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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 8, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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ah, i am nice taiser. this is the kaiser report. oh, you know, those current days that we live in is not particularly unique. we've had previous ages of scull dog re, oligarchy, ari and other tricks. stacey, right, well, you know, people have been pointing out that were in the age of the robber baron. and that really started right around the last global financial crisis. and of course, in the data you can show, and you can see that the wealth and income gap has been exploding. and certainly over the past year, year and a half, we're seen, robber barons sort of fortunes. the vanderbilt sort of fortunes and the, you know, the big melon families and stuff like that. well, the most famous robert baron or the, me all,
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and he was the most famous because he was just openly vile. gives a good quote. i think that helps understand a lot of the current domestic partisanship hyper partisanship, something that many people have noted in the media about this hyper partisanship that we've c. j. gould said i can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. but just to put him into context, he was born in 1836 and died in 18. 92. he started, he was a railroad baron. he started out with erie, railroad worked basically corrupted and, and paid off boss tweed of tammany hall, a new york corrupt legislator and advanced his fortune and then ended up buying a controlling interest in union pacific. still around to this day. and we're going to get into some of his gold markets of schemes as well. but he was a, you know, fabulously wealthy guy who used basically paid off politicians to get to advance
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his cause even more at his wealth, even more. oh, yeah. gold. well, you know, railways at that time was the cutting as technology and it was the globalization, you know, are all the rhetoric we're talking about, the networks and the global networks in the high tech tyrants out there. i mean it's borrowed from the earlier era when railway was considered to be, you know, the up, the end on the be all and so, so this guy was kind of the bill gates of his day, i guess. well, i mean, it was a shit. shocking. like they'll the level of amount of corruption he did, and a lot of it was targeted at like his rivals that carnegie. he defrauded him essentially and got a part of his controlling interest on one of the railways. and he just use outright . well, it looks like a lot of what you see in the global financial markets, especially says 2000 nate. but these big banks get find, you know, they pay
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a small fine, and then they move on, or any of the other. it's called luxury you've seen at the big multinational corporations a highlight. one of the things he did, which again, look back at any of the past 10 years of kaiser for in doesn't a sound a lot like what we've already seen of the global financial crisis. in august of $1869.00 gould and his partner fisk began to buy gold in an attempt to corner the market, hoping that the increase in the price of gold would increase the price of wheat and motivate western farmers to sell. this in turn, would cause a great amount of shipping eastward, increasing freight business for the erie railroad. during this time, gould off also used contacts with president ulysses s grant brother in law, abel corbin, to influence the president and the secretary general horace porter. these speculations culminated in the panic of black friday and september 24th 18. 69. when the greenback cash premium over face value fell on gold. a double eagle fell
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from 62 percent to 35 percent. so using political connections using illegal methods to profit, he did profit off this, but then ended up having to pay a lot of the profit back in lawsuits that were filed. but again, those take time and effort to file lawsuits and get to the bottom of all those like clara. i said obligations across the market in 2000. b and 8, and then they pay back a small fraction of their, their ill gotten gains was fascinating, is that to spur a commodities panic, buying spree, he tried a corner of gold to now and the 21st century. we have a, a panic buying spree and commodities, commodities. i've had a new all time high, higher than 20 love higher than at any time in history. and yet what's lagging horribly, gold and silver. this commodities boom is being spurred really by oil. oil is really the new gold is the global gold is the global currencies,
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the petrol dollars been with us since 1971 with the us switch from gold to oil, to back its currency. and so j. gould fewer alive to day, he would be cornering the oil market to try this for a commodities panic. buying to get offload his wheat. right. and remember, so the quote from him that i want to put into context of this new robber baron error. and definitely, especially since 2016, but it was already happening before than the hyper partisanship. the deep, deep abiding hatred between teams of red versus teams of blue. and the other way around. remember, he said i can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. so he wasn't worried about finding workers for his, for overloads because he said he k, find half to kill the other half. that's why he, they couldn't go on strike. and demand more money from him, blah, blah, blah. so a headline out this past week like this is from the hill shockey poll. finds many
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americans now want to secede from the united states. overall, 37 percent of respondents indicated a willingness to succeed. so this is the hatred that, that half hating the other half. this is, however, not just one oligarchy, was openly saying it, you know, a robber baron, was calling robber barons in our country. so that we have the collective class of robber barons now have basically i believe divided the country in such a way through their corporate media as especially pushing each other to hate each other over seemingly frivolous things. yeah, well the 1st reading of the headline is kind of confusing. it sounds like americans want us to state from themself, which is a lot of self iving americans out there that just would prefer not to be american. i can understand that. but i guess what it means is that there are 2 disparate groups in other right in the laughter, the blue in the and the red,
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and there at odds with each other in it like and j gould's time. it's all a puppet show being orchestrated at the top by the oligarchs to try to keep people from getting a living wage while they jacked up the price of food and energy without any opposition. and as you point out, if they do get any opposition, it'll be a fine that'll to be taken out of the prophets and will take years and years. this has been jamie, diamonds, modus operandi for years, they get the ability over their j. p. morgan, the bank that he runs, they keep $0.90 of every dollar they steal. they know that they have to pay $0.10 of every dollar they steal as a fine and that's the cost of doing business. and jamie's happy to do that. he became a billionaire with this model. he is the j. gould of 2041. well, he certainly is what one could call a robber baron, a modern day robber, baron, robber barons. 2 point oh and i 12, then cut to this next headline about proving essentially that we are in a robber baron to plano. a, you know, j. gould,
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when he died in 1895 died with the equivalent the, you know, adjusted for some inflation. it of about 2 and a half $1000000000.00. so that was i consider pretty wealthy back then hut. now that's a, you know, in a, not that much cuz you don't get on the forbes brawner last a last year and it needed at least 11000000000. i believe, right, so he wouldn't have been on there. nevertheless. this is from wolf street dot com, who does an excellent, you know, series he's always looking at a rent prices house prices bubble markets. and he also does that wealth effect monitor. so he's looking at the data that the, the fed releases every quarter showing the, the wealth disparity which extracts, however, subtracts from this chileya garrison, the very, very multi billionaire. so that the numbers here won't be showing the life of jeff bezos and even mosque. but my wealth effect monitor for the money printer economy.
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holy moly, october update. so here on the sat the says, my printer or thought color printer, but i will show you on screen hear the per household wealth. a effective fed policies, the top one percent. again, not shown separately, the truly rich the billionaire class. and so as you see they've got runaway after this in 1999 to 2002 period where there was a sort of leveling out. they didn't get any wealthier. we saw at 911 happen then we saw a china introduced the w t o and we saw the dot com crash and dot com crash was the beginning of that hyper money printing the intervention from the fed and the rescuing of the the robber baron class so since then you've seen up to the 2000 the financial crisis, a little bit of a dip, and then it's gone straight up since and especially parabolic in the last year. but
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in terms of that, you know, getting 50 percent to hate the other 50 for something most important. one really is that 2 to 9 percent best. the top one percent this is that the top 2 to 9 percent. they're the ones that are in the media. those are the ones on television every night, telling the other 50 percent to hate each other. to hate that the guy down the street who makes 50000 a year. now the guy making 50000000000 here. so i think they're then import once on there, and this is from the fed data in terms of how the wealth and income gap continues to explode under biden, just as it was under trump. right now we've been doing this show for 13 years, man going back 13 years or so. we were covering what we were talking about at that time. the genie co efficient ratio, and this was the study of 3rd world countries and how the wealth was concentrator at the very top, at the oligarchs and the dictators and the potentates and how the people were
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suffering. well, here we are, 13 years later after 911 of course, very important event in america, history in terms of the wealth, income and, and, and wealth disparity. we're talking about the wealth didn't come gap, but this is the genie coefficient. it's what it is that shows you that americans become a 3rd world country. i don't know that nobody can argue that point with me. i'm happy to go on any merican, mainstream television, m s nbc, cbs abc, nbc, cnn, maybe say you name it, and i will stand by my position that america is now officially a 3rd world country. full stop. i'll never get that call because i'm match. kaiser kiddo and they would never area because they would have really descend into a puddle of tears hide under their desks crying like little babies. but nevertheless, it's true. america's now 3rd world country full stop. so regarding this charts, a wolf street mentions that you know, the fed printed 4.5 trillion since the panoramic began. and this, as you could see,
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went entirely into the hands of the top one percent almost entirely. there's a little tiny blip. and the $2.00 to $9.00 for sense group, they seem to be happy with it. if you tune into cable news, they're, they're on the cable news and they're telling people, shot up be happy. well, he says this was the greatest economic injustice committed in recent u. s. history, congress could shut it down, but doesn't want to even debate it. members of congress mostly belong to the top 10 percent, or hope to soon belong to it on their congressional salaries. of course, ha ha ha. and that's why this continues. the bottom, 50 percent, don't understand what the fed is doing to them. don't even know what the fed is and does, and they are too busy trying to survive in this economy that the fed has so powerfully rig against them. the fed is the modern tammany hall. look up. tammany hall. look a boss tweed. j pow boss. tweed. same thing. see it in the data.
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okay. yeah. so central bank are trying to get insight information. nancy pelosi, the barack of our age. all right. guys take a break. let me come back much more coming your way with
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020 years ago the taliban were a different today or more violent than ever before. 20 years ago. the really kind of to stick with central press for so park place to they did not have none of whose principal at all except that deal using this principle claim has their own interest . but years ago, there was some sort of kind of dialogue with the others to see what they can do today. they are so kind of restrict your limits. if you check your chicken one cabinet, one existing call question and from in from inside question do just completely concentrated on what's called the so called polygon. ah, welcome back to the kaiser report. i back taiser time now to go to sinclair. dinner
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of bit, mary, i'll of black people dot com and the block black block chain summit. sinclair, welcome back. oh, thank you. thank you. thank is always mass. good to be here and thank you for your leadership guidance and your beautiful miss. yeah, thank you. max. beautiful. that says something james, nice to sing about. back in the 19 sixty's, i remember now sinclair, according to the associated press in p b. s. bitcoin is used by white supremacists. oh yes. is more this divide and conquer and divide and rule us. you know, we, we know that this technology is, is helping everyone and black folks have been adopting it. and we're waiting for the, the media to bless it. he never will. we need to continue growing this movement with the strength of the people as a learn about it. more and more people become interested so we won't be deterred. this is another way the trying to distract us. you got to stay focus. yeah, i mean,
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you know, the u, p a, a p and the p b s. the numbers are actually completely different. and the biggest single, greatest for that population in america using bitcoin is the black population, almost double the white population. so i don't know why they choose to engage in racism like this. this is what it is this. this is just race us to a p and k b. s are racist. i'm sorry to say, but that's a, that's the ma never interviewers. when i asked black rosie you been interviewed, i might have taken a poll. there were some how many black folks did some of the never, i haven't met a black person that asks question by any of this yet. so i mean, again, we can't be distracted. this movement is growing and black, the black community, as with so many of these other movement, is definitely playing as role. and we're going to continue and not be distracted. yeah, i mean, look, this is institutional racism. and this is why supremacy right here by misstating the facts, to favor the minority white population. so i hear you got
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a situation right now where as i've said, for years big coin is the ultimate emancipation because it's on confiscate of all right, it's on campus cannibal property whitey can't confiscate it, sinclair. no, absolutely. and, and i don't know what a p was doing slavery during a reconstruction, but surely when right and great articles about how we need to be liberated. so when i expecting them to change, now we got to be the change that we're looking for. and big coins that to that so many more people are using every day and we can't be stopped. all right, now the black block chain summit just wrapped up that howard university in washington, dc. big success there while were some of the big themes. well, the biggest things we're talking about, how do we make sure that this amazing technology application big coin doesn't distract folks with some of these scams out there. that was one of the big things as, as adoption grows, there always be grifter and folks trying to, you know,
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use for versus mainstay. extort folks from money. we're, our big focus was literally encouraging. more adoption and using big coin as that key, transparent, confiscate of all technology that we've been waiting for for so long and they've got so she was the came and it's a co she's black. yes. it's our she is definitely black. you know. thank god, people like michael sailor came into the space and paltry jones and kind of crowded out all the garbage projects that the roger fairs to pick on cash. the constitution patient. all that garbage is being pushed to the, to the, to the garbage heap where it belongs. and big coin is rising. and i go back to fatality peter and, and his scam coin. you know, he's the 1st one that came up with this maximal term as a way to disparage bitcoin irs. but it's not playing in a countries like el salvador are going hyper. bitcoin is ation 42 percent of the countries. now i'm pick coin. they're not buying anymore. the garbage cries,
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thank goodness. but i know it's funny. i was just in france and people are still in the garbage going to france, i think. and, you know, they, they have an interesting culture over there. but anyway, i was talking about al sabah to our 1st 2nd. yeah, they've gone hyper bitcoin eyes. and what do you, what do you think when the president of the kind of, of the country book kelly is openly trolling the i m f thing he's buying the dip course they, they have along with the i m f. so there really is something there know, is that the i m f, this is great power. we've never seen this in central america, according to john perkins and his book, confessions of an economic math america spreading. don't see a guys that pick up the presence of from out of airplanes and kill them here. a bit coin is given him emancipation. when you see that what he thinks and claire hello fresh, i'm thankful that you even introduce me to john perkins. and he came to the black, black shane summit and, and participated last year. so you guys are super amazing as it relates to sell salvatore in central america. many of our brothers and sisters have been actually
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use them bitcoin. well, before the government adopted what we see, that this is a movement of the people still, and then we need to make sure that we keep as many of our people engaged in space. we're happy to see government do things right at a broken clock can be right at least twice. but literally, i think it's the movement of the people, the reason why they coin adoptions taking place. as you know, someone who's been so early and so often telling us this is to people baby, and we're going to make this thing happen. no one can stop us. the chinese, the, the u. s. government f, b, i, c, i, all the alphabets in the world can stop b, i t c. packed of the know. now let's switch confidence head over to africa. we know that in nigeria, things are, are getting down there, taken off their happening. you know that 30 percent of the countries already on bitcoin and looks like that's gone, hyperbolic all over africa. want to tell us what's going on again, these, these local occurs is an ira, or the uganda shilling these. these current is,
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have been used by colonizers to the extract wealth out africa. the fact that literally big coin is a superior transfer value than any of the, these are almost, you know, you could call them bobo coins. these local currencies aren't really worth much outside of their domestic use. so again, i think when we started looking at international currencies, usd which is again manipulated by the central bank or something like big coin is easy to say that a person and leg goes would prefer to use something that they can't can't get confiscated in as a utility that can't be controlled by the u. s. government. and again, u. s. government is literally a similar colonial state, just like rhodesia. was just like south africa was for african people to depend on a settler colonizer, did they change their ways and support the indigenous people is probably very deeply flawed. yes, to me, africa is a great, big role up. what i mean by that is that right now countries can't ever do commerce
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with each other. there's the barrier bureaucracy, and the technological infrastructure doesn't exist. both bitcoin a suddenly have pan african commerce possible for the 1st time ever. and that would seem to be the economy to scale kick in and forget china, forget america, the features, africa. yeah. and we just got again, there's a lot of these so called projects in africa with these boot coins that really aren't going to help anybody by bitcoin use big coin, develop a big one. i think so many people talk about the limitations. this is the start, this is the foundation lightning. a lot of the projects that you've talked about on the show. there's so many layers to this, and we need more developers coming up with solutions on top of big core, not these. who gave the, you know, projects where they, you know, pre mine to print out causing and give to somebody this is feed to wales. we literally, we have a sound technology build on that and make people aware of it. thank you. that's me
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. i guess key. yeah, absolutely. how about some bob white? here's a kind of for, you've been to many times, you know, we've been talking about this for a while. it's a very interesting country. been in the news a lot over the years. they recently ban quote, crypto, what's going on? you know, i just want to be clear. we as bit mari, were the 1st the big coin start up to explicitly get a remittance license doing to use big coin to remit cash anywhere in the world. and it was under robert moo gabby, rob mcgarvey, may rest in pieces is no longer here. and these, these governments change, but the fact that people learn long, long for freedom and, and definitely want to be able to have control over their, their value that they can exchange with each other is powerful in zimbabwe as it is in other parts of africa. and the world, so you will still see people in zimbabwe seeking these,
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these opportunities. but i'll just be very clear. robin gabby definitely was supportive of the project. we started there. and there's so many smart, brilliant engineers in zimbabwe. i'm sure that they're going to continue to grow. right? well, we're entering into a period of individual sovereignty, where instead of countries that dictating what the terms are to live in those countries, countries well offer various services to pick winners and big corners will be free to go wherever they get traded the best. so it could be simple, i way it could be china could be america, could be russia, could be el salvador, but countries are going to end up being what they should be. service providers and i think providing good service then you know people will move there and maybe pay your taxes, but if they don't, then people won't live. there were weren't control. now. saint clair here here. yes sir. and i think that sovereignty of the individual is, is that spirit that we see so often it's, it's biological is not political, we are born that way. so again, i think big coin connects to that essence. and you know,
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you often talk about how spiritual is i think that is part of that spirituality that they can't stop. i don't care who tries to band what government. and again, we definitely support all the governments that are supportive, but that's not what's going to determine the ceiling for this this. this is the people's movement and we appreciate it. all right, let's talk about your recent project. i love black people dot com. tell us about it . i think you alluded to when you said people want to be treated well. and with those borders that were artificially created by colonialism, other things can't separate black people. so we have a literal platform that allows black folks to come together and identify black, friendly, safe places where we can live fearlessly. we don't want to be a milly, aided or, or, you know, shopping while black. so we, on this platform, we allow the crowd source so much information, so that no matter where you are in the world, you can find you can be in denmark, you get sick is going to be hard to google,
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a non racist doctor and copenhagen. but there might be a magole doctor to all the black fo, say she treats us with dignity and respect. and now with this platform you have access to are and ultimately will be able to leverage the lightning network to allow you to even do transactions. no matter where you're in the world with the safe, amazing places. right? and so you've got a potential, a, an addressable market here that, you know, quite quite a sizable market. what's the growth of what was the growth picture over there? now literally you're talking about 1500000000 people when you talk about it, this is one of the problems that our community has been fractured. so it's one of those marketing flaws were released, dispersed all over the world. but the black population of people african represent the same size of china. so if anyone thinks china is a huge market, literally the black, the global black community is a huge marketplace. and we now have technology from the block chain, as well as the internet. everybody with these powerful phones in their pocket to
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connect us. and of course, all these folks want to be treated well. so i love black people creates in allows us to leverage our, our ability to create a safety net that place that we can go and know that we've been treated with this respect in the sovereignty. we deserve. i love black people dot com is the name of the website, st. claire scanner. thanks for being on kaiser report. thank you. max. thank you. stay on the best love you love. you love you. all right, that's a lot of love and i was going to do it for this additional kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacey everett, or i think i got st. clair's dinner and touch base with, [000:00:00;00] with
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all those driven by dreamers shaped by center. some of those with there's things we dare to ask in imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job and then it was my family. dealing with my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is passing time,
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the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees. it's very idealized image . all of those older america, native americans look past the deaths to happen every single day. this is a modem. history of the usa. my america. oh no, t o . oh, but also so most basic, but i feel bagley's go, he did well as a border with i help them all a couple of pretty then you know, quite by that politicians to athletes and movies. does the musicals, does it seems every big name in the world has been here? let's see. okay miss, you can work up a budget when you get the call. when you finish with me. i'm glad you spoke with
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said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls in love with people like what mm us. petitions cold. we new sanctions against russia over the north stream to pipeline accusing mosca of manipulating the natural gas market. days after the present pleasure to be supplied to europe, dozens of people are reportedly killed in a parent. so side by side on a sheer mosque in northern afghanistan, it's kind of just 5 days after another time that also targeted and most and the european parliament pauses unknown binding resolution seeking to bomb police fees.


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