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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 25, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is the create, the so called block a policy, a new division lives between the west and other nations. and such arbitrary rules can be you so used in, within the western camp when someone becomes too independent. that is the, this is the position of many of media in the world. also, the dispatcher says the us, as a response, says the talks about more strategic, told me in europe that says stephanie was stepped up onto the haste to withdraw the u. s. from the dentist on the case that we saw clearly situation of the rules of the west would like to use to build their own world order. we believe that we need to make sure she lessons the most use drawer on those lessons from the dangerous that the one, the consequences of the human cuter was clear for any favor of disrupting the us centric architecture that was billed on 2nd world for we can the has
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been used to save us from catastrophic scenarios. we need, you need see a not divisions and russia would like to see you, but it was less confrontational, stereotypes, and more efforts. you probably work together to help communities to help us with humanity, to survive. we have a lot of instruments. first in the us and security council, we need to adapt to issue the relatives of police and true to kids world order. and we need to expand it and then did things to new countries from asia, africa, and latin america. read nice. this is un security council members per minute plan. bas, can you stimulate channels and you truly collective action. and they didn't have a lot of responsibility at the un present to changeable proposed to me please just
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so much of the big 5 and then you can for anonymous dialogue on global stability issues. we're also put a lot of respect that hope on us american dialogue. we had a lot of arrangements in geneva, the entire world to huddle, as it was inspired by the move by the us administration to we extend says he start treated without any preconditions based on the president and the remain committed to the states to the principle that it could be no witness in nuclear war with also the us withdrew from the treaty. russia has taken the u natural commitment to deploy so we need both nuclear unconventional, those regions where the us will not go to their own massage. and we expect some kind of response from nature to our proposal. so we hope that they will also now in
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such a moratorium we've mutual verification measures. and they're also attempt to me to try the internet to have a cyber res rushes forward initiative in this regard. we believe that the company that the countries need to come together to keep it dropped to universal convention on new to the cybersecurity was some countries have used space as a new platform where they can challenge each other. we believe it's a dangerous threat, and we suggest that the deployment of weapons is just like these forces should be banned in space. and the russian chinese would've drafted on the table and talk so conference with disarmament in geneva. russia has consistently submitted other initiatives and other issues of 20 years after 911 to put in a fresh who tins the specious group proposal to put together abroad. and to terry's
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correlation is as relevant as should be collision without any double standard basement international law. we hope they'll be international response to russia's initiative to try to convention when chemical, biological, terrorism, international law, engagement of all interest stakeholders, and respect for the interest is the only way to achieve progress in such a thing. original conflicts. and i've got install serial libya to the whole dispos when you minute foreign players need to, to have regard to you cultural identity of countries where they need to stop politicizing with humans hearing aids, they need to provide assistance in building inclusive government. so who should go with the rush is guided by this approach, and it has taken a constructive method which part in promoting settlements and have dentist on through the extended trio and through the moscow format s. as in mary,
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contribution to stabilize the situation in syria through the us, not praises. and it also works with all the li, beyond parties as part of the ongoing political reforms such developments in the middle ation and should not push to the back put the palestinian israeli settlement process based on the well recognized international framework needs to be a palestinian state and that leaves the base over in peace with israel that we would like to promote got to the resumption of direct talks between israel and paley, steamy. and there's the role of the core chance of new to national mediators. session were in line together with the rubric needs to be stepped up. russia would like to see normalization of toys between iran and it's arab. what did you, neighbor,
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we need to go back to the around deal as soon as possible. because we need to see, we need a comprehensive approach for you in the long term stability. russia has come up with a collective security concept in the gulf region with the concept with circulated as a document for photography and at least the security council and general assembly. we are ready to share our experience of peaceful coexistence of different civilizations religions and cultures. new sex and practical hands on results from the world conference on into cultural and interface dialogue and st. petersburg on the 16th and 18th of may. 2022. and it's been endorsed by the un security by the un secretary general, cherish and elementary union. the motion is to focus on social, economic, and environmental protection. we hope that these tracks will not be politicized and
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copied 984 should enemy. we will support mutual recognition of factions that are adopted by national regulators. and we hope that travel restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible. we're also need to pushes before the s d g agenda is in solution. we hope that with the senior, the summit one put on the foot stems will be a step in this direction. one for you, but we would like to she hire role in the un in shaping you can i mean environmental agenda based on that is i would call it c and respect for the interest of all of the nation, including current social economic realities. muster with, to get through all of the agencies that have a role in the efficiency of global governance. we need to rely on the balance of interest grossing. you know, to 0. she's in a bush for
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a higher all of g 20. you know, you have breaks and other nations that are part of it, new, the old new pow houses we, which are very much interested in the global initiative in developments like voice to me by the name of the leader of china. so if you do that, which is very much aligned with our approach together with its allies and partners, russia for the new supports is strengthening our network lines. to 3 to gratian pros is a spot of the c. i s the recycling elective. script would utilisation and sean hike corporation organization. president putin said that we need to build a big duration partnership and use us young if you knew of them that is playing a central role in defining the rules and ways of going back to the asia pacific regional aspects of the world development is getting more important, and this is why we need to stop sizing it needs to be more constructive. we need to
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stop asking questions. who's more important? europe erasure, marie, india, and the pacific ocean, whether it is going to be election, american european union, whether africa should be the battle of the battle. the new battle ground, the you and to charter has a boss chapter page which focuses on regional organizations are going to be secondary general gathers such organizations to change opinions. we believe that we need to focus more on this area. we are all in the same boat and it is in our shared interest to the tip of flows. the oceans of global politics were different, but we need to be able to work for the benefit or people in the entire many say this. is there any way to rise up to the occasion you implemented the noble mission of the united nations to protect set of current generation from was national
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disease in farming and build a more democratic future forever model. and here's a hash tag and the rules are the you and charter. thank you for your attention. i think the foreign minister of the russian federation. ok, and i was fairly short and sweet. we just heard from the russian foreign minister, sir, gala ralph was addressing the un general assembly in new york. his speech partly echoing some of the key takeaways from his music conference that he held just a couple of hours back. just to pick out a few of the points that he mentioned to stomach honestly said that russia is not rushing into easy sanctions on the taliban, is the current situation doesn't require the no refusal, of course, to accept the newly appointed african passage to russia. this was stuff that you said earlier, and just we just had him say just a few months ago about code vaccines. he wants mutual recognition of vaccines. of course. not a lot of countries in the you are in america indeed, willing to acknowledge the splitting vaccine which makes travel difficult for
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russians. because of that, he also warned about attempts to militarize the internet saying that some countries were using cyberspace as a, as a means of threatening other nations. and he started talking about crimea and the right to self determination to kicked off with this. one said, it's a principle is applied very consistently by the international community and said that when it came to crimea, it was a right that had been put me on the back burner. so it was short, sweet, but he picked a few thorny subjects i to tackle him from our correspondence shortly with a bit more about this kellum open in new york for us i was a very, very sure breaking up with that with more useful. you seen a few minutes the you know, life it's diverse. that's what makes it interesting. when you have
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a monoculture, it's dangerously monochromatic. like when you have only one train, a banana and a banana gets sick. and now there's no more bananas to because there's no more diversity the ah ah, ah.
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the unity to national we just covered it live please love addressing the un general assembly the following proceedings flight. we were on correspondence in new york, kelly moulton. let's go back to italy. ronald thrilled, i am sure you just like myself. i'm sure you were furiously taking notes and all of that. what were the things that stood out for you? sure. well, it seemed like the focus of his speech was to call out some of the hypocrisy in the way the united states talks about a rules based global order and emphasize the need for equality and global cooperation. when it comes to enforcement, to end the competition between regions and to have, you know, unified cooperative,
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collective solutions to problems not have the united states, simply addressed things in a self serving manner. that seem to be the focus of what we heard from the russian foreign minister. now you'll, you'll notice that he, regarding the situation in crimea, he called me, pointed out to the united states doesn't seem to be respecting the self determination of the people of crimea who shows in an overwhelming vote and a referendum to join with russia. he also talked about the danger of a new cold war and how dividing the world into blocks could be potentially dangerous. now, the foreign minister spoke very optimistically about the need for negotiations around the issue of arms control and preventing a new nuclear arms race. he also spoke about some of the emerging cooperation organizations that are emerging around the world, talking about the notion of multilateralism countries working together and becoming
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more in an economically and politically tied to one another. he talked about the need to resolve the israel palestine question and to resolve it within the rules that the u. s. has set. and really he continued to emphasize that these international bodies, like the united nations, were created so that there could be a collective decision making progress. he talked about how the un comes out of the 2nd world war. the destroy, the struggle to defeat fascism when the united states and russia and china were all unified against fascism. and how he feels that the, basically the states, but with its resolutions, you know, not voting, to stop the tearing down of world war 2 memorials. not voting to, you know, universally, condemn naziism of the united states. just trying to undermine the historical, the historical narrative that gives credibility to the united nations and how that anti fascist struggle that gave birth to the un is very, very key. so there are
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a lot of interesting remarks. i mean, he talked about, you know, human rights. he talked about cobit 19 in the pandemic. he touched on climate change, a very wide ranging address focusing on the need for a fair approach and collective decision making and international affairs. you've got great memory, i don't know how you manage to take all the and so quickly with us while you're online in new york, and i'm not really appreciate a good assessment that kayla more pin corresponded. ok, let's change some of cobra rules of being systematically brief. in australia, thousands of people have been defining a stay at home orders to attend anti vaccine rallies is in melbourne. place, expect the protests to intensify over the weekend and has been fuel by mandatory coven shots? for construction workers, adding to harsh lockdown measures. the
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me the me the the the,
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the very person the, the a dutch court has ruled that it is legal for border guards to stop and check people who entering the country based purely on their ethnic city. the court case was lose by an jury money said the board of police are still on racial grounds in another. and within the same guns, i mean, people entering from the men to say no really required to show their passports. international conduct. the latest ruling, they said it was unconstitutional, and the lawyer involved in the case says that it could encourage,
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legalize discrimination issues. and after you speak and still be part of risk profile, some selection profiles we think that leads to door opens wide or just from a nation. and racism. basically at the time that i'm coming home to my country and that, and i'm being stopped. and the city can play a role. this is basically what the court is saying and to us it's really a shock. the ruling comes emitted migration surge in the urban union. the block sort of 115 percent jump in 1st time this out of them claims. in the 2nd quarter of this year, the biggest increase coming from african refugees is figure that is expected to accelerate in the wake of the taliban stake over there. also sharp prizes and arrivals from syria and pakistan. we are spells and politician frank chrome and racial equality, campaign ally, just to give us visa on your long running refugee dilemma. hey, codification of racism and to touch,
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know how come want to discern nationality by the city? in the modern world, kind of habit, mississippi is a category that for mocking out suspicion amongst individuals, i don't know the figures and alls, they are similar, like in belgium, 6 of them really are illegal immigrants for me to offenses. so it's normal, the police and customers, the more who know what if they want to control someone. maybe the black city council should think his anger, who his own color. brothers are the reason for his problems. i wonder about the general trend across europe, which is moving to was continuing lead. you need to my zation hall, common racy spirit slides through ration racial profiling through through criminal justice systems. holidays indicate se, continued right. we drift across the world, these groups that are there, there are parties more, ethnically, less wing,
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and they have their own political parties. so the 1st thing they knew separately, profile themselves into their own parties, was eating some all around the world traveling that will have based on their mind as well as their residents, multicultural communities. so we'll have an impact on the international reputation of the dutch who are previously saw as progressive in europe in terms that increasing as we see the trend to move right with your spread even to those most progressive european nations. really, you should look at your own community. you should look at room room if they are overrated or too much in trying to see that it's quite normal that they, that the police and customs are no longer the secure. the major when politicians bang the drum about racism, immigration and the need to be it's also the need to be able to justify the racial
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profiling and discrimination. i guess minorities uses, the government itself is seeking to distract the population from more serious matters. been in the belgium and holland are full, we are, we are the smallest and the most countries in the world. if you do a thing like this, then it may be the best to make. and finally, an end to political correctness and then saying go, don't come to help them because before, if you stop, stop giving them money when they come in and give them the alls and given the school's getting and everything. and it was of love before. ok. and i rub, so for this news iris been busy, i'll return in about 7 minutes time with your headlines, updated me ah,
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look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings. accept where's the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with him and a robot must protect its own existence. was the you know, they didn't take into account with one thing, their own capabilities. i didn't want to face the truth if you will, you less than the truth is that the u. s. is no longer capable of playing the role
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of global hagaman. i mean the role which had had assigned to itself and took a web glove by the way to do more than i driven man across the board of the search and focus bittman ball. you got me. oh yeah. oh oh i got me.
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ah, i understand. i yeah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths
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or remain in the shallows. ah ah ah ah me ah, i will. i will lack of universal healthcare makes america the country of every man for himself. we have a retirement crisis in this country and we have
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a health care crisis for seniors in this country as well. so private business has come up with a special mechanism for that. it's called the live settlement market. we are a life settlement provider, which means that we buy life insurance policies from primarily seniors throughout the united states who no longer want or can't afford their life insurance policies . if you're sick and for want to live a few more years, you can sell your life insurance. that way you get more money right away and the company collects your insurance payment after your death. there's a group of people out there, i guess, hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation is i give them when i start crying about them dying? that's usually what it's about. it's just the sheer unfairness of it. all. the guys are financial survival guide. let's learn about
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fill out. let's say i'm a strike and you're, i'm grief on banks of the site. wall street broad, thank you for helping with the choice that fell out that way. ah, working machine, she popped in, she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we think there was a good buy another shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're, i was on this issue, the other side window by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs. she said, why do you wear again?
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were you scared they took it off and i think the people need to take responsibility in their own hands and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number that ah ah, with me if you look at the little boy here, the little girl made up because i don't want the cause. the choice of insurance underwood lawyer committed. it's in the not
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normal court piece and she can eastland leave to the dungeon turned to the un general assembly was russia to take to the big states for mr. rob has just completed his address there in new york city courses rule, the police can continue to select people, but extra checks of the board. based on that, this is an issue we put up for the bi, codification of racism. i don't know the figures that i suppose there are similar like indulgence. 6 of them written are illegal immigrants offences and hundreds of helpless.


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