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ah, me dares thing we dare to ask in ah, us filmmaker, the right state entity blinking for is handling of the pull out from a guy on prices? he says heritage from for president donald trump, lot of food and so forth. for coban luncheon gave me the garage that will continue carrying out his duties online before having to isolate the russian liter held it out with syrian counts on our side. we express is about the foreign presence in the middle east and state and russia heads loopholes on friday for the general election
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party. the candidates on watson state, special coverage this our from throughout the week. ah, well for most go thanks for joining us on the international on daniel hawkins. we've util. sunrise, welcome to the program. first turning to congress where you a secretary of state and 3 blinking has been testifying and also with harshly grilled for the rust pull out from i'm going to stall a lawmakers certainly didn't minister word for the country's top diploma. president noted, states is somewhat disadvantaged here in someone's common shop. he can't even speak without someone in the white house, censoring it or, or signing off on it. i don't know how it's possible if in fact the people in
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charge of our foreign policy did not see all of these factors and conclude that there was a very real possibility of a rep, very rapid collapse. and we've got the wrong people making military and diplomacy decisions in our government. the washington post called it a moral disaster. i think it's a moral disgrace. you nearly dislocated your shoulder though, patting yourself on the back for the great job you've done. i mean, just yesterday you stated we did the right thing by our citizens in working feverishly to get every one of them out. you didn't get every one of them out. us deadlines, of course i'm going to san expired last month, bringing america's longest and award to a close. friends again, withdrew that sound about rapidly to go was talking chaos with thousands of afghans trying to flee the country throughout the body. ministration insisted, things were going fine. what else i was finding, it's harder to maintain the narrative, as all the senior correspondent world garcia for ports from trouble. it was largely
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a partisan spectacle with republicans attempting to shift the blame for this catastrophe, as they described it onto the biden administration. the democrats, on the other hand, as well as the administration, attempted to absorb themselves of all responsibility for what happened in cobble as american troops pulled that more importantly, the bite minister administration says that this is squarely on the shoulders of trump, the former president, because it was him who agreed to they pull out without leaving them a detailed plan as to what to do. now, the republicans saying that this is an agreement defense because barton had the better half of well half a year to make sure that americans were evacuated, that everything was done and orderly, and an orderly fashion, especially considering that the intelligence was that. but the state department and that intelligence agencies had warned that there was
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a serious risk that the taliban would overrun the country very quickly. the biden administration nevertheless, maintains that what it did at he's made the best of a bad situation, which he, those brecht as long ago. a song was killed in 2011 a decade ago. ok. this capabilities were degraded, significantly completed. one of the biggest air lists and history, much of the equipment that was left behind, including in the hands of the afghan forces that then fell to the taliban. based on what i understand from my colleagues, a d, o, d is an operable or soon will become an operable because it has to be maintained. it's not of any great strategic value in terms of threatening us. many of the arguments that we heard sharing the hearing never. well, there was stretching the truth to put it lightly. for example, that outside has been degraded. well, that is incorrect, that is more widespread with more followers than ever before. as for the argument
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that much of the equipment and weapons left behind by the united states and gather stock will become inoperable. well, that is untrue as well. because even if the taliban doesn't care for, for the 20000 how these the, the 40000 pickup trucks, thousands of other vehicles as well as half a 1000000 firearms left behind the united states. well, it will simply be able to cannibalize those that doesn't need to make sure that they're still functional years past decades into the future. what wasn't touched upon in the hearing all that much was the, the humanitarian situation here. and i've got this done, which is to put it again disastrous because there is, there is of the prospect of collapse and on the political front of the social front, at the, especially on the humanitarian front, the hunger, we're talking about across the country. the you in itself has said that more than $10000000.00 afghans, a 3rd of the population,
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depends on humanitarian aid. and they have no assurance that tomorrow they'll be able to eat. and bearing that in mind, the time about and booth the tide about in the world food program have said that he stop positive galveston will ride out by the end of september. unless something is done. i mean, you, you take a walk down the street here and in capital duty, louis as well as teachers, professors begging for food because they haven't been paid in months because government accounts have been foes and internationally, especially in the west. and the taliban has nothing to pay them with and bearing lease to get in mind as some of the questions we had during that hearing address the l g b, g q, community and their well being. as you know, mr. secretary, the l g b t q community in afghanistan is extremely vulnerable to punitive actions from the taliban. what thank you for rightly putting the spotlight on concerns about the l g b, g, q i, pos, community. and again,
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it's the end of the particular threat that they may find themselves under. this is something that we are focused on. i'm glad that cleared up. i'll be sleeping so much better tonight. thank god. luckily we have no issues in our country that are more important than the l g b t q. crisis in afghanistan. what a complete absolute bleeping idiot we have for a secretary of state. the only reason he's not the dumbest man in d. c is his boss already has that title. it is important to bear in mind that, that people are saying the l g b t, q, community, the lives that their rights that they don't matter. the point is they're making that the l g b t q community was persecuted under the previous us back regime. the government here where he'll know sexuality was an offense, and it was punishable by even death. sherry a lot more remote communities and for them now to be tried to turn people turn people's attention away from the crisis he's gripping of dennis started to focus on
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the l g. b t q, community. well that he's dishonest. to put it, to put it lightly over time, us air force colonel who also works for the national security agency, says bought and miscalculated the entire situation or blank. and of course he is called val in many ways. but the, the department of defense is the, is the big player here. and the tone of the questioning today is really political theater. and you can, you can kind of watch it on both sides. it's more entertaining than it is revealing . we blame trump for everything. we don't see signs that i assessed the situation 8 months ago, let's say in january, let's say at the end of january when he took power. it didn't seem like he was really assessing what he had been left by the previous administration. and that's the duty of all presidents as they transfer power. so he can blame trump. i don't
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think it's, it's really valid in this case. for the russian president, himself, isolation offered cobra 19 case was texted among his entourage and confirmed rather than pushing himself as tested negative for the virus who is and will continue with his work schedule will be online. the russian leader had 2 shots of a split that relaxing earlier this year. shortly before isolating. booting hosted syrian out of state bashar al assad on i don't know if the visit to the russian capital. monday's meeting was their 1st since put in. was it a damascus last year i bought from discussing the situation and i've got to on the lead of stress, the need to restore political dialogue in this area. when the country feel trapped in a decade long civil war. reassured us out of his support for the country. what raised the alarm to the foreign presence soil? probably when the main issue, in my opinion is that the foreign armed forces are present and certain. i'm sorry
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about any un mandate and without your authorization, which clearly contradicts international law events, you taking maximum efforts, holiday, the country move along the path restoration at a rate that will be in time rate was controlled by a legitimate government. you get the property with numbers in formal and void, a serious at the pentagon, the presence that is absurd. i think it was probably very timely in view of the recent american withdrawal from afghanistan. now logically, you might think the president biden would follow up withdrawal from ending the forever war in afghanistan, with a similar withdrawal in syria. after all, the purpose of the american troops in the northeast syria, supposedly to keep control over. i fish is a transparent nonsense. the real purpose has been to put pressure on i said to step
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down and it is very unlikely to happen. the french government has been struggling to explain the handling of the co crisis as the full, my health ministers, official investigator over her controversial pandemic policy. that allegedly endangered live show dubious key has a story. the manual mat corner look to seek a 2nd term with the hell move from serious questions of being all about the way his administration felt with the covey 19 pandemic. first to be something for the full might help them in the stuff on your food zone. on january 24th, 2020, as it was being confirmed that the virus had reached prompts. she had made this statement in the due history of the risk of invitation from hon is moderate. it is now practically 0 since the city, you know, is isolated the risks of side the facts around and imported case and very weak and
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the risks of spread and virus in the population. a very low. however, a few months later, often leaving the health ministry and launching a failed bid to become the mayor of parish lose all was telling a very different story. when i left the ministry, i was crying because i knew that nami way was in front of us from the start. i only thought of one thing, the corona virus. we should have stopped everything. it was a masquerade. she also related to told the parliamentary investigation that she diluted president micron and then prime minister edward felipe about the potential dangers of the virus. in january 2020, susan is now under investigation by a special court for endangering the lives of others. this is one of the very 1st cases worldwide we're leading public figure is being held accountable for how the crisis was handled, however,
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may not be here in front of those who held high office during the pandemic. do you to be question to that includes? would phillipe and the current health minister olivia around the court of justice also has the site set on the director general of health and public fraud. the pressure is all in the court of justice is waiting through thousands and thousands of complaints against government ministers, all over allegations of ms handling the pandemic. even president cohen has admitted that france was you prepared? i mistakes were made. let's be honest. the moment has revealed flaws, shortcomings, like all the countries of the world. we have lack gowns, gloves, hydro alcoholic gels. we were not able to distribute as many mosques as we would have liked for our caregivers, for staff carrying for our seniors,
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for nurses and home helpers. however, the difference between mister mccolan, those that he appoints is that he is president, enjoys immunity from prosecution. now since that was a missions from has run stuff, it's couldn't be rules, mosques remain mandatory in shops and on public transport. health passes showing you do vaccinations or obligatory in many cultural and leisure spaces as well as in most restaurant fonts and cafes rule that triggered the with those who end up in court over the state handling of cobra, it will have the opportunity to state that defense losing has already said that she
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won't let the action of the government be discredited and much was done to prepare for the global crisis. whether or not that was the case is now in the hands of the french judicial system. from the very beginning, there were apparently lies understatement, so many failures not health policy. justice should come into play to understand what really happened to health management, which was a disaster. remember, it was agnes fuson who stated that the virus would not spread in front, but also hung post was a power sample designed to prevent virus from entering. and she lied about the mask . it seems only now politicians finally discovered that serving the public interest comes with responsibility fills the gum on our team will launch back into our russian parliamentary election, special coverage. there is a racy for the seats in the state duma. that's coming right up in 90 seconds. the
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i think it solved or we're going to say something remarkable going to senior economy take on the g d p and also about to explode, hire and that all ravens about to go fully going, hyper pointed ation and that's going to filter up to some bigger countries is going to go global and we're all living to something that is absolutely remarkable. driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me.
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oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is pricey and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate, me. ah,
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ah, looking back towards international, we're now moving to the heart of moscow and we're actually to overlooking red square. or he's going to break that to bring you the very latest and best coverage of the upcoming election of the russian state. duma, the federal lower house of parliament the ah, there are a just a couple of days of campaigning left to go before 3 days of voting kicks off on friday. and throughout the week, we are going to be here introducing you to the party in the race, the priorities on voters minds, and also a bit more insight into rushes politics. just to clarify for you how the election works while they're fighting for there will be 450 m, b from 225 and actual districts chosen to the state duma. they get a 5 year term,
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half of them. it's 1st past the post. it's majority vote again, single mandate constituencies on the basis of one m. p per constituency. the other 225 sent in by the parties. but i need the parties that managed to secure more than 5 percent representation. and parliament that will be known. come monday, no doubt, it will also tell you which of the 14 parties are taking part in this election this weekend? the russian, united democratic party is more commonly known as the applicant. it's a liberal party. it's been on the slide for decades with it's better off coming way back in 190-1909. when it took almost 6 percent of the vote. since then it's tumbled to around a 2 percent share. it chair told us what he expects this time around. let's just say that it is the balance. this time will have full teen squares. but in reality there are only 2. 1 banks, the policy that they may put in or the other is not tentative. 13 policies
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supported policy, the culminated, the liberal democrats adjust russia and so on down the laser as well. gilbert could propose an alternative course. everyone who believe this should be political. freedoms friendly and beneficial. mutually beneficial relations with other countries, mutually respectful and paste relations over the countries. everyone who understands we shouldn't always look for enemies is in country we need to begin, we're going to prove that insider and country help people. yeah. well, those who want to see consideration of the policies we currently have and you convert to 13 different policies with different names, over all of the most current government and all the major issues. what should i? oh, manila had a meeting, a one must go district. the young man approach means in my family has always voted republican and i want to vote for you in the to but you probably won't know. so maybe will vote for the company because they also,
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the opposition quite often come to me with similar words. and i told him that if everyone look at this point worrying they wouldn't get enough. if we weren't just positive like percent threshold, it will pass 15 percent. there are many people who won't change it and ready for them, but their own power is applied phenomenal. people should believe in their own power, the policy they support and can 40 of the parties view they share and then everything will be all right. everything will be the way it should fitting for the issues that are on voters minds. well, russia, of course, is not immune from what many worldwide the safe as the mishandling of the panoramic by rightly the government. so donald court has been asking whether that could boost left this groupings at the russian ballot box super profits for some abject poverty . for others, the pandemic striven. a sharp wedge between the world's rich and poor, sending millions of people to the bread line. while the lead skyrocketing profit margins carry them into space, i also want to think every and amazon employee and every amazon
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customer. because you guys paid for all this, ah, way to make space or accessible wasn't the door of a new space phase here . in the u. s. pole of 18 to 34 year olds found only 49 percent of respondents had a positive view of capitalism. that's down from 58 percent when the same question was asked 2 years ago. and this shift can be seen through the 10000 new people who have joined the democratic socialists of america since march. people are really starting to just look around and say, man, capitalism isn't working. the markets can't even produce hand sanitizer the toilet
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paper masks during the plague. what good as the system? a steep majority of young brits also on socialism. according to a new poll by the institute of economic affairs, almost 70 percent. in fact, at the same time in spain, the socialist workers party has retained its firm hold on power throughout the pandemic. for people growing up in the economy, far less forgiving than the one in which their parents spent their best years. radical solutions look like the only viable ones defeating a disease. like this is an activity for with just aside, he must be prepared. and which is, society must mobilize its resources to confront this disease. when covert 19 came in the late winter of 2020, the united states was unprepared and the united states has been on able to cope
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the country. the system as a whole has broken down, and that is a clear way in which the experience of the pandemic has made the witnesses of capitalism and the growing interest in socialism much stronger than it was already before that russia also has not been immune to the rise in global wealth inequality, the countries rich have added $40000000000.00 to their collective net worth since the beginning of this year. so the russian communist party says it's going to tackle the financial gap. it's program titled 10 steps towards people. power promises fixes through policies like nationalization of key industries and banks, as well as an overhaul of industrial investment. although some have criticized the k p r ups own relationship to russia's millionaires since the party nominated over 100 of them for its ticket to the state,
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duma general secretary cannot use the gun of though claims that there is nothing contradictory about that. is it possible for a millionaire to be a communist? i believe it's completely possible for us all to be millionaires. if the 10000 minds that this country has created worked for every person. there would be plenty of millionaires. but they've been stolen by 15 scoundrels who don't even want to pay normal taxes if what was inherited from our forefathers and from god worked for every person. then the situation would change dramatically. it's times like these when capitalism is not exactly doing much good for many people. that 1000000 struggling to get by start to look for alternatives. well, the socialists be able to step up to the parliamentary play. that's all from all these election. h q for this. our angles and correspondents here right away through the remaining campaign days. and those all report results come monday morning. the
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ah, is the biden presidency in terminal decline this administration, handling of the cobra pandemic? the economy and not least afghanistan sees this president underwater, in the polls in a big way in the country today is just as divided as you're from. can this president heard things around i have often said transparency for the powerful premises for the last bit about privacy. what people care about is power. juliana sons has become a symbol of the battles of brevity. information is power. that's what's going on. a huge struggle with governments and corporations who want to keep information secret and others who democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have
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a right to know what they're going to do. watch how much help shifts the conversation around transparency. see what that battle has done to him. i feel like julian's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest and most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable to survive me. oh, when i was the wrong one old fool, just don't any room to shape out the scene because the after an engagement equals the trail when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground in
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in the 19 twenties and thirties, several 100 african americans moved to the soviet union, and many of their descendants still lived in russia long. yes. chose for nice things. one duck, back home, black american, something from racism and a complete lack of prospects. you said, you reckon up a month will be a losing, shall one buy else is to provide you with the truth ranger. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all. some of the african americans who went to service union in 1830 found great success to me. and now almost a 100 years later, history is repeating itself. my great grandfather, george time,
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went to russia on probably the worst time to go anywhere. why not mean? what if i come here? ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality? ah ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is truth? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to descend the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah
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ah! the pacific leg around the world, expedition by 1000 miles round the clock of the dead. calm, the national personal every country close by the crew. gavin's food and water harbor to go to north also was literally a little this is got everybody locked down or almost no food and no water.


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