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and see, see what that battle has done to him. i feel like life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest and most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable. it's advice. the president joe biden gets a whole style reception from his own citizens. i made public frustration over his handling of the afghanistan, as well as the 20th anniversary of 911 approaches. r t explores the legacy of america's war on terror. a series of special reports. today we'll be hearing from families who saw a loved ones killed in a recent us drone strike in couple time the head of the family that has
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lost 10 of its members. this is not a mistake of america. this is a crime and rushes emergencies minister was trying to save a person's life during training exercises in the arctic project. details ahead ah, life for moscow. this is art. see my name's unit o'neill and 30 minutes of news and views start. there was a frosty reception for ju biden, this weekend of a new jersey time ravaged mind the recent hurricane ida, a grip of locals, voice their anger over the afghan, a some polite with some even branding the american president, a tyrant, the.
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c visible fury over the war in afghanistan is being felt all the more acutely in the run up to a grim anniversary for the united states. almost 20 years have passed since the tragic events of 911 a day that checked the world and set the stage for the us war on terror to market. we've been taking a closer look at the devastating impact the subsequent 2 decades of conflict has had on millions in our special project on heard voices. the will use all tools at our disposal. they killed our children, so united states was bringing people to watch the site. it was
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a pointless exercise. we start the series by looking at the impact of one recent event, so called defensive err strike conducted by the u. s. and bull of the end of august, just before the galveston withdraw deadline, we heard from fathers who lost their children in the raid. the youngest had toddler, aged to saw the sandals belong to melinda. she was very close to me. i looked her so much. she always told me to buy ice cream with us military forces conducted and unmanned over the horizon airstrike on a vehicle known to be an imminent isis k threat. on the morning of the bombing, she came and kissed me and said, good morning, father. it was her last meeting. i will never see her again. the
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my name is amanda maddie. i'm the head of the family that has lost 10 of its members, and it was around 4 30 pm. i left for the market and on the way i met my elder brother who was driving back home. we talked a little, then he left to go home and i crossed the road to go to the other side. i just crossed the road and i heard an explosion. my daughter lead her to me that she saw a smaller craft, a drone, moving around in a circle which then fired and miss tiled about hitch or home. i turned to look, there was distant smoke, lightning. it was a terrible scene. my wife was shutting her high, was on fire. ah, there were parts of children's bodies. it was so bloody increase and i went into my home on fun, my brother and a nephew. they were critically injured but still alive and breathing. they later
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died in hospital my brother and 9 others were killed in this horrific attack. my brother's daughter, who was student to get married, also lost her life. another relative was also here, a guest. she was killed to. oh, i was maya love's cosmetic, she likes painting her nails. she like dolls very much. the main cause of the incident was the american president, planning this attack without any evidence and destroying our family was the catastrophe. ringback ringback ah, the president is made clear to the commanders that they should stop and nothing to make isis pay for the death of those american service members at the cobble airport . they say, isis k lived in this house in this house were these children members of ice is
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a stupid thought without any proof, without any investigation, they attacked us and killed our children, and we will never forgive them. ah, our entire families in shock, its being so painful for us mentally. we are not in a stable condition. the women are dead silent. they don't speak tomorrow. we left our devastated homes and now live in my sister's place. it's so painful to visit it because we could see your children dying there. the people accusing us of having contact with islam state, the americans who bombed our family, seeing we'd been preparing an attack on them. their complete and utter liars, ah
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. ringback after the incident, no authority came here to investigate. nobody asked us what happened to your new one help. no one came here to morally support us. busy this is not a mistake of america, this is a crime. we've lost her children. the count returned to us. so what mister owner should be restored by us for investigation into the incident. we all see international community to investigate this incident. ah, make no mistake. no, no cherry on the face of the earth or harder to avoid civilian casualties than the united states military. and nobody wants to see innocent life taking
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the americans have left us galveston. they came because of their own goals and humiliated in my country. america is not achieved. anything in africa on america has failed in afghanistan, and it has made our people miserable. oh, we will be speaking with more people. both soldiers and civilians whose lives were changed forever by america's war in or continuing special coverage on heard voices throughout the week. well, we've been hearing from the red cross president as well. peter morrow, he's currently in galveston and has been visiting medical facilities and meeting with the new us can government on the one side, you will see all that these are remnants of war. you see these camps,
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these vehicles, military vehicles. you see this traction where fighting has taken place, including in some of the city is like guitar and others. and on the other hand, you see an normality of life and normal life. you see that this country is and has been affected by 40 years of war and by poverty. and the 2 together create enormous human period meet. what i can see is that this is a country in bad need of your many terry and assistance of help to stabilize infrastructure and basic services needs international support and when and how political lack there's states will recognize the new i've gone. government is of course, up to them. our interest is that international support comes to
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i've gotten this done to the people of, i've got new stuff and in a way which is respectful of the geneva conventions of best you many tavian practices. and i am hopeful that we manage to have acceptable conditions, given some of the assurances that myself and also the coordinator of the community affairs of the us have received this with we had a long conversation with marla about the deputy of the now we're now in government, a very substantial conversation with him self and with some of his closer aids and collaborators in order to ensure that the humanitarian space, which is needed for a good, impactful, and usually human terry and assistance are guaranteed. i think we got
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a lot of understanding and also a good sense that we need further dialogues as we move forward. as i see our see, we have worked ways that tale bonds in petty tardies controlled by then over the last 4 d case. and so now in power, we will certainly continue to capitalize on these relations. the u. k. is threatening to withhold millions of pounds promised to france to help tackle the migrant crisis. because paris isn't pulling its weight. that's the claim coming from dining street with the spot emerging as record numbers of people continue to arrive in u. k. beaches having made the crossing from northern france, paris as slum britton's threat. as a serious loss of trust. let's join, shabby. edward dusty not in london to fill in some of the blanks on this. i shot
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the issue's been a long running spot between the 2 countries for years and would record numbers of migrants arriving. i'm pretty sure it's firmly back in the spotlight. yes, absolutely. pre to baton and have french counterpart or yes. again in the middle of a war of words and it's all about the escalating crisis on the english channel. it comes as just yesterday alone. 800 people cross the english channel. one of the worlds of busiest shipping line. so today, pretty patel, hosted a meeting with the french interior minister off the preach. patel threatened to cut the 54000000 pounds pledge, a funding pledge to assist in the french operations over across the channel, unless more boats are intercepted now that didn't go down to well with the french or flora to many people. in fact, quite furious across the english channel saying this is not a tool what they signed up for the conditions of the funds when you go,
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she did indeed with the british. and it was never on condition of specific targets . that approach would translate into a serious loss of trust in our corporation. while it's been a bit of a tit for tat between the 2 nations for quite some time. now, the french have always said that this is a british problem and that they should be dealing with the issue out source. i. e, are the very countries in which refugees are headed towards your, particularly at this heightened time, as we know the crisis and could talk to free and african stone has seen some millions of people being displaced, many of which are trying to head to the united kingdom so the french is saying it's a british problem. the british are saying it's a french problem and they should actually be trying to intercept these, but it's and turning them back to france. now campaign is here in the united kingdom. they've long. * been saying the answer to all of this is neither what the
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french know, bridges say, but actually to try and see safer and legal passages for asylum seekers so that they don't have to risk their lives trying to cross the english channel. but the u . k. government says is working to target people smugglers to try and alleviate the crisis. we remain determined to fix the broken silence system and break the business model of people smugglers who put lives at risk and welcome people through safe and legal routes. while they see a record, 13500 asylum seekers have crossed the english channel in small but it's just a 1000 in the last 2 days. now conservative m p 's here in the united kingdom, beck calling for the home secretary to even break international law and send all of the assign him because of back to france if they've traveled terror legally by boat . now, francais, if the u. k does that, that will be serious consequences and then it's doing all it can to try and prevent
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these crossings. they say since january they've intercepted 10000 and brought them back to the french shores. despite the french authorities having to deal with a volved amount of space to police on the beach is over in france. the fact is, we've got 302400 coaches of shore to monitor every day and every night. and it's quite impossible to have place offices every 100 meters because of the length of the shore. now here in the united kingdom, the home secretary in particular has had some rather robust rhetoric over the years, particularly aimed at asylum seekers headed to the united kingdom. in fact, free to baton has now got the reputation of the credit deville and the immigration system for what many people would argue is particularly hostile. we have to look at the beginning of her 10 years. she said the crossings would be an infrequent phenomenon. that last year she promised to shut off the route entirely. and this
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year she's pushing through an immigration bill making crossings illegal. meaning that anybody that does head to the united kingdom by boat could be seen to go even to be jailed in fact. but no matter how hostile pre patel's policies or comments are, it's not stopping asylum seekers headed to the united kingdom. it seems that the u . k. is still a fall safe haven either the countries that they are fleeing from. hence this latest influx of asylum seekers here in the united kingdom, but perhaps now the home secretary should change tact, considering the numbers are not coming down. ortiz shelly edward's dusty life in london. thank. shut him. after a lengthy legal bustle, one of america's largest confederate statues has been torn down on the 6 and a half meter told bronze casts of general robert e. lee had towered over richmond in the state of virginia for 130 years plans to
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remove it. for an instant, june, last year, during re show justice protest and the week of george floyd's death, or for the move face legal challenges from locals, who said it was a raising history. the monument to the u. s. civil war general was the largest remaining and most recognizable confederate stuff in the country. other similar ones had already been taken to elsewhere enrichment, which was the capital of the secessionist states in the 19th century. according to officials, this statue will be stored up a state own facility until a decision is made on it's ultimate. delighted to welcome onto the proven john morton bon on re professor of medieval philosophy at the university of cambridge. she has been following developments. pleasure to have you, sir. i actually device of subject does the issue boil down essentially,
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to the question, who actually has the right to decide how history is remembered? and i'm, i'm not sure that he does really because it, i think you need to think about the product, which statues and, and other such a loyal street names and portraits hung in public places play in each individual country. and i would say in particular about risk, though, i would imagine things not so different in the united states. and i think the pos statues are aware of like, living easily with, with our long history. i'm one of the main points, much statues is we don't take much notice of that. it's rather random business quite who, who gets a statue a certain very well known figures do,
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but also certainly do all the minor figures and most people are very concerned who the statues are all or why that. and that's just how it should be. and that's how it should be in a nation with a long history. and so i'm, i'm very much against their being taken down. but it shouldn't be imagined that they're making a statement about history because they were saying, these were wonderful people. this is how we think about history that, that because they've been that those who would oppose the few. those say that historical figures, once revered as heroes of the past, aren't seen that way in the, in the present. when, when more developments emerge, a bite them and therefore should be rude news. what's your response? when you hear something like that, my sons is that it's that they're not there and they shouldn't be taken as being that because they're here that because they've gone for some reason,
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people at some stage to be here. but there's no chance that they are that now this is, that was the 1st thing the, the 2nd thing is that in this business of judging people, we have to be very careful not be an acronym, stick in our judgments. we should try to look at people in the moral context of their own times. and quite a lot of the people who will be very much criticized video only being precise because people are bringing down a set of contemporary ideas about about behavior and temp reviews which are just not relevant to me. they think so that's not always the case. and i think, i think there are probably some statues of people who behaved very bad ways even by
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the standard time. but if they've been there for a long time, i doesn't, that's reason to take them down and with the best well in the world, the people who want them done, it's not exactly out of sight of mind is that the problem is don't disappear with the statues when they're, when they're just gone. well, no, absolutely not. though i'm, i think to some extent the, the problems are these and i'm talking the business contents, i think not, not, not the less context which has a very difficult history. national relations concern, but i think in britain, to some extent these problems are on manufactured problems. i think, i think within the country, which has dealt very well and they have with, you know, quite quite a large immigration people. there is some people who i think that unfortunately i tried to say the problem which isn't really that
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a tool and the statues been quite wrong. i get thrown into that. sometimes i listen to other historians talking about issues and they bring up the point that it's happened many times done the centuries that when viewpoint by the certain stuff it takes hold among the majority of the public, they're tick and done. so it's not necessarily a modern issue, but campaigns are really to, to rewrite history. they've taken whole, largely in western democracies. and people would say that's a sign of free and robust society. i think it's it's a sign of freedom that historians when they're writing about history, think about animal ways. the if you like the life not all right, and history is, is re writing this one doesn't expect need walks of
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history remain the same. interpretation. drain the same from generation to generation. but it's a different matter when you're dealing with not the writing history, the positive history and the statues, like all sorts of things, buildings and so on, all the positive history. and that way, i think it's objection to try to get rid of as the point about taking down stature . i think this now is from comfort country. i think written is a place where we, we haven't been inclined to take down factors because we don't, we don't take them all that seriously. just as we haven't been inclined to rename streets, we do go to a lot of companies and find the st. james often change and they often claimed offered day to something which happened 20 or 30 years ago,
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which is important that really happens very rarely embrace 11. once we've given a name to a street, we keep it in general. once we put up a statue, we need it that even if nobody has any idea who to talk for somebody, some expert student, nope, no, it's not a name which means all right. and for a very interesting getting your take on this issue. pleasure to have you on the program, john martin. bon honory, professor of medieval philosophy at the university of cambridge. thank you very much. okay, i sound story now. rushes emergencies minister has tragically died while attending training exercises in the arctic. it is, believe us guinea is in the chair of jumped off a cliff into waters to try and rescue a camera man who was also fatally injured. with more on the days developments. ortiz, dunning hawkins. you've got, he's in a chef would be less familiar to those abroad than at home. now,
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here in russia though, he was a well known part of the governing bodies, most recently serving his head of the russian emergencies, ministry. a very senior chief position once occupied by the current defense minister saturday should go. we know that mister is in a chef, was in the city of no risk in the northern part of russia. i taking part in training exercise is organized by the emergencies ministry. there were a large number of journalists, video operators, directors in attendance, were filming a training video for the emergency ministry, eye, witness accounts state. but at $1.00 of this group of journalists and directors got too close to the edge of a cliff and neither fell or began to fall. mississippi chef was standing, the boy whose training kicked him and he attempted to hold the direct to jumping off to him. sadly, his efforts were futile. both men were l. if it's a hospital and to come to the injuries medics palace to help. one of our
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correspondents from art spanish was also in attendance at least training exercises . this is what he told us on. but he died trying to say to film director who was there that moment in order to choose a new location for his future film. according to witnesses, the direct to stumbled and fell. shev rushed to save him, but hid rog. unfortunately, none of them survived. residence told us that this place is very dangerous, and tragedies already happened that a thought from his role as head of the emergency ministry, a post yorkie pie since 2018 and mrs. ne chef also occupied positions in the russian security operator serving is that pretty head of the fs? be on the security council as one is being pause for many years of the russian president's partial security detail. effectively being mr. putins aide to camp and the russian president has already expressed his deep condolences in connection with mister chef death. he leaves behind is wife, a son, a grandson,
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and 2 granddaughters. dying what he was trained to do. what he loved doing, and what he did for large part of his life, which was saving lives in dire situations where nobody else could do appointment for his position as head of the emergency ministry will be appointed in due course . you've been using a shift though, of course, will be remembered as a hero. from says top court sounds, appellate charges against the cement company for funding terrorism. lafarge is accused of paying $13000000.00 euro to jo hobby groups in syria, in order to keep its operations running. charlotte duban skis in paris following developments. jackie's ations fall played almost 13000000 years to a number of militant groups in syria during the conflict that including 2 yes, he's allegations state back to 2013, 2014. when the force made the payments,
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the legislature trying keep the men company continuing to be able to operate in the country. now the focus is also accused of buying a tool from us through a middleman which is proven would be in direct violation of you in ball goes now for us, try to have some of the allegations against big cost with a lower court earlier. this is turning round and saying the allegations of crime against humanity could be thrown out. but frances hope court, the supreme court has now waited into this and decided that i actually lose allegations. can that be put back on the table? this is what the court says. it's judgements in this case, the payment of several $1000000.00 to an organization which is actively criminal is enough to characterize the complicity. whether or not the party in question was only doing so to see the commercial activity, but case had been brought to the court's attention by former employees over the
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fall. and also had been backed by n g o is voice groups will couldn't be sufficient. a great when in the fight for corporate accountability for international crimes, well, far as can be prosecuted for complicity in crimes against humanity. they saw idea that i can now be investigated for crimes against humanity is not food for the company. also faces of the charges, including the financing of terrorism, endangering the lives of individuals and of course, violating that you involve go no further for its purpose. has admitted that it said pe militants in syria during 2013 and during 2004. what it says is that in a breed to try and help its employees for protecting them on the grounds. we also know that several invest in executive pool falls, also under investigation. as part of why to look into what falls is activities were
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in syria. during this period and the 1st that it is continuing to cooperate with all the today show investigations, i put the idea that the falls could now for these additional accusations, this investigation of crimes that keeps being humanity would set a precedent. there isn't one take just yet, because why do investigation is still going on? if it goes to trial, it would be the 1st time that a french company has been tried in fonts in this way. charlotte do been scheme was not as a recap of a busy newsday this when they don't go too far, though, as another short documentary gets it stored in moments, find out what's premiering the bring the join me every thursday.


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