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doctor, because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people in our society. so that makes sense for them to throw it out right off rather than give it to somebody who could use it, then that person is not going to buy it. the the wakes up stories are actual, the russians that he moans, the loss of 6 people killed in a university shooting of correspondent traces with steps to 15 gunman. deadly rampage is the exact road the perpetrator to, while he was comparing out his vicious planet, bronze and says political dialogue within nato was non existant. but the u. s. i knew k struggle to come from china over a security pipe with australia and german voters and coughing that ballads and what promised to be a very close forward rates with
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a boon to start on. our team will be continuing our special coverage and assessing them main contenders. buying to replace long serving chancellor angler marshall the i will a very good afternoon to you from the russian capital just after 1 pm here in moscow and what a week. it's been with your top highlight stories. let's give you some of the bigger headlines now for this edition of the weekly. so it was the russian city or pub in a state of morning this week off for a university gun massacre. 6 people were killed on monday by a student who classmates describe as a silent and lonely teenager. a warning you may find the following, images, disturbing, and other 40 people were injured and shooting. most of them students, many of whom are still fighting for their lives. ortiz cause it in a rush, golf retrace the steps taken by the young gunman. another warning you may find the
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images in his report. distressing. this is the exact road, the perpetrator into while he was carrying out his vicious plan. and this is, by the way, the exec street, where he fired at a passing car as he was making his way towards the campus. ah, the gunman showed up at the university faculty building. and this is where he was 1st filmed by terrified students. they were staring at him as he strode across the park with a hunting rifle, ammunition wrapped around his body. the me i didn't show this, but when i was leaving university,
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a group of people had already got that. that turns out we 15 minutes earlier, we could have been in that situation. it was very scary. we usually to be a building next time we are in the 1st building. out that it was this little, even today. ah, that's the building where are these horrific scenes unfolded just meters away from where we're standing now. people were jumping from a height of about 4 meters spalding heavily onto the ground. many of them have suffered serious injury because of that hasty evacuation to my fee was among those who jumped. this is him on the video falling from the window. fortunately, he didn't suffer any injuries, unlike other students movie did in we saw a guy walking across the square holding a gun, aiming a top building. he fired a shot and then disappeared from our line of sight. and then we realized we had to
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do something, a bit of the suspect has been identified as an 18 year old freshman at the university and a social media post he made. shortly before he embarked on the shootings, he talked about hatred for mankind in general. and that he'd been planning to commit a mass murder for several years. yeah . well, it looks like nobody's in there. this is the suspects department, that is where he lived with his mother. and they told us that after she was called in by the investigative committee, she then decided to move elsewhere away from the media. attention near the house. we met the suspect. former classmates remembered him as a silent and lonely teenager who didn't have a lot of friends. they also run into him the morning he went to shoot people on to quibble. he was quiet and shy, not very sociable, and he always slower when he walked in the news of the gang that day. he walked differently. that day he walked with confidence quickly with broad steps. and of
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course, the main question in everyone's mind now is how 18 year old got hold of a firearm. while he bought it legally, he passed the medical test. he was headed by. it's a high tree a who apparently hadn't found anything odd about this quite young man. there was a bit footage taken in one of the gun stores on the outskirts of berg right here. where are the light shooter? purchased himself. ammo as he was getting ready for the mass. murder, ah ah, we were welcome at the store. if you'll let me go, when your name was crystal clear
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about this tragedy is that it could have been much worse. you've had there for 2 heroic traffic police officers who just happened to be in the vicinity. when the shooting started, both officers rushed to the campus with one of them and quickly running into the attacker. open fire. that officer consented, calling and returned fire, wounding the suspect. and then he administered 1st 8 or the gun mans and hospital in a serious condition. although he has revived and even regained conscious, i can say that about the city though. hark, as perm is still trying to come to terms with the nightmare that has just happened, and as you can see, people are still gathering up. this makes shift memorial to honor the memory of the deceased. a passenger train has derailed in the us state of montana, killing at least 3 people and injuring dozens more of the amtrak train was heading from seattle to chicago on saturday afternoon carrying 141 passengers and 16 crew members. as we understand, the 7 of the 10 cars derailed along
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a straight section of the track of the court of the disaster so far unclear, but an investigation is already up and running for the us and u. k. a scrambling to mend a rift with france, softer sidelining, their ally in a new security packed with australia. president biden has now admitted it was wrong to strike the deal behind. frances back, that's after the french defense chief said political dialogue within nato has all but disappeared. let you to visit as you need the attitude of the united states. one of the submarine program is a further investigation of the of asian that we have been making for months today. political dialogue is non existent within the atlantic lions. donald quarter reporting now on the cracks, appearing within the western military alliance. and how the british prime minister is handling the pressure what, what do you say? i know that you have only a, have a great evening,
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mutual protection, a greater common purpose. all this seems to go out the window and there's a bit of money to be made. the recent controversy surrounding the u. s. u. k and australia is new, security packed has left the new leaders scratching their heads about what even means to be in nato anymore. the reason for nato existence is transatlantic security. this is what we want to remind the united states off. therefore, our partners decided on our initiative as well as on the initiative of germany to revise the strategic concept of the alliance. being allies does not mean being hostage to the interests of another country. at 1st, the spat seemed confined to only a few powers. france being upset with the suspension of its submarine contract with australia, which resulted from hawkess's provisioning of nuclear sub technology to the country . and the entire strategic alliance is feeling the reverb. it is such a difficult issue where we see traditional alliances in some way torn apart are
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certainly changed fundamentally. but the issue doesn't stop their london doesn't even feel like they've done anything wrong. it's 3 very like minded allies, standing shoulder to shoulder, creating a new partnership for the sharing of, of technology. it is not exclusive, i did not trying to, to shoulder anybody. i did not add the stereo towards china. you states feeling like they were left hung out to dry, the u. s. and u. k. making decisions without consulting their friends with nato's ongoing friendship. crisis airing it's member states dirty laundry. many are finding it hard to see a strong united future for the west over 7 decade long military alliance. nato was considered by franz a month ago, a year to go by president my call as brain dead, a brain dead alliance, best strong work within a tow. they want to revise the concept. he's teaching concepts and bring it back
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actually to the north atlantic. because if you follow america, nato will soon be in the pacific, cruising around china with us. this is not the way nature was conceived, and it shouldn't be there. europeans should not be in that region of the world markets that repeatedly, that we should enlarge. our vision, any desperately look to something to do. that's the reality. you know, we are in the, i mean, maintain what's in the scanner is in iraq to train the forces. that's the limits of the extension. this is not the north atlantic anymore. is it possible here in moscow anti lockdown riley's in the australian city of melbourne, have led to some brutal encounters with the police and one video surface of a man being thrown to the ground. unrestrained, i said, police say they are investigating the case. i should warn you before we show you the video, you might find it a bit disturbing. the
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oh, of 90 people were arrested in melbourne on saturday. this on the 6th day of protests, a covert case a day have reportedly been on the rise since july. and thousands of people have been defying a stay at home order to attend. riley's angus been fueled by a mandatory coven shots for construction work is added to already very harsh. lockdown measures the me
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the the reviews you got the very person
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earlier in the week of victoria state law enforcement called for the s space of a melbourne to be restricted to only police helicopters, news outlets challenge the plan with a court ruling. the choppers could fly with police approval, australian affairs analyst gideon ross and gave us his view on the events. my suspicion is i did that because they thought that there was so many angry and frustrated people in melbourne that it people saw had be the protest. were but actually come enjoining, and we can't be under any illusions as to what's happening here. for the 1st time in australia, the victorian police has since effectively since the broadcast media. once you have the police censoring the free praise, you're entering a very, very dangerous territory. we are using can terrorism police officers on australian citizens on protest. we shouldn't have
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a situation where police protest press free protest this wildly with rubber bullets . would you guess police climates? because on the crone of ours rules, you can't gather publicly for any reason, including protesting. i actually think there's an element of politicization that could he upstream police brutality. we've seen it is an attempt to crush people who crushed into 2 baldly tight down. people who disagree with these insane and n p, freedom locked animals, so ballots, and i'll be in cost in germany. election explanation prepares for life off them up . we are back with more just the so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation,
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let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk a, you know, they didn't take into account one thing for their own capabilities and they didn't want to face the truth if you will view the truth is that the u. s. is no longer capable of playing the role of global hagaman. i mean, the role which had had assigned to itself glove when you do more with the the, the,
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the ah quarter past the hour here at moscow and boating is now underway in germany for what is shaping up to be a knife edge. contest, of course, has one big question on voters minds who will replace under michael after 16 years . the unlike previous german elections, voters go into the polls with no clear idea as to who might emerge as chancellor. the outgoing angle emotional has endorsed her own parties, candidates, autumn and lush, it although holsters have named the social democratic leader sholpes as the favorite. and there's also a strong challenge from a party seen as a coalition power broker of the greens. one of the issues looming over the election
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is that of the pan demik saturdays. riley's in berlin against vaccines and against the religious restrictions. with the latest reminder of how divided people are over covert anglo marco's taking a consistently tough line on curbs and lockdown, sparking frequent unrest over the past year and a half to the mogul time and power has had its highs and lows. plenty of challenges from immigration to cove. it to being spied on by her friends in washington or europe correspondent has more. after almost 16 years in charge, the time has come for angle merkel to step down as german chancellor. drawing the curtain on a political korea of over 3 decades, coming to office in 2005. she's the 3rd longest serving german chancellor of old time, only her mentor helmet co held a position longer. in postwar, germany, anglo myrtle has achieved something that most politicians haven't at their time of
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leaving office. she has remained popular with a large chunk of the voters. no small achievement. when you look at the challenges she had to face me, germany weathered the financial storm that began with the collapse of layman brothers back in 2008 better than most countries. a 480000000000 euro bailout for the banks and managing to keep on employment figures from spiking to high saw the local reelected in 2009. but then came the collapse of grease and the fears it could never pay any of it to lawful debts. that pushed the single currency close to the brink and a tidal wave of criticism crushing down on merkel and her government. me do 2013. so whistleblower edward snowden reveal that the united states had kept detailed tubs on senior german officials,
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including chancellor merkel. her phone being tapped by washington. protests on the streets of germany were followed up with more diplomatic comment from the chancellor. have always made it clear to the u. s. president, buying among friends is not acceptable to me. one of the biggest moments of angle america tenure came in 2015 with the refugee crisis. her statement via shuffle. so we can do it. she did a policy which saw hundreds of thousands of refuge fleeing the conflict and syria coming here to germany. something which saw anglo merkel revealed by some reviled by others. each daughter guns, i simply say that germany is a strong country. we have already managed so many things we can do it. and whenever there is something sending you no way need to cross that bridge, which is need to work and see if these are going to invite the wound or should we have not seen migrant glows in such forms before. and what we are seeing right now
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has no relevance to the present rule. this is merkle. repeat constantly, we will cope with it, but she is not offered a structured solution to the chancellor medical actions in regard to refugees change the makeup of the german parliament is opposition to her policies on asylum allowed the anti migrant alternative for germany party to win seats in the bottom, the stag, becoming the largest opposition party to her government, and making things difficult to her. when addressing the chamber. i me there being no easy route to the finish line for angular merkel. the government policies on the coven pandemic set off a small but vocal opposition that it was point threatened to storm the bottom to stuck. the
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me me, me, me. the retreat from afghanistan provided the chancellor with more problems in her final weeks with accusations of rifts within her cabinets over how best to evacuate people from cobble. and then issues over who had been able to get on german planes is that we will continue the evacuation operation for as long as possible in order to help afghans who worked with us for security for freedom, for the rule of law and development, to leave the country, we currently have a very pragmatic procedure. we only carry out the security check upon entry to the
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country. we have now identified 4 cases of people who had already been deported border now in germany. she prepares to vacate the chancellor's office just behind me. alarm bells ringing loudly and anglo merkle, christiy, and democratic union party as they slump to record lows in the polls. the chancellor's final address to the bone, the stag, which became they attempt to promote the due candidate arm and lush. it as her successor ended in a barrage of hackles. god isn't, it's not just about foreign policy and nato in europe. my thought would have been with this german boon de sac for with he is here is out of the democracy and this is exactly what will be discussed me. despite the obvious challenges, the merkel years will go down as a time of relative stability for most germans. her policies have made it easier for
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families to balance. children with korea's employment figures have remained steady while the economy is enviable in the you. internationally, germany has taken a far more prominent role under miracles leadership than it is had in modern times . one of the big concerns right now though, is that with no clear success to angle america, in terms of policy or certainly international clout, what will become of those years of stability that we've seen to her rein fees, role of her r, t, berlin. so here's how the election works. german photos don't directly choose a chancellor. they elect members of the blender stock who will later pick a chancellor to lead a coalition government each vote who receives to ballad papers. the 1st is for a candidate in the electoral district, and there are 200 in 1909 constituencies across the country. and the 2nd ballot is
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for a political party and there are $47.00 of them running for seeds. however, only parties with more than 5 percent of the vote nationwide can gain access to the button to start. well, let's learn a little bit more about this here on our to live now law professor elmore, he bowler joining us here from berlin. a very good afternoon to you, so everything is that to play for in this election. the only thing we know for sure is it is the end of the angle of merkel era. what are your expectations when i know that the one going to be close to the disability in terms of the 2 blocks, they're most likely that again, the victory quite be the only thing. we certainly noticed that the part of that participate in the future government because they needed to for coalition attributed to coalition may be together. but the christian democrats or their, with the social democrats to the greens, unnecessarily entity. so the question is,
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who can be the majority of this together, the incident, the most likely then he needs the liberal party to form a majority called the coalition. the other option is from my point of view a. ready bit less preferably, but it would be a social, democratic, corrective, and green coalition. most likely these 2 parties not achieve. ready majority, so the need somebody and the somebody can either be the common from a communist party of the link or the list, fatty or it could also be the liberal is if the neighbors are willing to participate in such a the green red coalition, i guess not because many voters who usually would have given the christian democrats that would but to against the traditional portraits of mac and most likely, or should they ask if they give?
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no, they will give today many voters instead of the christian democrats, they would give them to the liberal and then the liberal party that tons of a and from the coalition with the mean and the red and the social democrats. of course the kind of falsification of the what the board to set expected. so you cut a long story short. my view is most likely be a coalition been offered and christian democrats unless it will be the chancellor. next chancellor. the greens definitely. and of course also the liberals. well, it's very interesting commentary. you get there about a potential coalition government being fallen. hey, i wanted to mention a couple of names. you mentioned one of them just now. if the polls are to be, believe germany is likely the end up with either. oh, laugh schoultz, s t p or automated lasha of the cd us chancellor. now, these names may not be terribly familiar to a lot of people, but how different are these men and how much will it matter?
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which one of them gets to the top? the problem, of course, of all of shows of the social democrats they, they form the coalition for the reasons and maybe most likely then even if it comes together to a majority of the communist party than the whole politics in germany, they shift dramatically the to the list talk looks like it's not a left. we not use quite an in, within the spot to just so you could count him to the right to be mis. but he's obviously them completely dependent on, on the greens. and he depends on the left party. so he has to be otherwise, i can imagine that these 2 parties take this as a condition for a condition that the said you are the dog of a true what we would like to his company politics in germany for the next 4 years.
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then we don't make you a chancellor, so he has no chance. if he would like to be a charge that you'll have, of course, to be transferred to the comic transfer. then he has to change his personal attitude completely and turn, turn into the lift direction. this is something that a lot of people here in germany, they know, is there any way that the, the greens that they're going to be a strong green element in which government and coalition ever as i said before, the green to definitely be part of the whatever coalition, so the green ideas which share for many of the population, but many people jump there because it's an avoidable to, to change the attitude in terms of climate change and all these things. so this is undisputed as such, they are not at all. but the reason correlation together that, i mean it is friday and socially democrats isn't. it's not what the majority of the
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people. yeah. what about that? i mean the balance are now being cause i do apologize for jumping in, but the balance are being cost right now. it is a very important 24 hours for the future of germany law professor la given molar joining us. you are an author into national thank you so much for your time. we appreciate we will continue to bring you the latest on the german ballad right here . on our end to national both honor and online at archie dot com ah ah ah ah
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