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tv   News  RT  September 13, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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me we dare to ask in ah, ah ah, on the 20th anniversary of 911 president by suppression from victims, families and the classifies a new document about the attack. but critics say it doesn't reveal anything new britain has doctors who need is blasted. the government for rising cobra cases and death lockdown restrictions were listed in the country. negative cobra test. meantime, don't always means disease has been defeated coming up this out of more and more people are suffering from long and severe post virus symptoms. we speak to one of them. what makes it, what is it?
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i can't even play with my children. my mentally destroyed, you can press on every day after my life is no longer normal. i can no longer do anything. not like an odd way of good or bad. we assess shine this latest draft of social policy, the western cooking, describe the freedom. prisons eating thing has come up with a manifest policy. would win an election in almost any west and democracy you kathy mentioned, ah, pretty good afternoon from russia monday. the 13th of september live from ortiz, will use h q in moscow. my name is kevin. oh it, it was half an hour of our latest for you to be company. so then 1st hopes were raised, the news of the release of a long sought officer s b. i document about the 911 terror attacks, but the file release late into the afternoon on the actual 20th anniversary,
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offered little new information. relatives of the dead and injured have been trying for years to get documents about the investigation declassified to maybe try to show saudi arabia was complicit, but it just appears to repeat what was previously available to be true, polk explains more. the latest report declassified by the f b i, pertaining to the 911 terror attack, was hoped by many to finally shed light on the role of saudi arabia. in the plot. some of the families suing the saudi government for its alleged involvement. wanted this report to be a smoking gun, but is it? well, frankly not really. the report is heavily redacted. a meeting, many names, titles and other information. but more importantly, most of the information is actually old news. most of the things detailed in the report turn out to be supplementary. the findings made public years ago. for
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example, the new report just gave us more details on a man accused of supporting 2 of the hijackers. but says pretty much essentially the same thing as the 2016 document to describe what you mean as a saudi citizen treated with great respect inside the cell. he considered, well regarded by consider personnel who held a very high status, the f. b. i has received numerous reports that al, by you, me, may be a saudi intelligence officer i'll, by you, me, had extensive contact with the saudi government's establishment in the united states. it's still not exactly evidence of saudi government involvement. another example is hot offer married an accredited diplomat, society consulate pro allegedly also provided logistical support to 2 of the terrorists in los angeles. and yet again, we learn practically nothing new about him. other than some details about how he helps that would be hijackers. the report says he held extremist views, but we sort of already knew that because he was barred from entering the us
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precisely because of his extremist leanings and some of the passages on all for mary, are nearly identical to what was published back in 2016. was split to my re, to cyst has me admit, while they were in los angeles, i'll to my re immediately assigned an individual to take care of al has me and me dar during their time in the los angeles area. so basically the released report only gives more details on information that was already known, but doesn't seem to reveal any new facts that could directly incriminate the saudi government, which has repeatedly denied any involvement or prior knowledge of the attack. but nevertheless, some of the families of the victims maintain hope that this latest report will be instrumental in their lawsuit against the saudi arabian government. as for why is being released now. well, basically the binding ministration has been under pressure to release these documents, the families that are suing audio ravia. basically they said that biden,
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unless he releases these documents, would be on welcome at any memorial pertaining to $911.00. we had great hope that president biden to campaigned on bringing truth and trust, back to the oval office would value the lives and sacrifices of america, citizens over diplomatic relations with a country accused of mass murder. we cannot in good faith and with veneration to those last sick and injured welcome, the president to a hallowed grounds until he fulfills his commitment. biden did now give an order to release documents pertaining to investigation. the investigation of 911 attacks within the next 6 months, apparently more documents will follow many, even before it was released, have fed that these documents probably won't provide that much information and insight into these investigations. i suspect that the families not going to get the kind of satisfactory answers about the role of saudi arabia with regards to this attack. meanwhile, some suspect that even if there was saw the involvement, the u. s. wouldn't want to release that information after all,
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for v was putting such a valuable economic partner like react in a bad light would be just bad for business. daddy, arabia is in a place of protection for biden, because biden has gone to such efforts to reduce the energy output of the united states. and so, saudi arabia, one of the principal countries of oil production in the world market, he needs their favor in order to continue to provide energy to the us economy. they're going to take care of saudi arabia as they are clearly doing right now by releasing a report that doesn't really tell you anything. and the indication and from there is don't ask for any more. we'll give it to you in our own time. and this is a good start and you should be happy with it. it's all very much kabuki theater, dance presentation of forward and backward, and the gang and given taken in the end. nothing really changes except joe biden is still the president and the democrats are still in charge and that, of course, is there. a goal may continue off, but we'll be talking about in
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a few minutes. frances eminem withdrawal from molly and the u. s. so recently living i've kind of sort of drawn all vs parallel. could it be any trouble thought? well, the and is no fearful of a rise in terrorism in the saw how region of west and the north central africa. we're looking at it. so stay with this coming up later, this our next corona virus, the cobra. 19 austria, greece and france were among european countries wrought by corona various protest this weekend, as thousands took to the streets, angry at new restrictions is going on so long as the coven passports and vaccine mandates getting people angry. in many cases, police responded with water cannon and tear gas the
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it's all just coded restrictions of the causing i get for many, the consequences of corona virus still bite to a significant number of people say the still suffering symptoms are covered. one thing long after they initially caught a virus one study last year suggesting it can effect up to 25 percent of those infected we spoke with philip. oh, so gone a cold virus. he's an italian guy a year ago and still hasn't recovered. come, i'll talk, but i'll do my life. i'll change it over 2020 when i caught the curve at 19 fire. from that moment everything changed for me to roll and i started the therapies. i was pregnant, motionless in bed for a month and a half, you know, hospital they told me to go to the hospital,
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but there were many covert patients and i was afraid i'd never leave the hospital. i received medical care. no doctor to come out on my own. after a month and a half, i tested negative cobit but the nightmare had gone away. my life is no longer normal. i can no longer do another thing, so no, we're more and more about it long coded as a condition that continues saw more than 12 weeks after infection. people suffering from it may fit, extremely tired, maybe have chest or joint pains and memory loss that can also suffer morgan. problems to philipo explains how long cove it's impacted his life. you know, just the longer call the the you are subtle. i am a long cove itself for a confirmed long ago. i can absolutely say that like, totally change on the surface. like very normal people without it's not enough for them now as i speak to my right tight is behind the rent. and even if i look normal, i tell you that's not so i can't see 100 and the optimum ologist told me that it will take many mom recover. this is an effect from code. another call was to call
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and have a normal life. i called be with people, even though 144. that's the worst thing. what makes it work is that i can't even play with my children. i meant to be destroyed. you can, i'm depressed every day is a disaster, my life. and tonight's, i won't even be able to be because i'm wasting all the oxygen for this and i'm really sick and covert it destroyed. make up them a lot of time, you know, on also things have to go through. well meantime, italy's daily cases are on the rise again compared to 2 months ago. we spoke with the villages from clinic clinical university hospital, palermo. we believe long covert patients will recover eventually, but says the best protection is to get a job to go to we're sorry, c o, v to infection is a disease that can affect all the organs in bodily systems. some people have no symptoms and are fine despite having coven. but in some cases, the disease becomes violent, and even some people have problems in subsequent months. there are various long
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term effects related to coven, such as prolonged weakness, memory loss, hair loss, trouble concentrating, and severe breathing problems and even difficulties in walking. this is all being studied. it's obvious, it would be better not to catch this disease, but unfortunately, we know, well that's not the case. i mean, one important thing to say is that people who have had coven, and who have had pneumonia like filippo can have serious long term effects, such as difficulty breathing, sleep apnea, a major physical problems. unfortunately, it takes some time for these people to recover. but i can reassure everyone a little that these long term effects from cova do go away. over time. people who have long coven, also experience psychological problems as they can worry about dying and become depressed on their way from coven folks from china. the country's been criticized in the west over his latest rough social policies. but question is the accusations that further removing people's rights,
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but it's not really fair subbing. right. looks at how many of the new laws would most probably actually win support in most other countries. areas big that china has had enough of it. citizens ruining their own lives, stepping in to do it for them. socialism is back in communist china who knew so in case you missed that in recent weeks, beijing has announced from today. children in china will only be allowed to play online video games for 3 hours a week. that is just the start of spacing, and also going to the property speculation, restrict private education, regulate big tech may 7th to our working weeks. illegal stop, new automatic rent increases and current on social influences and a feminine entertainment coach of president eating thing has come up with a manifest policies that would win an election in almost any western democracy. you care to mention part from canada to move the powder agents efforts to promote
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chinese socialist values among young people. of course, a criticism about an authoritarian government taking away the right people to choose what they do in their own lives. the awkward thing about this though is some of these policies seem relatively reasonable. this is about raining in some companies that have very strong monopolies where abusing citizens private information data and also paying workers very little money. and so they're restricting gaming to prevent kids from becoming zombies, as me paraphrasing it doesn't say that, and the official government release, and they want chinese families to avoid having to financially ruined themselves just to get house while the chinese government. it's crap down on private shoes or reduce the cost of raising a child and ease pressure on family. china's birth rate is low and, and the crack down on one prominent commentator called sissy boy,
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idols is because while i let you make your own decision on that, anyone from canada is watching. don't shoot the messenger, they're not my words. i'm just telling you what there is a criticism that comes from the west about the lack of democracy involved in these decisions. well, the right to the poor chinese people. now it's about a cash. george soros is saying stear clear calling black rock strategy to increase allocations there losing bed source and quote, pouring billions of dollars into china now is a tragic mistake. yeah, sort of who else says this crime down from president g has come? because he doesn't understand the market economy, the hall tree for western investors might be the understand and he doesn't care whether they lose their money. they invested in 10th and more alibaba. he's got bigger audiological fish to fry. you would not buy any chinese equities. would you know, because i think that you've got a country that's become communist, you're going to tell them anyway, west investors losing their share should just be glad they live in the free world.
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but governments make apps that you know, attempt to control the lives of their citizens. what i've got, you have the scottish center of crime and justice research this week relate to report expressing concern over what it called influence government in britain is a technique that secretly uses sensitive personal data to alter behavior that has been supercharged by the rise of big tech firms does not sound familiar. the report says, this is not simply a case of algorithms being used for sorting, surveilling, and scoring. rather, this suggests that targeted interventions in the cultural and behavioral life of communities are now a core part of government to power, which has been algorithmically driven in combination with influence networks, traditional forms of messaging and frontline operational practices. as about the british government to avoid confusion fund right there always gives us some to think it doesn't. the token of british government are going to britain next for next story. ignorance and bad. 6 preparation by boris johnson's government are to
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blame for arising, coven fatality says that they may. the british medical association, the doctor needs his cobit related deaths and cases have been on the up since lockdown was scrapped at the end of july. 42000 people have been admitted to hospital with cobit and 5000 have died. many of these infections could undoubtedly have been prevented to simple mandatory measures and would not effect reopening society one jot sees ceaser alleys in london. pretty dumbing and diamond. absolutely. dr. chang and nag full there. he's the chair of the b. m. a council. the british medical association, really scathing, not just of government ministers, but also of an h. s. england. and the general medical council which regulates dr. taking aim at all of them for their handling of the pandemic over the past 18 or so months and saying that doctors and nurses and other frontline and
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h s workers and been sacrificing really with poor working conditions and poor pay. and also a mediocre offers of pay rises all throughout upon them in many of them losing their lives in the process, and only to be treated with at disrespect by those aforementioned organizations and ministries. and also saying that the doctor says that he represents in other professionals will refuse to accept the status quo once. and if we get through this pandemic, we will not accept a return to the old pre pandemic days of an n h s. in perpetual crisis. the n h s cannot afford to lose a single doctor where nearly 50000 doctors short compared to e, u averages. and any further reduction in workforce will be catastrophic for the nation's health. now what we've been seeing is a lot of tension in the u. k. in particular,
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people with huge backlogs and delays to getting the other medical treatments seen to and related to covert. and of course, as well tensions to do with how the government have handled lockdown measures. and we've seen again clashes between protesters and police and security forces. when it comes to the question of things like lockdown and of what bows, protest is anyway, would see as threats to civil liberties. the the me that perhaps something that will come as a boon to those protesters and very welcome use the announcement yesterday by the
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british government that in england, at least scrapping plans to have coven possible. it's introduced in many people a deeply opposed to the introduction of voice and civil liberties grounds many of them, even people who have had the vaccine that say that they don't want to see britain turn into a show your papers type of society and government minister saying that they reached that decision after a lot of careful consideration. we've looked at it properly and once we should keep it in reserve as a potential option, i'm pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports . these extraordinary times required necessary but intrusive measures, but i'm determined to get rid of any powers we no longer need because of our vaccine defenses. now, one of the main pressure points on the government were their own. m. p. 's back bench conservative m p 's deeply opposed to many of these locked down measures
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throughout the pandemic. and also deeply opposed to the introduction of these vaccine passport it's thought, but they're really strong and strenuous protestations to the government was one of the factors which led to this. you turn yes. whole coves things going on and on into isa. thanks the update there from london. see soon these are alley, they're part of our team in the u. k. it's so the policy i was still to come in more of a world news from our world news center, no less would be covered in the us department of justice is follow the lawsuit against the set of texas no over its anti abortion built a huge the controversial to late to still not a much more to you without the international i ah ah, is your media reflection of reality?
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the in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? tyson lation community? are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere which direction? what is truth? what is in the world to corrupted. you need to this end. the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, in the, [000:00:00;00]
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the ah, keeping close on this job is killed 5 soldiers central molly sunday in what the country's army says was carried out by an as yet an identified terrorist group. and it's not the only attack you and peacekeepers were injured by an explosive device just the day before early this month you and chief expressing fears and that the taliban takeover and i've got to start of late could emboldened you how this in west and north central africa, antonia got years, has no cold for a strength thing of security mechanisms in the area. i fear the psychological and real impact of what happened did us canister. there is a real danger. these terrorist groups may feel enthusiastic about what happened and have ambitions beyond what they thought a few months ago. it's after france and as is winding down,
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it's operations in sol countries and we'll see the closure of its military bases. and molly, next year shallow dupont ski reports british flag below is in the wind soon, basin others across molly will be lowered as front warning. sound is long running. can't insurgency operation? how are those that being with us leaving, getting this done, this kill take seen thing called, which quickly saw the halliburton feel void from for you. the has emboldened your hardest in places like molly will be looking to capitalize on a french, withdrew the yeah. was a shot in the arm to religious zealots all over the world. you see that clearly in again, a stand for now. the taliban regime has been gifted millions, if not billions of dollars and military material that they're now using to suppress
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their internal foes. and if we're not careful, the same fate might await molly and its neighbors. it's not just fraud, but this had an almost long press. been molly aided by several european countries while you have taken a significant role in training molly and forces the apartment same was to build and independent impartial armed force, the european union training mission. the molly provides advice, training, and education to the molly and armed forces with 2 military crews in less than a year. it's pretty difficult to describe that that's being top of that the find the military and worn on brains, on the ground surgeon, successfully waging a war, seen him spread, offering me the
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news to part a failure of the e u. and it's training and i think it's also a failure, france, we should not see it as acts of dental or coincidental that with regard to the state of qu in west africa. so yes, i do think that you can say that the instability in molly can be laid the doorstep of the european union. but more than that, it can be late if the doorstep of a major power within the european union. speaking of parents, i kind of sound us is being accused of turning off the line going to corruption. some have even gone as far as saying washington fuel that grieved him only the phoenix she was the only failures violations of human rights and negative experiences at the hands of state actors remains one of the most consistent factors
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in driving radicalization and individuals across the board. molly has an army trying and financed by the you and france, cruise extra judicial killings and human rights violations. driving the same radicalization extremism. it is supposed to be combating well, many of the problems in molly all, please receive in history or recent events have also played upon, particularly the french lead intervention. in libya, you see many weapons leak out of libya. the homeland of the late mr. gadhafi and the leak into molly, they leak and other parts of that part of africa, which helps to fuel this surgeon see that is now raging. and now we are told that france is washing its hands over the entire matter and walking away a free for surging people, fleeing afghan, the sun,
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and heading its way eastern from countries all prepping that defenses. fearing a repeat of the 2015 migrant crisis, far more difficult. so for the block is to fill the wall. of course the mediterranean fees. there are real fears that increase in civility in molly and in the neighboring countries will see fresh waves of people fleeing with terror and insecurity, and then trying to cross into europe. so what can we learn from these calls was one of the lessons to draw from this. perhaps belatedly, is that pursuing this maniacal obsession of undermining left meaning regime simply because they are perceived to present a threat to private property. a threat to control of vast mineral resources is basically
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a full there. it can only backfire. and i think that's the common lesson of both molly and the stand. one question remains will global powers listings prevent another possible cost or fee? so let me sky all see over the state. the us department of justice is so in the state of texas over new bill, the bands, the majority of abortions, the law took effect last week after the supreme court failed to block it after the supreme court allowed texas senate bill 8 take effect. i said that the justice department was evaluating all options to protect the constitutional rights of women and other persons. after a careful assessment of the facts and the law, the justice department has filed a law suit against the state of texas. so the texas legislation binds abortions, are fetal heartbeats detected usually after 6 weeks of pregnancy, meaning up to 90 percent of such procedures would be in violation of the bill. protests of sprung across america against the law,
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but the governor of texas says the decision would save lives. creator endowed us with the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year because of abortion in texas, we work to save those lives. the texas legislature ensure that the life of every unborn child who has a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion. we talked to money, her last lawyer, former candidate for new york city council, who told us that the announcement of the bill could have been avoided altogether. now under the concept of stage, right? states are allowed to regulate abortion, right? but they cannot come up with conditions that actually ban abortion, which this tax upon does. but i think is actually a more important story going on. and it's actually a political story, which is that this didn't have to happen. and the reason why it's happening is that the democrats genuinely do not want to clarify abortion rights into the federal law since 2013,
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the temper crabb could have protected this federal right for women to have an abortion with federal legislation. but instead, the party has consistently and deliberately opted from gridlock and it sends the message that no matter how hard voters work to elect democrats, nothing will fundamentally change. and this is what they want. it's intentional and again, we should all be outraged. that's what we're talking about. so father, so going to go to the conversation, go to a socials or r t dot com for now, kevin, or one of the team signing off of a good day the the, the, the the,


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