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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 24, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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because you were against was mrs. mark like others has given for far too long. nothing has happened in the last 8 years from mrs. marco's point of view, there is nothing more to be achieved. she was never a real cd. you leader. well before we go, let's continue developing the story. if you listen later on about the capital and separately to karl is pushed him all. well the news is he supposedly been released from custody on the italian holiday anyway. he was arrested on thursday evening. not clear if he's been failed to house arrest, so still trying to get a handle on he's wanted a range of charges including sedition under, seen as sort by spanish authorities finale for years. italian course decided that the mom will remain on sardinia, where he will face judges on saturday. i will keep an eye on that, of course, and keep you updated and all developments, but for now, that's all we're talking about. and of course, as a reminder, is a lot more coverage over the weekend. what's happening in germany, those big elections of who's going to replace anglo merkel plus 5 in the afternoon . moscow on this friday,
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kevin and thank you for watching and stand by for cross talk. the. i don't know. i mean there are some steps in there were rescuing the food that they were scabbing or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best buy march 21st, which is in 2 days. all these potatoes, paula pianos, onions, all of these came from waste brown sources. this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people in our society. so that makes sense for
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them to throw it out right off rather than give it to somebody who could use it. and then that person is not going to buy it. ah ah hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle when it comes to the rise of china, most of the commentary focuses on such things as strategic balance and the west, so called rules based order. however, what is missing in this discussion is the rise of civilization. but challenges western gemini, is the west prepared for this arc of history. the
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cross talking the arc of history. i'm joined by my guess, george m u l e. in budapest, he's a pod counselor at the gaga which can be found on youtube and locals. and in sydney we cross ej aloria. he's the editor in chief of consortium news dot com, or a gentleman cross type roles. and in fact, that means he can jump in in time you want, and i always appreciate go to jo 1st because it's past midnight in sidney. so thank you very much for staying up in joining us. it's very much appreciated, joe, and you're actually closer to the china than the rest of us here. you know, when i look at the discussion, as i said in my introduction, you know, we can talk about arms and proliferation. and we can talk about the rules based order and all about. but with the wes tearing itself apart at the seams here. you know, you may look at a more competent chinese culture and civilization. it seems to me, a lot of people in the west are actually missing this misunderstanding. but there's a huge challenge in this century about who will dominate, or at least how there could be co existence. do you think the west is quite in my
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mind, quite blind to all of these things. they see very little things they see a tree, but they don't see the forest. what's your reaction? go ahead. joe. i'm not sure we can talk about the west as a whole right now. and particularly in view of what happened with this australian u. k. and us defense back to that, arrogantly thrust france aside. i think this is an anglo saxon issue. britain ruled for centuries. their empire, i mean, and 87070. so rhodes said he wanted to bring the whole of the civilized world under british rule and they recover the u. s. for the making of an anglo saxon race. make one and part of the anger section. race churchill, in 1946 iron curtain speech talked about measuring the us and british military together. so they would work together with the british empire. he already saw that the british empire was pretty much over at that point and he wanted to join britain to the united states. and then of course, britain in $48.00 the last then for spouse time they gave up on an india and
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certainly $956.00 of the suez crisis was really the end when the united states stood up to britain. that was the final point where the united states took over the relationship and britain decided to join itself to the u. s. empires as an anglo saxon empire. but today we now see the rise of china, its alliance growing alliance with russia. this alarms more the anglo saxon countries than i think, britain and france. and even in germany, we saw what happened after the ukraine sanctions during business. men were not happy at all about german sanctions on russia. here we see now this deal that took place here in the trailer and in britain and in the u. s. was really big news here in australia before was even mentioned in the u. s. because they are, they're joining the big boys in the united states. we see now that france was cut out of the deal. they weren't even told until they read it in the papers that they're deal if they had with a trailer from submarines had been disregarded and torn up by the australian and
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they were now the strands are not going to get these nuclear power subs built by the u. s. and the u. k. what happened is that france now is even talking about building up the european army. there was a story in the daily telegraph this week that frances, willing to give up. it seemed to create a european union seat up the un security council that had been discussed for those per spun and un for 25 years. that it was an old discussion from more than a decade ago. but of course, britain would never give up its veto, and france would not give up a treat of now britain is no longer part of the you. it will never lose ill keep its veto. france has denied this story, but i wonder whether there aren't discussions to the point where, well, i mean, but just let me show you kind of reinforcing my point here. i mean it, when i use the word, the west, where we're on the same page here. but we have a very divided west year and greater debate. you got to let me get george and i
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want to go. i can the frank trance in germany. now we'll see that and natural partners are russia and china bill, after all, they're part of your age or that the western tip of your asia is europe. this may be a real big turning point cramps and the rest of europe. that's why we're doing that time dependence from the us. that's why we're doing this program george way. and we have heard here because i, you know, i cherish the enlightenment. and so much of the world actually does to a not post modernism, the nonsense that is coming out of the us right now. but, you know, with so many divisions and, and arguments about what a good society is all about. and i see the, the west, it's great, greater sense, very much weekend and not prepared for the challenges that are ahead because the chinese don't have those doubts there. and they have no doubts whatsoever. actually go ahead, george. i think it's a very good point. the chinese don't have on the other hand,
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the chinese model isn't particularly appealing if so the conflict that's taking place now between china and the west and was just, you know, we just use that nomenclature for the time being. isn't really logical. it's not about right or which system is superior. i mean, the chinese are not, not attempt to export their model and their model isn't particularly appealing to other countries. now the issue is when, when you have a rising power, that obviously the status quo powers will do whatever they need to do in order to restrain the rising power. as happened, of course, in the case of germany at the end of the 20th century. but the problem was that china is facing, is that the is always the, is the rising power. but if you are going to be rising, you have to use your power responsibly and i'm not short chinese doing that. let me try and go to self into all sorts of quarrelled with its neighbors. leave aside the
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united states, i'm as good as was neighbors. remember the, the dispute in the south china seas, which went against china, that the world court ruled against china. that was the case brought by the philippines and then we have no other countries in the region, vietnam, malaysia, all of which also threatened to a china to the world court. so that's a problem that china has with it with its neighbors. and then of course, there is the big 900 pound gorilla in the road, which is the origin zip code. and you know, in millions upon millions of people have died all over the world. trillions upon trillions of trillions of economic value has been destroyed. and then needs to be some sort of a proper inquiry about lenny said china because your response to the phone are, are silly, silly accusations against other states. and there's no help the rest of the world
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which has an right to find out about the origin. but that's my job to get to the bottom of georgia and i've talked many, many times about this. it looks like the by the ministration is not particularly interested in finding out about that here, joe, let me go back to you. i mean, this is not an ideological struggle, and i'm really glad that that's being point out here in, in, in some ways that people are calling it a cold war. it's a cold war coming from one direction and that's the west. but let's put that aside here. i mean, you started out by talking about this nuclear submarine deal and arcos, if that's the way you pronounce it, but the chinese counter with the road in belts. okay. i mean, they're much more focused on so many different issues because they see very, very long term. the u. s. seems to be obsessed with military dominance. and that goes just so far. but when you look at, you know, the things that time is leaving, you know, a legacy now building ports and bridges and all kinds all around the, the ration base and, and that cox ok. the number of you know,
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submarines and aircraft carriers mean something maybe now, but not long term. go ahead, joe. valley, but now they're not going to get the submarine $24.00. that's right. when a year from now, but look the english section. empires, like i said, the us and british, they are desperate for just as than they have lost what they had for centuries. dominating the world us is a bully, primarily, and bullies really don't want to fight. they want to just throw their weight around and get their way through intimidation. but of course it's very dangerous because they could have run into and the consequences. jones, this issue of losing the world of falling through their fingers right now. and they can, along the way the united states and britain can respond to the rise of china is true military threats and rearmament. and this is extremely dangerous. they need to wake up and realize that they are no longer the predominant power in the world. and then they need to work equally with other states, with china and with russia and with the developing countries. and i don't see that
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happening right now. they are going down this very dangerous road of militarization of the entire issue. yes, it's not really ideological, it's about power and the united states and britain, the hanging on do not want to lose this power. it's not illusory. after this time for, for decades. now, this power has been slipping away. we serve inklings of this happening during the iraq war in this, at the un security council, germany and france did not go at the us and britain to invade. right. that was the biggest split sense to go briefly pull nato french out of nato. that was at the moment when france and germany could just start looking at going their own way and independent from the u. s. and getting on more equal terms with russia and china. and i think that we might be seeing this. now this deal has maybe been the last breach. i don't know, they might patch it up, but france is pretty damn angry right now. and they, if they can get in, there's going to be new government and germany says, no way of knowing exactly how they would what that new government would do. but the
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idea that france and germany which run the european union would, would want more independence from the u. s. build up a european, enormous and better their relations with russia and china and quit hurting those relations as europe and dependent on gas and go with what natural for them, not this artificial american dominance that is, that they have, you should get that yoke off. europe needs to get the yoke of the well, let me go to one minute before we go to the break. but george, this is something i mean rationally in a real, a sense. this is exactly what should happen. but ideology gets in the way and petty hatred. i would say george, before we go to the break, go ahead. i think obviously it is something that should happen. this alliance is another official creation. it was created in the awesome out the world war 2. and he had just continued on also the end of the cold war. and it was a great deal of coercion that involved and of course colleges on the bottom of the european refused to make the important decisions they needed to have made,
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which was the dissolved nato off to the end of the goal. and to work out more sensible, rational pulses for their own security, but instead they're stuck in this global alliance, which indeed can lead, have dangerous consequences and have already a dangerous. alright, i'm going to jump in here. gentlemen, we're going to go to a short break, and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on the arc of history. stay with our team. the ah, me, by the make notes of you know, borders and the number t's emerge . we don't have authority. we don't the back seen the whole world needs to take
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action and be ready. not a joke, people judge come a crisis. we can do better, we should be better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we need together in on me. it will work as a rule for
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the matter because i don't want the cause the choice of insurance under which it's not normal court is peace and she can listen. can easement lead to the me welcome back. across were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle to remind you, but discussing the ark of history. mm. mm . okay, let's go back to joe in sydney where it's after 12 midnight again. thank you for
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the hang up so late. joe, you know, empires don't like to go away. they never willingly go away. ok. and on top of it, empires are sometimes conquered. but just as more often than not, they crumbled from within because they are corrupt. ok, they have corrupted leads. they have corrupt goals, and they have disrespect for what we'll call today. citizens are the polity here, and this is one of the things that what really bothers me because, you know, we, in the american sense, we have american exceptionalism. and that exceptionalism never allows appear or an equal peer. you could be a little peer, you can pass the u. k on the, you can pat friends on the top of the head, germany, etc. ok. and now we're at this ark of history right now, because if you want to preserve your civilization, you're going to have to find ways to resuscitate yourself within the, this is the argument i've had in george and i disagreed many times on this. but you
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know, the, the biggest problem, the us, as with china is that the us needs to get its own house in order. and there's no indication that's going to happen. as matter fact. everyone talks about succession cultural civil war. and i don't see that getting any better, and that is not a very good foundation to look at this new competition on the world stage. go ahead . we actually write empires rock from within and there's many, many signs of that happening in the us. but the leadership has been able to fool people so far in the united states that they are the preeminent nation, that they are the exceptional nation that they're better than everybody else. and the public will not see that the defense spending all fence spending has taken away the basic dignities that other people in western countries enjoy like a national health system, for example. instead, that money's poor more and more in the military, and it's destroying from within the u. s. society. and i think it's up to the american people, if they ever can, to understand this and know that they've been lied to over and over and over again
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about america's role in the world. that they're spreading democracy rather than maintaining an empire. the idea of an empire, something foreign to most americans were so obvious to everyone else. so if the american people could ever see that and wake up and this is kind of our mission consort news to keep driving home. what the realities are about u. s. foreign pulse and its impact inside the united states. they alone, i think the american people could force a change in direction. and then the u. s. could take its place as one among many nations, a powerful nation, a country that could still have a major role in the world, but not the dominant, want to not seek to control everyone else and act equally with other nations. that would be what we all hope for, but it doesn't look very good. does it, peter? not at all. and george, i mean again, i me, the fun mental question is moving forward here is that us the u. s. is predominant in many fields. still has a very tight control over international finance bill,
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but that's dwindling away slowly but surely as countries trade in their own currencies. we have major financial institutions. i m f, world bank still controlled by the united states, but that's being questioned right now. and so, and of course, the huge military that, you know, basically what you would speak to the, the economic crisis of 2020, but it didn't touch the, it never touches the military ever. ever. ok. and we could talk about health care at another time here, but george, can the us ever look at another country as an equal peer? i mean, is it in their d n a to be able to start even thinking in those terms? go ahead, george. no, i don't think so. i think the he who has very much be the so as the greatest the nation daughters created it has a destiny to be the leader of the world. this is universal. i'm all politicians. i mean even i kind of a politician. i suppose a laugh like bernie sanders, he subscribe to most of that. and so no america will not see others as
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equal. but this is where it does get very dangerous and where both the united states and china as the rising, have to be very, very careful. i mean, china can make all the points that he wants to about the american hedge money and american aggression and so on. so, but if it use a kind of dangerous policy of getting itself into conflict with its neighbors, creating these artificial island, ignoring world court rulings then that could escalate into a serious conflict. i mean, obviously we hope it doesn't, but there isn't definitely a real danger of conflict as there is over taiwan again. you know, all powers have to be there very, very careful. and as we've seen in the 20th century intervals before, that great bows often are not capital you reckless policies. they don't take into account the interest and motivation of their arrival and get themselves into
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horrific conflict. and it goes to the fastest way of ceasing to be a great if you get yourself into a long, protracted war that you don't know how to get out of here. but it's go back to sydney, joe the, the issue. and again, when you started out with this new alliance against china here, my candidate to respond to george's point here is that you have these entangling commitments here. and this is what you could even bolden, a junior partner in alliance. they, well, they were watching and got our back. i mean, again, good. does a farmer and in ohio want to go to war over some rocks, 100 miles off of the coastline of china. see that this is what really bothers me. more alliances you have, the more there's a tendency for things to go wrong. wag the dog, put it shortly. go ahead, joe. or you're absolutely right. the average foreman over doesn't really know what
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the heck's going on because he's not being told the whole story by his corporate media. and he doesn't know, he still thinks that america's the top dog and they get some, i think, some enjoyment about or identity anyway. american people, many of them that they think they're the best. in fact, the u. s. real quick while they're ahead because the longer they go down that road, they're more champs. there are, they're going to lose everything and the rest of the world. busy that suffers george point shock correctly. it's a very dangerous situation here. so u. s. is russia and china, i've been offering. they're not as powerful as us militarily. they don't want to war, but united states, i don't think united states wants a war with them. they know what the ultimate consequence of that could be, but they want to continue to bully their way through the china is building and the united states is bombing now. they just lost. they had to leave, i guess there was never, there's to lose they in their parlance, they've lost have dentist and that's a key piece for the chinese belt remote initiative. so as they pull out of that, china continues to bring in the rest of the world around infrastructure and
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development and not to say george had some good critiques of try. there's no question about that. but if the united states has to join in this world and join as an equal partner with others, and i, and until they do that, we're all our trouble. we're in a lot of dangerous situation where things can get out of hand in the south china sea in particular, but there's still flashpoints in, in europe as well. still. so this is a situation that us people, i think it's in their hands to pressure their government. i'm not expecting that to happen soon to change course that history. it's the writings on the wall is a demise of the anglo saxon supremacy. and that's what this is, and they can't let go of it because they've had it so long that can be just equal with others and other cultures. other at nist, these other nations. they need to be on top that has to be challenged and defeated
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inside the u. s. for us to be in a more safe and secure world. yeah, i agree with you, but george, you know, i did a stint in finance and you know, there's, you know, there's one thing that's more powerful than fear and that's called greed. greed is more powerful than fear. and so, you know, when we look at this, the sub deal, which joe is actually right that they won't be delivered until 2040. i mean, think of what's going to happen between now and then. but you know, also you and i have talked endlessly about the, the korean peninsula. i mean, the, the status quo satisfies a lot of people because it's one of the biggest defense outline. i'll lie for the defense department. they don't want to see that go away. oh, we got a new alliance here, you know more ships. you know, the thing is this green here blinds people to geo politics and what's, what's good for your own security. here we see that hope this whole shenanigans going on with ukraine need more arms that need more return. the us how that's going
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to help ukraine. i don't have any ideas, but it won't. ok, so i mean, the greed of empire is what's driving this. ok. and then we have all the trappings of woke nests with it. go ahead. yes. agreed. and suddenly the united states economy has been driven by military spending. it was in world war 2. i mean, that has been the primary driving force of economic development and the primary driving force of the logical development, the computer industry internet everything as been as a result of american military spending. i think that a plural. busy etc, of great powers is good for the world. i mean, i think that one of the enduring benefits of the cold war was that it enables a number of small powers to acquire leverage in the world. you know, really, you,
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you may not have much political, military cloud, but by playing all the great rivalries against the great, you could, if you had a lot of influence of countries like egypt, india, you know, they became significant play as well because of the, the rivalry when the united states them so, you know, something of the sort may well happen now. and ideally, another thing is joe has pointed this out. if europe can free itself from this artificial nato alliance, your good also become one of the great powers. and then i think that would indeed be a healthy balance among the great powers. and then there will be a great deal of freedom to maneuver so small about that would be able to get that much more out of out of the quote than is the case now. but it's,
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you know, history is sort of against history. just suggest that great. don't like to lose the number one position. i just really enjoyed that number one supremacy. and he doesn't want to let that go. yeah, george, your middle name should be metro. nick or bismark here? 32nd, big 3rd. so i can see a job before we go, go ahead. yeah, josh was describing an online movement in europe should become non line between europe, russia, china, and united states on the other side. and he also hit on the key point of what the real serious most important issue in the united states is that the military spending is gobbling up such a big part of the u. s. g d p. and it's, it, the private, the american people of basic necessities and threatening the world. that is what has to change. that is the most important problem in the world right now. the u. s . over spending and relying on the military for their economy, they need to diversify their perfect ways and this program. ok, thanks. we've run out of time gentlemen. many,
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thanks my guess in budapest and in sydney. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at our to see you next time and remember, crush dock rules the the o. right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is pricey and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the? it's corporate. me
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know that the girl i want to be packed support. don't call them right now. they stopped the disgrace to repair lawmakers, condemn spain, and the e. u over the arrest of cap land separately. the call is poached them on in italy after almost 4 years on the run. hundreds taken to the streets about the loaded tomorrow. the thing is really and confusion this evening as well about what the actual state of play is. is the arrested, the not will let you know the latest this to quebec, outlaws covert related protests needed schools, a medical facility, the critiques called the band and infringement of civil liberties. less than a year after coming to office jo biden's approval.


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