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ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon show, but i'll be speaking to guess of the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm hm. the salaries, headline stories president, putin, sage, europe's own miscalculations, resulted in their current energy prices confronting head on the narrative that russia is weapon, ising, or intentionally withholding, go all to head in the program. the german city of cologne gives that green light to broadcasting the muslim call to prayer. the move, which has very much divided opinion. they're great is wrong. i think religion is something personal. it's nice for multiculturalism. i don't think it's bad, but i don't think it's all that great either. and the american taxpayers are still
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paying for the infamous border wall project, despite joe biden's pledge to stall paid those costs for storing millions of dollars worth of rough things feel like ah, from moscow to the world. this is your r t pleasure to have your company. my name's ethan o'neill. first this wednesday, speaking at russian energy week, president putin has weight in on the gas price hike in europe on feel a bit tough questions, the spelling, what he called faults, normative over moscow strategy on the global energy market. because this is cheryl, nope. up as far as north stream to is concerned, what opponents of the project have claimed that this is not a commercially viable product and rushes if pursuing geopolitical motivations. can
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we? well, you know, this is yet another believe nonsense is there, but i just pay closer attention to what i'm saying on this route is did with 1000 kilometer shorter and quicker to our main consumers in europe that and via ukraine these he choo, 1000 kilometers more efficient it's cheaper because transit is cheaper to do, and it's also cheaper for common to virtue because the transit fee has to be included in the amber rice in particular for european customers. we are doing this and developed white, our political differences this year. we have increased supply by 10 percent. again, let me very much like them to be grateful. instead of only criticizing us from orange notes to leave a tranquil ermine answer russian energy week. he's across all the days, major statements for us for a better understanding. i just want to give you a quick insight into the context of mr. putin's latest remarks at the, the russian energy week 2021. so the a post cove, it powered, the man globally has been on the up. and this really led to major changes in
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the supply chains and lead to distort disruptions. and this in turn bud to shortages of supplies in europe. in particular, the prices for bad natural gas at one point skyrocketed to unprecedented levels and death that many analysts indeed call this a true global energy crisis. but in that times, specifically russia by some has even been blamed for politicizing the matter. and before that for years, moscow has been under fire for some of its infrastructure projects like the nord stream, to in particular for direct natural gas deliveries from russia to the northern coast of germany. and like i've been hearing from many experts here on day one of russia's energy we get there has been reassessment and reassessment is also
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something that mr. proven has been talking about. he also spoke about what he called mistakes on the part of a some of brushes partners when it comes to their energy policies. so let's have a look at what else to wash and eat or said about that. austin, nuggets we looked at higher prices on gas in europe are a consequence of a deficit of energy and not vice versa. and that's why you should not ship the blame from over the last 10 years step by step glorious to magic, the laws were introduced into the european energy system. you and they lead to a massive energy crisis. he'll need money, market stability and predictability are important. and russia flawlessly fulfills its contractual obligation, will to our part on including our partners in europe that we, in short guaranteed uninterrupted gas deliveries to year. we have every reason to believe that this year, if we will reach record levels of gas deliveries on the global market. and doing
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what exactly could help europe in this particular situation. what kinda makes the prices go down? well, perhaps the answer is obvious, that is, extra supplies to the continent. and what mr. brewton, as said during that panel discussion was that whenever russia was requested for a boost in exports, the answer from moscow, the answer from gas from russia's gas, that was always, yes. so russian never said no. and when mister proven was asked to direct question whether moscow was ever using energy as a political weapon, the answer was straightforward. the answer was no. i want to ask you about it directly. has russia been using energy as a weapon? russia is not using any weapon capsule if you've been paying attention as for the enemy, where are we using weapon in what can we say? are we taking part and for the economy? this is not something we tend to use. this is what i call literally motivating him . so if there were nothing to support him when it comes to saying that we use
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energy is some kind of wagner. at the end of the day, i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline? because she was, if you're a beautiful woman, like what i'm saying, one thing to you and you're saying a different thing to me as if you haven't heard what i said, well mister president with what was the same point was you and you said that you are not supplying gas through pipelines to europe, but actually, you're mistaken. you are mistaken. and all of those who feed on the information they receive failure, we are actually increasing our supplies to europe. the gas price increases supplies by 10 percent. julian and over all russia, increase them by 15 percent dc. we have increased gas supply from lifeline by 10 percent. increase lent l and g supply by 13 percent, but we are increasing but i will not be decreasing our gas supply to europe, east of it. this brings me to the key ingredient of the stability on the market for
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latimer pohden. this is, according to the russian leader, long term contracts for the exports of commodities when the prices for natural gas in particular, are linked with wall prices. now this also brings me to something that's been a cause for concern among european politicians. that is russia's sticking to the transit of a, it's a natural gas supplies to europe through ukraine, beyond the 2024. this is what europe. once to that, latimer poke and says, well, what we need is contracts long term contracts to understand how much gas europe needs in the future. and then, and in that case, we can then decide how much gas goes through the park is stream. that's what the pipeline through the black sea is called, how much gas we can send through our north stream pipeline and to ukraine as well.
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but mr. poodles, general answer to that was, yes, russia is ready to maintain its ukrainian transit. besides this, mr. who went on to talk about something that doesn't really have to do with energy . but this is something that the moderator asked the russian leader that was about russia relations with washington and about arm's security. mister bruton said that russia is ready to talk with washington ready for talks with washington on the revival of possibly some of the older treaties that washington abandoned under donald trump, under the previous cedars as well. or that it's ready to hammer out new agreements, which is very important for international security is stability. but mr. this message has been the same all the time. we have only been responding to
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whenever you were getting rid of this tree thief whenever you are leaving. and when it comes to the arms race. in fact, mister food admitted there was an arms race between the u. s. in russia. at this point, russia is only taking measures in response. so like i said, this was the number one method from the muslim call to prayer will be heard across cologne. in germany, after local authorities gave their approval for it to be broadcast over lloyd, speakers, officials say the move as a gesture of respect, but many, so this and stress such a move is that all with european culture and norms. cologne central moscow. it's been a flash point for anti muslim sentiment before with the murder, strongly defending this week's decision. cologne is the city of religious freedom and diversity. those who arrive at the main train station are greeted by the cathedral and accompanied by church bells, many clone residents amused lamps allowing them whereas, and call is for me
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a sign of respect. the 35 mosques in the city will be able to play the call. busy from to 5 minutes, the initiative comes as part of an agreement between cologne officials on the muslim community mosques seeking to broadcast. it will have to comply with volume limits and notify neighbors in advance. we got reaction to the decision in the thanks again. can say, i think that's great because the muslim community is also included. this is also very nice for the muslims, just that the church is doing a bow and the most al can also make the call to prayer. i think that is very great . now can i all fall under? so they're all for it's nice for multiculturalism. germany says we are here and we also take care of muslims over which unfortunately, some political parties don't do any moral clothing. it makes me happy when i hear it from a book, it's a piece of homes on the brooklyn facility. finances this room. i don't think it's bad, but i don't think it's all that great either. cuz i live directly opposite. so i
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hear it all the time. or the fact that you now have to listen to what is being said with with us, whether you want to hear it or not. i don't think it's the best thing. oh, does it feel is false? i think it's wrong. i think religion is something personal. you don't have to bar all the people around with it look good when they call out and foreign language. i think that's really that because then the people don't know what they're actually saying on the law says, i mean we heard from an a mom who says it's a positive move because muslims are now and, and tacro parts on german society. i think it's a good initiative, basically highlighting the rights which are founded in the institution. so listeners are, are part of this country in this society. and if they, i part of the society, then it's a matter of representation of every single day isn't so also as other religious groups are represented in germany. the same way,
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most them should also be there is a fear in regards to song. and you know, we, as muslim, we have to do our part on it to basically reduce the sphere. however, many other voices believe germany has its own identity, which needs to be protected. let's hear from these is not the majority in germany, this depending on which city you between one or 2 percent, after maybe 5 percent and some big cities, 10 percent, but still 90 percent of non muslims. we have a certain condition and it's just the identity. and if you, if you see the skyline up cologne, how it is for the last century, the cathedral is a dominant factor. so it's the entity of cologne, every tradition in cologne. every believe in cologne. wherever you go, you'll find symbols of the christian identity. so to give away our identity is not
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carlo runs is not religious tunnel or religious tolerance is to allow these land or community to pray. and so we've had it, but they should not dominate the sounds of the city of cologne. they should not announce for everybody to hear their law is greater than our christian god. despite joe biden, this promise not to waste a single sense of american taxpayers money on donald trump's migrant fence project . it's been discovered that $100000000.00 worth of steel has been left to right on the us mexican border killer. my friend takes off the story. now let's be clear. the money has already been spent. the american taxpayers already purchased the old columns on order from donald trump, but now biden is president and taxpayer money does continue to be spent, but not on building a wall that we're paying contractors for a while. was almost 5000000 a day between the o. d. and d h s,
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just to not to not build the border wall there, stacks and stacks of border wall panels. there has been a lot of talk about the cost of building donald trump wall along the border. but it turns out that the cost of not building the wall is also rather pricing the costs of the biden administration. efforts to suspend or terminate donald trump's trademark construction projects have been tallied up to roughly $1.00 to $2000000000.00. the last contract was ripped up last week. now remember when biden promised that he wouldn't waste any more money on drums wall, which will be the policy of my administration that no more american taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a board, a wall. and that i am directing a careful review of all resources appropriated or re directed to that. and well, biden's rhetoric doesn't account for the cost of letting all kinds of building materials go to waste. texans are not particularly thrilled with biden's decision,
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especially since problems along the border and only intensified. i think the money to finish building the all and the material needed to be done a long time ago. it's not their money. it's our money. the tax payer's money. we bought it, i figure that to go ahead and utilize materials there, finish the, bought a wall, stop at the low, legal and the spring and we need to buy the ministry of the war and don't waste the money. do i used to live on the border of mexico and mccallum for 8 years, and i know quite often what they should finish the job of the border is about to be breached. so while americans are stuck with the bill for riding steel,
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the country's ongoing financial woes and rising national debt are only getting worse, meaning there's plenty of places this money could have been better spent left wing radical democrats don't understand the phrase, waste of money to them money is infinite, it comes from nowhere, it grows on trees and they take and spend as much as they want, as long as it gives them power and control. the wall is more necessary than ever if you care about legitimate versus illegitimate emigration. if you're not trying to patch the united states of america full of illegal immigrants with no love for the country, no understanding of the founding of the constitution of the way politics works here . and the plan is to fill up the country with them and then complain that it's racist not to give them citizenship. and so the right wing will fold politically and give it to them. the next thing you know, all these millions of immigrants will suddenly be voting at which point. democrats
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will win every national election. this is our team international still ahead. moscow has open free coven testing side. so i tried the city in response to address things. mike and hastened correspondences among those getting himself check dykes. we'll have a look about him any more besides in 90 seconds and counting ah ah ah ah
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ah, driven by dreamer shapes bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, logan. britain's popular pres, ticking aim at one of its own after claims kremlin spies stole the formula for
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russia's but nick v vaccine from the u. k. now the story in the summer was widely picked up by other outlets, but now at least one rival newspaper has retracted its article. and apologize to come to our attention that this was full of the information about the inventor of the sputnik, the vaccine gamble in national research. sense of demi ology and microbiology is publicly known. the article also contained false information. as an apology. we are happy to set the record straight and publish the following statement from the russian direct investment fund. the son newspaper branded a report has exclusive saying, anonymous british government source had proof. the data for the russian co job was pinched by moscow as far an agent in person. well, the kremlin spokesperson has responded to it all by describing the paper as being famous for its deeply on scientific articles. developers of something to say
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they use the same scientific method they have applied in earlier research to quickly make the vaccine against covert night scene. the 1st registered in the world. russian scientists are now working on joint clinical trials with us presented on a combination of the 2 vaccines in the british security minister, when questioned on the validity of the report, appeared hesitant to back this on the strange count. comments won't comment on the specific case, but it would be fair to say correct to say that we face threats of this type that are different. they're more sophisticated, they're more extensive than they ever have been before. while independent journalists, lucre of a says he's not surprised that the british daily's returning and each other, and rather it's their unrelenting attacks and moscow, which is the relation while competition and the british press is terrible. yeah. so especially for, for
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a capillaries like that. so no wonder that they are trying to show that the other one is not right. especially in this case that so a clear face use you know, you say the king is dead. why the king is to the light. so that's a typical fake use. you know, it's a tabloid for which shot the scandalous, the info oh, scandals, cells paper and also of course on the internet. and they don't really care about the truth. so then use and so even if it's so wrong, well, russia is usually bad. so why not say it one more time, you know, but so does all form stupid argument that it could be in their mind. in the western press, simon jung was thin in the west and in the western press. it's l not one time it is repeat lou, it's every day. it is detailed news. big news always russia is wrong. it's the message. this is fake news, giving only one part of the story and they are so good at that. in the european
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press, russia's daily corolla, virus infection, and death rates are hovering near all time highs with numbers in some regions, most doubling over the past month. in a bit to try and curb the spread some regions of imposed compulsory vaccination for certain categories of workers, as well as q r passes for venues. moscow, the most effective region has now launched free testing in 20 centers, including in the city's largest shopping malls, the mitree poke reports from one of them. we're here in the heart of russia's capital in moscow, on the red square in the gloom department store for a while, it's been a place where people can get vaccinated, but now it is also one of the 20 centers that gets out free. express, coven test. these centers are being opened up as cases in russia continue search in just the last few days. the number of new daily cases across the country has climbed to almost 30000 acres as high as last winter with most of them being in
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moscow. however, many medical experts think that this is actually reaching the peak and that these numbers is rising numbers in cases are actually due to more tests being readily and easily available. and that's kind of why the also thing that this could be signaling an end to the search. because the more test, the more cases are confirm, the more people are treated and less people get in fact it. well, this is the actual test site in the room where people have been steadily flowing in throughout the day to get their free express tests. all they need to show is their passport. we're a child's birth certificate. meet doctor andre lashley co. he's overseeing this test site and is responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly, and that the necessary steps are taken in case of a positive result. experienced this to you, this express task allows you to discover if a patient is potentially infected within 15 minutes or less, it's your other guys go to sit on it so quick. how reliable is it a?
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so we, it's a special analysis allows you to get results in a short time, and it's reliability is very high. nobody answers about what is the result is positive, will another test occur here them business law of another course? from the express test results, we tentatively assume a patient is infected. therefore, all of those who test positive are additionally tested via the p c. our method. and after receiving the final results, we make a decision regarding treatments, or we decide to stop the self isolation which the patient ideas to until the results are obtained well time and take the test. hopefully no surprises and that's it. now just got to wait 15 minutes and results should be in a while trying to find out by a test results limit of with,
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thankfully many sima my case. all are things simple. i'm healthy. i can carry on with my daily life now worrying about infecting anybody. so that's the test process, pre easy and reliable medical experts hope that this approach will lead to much more tests being done, which will lead to earlier detection and better treatment of the virus. and eventually that should result in a zip over the recent surge of cases across russia. waiting on line for you right now, night 2 year old william shatner, the veteran actor who played captain kirk on the tv show star trek has flown to space it me life. he's the oldest person to do that boldly going around a 100 kilometers above the west. texas desert, the spacecraft, constructed by jeff phase, also blue origin company is time and space was short. however, with the automated flight left thing, right? 10 being move in date. you can see that story on more on
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r t dot com not wraps up the news block for? no, collin, is here up the top with all the mid week updates affecting your world today. i'm you know leo, good bye. yes sir. ah . well join me every posted on the alex simon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess of the world of politics, sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh, is your media a reflection of reality in
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the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, were you thinking just because there was no more american troops, afghanistan taxpayer dollars were no longer be available as well? when you were wrong, united nations is already saying the only answer to the problems in the region is
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more aid from other countries. we will tell you how much money america is committed and the chances those taxpayer dollars have of actually getting to the people and not straight into the hands of the top band. and no a fighting chance against china. a warning coming from the former software chief at the pentagon, we will tell you why nicholas shalean quit and why he feels the united states. we dominated almost every public aspect by the chinese in just 15 to 20 years. and here in washington dc, you are more likely to die from a gunshot wound on a virus and the present. so why is there still a state of emergency in this city which is forcing up multiple mandates on businesses, visitors and residence? well, one reason and sadly it has nothing to do with public health. we will bring you at the $360.00 view and sending video from a plane crash in california. but this has not been the 1st time. the neighborhood has seen a plane crash in the area. so why does this keep happening and what our officials
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doing to help prevent it actually brings us the story from california. i'm getting a huge bringing you and that 360 view on these stories on today's news news news right here on our t america. ah, thanks for joining me. it was anyone actually expecting the united states to be done with giving money to afghanistan? now in economic ada loan since 2130 percent of the total foreign aid given by the united states to the world. busy was actually designated to afghanistan, totaling around $39000000000.00. now we definitely cannot forget the estimates as high as $85000000000.00 worth of military equipment, which was left behind in the region is now controlled by the taliban. however, find direct talks between the taliban and the united states. the u. s. has agreed
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to provide more humanitarian aid to the desperately poor afghanistan, people who are on the breed. if not already admits an economic disaster. their exact numbers are not known of how much the u. s. has committed, but we do know that the e u has pledged 1150000000 and aid during the g. 20 virtual meeting in the united nations is coming on more countries to send age afghanistan, banks are closing and the same. so services such as else care have been suspended in many places. we need to find ways to make the economy, but again, i urge the world to take action and the inject liquidity into the african economy, to avoid collapse, to discuss brand data, mcadams, executive director of the ron paul institute. thanks for joining me, daniel.


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