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i use the disaster and dana saying under the microscope today as the chairman of the joint chiefs general loc, millie and defense secretary lloyd austin from the senate committee and they faced some tough questions on both sides of the aisle and a us marine officer who's ran plastic military leaders over afghanistan is now reportedly in jail. we'll discuss it off with our panel. the president biden claim, his multi trillion dollar build back better plan, actually costs nothing. and you've heard the president proclaimed to the rich that they need to pay their fair share of taxes biden. and his wife plant certain income in a place that would prevent it from paying their fair share. we'll get the 360 view
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with our political panel. i'd be more for again for scottsdale hughes on today's edition of news news use right here on our t america. ah, well, it was promised to be a fiery intent hearing on capitol hill and it did not disappoint today. general mark, milly, secretary of defense, lloyd austin, and general frank mackenzie testified before the senate on the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan. while the 3 dated made. many errors were made. they also testified that they gave president joe biden many options to keep the mission from getting out of control. barren from zack shows us some of the highlights from today's hearing. i am disappointed, but the statements of witnesses were not sent to the committee until late last evening, giving center to the staff very little time to review the senate armed services. hearing right out of the gate was off to
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a bumpy start with the 3 men testifying general mark, milly, secretary of austin, and general frank mackenzie angering senators on both sides. were there lack of urgency on delivering testimony and writing cause it was a largest error, error error lives conducted, and us history. and it was executed in 17 days. was it perfect? of course, not all 3 men admitted mistakes were made, but the circumstances were ones the united states hasn't seen before. but senators, no matter their party bought her the meeting into a grill session. we have no presence any longer in afghan stand. there were hundreds of america, not just americans, generally civilians you left behind against the president, explicit commitment not to leave until all american citizens were out and the safety. that is not what happened, the 3 man reluctant to answer some questions in regards to president joe biden
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statement, the president around the same time said quote ok, i was gone from the canister and told the american people that was that true or not true without kind of on from afghanistan in mid august. true or not true. ok is still enough, ganesh. then they were there in mid august. they have been severely disrupted in a treated over many, many years. some questions received no answers. we know where the present, the former president of up against and is today and how much money took with him. with any idea i at the side of sexual austin, you have any idea. i think that he may be, and you a sen. i'm not certain of that. the last report that i had, but in regard to staying in f ganna stan passed the august 31st deadline. the 3 men all stay. they advised president joe biden to stay in the region. the questions of
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who knew what and when, along with what lessons learned, all receiving vague answer families. but one question from virginia, senator, tim taylor, had a solid respond other words, we thought we knew what africans wanted, what they feared and what they would fight for. but was our belief, though, well intentioned, incredibly naive. we can't get one 3rd of americans to take a covert vaccine or accept the results of a presidential election. do we really think we can transform the culture of another nation for news, news, news, or i'm fair and friends. i obvious. alright, joining me now to discuss today's hearings, de watkins editor at large for salon and professor at the university of baltimore, andrew berquist, who is a former counterterrorism officer and host of this is my show with ju berquist. gentlemen, welcome to both of you. all right, drew, let's start with you. did things go as you had expected? they would go today. i mean with both sides of the aisle asking some tough
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questions and getting answers and sometimes not getting answers. yeah, i mean like, well 1st of all, thanks for have me steve. it's great to be here. i think the things always go this way. i will say that there are some questions that surprise me out of the left. that was good to hear that actually were a little bit more more difficult than i anticipated. but the reality of these hearings, these tests these, these, these, these situations always prove just to be political grandstanding. nothing is ever really a course. people get their talking points out there, and then, and then they move on from there, and there's really no repercussions or anything that comes from the what you make of it. all. i really, really, really, truly believe that we need to see the right and the left come together on issues that matter. like we need to, and i can agree with true, there's always a lot of political grass been going on and i hope and pray for the day. we can move past that. but we need both sides asking the question, and we are wrong because we can't do that simple things like that. they will never
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move forward in a way that we all deserve to. all right, i want you both to watch this because to me, this is the headline that came out of today's hearings. this is joe biden, 1st with george stephanopoulos on a b, c. after the poll out. so no one, no one told your military advisors not tell, you know, we should just keep 2500 troops. it's been a stable situation for the last several years. we can do that. we can continue to do that. no, no one said that to me that i can recall. well, there's a big problem with that. here's general kennedy mackenzie today, the head of us central command watch. again, i won't share my personal recommendation to the present, but i will give you my honest opinion and my honest opinion, interview shaped my recommendation. i recommended that we maintain 2500 troops in afghanistan and general mili then was asked next. and he also agreed
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with that assessment. so de either joe biden is a liar, or he is losing his mind, or maybe both, i don't know, but he was not being honest and forthcoming with george stephanopoulos and the american people during that interview where he denied that his, his people told them to keep a force there. the big question for me is one of the 1st mess this acknowledge just all of these politicians double talk in see one thing to you and say something go to a different person. i'm not going to dispute that at off. the big problem is, what are we going to do moving forward, whereas the plan to fix the things that we attempted to do. and basically that's a conversation i'm trying to have when i talk about joe biden saying one thing. and it says something that, you know, we could do the same thing, but pretty much every president in history. but we're,
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the ads will answer that one of the solution how, how do we move forward? well, drill. what i'd like to see is getting the remaining americans and our allies the heck out of afghanistan, because the worst thing worse than lying or losing his mind is the fact that joe biden went back on his word and left americans in afghanistan. and there's and that there's many of them still there. yeah, absolutely. there are, i mean this, look, this was, i agree with be and saying this is, there's issues that we need to find that we can come together on the poor withdraw from afghanistan should be one of those issues. this is clearly debacle. we have americans left behind. we don't, by the way, as a matter of policy, least it will be and i never did. we never did a teammate, we've got americans that are left behind there. we've got to ask in partners and allies that are left behind, that i hear horrible stories, but some of which are no longer with us because of how this went down. thankfully we got to come out, but this has been an absolute disaster from top to bottom. right. you guys may have
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seen along with the many, many, many other people. the viral video from maureen lieutenant colonel stuart sheller, who blasted the way the withdrawal from afghanistan was carried out. he demanded accountability from his superiors and those responsible. well, there is an update to that story, and ortiz more ed got the guys d. m has the report less tenant, colonel stuart, shall a junior is currently in pre trial confinement. the time date and location of the proceedings have not been determined less tenant colonel shallow will be afforded. oh, due process. bo missed the shallow has proved to be very device if people are people are polarized, there are those who agree with him with everything that he said, but at the same time don't believe that he should have said them in the capacity that he was in and that he's a senior officer in the united states marine corps. what mr sheila did is he came
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out and he violated all matter of protocols and codes of the united states military to criticize his superior offices, which is something that is looked down upon. people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down, and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we mess this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate? barger airfield, the strategic air berries. before we evacuate everyone, i am submitting charges a guest general mackenzie for his bad assumptions. now because i'm vindictive, but because the senior leaders need to be helped counselor, same standard as us. the thing with the united states military is it is forbidden for servicemen to come out and publicly criticize their superior offices. if they have a grievance, they have to follow the proper channels. so they have to approve just
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a piri office and tell them what the problem is. his family have also come forward and they have said that they support their courageous sub on sunday is asked the questions that everybody was asking themselves fellow to sketch to speak out loud. he was asking for accountability. in fact, i think he even asked for an apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn't do that, which is mind blow. more than that, mister shelley says that he will fall charges against general mackenzie, the united states marine corps, as well as the head of us central command. he says he will fall 13 charges that he was relieved of duty. he had did his resignation. but due to the bureaucratic process, the resignation to take effect immediately. so he will most likely be to be facing military charges. all right, so, so shell are released several videos even after he was told by superiors to stop
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posting them true. don't you have to follow orders? i mean, if he's still active duty and he's ordered to stop doing something like posting on social media, doesn't he have to stop? yeah, well, i mean this, this is obviously it's, it's cut and dry and also complicated. all the same time, right? i mean, we've always had to put over 30 times pianist and we've never had leadership on any level. listen to us in the entire community or in the military community. so you understand why he's doing it. you understand why he's frustrated and he's right that they were wrong. but he did break protocol here and there are rules. and when you break rules, there are unfortunately consequences. so i think that he's courageous for saying what needs to be say, and everyone needs to be held accountable for leadership and people who break the rules at their level. all right, so d, i mean, should be held accountable, should he be in jail awaiting some kind of proceeding back
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and forth for a long time. stephen, if you remember, anything about me is the game of the game. you know what you signed up for? if you're going to step out there and say something to do something, that the consequences that a consequences. and we know this before we do things. if i have a problem with the person that i'm working with, any editor or whatever, i'm probably going to let him have in person. i'm not like, i'm not on any type of guy. i'm more of a direct kind of guy. but i know the consequences. i know i could lose whatever opportunity in front of me and it just is what it is, i believe in justice. sometimes believing and justice means that you get down into slammer and it's got, it is about it. i'll tell you in the military, you really don't have the same rights that you might have at your place of employment. so it's, it's a whole different ball game. now, republican senator tom cotton asked general mili, he would resign over this whole fiasco and he was defiant. and saying no, so drew,
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you know, talk about holding people accountable. the the marine now is, is being held accountable for disobeying orders. and he's in jail, reportedly. first of all, should milly and the others resign. should someone resign? no one's been held accountable and i don't think anybody's going to be held accountable. what's what, how did that happen? yeah, i look this to me. whether it camera or as you said, somebody, somebody has got to be held accountable for this. there's got to be someone who goes down and frankly, there's not going to be enough to do because remember, this is the biggest international blunder of our lifetime is not our lifetime elisa century, this was horribly done and could have been done so differently. and whether someone else would have done it differently, doesn't matter, this was what was done. this was how it was done so many to be held accountable. and what we're doing, and we've seen over the last several years as people in these positions of power are never held accountable and we are sending a horrible precedent so. so something needs to happen, but i fear that it's not. so d is, is this, this maureen and social media,
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the only one is going to be held accountable? absolutely, and that's how to do these things. the people at the top, you know, really how accountable. and that's kind of like the key code that is countries you make it up, buddy, you have enough. you get to a certain level that you can get the skate on. a lot of things that the regular everyday guys can gain on. yeah, well it's really a shame, especially when we see what the taliban is resorting to an afghanistan again with the public hangings and the cutting off of hands and reportedly of course and, and the way they're treating women separating them and all that kind of stuff. it's back to the back to the old ways. gentlemen, thank you both so much. i really appreciate it. president biden promises to make them pay them. being americans who don't pay their fair share of taxes, but what about the half a $1000000.00 that he and the 1st lady may oh,
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that ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer.
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tyson lation, whole community. you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is true? is faith in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or in the shallows, the me, me make no borders and the line to nationalities as emerge. we don't have authority. we go to the back seen the whole world needs to take action and be ready, not just people who judge, you know, come crisis and we can do better,
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we should be better. everyone is contributing each in your own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we are together in the and welcome back to new views use. i'm steve balls, burke filling in for scottsdale use today. did you happen to catch jo biden's tweet the other day in it? he claims that his bill back better agenda cost 0 dollars. that's right, 0 and it adds 0 dollars to the national debt and he was ripped forward in some
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circles among those calling him out for his outrageous claim. republican congresswoman mary millersville, illinois, who tweeted simply this is ally, joining us now for the $360.00 view on this and so much more is dead. ryan, the ceo of american majority and former presidential writer for george w bush and former georgia state representative ladon b jones. so glad to have both of you here. let me $3.00 trillion dollars, and that's not even all of it. another one and a half trillion dollar package as well. and the price tags could go higher yet. the president says it costs nothing that nothing. how was that possible? explain that math, ned, because i missed out on that. and in high school and, and elementary school, it's simply impossible. steve, at some point, 3.5 trillion cost 3.5 trillion. no, no matter how many loopholes you close. as he talked about in this way,
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which i thought was ironic. steve, as, as we're hearing word that he might have evaded about half a 1000000 in taxes in that suite, which he said it won't cost us anything or anything to the national debt. he talked about, we're going to shut down loopholes on those evading taxes. you kind of get that. yeah, we're, we're going to go to that. but the, i'll say is to this, steve, is this we're now living in a world in which democrats are trying to tell us 2 plus 2 equals 5. well, sometimes equals 3, and now they're trying to tell 3.5 truly. what won't cost us anything? that's insane. it's absurd. it feels like we're living in a simulation. the most charitable estimate that i've seen on this, it'll actually add a trillion or 2 trillion dollars to the national debt. and some are actually saying 3.5 trillion is going to actually cost us a lot more. you tack on the $1.00 infrastructure bill, which is gateway to the green new deal. you're talking about at least $4.00 trillion dollars and spending that quite frankly, the only way you're going to pay for this is draconian taxes. and i'm pretty sure there's non of tax base steve to actually come anywhere near covering that $4.00
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trillion dollars. the never is. there never is ladon what, what, what was going through biden's mind and how did his staff let that tweet go out and stay out long enough for it to be critiqued? i am like some of those moderate democrats in this 24 hour news cycle. what you say matters, right? and so that communication team probably missed this one. and what should happen done is that they plan all the great benefits that people want to know. what have you done for me? if i'm spending this money, if we are, the country will spend a certain amount of money. that ticket doesn't matter as much as the benefit is an investment into america, which, which by this bill is supposed to be an investment into america making a better. it was miss that, but now we need to get past the talking point to get past the tweet and talk about how does this really improves america. we are coming out of an economy and out of a panoramic. that is just really operating strange and we have to make
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a debt to make what we've done in the past and by bill does that. but here's the different republican, no matter how big the bill, what are the republicans will be step in line. where here we see some democratic pushing back and saying, wait a minute, let's make sure we're doing the right thing before we move forward. and you've got to respect that. well, historically speaking, these recent history, republicans do not stay together. it's democrats who traditionally stay together, but now you have the progress of invading the party and wreaking havoc and we'll see how that plays out. but i want you guys to watch this watch this. to try to make people pay something they don't know to say hey, step up, step up and pay like everybody else to florida. i really mean this is my whole career. i come from the, you know, the corporate state of america. i just think it's about just paying your fair share for lord sake. now it makes me, it makes me laugh because this is
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a guy who's been in the senate for decades and decades and decades and decades and has written the tax code and has lived with the tax code. it has never objected to the tax code. in fact, the problem is it turns out that biden, as net alluded to earlier, and his wife, dr. joe biden may o as much as a half 1000000 dollars to the i r s, because they reportedly may have improperly used an s corp to avoid paying taxes on speaking fees and book sale profits that they took in. if this is true, wouldn't buy and be guilty of exactly what is accusing others of doing. and by the way, whereas the media, the same media who was and still is obsessed with trumps taxes. net, where, where is their reporting on this? well, i don't expect them to report much of anything, steve, on this because they're actually acting as propaganda, to support this regime the, by the ministration. you're never going to see accountability, but steve, this also highlights again that we have
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a real problem in this country where there are among those, among what i call the ruling class. who think that the rules and laws are for the dirty little peasants. and for them, it's more series of suggestions. you cannot survive long as a civilization as a country in which you have a bifurcated society in which the laws only apply to a certain a certain segment of the population. and the ruling class thinks that they are exempt. at some point it would be nice if we actually had equal application of the law. and rule of law really became a real thing again in this country. but i don't expect it anytime soon, especially not accountability from the media ladon. earlier today, we found out that the president lied or didn't know what he was talking about when he told stephanopoulos that he didn't get advice to leave troops in afghanistan. because 3 of his general said they did, and then we earlier we of course we have always caused nothing. and you know, you said that got by the communication now we have him constantly pay a fair share man, no, my whole career, my whole life. i've been about that, and now it turns out he may have put money aside where it didn't belong and may not
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have paid in fair share. where does it end with this guy? so here's what i want to talk about, accountability. we want elected officials no matter what size you are on, who can take responsibility when they are wrong. one thing we know for our and that by them is not sitting down and pencilling in his taxes. if this was a mistake and he repaid that mistake, that's perfectly fine. american all the time, make mistakes on their test. that is very different and a far cry from the fact that true. but still trying to pretend that he is under an audit. we don't even have anything to compare it to and he would never take responsibility. so what the media should be reporting just like you are now, is that what everybody makes mistakes? the question is, are you going to fix those mistakes? wasn't an honest mistake, or were you trying to split in high money here in their filing between a m a c cor american. they all the, let me, let me, let me make
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a prediction. it was an honest mistake because it's just a good old joe biden. i wish we had more time to debate this, but i want to get to this before we run out of time. take a look at the fairfax county, public schools suspended circulation of 2 books in the libraries of high schools on friday, after community members complained about the sexual content of the books. speakers told school board members, the books described pedophilia, but a review of the works shows that they said no such content. nonetheless, the 2 books, gender queer, a memoir and lawn boy will be reviewed by the school system in response to the complaints. to me. net is so rare, dose of common sense. i mean, these parents were making up stuff that was in this book. they must have found a lot of objectionable content. you know, steve, a, it's one of those things. i have 4 kids in public school right now. it be really nice if we just got back to the basics. let's teach advanced math. let's teach real history. let's teach all the basics. instead of trying to use our children as
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experimental laboratory rats, for whatever crazy ideas they want to come up with. so it's really nice to see at least a moment of sanity, but i also say this, i think it's also a little bit of self preservation. i'm in loudon, county, virginia, and i'm helping with the recall effort. i hope we're going to be able to recall least 5 of the school board members for some real accountability. so in some ways it might even just be self preservation that they're responding this way. ladon, you know, i think that as time goes on, it shows how the american system or it is great that there are parents who are speaking up to their elected officials. and the elected officials are responding. i think if you compare different households, they're going to have different opinions. what we do know, there are a lot of american children who do not feel theme. they may not feel seem because they're poor because of how they identify because of their race and books that can help them to explore that is appropriate whether they're in a public library or the school. my parents i think we've seen examples of
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them getting really carried away to put it very mildly, hey, i think both of you for being here was a pleasure. thank you. we'll speak again soon. thanks. hi, it's a crazy world out there, and that's all the time we have for this episode of news use use. i'm c balls. are good for scotty. no use. you can follow me on twitter and see them talk. and for this show and more download the portable dot tv app for your apple or android device. thanks for watching everyone have a good evening. ah, ah, i i would need to work is ah
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ah, no matter the matrix i don't wanna use the choice of insurance under which way you commit, it's not normal quote, please, you can let me know and leave me a try now with so many inputs on a daily basis that are completely unrelated to reality. so think about how in social media filters and they basically present themselves very unrealistic way. and so we come out of fomo and be involved more than that. it's about the sort of
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envious or something that may not exist. and it is also really tied to the fact that as humans, we want to be part of the crowd. ah cool thing, youtube red line, the platform permanently bonds to german language channel for allegedly violating its community guidelines. the thing chief causes of flesh decoration of media will by germany, russia, the us marine a center military prison after lunch, balancing its country leadership for the gun is done to allow vancho in what has been a series of increasingly popular online videos that has the international criminal court will no longer be a few negations of us will pop it up. dana sounds promising here is brian.


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