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what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted you need to defend ah, to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows, ah, ah pay stub and the box from spence, it must ration as 3 of its allies to us, the u. k. on this really leave it all or tell the pacific security a lion hunt bring china to bite and make some forest things slip up while a nice thing. the deal hardly forgetting the name of the trillion prime minister. becky boers and i want to think that from down under thank you very much. appreciate it. also ahead, while european markets,
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real from wedding phase record surgeon, natural gas prices with a knock on effect on the pockets of customers, we look at the written, pulls it up, the price and rushes parliamentary election is just the day away. will bring you the full brick on this hour on the right, the 3 days of ah, yes, after mid day in moscow, your tune into the news, our and our team, my names, you know leo, to help story a stub in the buck. a french not did not beat around the bush in describing a pacific security pack between 3 of its allies. the u. s. the, you can stream the scene of an attempt to conservation the world is
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a jungle. france has just been reminded this bitter truth by the way, the u. s. and the u. k. of stub through in the back in australia, the american choice to exclude the european ally and partner such as franz from a structuring partnership with australia at the time when we're facing unprecedented challenges in the, in the pacific region showed the lack of coherence that france can only notes and regret let's go through the new agreement. it's called orcus and the 3 nations will sure data on strategic areas including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and nuclear defense. now, under the terms is truly will acquire a nuclear powered submarine fleet with the use of american and british technology. not in a further snub to paris history has scrapped a 66000000000 dollar deal with a french firm to build it doesn't military submarines. now, that's just the latest blow to the use defense industry,
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really at the time when members states are struggling to meet their financial commitment to nate. so now there's also long running divisions in the block over creating its own army. you'll know that which supporters say will ensure a strategic told me from the trans atlantic alliance, par a space political on the west nickel america, which thinks the dispute over the new pacific alliance shows that nato allies don't necessarily trust each other. first of all, they've got within the nato alliance then within the different lines, there are between these countries, a very strong relationship, even within australia, the u. s. and the u. k. today they work within their own proper alliance. the u. k . australia and the, and the u. s. trust themselves more than the new trust countries like france or other ones, community or even germany. don't forget the manual macro said a couple years ago that data was brain dead. even donald trump said that nato isn't working, as it was initially supposed to be working through our alliances within the alliance
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. what kind of lion is this? where people use drop or contracts are taken over us? doesn't have didn't have a allied, it only has targets, or it has vessels on the deed that friendship between washington and cambra might not be as close as it seems. when announcing the security deal, president biden appeared to forget the name of a truly as prime minister. scott morrison. thank you born and i want to thank that fell down under. thank you very much. appreciate your premise. australia, the us and friends have repeatedly cited this opposed to the security threat from beijing in the into pacific region where china is the dominant power on the signing of the august security pack comes just months after britain infuriated the chinese by sending its warships to the south china sea to join, so called freedom of navigation operations,
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led by the us. china has condemned the new alliance, calling it through, back to the cold war. come to should not build, exclusionary blogs targeting or harming the interests of 3rd parties. in particular, they should shake off their colewell mentality and ideological prejudice. or we spoke about a st. louis as choice of military partners and indeed where it could be leading with economics professor benjamin shout. but 1st let's listen to anti war activists . richard becker. there's no explanation, why are the u. s. and the u. k. now, at this time helping a strain, develop a nuclear power suite of submarines and then turning around and saying this will advance the world peace. clearly this is about another war. this is about a war that is being prepared against china. the us leaders. they talk about the
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endo pacific just of course. and the term was made up to enable us to explain us leaders explain, bringing more countries into the anti china alliance, surrounded china. on the surface, we see that the u. s. and the new k is empowering australia to have nuclear submarine. i think the under one key reason for this empowerment is the us in the ability to provide more defense budget, to support this large spending of nuclear power summaries. so it says it is forcing australia to share the cost of maintaining such ships and also strategic positions. and also. ready forces in china be and also in the pacific region, especially now that there is increasing tension between china and australia. so
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china is watching very closely the next steps of the free country alliance, while frustrating france and china, the biden administration's also call thing plenty of frustration of home. a new poll showed $3.00 and $4.00 americans are unhappy about the direction is taking the country. find out why europe is reeling from a price shock on its energy market. natural gas rates had an all time record on wednesday of almost a $1000.00 per 1000 cubic meters. let's have a look at actually how it looks in the charts to market roller coaster on wednesday . the price pete, it's $980.00 that's more than 50 percent higher than a fortnight to go. by late evening you can see there are things that come on, but only a little unless say that further volatility is coming. well,
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the current crisis is being played partly on the energy policy is being pushed by western governments are t. charlotte dubin ski can take us through that with news, the gas prices of historic highways. many people are already concerned about the difficult decisions that lay ahead high school. and also it's a bit scary. it's purchasing power that is decreasing. that puts more money in the pockets of shareholders of big companies. it will be quite difficult for many households. some will not be affected that much, but most will be the price of gas is already high enough. i've already decided not to heat my apartments for a while longer. it's quite difficult in winter, but it's still in habitable. if i put the heating back on at home, the bill will easily climb to 250 euros a month because i'm worried about this increase. and the fact that will have in my bills and the cost of living with what we have left at the end of the month, it will be complicated, except $1.00 forgot. i hate my home with gas, you think crease the price of
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a year. a time will come when we will no longer be able to afford to keep ourselves warm. you would see is a real issue here in europe across the block, significant numbers of people say that they just simply call to food to keep the home room enough. prices why this is only likely to find further, particularly for those who income such as pension is soaring. prices have been blamed on a variety of factors that increase the weather and even the tougher between european and asian buyers liquefied natural gas. all of this has led to gas reserves long wishing levels. so why is you really facing such a potentially winter? that is not purely a supply problem. it's not really a supply chain problem. this is a monetary induced problem. part of what politicians do in this case is they've tend to concoct conspiracy theories to cover up for their own failures. so in the
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case of europe, everybody ready to blame russia? i think there's a lot of scrambling and it starts now around the world to try to figure out how to get the fuels to people who need it for the, for the, for the coming winter. but it's a little bit late in the day to be thinking about this right now. so i think we're headed for a very difficult 6 months. it's also claim that the, you have been aggressive with the shutdown of coal and also its own domestic gas fields, coupled with a heavy carbon and taxation. while at the same time, it happens doesn't quite enough to make up for that by committing fully to carbon future this tremendous attack on fossil fuel chills going on all over the western world. you know, in the name of abating climate change and so on. but it's been very reckless and, and it's, and it's really has injured the capacity of the market to respond to,
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to pi signals and to demand properly. so you have all these factors working in. so you've got the supply restrictions, artificial in many directions, regulatory restrictions and so on. and all these things are combining from an economic point of view to drive up prices that are going to make people tremendously suffer and multifarious ways of now. and for the next several years. so what is the solution? will be you, companies could hook to complete a high level with asian counterpart for that liquefied natural gas food that does mean that there is the potential then the higher prices and phase always russia last week. the long awaited new stream to pipeline which runs under the baltic sea was completed. it consent, 55000000 cubic meters of gas directly to you repair for you. that's enough to
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supply 26000000 household annually. russian company gas says it's ready to feel void, that according to the country's government could solve europe's problems. there is no doubt that launching nor stream to as quickly as possible would significantly balance out the price of natural gas in europe, including on the spot market. that will though, depend on the certifying the pipeline, quick shawl fish and accepting that it may need to bolster supply from russia. so what all you repeat in governments doing right now will, spain has already intervened to attempt to shield its population from higher prices, new emergency measures. we'll see profits problem with energy companies being used to cap the increase in gas prices. meanwhile, italy has said that we'll look at changes in energy sector to combust of expected
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40 percent rise in retail power prices in the next quarter. what's clear is the, you need a strategy, and if it's to push ahead with plans to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, it needs to take the quickly show the tv sci fi, paris. there is just a day to go nor be for russians, cast their ballots in elections for the state to the countries laura ice of parliament. and we can take a brief look at how the process would work. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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the, the throughout the week we've been looking at those 14 parties running for the state, do know who they are, what they stand for. let's examine those driving and environmental agend in the country. the greens promote the conservation of nature. this year the party got to itself and chairman, who continued to push to unite, all those who quote, carried about a college in russia. the party began of a social movement back in 1903, seeking a so called green revolution. last time it in 2016, they claimed little less than one percent of the vote here. so the parties, new leader, set out his store for this years. bullet morning when not in a position party where a centrist party want our agenda, focusing on the environment to be represented in the duma. so we can pass laws,
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the citizens and country need every person, no matter where they live, has their own environmental issue. they have their own environmental history, probably the raise a change of the hearts of minds of people who have become more environmentally conscious in the past couple of years like for example, sorting, sorting to garbage and so on and so forth. recycling and all of that. and of course this would be something that the greens would pin their hopes to that people have indeed become more conscious in this sense of the word and that they will back them and back their initiatives. again. they are stressing that they're not strictly speaking and opposition party. what that means is that they are supporting the current geopolitical course of russia, but they want to see most spotlight on the environmental agenda on the green and gen after all. the other greens and it is a universal concept to universal political concept of course. so here's how the party chairman described and talked about the key builds that they're planning to
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introduce. if of course they get enough public support, you will not have about 10 legislative proposals dedicated to that. the 1st focuses on organic agriculture. we want to support our farmers, so they could stop using come food, chemicals. and that's very important. then we think it's important to impose greater fines and allow for other forms of legal action to make sure business owners and shareholders act responsibly. so again, everything from encouraging recycling to well terms of energy sources in russia, and with well bolstering that present here to even supporting and backing the russian science and encouraging them to focus their research on a more environmental agenda, so to speak. now again, russia recently did pass a law that encouraging companies to be more green and even the wars them with so called green points that they will be able to cash out. so we'll see if this course, if this, well,
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the federal cause and discover mental course helps the greens with their agenda. and would that cause well at the election moving to the center of the political spectrum. next, the current majority, party, and election favorites, united russia is considered the de facto ruling party. it's also the largest in the country. it's german is the former prime minister has been dreaming yet of the party supports the program of the president and among its school to strengthening russia's sovereignty. its economic agenda include support for domestic industry, including the promotion of high tech, united russia is the current majority party having taking more than half of the votes in the previous election. lee patricia looked now what was the new pilot could hold for them? they are the ruling party. they are the favorites. always pretty much they are the party which 5 years ago, set a record by winning 344 seats out of 450. but how well
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united russia fair in this year's election, at some point, any long standing champion inevitably faces a career way, 2 months before the vote support for the party dropped to 27 percent. didn't get that low in 13 years, many have called. busy it a crisis of trust. it required swift, daring, sometimes surprised moves, party leader dmitri. me advantage was removed as one of its top 5 candidates. the light up is now a mix of political behemoths, who enjoy huge public support and new names who won the people's respect. like the country's leading coven, dr. ah, the
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a recent opinion poll showed 95 percent of those questioned recognized rushes minister of defense survey showing you. so if counting on how familiar the most important faces of the party are, was part of the plan. the tactic is beginning to work. lot of our food, though, isn't on the list and isn't even a member of united russia officially, but the president has long been associated with the party and even let it for a while. in the past, he's been talking of the immense responsibility that united russia has to bear as the ruling party. you sure. i want to reiterate my position. it is one thing to write something that is right and important and toward a beautifully. and it is another thing to implemented you and i are aware that the ruling political party is responsible for everything and all the country's problems . but you have acted responsibly so far. and the program has turned out to be quite feasible. united russia proud the calls. busy it's manifesto the people's program.
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it was put together after considering online suggestions from $2000000.00 russian citizens. the main goal is to boost the public squad of life with special attention to healing the direct and indirect effect of the pandemic. ah, so like i said, united russia isn't going through the easiest of times. serious blows to the parties, reputation have included criminal charges. and in some cases, jail terms for mayor's governor's cabinet ministers even who had to be kicked out of united russia for fraud and corruption. in some cases lately, however, the party was left red faced because some of its senior members simply forgot about decent matters scenes. more reminiscent of
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a dog owner playing with his booge were certainly unseemly for a governor. given the keys from new fire trucks to a brigade, well, soon after that the official lost his job party membership and definitely lost united russia support in his region. but it still remains the most popular political force in the country. yes, it's scheme to take advantage of the experience and trust behind some old school. big names like mr. lab, rob and mr. shaw group. but unlike a stagnating bureaucracy, the party is ready to count on fresh faces. it's ready for reform and it's trying to get as many russians as possible involved in its decisions using contemporary online methods. and it all gets going in less than 24 hours as the clock ticks towards election 2021 and we will continue. we're
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a special coverage throughout the day. the aah! join me every thursday on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me . ah to be with me. ah
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ah. i use the moon the 23 minutes past the hour. you're welcome, buck. a large scale man hunt is now underway in south west russia after a gunman reportedly killed 3 people. early this morning, a man an army uniform stormed a police station in the foreign name region, injuring an officer. he opened fire with an assault rifle and set off a bomb before fleeing in a vehicle investigator say, he's also believed to shot
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a woman. and 2 children in a nearby village, killing them a little. there's conflicting reports in which of those incidents happen. first, local media have identified the suspect us a 34 year old local security guard, but there is no official confirmation on that. the government, whereabouts are unknown and the police search has been expanded to several regions . a vast majority of americans are unhappy with the countries direction under the biden administration, according to a new nation wide pole, kill up and picks up the story in new york. joe biden was supposed to end that rising anger left over from the trump. here he was supposed to bring a new level of political peace to the country. remember, the last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system we are dedicated to achieving and quite frankly, working around the clock to replace the cruelty of the past administration. well,
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that did not happen. a new poll from cnn shows that across party lines, 75 percent of americans say they are angry or very angry about the direction of the country is moving in a mid rise in crime corona virus, the immigration crisis, record inflation, among other issues. let's find out exactly why people have a beef with biden disjoined, or i know the world not just as country the world. first of all, on the things with it. it is always doing and i believe with the whole off garrison doing you just straight up totally the whole organic fiasco. you say he's making mistakes or perhaps the way to draw a gun at the whole thing wouldn't be honest and he's not real. he's not the president, he's not people up control him. a lot of people aggravated disappointed with the way the cobra coverage is going. know could handle things differently, but what president couldn't the lack of leadership? i don't think he's got a grip on anything that's going on at all. the white house, so it's rising trajectory come to
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a sudden halt. jo biden's approval ratings are now in the negative. the president was promising to be our fix at mann. but now more than 8 months in it's looking like things are pretty broken that's been caused by this prevalent, not just that entire cabinet, the ministration, starting with the horrific way that we withdrew from afghanistan. the way that we left. not only the people here, but the way there are still american civilians track and down and then you go to some of the border stay there. know texas others where july new had these open policy has not dealt with it. and you see that kinda love the people coming to the border wonder non tested for coca 19, they're not, they're not. and looked at their freed. there's a lack of transparency among administration. keep moving. credibility is moving popularity every day. joe, by and ever the ministration seems to do something that just makes it worse but,
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and does not care. he's not doing anything that is bringing back the the trust of the faith of the american people on both sides of the aisle. he seems to be making matters worse. finally, this news our, it's all change out the heart of the british governments. after prime minister boris johnson carried out a covenant, re shuffle on wednesday. a shakeup had long been expected, but there were still a few surprises. your short teeth easily and under. quite dramatic. re shuffled there by bars johnson, the british prime minister. and the most notable perhaps of those re, shuffles is dominick rob, who of course is or was should i say the foreign secretary he's been demoted. and now dominic rob is the minister who was presiding or supposed to be presiding over the case strategic withdrawal from afghanistan. that was anything bob. so those kale to tease, we thought couple airport last month. while all of that was going on in the taliban
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were bonds in on couple dominate grub was on holiday and didn't return to his post criticism was coming in for dominic rob from all corners of the political world. it's important for us to me. what we're doing a way of doing it from when did people were holding me through? i'm not looking to brush over this. i just wanted to know when you went things. when did you know when the facts on the surface this looks like a family of planning on, on grunge scale. when was the last time a foreign minister went to a 2nd stop? went through perspective. i'm not sure i'd have to check if you'd like to know the busiest, very have to come back to 3rd grade. what seems to take the reading because high come us with recent is better start ranging evacuation of german people through tashkent. and it seems to be a route that works really effectively from germany in terms of your own leadership in your own actions. up until this point, did you ever,
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at any point consider an offer to reside? now i consider getting home with the job. rob here still quite an important character, important figure within the cabinet. he's the deputy prime minister. busy the lord chancellor and the justice secretary, so i move for him, but others perhaps haven't been as lucky govern williamson, robert bucklin and robert generate that all out of the positions. but you're the chancellor richie. so that remains and interestingly privy to tell who is the home secretary, she's still to clings on to her job despite chris's. and yet again, of her holding meetings with businessman and breaking the ministerial code, all of those allegations, not enough to bring pressure on board austin to get rid of her just yet a sally. and that is how thursdays new stories are shipping up. but stay close as max and stacy are here in moments with the latest kaiser report season.
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the ah, the high a mass guys are this is be kaiser re port. well, you know, we also coming off different places. i think. right, well you and i have been covering here on the kaiser report for the last decade at least, but especially with the last 6 months of as we lead up to the 50th year of fi out when the us went off the gold standard and august 15th 1971, we've been looking at all the problems of the trip and dilemma with, you know, all the consequences of the exorbitant privilege. and one of the things you see is, as we've covered in nigeria where they've turned to bitcoin,


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