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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 28, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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the guys are, this is because report so much happening in paris. max's stacy are taking it all in geo politics. gone berserk, australia, france, the u. k. all battling it out in what appears to be a new york bomb fight. stacy. right. well, because we are in the fashion capital of the world, paris, our last episode here, we will say the fashion in diplomacy seems to be new york style, new york born boris johnson was in the white house last week. and what he said to the french to my crone, his message was, get a grip. give me a break. he said in french, bad french, i might say even worse than mine. but here in france, my crone says to scott morrison, and essentially not were believed,
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but through his actions, you think take a hike, buddy scram, get lost, pound sand. he won't return. scott morrison's calls. so this is my crone versus scott morrison, who is the prime minister of australia, who dissed france by secretly negotiating a deal with united states for the to break the contract with france for $90000000000.00 worth of submarines, the barracuda class from france instead he's going with a nuclear powered submarines from the united states. yeah, i love the tenor of this crappy this, the dialogue between these 3 countries microns proving to be a real thug. in his verbal pronouns as pronouncements and boris johnson. of course, it was already a kind of a fog to begin with, and he was a print a and grip, you know, get a grip. here's a guy you know, hasn't come to say are 35 years and never walked by say,
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platter that he didn't stop at for several hours at a time and gorge himself. and so they're really getting into the street brawl. australia is out there in the middle of nowhere, you know, becoming that crazy island. so i guess this is all part of the globalization, dollarization depopulation themes that we talked about coming up 420212022. it's all playing out in real time. but i'm, i'm like, in the background, in this fight as a bump fight. i think the odds are by chrome is going to come out on top. really. he's got to you behind them. and remember, after breaks that force johnson's got holding in his hand, basically a pair of twos, right? he's all talk, he's got nothing after break that. remember the u. k, the neutered spent country? well indeed, france has the history of the close shock, which is more elegant bump right, that lives under the bridge with fine wine and champagne, and, you know, hanging out the life of stairs games born again that, you know, it's
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a little bit more romantic here than what you see directly francis in the winning as country in history, when it comes to war. they one more wars than any country on earth currently. so i think they're going to be back to form. i think it's a cross channel, 50 costs are back and play and i'm like and macaroni this. i'm taking macro in 6. well, of course, i guess the french one thing you see here, if you've ever lived here like we have for a long time, is, you know, there is more of a fisticuffs sort of thing. it's a normal like, you know, you see member, my chrome got punched here. cozy was often very like right in the face of his voters and the constituents, the people, the citizens of france. there's often a hand to hand combat because the country allows guns, right? so in the u. k, it's more of knives are really the weapon of choice. in france,
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there is a lot of brawling on the streets, but usually at the point of no return, because of the pollyanna glock, people are assumed to be guilty until proven innocent. so you go immediately to jail. that's why you don't really see a lot of st falls, but what it does get testy, it does, it does start to get nasty. we usually at the sign of one participant accusing the other of being a collaborator, that mo, the next, the next moment after that is a punch in the face. so burst, johnson said, probably a grip. don't a walk on break. that's how he said it. i'm just repeating him, so give me a break. get a grip. now in, of course, like i said, the close shock the under the bridge, champagne swilling bum here. it's a lifestyle right. there's celebrated here and french literature, art history. you can't be of proper closure without a bottle of champagne. and in the news, over the past weeks, while we were here,
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is the movie shawn, don't. the workers there went on strike because they were not given the prime mac chrome and the prime mac crone as a 1000 euro sort of bonus that all workers making under 3 times the minimum wage was about 50 $5000.00 euros per year. they're supposed to be given an annual bonus of a 1000 euros. and well, kind of like collaboration that were all in this together, right. this came because of the g liaison at the end of 2018. so 20192020. all the workers here who made less than 55000 years collected a bonus of a 1000 years. but mo, mo, a shot done this past year. for 2021 has decided not to pay this bonus though the workers went on strike for the 1000 euros. just to put it into context, these articles my way and shadow workers, go on flash strike, and france burnout. our know is the wealthiest man in the world as of this last year. worth a $189000000000.00?
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of course i was up and down, but importantly moe and shawn don't is one of l v. m h as most valuable wine estates, producing approximately 30000000 bottles of champagne is here. i'll be the parent company on my way down. perio ruefully co and crude announced record profits for the 1st half of the year. earlier this year, the group recorded a revenue of 28700000000 euros and the 1st half of 2021. a year on year increase of 56 percent compared to the same period and 2020 right, kayla. and like a poet sip and mo, it i remember from my days in the hood, now bernard are no. this is actually a multifaceted story because he is world richest man give or take on any given day . he recently bought stephanie's in america for as a gift from the european central bank, which is run by christine the gag. essentially,
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because some of the bonds to buy to purchase tiffany's, came from negative bearing bonds from the se, because the easy b is buying up all the corporate bonds. so he essentially was gifted. tiffany: there's gifted tiffany's. the cost of acquiring tiffany was negative, which contributed to his becoming world's richest man. so it was a gift from the central bank. the central bank is this is how central banks create wealth and income gaps. if you're bernard, i know you get paid to borrow money and by huge income producing assets like definitely, if you're working as a worker at this company, you're battling for every 1000 euros in the streets, you know, protesting inhaling, tear gas, battling the police because of the central bank, so it all comes back to the central bank, the european central bank in this case. and of course, christine the guy who runs your pants entre bank currently. so this is how central
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banks and the population are in can test with each other. i think now with the u. k, speaking such poor french which is the highest possible insult. you can, you can really focused on to the french, the, ga, ga, and the other internal strife is going on, or france instead of being internalized will be projected externally. so now all the g liaison and other protesters and all the acrimony in france is going to be projected at the roast beef, the brit as it should be. like i like for instance chancellor because the u. k is got to import everything and the brakes are played. it made them this, you know, the island of misfit out the middle of the north atlantic that nobody wants to talk to anymore and they can't bring anything in there. certainly, board johnson seemed to have intentionally spoken bad for don't a why don't a lot like i think he's fluent in french. i know is brother. we've interviewed here in the studio is fluids and french. nevertheless, so bernard or no,
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by the way of course, said he was going to give like a 1000000000 or so to the notre dom cathedral we passed by that here while we've been in paris and max is very good old friend who is born and raised in paris, when max asked them about, what were you doing on the day that you know, notre dom burned down? this is tragic and he's like that's the french way. he's like, it's just the building. i think it's like more like foreigners think this is very important. i understand max, you are stunned, you went file and you had the r no, as i understand it, whilst on that commitment of the cache is all emotionally driven the day. after things are on fire, he goes up with a 1000000000 arrows into this thing. then a week later is like, wait a minute, i've got, i'm a greedy guy. he likes to buy companies with free money from the central bank. i'm not even they may, he could borrow
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a 1000000000 euros from the central bank ac bay for 0 or less than 0 and use it to rebuild not your dom. but it now would even do that 1st country. well, i don't know, you have to go google it on your own because i don't know whether or not he came through with that money. but the point is, let's talk about that wealth and income gap. and the, the central bank, the european central bank, the federal reserve bank, all the central banks of the world, fostering and basically pushing this wealth and income gap. last week, the big nose, of course, was fed chief power, other officials owned security's central bank bought during the coven. busy pandemic, so you had all of the fed presidents, many of them actually owned a lot of the securities that the central bank itself was i'm buying at a premium to keep the system alive. right. so they were earning money by their own using the taxpayers money. so rosengran, he said he would sell us individual positions and stop trading while he is. so he
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was trading, he's the boston fed president. eric rosengran, dow sped president, robert caplin, who actively traded millions of dollars of individual stocks, also said he would no longer trade and without his individual possessions. but he said his trade did not violate fat ethics rules. okay, well it will take you at your word, right, so they were actively trading during this time. those 2, in particular, the dallas fed and the boston fed president. so here's another central bank. so you go from the central bank to the federal reserve bank and the satellite central banks of america that make up the federal open market committee. they are printing money and buying stocks that they own the jack, the price higher, that's outright corruption. and again, it makes a huge wealth and income gaps if the average person working at costco or mcdonald's could print their own money and to buy the stocks of costco and mcdonald's, they'd be happy enough to do that. but they can't,
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that's called counterfeiting. but when j power commits counterfeiting, and let's be clear, this is counterfeiting by any legal statute. this is counterfeiting to buy back your own stock soon. gratiot your own style. that's the highest order of corruption . the richmond fed president thomas bark and did the whole like 1350000 to 3000000 somewhere in between there and individual corporate bonds. and of course that like with l. b, m h, the central bank to the i say sort of buying these corporate bonds. so, major corporations in america, they were all bought, his guns were bought, kept afloat by the taxpayer, by the central bank. i mean, it's no surprise, apparently this is the fashion and let's give the peasants a word for this. you know, let them in a moment. get a grip. give me a break. that's a good one. they should all shattered central banks. give me a break buddy. get a great, gave me a break. wow. speak at a double dose and quantitative easing. we're going to take a break and come back with much more maximum safety right after this. don't go away
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a group of people out there, i guess, hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation is i give them when i start crying about them dying? that's usually what it's about. it's just the sheer unfairness of it all. i want to make no, certainly no borders and the number is emerge. we don't have authority, we don't the whole world needs to take action and be ready people judge. 2 crisis we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges to
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response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we need together in the the me welcome back to the kaiser report. i max kaiser. yeah, it's a double dose, double dose of mac, the stacy here in the kaiser report. we've got so much to cover here in paris where we've been camping out for couple of weeks checking out what's happening in the e u. home of christine. yes, stacy, what else? also, while we've been here in paris, one thing i want to observe is that a lot of the shops on shawn's really say we saw
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a lot of major shops closed and he walked down in the shopping straight. they are close. there is a lot of economic impact from the coven locked downs and the pandemic. however, if you go up to shawn's lease a, to the arc, the channels you see covered in cristo, this is the, you know, celebrated. who is the artist to wrap things right? correct. he had wrapped paul know if i believe, like 20 years ago. of course christo is dead now, but he died in 2019, but this is something he worked on for decades actually. so they've wrapped the arctic rails, and the class still qual, yeah, absolutely. as the last of the cristo, wrapping our projects posthumously, put together here in paris, of the architect off. and you know, when you hear about it, they're gonna wrap the arc de triomphe in cloth. you know, it sounds like not very interesting. but when you actually see it,
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it does really pop out and it's a stunning work in many ways. and it makes you re look at things and, and reexamine things and re assess your point of view and how you see things. and i think that's one of the great functions of art to, to re jigger your imagination and refocus you and re orient you. and it certainly does that. it's a massive structure is massive. it's huge. it's a huge art piece. and so we were very lucky to see that i noticed that john, jerry and our friend from cnbc and other places remark that we're very, very lucky to. i've seen this in person, and i could tell that he had come a bare envy where he sits in new york city and chicago, just tasting the floor, garage, and not being able to think his teeth into it. ha, ha, ha john. well of course the theme of this episode is the new york is in fashion. give me a break. take a hike, buddy. get a grip, scram, get lost. this is the,
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this is a geo politics of our time. that is the fashion. however, on the other side of it, what we've been seeing, you know, the markets have started there. typical autumnal sort of volatility. everybody is a little bit worried. things are going to fall apart. and once again, you know, back in 2008. remember it really started in china, which was the 1st major market to have like a 1015 percent fall in one day earlier in the year and january of that year. and i think that ended up triggering all the rest that followed. here again, we could see similar now will fichter, i believe, has a totally different take on what's happening in china than you, but i'm going to talk about what's what his view is of what's going on. china's crackdown on debt tech and ever grandsons, frazzled wall street titans to china. first i'll tell you about those frazzled wall
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street titans. these are genuine tie in. go like pleading to chinese government officials to rescue their markets because they were unwilling to, they were letting things fall apart for a specific reason. according to what will factor believes. but i'll tell you about wall street tightens 1st. a wall street delegation composed of top executives from goldman sachs, mega asset manager, black rog, private equity firm, blackstone, citadel, fidelity among others, had a 3 hour pow wow. last thursday with chinese regulators that included the vice chairman of the china securities regulatory commission and the head of the people's bank of china. there was no official announcement, but forces talk to bloomberg about it. according to the sources, chinese regulators defended the crackdowns and said they were designed to strengthen regulations and proved data privacy, which is and even funnier concept and china then, and the us strength and national security and reduce social anxiety president. she
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is going through this thing where it's like common prosperity. there is a huge robber, baron, sort of wealth and income gap. getting worse and worse during this time of pandemic and money printing, where the, the very healthiest are getting mega wealthy. we've seen that in the united states with even mosque up at 200000000000 business up at 200000000000. there were only worth like, 50000000000 before the pandemic, or 60000000000. now there were 200000000000, bernard or no, here in france. he's french, he's worth that, he's the richest man on the world, despite allegedly having some of the highest taxes in the world here. right, i'll take the cynical view and say that black rock was in china trying to convince the ccna that more quantitative easing in washington would bail out chinese property developers. and that, in fact, me, the taxpayer of united states will be now helping to bail out chinese property
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developers. what is wolf? rector's view? well, factors view about what china is doing regarding these crackdowns. we've seen them over the past year or 2, right? like major crackdowns on the likes of alley baba and stuff. so here's his assessment of what's going on in terms of all the crackdowns across especially big tech. the crackdowns by chinese authorities on some of the biggest hype and hoopla under series have sent investors heading for the exits. there's a crackdown on debt to keep the financial system from imploding. there's a crackdown on property speculation, the tamped down on housing prices and debt. there's a crack now i'm big tech, mostly internet, social media and online gaming companies for their monopolistic size and practices and a slew of other issues. there's a crackdown on education tech companies that sell off campus educational courses that have driven the costs of education into the sky. discouraging trainees couples from having more than one child. there's a cracked and all kinds of other activities that include reporting, financial,
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news, and analysis. and the way that the government doesn't approve. so he believes it's like he that the government is trying to prevent a us style situation, whereby the social media companies are far more powerful than the president of the united states who could be memory hold while he's still in office. like, there's a blank there. nobody knows who's who's in the white house, so just skip number 45, for example, while he's in the white house. right? well, china's doing what paul walker day, the 900 seventies, by exercising a government to tamp down speculation. remember, paul volcker drove interest rates, the 161718 percent, to stop inflation, and to bring price discovery back to the markets in china is acting in a paul volcker style now in the america starting with alan greenspan. and continuing with bernacki and janet yell and, and j powell, they believe that they, it's up there their purview to reinterpret the role of the central bank and grand
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pianos said greenspan has said that they don't try to manage the economy anymore. and they, they're only there to clean up the mass when bubbles pop by printing more money, which creates another bubble. so the question is, who's a better central banker? is that china because they're acting as a central banker because it's all amalgamate or into one office the ccp they're doing the banking in the politicking. it's one that's one communist call a bureau or is it the federal reserve bank or is russia, you know, l buyer not the law is raising interest rates aggressively. and proving to be the best central banker of the mall, either us china or russia. and i know i mispronounced her last name as i always do, i get her 1st name, right. the elvira. well again, this is the fashion of this episode is new york. so new york is like, you know, we just mispronounce everything in new york. have you been new york, new york? i'm sorry. i didn't mean to mispronounce new york l virus, you know, you know, i'm talking about right. i can get your last name,
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but you got your 1st name. yeah. or you're on the russian central bank. your name is l via, that's all i need to know. you're doing a good job. china, they're figuring it all out there. capitalists just like 30 years in america, they gave up there just for the money like so the days of central banks and money over that was so i think at the end of the day, there is no central bank policy in bitcoin. and the big white world. busy in which you and i live. so we're just observing outside the bitcoin world, where watching the machinations of central banks and trying to control all of the fingers and the, the data sort of thing of like tried to stop the tsunami of bad debts, crushing everybody, and china has their own unique style america has their own style, christine has her own style. nevertheless, the last 2 headlines here are the consequence of, of all the money printing. tesco warns christmas panic buying could be worse than 1st lockdown due to driver shortage. so tesco,
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britain's biggest supermarket alerted government officials to the potential impact of the ongoing shortage of h g, v, drivers in the run up to the festive season. so we have it like a perfect storm of all sorts of you know, things colliding, money printing work from home, a lot of stimulus tags. but also during the lockdown, you have, you have like the whole training process of training drivers for these driving the big rigs, the 18 wheelers, the food delivery trucks. they've all been locked down and shut down because of the pandemic. so there is no new drivers coming on, plus with brakes that plus with border closings all over the world because of the, the pandemic. you have a shortage of drivers to everywhere. you have it in the united states, you have it in the u. k, you have it probably in france, so they're all trying to poach each other's drivers in the u. k. and the food sector. the retail sector is a shortage of 500000 drivers. so yeah,
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so 500000 employees in that whole sector about 800000 drivers. so that's a huge number of people to try to approach from other countries to come drive trucks for you. right, well the occasionally generate some interesting artifacts during their drop downs and economic malaise. remember during victorian days it gave us charles dickens and classics like a christmas cow. then during factors day, we gave as punk rock and the rise of the sex pistols and other great bands like that. now we have kind of the 21st century bars, johnson collapse, and the people there will be stuck in their 50 puddings, crying in their mince meat pies all christmas line. but it would be tragic if it weren't also a comical because they voted this for themselves. brags that back you fortunately, and the u. k. they of course have those like christmas meal and a can the right right christmas mail and it can be simply open up to 10. and then
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there is stuffing turkey a cranberry gravy and some pumpkin pie. all in christmas and it's in that's what's coming to tesco if you live in the u. k and stuff, but there will be no new supply according to total version. it will be made of cardboard, synthetic rice, things from a dustpan, inserting topped off by mince me. the virtual rat meet me. or you could possibly use stuff that you had in your cover from 101520 years ago. and finally, in terms of the inflation, the u. s. rents increased by double digits and august. so the 1st time we've seen double digit increase in rent. according to the apartment list, the median national rank climb 13.8 percent on the 1st 8 months or 2021 on a year over year basis. the median national red rose 12.5 percent in august. going back to the new york fashion, there was a guy, the rent is to then hi party. well,
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the rent is to dang high and it is going higher and it's going faster. right. and according to job has nothing to do with money printing. ha ha. well, that's it for maxim stacy on the cars report until next time. by all the me. ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah,
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we need to look at a lot of the the the, the mayor cuz i don't want the car the way you got me. sure. it's under. what would you commit? it's in the not normal quote, please. you can listeners, can eastland, leave the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show when i was speaking to guess when
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the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the u. s. marina sent to a military present after la busting his country's leadership for the f. gonna pull out the buckle and watson has been a series of increasingly popular online video. lots of the international criminal court stated will not currently investigate, alleged us war crimes in afghan, focusing solely on the tele bama night. okay. they say the decision is partly to discuss resources accuses ukraine of meddling in its internal affairs by trying to discover an energy deal with russia's gas from which we'll see lose all its own lucrative transit feed.


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