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ah, ah, in the headlines is 7 o'clock from moscow tonight, catlin separate his leader, carly, put them on in those headlines. he's to be released from custody late to friday, but will remain in it's lee to face a saturday cool hearing. following his detention for almost 4 years on the run earlier with european lawmakers, branding the arrest disgrace, canada's largest province, outlaws, coven related protests, new schools, and medical facilities. but critics, coal, the bond in quebec, an infringement of civil liberty. less than a year off to coming to office, jo biden's approval ratings salaam following
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a raft of questionable policies with the us president no less popular than, than his predecessor unlikely. future rival, donald trump, with germany said to choose its next chancellor this weekend off to 16 years of anglo merkel at the how we begin our special election coverage. boy, ah, i've ever been to russia who's out international with me, kevin. oh, in life, my will. des, edge q this friday, and as you heard, and i think we go to life pictures here and what they are, but i'm glad to find out the thing conflicting report so. so the catalog separatists lead to colors proves one's legal situation in italy. right guys, you're going to tell me these live pictures in from where i'm seeing here. i believe it college it is his hair colors. please come on in the middle of that
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scrum, his lawyer and clarify development set this afternoon by saying the politician will be released from custody later friday. well, it looks no one's briefly, but it looks like that is not happening alive. news event here. few counties paged him on earlier, arrested no relief. he's in italy. he's got to say that to him until he faces judges again. we think tomorrow morning to talk about his ex tradition trial, but it's still pending. he's alive, bit shaky pictures coming through, but he wanted to bring them to you. sorry. was a bit hectic there, but he's had a very busy day. most a lot of people's consternation arrested we believe then released that came as a shock. we talked about that about 2 hours ago and i was talking to all, you'll be hearing from him just a 2nd. and it way let's move on. when all this comes off to the former president of the capital and authority as he was, was arrested on 1st in italy,
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something that became possible after he was stripped of immunity as a european parliament and pay. he's wanted a range of charges including sedition and his being ports of sort, rather by spain authorities for nearly 4 years. meantime, hundreds of gathered bus loan roads, the italian consulate to protest with attention and demand is released. the coast wanted to try and coord andrew pharma discussed reaction to the events earlier from europe where a politicians have branded as arrest a disgrace today. the spanish disgrace just doesn't stop. neither does the european disgrace. solidarity with carlos put him on the spanish state is abusing the you arrest war. and by using it in this way, allowing people to exercise their mckorick right to vote is not a crime. there is only one way to still be insistent repression of the states. amnesty self determination and independence total supports mr. president, there's definitely could be the turning point in the fate of cadillac independence
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theater calls pushed him on and it could be the end of freedom for him. he was arrested upon arrival on the italian island of sardine, where he was supposed to take part and a meeting that's about capital one, full court, just cultural stuff. nothing to do with independent well on friday. and italian court is deciding the next steps in the case of mister put him on. and one of the very likely scenarios is expedition to spain, where he's wanted on several charges, including misuse of funds and sedition, which could mean 25 years behind bars for the former cadillac independence leader. and you may wonder, how's that possible if he was supposed to be protected by parliamentary immunity as a member of the european parliament? well, earlier this year in march, in fact mister put him on and his allies worse stripped of that parliamentary
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immunity by other m e peace. even though a 3rd of them were firmly against it. and that was a very intense day in that parliament building. he should be at these dates of europe in parliament, lost or unity, but the europe ian parliament. lot more than that, but he didn't get the results. it is also launching. reese goes on. well, we may be opening the door to other member states to prosecute any peace from representing minority this for probably to go on. you know these, these, these would be a tremendous tragic, but i, 7th, the government should not open quote, as we heard him leave. it's because your mom has been mounted by the spanish authorities for several years now and always stemming from capital and you paid for independence wide back to the event that were happening exactly 4 years ago in september 2017. when the castle land regional parliament led by calls pushed him on,
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initiated a referendum, other regions independence it went on despite the constitutional court in madrid, declaring it illegal. i remember how a vast majority of voters back then supported independence. even though the unionists decided to boycott that referendum and it all resulted in a very brutal crack down on the independence movement, with voters being severely beaten by police politicians being jailed at that time. some people were even saying that these events were giving flashbacks of dick the toil spain of the middle of the 20th century. the me
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and i remember how it all ended so now catalonia never became independent and even it's autonomy. busy was taken away by madrid, some of the independent leaders were jailed, but calls pushed him on was able to flee spain. however, the spanish thought he decided to change their tactics. and let's see what the italian court has to say about that. and that should be, will happen in the next 24 hours. we think will enter arc from the independence campaign movement said the international commission of european citizens cable to show earlier with may a spoke to an hour or so ago. she thinks in fact it was broke. the news to her that he just been released live on it. now. she thinks dialogues impossible until the spanish government probably listened to the people of cath lonia. here we need to, we need to be in the point that the company teach and they agreed on their strategy
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to try to dialogue with the spanish state. that doesn't mean them imply that the color and movement the most money is in favor of a strategy because actually many of us would think that the smoke much to talk with somebody that doesn't recognize you as a nation. doesn't bryce since 2017. when the car was put one except to stop the netherlands of colonial, i'm on tried to stick with the same if nothing has been achieved, as i was saying is 4000. she deserves this new job as a wretched station. a mission and repression is a reality. is a concept that if it's happening a colonial european citizens at the moment the news that forbid the canadian province of quebec is outlawed, covert related rallies, new schools,
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and medical vaccination facilities. the bill claims to protect children and health workers for what cause the dangerous impact of demonstrations, but could have sworn it denies people's right to protest the little bands, demonstrations all their incitement within 50 meters of schools and clinics. and i found his face thousands of dollars in fines if they breach it. medical and school staff, so are still allowed to protest in their respective workplaces. the law follows a number of anti vaccine protest side schools in quebec largest city, montreal, head of the province said his patients had reached the limit of to some of those rallies that erupt to the cross country so violent, i think, contributed lauren chen and lawyer julius grey because the reactions to the bill according to premier le go, this bill is necessary because he alleges that protesters could be intimidating or preventing access to students and patients. not everybody is in favor of this proposal though, and some are claim that it would be a violation of free speech and freedom of assembly. the problem is that i cannot
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see why such a law is not. because if the demonstration is violent or culture was loud, it can already be dispersed under the criminal code and under various municipal law. so there's absolutely no reason for it because i think they want to stop the message from being elated. and if that's the case, then it's a very serious, controversial contravention of the trust. and for anyone who does believe that such a law would infringe on the canadian charter of rights and freedoms, which does guarantee freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. remember that any and all of the freedoms outlined in the charter are subject to what it called reasonable limitations by the government. and as we have seen time and time again, when different court cases have alleged that certain code restrictions violates human rights in canada, such as the canadian florentine hotels,
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it does seem that canadian judges are of the opinion that if something is done supposedly in the name of stopping the spread of cobit than any in all limitations on canadian rights and freedoms are in fact, reasonable may 1 anti faxing protest have also grouped this trailer. we've been covering this what for 5 days. notice the 5th day of riley's melbourne against mandatory jobs for all construction work. as authorities have singled out building sites, particularly after a spike. they say corona virus, casey, that the police have arrested hundreds of demonstrators over the week and 5 spray, and this will go down well in the biden camp, less than a year after coming to off his job. biden's popularity is already slept to below that of his predecessor and possible rival of the next election. donald trump, in just 3 months, biden's ratings have collapsed. why more than 10 percent? total court has got more on it. a panoramic spiraling out of control historic
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military defeat and a border crisis to boot. americans are starting to think things weren't as bad as they thought under former president. donald trump, the mounting issues on all fronts of lead to the surprise conclusion. the trump is now seen as being as good a president as biden suggesting the honeymoon is being replaced with buyer's remorse. first on the list app, dana stan washington shameful defeat that concluded its 20 year long war was the last straw. for many americans, the disastrous withdrawal of us troops and surrendering of millions of dollars of military tax to the taliban. had republicans and democrats alike demanding the biden administration. be held accountable. in the the
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in the afghan a stand might feel like a world away from america, but there is no shortage of problems at home under biden's administration. earlier this month, biden announced a number of vaccine testing and masked mandates, which is proving to be the latest american political spac connected to the pandemic affecting around 2 thirds of the u. s. workforce. it wasn't long before the cries that biden is violating people's freedom of choice, were heard. 24 republican state attorney generals, or even threatening lawsuits really disruption divides the country. it increases
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the division in terms of vaccination when we should all be together along the campaign trail biden promise to make the country's southern border a more humane place. instead, thousands of migrants are living in horrific condition. like under the del rio international bridge, the immigration crisis is getting worse as thousands more asylum seekers come knocking at the us his door. and to top it all off buttons approach hasn't changed much from that of the trumpet. ministrations, kids are still being put in cages. and despite biden's many promises to would be green card holders, many migrants are being deported back home without getting their chance at asylum. ah,
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ah. the track record like biden's not even a whole year in office. it's no wonder over half of america thinks the country is on the wrong track with german elections just away a work and we're, that country is going to go and is it on the right track? it's gearing up for a big question. who is going to replace chancellor angle america as she leaves office up to 16 years, empower the a lot to stay calm thursday, kind of. it's how the final debate about it. but at a rally, shortly before the event was booed for backing one of the candidates and lashes as her successor. meantime, jeremy found some pretty creative way to say good bye to the chancellor. what she'll think of this though. no, she's got a good sense of humour, re flattering it till he may kareem producing 5 under special edition teddy bears,
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and her image featuring a angular medical trademark bulb on a signature diamond shape han. just a cute and in the capital berlin. people gathering to pay these colorful portraits of the going leaders. so all sorts of everything going on that medical careers being full of ups and downs says she's tackled a raft of major problems with dignity. a lot of people would say, from the pandemic to being spied on by the united states or europe corresponded, looks back at the merkel era. after almost 16 years in charge, the time has come for anglo merkel to step down as german chancellor. drawing the curtain on a political korea of over 3 decades, coming to office in 2005. she's the 3rd longest serving german chancellor of old time, only her mentor. helmut kohl held the position longer. in postwar, germany, anglo myrtle have achieved something that most politicians haven't at the time of leaving office. she has remained popular with
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a large chunk of voters. no small achievement. when you look at the challenges she's had to face me, germany weathered the financial storm that began with the collapse of layman brothers back in 2008 better than most countries. a 480000000000 euro bailout for the banks and managing to keep unemployment figures from spike. and to high, sor angela merkel reelected in 2009. then came the collapse of greece and the fears that could never pay any of it to lawful debt. pushed the single currency close to the brink and a tidal wave of criticism crushing down on merkel and her government. me do 2013. so whistleblower. edward snowden reveal that the united states had kept detailed tubs on senior german officials, including chancellor merkel, her phone being tapped by washington. protests on the streets of germany,
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were followed up with more diplomatic comment from the chancellor. but we have always made it clear to the u. s. president, spying among friends is not acceptable to me. one of the biggest moments of angle americans tenure came in 2015 with the refugee crisis. her statement via shuffle. so we can do it. she did a policy which saw hundreds of thousands of refuge geez, fleeing the conflict and syria coming here to germany. something which saw anglo merkel revealed by some reviled by others. each daughter guns, i simply say that germany is a strong country. we have already managed so many things we can do it. and whenever there is something sending, you know, way, we'll need to cross that bridge, which is need to work in it, is going to invite the indoor. so we have not seen migrant slows and such forms before and what we are seeing right now has no relevance to the present rule. this
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is merkle. repeat constantly, we will cope with it, but she is not offered a structured solution yet. to the chancellor medical actions in regard to refugees change the makeup of the german parliament is opposition to her policies on asylum allowed the anti migrant alternative for germany party to win seats in the book, the stag becoming the largest opposition party to her government, making things difficult to her when addressing the chamber the me there being no easy route to the finish line for angular medical. the government's policies on the covert, pandemic set off a small but vocal opposition. that at one point threatened to storm the bottom. the stag. i
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me me, me, me, the retreat from afghanistan provided the chancellor with more problems in her final weeks with accusations of rifts within her cabinets over how best to evacuate people from cobble. and then issues over who had been able to get on german planes is that the, if we will continue the evacuation operation for as long as possible in order to help afghans who worked with us for security for freedom, for the rule of law and development to leave the country. we currently have a very pragmatic procedure. we only carry out the security check upon entry to the country. we have now identified 4 cases of people who had already been deported.
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border now in germany with she prepares to vacate the chancellor's office just behind me. alarm bells ringing loudly and anglo miracles, christian democratic union party, as they slump to record lows in the polls. the chancellor's final address to the bond, the stock, which became a 10 to promote c d. u candidate arm and lush it her successor, ended in a barrage of hackles. it's not just about foreign policy and nato in europe. i would if i have been with this gym and boone de sac for with the t is here is of the democracy. and this is exactly what will be discussed me. despite the obvious challenges, the miracle years will go down is a time of relative stability for most germans. her policies have made it easier for
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families to balance. children with korea's employment figures have remained steady while the economy is enviable in the u. internationally. germany has taken a far more prominent role under medical leadership than it is had in modern times. one of the big concerns right now though, is that with no clear successes to angle america, in terms of policy, certainly international clout, what will become of those years of stability that was seen to her rein feature all of her r, t. berlin? well, merkle is our big political shoes to fail to. they will consider just a snapshot of what she stared, the powerhouse of the e. u. through over the last decade now, half sharing her rein, merkel is worked with for american president for french lead isn't 5 british prime ministers from george w bush to joe biden. chuck chirac, to my room across tony blair bars. johnson, multiple balls have dominated headlines in the time of ghana, stan syria,
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yemen. he's also played a key role to help say the euro currency of the 2008 financial collapse. and in the aftermath of the lockdown spearheaded unimpressive. wanted trillion euro e, one time demick recovery fund. so what's a legacy that as far as germans on the street, your average german are concerned, we went to find a few track him down and see what they thought. and it's been a long time. i've experienced 3 chancellor's cold, schmidt, and merkel. it's strange when you're $54.00 and you've only had 3 chancellors. i think she did a lot of good things for the country and also made a lot of strange decisions with the c d. you is not my parties, but i think she can happily retire. i will miss mrs. mccullough because i'm not satisfied with the current candidates. i would have preferred her. i think mrs. miracle has done a good job. very charismatic. she's accepted everywhere in the world, not to city you border, but you can admire the woman for longer than too long. mrs. merkel should have gone
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4 years ago now. she has lost her way. she did a lot of good in the 12 years before, but now you can see that she's out of the me. so now this is complicated, so we'll put some graphics on it. has the election process is set to work over the weekend voters? doug directly choose a chunk slip, but they've got 2 votes to decide the next parliament. the 1st ballot is for a candidate and the constituency. and there are $299.00 and the 2 safe across the country. then the 2nd ballot for a political party and $47.00 of them running for see could only parties with well than 5 percent of the vote nationwide can enter the bonus tag. a front runner for the chancellor shape is all i've shown. so looking at all of them for the coming days, he's currently the finance minister. he's a member of the social democrats to form part of the ruling coalition and raising the minimum wage is one of his election pledges will vote. he's been tainted by the fraud scandal surrounding the financial multinational. why
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a cod something that happened on his watch and get some like comments on the weekend. i had talked to maxwell to german senior politician and c. d u party member. hey mike, thank you for taking the time to be with us. you live on how important these elections, germany, and the world at large because it's a big change to see somebody's been at the helm for decade and a half to be saying goodbye, isn't it? yes, yes, it's a long time in germany is still, i mean it is most much of the last hour and it's suddenly in some ways and decline, but it's still a pivot pivot, little place in the world because we still have the east west conflict which plays out in the new hall and germany of causes a p ally of the us. so it's still very important how these elections will turn out . but it looks like we probably will get a green red coalition already said they would like to form a college and we'll see max, it's interesting, it's a good time. know,
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with hindsight good tunnel back is now these kind of pivotal change times. you said in the time germany is lost world, credibility is loss. will power loss world standing under angular merkel watch than yeah, she played for that. oh no. yes. but i would phrase it differently. germany is very well liked in the world or it's because it gives a lot of money to always is in the forefront of don't our conferences, it always agrees that it races from, from the you are degrees is the us on many things. so in that sense, we are still liked, but we have lost much of an industrial base. can this countries and decline we have and not done for catastrophic decisions in her under her watch? this was the energy, the complete change in energy policy, which would cause an event in 2011. then there was of cost the euro,
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the asked and the failed measure to, to save the euro, which ended in disaster and a deep depression. and the european self and then division and of cause 3rd was c and controlled immigration policy and migration policy. 2015 and now it's a wrong approach. is cove itself, it really a disastrous record which may not be perceived in the one? yes. so it is easy to criticize, i suppose, like if you are in her shoes you differently than what would you have done differently to. 3 make germany continue to shine some more? yes, i would have done it very differently and i've said it over the years. again, i'm not a senior politician. i'm the head of the battle when you own the conservative grouping with the cdo because of the grouping, which is not an office. i mean, not a paid office, it's all an honorable office. and so we give our voices, but i am
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a mob. foremost, i'm a professor and writer and thinking, so we d, n a key energy policy, the change to green was completely wrong, although it's friendly right now. germany has the safest nuclear plants in the world. and now russia is buying up our, our uranium, for example, because we can use it in breast size, making huge progress in nuclear power. that was some big mistake was done for political purposes, not for the long term. good up the country to next. you failed the euro, saving measures which were done because the south and france, russia, we now have a debt union in the european union, something which is forbidden by the constitution of the you and something which our party the cdo as promised german voters in $92.00 that would never happen now, and then will accelerate that process. and so i could go on and on devastating
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policy. so go to find a moment to look at the positive. so this is a nice time as well as low as look back and say, what could be done better or differently? let's look at what did work. you talked about some of the positives about her generous and the world looking germany as well. what were the best things that she did just a couple i can find good was about, i mean she's on she's like to broad because she always the yielded and she always a but she never formulated german positions. she. i think she basically wants family to disappears a political union and so do quite a few people in the ruling class of the governing class in germany. i mean this is really a weird psychology. so i, i can't find anything good in terms of her major decisions. she's trying to stay away out of the bottle of who's going to replace or get too involved. she's been slapped for a campaigning with arm unless she blush it as she is he fit for the task?
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what do you think about him then you can just standing back was last said is not strong decision maker. so i think he's not the best one but our grouping, the battle and you on of stood behind him because he was chosen by the party convention. and so of course, we have to support him, but he will have to take responsibility for the election outcome. all of sholtes. he's the front runner. why is he the front runner? what's he got to bring to the party so to speak? well, political, political functions are very volatile and to just 6 months ago and looked at the greens would be on top and now. and the candidate there has completely deconstructed herself. although the media is trying to sell, paint a different picture, but she's, she's just not up to the job and all of charles has persistence. he has a few scandals to his, his name or potential scandals. but he's sally statesmen like he has the bonus of office because he is the.


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