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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 8, 2021 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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with the pipeline connected up just behind me, certificate action and safety checks will take around 3 months to be completed. after that, while north stream too, will be able to pump as much as 55000000000 cubic meters of gas per year. he had to germany, that's roughly enough. the heat around 26000000 european homes feature all of a r t on the german baltic coast. one of the globe is most respected and read war correspondence in conversation next to john poacher, yesterday's guest, and going underground. it all starts and moments do speak of me on the look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we
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should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously, is to great track, rather than fear take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with the the the
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who's time action or attention you're watching, going underground back for a brand new series. as us secretary said that the blinking meets with german foreign minister, i go mass to discuss the significance of nature's catastrophic defeat by the taliban in afghanistan. joining me now in the studio to discuss the future of nato so called forever was in the so called end to the usa. the longest war in history could remark the beginning of a new world order is edge and re filmmaker journalist john pill, judge on, thanks so much for coming back on. it's a week where the largest om square is just down the road here in london being hosted. they've been bombing syria, the israelis arm by the british b. u and the united states has been forming of gaza this week. but to afghanistan, 1st ahead of the 911 anniversary on saturday did did the americans in the british
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leave as they came killing babies, we saw the drone strike. we saw the chaos had come, let alone this atrocity that killed scores of people, something american soldiers involved in the killing of civilians. there. what, what is your take? well, the killing machine ashen, kill a machine in vietnam. they called the us military, the green machine because it was colored grain. but then they changed my ca, those who really understand what the propaganda, how the propaganda has lied to us over the years. it's basically a killing machine. i mean, you talk about down the road, there's his arms fair. when i was out in the open, one of the missiles was an m k, 82. that was
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a 500 pound precision ball my pulse and actually a missile that it was fired by a fixed stain. i saw an afghan stan, one of these things did to a village and to one family. the name of the woman whose family was obliterated was horrified, and she had i think, 70 in her family. her husband and 6 children were killed by one of these an 82 missiles, but it was certainly one of those way back when, in the early days of the psalms that is going on now that was exhibited with such pride. and in those days pass on the light for myself,
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but other journalists who one so called offense correspondence could actually get in and see what they were actually selling. we couldn't, together, we couldn't get no course no m m a d to but i mean, i have to say this program is going out in afghanistan as well as it being walk us around the world. some africans, 70 percent rural, not in god will, are going to wonder, was this war which is considered the good war by liberals, by storm or, and johnson here and by democrats and below sea. and all of that is it let they is it, british, americans are incompetent, certainly incompetent. but most imperialists, ah, incompetent. they make mistakes and kill large numbers of people. they didn't mean to kill. so they say, for 20 years this 4 has been heading towards
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a foregone conclusion. hey, we had imperial powers pulling out. we've had enough of afghanistan. we've only spent what does that, you'll probably know a trade in, but it's going nowhere. anyway, we've got a new enemy on the horizon, and the british just sent a brand new aircraft, carry off to try this new enemy, china. so we want to switch it around there, the strategic, the strategist at the ministry of defense. and in the pentagon and washington are writing a new scenario, it will still be about the prospects of killing people. if you look at the, the, as i've seen, the, the war gaming, china, the numbers, but they predict will be killed in either a reaction to a chinese attack because they put us,
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or in their own preemptive attack are in the millions. so civilian lives, whether they're one family of the kind, his atrocity and tragedy, eyesore, and i've counted, it's one family or it's millions of people, but that imperialism. we must use that term. i feel very strongly about this. it's not an agit prompt from the sixty's. it used to be a term with great respectability and pete in fact, and people, people in this country fought for the reputation of being imperialist christian gentleman going off to the empire to, to, to, to spread not only to spread the message but to spread the power of the imperial center, and that's what we've had for 20 years. and i've got on time. i reported,
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i've kind of, i reported up almost every war involving my own country britain freya, united states has been an imperial war. that is weak. that word that is use so loosely and so irresponsibly, by media, we invading somebody else's country. and of course there's a sense of reason why i mean if you take the, the reason why i watched guy news last night. and i'm sure they know worse than anybody else, but they, they talked about how 911 had its origins and planning and execution. not scanner style. that's just not true. you know, african, this time was the fall. chi if you're like,
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the planning was done in the united states and there was in the single african here among them. they were mostly saudis. i mean all this has been as true struck from l. r l consciousness day to day consciousness. but the wilful, if you can say this wilful reluctance, unwillingness deliberate, exclusion of, of the why we actually go into countries we thing where we are now in britain, the us in the western countries. why we do what we hope to gain from and put it is a 900 century project. we don't pay how much now,
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but we might as well. and that's where this unwillingness to appreciate and understand recent history. but as i say, imperialism is not on that truck goes, if it got a bad name in the 2nd world war, because hitler was also an imperialist. but that's what i've kind of time was, that's what was, that's what iraq was. and you know, when, when you have somebody, i will call him an arch almost a character to imperialist. and tony blair, making some state my way. it is a man get his hotspur is the wrong word. whereas where does he get his arrogance from that that the power in the world that is bearing down on us again,
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just like it was 20 years ago. are all these bad islamic people? nothing to do with us? and when you, when you look back on what blair said at the time of, at the time of the invasion of afghanistan, this is a moment to seize. he said, following 911, the kaleidoscope has been shaken. the pieces are in flux. soon they will settle again before they do. let us order reorder this world around us. for me, that is one of the clear a staples of an imperialist, and other words will go into a country, will blow it all up, will change it all around, will undermine its culture, pellets people and will make it a better place when i put that to the former chief, the defense staff here, and ministry of defense. i got one of those rare interviews
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a few years ago with the, with, as he then was sir david richards general. so david, richard, i put this to him and i actually quoted to him the famous icon, woman ly joya. and what she said about the railways in the west, it was in her country, and i had nothing to do with altruism. he lost his cool and, and said i was a hotel about apology for which i have to give him the credit. he then apologized for because he said he was one of the martin payoff generals. but even, even he, you hit a rule. no, i hit that support able come watch breaking the silence coming war on china's regarding the future and, and the war you don't see on drum filter dot com, but it has to be said to get this done is considered by liberals as the good war,
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as i was saying earlier and it's repeated often live, this is the roots of this are lie in the fight with the russians who had come to subordinate below who did such wonderful things for women schools and so on. and therefore am i 6 and the ca had to help the major the in that would morph into the taliban into the, into our either into the ice. it was a project with cooperation cyclic it was to destroy. it was to destroy any government that appeared or not. and couple that was progressive and one government to appear in 1978, a government p d p, a government. and they brought in the most extraordinary progressive government. equal rights, right across the board for women illiteracy, which was then 30 percent in in, in afghanistan was within
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a decade, 90 percent. i mean, it, it's a, again, like when i was referring earlier to, to this, this is unwillingness to learn something in the history, to answer the question, newport about the good war at the time of the government, the united states. and this is, this is a li cable from the u. s. embassy and couple august, not in 79. the u. s embassy report or book the united states. larger interests will be served by the demise of the p. t p. a government, despite whatever setbacks this might mean for future social and economic reforms in a scandal stand. in other words, rights of women couldn't go to hell. the rights of poor people can go to hell. can
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i say c a. m i 6 c i. we want this country, we wanted for various reasons. it strategically, very importantly placed the taliban in fact, far from being where 911 was plotted and planned and put together, the taliban had been a clan state of the united states. very few know that the bill clinton administration, but taliban leadership, including some of the people were saying now were invited to the united states. they dropped in, i think, in very secretly secretively, into disney world and to target stores and did a bit of shopping. and they went to the c i and langley virginia. why? because the u. s. wanted to build one american oil company to build
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a natural gas pipeline from took my no stand through afghanistan to pakistan. absolutely crucial. the alternative routes with russia and a wrong that wilson hall. it was only when bush came to power george shuffling bush . his administration actually started to question the reliability of the taliban to deliver on the deal. now this steel, the head of the steel was pick tracking who became bushes. vice president john, i'll stop you there more from jerome pilcher after this break ah, join me every thursday and the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business and show business. i'll see you then me.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk me well, go back. i'm still here. john killed you the legendary filmmaker and joe lift behind such films as the weight and fee and breaking the silence. i suppose we are referring to the cost of the war in its entirety away from those origins of where this war began. at julian assange in breaking the silence, as i think it could be the will you to see says it's
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a money laundering. one dimension of this is a money laundering. man isn't cost whether it be $1.00 trillion or adrian. it's actually a way of taking taxpayers money or money of ordinary workers in west countries and recycling it into 5 big defense companies. and this kind of defense industry complex and, and it makes a lot of money. yes. but it's a, it's a way of financing imperial projects. i mean by the end of the ninety's for so the taliban was so embed with the us administration that it was calculated that every taliban official was paid for with us taxes. so was paid directly, of course. and when julian was talking about money being laundered through it, huge amounts of money was laundered through afghanistan. it all went bad,
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of course, with bad in their own terms. they didn't actually get, but they won't, in the same way. iraq when bad in a way, the same way that went bad, they usually to 0 class dimension to the type of african this interviewed on our screens. obviously urban they speak english, so we get that sense. as i said, 70 percent rural actually get it done in that they whenever they answer questions on british television or american television stations, or in french tv station, they all assume like the interviewer, essentially there is altruism, there on the part of the invading nations of nature, it's like is going wrong with the afghans interview. don't seem to suggest that there is something maligned about the intentions. know because those are the kinds interviewed by and large benefit. and those people at the airport we're beneficiaries. in other was they might be call collaborators, which they were in
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a sense. but they were certainly beneficiaries. and there's no question. there were women, schools and girls girls set up in kabul, which were themselves progressive. but what we were never told was, but you go into the hinterland, extraordinary hinterland, of afghanistan, the wireless country on earth far as i'm concerned. absolutely beautiful. but it is a feudalism. and that's when i 1st went a feudalism in which these marcia day and these warlords actually run their own little 5 times. and they trade in women, they trade and women and young boys and they ran the, the heroine trade. and of course the c i a which were the principal backers
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followed very closely by my 6 you all about this. now when you mention a class to mention, compare them these wild characters if you like, but few lists from the middle ages. the very people that the government of the americans undermined the p. d. p. a government tried to whose power they tried to curtail i mean compare those with some of the people being interviewed on television in the last few weeks. you know, i saw an interview with you. we were called on to be sympathetic. one could be with a former chief prosecutor and a couple of highly educated man, probably a degree in the us or u. k. l or whatever come up with was, was an enclave within this futile as country
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basically. and. and so that, that cloth over throwing that clause was, was the object of the government that has been lost to history. and that's $978.00. this p, d, p, a government undermine by, by the us, and then destroyed by the new dean. that what it was setting out to change, to set that, to change that class to mention in afghanistan. and specifically to close shop going. he was called, incorruptible, by the may be seen on a few months ago. he was most of his time in the united states, ends up in the world bank and he's pops down in russia working for the world bank, millions killed and the reduction of life expectancy in the liberal reforms out of
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the form of a union. and then he ends up enough canister down in florida election again and the liberal class that we parachute it in. and is this occurring on a can we expect this as, as the empire of fades, the united states empire? yeah, now you're right. i'm not sure about power shoot it in i was say, when the election that run off with supposedly with money, which he denies the polite in, let's say be able us countries are really under developed countries, is perhaps the mercantile class, which is far too polite. lay in, i've kind of gone this class really knew where the money was and produced a class that really rolled over in the meantime. the country remain medieval just
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well. the 20 year anniversary of $911.00 going up and of course be $911.00. that won't be covered on any of the stations will be chilly. and $973.00, which you again mentioned in the and, and that's about this mercantile glass. the origins in a way that chicago school. what do you feelings now, if you're why it's still not going to be covered on saturday, will be that is the 20 year end of as well. it's not covered for the same reason as well as big as arms fair. just down the road is not covered. people don't know about. it's not covered because it's not convenient to be covered because it carries an inconvenient truth. on september, the 11th 1973. as far as trillions are concerned, those who lost their those her last so many in the
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family to the horrendous savagery of penance. shy and his american back as that is the september. the 11th. that's the $911.00. it's never been going around the world because we are so and i don't think brainwashing is an exaggeration. we are, we are drowned in this synonymy of propaganda. that the, the center of the world, the center of importance is the united states. the day the to day the world changed. i don't think it was the day of the world changed. actually. i think the world change the lot before that during the korean war, when the americans decided they were going to become a true imperial power. i certainly changed with the fall of the berlin wall on many elbows. but we are, we,
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we condition to believe that everything around this one event. but only they, to a remembrance, not the people actually, only they, because of morning, not b, r o f of the woman with her sick said children in afghanistan. it's that it's almost what we, we are so backward in the we've yet to achieve this equality of consciousness about human beings. but we wait. what happens in the united states that what matters? everything else flows from that energy. just finish, i suppose, doing about julianna's. been a show after all was under house arrest and luxury home here visited by fashion. house arrest pending extradition means superman. jail for julian sarge. yes. yes.
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joe julian is i sat in court on the 11th of august to listen to a chief justice. i'm no longer surprising cause like come out and say this. try to describe it. a witness in, in, in something i just thought was outrageous. but looking ahead, on the 27th and 28th will be a high court hearing on whether the united states has is granted its appeal against the act, the, the bad, the, the bar on expedition of julian to the in either states. it is probably i think it's probably the most important legal day. certainly, if not in my lifetime, but it certainly in the market era,
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because it will say about free speech, it will say about journalism. it will say about our humanity. this is a man who's committed, no crime. who is chantal intellectual person? who has done what true journalists do any for that he is being punished. now, whether there is something of british justice left in the masonry of the tradition, re judiciary in britain. but on that day, the judges side asked, i must that he shall be frayed. i don't know. john bell. joe. thank you. that's the show. you can see john feel free a jo billed. you don't come. we'll be back on saturday. the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks that catalyzed the invasion of afghanistan,
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but also 40 ideas since the ca coup against socialists. president salvatore and they were handed power to fashion, picked a drug was to finish angel and bullets on social media for all the updates from this new season to make sure to let us know what story is not seen in the mainstream. you'd like us to come the way the u. s. government funded is through the issuance of treasury bond and they pay the interest on those bonds by collecting taxes. who owns most of those bonds? virtually all those bonds, the top 110th of one percent. so the government simply becomes a pastor mechanism for people to pay money from their pockets through something called taxes that are just a thickly that hides the transgression mechanism of your money through the government into those who own these on
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the moon. the president joe biden gets a reception from his own citizens. i made public frustration over his handling of the piano sound aloud. as the 20th anniversary of 911 approaches are to explore the legacy of america's war on terror. in the series of special reports. today we'll be hearing from families who saw not one killer and a recent us don't strike.


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