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ah, not somebody, no swee wrap things up this friday night here in moscow in the newsroom. i'll be back with the next update from archie, international and half an hour. see it? the ah, the service play by a whole set of different rules. it's going to force us in your words to get mean 30 nasty in order to take them on. i will use all tools at our disposal to do so. my name is a monarch. many. i'm the head of the family members can, can i? will they packed up and killed our children? and we will never forgive them for me this place. i picked him i, what i did was doing and they were bringing people to this torture site. i scanned ordering and abusing them outside of the law and allowing some of them to go back home and they would go home and tell people this is what the americans we know
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looking at. it was a pointless exercise for many of us the end of the american war enough and it was inevitable in the end. the conflict was more about a massive grip than about nation building and smart, strategic thinking. jo bible says the us is done with making foreign countries through the use of force. there is no reason to take the american president. i just work the well, it seems like it now more than ever how far is too far for the united states government to reach as their territory of control kids rapidly expanding my job as president is to protect all americans. so tonight, i'm announcing that the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees together employ over
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80000000 workers to ensure their work forces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week. president biden aside, 7, congress issuing an executive order mandating the cobra 1900 vaccine for all federal employees. and contractors are going to give you the free 60 view on this historical order which could opened pandora's box regarding government control over individual health care. and more coming soon, every day, transactions like lunch paid with you or debit card or venmo for sports tickets could trigger an audit from the i r s. they eventually intrusive financial surveillance system is in the works. we will tell you how to buy the ministration is justifying the new move. then new documents reveal officers with the p. d, were directed to collect a social media information from every individual they interacted with,
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including those were not even accused of a crime. what was the purpose and is this happening in other cities? we're going to give you some answers. and while it seems like the u. s. government is focused on the private lives and their own citizens. they have been ignoring iran, new government, desire to accelerate their nuclear program, will bring you the latest. and if a new iran nuclear deal could be in the works without much input from the united states lodge cover. so let's get down to the news with the 360 view and on your host. it's got email use . thanks for watching, you know, the united states being one of the most fully vaccinated countries in the world where more than 177000000 people. the u. s. remains to have the highest number of cases and death from the crone of virus. so because of this president, by and has decided in the public interest to,
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with new vaccine mandates to try and force the remaining to get the job or face unemployment. they are paid by the federal government. president biden's, a 6 step plan includes this business with $100.00 or more workers must demand aid vaccines or weekly testing. all federal employees must get vaccinated and health facilities that must accept medicare. medicaid funding to vaccinate workforces calling all states to adapt vaccine requirements in school. increasing testing and mass requirements and streamlining support for small businesses and p. p loan forgiveness, he continues on support for hospitals and health care workers. so to help us look at present biden's, latest executive action bringing david chairman and ceo of g o x and legal handling . lionel. gentleman, i have to be honest with you, i'm a little stunned right now. as i'm watching, i'm watching the remarks and watching people on both sides of the aisle are absolutely floored at these types of executive orders. that if the majority of congress agreed with you, why wouldn't you go with it?
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so i actually started you david on, on what we just heard from president biden. you know, it's why aren't people rushing to get the vaccine any so concerned about it? and does the government mandating actually support why people have fears of the vaccine even more? exactly. i think there are a number of reasons why people have not rushed to get the vaccine, but in fact, there happened to get back saying, as you pointed out, the 10177000000 have been fascinated. that's a lot of people who bought out and been vaccinated, but america is always opposed to people who are independent thinkers. a people who want to be convinced that what they're asked to do is in fact what they agree that they all could do. and i think that there has been, despite what, whatever political party you're part of, or you support, there's been a very poor job on communicating and educating, leading up to the availability of faxing that it's been since we saw that there
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were certain pro hort's that we're lucky vaccinated with tell that that we began to try and communicate and now we've shifted to a mode of mandating executive orders to sort of force people to have to be vaccinated. that's not going to build trust. we all know that, and that's been the challenge. it will be exacerbated, probably the subject and trust is a big word right now. why don't you listen to president biden's words? mean they sound nice, they sound like he's here for the good, but now it's well trying to be positive here. lionel, the rule is, is it constitutional? is it constitutional for the president to mandate a medical procedure for an individual body? well, yeah, i mean the supreme court in 19 o. 5 in j gibson's in? yes. yes, yes. let's get on a brass back here. this is about a piano stand. this is that about us. but if you want to do this, do what we normally do. tell your doctor, give the information your doctor,
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give him your the shot. let your doctor decide. it's got to you. there's something called gardasil. this is a, this is a very work to be what we're going to, mandy that to look, this is about what happened this, this, this, this angry angry man this is the only thing he's ever said right now. he is facing. he isn't re ball in terms of numbers because of afghan, is that this seems to help him somewhat. he's also pitying, he's going to go after governors who dare to provide and to protect. i know he's talking about dissenters and others, and he's basically saying if anybody, if anybody gets a goes after you and, and be be nice to, to why attendance, one of the fight, it was be nice. it was. what did you hear? can you feed through this? and then he doesn't take a choir, he can listen. this is about politics. i me say something very quickly before we forget. i'm not suggesting,
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nor is anybody that there is no coven. we're not talking about where it was made or anything like that, but, but realizing that there was a vaccine and then asking yourself, am i supposed to give a personal and individual liberty for this? did i throw on my constitution? no, that's what the bottom line is. it's about freedom. it's about my choice. that's it . if i were to get the vaccine, right, i'll do it. and by the way, quickly, if everybody's vaccinated, what does it matter if you don't get vaccinated? you're risking your life. that's personal joyce. ok, i was talking about that david, can you help me understand when now granted, there are countries that have higher percentages with us is actually doing pretty good with about 52 percent fully backs in the us. why are we seeing this kind of spike here in the united states with such a large number of people who are vaccinated the variance taking a little bit of told, but it's by far still here in the u. s. 18 months later, we're still doing with this and this is your background. that's why i went to ask you what is going on. i think there are several things that are probably behind
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what you just outlined. if the united states has done which has done such a good job on pursuing to get back to nation. why are the cases that are reported so much fire when i and most people who study this are involved in it him to discuss with there are several reasons why one is that there are different reporting systems and different sort of honesty behind those report reporting systems. around the world, i remember years ago asking a she ologist in italy about their sexual transposes use of we're introducing and do rapid task and the numbers that they recorded, w h o a very low. you said young man, let me tell you, we will sell more than any other country in italy. it's because it's against the law. if we report someone, they have to be prosecuted. so we don't report the tree numbers so we know that the recording system around the world are different. they're not, they've never been audited. and then also we know that if you look at it, that although we continue to say there are so many,
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we have not been able to distinguish for the last 18 months, separate data between influenza in coven, and part of that was during the reimbursement. there's fire if you ended up or someone as code versus didn't want to. so there's been a number of issues that have gone on there. really just create a convolution it data as far to decide in the main point is a lot of people are deep vaccinated and by and large and things are better. dave and they have that well, and that's the thing. it goes back to your word price. i got line, i'm going to give you the last 4 on this. you mentioned about us can assume we have to talk about the pharmaceutical companies who gave their largest contribution to 2 thirds of congress and the buy and campaign. now we're finding out the teachers unions who gave more to president by his campaign than any other candidate in 2020 . they actually had some correspondence with this and ministration and getting some of these mandates and roles put in, you know, do you feel like that that had any sort of advisement on its executive order?
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yes, so let me also say one thing, do you quickly this was the same president who said when president trunk came up with the back the goes, you're going to take this, you're going to take the vaccine. i don't know why take that by train. he didn't trust that science. when trump came up with the warp speed, he didn't like it. now, all of a sudden, i'm supposed to quite trust the government implicitly. scotty, quick question. what was the last time you've ever been ever told you the truth about anything ever? i'll leave it with that. okay, i, i'll get back to you on that. one might not saying that i don't trust the us government, but you know, there's been some issues the past few months past fears. once again joe and thank you for having conversation. we'll continue to follow it. i am sure there's a lot of backlash going on. thanks for joining me. thank you. i the eventually i've day, i think continue to draw most of the attention around has been failing to cooperate with the international monitors regarding their nuclear capabilities. but what we do know is they have continued to increase their production of highly enriched uranium,
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and according to the sonic republic has increased the stockpile the level needed for weapons. now, the international atomic energy agency is scheduled to meet in vienna on september 13th with a new pressure on the organization to actually formally tensor iran and their nuclear activities. now this is the us navy has just launched a mitty drone at task force falling, escalating tension, enron, and a series of at c attacks by iranian forces. following for president trump 2018 decision to unilaterally withdraw from the iran appear deal so around offer their own fleet of drums, with footage a fly overs of american aircraft carriers in that region being released. so are these just a war games, or saber rattling, or the ron even more in bold. and now with the latest blow to the western allies to discuss, to bring in jo, calling to have a veteran and republic nominee for congress. jo, i saw this story, i thought of you, because obviously this has a lot of different interactions with your past history and obviously what you're
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hoping to do in the future. so i want to start with these drones. we know they are the future of warfare. however, considering we're dealing with a nuclear situation, a country that has nuclear capabilities, should the us be sending probably a stronger message to iran about business than just a new fleet of drones? well, from our perspective, how can you send a message to our ron? i mean, you just seen a restarting the taliban taken over, i guessed, and this is, in my opinion, how to do with leadership and accountability. and right now this is what we don't have in our white house. so when you allow something like what happened in afghanistan to happened, you know, the research of the taliban every single country that wanted to be enemies of the united states and i'll be more involved. and so this is what you see from, from the lack of leadership and lack of accountability. i think that the united states is going to have to go above and beyond this in a strong measure to i ran that, you know, what were you doing? you know, it's going to be found on it and we're going to take action. we're going to re
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retaliate against the, the continuous production of nuclear weapons and iranian, but that's a question joe, that's a $1000000.00 question. especially considering this administration and their approaches from a military perspective, the past few months. how does the united states send that message to ron at this stage of the game? what is the best way whitening right now is not that at the united states really can do anything that we can do. now we will look like a lot of a bunch of hypocrites. what we have to do right now is just sit back and wait and see what happens with the ran, you know, china, russia and now heavy in the middle. we've created partnership and creating deals with, with the taliban and with iran. and so right now we're seeing here at our fingers like we like we like we're doing right now. and that's and sometimes have to wonder the good to sit back and wait or do you get more proactive especially consider and i, like you said the world is questioning how strong the u. s. really is, is they really back up what they say? let me ask you, this is a country's involved are able to broker a new nuclear deal with iran. how do you think it's going to be different?
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consider it's basically the same administration here in the united states, which negotiated the 1st that got us in this position when they changed offices. well, from my perspective, i think that, you know where we're sitting and we're waiting. i mean, china and i ran and making deals. i mean, if, if the united states make the move against iran, we will look like the biggest hypocrite and the entire world. only thing we can do is wait to see what new superpower right is up and see what kind of deal we can make that superpower to continue world peace. but i mean, you know, unfortunately we are ministration that we have right now. and i try my best not to talk a lot of trash about it and bring the most balanced perspective that i know how, but we're in a still me position. we can't do anything. we were stuck between being weak and look like a hypocrite. and unfortunately, this is a position at the job by an administration put the united states in, well, and that's probably, i think, a very accurate way of looking at it. we're kind of in a standstill right now. there's not much we can do is we're still trying to figure
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out the downward ramifications of the chaos that was caused. i can't stand. but when we go with drones, that's our, our message, our 1st message, back to iran for defying and not letting people in to look at their, their transparency into what they're doing. do you think that's new, ron press, who's just come in? he could be using this threat to actually have nuclear weapons to bring a wider sanction relief from the bio ministration regarding all the oil exports, which we know are crippling in the economy. but with this administration being divided will at work. do you see bite and actually releasing some of those restrictions? you know what i can see joe biden given around anything that they want to, you know, america is looking like a joke to an entire world, and i called it back in january. the vita ministry is going to be completely weak on international relationships. and now you see iran who is completely in bold and they don't care about what the united states is doing. job by nice cut down our own oil pipeline. and then he's given other countries the ability to transfer oil. now
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he's begging opec, which iran is a part of opec. busy from oil, so now i ran has the upper hand in the united states, say, you know what? we're going to get these things. we're going to press more things. the rest said, you know, we're going to not. so you are going to raise the price oil. we're going to bankrupt the united states. this is where i see a going until we get a new president. and that's kind of, i feel like why we had such a high gas prices, you know, a few years ago before for both under bush and obama at that time. so we're kind of regressing at 10 to 15 years. but you know, i have to wonder joe, with every day that there is not transparency about what's going on in iran, or there's not even a deal to granted or guarantee it. do you think that that's kind of a win for iran, as they can continue development of their nuclear weapon, weapons and monitored? well, i think it is for when for ron, and i'm gonna tell you this. if the united states strikes iraq, the united states is going to have to strike the taliban. and we're going to have the, you know, declare and all our war. and from our perspective,
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this is how will war 3 star that you have china coming in and making deals with the taliban? you have the russia coming and making deals with taliban. they're heavily partner with, with iran. and so if the united states strikes, i re nice raise tax strike and tell me a bit me and china and russia have the all our open door to be able to strike the united states and our ward will be started. so right now we're at a standstill way to see what iran does, waiting to see what the taliban, russia and china at the same time. but, you know, today this is what we get for voted in a week leaders. a lot of people, america, they voted with bowden, with bowden, with what's best for the united states and this, the position, unfortunately, that the majority of america is put america and well, and i think everybody just looking at each other going ok what, who is going to be the next move joe. great, always to talk with you. thanks for joining us. now when we return, law enforcement can be checking out your social media profiles. what are they looking for, and what can they do with the information they find after the break?
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ah ah ah me when i will show the wrong, when all just don't the rules. yes to see out the thing
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because the after an engagement equal the trail. when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground in the i the the there is no doubt the world is evolving into more of
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a cashless society on the name of convenience and even public health. however, the abiding ministrations proposed domestic surveillance program could be considered a game changer in regards to how much access the federal government might actually have to your private bank accounts. to bring into details, we might investigate journalist been swan, and thanks for following this, you know, i'm kind of surprised. more people are talking about. it's starting to get little bit of steam, but i knew that you would be on top of it. so talk to us and tell us what is the administration's proposed comprehensive financial account reporting regime? yeah, it sounds pretty disturbing just when you read the title, scotty, but really what it's about is trying to track every single transaction that you make, which becomes quite candidly easier and easier to do as we become more cashless society. but also, every single transaction that we make is recorded on some kind of a digital platform. so will be administration specifically wants to go after using the iris is any kind of transactions you have through your vin?
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no, through pay pal. also through any kind of crypto assets that you might hold or crypto exchanges that you might be on. and so they want, they want to monitor every single one of these transactions and make sure that the government is getting its full piece of the pie. janet yelman's been talking about this for 78 months now essentially saying that there needs to be a close in this so called tax gap, where people are not paying all the taxes they should be paying. she says it's about 6 trillion dollars. that's not being paid, but what so fascinating about this to me is the lack of interest in closing tax loopholes that companies like amazon and facebook and big tech companies are taking advantage of every day. instead, they want to squeeze, you know, be everyday working, american to make sure that every single transaction they have is accounted for. and i think that's a big part of it. and i think venmo, i think of small business. i think of mom's interacting, just one on one, you're paying for lunch here, but i'm not thinking of major corporations, like you said, quite often they're the ones to find the loopholes and do one percent if that
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paying in taxes. you know, is this the 1st time we have so you said j gallons of pushing this is this, the 1st administration that has tried to push something through like this. it is, it is the 1st time that we've seen administration specifically try to ramp up the i r s on these particular issues. remember, having pay power been though, and many of these digital payment services are still fairly new. and is it true that some people are not paying taxes on some of this money? absolutely, but, but what is going to be the response to what do you think that as a result of that, it's gonna cause more people to use data on the no, no, it costs fewer people to use it because more people to move back towards cache and then on the crypto side of it, you know, when people talk about bad, it's going to cause more people to look at what so called privacy coins. there are a number of crypto currencies out there that are designed specifically for privacy so that you cannot be traced or tracked in the transactions you make by the ministration and washington as a whole. have these kinds of crypt those because they say they facilitate money laundering and, and tax evasion. well yeah, they do
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a help with tax evasion in that people believe that they should be able to have transactions without every single thing being scrutinized. so i think we're going to see more of those kind of pick up steam over the next few months. well, and i have to wonder what sort of private or privacy rights could be violated with this? yes, they're saying it's the iris so that they want to be able to collect taxes fine. okay, you want more money, but also my husband always says you can always tell where i am by just looking at our online bank account and, and instagram. he knows exactly where i am at all times. you know, there's a lot of information that can be told by a person, by what is going on within their bank account. well, absolutely, and the other thing is that if you want to weaponized the i r s, which we know happened at least 10 years ago. remember the whole ira scandal under the obama administration around 2010, right? there was a huge scandal of the iris weaponized in itself in order to stop the tea party groups as they were coming along and really focusing on them. we're in a much, much more de soapy and surveillance state than we were even 10 years ago. right now,
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and so if you wanted to weaponized the iris, not only you can you gather lots of information, but you can find all kinds of so called crimes that people are committed by the ministration says, oh, don't worry if you, if you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide, but the truth is that the tax code is so complicated and so confusing. everyone is doing something wrong, including the people, by the way, those big corporations we talked about who's lawyers, right? the tax code, subbing written by politicians, being written by major corporations who create loophole for themselves. so if you want to weaponized the ira, there is no more dangerous entity. you could weaponized in one that operates in a space that almost no one understands well and that's what's kind of kind of scary about this moving forward. and it looks like it actually might pass this more attention is brought to it. it's fine. i'm glad that i brought you on. thanks, ben. you may want to think twice before clicking post on your social media account . now cranberry civil liberties group. i police department is collecting social media information from citizens. they interact with. well this lead to targeting
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specified individuals will artie correspondent natasha suite has more on this policy. it's a new policy caught in the los angeles police department to spy under social media . it's of liberty group says yes. so doesn't mean you should keep your politics to yourself. social media has a wide array of ways to connect with other people. friends, living on the other side of the world, are able to share photos and engage regardless of location. family members are able to stay in touch with one another, but others also love to broadcast their political views, which can spark christian conversation or lead to online wars. but now there's a new concern from the city of los angeles. according to the brendan center for justice, the l. p d are now collecting social media account information from everyone. they interview include those who are not arrested or even accused of committing a crime. on the 3rd line of these field interview cards show a place for police to fill out a subject, social media information. the burden center for justice worries if this policy
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would pay the weight for mass surveillance or target specific groups. utilizing one social media could also share contact information of friends, which some say is a violation of privacy. i made con of stop l e p. the spine coalition said this is like stop and frisk, and this is happening with the clear goal of surveillance. and according to one document, the brendan center with able to obtain the p d were using g o f media, which is a social media intelligence platform leaking post with one location. key words were found all across the board, including b, l, m l, a hash tag, say her name to me, rice and f. donald trump. in this years budget the p. d, made a $73000.00 slot for another tech software called media sonar. the firm has stated it stays on top of drug gang weapon slang, keywords and hash tags from questioning. if this technology will enable police to prevent crime, or if it will merely be used as a surveillance tool reporting for news feeds hughes and sweets r t. well,
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we will continue to follow the reaction from president biden's vaccine mandate. so here to our teen archie, america programming as the rick sanchez, she will be following it very much. so i'm sure this evening, but for now that's all the time we have for today. show what this conversation continue. i promise you, i'm on twitter as it is, it is very much engaged and we're having a very heated discussion, but we're missing your voice. so get on there for me on twitter at scottie and use use the hash tag team and b h and for the show and more download the portable tv app for your app or android devices. like always a thanks for watching season. ah, ah ah, ah,
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ah, the drug started as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check. he told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly, they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like something else had to be happening with having alternate realities to experience or even live like say world war. those might be, you know, especially during the and where you can go anywhere in these game world, you know, everywhere. choose the game that you want. any open roll game, choose it,
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and you are now on a vacation in a place where you're like flying helicopters or you're, you're on beaches, you're, you're in a city drive, you know, whatever you want, you know, you name it these, these are getaways ah, of the delays and sanctions pressure. russia finally completes construction. it's a controversial nor 3 to pipeline set to deliver low cost gas from siberia to your and i love them. they did not. that is not american. there's a lot. i actually had a piano bursary of 911. looks at the gnostic impact of the us led war on terror. we'll hear from a former guantanamo prisoner released after 14 years of unlawful detention. french presidential candidate called for his version of breakfast.


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