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in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, that even bruton says the russia will not stop pumping gas to europe through you cried adding the ease decision to ditch longterm contracts was a costly respect within the you itself, all lines and just some member states. increasingly seeing read over the youth determination to go green saw is this entering faces, potential trial for daring to criticize president biden's afghan, pull out despite another officer being held a hero. 2 years ago criticizing trump pulling the plug, france threatened to cut power supplies to the u. k. a. me to post bags brow about
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fishing rock. ah, no, thanks for your company. this is our t international. this is our president, putin says that the e, you made a costly mistake when it decided to ditch long term gas contracts. he stressed that brussels preferred method of gas trading overlooks some of this crucial characteristic characteristics, such as that it can't easily be stored like other commodities. other interesting points also came out of a cabinet meeting put in hell earlier today. but he is, he gets down of join me in the studio to discuss developments. well, i guess the whole point of this cabinet meeting, at least to a large extent, was to outline russia's stance in this crisis. lemme put and talk to russia's energy minister and basically gave very clear instruction as to the country's actions and how russia will navigate this well, this market crisis,
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because as of now, you've seen the gas prices on the market and well as of now again, it looks like the winter is going to be very, very costly to the end of the line. european consume him, so the russian president, what he did, he called on the minister to see through that russia remains a loyal partner and doesn't make things any more difficult. and pod than they already are. and that the gas prom rushes will national gas export in company that gas from remains a faithful partner as well and follows the contractual obligations strictly prevalent restroom ashatash gas. prom believes that it would be more profitable for it to pay a fine to ukraine and increase the gas volume pumping through the new systems. but there's no need for that. there's more pressure in the pipe, less c o 2 emissions into the atmosphere. everything turns out cheaper and at $3000000000.00 a year. it is necessary to fully comply with the contractual obligations for the
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transitive gas through ukraine. although it is more profitable to sell it on the exchange. but there is no need to put anyone in a difficult position, including ukraine, despite the difficulties in relations. second has no need to undermine gas prompts confidence is an absolute, reliable partner in all respects. so i think maybe understandably, with gas prices rocketing up, some people in the west, the pointing fingers at russia and, and basically suggestion is that they're exploiting as it's getting colder. and the price gouging that, that they're trying to just milk us for will they can get what to put enough to said other. well, he didn't say anything about that per se, but he, but the fact that he has presented the show that according to the russian officials, according to the russian didn't realize he could not have been further from well, from the this is from this that the truth is very, very different. according to the russian president, our gas from has not only just stuck to its contractual obligations, but in fact, it has increased the volume of gas. it is right now pumping to europe through
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ukraine, and it did not have to do it. there's no obligation on the russian gasser exporting giant gas from to do so. so, so far rush, i'd say has been very understanding and very client oriented. if i may say so. but again, of latimer put her stress that the aunt running a charity here close to was be to be to self speculative demand and excitement in europe. you propose stock trading. it can be done, but of course this can and should be done not in a spot in europe, but on an exchange in st. petersburg. but in general, exchange trading is not very effective because it carries a lot of risks. is not a watch shorts and ties or a car or even oil that can be produced and stored anywhere. gas is not sold like that on the market problem being, it seems that they're just on in of contract. people haven't contracted into long term gas supplies. so obviously russia is not going to want to be made out of the bud guy here. what can you do with regards the pricing?
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well, man, you're absolutely right. and the thing is i, the european lawmakers might have shot themselves in the foot here, and well, but conceptually nukes the wallets of the end of the line, consumers of ordinary europeans. so here's, here's the thing about natural gas. it's not oil. you can just, you know, say get it one time stored in a barrel until you needed, and then you will access it. no, it doesn't work like that. you can't store natural gas. so what the european lawmakers came up with, they decided that they would switch from contractual from contractual trade when they receive a gas steadily throughout the year. at the current market price, they decided that they be buying the gas of the market and they would be, would be doing so in the summer when the demand is very low. so it's essentially dirt cheap, but they would only ask for the, for gas in physical, you're physically receive it in the winter when the while obviously need this gas.
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but what the didn't well add into this equation is the fact that the simple pipeline infrastructure is simply not robust enough. it is too old and dated in ukraine. so gas from even effort wanted, it's simply can't squeeze this much natural gas in such a short period of time so little or make as they were hoping that russia would be able to pack all this gas that you know, a year long supply of gas into you know, the winter months and it simply doesn't work this way. and of course the north stream to project would have held because the infrastructure is much newer and they can put more pressure into the, into the pipes. but well, nordstrom to has been long opposed for political reasons, including by ukraine and poland. well, with a quote with ukraine, the irony is, well, is beyond comprehension here. so, so far, again, russia has been making these steps, increasing the volume. and, you know, vladimir putin has been very understanding and he's been saying that, well,
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we will do everything in our power, but it has to be beneficial to both the buy and the seller. and the so it's really unclear as to how many more steps and reciprocated russia will take and is ready to take a careless bring in theory bras now, who is an energy expert and a professor at since, but paris, popery, i should say welcome siri. do you think that for europe taking in supplies of russian gas is, is a, is compatible with their vision of a feature that that's based on green energy? well, it depends what you called green energy. i mean, if, if you're pragmatic, yes it is, and we know that a gas is better than coal and, and fuel oil. and again, with less gas to day, we are burning more cor, which is a, a climate disaster. but you're right. i mean, as some people in europe, i lack this type of coherence and they think that are,
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we must go away the fast track energy transition, which we do not know how to do. and again, i think what was mentioned in your program is very important. the energy transition is missing the storage and gas is the only fuel that you can store in, in, in, on a seasonal basis. the army, similar to what you've just said. vladimir putin today said that you are looking to become carbon neutral. but he said, that's going to be at russia's expense. let's have a quick listening to what that in the putin had to say. but also as a loony trellis. how can you fight for carbon neutrality if the energy balance in europe, in this case in germany, in terms of coal generation, is twice as large as in russia? turns out you can at someone else's expense, in this case, they tried to do it at our expense at the expense of russia, but i hope we will build a dialogue taken into account the interests of old parties. when did what you make it, al, it almost sounds like his occasion and the hypocrisy of it. what did you think?
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i mean, i mean his is right in the number and are you are you? i'm french and i know that the germans, i missing a lot of c o 2. and so yes, as the thing that we need to do is close those called higher power in germany. and either go into gas or going to nuclear, which determined do not want. so i mean, the energy transition is a step by step protests. and if we do not do a step by step process, if we go back to dogma, then we end up in a hyper chrissy and in a climate disaster. a person also said the russian gas applies have been working with your reliably, he says for decades. and yet says, it seems skepticism coming from you about taking russian gas. why do you think that is what i think we you have a few or issue is there the 1st one, is it? it is right when he states in russia, i sit in france and so therefore we've seen some supplies disruption in 20062009. i
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don't take, i don't blame whoever is responsible for it. at the end of the day, at the end of the pipe, you had the as those to plight destruction. and i think, oh, so what you have to and the stand is that a, we are a need diversification of supply in europe. and russia needs diversification of customers, so i think that there are some balances here and, and, and again, gas from has moved to the chinese customer. but unfortunately, and i think that's where perhaps the energy transition is it's, it's isa in current, if we do not in europe continue to invest in gas and oil for our own production, then we are get, we are going to be more and more dependent on russia and once you are more dependent than right on russia, i mean we are now at 40 percent, went 10 years ago. it was 25 percent. and then they exist risk. all these unease about the security of supply our gas prices, if we know of gone through the roof,
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i do think that will change anything in terms of the european attitude towards no string to well, i this, i don't know because i've never been a person the a big fan of no extreme to i think as the russian, i guess from, could have produced more gas in summer and could have shipped. i mean, there are issues, ways or the air dominance position in europe and we can discuss it. but i, i think there are ways to provide more gas to europe directly through ukraine or from russia to ukraine and north trim to may come. but i don't think this will solve the crisis today. but for the average person sitting at home, this gas crisis seemed to appear almost overnight. i mean, was this a long time building and could it, could it have been predicted could have been prevented when i was one of the few i'm that is that a has forecasting it and i think it could have been prevented. i think. and i think
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we've understood that in may, june, july, that with the economy i starting to recover, we've the ability of citizen to live with a club, if we needed more than gas. and again, perhaps look at what biden present biden and the u. i stated the back in august it came out was a press release, stating it, stating that the u. s. needed more. and i think, or the european commission should have been a very transparent and states back in august that we needed more gas. and again, i believe, and those are my numbers. i believe that gas had some spec assets you back in august. and again, there was some stat capacity in terms of transit at through ukraine. and if the european commission came out publicly stating where we need more gas and we will, if the fresh sort of the 40 percent or market dominance, i think a vladimir put in and the gas from way to have
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a look at this reprice. and i believe they would have pushed more gas in europe. and so therefore we wouldn't be in such a dire situation today. terry, appreciate you coming on, get your expert analysis, my guest here, ross energy expert, thank you. thank you. with a natural gas price in europe. i mentioned it a moment ago. i sought in fact, as an all time record, it's now nearly 6 times incredible. what it was just in the spring with a consonant uncles for major energy crunch and it is light that internal divisions within the block of brussels green policies. it oliver has ml, while prices are as high as they are on the commodities markets. this isn't so much going to trickle down to consumers as perhaps these prices are gonna fall upon homeowners from a more domestic home uses, form a great height to what we've heard from the european commission president ursula found a lion is that she recognizes that there are major problems that we're facing right
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now and problems that are coming down the pipe further along, but says that in the long term, it's renewable energy that are going to keep energy prices low across europe. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but then the renewables, the prices have decreased over the last 2 years and are stable. so fast is very clear that with energy in the long term, it is important to invest in renewables. that gives us stable prices and more independence because gas is important. 90 percent of the gas is important to the european union, the renewables we are the master without plans being dismissed out of hand by hunger, his prime minister, victor, or bon, his country just assigned a new deal with russia to import gas into hungry for the next 15 years, victor or bonds blamed these problems on the european commission, saying they have far too many restrictions in place. far too much regulation. and
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that is what's causing the issues when it comes to buying gas. you must change policy because partly partly the reason why the prices are up is the 4th of the, of the commission. but we have to choose some regulations. otherwise, everybody we suffer. the problem for hunger is under the new regulation of greenville, which is an indicted expectation for flat owners. owners and part owner of the e u energy commissioner has warned that prices will most likely continue to rise throughout the winter. won't see any respite until the spring of 2022, just how high prices rise may well come down to something as fickle as the weather . if it's a particularly cold winter, we could well see prices soaring, higher and higher. and what we've also seen though is a number of european countries coming together and saying things half the change, france paying grease, the czech republic and romania, all their finance ministers signed a joint statement saying that there needs to be
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a complete overhaul of the way energy is purchased in europe, that isn't going to be a short term solution though. perhaps in the long term it may change something. it's not gonna change energy bills or this coming winter. what we're also seeing is the european union is saying that they're going to investigate claims that russia is behind attempts to manipulate the gas price that they've been trying to drive up prices. this is something that's been fundamentally denied by the kremlin, the spokesperson for the russian government saying that russian suppliers are living up to the very letter of contracts that have been signed. we insist that russia is playing no role in what is happening on the european gas market that could not happen. russia has fulfilled and will continue to fulfill to the letter all of its obligations on existing contracts. there is one way to get more gas into europe, and that's through the nod stream to gas pipeline. that huge infrastructure project
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construction was completed this summer. however, it's still awaiting the green light in terms of all of the certification and approvals from various agencies before it can start providing energy. once that does get the approval that it's needed, while it could provide as much as 55000000000 cubic meters of russian gas to europe every single year, that's around enough to power $27000000.00 european homes u . s. republicans, serv accused the military of double standards over a marine who's facing potential charges. the criticizing the by administration's pull out from afghanistan that are stands in stark contrast with another officer who was hailed as a hero for standing up to the trumpet, ministration. gala morbid takes a closer look at those 2 cases. $2000000.00 from over $27000.00 different donors. that's how strongly people are feeling the case of lieutenant colonel sheller. he's facing potential criminal charges over criticizing commanders over
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the withdrawal from afghanistan. now his hearing has been delayed until next week, but his family is not very optimistic or we have been told to prepare that it could be a long prison term. sheller was an active duty u. s. marine, whose frustration over the bungled retreat from cobble lead to making videos, bashing biden, and the pentagon brass that quickly went viral. people are upset because their senior leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we messed this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate everyone. i am submitting charges against general mckenzie for his bad assumptions. not because i've been did, but because the senior leaders need to be held accountable to the same standard as us. he's now accused of breaking for laws,
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though there are not formal charges yet. now sheller is not the 1st military man to raise a voice about issues. lieutenant colonel alexander vin damon was on active duty when he 1st spoke up against the pentagon. brass, he testified at trumps impeachment proceedings as a pentagon whistleblower. he claim the donald trump had made a quid pro quo with the president of ukraine. he was anointed by mainstream media and the democrats as a st. this guy 0. this guy is a patriot. one of these 2 men, the president and lieutenant colonel whitman, devoted his life to duty and honor, write matters what an extraordinary statement from an immigrant who served this country proudly his entire life. now the answers from the white house quickly turned evasive when they faced some tough questions about parallels person vancover tenant colonel alexander vin minute hero, for speaking out against his comanche even has plenty capitol hill in uniform. so
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how is this different, especially since he just said the president welcomed the candor handy advice of his military advisors? does the president also feel with sheller hero? i dont have all the details on these circumstances. i understand that can be frustrating to you. um, but we will work to get you an answer on republicans or speaking up saying that they see a double standard if you speak out against the democratic president who get thrown in the brig. but if you are doing something against a republican president, your lord of the hero, this is double standard. lieutenant colonel vinland was celebrated by media while of tenant girls sheller is in prison for demanding accountability on the disastrous withdrawal. both challenged leadership, one was treated as a hero and the other punished. i remember when military leadership wasn't an oxymoron, it's no wonder they can see the obvious coming any more. the best bureau cuts on the absolute worst wolf. i says,
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of the ones that get promoted and make the decisions. military leaders who criticize donald trump got talk, show appearances and book deals treated almost like heroes. while one who just criticized biden is facing a hearing and a potentially long term spell behind bars. the going to stay in that we c p, an exercise here today. it's a very dangerous precedent escort or gets the doll standard by democrats, 1st of all it, but also manifested tremendously by the mass media. there tends to be predominantly less leaning in very much in the pocket b o, the democratic party, anything that was an antique trump was hailed. and so it's not surprising that anything republican, as the chase, with minimum was, was treated with kid gloves and, and as consequence, or he or he gets off scot free, having oh leet,
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classified information. the political landscape has certainly evolved from what it was a year ago. democrats are no longer celebrating those with the courage to speak up against those in power. being a hero isn't so much about what you do, but who you do it against? kayla mopping, r t. new york. york's joint commission on public ethics has said that it will launch an internal inquiry into its approval of disgraced ex governor, unto kobe's books. d, a lusty with $5000000.00. the commission has voted to approve the retention of independent counsel to conduct inquiry into the legal and procedural operations of the commission. in his memoir, american crisis leadership lessons from the coven. 19 pandemic. cuomo shared what he called his hard won lessons in leadership. the book deal which allowed cuomo to profit from its sale was allegedly never put to
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a vote at the public ethics commission. that's reportedly according to several board members, another prob, looking into whether the ex governor used state funds to produce that book is ongoing. coma received scathing criticism this february, when it transpired, the new york authorities had massively under reported, the number of coven related deaths in the states, nursing homes. things went from bad to worse for cargo and a series of sexual misconduct allegations later emerged. and with pressure mounting eventually stepped down as governor in mid august, though he denies all the allegations against him. new york to in general, commented on the case in early august. these interviews in pieces of evidence reveal it deeply disturbing, yet clear pitcher governor cuomo, sexually harass current and former state employees, violation in both federal and state laws. i think that given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i step aside and lead government get back
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to government. okay. speak now to tracy alvin. oh, she lost her father to cove it when he was in a new york care facility. she now works for voices for seniors, advocacy group. appreciate coming on. let's just start with the main part of that story. what did you think when you found out that the new york joint commission on public ethics was conducting an investigation into the brookdale? well, this whole entire investigation feels like one big show to me. now the ethics commission already allowed homo to keep the $5100000.00. he made off of his one money. but the lies. so frankly, i don't see the point in having the ethics commission investigate who sells. no, i want to try to be optimistic and on its face it's a small victory. and is the stuff that browser i earlier, but i'm a realist in a month. encouraged by this move, it's the seems to be some irony that quote,
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wrote a book my big money of what seemed to be a manual of leadership excellence during tanya croyt has given what we now knows or ill suspect, greatly as transpired during his leadership. what did you think of the book itself? well, one was book, once again, it is a blood money buck of lies and it was written on the graves of over $16000.00 innocent senior citizens. and it's not only reason to write a book on how you conquered a pandemic in the middle of a pandemic. but it's downright evil. actively omit jets from public health and record to make money off of a book deal to my father's death may have been an inconvenient number that he left off the report to get a 5000000 dollar book deal with. to me my father was my whole world. the i said he seems ironic stuff. you know, when accused of under reporting,
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the number of cov does in nursing homes that you think somebody would whine their neck, him to then try and profit by saying how much they did right during that time, deb on the other side of it though he was very popular at the time. do you think cromer did some good things during the pandemic? when i 1st i never been a mom of bands. i'll put that out there. will disclosure and when the pin in it 1st started and he was giving these reports and he was using the powerpoint slides. i was like, wow, he's actually doing a really good job in handling this. but now, given what we now now a look, and i say, you know what? in the beginning when colvin emerged in new york, she was telling us to go out, you know, don't panic, the panic is worse than the virus. and then the last minute he panicked and he made really, really poor decisions. so i think that if he acted sooner, i'm going to go out on here and say not only would we have a lot more people live,
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but maybe we could have contained it in new york and it wouldn't have spread to the rest of the united states. again, it's so it's a matter of opinion. some people might find it a bit distasteful to making huge amounts of money from, from doing just what is your job at a time that was very difficult for everybody involved when you were in of position of office. oh, just a member of the public, but nonetheless, he did, mike, what was it before to the $5000000.00? and at the time when there's a lot of accusations that actually decisions made in his stay contributed to was number of this. for example, i think one of the, one of the things that was ruled was that nursing homes should accept people who were recovering from cove it so as not to overburden the hospitals in the region. is it ethically okay for him to be keeping all of that money? absolutely not. and you know, we knew back in february of 2020 i can recall dr. valgy is voted in another news
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outlet. a saying that this virus was the most deadly to the elderly. so why then or 25th, would cuomo mandate the virus into their living quarters? it makes absolutely no sense. and then he goes on to make money off the book. and we also know that he used staff that was being paid with tax payer money on taxpayer time, which is a legal and i know that investigation is still going on. and again, i try to be optimistic, but he hasn't been held accountable yet. his resignation as governor is not accountability. and as nursing on families, i really want answers what he needs to be held accountable. what he's done, he's destroyed our lives like as a south, tracy alvarado, assistant director of the voices for seniors advocacy group. thank you. thank you. oh okay, the rub. so for this news are all see with the one off now. mm hm. mm. with
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oh and the way of life of reindeer herders leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. while the men drive the hood, women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders rather than with full spread sheet in there with however, in the vast expanse of russia, there is a spot where a house wife could secure a regular employment status. it's in the fall semester with
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no one else shows the wrong one. i just don't hold any world. yes. to see out the same becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. these are the 4 people who pull the trigger and survive something on survival. one of our hardest things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation of life. i accepted the accept the fact that i made that it's worth.


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