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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 25, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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of the latest developments, the ballot, the current and all the reaction, keep it right to your season. ah ah ah. rather driven by remove shaped by those in me dares think we dare to ask me
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the max kaiser. this is the kaiser report. you know life. it's diverse. that's what makes it interesting. when you have a monoculture, it's dangerously monochromatic. like when you have only one strain, a banana and a banana gets sick. and now there's no more bananas because there's no more diversity. what am i talking about? let's talk was stacey at 1st i thought you were talking about transitory the life is transitory. unlike inflation, which isn't permanent. and then you talked about bananas that i thought you were talking about all the coins encrypted currency and modern art. but no,
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you're talking, i believe about this 1st headline here, and that is a tweet from going greenwald. and he is quoting something from m. s m b c, a conversation that happened on m s n, b c. last week and removing people from these social media platforms works and we need to keep doing it and doing it more aggressively. this was the d. c. c 's kurt bar della to joy and read. gland greenwald says more and more censorship. a political speech is a top priority of american liberalism. so the dcc, they d triple c is a democratic congressional campaign committee, according to their own website. the official campaign arm of the democrats in the house of representatives, the only political committee in the country whose principal mission is to support democratic house, candidates every step of the way to fortify and expand our new democratic majority
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. so what they want to do is permanently removed more and more people and do it more aggressively from social media, modern day public square. right? it goes against the life force, which is all about diversity. and mutations that create possible survival in a constantly changing environment. and colors, there are millions and millions of colors and opinions. there are many and the way people shade their opinions and express their opinions and artistic expression and painters and sculptors and dancers, and you put it all together and it forms life. so this idea of adding more censoring to social media, you end up with greg greg do coming out of the orifice of political hacks that want to just cover the world in the dying feet of grey gu. nonsense.
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why? because they're greedy, ultimately joy read and the d. c. c, a and everybody on that side. they see their free candy that coming from being social misfits and by being not social misfits. but by being to tell terry in it and to tell terry newsome has never paid more than it does today. so there's joy, read, i'm a took out cherry and, and give me my money. so grady so disgusting, so deplorable. it makes me want to bomb it. so talking about artistic expression and grade do is i do want to note that i am wearing the same pink jacket that i wore last episode. and the reason is because it is quite fashionable at the moment in paris we are in paris, the fashion capital of the world said to once you look fashionable, i do have a different pair of trousers on just for the audience out there. i know they'd like to go to youtube. what color is that? this is pink? i think it's more of a future that's good for you. but in terms of totalitarianism,
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i want to talk about where this could be going because, you know, we're at a cycle of the 2 cities shop, which we talked about. the declining power is confront the rising power. and the way it's power acts like a force, right? it's like magnetic, it has its own gravity. so it does start to alter the behavior of everybody in the world. so look at what the. a democratic the de triple c is doing what the democratic party's stated aims. they would, they say they want to aggressively remove more people from the internet. so i'm going to look at a headline the same exact day. it was posted on the wall street journal that these people were on m s n, b c, which is a democratic favoring media in the united states saying that they want to take people de platform, people permanently as well. china's biggest movie star was erased from the internet, and the mystery is why, john,
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why was the reese witherspoon or china then she was censored by the communist party . i met a clamp down of the countries entertainment industry. she spent 2 decades as a huge star. there, as an actress, writer director, she directed award winning film, sold millions of records as pop singer and built a large following on social media, amassing 86000000 fans on waco, china's twitter like micro blogging site. she also made a fortune as an investor and chinese technology and entertainment companies. today, the 45 year star has been erased from a chinese internet, searches for her name on the country's biggest video streaming sites come up blank . her projects including the wildly popular tv series, my fair princess, had been removed. anyone looking up her claim film so young on china's equivalent of wikipedia, wouldn't know she was the director. the feel bow reads blank again. now, china has a habit of making really stupid mistakes throughout its history. like they burned
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down their treasure. fleet 500 years ago. they kicked the big coin miners out of the country recently. and now they are, are, you know, they have cultural diversity is life, as i've said at the beginning of the show, cultural monopoly and cultural stagnation leads to political and economic stagnation. the only way china's economy is going to thrive is that they encourage diversity in all aspects of culture, but they get greedy, that, that's, that's it, that's the story of china is g r e d, big red flag, greed and the swats again, showing its ugly face and its going to and tragically for those people. what i find about the story is that when we, joe biden was at the forefront of this when we brought china into the w cio and 2001. the argument to the american population was that we would inspire them to become democrats, to become democracy, to open up, to find enlightenment, to do all this stuff. we said we,
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that exceptional people would inspire them. instead we have on m, s, m, b, c. i have, i and i just read where they found remarkably like what has happened to this woman who disappeared from all the internet on august 26. it was a coordinated take down. we've had coordinate to take down in the west and the united states. join us ons. alex jones, who president trump freaking president of the united states was de platform disappeared and removed memory hold. memory. holing is, is totalitarianism, read george orwell. he was writing an existing in the 1900 thirty's, leading up to the atrocities of world war 2. he talked about this sort of thing. this is what they try to erase history. in terms of the u. s. commentators on the story and wall street journal. they interview stanley rosen, a professor at the university of southern california who specializes in chinese
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films and politics. he said that way is a poster child for with a communist party. sees as what's wrong with celebrity culture in china. it's a demonstration that no one, no matter how wealthy or popular is too big to pursue. so again, like she only had 86000000 followers. i think trump had even more. he was also the president of the united states and he got disappeared from the internet. so, you know, there is a similarity that's going on. she disappeared on august 26. trump, i think disappeared of a month or 2 earlier from the internet. so no matter how big no matter how powerful you are, that's what the same message is to jo bagget don't, it's out there tweeting on the internet. maybe you something that this person says might, i have them disappeared. and the warning is that if they could disappear, trump, they could disappear. you. the thing is that the u. s. by shipping all of its manufacturing jobs in factories to china, starting 3035 years ago,
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was happily becoming a vassal of china. so the u. s. is not really a good example of anything anymore. so the fact that the u. s. would be mimicking this, the platform that we see in communist china should be now surprised because we gave up our liberties so to speak long ago. so it's unfortunate, but as you point out there, the, the reason why they're doing this again is jealousy. there's a celebrity, they're getting more hits on social media. so the government deletes them. it's very petty. there is no economic reason for it. it's a matter of fact that will destroy their economy and it's repetition of history. we've seen this for thousands of years with china. it's very silly. my point is
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that the u. s. as mimicking them are at least are mimicking. they're one of the explanations for what's going on there is like for example of the celebrity, the children of the celebrities are banned now from appearing on television, they can't go on all the game shows and stuff like that. they because they're becoming their own power center, just like the catholic church was what they did. they introduced into christianity . the notion that priest can't marry because the priests were having children and building up their own power bases against the vatican. so it's the same sort of thing. they're trying to remove. power centers, alternative huge, you know, sort of robber baron power center. you're trying to control the life force. yes. of humans of planet earth, of the universe. and it never ends well when you go against the, the cosmic life force by becoming an authoritarianism, it always ends tragically and the u. s. had
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a lot of creative juice for decades and there was the american century and all that . and one, they shipped all their factory jobs over to china. they, they, and they wave the way the red flag and said we quit, we quit, we're no longer viable leave us alone. we just want to, you know, sit here with our really cheap tv land and china and the cheap clothes made in vietnam and just eat all those cheap food. and thanks for the fentenol, we're happy the force, the power that is china, attracting the elite of the united states to alter their behavior. here's another headline we kind of touch on previously, but here's a good quote to show the similarities in terms of how the power is mimicking each other in these 2 countries. oil market. this is a quote from joe biden. we're also going after the bad actors. china, literally doing that going after the actors, the celebrities, but here,
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the bad actors in the oil market. he's talking about and pandemic profiteers on our economy. there's lots of evidence that gas prices and by gas prices the president means gasoline prices should be going down. but they haven't, says president biden, we're taking a closer look at that. so gasoline prices, petrol prices are going up. he's going to, somebody's gotta pay for this. it's not the fed. 9, joe, go over the echoes building or the federal reserve bank is asked to stop printing money. problem solve. going to take a break when we come back much more coming your way. the me. ah, ah, yes, no. they didn't take into account one thing for their own capabilities. i knew i
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didn't want to face the truth if you will. give me lots of. and the truth is that the u. s. is no longer capable of playing the role of global hagaman. i mean the role which had had assigned to itself and glove was more i the i don't know. i mean there's some fits in there were rescuing the food that they were not scabbing or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best buy march 21st, which is in 2 days. all these potatoes, paula daniels, onions, all of these came from waste brown sources. this is great for me
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because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so it makes sense for them to throw it out right off, rather than give it to somebody who could use it. and then that person is not going to buy it. the welcome back to the guys a report. i'm as kaiser time now to turn to harry help. and then nym project is the c. e o harry, nice to see you again. good to see. again, i have to admit we are, we are somehow still working on this project. i think i talked to 2 years ago about privacy and tore, and now the other world has gone to hell in a handbasket, but we're holding in there and still trying to put up the fight. right. i guess the big news we'll get right into it is that you've hired chelsea manning. ok,
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so tell us more what you're doing. yeah, so you know, like 2 years ago when we talked, nym was, we had our research papers, we had some kind of demo code, but we weren't like really close actually getting it working. so for those you who don't know what name is the privacy project whose job is to make any communication resistant to mass surveillance and weirdly enough when i was fundraising for them. i guess he just so long ago, years ago, way before our interview. chelsea manning showed up at one of the funding events and then we talked and i was actually really surprised that she was actually really intelligent. mike knew about, for example, post quantum photography, was very concerned over mass surveillance. was actually a, a rust programmer which are very hard to find rest programmers nowadays. so when we're getting ready to like launch our system, we had this,
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which we haven't done yet, but we know we're getting close. i would say by end of the year, we're getting concerned over a real world threat model. so in crypto, like your threat is essentially the government running a giant machine and trying to break your key like somehow gesture key, which is why your key has to be so long. but what we're doing is we're hiding traffic. we're like hiding a headed out of your traffic and that involves creating fake traffic. involves have guessing a government and other companies surveillance capabilities involves a lot of to be honest, very rural, kind of like very hard issues that we, we don't know exactly what the right designers and we discovered that chelsea had been thinking about the stuffs since she was in jail, believe it or not. and so we hired her to inspect our system and make sure there's no weaknesses because there's very few people honestly who are from the inside of
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a government that will actually kind of do something as crazy as chelsea did get out, be able tell the story in an actually be like technically comp enough to look at systems like, oh yeah we, i think this can, are, can actually resist not just theoretical cryptographic adversaries, but the actual government adversary that we're very worried about. right. and i guess the, the nearest thing to it would be tour. and so how is it similar? how's it different? what is to our finance? so tours great. so tour is a project whose goal is to basically prevent you from leaking your ip address. so it takes your packet sent it to another computer like 3 hops, and it sends out out the last computer. and so that was used, for example, by wiki leaks the to it was used by snowden. it is actually probably the best way to hide your ip address and up by a long shot on the internet compared to any of these kind of weird vps are decent size, b, b and i use for every day. but there's a weakness, latour,
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when torres may, the internet was little bit slower because they really concentrate on speed. and it was more expensive. but you can imagine the problem is of i want to attack or i kind of look at the inputs, the all the traffic coming into the 1st hop and look at the traffic coming on like the last part of the cop out. and i focus on the traffic and i can tech patterns that traffic use that d n auto mice tor. so what we have done is we basically said, well, why don't we mix the packets like a, like a deca cars. we mix them up and we will add fake traffic. and the combination of these 2 things is what gives us an edge against mass surveillance. so while tor probably, i believe remain as good as you can get a web browsing for things like big coin transactions or a single instant messages. nimble definitely have an edge, right? so so getting back to chelsea, mounting, she's like
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a white hacker. if you bring her in, we're really stress test it into to, to be on that side. so her skills, you say she programs ross and she's quite converse and a number of different languages. i mean, this is a remarkable talent forged in a fire, very activists protests and making an incredible sacrifice in terms of actually spending time in jail. so now the company going forward, you've got chelsea on board. is the company at a place where it's really seeking a profit model or do you consider a more of a public service where we're still basically going to aim for to build a public service. but the problem is we don't want to become dependent on charity. we don't become dependent on government funding. you know, we don't want to become dependent on goodwill. when you see a country like el salvador, the become big claim legal tender. and they clearly taken on the empire. you know,
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they are going against the grain. they're saying, you know what, we don't want the us dollar. we don't want us dollar interference. and now the us dollars diploma. diplomatic efforts around the world are absolutely shambolic. you see it's happening to france, australia, great britain. things are really falling apart diplomatically for the us. china is asserting itself. so in the case of nam, is that something that a sovereign might be interested in? well, that's what we're hoping. originally, we built the system based on funds from the european commission, because angela merkel was like, oh, hell, but an essay aspire to me, what am i going to do? so that gave us the initial kind of funding to get things started. and now what we hope to do is have to take all the funding and money from the cryptic currency space from big coin and other other countries that are moving against this kind of tied of, you know, just neoliberalism in general. and, and use that as our kind of funding motor. so we do think governments like else app,
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it'll be interested. we've already have very good relations with the swiss government because obviously privacy is a big deal for so long and swiss banks. you know, people like chelsea and whistleblowers, human rights activists in general. i should be interested. ok. human rice, how come people like blood greenwald, or not pro, or talk about big coin when it's such an obvious human rights playing in your view, i realized as subjective. i do, i mean, i don't know. i think a lot of people honestly, sounds crazy, but they, they have these concerns over an electrical energy expenditure. they have concerns over. oh, it's like a ponzi scheme. i honestly think it's just because they don't understand that point . in the case, the gland greenwald, he's such a forensically minded detail oriented legal mind guy who gets into the weeds and really looks at stuff in a thorough manner. i mean, most of the find whether it's energy or others can be pretty, you know,
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dispensed with within a matter of minutes for someone who can really think through this thing. let me just switch gears for a 2nd in the us, but the left cable news channels like m s. nbc recently argued that deplorable mega anti cobra lockdown search should not be allowed to use the internet at all. like a, china operates a formal source, credit score, social credit score system. it seems like the us is going the way of china, or is that too much? right? yeah, i mean, the, the problem is all this prefer vaccine passports, mandatory vaccines. it's just a drive to a surveillance state and nym as a way to fight back against that big one way to fight back against that. and you know, the surveil state work which the u. s. and france and other countries are doing is very dangerous or even eat in a restaurant. i have to show a coven passport, which is likely can record my name. what restaurant i was going to, you know, throughout my entire life. and they're never going to get rid of this
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infrastructure. this infrastructure is they built temporarily to stop cove. it is probably gonna become a permanent feature of our daily lives. and so right now is really the time for people that work on technology to build anonymous privacy, enhanced alternatives to push for support and to get support honestly from everyone . i'm, you know, i got, i got back sedated, but i went all the way back to the us just to get back say the united states really didn't want to have to carry around a q r code that contract me everywhere. and i think this is really the most serious, the finding that logical moment of our generation after bitcoin is going to be the fight against coven enabled surveillance. cuz everyone's scared about being safe. when in reality you know, people are going to trade away their freedom for safety and right and there's nothing even use or being recorded. like for example, if somebody has an allergy. oh yeah, you know, like that would be useful. like i go show up at a restaurant and i'm allergic to nuts like a bio medical, something useful, but no,
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it's just what does the term surveillance, industrial complex, what does that mean? yeah, we just just just go back the nuts. we have the technology like the cipher punks around the same time. they invented a lot of early work and digital cas cash and mix. that's like them. they invented this thing called anonymous credentials, anonymous credentials. let you prove kinda like is your knowledge proof something without revealing. try, right, well that we can reveal all my allergic nuts or i got a coven vaccine. i'm. i got the test 3 days ago without revealing your birthday and everything. all this other stuff which they're collecting. so i think like these kinds of technologies, which are, i think the forgotten legacy of the cipher partially to be brought back and work was crypto currency to really enable a new realm of human freedom in this encroaching surveillance state. right. and all the data that is collected, it goes into databases and those databases are routinely hacked because the government hackers of the government programmers are not on a level of
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a chelsea. mounting parent data and not on a high level of expertise they, they've got really low level bureaucrats cranking away at some code which is easily hacked and that imposes a high security threat right there. but they don't seem to care because they can just print lots of money, which gets us back to the importance of a bitcoin. now the argument us is that the deplorable violate the terms of service . then it's not, in fact free speech issue to force them off the internet. so this gets into this idea. corporations have the right to do whatever they want, you know, spot a free speech issue because they've got right. we've seen several coordinated take downs of individuals in a manner similar to that. what happened to julian as well, name help, prevent this sort of corporate array. sure. of individuals. i assume the answer would be yes. but you know, what do you think about this idea? essentially, corporations, because it's a corporation, they can simply bypass the all human rights and all and all right, well you,
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you don't have any rights when you use twitter. when you use facebook, you use google. it's their private property. so you came into my house and you said something like i can throw you out. but the promise of house essentially is now the primary way. twitter, facebook, google, that we all communicate. so right? but if they're doing a bidding of the government, as they do twittering, aren't they an arm of the government? this idea that their private corporations is fallacious? oh, work with eric sherman, the us government. there's a, there's a kind of revolving door of people going into the white house back into the private sector. this happened historically with the u. s. military who's wasted, you know, far, much more money electricity than bitcoin. and what we're seeing now is that we need to basically move away from this kind of large private infrastructure which we're dependent on and build our own kind of self sovereign autonomy infrastructure sort of. so in bitcoin, if you have your private key, right, and you keep that safe,
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no one can take your big corn away. we need to have something very similar for social media because, you know, i may not remember essentially that's names. mission statement. it's definitely one of the things we want to help with were small bit of the pose, or will it were like a finger and a larger fist. so we're going to build like the next twitter or the next, the centralized twitter. but we will build ability for people who are under government repression or state suppression. people who might not agree with the mainstream dissent to communicate to the next twitter i perry happened. got to cut it up there. thanks. big cause report. thank you max. all right, not going to do it for this edition of guys a report with may max guys are and stacy her want to think, i guess harry help and of the new project until next time via the me ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, i oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving there because it's corporate,
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me ah, a judge court rules that police can continue selecting people for extra identity checks of the border on the basis of their ethnicity. we put the issue off for debate, codification of racism. i don't know the figures, but i suppose they are similar like in belgium, 6 out of prison or illegal immigrants of 300 self help workers in from surf facing prosecution over rump and fraud in the countries cobra health path system. after tens of.


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