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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 6, 2021 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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jennifer kerns, also new york. we have david fisher. he is author of the book, the executive order, as well as the ghost writer for donald trump. 2016 campaign book crippled america, and in west palm beach, we cross to gene allowed and she is like psychology expert and a long time trump advisor her across soc rules and effects. that means you can jump any time you want. and i always appreciate it, david, let me go to you 1st here. let's start from the basics here. what is the identity of the republican party as we speak right now? and is donald trump a reflection of that party? go ahead david. well, i think it's a party in search of an identity. you know, already here it's become known as co 45 where the where, so many millions of people sort of mindlessly follow whatever. trump says of, you know, the question becomes, are there enough of those people just swing national election and we don't
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know the answer. yeah. okay, so let me go to jen here. i think that's very interesting because, you know, i, obviously, if trump wants the, the nomination, it's his, i mean there is no competition there. but the question is, is that for in my mind is the republican leadership. i mean, they would look warm towards him during the entire part of his presidency. and since then, okay, so i mean the, to need to par lay here is the leadership on board. i mean, is kevin mccarthy, the guy in to help. okay, go ahead. jen. well, 1st of all, to suggest that, you know, trump supporters is sort of mindlessly following him. i think you're actually describing the bite and supporters, most of whom felt a different way about vaccines until they got into power. they felt differently about mass in the spring at 2020 until they got into power. so i think if you're talking about, you know, sort of the mindless zombies following the mindless zombie president,
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that would be the followers of president joe biden. but having said that, look, i think that the nomination is certainly president trump, if he wants to run again. i'm not sure that he does. i think you enjoying his time it in florida, but it is certainly in his i think a lot of this will depend on how successful that trump endorsed candidates for the midterms in 20. 22 are and i happen to think looking at the board across the country. i happen to think he will actually have a very good track record, you know, his endorsement power is 2nd to none. it reminds me of the endorsement power that sarah palin had after the 2008 election. and it is something to behold, gina, the same question to you would be because, you know, it is trump synonymous with the republican party and the republican party, synonymous with trump. at this stage. go ahead. gina. actually the situation with donald trump is that he is the leader of the republican party. any other leaders
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don't exist to de donald trump says i don't care for them much anymore because people have come to love him, not because they're blind followers, but because you compare today's economy and the, the, the bite and border crisis and the total disaster he's made out of operation warp speed, which donald trump created, versus what donald trump gave america, he earned the respect and the support and more votes than any other president ever in history. he earned loyalty. even beyond that, now his rallies are getting bigger, got smaller. you'll never see joe biden rally, show me one. there is no such thing. so whatever donald trump decides to do as long as he's still a spouse's, the same values, lower taxes, less regulation, more freedom for americans, family values. those are the kinds of things that are going to continue to make him the leader and really the king maker and i have unique perspective. i live in palm beach, florida. so i see the people that come through here every single week and kissed
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the ring of donald trump, and some of them would surprise you greatly. ok, david, i saw you were being dismissive, explained, it was all go ahead, david. well, i think it's important to remember when john was elected in 2016, the republican party held the white house and both houses of congress. and over the next 4 years, they proceeded to lose them all which, which probably says a lot about the power, and i was just talking about florida. that was just a special election of florida. we are trans canada, a last, i remember when he was elected in 2016, i told friends that actually might be a good thing, because you had requested one. the republicans would have 4 more years to increase their margin in the house, increase their margin in the senate, and eventually rubio or a cruise of. busy one of one and they really would have control the power and what
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trump has done as he has made the public party not bigger but smaller. you know, you said all the time, you see former leaders of the public, your party to form a chairman of the republican party, michael still leaving the party saying, i don't know what this is anymore, but this is not the republican party. so you've got, you know, you've got his followers, but the concept that he is increasing the numbers is just redid to us. i mean, you look at new registration among young people, to, to one democrats. you look at people leaving the republican party, i think so far when a 75000 people in arizona, former mobile jones from western republican party and changed their registration to independent you know, i might be wrong. yeah, but i hope so. peter, peter, jen,
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jen, i want to go to you because i think we're, we're kind of dancing around my original question and i should rephrase it to be more refined here. is that you have we, we, i think we all can agree to one degree another. the trump is a populace, but the republican party isn't populous that is the tension. and that's really what i'm trying to get in here. when i look at mcconnell, when i look at mccarthy, they're not populous. i mean, they're the old style boring. you know, i'm verging on libertarian for me here. that's not what their base is interested in, and that's the tension right there. and it can, the republican party resolved, but because it didn't resolve it during trump presidency. go ahead, jen. well certainly there are other republicans who would like to run on the ticket at florida. governor rhonda stanson is one of those i have heard for over a decade that kevin mccarthy is also one of the guardian like to run god for the white house. and it certainly makes mcconnell was not the warm and fuzzy to
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president trump. but what i heard recently, and this is according to sources at the r n, c and the g o p leaders office. and so they said that any fundraising piece that goes out with a regular republican brand versus a piece that goes out with the republican brand plus donald trump's name on it, gets $4.00 to $6.00 times as many return on the fundraising dollar as, as just the republican brand act alone and no offense to michael steele, but nobody misses him. he can have a great life over at m. s. b c, where liz cheney will probably end up look at where the republican party, whether donald trump grew it. he grew the enthusiasm and he grew the voter intensity and even in cities like new york city, here's a dining number. donald trump, in new york city alone, 120-0000 more voters in the 2020 election cycle than he did even in 2016 and joe biden. you've been in the liberal stronghold of new york city. got 3
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percent less of the vote than hillary clinton did. so there is an intensity that comes with donald trump. that is going to carry the party. the nomination is had to be wanted. the only person that could take it is the person that donald trump chooses to endorse for 2024. i think that's the current state of the party. you know, gina, i mean, historically speaking in 2022 that we should expect some kind of republican wave. i mean, historically, that has been the case here. would you attribute that just a history or to donald trump or both? go ahead. well, 1st of all, i think we need to set one thing straight. stealing isn't winning. okay? no matter what it looks like, election fraud does not equal election victories. it might mean that they got some people over the cross line that way, but it doesn't mean that they actually one. and we all know about these audits happening around the country. no matter how much the left would deny it. and if the left weren't so afraid they'd be the ones demanding the audits making. so i agree
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with the election results that they believed were true were carried out. so let's get that out of the way and stop seeing that donald trump last anything. but secondly, when you look at the 20 to 2022 elections, jen is absolutely spot on. it's going to be donald trump's party and it's going to be whoever donald trump decides to bring along with them. and i'll say this because people like to call, trump supporters mindless. that is as long as donald trump states about the stays, true to the values that got him where he is. and the reason there was so much tumult once he was elected is because he came in and shut things up and did it to them. the way, the sort of almost one party system that we've seen over the last couple of decades emerge where democrats and republicans were practically indistinguishable, which i think is they're not interested, real republicans are not interested in having that kind of leader represent them. they want leaders that are out there, you know, setting it on fire like, you know, saying things that, that bring us together think things that dismantle the swamp. those are the kind of
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things donald trump did, and others like matt gates, others like crime to santa and that's you can, you can honestly tell who the most successful, most beloved. and the most feared republicans are by looking at who the democrats are hitting today. david, last 40 seconds forever in this part of the program. what is a real republican? i keep hearing that what does that a real, real job with jim, by definition on our other guests today is anybody who follows any been to, i'm says, and if you are, if you don't lose training, i mean you are more conservative personal lives, jane. it, she's not a republican. it's nonsense, it's absurd. well, i asked him to over choice words berlin cheney, but he's not a republican in my book and i call myself a conservative, or i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break and ask about your break. we'll get anywhere discussion on trump 2024
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. the the ah, me rather than by shaped by those in
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the me. there's thing we dare to ask in finance. today we will about money laundering 1st to see different. oh good. this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas in the cayman islands, never called the banks, are complicit in their club policy. we just have to give me a call. i am ready to do some serious laundry. okay, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for the food jewelry. and how about automobile again for mag, hey, no. money laundering is highly legal spots while
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the make no certainly no borders and the blind to nationalities as emerge. we don't have authority, we go to the back seat, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. not a joke. people are judged common crisis. we can do better, we should be better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we need together in
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the welcome back to cross sack were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle to remind you were discussing trump 2024. ah ah okay, let's go back to jen in new york. we all know is some strange things happened in november 2020. okay. and we could probably talk for a long time about it, but i want to look forward and, and considering the d o j is making it very, very clear that states that, that amended their electoral laws because of the pandemic. they are james the o. j is going to keep a very watchful eye, which i think is kind of scary. it's kind of killing here. but if we look at the mechanics of it here, if the mechanics of 2020, or applied to 2024, is the outcome going to be any different. go ahead gen. well, that's why it's so important. that's why it's important for lawyers across the
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country who are working on behalf of the republican party and presumably on behalf of the trunk team in america. first, that we make sure that the election laws go back to what they were used to, which is not allowing the election a to be 15 days in a row, and that, and until midnight, in some cases, you know, this is an important part of the election integrity, this is where i think that the republican national committee actually did fail. they had advertised for 6 months leading up to the election that they were going to have lawyers on the ground. they were going to have, you know, a team fighting and making sure election integrity happened. and it didn't actually happen. so i think we need to go back to the drawing board if the republican party and take a look state by state of some of those electrolyze. i understand that happening to some extent, but we really need to make sure, especially given the rise of this delta variance that we don't allow. democrats do the same thing we did last time, which was to use the pandemic a for their own potential gain. taking a page from rama manuals,
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book never letting a prices go to waste. that's exactly what they did in 2020. we can't let it happen in the 2020 to mid terms and even into 2020 for presidential. same question to you, tina i mean, if we're going to have the same infrastructure and playbook the outcome will probably be no different. and i'm very concerned right before the end of the 1st part of the program, you said something that i completely agree with. if you know, if you're, if you're so dead, said that this is all a myth and it's all conspiracy, but it's incumbent upon them to say no and prove it to people. they had months and months to do that and they didn't do it. now i don't know what exactly happened. don't think anybody else does, but we should've had a much more interested in looking at what happened. so people feel better about the integrity of the election. and we need to have that, or people going to become even more disaffected. and we don't want to go that that far. go ahead gina. you're absolutely right peter. and that's like, i think what is so telling about this. if you know that you won something,
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you know, no matter what it is, you want to prove that to the world. you would want to prove that the democrats should be the 1st in line demanding these audits. but the last thing they should be doing is covering them up, hiding them, lying about them, calling them fake, and all the rest of it. but that's what they're doing, which tells you maybe they're not so sure. even the people who honestly believe that they could have somehow, joe biden, charismatic joe biden, who can't get 25 people to a crop circle rally, are going to he that he actually beat the most popular president in the history. who, by the way, got more of the black boat, more of the women vote more of the hispanic vote than any other republican president ever has. he grew those populations in america because he put america 1st is not because he's donald trump and he's some cult figure. it's because he put america 1st and because he said, damn the torpedoes of the swamp monsters and told them all where they could go. and
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americans love that they've been craving that for so long. they wanted to get rid of the chinese and the mit romney's, you know, at least quiet them or put them over and the other party where they belong or on m . s. and b. c is jen, jen said, but they never belong at the head of our party and somehow they kept getting power through the apparatus. so those days are over now that the people can see what they can do when they demand their own candidate. and as long as donald trump has spouses those values, he is the man to watch in both 20222024. and as long as we re establish selection integrity, he will win and he will win in record record numbers. well, you know, again, let me go to david in new york, and again, let's look at the mechanics here. we know the power of big tech, and the in kind influence that had on the election, particularly in the case of a hunter biden. and the new york post, and i very much fear that that's just to begin of something. it wasn't a one off. ok. and i think that, you know, you know,
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we have jen and we have gina appraising president the former president and his ideas. but david, if you don't hear what trump passed to say, how is that going to work? i mean, if he's going to be completely blotted out of the internet, then how will he be hit get his message out? well, i mean, that's the, and it's a live being pushed by, by the right. i don't know if you look at the most popular cable station. it's fox news. you know, then you have news max, then you have the post, the new york post. you have all the concept that donald trump's message is not getting out is an absolute mess. it's bizarre and it's simply not true. the messengers of the back, the fresh donald trump, is far, far from the most popular president. in american history, there was a whole, came out the other day that joe biden's approval rank job widens approval rating is
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now the lowest ever been, and it is still higher than trump's highest approval rating. i mean, it's just that there's a universe of people who believe these years the were their children conway use alternative their facts. they're just not true. i mean, that's the point of fact peter point, in fact, peter joe biden approval rating and just his 1st year in office is 25 points lower than jimmy carter's approval rating was his 1st year in office. and joe biden isn't even 8 months through it yet. so talk about popularity. you know, gina is right there, this guy who put and brings 30 people to rally, as opposed to president trump, who's drawing 1400000 viewers on other networks that actually do choose to eric and look at david, the one dealing an alternative facts here donald trump was thrown off of twitter
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and he was also suspended from facebook, i think through the 2020 to mid term, which if you ever had any, any doubt as to what facebook's motives are, the fact that they chose the 2020 to midterm mention date is pretty, pretty cheesy if you asked me, gina that the same question to you about the mechanics and social media. twitter is important news. maxie, i only heard about news max because of trump. ok. and i don't watch it. ok. and, and if you look at its ratings, it's really, really low right now. ok, so i mean, facebook, twitter, these are the important ones that people use on an everyday basis. and if you listening to a gen saki says that if your band for money should be banned from all, i couldn't believe a government official was saying that about these platforms. that's another chilling effect here. you know, i am not going to sing the praises of donald trump's policies. good or bad, but i think the public has a right to hear what he has to say. go ahead gina. yeah. first and when amendment
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right is the number one target of the democrats right now. it's just tells you how desperate they are. they can't get votes. so because they don't have ideas that people can circle around. and so what they do is they're trying to import people from other countries. they're trying to shut down 1st amendment. right, so that people can't talk and communicate. but i'll tell you why. i'm not so worried about it. jen knows that i'm and i know, and a lot of people around know that americans are very resourceful. and when you try to shut down the free speech of an american, they're going to find another way and a probably a better way to communicate that. somebody said to me the other day it twitter, it's really just the community of blue checkmarks. and it really has become almost that your rank and file people have either been banned or gotten off of a lot of the big tech because they don't trust it. so they're going to other places and guess what donald trump is finding them they're, they're finding him, they're still tens of thousands of people showing up at every rally. he just
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planned another one today and coleman, alabama. and i can assure you, joe biden will not have one single rally where he can mass 5000 people, let alone the 10s of thousands that donald trump says. the proof is always in the pudding, peter, so they can talk in all of these sound bites that the dnc puts out for them. but any one without blinders on can see that this is a tremendously popular president that the people are not going to shut up and sit down. we're going to fight socialism with everything we've got. and that's why they're going to support this america 1st president. david, let me go to you. let's talk about the mainstream media. of course, they load to trump as a candidate, as president, but they, sir missed him, don't they? i mean, their ratings their revenues. i mean, if you look at m s m, b, c, that when they talk about trump, they their ratings go up, they can't let it go. the person that they have the most. ok. and they're in a real quandary because that's, that's, that they get eyeball in cliques,
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when they talk about the former president is how are they going to do it, particularly if he declares himself as a candidate, they're going to have to cover him. go ahead david. well, they do cover him and the concept that he is not getting covered is, is ridiculous. you know, the number one radio station here in new york city is w a, b c, which is are right wing radio station, new york post most the 2nd highest tabloid circulation in america. so right wing of publication, fox news, now news max started the fox news a o n started after lunch. the difference is that there are so there are many more liberal or mainstream outlets. and so their audiences are slight among them. and the concept of donald trump's message, he has no message. you know, i board, i really me, i worked with the guy they and i would read through the years that he's got some
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strategies. ringback he has no strategy, he's not capable of considering a long term strategy. you're going stink. he acts, whatever he think, she says. and the concept that he is able to turn out more people at a rally is exactly what i said. it's a coach, it's people coming to watch the car wreck democrat. well, joe biden is not a charismatic figure, and the truth is, as a democrat, we don't care. i don't care if it's buying. i don't care of chairs. i don't care of a schumer ship makes no difference. it's the policies that democrats support, not the person. it's a level of care and who will support the person and whatever. he says that is the policy. do you tell me i asked your other guess? so that's one example of where you disagree with donald trump's. paul,
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i will please i'm sorry i want to. i will tell you that way. right out of time here. many thanks. so my guess in new york and in west palm beach, and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at our to see you next time. and remember across the the the who's
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the war on drugs noted as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the wonder? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check and told us that there was a competence short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like something else to be happening. this is your media. a reflection of reality.
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