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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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this is what happens to patches in britain. dell at the top of you watch kaiser report the ah, that's our headline story from the council then embassy celebration in washington in protest against the new us securities packed with the u. k. i'm just really a, resulted in the law. the submarine video prep far as we get reaction on the streets of the french account. but hope this is not the 1st time that tonight said has taken contracts from last year. very good that, that they did not respect anyone apart from themselves, they act like masters of the world. they shouldn't have done because i think it front to done the same. they would have complain. giving the game away while
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washington insists the new pacific security alliance is not that any one in particular, the secretary of defense makes the true target. we spoke in detail about trying as the stabilizing activities and bridging effort to force and intimidate other countries. this agreement, this relationship is not aimed at anything or anyone. instagram permanently blocks ortiz investigative media project, read fish after a similar moved by facebook earlier in the year, we look out the alarming level of control by social media. well, russia's parliamentary election is overweight with pulling stations. now open all across russia will bring you the full brick on later this our rock creek days of voting. special coverage. ah,
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wherever you're counting the program from the are welcome to moscow to the news hour in r t. i mean, and only a diplomatic flush point is developing between france and the united states. paris as scrapped and embassy gala, to celebrate the country's historical alliance and protest against the americas new security pack, signed with australia on the u. k. which french officials have dubbed stuff in the back the us secretary of state and sis though all as well. france in particular, is a vital partner on this and so many other issues stretching back generations. and we want to find every opportunity to deepen our trans atlantic cooperation in the pacific and around the world. despite anthony lincoln's assurances, many french citizens are unconvinced. we gauged opinion in the capital. missy
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bought a home. yes, please. this is not the 1st time tonight. estates has taken contracts from us. they are very good at that. we do not respect anyone apart from themselves. they act like masters of the world. they shouldn't have done that because i think if france had done the same, they would have complained they wouldn't have liked it. we'll see if the current president is better than the last one. it represents a lot of money, a lot of jobs, but it would be better if these jobs were for making other things. it's a little dishonest, i suppose. and the other hand there were closes which allowed them to break the contract before they started making the submarines. no, it's never good for a person to see that a contract has been broken. it's happened to me personally. they're always paragraph included, but it must be justified. you have to have a good reason if i understand it correctly, the united states is a competitor. so of course, it's not a good thing. there should have been talks between the french and the americans. let's just go through what happened then on wednesday, a strictly the u. k. and the u. s. sun, the pacific security park called,
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or kiss. seen this country in china. it involves cooperation in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, nuclear, defense. let's truly it will acquire a nuclear powered submarine fleet with american british technology. china, which is the dominant power in the in the pacific region, has come to the dealers, cold war mentality. neither washington or london of explicitly length and new deal to the supposed threat from beijing, but remarks from the us defense secretary leaves little room for dod. we spoke in detail about china's d stabilizing activities and beijing efforts to course and intimidate other countries. this agreement, this relationship does not aim that anything or anyone. while china and france are angered by the new pact, others are asking what this could mean for nato. ellia patricia sums up the latest
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reactions. when donald trump left office and joe biden took charge, it could have been a side relief for some of washington's you allies just when the euro was starting to think that the future would be more predictable under the new president. this happens. i'm very angry today and bitter. this is not something allies do to each other. the world is a jungle. france has just been reminded this bitter truth by the way, the u. s. and the u. k of stopped her in the back in australia. still a v e leaders are still really over what the biden and ministration did of ghana, stan, and now parents has been stunned by washington's announcement of a new partnership with australia and the u. k. called office. but haven't the u. s . the u. k. and all these been calls allies for ages. what's the problem? well, thanks to august, australia will now be hooked up with us technology to build nuclear submarines
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while france waves goodbye to its own multi $1000000000.00 contract to build 12 diesel subs for camera. now, for some damage control by senior american officials, after that deal was to repeat ode. there are a range of partnerships that include the french and some partnerships that don't. and they have partnerships with other countries that don't include us. that is part of how global diplomacy works are such words enough to calm the fury in paris, which is even called of a gala, at the french embassy in washington to celebrate historic ties with the u. s. good question. anyway, the french government has shown they're not willing to just swallow that bitter pill. plus there's solidarity with paris from b, e. u on the matter. you know, because you're happily, it is a good opportunity to recall to reflect on the need to raise the issue of european strategic autonomy. it is a new proof of the need to exist on our own. when the grazing of august was
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announced, none of the leaders of the u. s. u. k. or the trio mentioned china even once. but make no mistake. the masterminds of the new pack must have had keeping beijing at bay on their mind. they're falling. no one, just look at how the article on on because on the b, b, c is titled trying to reaction to the new partnership didn't take long, critical and outright countries should not build exclusionary blogs targeting or harming the interest of 3rd parties. in particular, they should shake up there. cole were mentality and ideological prejudice. and the you published ed strategy for cooperation in the, in the pacific. clearly stating the intention not to worse in relations with china . contradicting the apparent intentions of august, the e. you will also pursue its multifaceted engagement with china, engaging bilaterally to promote solutions to common challenges when it comes to neighboring countries. new zealand doesn't want australian nuclear subs anywhere
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near its waters. stria has today voluntarily and secretly entered into a nuclear by defense the military pac with to nuclear weapon site. is that an it guy, parade stability and for patient corporation in the world, there are a wide range and concern indonesia, the pacific new zealand. many other players are looking in a, the disbelief or anger or at least concerned about a position to not having gone through all that. let me just show you part of how the australian prime minister introduced barcus. we must now take our partnership to a new level, a partnership, the 6 to engage not to exclude, to contribute, not tied to and to enable and empower not to control or coerce. well, good luck with engaging and not excluding something tells me that this new
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partnership, though, has already stepped on toes and undermined international ties. just thing with this story we heard from believe them or former vice president of the organization for security and cooperation in europe and also a long time pinned to stag member. he thinks the office park raises the prospect of a conflict with china live. absolutely. corporation was. ready the bottom line, china, and that on it is complicated because we just globalization and our allies, the united states. so if you are going to confront asian and even conflict. ready with china and know what's going on and how do i love to know the call and i'll make the videos and even the
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a little bit ally and had been split and find out what is the leaving behind us which is looking goal of the which had been the $97.00 so many, many to be late in the in, you know, going into the wrong direction. they're going to kind of update, they're going to be and they might be going to law. and the 3rd and include not only is the you will be union, but china, india, jeff n galena and, and they're all i think is what is the basic actual
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global ortiz investigate of media project, read fish. how's, how it's current on instagram? busy deleted by the platform, it follows a similar move by facebook. back in april, before its page was blocked, red fish shot around 400000 followers and had been facing increased pressure in recent times, such as its content being labeled, russia control media. red fish contacted both and scrub on the sites owner, facebook seeking explanation for the your instagram account got deleted either because you violated one or more of instagram's. community guidelines are because of a mistake. once in instagram account is deleted, you can't restore it for us. the major problem here is that companies like facebook and instagram, they have more power than any cooperation before them, or any government before them has over the media. but they're less accountable and less transparent than ever before and we've tried over and over again. so reach out
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to somebody at facebook and instagram and for them to explain why this is happening or to challenge the decision. but we constantly faced brick walls. in fact, the latest response that we've had about the instagram, instagram is the most chilling. they explicitly say that the decision was made by the higher ups, by the so called internal team, and that they can't disclose to us why the reasons why this decision was made because of it would to do so would violate the security and privacy policy, which really just leaves us with the question, why are they being so secretive? if it, why, why can't they explain why they've reached this decision? if the reason political, it shouldn't be that difficult? well, a number of guess we spoke to feel it's worrying how much control social media joins currently. we'll you need to say to people, look, if we're going to take something off the platform,
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here's the reason you've done that. these companies also dominance. now you cannot exist as a modern company as a molten individual, as a multi governmental institution without access to facebook, without access to instagram. and so when these companies take away the free speech of people, actually they are hugely damaging. it's not true to say if facebook take you down, you can move somewhere else. no, you can't. this is censorship. and they're going to take the, the, the position that these are private companies. so you know, they can do what they want. they don't have to justify or give an explanation of why they take a whole established channels down in the case of red fish. this could sort of censorship, i think, is geopolitical because it's affiliated with, with russia, with r t tangentially any way. then it becomes a problem and so the censorship takes on a whole new kind of weight. geopolitical weight,
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storm clients are gathering over another big tech company, twitter. it all stems from a post by robert. nikki managed to her 22000000 followers in which she claimed her cousin's friend in trinidad suffered a highly unpleasant side effect from a coven vaccine. here's the take of our teeth falling. one of america's most successful reporting officers, nikki mon, and britain top dr. flash, pandemic, oracle, professor chris with the 2 people you never expected to utter in the same sentence, it all started with the men gall earlier this week that had to be vaccinated. mickey didn't go to the men gall and said that it was because she didn't want to leave her baby. but she also tweeted saying that she wouldn't get a jack to attend the medical lab and then if she was going to get back, it would only be off the she's done enough research in her after which she received
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it this week in great detail about a friend of a cousin of hud in trinidad. not we should be 222000000 followers. his test scores became swollen. his friend was weeks away from getting married. now the girl called off the wedding. so just pray on it and make sure you're comfortable with your decision. not bullet. the story for and mary, as of mean and nicky cousins, friend is definitely going to become some sort of pop culture icon and into this very dull and dreary. but obviously very important corona virus press conference, one of the journalists that professor chris will see what he thinks of him in august story. predictably the scientist gave it a proper sat down. and many of those people, i regret, i think know that they are peddling untruths. in my view, they should be ashamed. and then a prime minister or johnston, also commented on the story. and as if this story couldn't get any way to,
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you know, i've been responded to bar johnson with this bizarre recording of imitating a british accent. not too bad actually. yes. hello, prime minister boring. it's nick human knowledge. i went to school with margaret sasha. i'm a big star is in the united states. just to be clare. aussie does not endorse me. he's cousins, friends. tactical, very much. and the thing about high school was market that that's definitely make news. i'm getting back to they did is great. do it. i think i thought that was the end of the story, but no, i'm here to update to the government of trinidad and tobago. has issued an official statement denying that nicky cousin, your friend both was swollen because of the vaccine now that the ball gate has reached such truly epic proportions. the conclusion of this saga is something that
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only and a bill made couldn't, couldn't call. nick even now has posted on her instagram this time the twitter restricted, her ability to tweet that uses of the defensive pundits really flowing the point she's making are worth reiterating. you can't allow people to force you to take drugs that you don't want for that. you don't need the only thing is that we have denied restricting nick human knowledge is that somehow she has managed to make a false claim about being in trouble for making a phone crying. wow. major news outlets were quick to notice that menache is tweet wasn't taken, and they said it could make some of the rappers followers. think twice about getting vaccinated. radio host journalist john gone things thursday clear political
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pattern and who twitter decides to censor. tricia have a gigi, she, they hide, they say all we're technical platform, we're not a publisher. the moment they true, donald trump trump off twitter for what he tweeted. they became, in my opinion, a publisher just like a tv company, just like a newspaper. and therefore, they should be responsible for what she's published on their platform. but these big companies don't, won't love the hiding behind if your opinion fits in to their sort of california and view of the world liberal view of the world del, accept it. if it doesn't, if it goes against what they think the world should be like, then they'll send you. the best example is donald trump. if he had some tweets that were wrong, of course they should be taken down. but to actually take away your whole account,
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as i said, democratically elected leader, that is twitter. overstep and the mark, in my personal opinion, i'm twitter because they control the public square, the public space. now, i don't know how they got themselves into this position, but they have, they have this inordinate power. and if they can get rid of the democratically elected president of the united states will come to get rid of this or up singer and her dangerous trash talk no to a developing story in the netherlands. at least 2 people, helping killed and stopping incident in the city of a mellow to others are injured, including the knife willing. a tucker has been arrested. according to dutch media police earlier fired shelf swelled detaining the suspect, who also fired a crossbow from an apartment balcony. locals describe seeing multiple ambulances on police vehicles of the scene. according to police, there's no early indication of
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a motion for the stopping, but it's not being treated as a terrorist incidents. the, the russia gave scandal refuses to die. darn u. s. lawyer who made various allegations against donald trump has not been charged with lying to the f. b, i about his rule and hillary clinton's presidential campaign or web team of been proving that story had to r t dot com from voting is now in full swing across russia in the parliamentary election were the 1st time. it's a 3 day process running until sunday. the well, here's how the election will work. 450 m. p 's from 225 electoral districts will be chosen to the state. doing that for a 5 year term,
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half are elected by majority voting based on one m, p per constituency. the remaining $225.00 are made up by parties which have more than 5 percent representation in parliament. well, throughout the week, we've been examining the 14 parties and what they stand for your snapshot of a few of them. let's kick off with a just russia patriots. for truth, the long title comes after a just rush emerged with 2 smaller factions. the left leaning party won 6.2 percent of the election last march 2016. passing the 5 percent threshold to get into parliament. hollywood star. steven seagal know how's russian citizenship and has become a hi met profile at party member. there's a new comer as well. on the pallets for 2021, it's one of 2 environmental parties in the race for the duma of it's called green
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alternative until last year it was just a social movement with an environmental agenda. now green alternative is linked to a youth climate group called fridays for future, which runs grassroots campaigns on petitions and is inspired by gratitude berg ortiz, new harvey long takes a broader look at how the voting process operates on the efforts to keep it transport voting as we said is held over 3 days, it's extended on previous versions going from friday through to sunday, and that means that for us as far east things already begun earlier on thursday, the rest and central election commission opened up a video will. this will broadcast the entire election process. clearly, this is about transparency. the commission says there are more than 100000 cameras, upholding stations. this is so that people can know how the elections are being carried out. the transmission developed to all the participating parties the public to can watch the broadcasting and $86.00 special election centers across russia.
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but even before any ballots have been cast, moscow was already furious about the alleged foreign interference. and it's handed over evidence said to prove just that to the state department in washington by krista now that it was stressed that the russian side has concrete evidence of violations of russian law by the us internet platforms. in the context of preparing and conducting the duma elections, it was stated that interference in the internal affairs of our country was categorically inadmissible. we had also passed the relevant information through our embassy in washington to the department of state. now this comes as google and apple earlier invited to attend a special security session of rushes parliamentary commission to explain that position. the head of the commission said that evidence of meddling in russia's affairs. both those companies has been presented to the us ambassador to moscow 9 days after the tech john failed to remove voting related content and apps made by organizations. but russia considers extremists. the ease also been accused of
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trying to exert influence over the vote after the block pass the motion allowing it to potentially not recognize the results of the election as they are quote, seen as fraudulent, more than 100 members voted against may even some of them are plenty to say about it. this isn't a serious credible document. it's actually as then a full big round. much of the information is false, misleading. on one side, it's, we survey russia with native basis, and we call them the aggressor. we support opposition groups and we accuse them a foreign interference. the european project is not being undermined and divided by russia by fight, the rank hypocrisy that is characterized in this report. it tells me that it is time to embark on a positive dialogue with the russian federation is time to stop listening to the american in europe is our continental from europe. as of right to make a choice in favor of good relations with russia. and i spoke with the professor of
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the moscow state institute of international relations about upon the faces, despite the stands, it'll still have to work with the new russian legislators anyway. it's quite interesting, i've read today, recommendation of they don't be on parliament today. so not recognizing and trying to engage, and it's not quite threatening to say that before the election rather than wait and then say look, we have this evidence of wrongdoing which would be completely reasonable. sure, sure, that's true. but there are 2 ways to control the actions to monitor that and just want to send bit, are we all up servers? and another approach you cannot find anybody here. you can just check the internet, you can just check social networks. you can speak with a representative of society, opposition, whatever you name them. and so the service they could not go to moscow to, to feel if they can just check and copy and copy paste what the russian opposition
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was saying. someone could make the accusation about itself is meddling from the you in the russian election. if for example, i now plan to go for their actions. and, and i see from the union of which i think by default, everybody in that direction, the post coming russian elections are problem. and so what do you want me to go there? so, so what influence the favor of seeing both water, if the e u, is concerned about the integrity of russian elections? should they be focused on the allegations that russia is making that interference coming from outside rushes, 100 evidence over to the us state department saying that some of the big tech platforms are allowing citizens access websites, they say belong to extremist organizations, that this problem is really sharp, because the russian courts are starting to all issue some flying
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some multi 1000000 fines on the giant from 40 started to wait, but not every 40. so that's the question of of not compliance to the state lead to the state registration to the court. and so it's quite, it's quite difficult we will have resulted in one day. sure. but i think there's some logic in the rational official statement. we can try some reports of technical glitches on friday morning by the way, as regards the election. the online voting system was briefly out of action, but it's not fully restored. and that's not the only platform that crushed today. a pro opposition up called nevada only has been deleted from google play, and up both up store chartina constantine rosco. the app in question is somewhat an extension of nevada, his website and provides news about him or his organization, but this is not what's gotten it under the scrutiny. the app also has
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a section dedicated to so called smart voting. now, smart voting encourages those who disliked the current government to mark their ballot for whatever candidate in a given constituency is most likely to defeat the candidate of united russia. now more often than that, these are representatives of the communist party, russia, 2nd most popular party, which leadership ironically denounces nevada and his demon distances itself from smart voting anyway. according to ross, comrades or rushes internet watch dock, there is a link between smart voting and the news intake corruption fun, which was labeled an extremist organisation for spreading extreme as content and inciting unauthorized pro, has despite coven restrictions earlier, ross come to absorb demanded from google and apple to take down the valley ab, because of net link. otherwise, russia officials would have considered this as foreign interference in the run up to the parliamentary election. now,
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we've also heard from the head of the sovereignty committee in russia. senate, mr. climmer, who said that the issue was brought up in a conversation between russian diplomats and the us in bassett, or in moscow. john solomon now in the band. his aides have also published and an official response. the guy from apple, which states that every case status as an extremist organisation was a reason the tech company decided to take down. the app america stick giant did not always comply with russian laws. an offer refused or failed to delete illegal content. for instance, messages publicly calling on people to take part in unauthorized demonstrations. for that, the likes of facebook, twitter google receive have to find, but this time they decided to comply so that the app is no longer available in russia, which is of course, another blow to the jail, the opposition figure and his team as they often look to the west for support. so day one of russia's parliamentary election is well under way in the coming hours,
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we'll jail further into the parties hoping to sway citizens their way. the pilot is progressing on the election process itself. r t. now as you covered for vote 2021 the ah, the western civilization and culture have been inspected by a mindset that prices ideology over a competent virtue over reason and democracy is only a good idea if and when it's sort of a lead interest. then there's the issue of competence, competence used to be rewarded. now in.


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