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tv   News  RT  September 8, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, me, the president joe biden gets a hostile reception from his own citizens and made public frustration over his handling of the afghan. this done coming up in the program of the 20th anniversary of 911 approaches. artsy explores the legacy of america's war on terror in a series of special reports. today we'll be hearing from families who loved ones
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killed in a recent u. s. strike in kimball. i'm the head of the family that has lost 10 of its members. this is not a mistake of america, this is a crime. ah . 247 news line from the russian capital. this is art. see wherever you're catching the news or from today, hello and welcome. we will get to those headline stories in just a moment, but i want to start with some breaking news coming to us. an enormous industrial fire has broken out in the central english time of kidderminster, after a number of huge explosions were heard, the police are telling locals to stay at home because thick black smoke is spreading over a wide area. they're telling people close your window,
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stay indoors. witnesses have described scenes of absolute chaos. traffic is gridlocked just from some of the social media pictures coming in at right now. fire crews on the scene. now, when we hear exactly where this is coming from an any and all developments on the significant ones, we will of course, bring it to this huge fire and industrial fire breaking out in a central english tone. was a frosty reception for joe biden, this week and a new jersey titan, ravaged by the recent hurricane ida and grip of locals, voice the wrangler over the gun. this done, paul lives with some even branding the american president, a tyrant, the.
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c c c vocal visible fury over the war and gather on being felt all the more acutely as well in the run up to the grim anniversary for the united states almost 20 years have passed since the tragic events of $911.00 a day that shook the world and set the stage for the us war on terror to market, we've been taking a closer look at the devastating impact the subsequent to decades of conflict, us out on the lives of millions in our special project on heard voices. the will use all tools at our disposal. killed our children for united states will bring people to your site. it was a pointless exercise while we start the series by looking at the impact of one recent events, so called defensive or a strike conducted by the u. s. and cabal. at the end of august, just before the gun, this done withdraw deadline,
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we heard from fathers who lost their children and not raid the youngest a toddler age to saw the sandals belong to melinda. she was very close to me. i looked her so much. she always told me to buy ice cream, u. s. military forces conducted and unmanned over the horizon airstrike on a vehicle known to be an imminent isis k threat. on the morning of the bombing, she came and kissed me and said, good morning, father. it was her last meeting. i will never see her again. the my name is amanda maddie. i'm the head of the family that has lost 10 of its members. it was around 4 30 pm. i left for the market and on the way i met my elder brother who was driving back home. we talked
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a little then he left to go home and i crossed the road to go to the other side. i just crossed the road and i heard an explosion. my daughter later to me that she saw a small aircraft, a drone, moving around in a circle which then fired and missile about hit our home. i turned to look, there was dust and smoke lightning. it was a terrible scene. my wife was shutting not her highest was on fire. ah, there were parts of children's body. it was so bloody and gruesome. i went into my home on fun, my brother and the nephew. they were critically injured, but still alive and breathing. they later died in hospital. my brother and 9 others were killed in this horrific attack. my brother's daughter, who was soon to get married, also lost her life. another relative was also here, a guest. she was killed too.
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oh, i love cosmetics, she likes painting her nails for she like dolls very much. the main cause of the incident was the american president, planning this attack without any evidence and destroying our family was the catastrophe. ringback ah, the president has made clear to the commanders that they should stop and nothing to make isis pay for the death of those american service members at the cobbler airport. they say, isis k lived in this house in this house, were these children members of ice just a stupid thought without any proof, without any investigation, they attacked us and killed our children, and we will never forgive them.
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ah, our entire families in shock. it's been so painful for us mentally. we are not in a stable condition. the women are dead silent. they don't speak. we left our devastated homes and now live in my sister's place. it's so painful to visit it, because we could see your children dying there. that people accusing us of having contact with islam mc state. the americans who bombed or li saying we'd been preparing an attack on them. their complete and utter liars, ah. ringback ringback ah, after the incident, noah came here to investigate. nobody asked us what happened to your new one help?
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no one came here to morally support us. this is not a mistake of america, this is a crime. we've lost her children. the count returned to us. so at least, or owner should be restored by us for investigation into the incident. we all see international community to investigate this incident. ah, make no mistake. no military on the face of the earth works harder to avoid civilian casualties than united states military. and nobody wants to see innocent life taken and the americans have left us galveston. they came because of their own goals and humiliated my country. america is not achieved. anything in africa on america has
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failed in afghanistan. and it has made our people miserable. well, let's discuss this issue in depth and joining us live as an option returns a host of going underground and host of a program done the years. he's spoken to many, many guests on this issue. you'll have your own views as well. that's why i really want to get into this with you option and perhaps big picture 1st. we've seen so much turmoil in the galveston. what are the long term repercussions? what's? what's going to be the end result of western trips, quitting the country and leaving it in the hands of the taliban? do you think that is the question probably that we have said by the super bowl of this new century. but that horrific testimony by a survivor of the commodity family from the drone strike, by nature forces is a testament to the fact that the war is not over the forever was forever war,
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described by joe biden. then all over with this withdrawal from the united states, i've just actually been talking to colon piles of wilma chief of staff, mary wilkerson for a program for all going underground on saturday. and i was asking him and he said it was convenient, joe biden. in this withdrawal is curtailing the profits of multi $1000000000.00 defense companies of the united states, where money was laundered through since the $911.00 incident in washington incidents, washington and new york. and it was a brave decision and it wouldn't be convenient for those people in the pentagon and others within that military industrial complex to make the withdrawal as chaotic as it was, they may even find it convenient that there are members of the new taliban government who are closely allied and linked historically to the cia and m i 6,
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when of course nato nations were supporting the taliban government and of course the overthrow of the nat geo buller government when they were women schools, when they were women's education. when none of this horrific version this taliban version of islam was being meet is out on leave, who are in the dispossessed off. i've got this guy. did you ever expect that the united states, it's nato allies, would end? what has now been a 20 year military campaign there and leave the country to that group. you've just mentioned the same tara group that they went there to defeat. you know, lots of people are saying they were surprised by the decision. i suppose now people are saying, well, joe biden was against obama serge, which is obviously so destructive of the lives of millions of africa, ordinary africans, president obama comes out of his story as one of the most evil president of the
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united states. according to afghans on the ground, you saw the surgeon in all its in all its har roofing atrocious, las, and as to whether we expected it is a testament to joe biden. because joe biden did go against the vested interests of big, profitable companies, where this recycling of money the julian assigned, so famously talks about the whole forever war system, whereby people who are poor and dispossessed to the united states pay their sales tax. and somehow that is recycled in this massive money laundromat to the big 5 defense companies. and then the media sit orifice so called mainstream media. tell us this is about bringing truth just as democracy in the american way to all these countries. so i, we, we wondered whether it would happen. i think it's also a testament to donald trump,
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who set the ball rolling and made the military industrial complex realize that no, just because you want a war in syria, it's not necessarily going to happen the way you want the war to happen. so i think these are the questions, but as to why normal mainstream media journalists, why they're surprised, because they're being informed all the time by the military industrial complex people who are saying no, we can be we've got k street in washington dc to tell them these was will never in the money will forever keep flowing. 11, estimate one h trillion an upward since 911 on these for a was the line. we've repeatedly heard over the next a last few weeks from the us. the u. k. those and power was up, the withdrawal was successful talking about the size, the scale at one of the biggest since the 2nd world war, considering the chaotic scenes we've witnessed, are they seeing something option? we just aren't? yes they, they obviously are. and they left as they came, killing babies, as,
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as we just showed from the testimony from the drone strike. then we had those reports that covered the we covered them or not that many killed by the so called suicide bomb. a couple airport we're showed signs of bullet wounds from us soldiers on the ground, a killing civilians in a panic. they really did leave as they came when boys johnson and kiss stormy. here in london, talk about the pride in the legacy of british involvement in afghan. it's john, let alone of some americans still try and say, yes, this was the good war. the iraq war may have been the bad one, but that was, this was the good was a live on a different planet. all they have to do is see that interview. we just broke us about the ordinary lives destroyed by my american and british soldiers by the munitions, by their war planes,
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by their drones. it does appear that the british public to a degree are asking more questions done before though the government is facing huge flax from those people, particularly about the holidaying foreign minister. why were they so poorly prepared? the withdrawal deadline wasn't exactly a secret. well, i mean the, it's very clear for me questions in parliament at a statement in the past 24 hours, the british ministers take their orders from washington. britain is basically an aircraft carrier of the united states, and they will do whatever they are told. so actually one thing that the warranty has exposes the powerlessness of democratic lee, elected law makers, politicians, they're not in charge. what is in charge of the military industrial complex in the united states. they push bands and of course, should have done much more as to evacuate, the so called african collaborators with the nato invasion. much as we all
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sympathize with all those people left behind. the people used by nato troops in afghanistan, there was no doubt they were working with the occupying forces in afghanistan. one doesn't need to be as supportive taliban for that. and i run agree that they were collaborating with forces that a generation earlier were backing the taliban. the merger had been and they would morphin to the taliban, well, into al qaeda wolf and isis more into isis that k. and the idea that there is ignorance on the part of these will additions, will that how is it they must know that massive us troop deployment of occurred by northern iraq into syria. while the evacuation of can it's done was going on. british troops, british s a. s, they're still in syria. why they still occupying parts of syria? they must realize that the ice is de chanel clyde, the de facto aided by british american governments to over to the us. government in syria will now be taking stock of the f. kennedy john, situation and no doubt be seeking crevices in spend spaces,
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political spaces in the new taliban regime to organize their islamist vile human rights abuse, abusing agenda against all that is normal and for this home or that humanity does the return of the grip. the taliban go hand in hand with arise and terror. how should that of course is a question that is being debated, hopefully in moscow and beijing because how early it was that the taliban assured chinese authorities now. so part of the infrastructure rebuilding in afghanistan to jo biden's, people froze the money that was clearly needed for the civil service and the institution. to get this done, the chinese were assured by taliban officials, that there is no room for the terrorists that were terrorizing china
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from jang. and that had contacts and links in afghanistan. these people will be treated harshly. i think apparently the taliban is saying so the taliban ever utilitarian ever were willing to sacrifice whatever theoretical principles in their philosophy of hate that they do have will perhaps certainly not be helping terrorism against china. and the fact that talks were hosted in moscow ahead of the cobble withdrawal. presumably taliban must have made, i mean, a prescribed group in russia must have made some kind of affirmations of their opposition to terror that they could use to strike against russian allies and russia itself as to whether they will be tara, in nato countries. of course, no one is mentioning whether this anniversary this saturday could be a chance for research and islamist elements, ironically,
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paid for some of them by nato nations in their attempts to overthrow asset in their attempts to over there get effie and libya. whether they may have something in store, no doubt amidst this chaotic situation with all that slash money, the trillions of dollars, washing around the $100.00 bill, the opium trade. clearly, that's not a place where terrorists wouldn't think of either. do you expect london to recognize in you taliban lead off? gun government. a london will recognize the taliban government as soon as washington does. foreign policy in this country has been handed over to the human. perhaps the state department, not even to the why does but be the pentagon and arguably langley in virginia. so britain will just clearly follow as will you countries there is a fair amount of, i mean, obviously amidst this horrific tragedy. there is
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a grim humour in watching all the pundits, all the military brass, the god, it's so wrong, these 20 years as to what was happening in afghanistan, the suppose victory, the supposed help that nature is, armaments and soldiers are bringing to this poor benighted country. there was some grim humour to be had in watching them suddenly realize everything that they was saying was wrong, losing reachable additions to. not only that, but the united states that somehow they, they'd renee on the deal they'd made with these nato capitols. well, you have to do is look at the faces of those nato leaders and private susan presidents in the european union to watch how shocked they were. so perhaps perhaps it'll awaken them to realize that they must make reproachful with majoring in moscow as they are now. suggesting they say regional partners need to be talked to, but how can they talk to regional partners say like iran,
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which they brutally sanction and try to punish the, the people of iran, so repeatedly over, so many decades after of course, the infamous british over the role of a democratic leader in iran, in the fifty's. now it's not joe biden or it's not boris johnson, but we did see some u. s. and you care officials blame each other for how events unfolded could the supposed special relationship cut out impacted? i mean, is there a special relationship again? is that a product of this to know griffith with the wonder around downing street and so on here? i'm sure the state department tells every country's leaders your with us. we have a special relationship with you. of course, britain cow town to the united states more than other countries. arguably, we only have to remember grenada when a commonwealth country with the queen is head of state, was invaded by ronald reagan. nothing really happened last time. anything really? there was a conflict, was the falklands in 1982 in the united states goes back to the fascist regime of
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galaxy area. there was some kind of problem that, oh, american foreign policy, british foreign policy, some contradiction there. was there a special relationship? the fact is there a base is up and down in this country there. drones launched from this country. there were drones launched from diego garcia, british territory occupying the j goes so as to whether the british would ever really say no to anything. the united states told them it's a questionable we mustn't forget, there is some room. is it all top secret? how do we know? how do we get the information that even a trident nuclear missiles deterrent system based in scotland has a 2nd clean and is it operable? without washington, se, se, so, just to touch on an issue that i think is top of the agenda for many people in britain, thousands of afghans and i fled the country, considering that the kids are ready. surging with a migrant record numbers via the english channel is print unable to handle another
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influx. britain has a huge labor shortage right now because of restrictions on immigration and without irony news because here are showing the fact that african refugees want to come to this country. those that helped british soldiers and british embassy stuff. and they are having problems. and then they talk about a labor shortage and the fact that the economy here is suffering because the labor shortages and then to the boats. and the crossings of those seeking asylum from the wars that britain was involved in. and no journalist on so called mainstream media seems to connect the to and say, hang on a minute, we could have these refugees and they could feel the labor shortage. that doesn't seem to even work and even become comprehended by journalists, ledler, and politicians, arguably. so i think as regards the boat where refugee is drowning and risking their lives to come to this country, that is merely
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a product of the fact that they can't seek asylum until they arrive here. and there is no way or no other way. but to travel by dings and so on to get here so that they can apply for asylum. this is a deliberate policy and of course the british government keep saying it's the evil traffic as well. no one goes to an evil trafficker unless they are desperate to seek asylum. seek help, as i say, in majority because of policy is carried out by britain. whether it be mercantile policy, the i m f and world bank policies in that, in the global south or the forever was up to 911 off can perhaps just to sum up on a scale on this. and you've been very good with your time. just a couple more, if i get this done, does become a hotbed of extremism. do you think there is a chance just the puppets simply of another foreign intervention? in the recent years to come? it will be up to the global south. it will be up to the bricks, come to russia,
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to china, to make sure that the, by the ministration, whether it be those behind biden, or biden himself, to stop the idea of these is it beyond the horizon over their eyes and under their eyes and the drone attacks if they think that we're drawing troops on the ground means inability to send drones out and murder at. wim, like, like those nato is linked to whether it be in yemen, somalia, whether it be linked to increasingly in latin america, let alone in iraq, syria, gaza, and afghan. it's done. they have another thing coming back to hold them to account . it will require the shanghai corporation organization. it will require complete and utter stamina. my power is like china and russia because we saw before when begging and moscow take their eye of the ball. we saw what happened to africa's riches per capita. country libya, they went troops that they used at power. nato must never be allowed to use our
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power in the way that it has again. okay, just last one, unchanging subject. know a lot of people over conservative folders in the u. k. disappointed with their, their government at the moment because bars. johnson's introduce the biggest tax like in decades. and yet it's only going to raise $12000000000.00 a year the government borrowed while we're $300000000.00 during the covert crisis. i put it to you. what's the point? well, i mean, the 28th economic crisis showed that money is essentially a scam in the late capitalist advance capitalist country that can be printed it when the money for the adult social care initiative, bible restaurants will at least try to look at the idea of an aging population, unlike previous governments in this country, of course he could have just a quantitative lees printed the money like he did for all his friends in the city of london, the great money laundering,
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capital of the earth as it has been described. so these budgets, these amounts of money, they don't really exist in the way they are being described by journalists in this country. and the fact is that a regressive tax that johnson is proposing, which will disproportionately hurt the poor in favor of the rich, is arguably a way to enrich privatized adult social care companies. because this, the way this country works as arguably being since 20 o 81 of oligarchy, desperately seeking as much cash as it can out v economy as the value of pounds, sterling loses. and, and what do we see more and more people getting into big going option grip, how the can rti international. thank you very much for your time. your thoughts today here option returns the host of our team going underground. thanks. you
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know, another story to fit in before we go. this our, the ca, reportedly help ukraine with a plan to lower a number of russian mercenaries. it wanted to capture last year. that is the claim being made in a new report by cnn. wherever things didn't go according to plan, when bell roost got mixed up in the operation on the bride to break it all down for some joint live now by lieber tranquilly, a hello to lot of players involved. busy in this we spoke a little bit earlier. let's break this down or what exactly has been uncovered in the report. well 1st of all, if you look at the report, this is actually a story that was already all over the media, especially russian media last year. but let me explain why the see it and report is significant in particular, because this is something that is coming from the american media and it's happening for the 1st time. and. busy the main message of the cnn report is that the
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elaborate operate sion when dramatically more than 30 russian nationals were arrested in bel ruth. it was something that was orchestrated by grade the ukrainian intelligence. but also it was an effort that was backed and financed by the c i. that's what cnn reporting now. so apparently they send cash, they provide a technical assistance. and this is something that the see. and then journalists hard from free, former ukrainian officials who described what the plan was. the plan was to allure alleged mercenaries who fought alongside the anti key of forces in east butte grain out of russia by offering them large sums for non existent security work inventory. well, in particular, and this is what they were up to, and the crating operatives allegedly flicked through the applications,
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then they found the men who were allegedly involved in east ukraine. and this is how they looked for the people, but they wanted to be prosecuted in ukraine. and eventually they found themselves in borrows. now here is a part of c, n n report, where this particular aspect was described. we started to call them and say, hey man, okay, tell me something about yourself. maybe you not really a fighter. maybe you're a plumber or something like that. and then they started to reveal things about themselves, sending us documents, military ideas and proof of where they had fought. and we like bingo. we can use that. but it looks like this idea is something that the see i hooked up, you create intelligence with and this is something that makes this story very special. tell us than who, where are the people captured in belarus last year?


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