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join me every 1st day on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess from the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the u. s. marine is sent to a military prison after le, pasting his country's leadership for the afghan. this done pull out the buckle in watson. it's been a series of increasingly popular online video and lots of the international criminal court states. it will not currently investigate a lead us war crimes in afghanistan, focusing solely on the tell about tonight. okay. they say the decision is partly to discuss resources agree accuses ukraine of meddling in its internal affairs by trying to scott for an energy deal with rushes. gauss, from which we'll see, lose how it's on lucrative trans at feet with angle america soon to vacate her
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role as the factor leader of the speculations world over whether the french president could fill her shoes on the continent level. and how may shift the course, not the law. dmitri med viet speaks exclusively to r t in the wake of russia parliamentary election in a wide ranging interview. the former president on prime minister talks about the challenges of holding this month vote. and the cyber meddling from overseas during the 3 day, both central election commission servers were under constant attack. around half came from the united states. the reason right? ah, broadcasting from the russian capital, this is our t. my name's unit o'neill. in 30 minutes of news and views start
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a us marine officer who recently became known by the public for his criticisms, of washington's handling of the afghan list and pull out has been sent to a military prison. left tenant, colonel stewart shall a junior is currently in pre trial confinement. the time date and location of the proceedings have not been determined less tenant, colonel shallow will be afforded. oh, due process, what you shall did. his polarized many americans, because there are those who believe that he is a hero, that he stood up and spoke out for what he believes. and that is a view shed by many americans. at the end of the afghan war, the evacuation that we saw at the end of august was humiliating for the united states. that it was a arctic that had cost the lives of to many american servicemen, and that it could have been avoided. if intelligence had been heated, others believe that he spoke out of turn that he should have addressed as
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grievances through proper channels. but he himself says that off the 17 years in the military that he could no longer stay solemn, that he knew one of the 13 american service men that were killed in just a terror attack on the 26th of august had terrible airport. and that he must, that he had to speak out to get the competence of senior pentagon leadership. people are upset because their senior leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we mess this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air various before we evacuate everyone. i am submitting charges a guest general mackenzie for his bad assumptions now because i've been active, but because the senior leaders need to be helped counselor standard is essentially
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what steward, shallow one sees accountability and he says that he has always been held responsible for those. i bet him and so much senior pentagon leadership be held accountable for those that me who didn't the 13 american troops killed in the terror attacked by ice case on the 26th of august at the airport of campbell. however, when he went public key violated all manner of protocols and codes of the u. s. military because officers and service went off a bid from publicly criticizing their superior officers, as well as speaking with contempt of civilian leadership, both of which he did. he was also issued a gag order, which he willingly violated and which was evidently the final straw for the military. they arrested him and threw him in the military prison for his parents. that was an act of courage. although sunday is asked the questions that everybody
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was asking themselves below to sketch to speak out loud. he was asking for accountability. in fact, i think he even us for an apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn't do that, which is mind blow. there have been little by way of accountability. no one has been fired or resigned either at the white house in the biden administration or at the pentagon over what many american c as a fiasco the final days of american present here in have got his thoughts. nevertheless, what we have seen is continued hearings, continued grilling by especially republic republicans, but as well as, as well as veterans who have criticized the biden administration, which has been on the defensive with excuses after excuses, retaining bog room would have required putting as many as 5000 us troops in harm's way just to operate and defend that distance from cobble also rendered bob graham of little value, any evacuation staying at barbara,
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even for counterterrorism purposes, meant staying at war in afghanistan. something that the president made clear that he would not do for now mister shallow, who office 17 years of service, says he, he walked away from a $2000000.00 pension. he has had it in his resignation. he has also been relieved of command, but he remains an active serviceman. as these resignations can take a while to go through and for discharge to officially be confirmed, he remains a detention pre trial, detention and awaits to most likely faced military charges. murat gas, the meanwhile, the international criminal court is resuming prob, into, or crimes in the galveston, but the investigation will no longer look at allegations of us atrocities. instead, the focus will be exclusively on the taliban. an ice ok for more not unless join lie. ortiz kill market in new york,
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kill up hello there. tickets through the decision, and indeed, how it's gone down. well, military personnel and top brass who were involved in the 20 years of us operations in afghanistan can now sleep easy because it appears they will not be facing prosecution from the international criminal court. the new chief prosecutor of the international criminal court has said they won't be looking in the u. s. atrocities in afghanistan because of the taliban take over the country and quote, limited resources available to the international criminal court and honorably. i have therefore decided to focus my offices investigations in afghanistan on crimes, allegedly committed by the taliban and the islamic state correson province and to de prioritize other aspects of this investigation. now this decision to quote, di, prioritize as the international criminal court is calling. it has upset many human
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rights organizations. they feel that washington is essentially being let off the hook. the prosecutors telling war criminals around the world that the u. s. playbook of delay and intimidation works. it also validates one of the core criticisms of the i, c. c, that it only takes action against politically weaker individuals or nations while giving western powers a pass by d. prioritizing, investigating us and former africa national security forces, the icpc prosecutor, it's shamefully hunting and get out of jail free card. and there were plenty of scandals and horrendous incidents over the course of the 20 years of the united states military presence in afghanistan, all culminating in the recent chaotic pullout. and we also witnessed the incident recently where there was a drone strike that intended to hit isis k fighters and ended up killing civilians
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. a family ended up dying at the hands of the united states. but it appears that incident like this will not be investigated by the international criminal court. it's unlikely any individuals involved in such events will face charges in the hague. oh, oh. busy busy the now the outgoing prosecutor, been suda, i, he did look into allegations against the united states. he published reports about possibility of torture by us officials in bases throughout afghanistan, poland, romania, and lithuania. you also had
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a situation where donald trump responded very negatively to the international criminal court when as far as placing sanctions on top officials of the international frontal court including that chief prosecutor ban suda and the united states basically had a rather hostile stance toward this international body we cannot, we will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court, we have responded any way. the way a responsible nation must, by condemning the investigation by suspending cooperation with the court and denying basis to those most directly responsible for going after our personnel. now, while the international criminal court will be investigating situations in afghanistan, they won't be investigating the role of the united states. they say they simply don't have the resources to do it. they're citing the taliban take over the country . but many observers are looking on and wondering, and just simply due to the fact that the u. s. a has been so hard and placed
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sanctions on icpc officials who did look ended are about their wondering if the new prosecutors simply wants to avoid having his own name on the sanctions. let's kill him up and taking us through that. i see, see, decision hungry slammed ukraine, accusing kiev of trying to sink a natural gas steel between budapest and versus gas problem. the hungarian foreign minister sees no amount of political maneuvering is more important than keeping people's homes wor. it's more your side, one for hungary energy safety is a matter of security sovereignty and economy rather than a political matter. you cannot heat homes with political statements today. the reality that energy supplies in hungary can be guaranteed most securely through a long term agreement with gastro. you to pest has just ensured that the homes in hungry will get enough heat to stay warm during the winter's. beautiful has made
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sure that the industries will get enough natural gas to be properly running during the next 15 years. how? by signing a contract with washes gas problem for 15 years. but ukraine is keen to ruin all that because for these supplies hungry and russia will be using the pipelines in ukraine. and kiev isn't hesitating to complain to be you. and they are promising measures what that could be. we don't know possibly even legal action. so let's listen to the gradient side. we consider this to be a purely political economically unreasonable decision taken in favor of the kremlin, unto the detriment of ukraine's national interests and ukrainian hungarian relations. these are 2 countries doing business. why would a 3rd party metal let me just explain hungry has been buying rushes natural gas for ages. and pretty much all of the deliveries have been going through the
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pipelines on ukrainian territory. what did key of get out of that annual lead? possibly even millions worth of transit payments. but russia for years has been seeking to diversify the routes for the gas to europe to make sure that the deliveries are cheaper. so they've been building under water pipelines like the park to stream in the black sea and also the north stream pipelines and the baltic seats. and under this new contract with budapest, the natural gas from russia will be flowing through these new pipelines, not the ones in new grade. and that's why ukraine officials are frustrated or even infuriated. and i should say, has russia assured its views on today's development for years washer stance on this has remained unchanged and gas from,
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along with russian officials have been explaining to the critics that they are only looking for better ways to do business with as partners. and so now, the equivalent spokesperson, dmitri pest golf is saying that nobody should have any reason to absolutely, to criticize this new a gas deal with hungary. russia does not never has, and never will use natural gas to punish someone. there is absolutely no place for criticism, and there should be no place for such a hysterical reaction from ukraine. although, like i said, p of is ready to fide key of as ready to complain. kiev is ready to look for enemies of the deal to make sure that they have some, some kind of support in the european union. so they are already asking the european commission to assess the compliance of this new gas deal with use energy legislation. and we already hearing from the european commission that this kind of assessment will take place. so we will be watching out for further steps by key of
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in this regard. and also will be watching for the further steps of some e countries. and clearly, there will be some enemies of that gas field there as well. in an era of increase cyber meddling in elections and new challenges are rapidly arising in keeping voting secure was one of the topics we spoke about in an exclusive chat with russia's former president on prime minister dmitri med viet. we'll be showing the sit done in full throughout the day for now though, here's your preview. what would you prefer to do with you in the room? but during the 3 day vote, central election commission servers were under constant attack. according to the ministry of digital development, around half we came from the united states. so that's reason enough for fun, right? because you know everyone, the 2nd time you go including the united,
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the thing you live, it will have my own corporate rules for the money. they made the money. and now that's how they decides things. they let some of the hook give others the chocolate they belong to, the former us president, everywhere he had 85 or 90000000 followers. by, by why, why we don't like him. you know, when i checked with the recommendations on who to follow will, of course, the 1st comes up isn't evolving and serving a criminal sentence. isn't this interference in the affairs of a foreign country, just them? it's blatant interference. lie for moscow. this is our t international on the news. keep rolling right after this. i driven by dreamer shapes by those in
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me i think we dare to ask me. ah, well got to do is identify the threats that we have crazy plantation. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk to me. the news
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ah login from struck a deal with grease to deliver warships and fighter jets. it comes to weeks after paris lost the lucrative military contract with australia. today's agreement is widely seen as a way for a manual mccrory to promote military ties within europe. and for france to regain political leverage, lisa, a band less than a nice to europe, eons must stopping my when we are under pressure from powers that at times harden we need to react and show that we have the power and capacity to defend ourselves, not escalating things, but protecting ourselves, we must do our bid for our own protection. or grace is set to buy approximately 5000000000 euro worth of french worship. some fighters recouping for part some of that at 50000000000 loss when really it ripped up the nuclear submarine deal
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earlier this month. camber instead through, they're locked in with the u. s. and the u. k. in a new defense pack named orcus, at leaving from furious tense relations between those natal partner all the major defense deal with thousands may benefit microns old agenda as well to build europe's own defense, an army on with angle, america heading for the eggs, but he may have more or less than before with the plan of many see the position of defacto leader of europe up for grabs. r t. charlotte duban sky asked whether that person could be the french president, emanuel my corn like the style himself. a man with a vision for europe. p pushed hard for an e. you owe me a call for re to integration reform and sending over the single currency though we house back to based on that when at least all the while germany under the still guy didn't. so, merkel has mild and naughty, but whenever push came to shove,
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she made clear who shouldn't benefit from european solidarity while playing against other member states. if solidarity among partners should never lead to adapt union, it should instead be about helping others to help themselves to have a history. so before macaroni even occupies the a health way as the french economy minister and during talk to help greece avoid crippling or 30 measures. merkle put her foot down. according to emanuel merkel ordered how to keep macro greek negotiations. brickle spell was every bit as powerful as i had imagined with the local era slowly but surely winding down. we all know that she's leaving big to to fill. my point is clearly keen susceptible to them because he series tenure would be a former investment banker, russell,
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more than a few feathers, not just in europe, but also across the globe. what we are currently experiencing is the brain death of nate. so nato only works if the guarantor of last resort functions such francisco president, her french president, has found rather drastic words to express his views. i don't think such a sweeping judgement is appropriate like this. we will have to take our destiny in our own hands. but the transatlantic partnership for us is absolutely indispensable in relations with other countries of holsten kids to be rude. we do have a very special relationship. in fact i'll get that little piece of piece we have to make them purple. he is perfect. thank you. and your delicious wife for your one work on the perfect organization of this trip. thanks to you and thank you very much. no problem. thank you very much. thank you. thank isn't there
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a strong atlantic movement in trends. the so go liberals that are more on the greens missiles or the start the inter well, who is being very apologetic and, and i think he still does so much in between. the whole doesn't have a i didn't say i do what to do, how to do it, does what a, the neck it was in the do a few of them and she was not. i mean, she was in the sense because generally so powerful. but maybe a success only be the leader or fewer, but i don't know, i mean, because of, and he's not going to to, she's at home. however, i intend to have often surfaced, showing the toys all quite the strong as my court would like to make out, let you to visit as you need to choose the united states has shown towards the submarine do clearly illustrates the point we've been making for months mainly about political dialogue with the nato is non existent, even they have at home. he's had his work that was being suspected bali,
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the international press for his son himself, who was irritating the french who have not been afraid to lash out the look like the getting the he just didn't come across the strong to me and like he's got a lot of issues going on, i mean its own country right now. amec with a lot of the union got high unemployment rate with very large minority population. there's a lot of areas that internally, which could potentially put additional pressure in that area. from a greater european side, i mean it be does european area. it me,
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it actually may give him a better view within internally with the country as well. but he's got some, you've got several internal issues that he needs to deal with as well. i think of europe merkel exit to say to my home, i think it's time to come by his office shine. however, with the fight of his life to retain the president, the hearing problems, not too far away. he could struggle to keep the dual attention of both the home and european audiences. and right now it is often clear with a political column match runs your vision. charlotte, sky off fee harris. you're moving the program. all know, a british medical journal is under fire for its use of supposedly inclusive language. the lumps had referred to women. busy as bodies with vaginas on this front page critic slammed the use of language as to humanizing naming women
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as bodies which were join us as a new lo, all in the mid call. i did the receipt of woke points. you can be inclusive without being insulting. and abusive, are we extremist for objecting to women and girls being to humanized? are we really just bodies with vaginas to medical professionals? just wrote the lun said to tell them to take me off the list of statistical reviewers and cancel my subscription and never contact me about anything ever again . absolutely inexcusable language to refer to women and girls. bodies, we have vaginas. oh, dear god, you can write that and then talk about menstrual shame in the same sentence. i'm intrigued would do called the sex formerly known as men, always is only women that you are raising. we asked the answer to comment on the overwhelming the negative reaction to the pace they were apologetic saying. it was not their intention to offend anyone, but they also claim transgender health is neglect edition. we have conveyed the
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impression that we have dehumanized and marginalized women. those who read the lance had regularly will understand that this would never have been our intention. i apologize to our readers who are offended by the cover quotes and the use of those same words in the review. at the same time, i want to emphasize that trans gender health is an important dimension of modern health care. but one that remains neglected. just to remind you of a few more examples from the western world perplexing many there and further fields . earlier this year, several u. k. hospitals, tool stuff to use terms such as berthing parents and human milk that was instead of mothers shore breastmilk. while in the united states earlier this year. how speaker nancy pelosi said words such as mother father, daughter, brother, should be avoided in congress and replaced with gender neutral alternatives. we discussed the issue of podcast or, and rudder,
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lauren chin. i here we can see being swayed by audi ideology rather than biology. the, even the notion that gender identification is something that is brought up when referred to the word woman versus biological sex. that actually is a political statement. so even though they may have been trying to be inclusive by referring to women as bodies with vaginas, i think what they are sibling to many people sadly, is that even though they claim to be a bachelor of science and medicine and objectivity, they are being swayed by the increasing woke ideology, we see perpetrating penetrating almost every single industry. it seems like this small vocal minority who insists on this extreme exc, inclusivity. they are essentially trying to bully entire professions and we see now that includes the medical profession, even though this is supposed to be about gender identity in general. i do find it interesting. how often times the, the words are the groups that are being a race are actually women for every attempt we see to erase the word man or manhood or father, she would, there are 5 or 10 examples of trying to erase the word mother,
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woman or the like before we jo, a quick reminder that we have plenty more stories, just a click away and or t dot com up there right now. an article on the latest charges against russian opposition figure election of only who stands accused of funding alex stream. this group had online for the us, much, much more beside. and that's where we leave and use run up for now. all the latest developments with neil, again at the top, after some more great programs starting in moments here in 247 or at the international goodbye. ah. when i was shot, the wrong one, i'll just don't rule out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail when so
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many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground in imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century, what other chapters called gun violence, school shootings, homelessness. first, it was my job then it was my name was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs. i look for everything i can to make this pass and all i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees. at this very idealized image of the older america, native americans look past the death that happened every single day. this is a modern history of the usa, my america on
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r t the like that was comfortable for you. let me put you in the new country for bringing up your child's can look at what you felt them. well was the wisdom look as love as assisted living let's hope that answers your local and matter i.


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