to work and work well, which is how this, that it's the posture of the state department, the white house right now, but, but to, to think that that's going to end well, for the united states, it's just, it's not logical. there's, there's, there's no way where, like congress, here's my question. you know, what would be the goal here? the deal was the u. s. supposed to be out of afghanistan completely. so why are we going to go back in there in any form? what role could the us actually serve in that area? whether it's a manager in it or the answer would actually be beneficial encounter to what we've just gone through the last 20 years? yeah, well i think on the humanitarian part,
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what's gonna be tricky with this is and i'm concerned about our state department and our government writ large and handling and so far talking about it and talking about a, whether to mediterranean or what have you. because we cannot trust, you cannot trust this government to do the right thing. well they say the right thing on, on their press conferences on the general, they say the right thing when they're on the phone or meeting with world leaders, of course they will. but the taliban is going to be the town and they always have been there going to operate the taliban dies, and that's what people need to expect. so giving that, i don't think makes any sense that all these people respect strength. right now we're showing weakness there. we're saying that we have to leverage, but we're not showing that we do. so we need to say, look, we are going to focus on making sure that threats do not come out of there. we did a great job with that when we 1st went in. it's going to be more difficult to do now that we are out. but we're going to have you on a short leash and if things go wrong, there's going to be a very significant price to pay. so again, to, to, to part of your question, i think it's a failure to go down the path of humanitarian assistance because it's not going to get to its end user the way we want to. and we have to stay vigilant about how
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we're doing this. and it's going to be really complicated to, to, to do the mission now in terms of protecting ourselves, our homeland and our, our, our interest, one of the things, the white house, the sandwich. i would love to know your opinion on it, saying that we need to work with the taliban because they're the only ones that we can trust to work with us to fight isis or other terrorist groups. do you agree with that statement? now? now it's again it's, it falls in the same category and this is the way that this thing ended shows that people were not listening to people on the ground. they wanted a narrative. they wanted the ending to be scripted the way that they wanted. they were, they were living in their own kind of fantasy world. the thought that this is a group that we can trust when i heard that we were passing threat reporting and intel to the taliban and working with them in blue. not just mine, but all of my colleagues who worked in the intel in special operations can advise because again, these are people we've been killing them for 20 years. they've been killing us. they are not our friends, they cannot be trusted. so doing that and then also thinking that it's as simple as, hey,
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matalin and isis or arch enemies. it's not that simple. the lines are very blurred . remember to alabama, let all the know kind of fighters along with their own friends, out of both the prison, the barger mentally charge each other places. there. there are very blurred lines and you cannot, under any circumstances, trust any of these groups all drew, thank you. so much for your service on this. and i think my biggest concern right now is if america does not get involved, it's american does not have some sort of oversight of anything who is going to step in and it might not be one of those countries. we consider to be friendly, then where are we at in this world? once again, thank you so much for joining me. hey, thanks so much for me. now when we return, why are some refugees being given a speed passing to the us while others are being returned to their homeland will get 360 view after the break, the psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients or are they,
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they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work. the problem is, in the long term, they're mostly disastrous. suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of beneficial effects of these different medicines, any up to something wonderful, very often they're harmful effects and up to something terrible can pills, so of all ills or are we trying to mitigate life itself. i just think i was and i was just scared, scare little girl of 24. and like me didn't have to be so complicated rather driven by shaped by those
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in me dares thing. we dare to ask. oh is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe for the tycer lation whole community? are you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? direct? what is truth is in
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a world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, recovery and damage assessment is under way across the northeast. afterwards, the larger hurricane ida, turn deadly for the area. now at least 40 people have died from maryland to new york city, including a 2 year old r to trade chev. as reports from our new york bureau, the remnants of hurricane ida unleashing dangerous flash floods and tornadoes across the northeast. overnight. the relentless rain, sending new york into a state of emergency, the national weather service office, declaring its 1st ever set of flash blood emergencies in the region. many forced to abandon their cars and walk through roads underwater, firefighters. seen here rescuing a man from a car stuck in deep flood waters. take
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a look at this video, math flood waters seem gushing into a new york city subway station will add another location. water was streaming down in elevator, subway stations and truck speaking so flooded that the metropolitan transportation authority suspended all service. the storm, also battering pennsylvania and new jersey. we'll get that for 8 o. a storm chaser capturing a tornado. the water covering streets flooding inside of businesses. i'd as remnants so fierce it ripped apart. this building flood water even pouring into new work liberty international airport. 120 flights delayed and 24 cancelled. now more than 160000 people are without power in pennsylvania. new york and connecticut and rivers are still rising across the area. that means a soggy and dangerous day is still ahead, even as people try to pick up the pieces. president biden,
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addressing the nation and i made clear the governors that my team at the federal emergency management agency fema is on the ground and ready to write all this. this is needed. now the already here in new york across the northeast are still assessing the damages on the ground. meantime, while rescue efforts and clean up efforts are underway, the death toll is mounting. reporting for news you choose trinity 12 s r t. the u. s. has just attained a 13 acumen, migrants who traveled to the u. s. and what is being described as a rustic vehicle. now, the cubans, however, like the majority of those taken in by the coast guard, will most likely be returned back to cuba. failing to prove they deserve asylum in the united states. meanwhile, however, more than 23876, afghans have already arrived in the u. s. according to the state department, with most of them now finding temporary housing and various military bases around the country. so why are the ask is getting to stay and be taken care of while the cubans are being returned to their home. want to give us $360.00 view on this is
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brianna editorial writer, a journalist, jennifer massey, and tyro ventura. host of watching the hoc thank you so much for joining me. thank you. hey, carol, i'm going to start with you. why do you think, are these cuban refugees being returned while we are bringing in the ask engine, those from south to south america and trying to at least get them incorporated into the country? well, short answer, in my humble opinion, it's because the united states actually have cuba. if you look at the u. s. foreign policy over how many, you know, 3040 years, we've done nothing but levy sanctions against the cuban people and, and their government. we've tried to assassinate their leader, fidel castro, for many, many decades. we've threatened to invade them. we even at one point through opperation northwoods wanted to set it up to where we would shoot a plane down. a cuban plane have a cuban plane crash and an american city in order to blame cuba to where they, we can justify an invasion. so when you look at like the u. s. foreign policy history we have here was so the fact that we would turn away cuban refugees and,
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you know, take any others. well, that's clear. we don't like cubans, but you know, we're cool. they get us in interesting. now i gotta check on that. jeff, are going to ask you, considering everything that has just gone on these past weeks, a chaos it's happened in afghanistan with this withdrawal there. whether you're republican or democrat, you have to move not gone smoothly. you know, is it the u. s. was the responsibility to take care of the refugees, especially the mass number that the u. s. is now taking into her own borders. well, the question is typical one, not that simple, but we are responsible. yes and no. in regards to the afghan people, we made a lot of promises to our allies. the problem is betting them to see who actually deserves to come to united states, vetting them is a very difficult task. and inevitably, a lot that come here may be hostile to the united states. i definitely believe that we are going to have some people in here to hate america. and if they don't hate america, by the time they get here, just have them in the public school system for
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a couple of years. well, i think there's the reason because terrell, you know, russia is not taking any of the refugees from atkinson he and with the president vladimir putin actually saying, we don't know who the they are. we can't possibly vet them. how confident are you consider is asking if we do have terrorist cells that are all around the region? how confident are you in these refugees actually being allowed now to be a potential national security threat to the us, whether be presently or even in the future? well, the problem with is, is that you can never, there's no amount of batting, there's nothing that you can do to truly ever prove whether someone is going to be a good actor or a bad actor. so it's kind of a ridiculous scenario to set up in the 1st place. do i believe that we should allow these people in who are seeking asylum because of look at the end of the day we broke afghanistan, it's our responsibility. we can't put it off on the countries around the dentist and we can pull it off on russia. so yeah, it is our responsibility to take care of these people. so. but can we properly that them and prevent any of them from doing something bad in the future after they get
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here? that's kind of a ridiculous scenario to set up because you can't, there's no way you could ever predict that, no matter how good the bedding is. well, innovation to continue to follow and we saw the boston bombers, there was enough red flags that they were eventually going to do something. but do we have the manpower to continue to follow people once we do, let them in, right? because at the end of the day to look, it's also about at the end of the day, we try to be a free country. we try to respect civil liberties. if you want to sit and monitor people 24 hours a day and take away someone's freedom, whether they're a refugee coming into this country or whether they're us citizen, that's not what we stand for. so part of what we stand for is that freedom and with that freedom comes the fact that hey, that does put us in danger of people suddenly making it a horrible decision, like the boston bombers, them like that. that's the given take that we faced in this country with these freedoms that we hold dear. and that's like i said, i start out by reading the statue of liberty on what she says in there. but jennifer, we are also finding out now that there are these special rules, we just issued by the department of defense are being put in place regarding how
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journalists are going to be allowed to cover the african refugees settlements at these various spaces. a lot of them are really just tense at this point. do you think this is a reflection all the bad press concerning the situation at the border and this is ministration and those involved are trying to make sure they don't have another p r mess on their hands. yeah, that's you're actually right, scottie, that's exactly what they're doing. and they don't want proof that they are doing something wrong or that these detention centers, or wherever they're being housed the moment are not up to par with the american taxpayer to refunding them. they don't want any proof because we can get information in real time. they like to control the propaganda. and if they let the journalist and the honest journalist they can't spend as much as they would like to, it's unfortunate because we should be able to know exactly what's happening in the country that we are funding these people coming in. we should be able to know what's going on well, and that's the thing carol, that it works for both side. it works for the refugees to protect them,
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to make sure as we're finding down the southern bore, they're not being treated like they should at this point. but it also protects the american people and that the investment, the money being poured in there is actually being used. is this, what do we do? did america just get $24000.00 new citizens plus and our borders, or is there a chance to possibly other countries they might decide that they want to go back to someplace more in their region? well, i mean, yeah, i mean, ultimately you wanna leave it up to the individual who is coming here, right. okay. they need to do escape the bad situation once they get here. if they say, hey, you know what, i don't, and we want to live in iowa, you know, like i'd rather live somewhere that is culturally closer to my heritage or whatever they think. maybe we need to develop some kind of a system in order to take care of these people because like i said, they are our responsibility to a certain degree. they helped us. we put them in danger by helping us in the invasion and occupation of afghanistan. so there are responsibility, so whatever, however, this plays out, we do have to take a hand and making sure that these people end up hopefully in a safe situation and in
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a place where they can find freedom and happiness and liberty which they have are to tie back in real quick, how we started out the conversation about cuba. do you think those advocating for cuba will be able to actually use it as a situation to get some more availability for them to have freedom here in the us as well? i don't, i think the queue in a local this ministration because they assume that the cuban people fleeing a communist regime are going to vote republican. that is why they don't want them here. the afghans and the people coming across the southern border, average 200008 month issue, we're going to vote democrat. in fact, the state department would be can be the holders are allowed to pick where they want to live from a list of 16 and 8 of them. funny enough are thing say well jennifer, thank you very much for doing that. and like always thanks for joining us. well, that is often a show. we try to back a lot and you know it in the meantime though, let's continue this conversation because we just hit the top the issues. and we
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always like to dive into more and hear what you have to say for me on twitter at godaddy and huge use the hash tag team and b h and for the show and all of the great programming we have here on our t n. r. t america. make sure you downloaded the affordable dot tv app for apple or android device, and like, always thanks for watching. we'll see you later. the me ah ah, ah ah,
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ah use ah, ah. the jo biden's approval ratings dropped for the lowest of his presidency. after the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan, the administration is sticking to the belief of some good p. r can still ship public opinion away from the object failure. kayla. across the atlantic now calls into question america's role is a global superpower for the british premier says he sold a full cobble coming for us. project biden became as a surprise, returned to us partners in the a, you rethink that dependence on washington with topped up about saying they called


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