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now, well, reduce the lower and that's under cutting, but what's good for food market is not good for the global economy. ah, top headlines here. we're not talking to national and ready for action. russia fills one section of the node stream to pipeline with natural gas and awaits the final green light from regulators to stop supplying europe, tortured and jailed for 17 years without trial. we explore the case of pakistani national, who still in guantanamo bay, despite being cleared for release after it emerged, it was mistaken for a terrorist and russia welcome. in fact, the 1st of a space film crew, off of that 12 day shoot of all the international space station. we're talking about extreme pressure flaming turbulence. but then you pioneers of old, but old cinema speak to wall teradata and describe that fiery red ton to us.
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if everyone felt that you cannot experience something like that unless you fly into space and the feeling was grand, that you sent unforgettable. because when the parish it opens capital scott self with it is just after 1 pm on monday, here in moscow. this is auntie international. welcome to your news. so russia has taken a step forward and readying the nord stream to pipelines, pop natural gas to millions of european holmes. the 1st of 2 sections have now been filled up to the required pressure, and the operator says, work is underway to fill the rest of the network, which links russia to germany via the baltic sea. the pipeline now only needs final approval from various european regulators. well,
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the need for gas has never been greater with prices at near records in europe. in the e you, labor commissioner is wanting the situation could cause a rise in so called energy poverty over the winter as households struggle to pay that bills. but despite the energy crunch that still some resistance to the new pipeline with parts of the media accusing russia of deliberately driving up prices . now that has been debunked by both the leaders over russia and germany. and russia's ambassador to the you case as moscow is simply not withholding supplies totally, we're done with this whole. it's for political reasons. but guess pro, this isn't from station of course, while russia maintains that it's definitely not behind the increases in price in energy that we've seen here in europe. that hasn't stopped a very different story being puts across in the european media as well as media elsewhere. in fact, the very well respected news magazine focus has on their front cover of the latest addition, let me put and just underneath the headline, the cold. well,
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in this sense, in german, that means not the cold war within the latter part of the 20th century means the cold war in freezing. however, the headline that the so the headline says, lighting be, turns off the tops and drives up the price in germany. and it's a very similar message that we've seen across the median in europe. if we go over to the netherlands, similar headlines that we're seeing there also over german publications here, going with very, very similar message in belgium. what we're hearing is that russia has the chance to make or has the possibility to make europe shiver this winter while in austria, they're suggesting that russia is using gas in order to put pressure on europe. what's really interesting though, is what we're seeing in the media is a very different message to what's coming out from you repeat leaders in the commissioner for energy. that's country sense. and she said,
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just at the beginning of this month, that while there was no additional gas coming from russian supply is to meet the increased demand from europe that bo same russian suppliers were meeting the very left of all of the contracts that they signed with european countries and it's a similar message that we've heard from german chancellor angle america as well. just get kinda to my knowledge there are noses. russia has said we will deliver it to you, especially not with regard to the pipeline in ukraine. russia can only deliver gas on the basis of contractual obligations, and not just only like that, that would, well, that message doesn't seem to have been getting through to the us media. certainly not. when you look at the interview they did with russian president vladimir perkins just last week. has russia been using energy as a weapon? rushes, not using any weapons. if you've been paying attention, as for the economy where we're using weapons in what conflicts are we taking part and for the economy, this is not something we tend to use. this is what i call
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a politically motivated talk. at the end of the day, i guess the question is, how can you expect europe to believe you're a reliable energy partner when you're not supplying that energy via the pipeline? was you actually logged in? you said that you're not supplying gas through pipelines to europe, but actually, you're mistaken. you are mistaken. and all of those who feed on the information they receive, we are actually increasing our supplies to europe. for the reality is there's a whole multitude of reasons for why demand for gas in europe is currently so high, and why supplies of gas and reserves of gas are so low. so when you've got that high demand and you've got but, well, low availability, you get high prices, and that's what we're seeing at the moment. we have heard from vladimir putin in the recent pasto saying that once russia's own reserves of gas have been replenished, that we may well see russian supply is supplying more of that gas to europe.
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after being tortured and held captive for 17 years, a pakistani national has finally been cleared for release from america's guantanamo bay prison. and that might sound like good news for him, but being clear does naturally mean he'll be walking free. and all those despite washington admitting he should never have been detained in the 1st place. artes murat gasdio investigates. mohammed rabbani is one of one kind of obeys, longest serving inmates 17 years and one month he has been locked up in, get mo, by all accounts, innocent, never charged with any terror related offences. never bored to trial. once a taxi driver, his crime was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. on september, the 10th 2000 t, pakistani authorities arrested 2 individuals believe to be has and go and his driver outside the apartment complex by september, the 11th 2002,
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it was determined that an individual named mohammed ark mad, cool, amber bonnie, also known as abu bader and his driver were arrested and not ass and go. the awful irony here is that the real her son, gall bin laden's messengers, he's known, who rabbani was mistaken for was captured and handed over to the cia in 2004. he was later released and 2007 went back to his old ways and was killed in a drone strike. and still mohammed rabbi the is serving some one else's time in guantanamo the years. and the presidents came and went. they admitted that the arrest was a case of mistaken identity, and yet he is still there. guantanamo is all about lies, hypocrisy and broken promises. they promised me that they might let me out for a view of my detention, but that came to nothing. you can almost track is tragedy. it released cia and
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pentagon documents. he was initially tortured at the sole pit. at atoria, see i jail in afghanistan where terrible things were done to inmates to extract confessions raw body was allegedly identified as the man mentioned in several cia torture memos who was hung by his wrists in arn chains and who attempted to amputate his own hands to stop the pain being cleared for release may be a personal victory for him. but in practice, in bonham, obey that doesn't mean anything. one of my clients hems hotel california at me. you can check out, but you can never leave for men or soother though they were cleared over 10 years ago. but at least we're now going to be arguing about when he should go home, rather than whether what little joy and hope there is to be had. this is knowing that he has a son waiting for him. a son who was born after his arrest and about whom he only
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found out when the boy was 6 years old. just imagine life would be like for your family without your father. just imagine what it would be like if your father was at guantanamo, how can they ruin 20 years of someone's life? there is no way of knowing when the e for a body will be released and what he will make of a world of a life that he was deprived of by mistake. the scars from toward to the, the trauma, from long years of isolation, the stigma of being a guantanamo inmate will always stay with her body. as will memories of war and terrors, churning merciless military bureaucratic machine that he would upon realizing its mistake to p, is to correct it to the u. k. now, where a couple in the isle of wight are suing the government over transgender guidelines
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given to their school. a nigel and sally ro explain the problem to us here at auntie b had t situations in our school when our boys by the 8 to 6. so the 1st one was when i noticed he came hire and said that his a friend, asco, a boy, had turned up school. and now that he was now at gal, and that he was going to be called by august name. and so there was no consultation with the parents and no warning, it just just came about my that's an up said this, this is totally new to us. and then and then 2 years later, we also had a very similar situation with our 6 year old. and the boy would come sometimes dressed as a boy, sometimes just to go. he just came home and said, i'm really confused. can boys become gowns? can girls become boyce? the parents legal case focuses on an education policy called the cornwall schools
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transgender guidelines introduced in 2015. a schools are advised to have gender neutral toilets and allow pupils to wear clothes to reflect that gender identity rather than their biological sex. sallie ro, we think schools have been taken these guidelines, fonts, who literally to teach just think that this is, you know, and it's not just guidelines, but they, they are actually get the had to you when we said this is crazy. why don't you just allow this child one day to where boys you to for and then the next, the gallon choosing from day to day, which is the 2nd situation for us? and he said, i, i have no choice. i just have to accept it. if i don't like my job, but the problem is government a push putting these guidelines as best practice. and they've been doing this since 2017, 2019 as best as we challenge the government on this and they went back down on it. people say when brain speaking out, and then we say there's a lot of that and also parents, grand parents and teachers who are really,
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really grateful that we are speaking. asked about it because we're speaking on behalf of many, many hundreds of thousands of people who feel the same way. but a sketch to speak house or mean time the u. k. department of education says it's review the rose complaint and found no evidence of any wrongdoing. on the part of the school, it also said the schools approach to gender identity quote was focused on the well being of pupils. we spoke with lawyer and transgender rights activist, stephanie hayden, about the case. no one's promoting anything. this is about charles. it was expressed a wish to wear the clothing, as i understand commonly associated with the male students. this is a not about the child of the parent's consent and to be having legal battles. and one of the highest court today going to whilst about the closed data, not the child was, it seems to me absolutely ridiculous. a waste of the resources of the legal system
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and quite frankly, an attend by parents with a particular christian point of view which is fine for to impose dock view on the books is not a former a i researcher at google has accused a tech giant over rump surveillance, specifically targeting ethnic minorities, a tim gibbons who left google last year saying she was fired for writing an article, exposing racism in the tech giant algorithms. google them assists, the researcher resigned. a group was the guest on getting on the ground here when oddity will be airing the full interview throughout the day. but for now a quick preview. what is on the ethical ai? there's lots of it said to call right, a lot of as a p eyes that sell automatic automated facial ness is tools. we showed that they were much at their they had much higher error rates for darker skinned women
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than lighter skinned men. this is with centurylink, ignition. yeah, yeah. and that's spurred a lot of movement because a lot of people have been worried about surveillance related technology anyway. so that spurred a lot of movement to ban some of these at the use of some of these technologies by law enforcement, because they're mostly used to surveil a lot of marginalized communities. and so for me, that's an ethical, a palestinian, he wrote good morning on facebook and it was translated to attack them. and people didn't even see the initial didn't check to see what he initially wrote. they wrote, they saw the translation and they arrested him. so this was a google translate era, this was, this was a facebook and the underlying technology of large language. did they all use large language models?
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so what we were saying was sometimes when you have machine translation, you get these cues when you have when, when you have errors, right? you can see that the grammar is not quite right. you can see that something is wrong with these large language models. you can have something that sounds so fluent and coherent and it's completely wrong. so you only with these companies and why would these companies visiting? there's no malice, there is a mistake in the algorithm. and in the, in the software engineering, why would they seek to minimize the publicity given to papers that showed these areas so that they could, i went in. i would disagree that there is no malice, these large language models consume a lot of compute only the people with these kinds of huge compute powers are going to be able to use these large english models. and that leads to what we talked about as being environmental, racism, that people who benefit from large language models are not the people who are
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paying the cost the court apart. they are here in the russian capital. la coven numbers are apparently up in moscow with reportedly almost a 1000 deaths in the last 24 hours. just learn more about this right now, costing life to correspondent danny armstrong. danny, good to see. you. can you give us the latest numbers and what authorities saying at this point? well, yes, of course. i mean, it seems to be one grim record after know that they get shattered in russia at the moment. just as regards those cold with figures. 34325. that's the new daily high for the cold cases in russia, that's the largest. it's ever been since the beginning of the con demik that follows on from figures released on saturday, where russia again broke their own record. if you could call it in daily death from the disease, that number was a 1000 into the figure now is more at 998 was still hovering around the 1000 mark. now, despite that moscow mer sygate severe on it has reassured people that it will be no
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return to lockdown. but we could see some temporary measures that we saw during the pandemic, of course, no downs. no people stay in home working from home to our codes for visiting bob and restaurants in the city, as well as restrictions on people attending public gatherings. and now the, the kremlin has its people to go and get the vaccine to meet your passcode. the criminal spokesman has said everything is in place. all facilities are there for people to go out and get the vaccine to 30 new express coal with the vaccination stations have been dotted around the city. and so the way to get out of this, of course, is inoculation rather than lockdown. 31 percent of the population and now vaccinated figure is likely to rise. of course, the covey cases, daily coby case is likely to rise as it gets colder. here in russia, the cold weather is where the virus will be, of course,
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thriving. am yet inoculation. that's pretty much o m, the, the kremlin, has, has verged, people had to go out and get the vaccine. president putin, his said, as, as urge rather regional law make his to support this movement, going forward to getting more people l vaccinated to avoid those lock downs. which of course would be it would be something ever of a disaster for the country. of course nobody likes those locked downs being cooped up at home. it really allows for more freedom. obviously the less limitations there are. so yeah, not collation at rather than lockdown is going to be the way to stem the flow of those rising colby cases in russia. loyalties are danny armstrong. thank you. so today we continue our special coverage of a new land mark and cinema and space trouble. on sunday, a russian crew returned to earth after the world's 1st film shoot an orbit actress or julia pet of sealed, and director clim should panko spent 12 days on the international space station
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making scenes for the extra terrestrial drum. as the crew successfully touched down our correspondent konstantin rosco, i've got the chance to witness the historic landing close up in kazakhstan. ah, if you our lab before, we can find out what they have already on back there. national say, let me but they already stuff where guys heading back a dad why door? the landing spot. let's go. mm. we know the landing location in berry. so now we're gonna lie around. i feel we can actually see that as sounding module and wait until it touches down.
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mm hm. with well, as you can see, the capital is on the ground. the crew is still inside, but we've been told that they're feeling. all right. somebody is speaking with the crew right now. so history has been made russian professionals makers and just went in this way, but also safely returned to earth with footage for their 1st ever feature movie that has sort of taken in actual space. the whole crew are treated like heroes. with this is film director, clint shipping, co, safe and sound. just came from the space. the international space station is 400
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kilometers above the earth surface and a returning spacecraft usually covers the distance in 3 hours. for the most part, it's freefall and the speed can reach 120 meters per 2nd. extreme acceleration paired with gravity, taking in which the crew under enormous physical ross nonetheless shebang. go seemed in high spirits. and those oci i said, those are good. were houston wiggling, although olga bullish. ashleigh wish that you could you, peter glueck, who applause. marguerite, she's come on. one of the closure for that occur no excuse knows what she knew by his own. ling willis, doro, a moon garcia green with sheer 3 or more carefully. so that with him, you to click the blue showing you for choose tool. if should, you should choose to initial the color and you hit which when you go to then use with ice cream, got it. of course most. why don't i, sheena bull assumption like us, me just go sheriff's as early as i showed him, as anyone in particular that was actress. he labors heal has just received
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flowers. both you lead a sealed and cosmo, not alex levy. ski had to act even before the laughter capsule. the landing location turned into a film set for one of the closing scenes of the movie about a doctor who sent into orbit to perform surgery after that very sealed, who plays the lead role left her autograph on the capsule that not only brought her back home to day, but also sent her acting career sky word from now on. she is the 1st actress filmed in space. you can call us that she, she and i got i. so it was scheduled patterson, but any paralegal with no, with my mom and at them, we're talking with them. and now the renowned russian actor of lead miramar scott, who played a commander greeting the crew on the ground, sat the movie is a big leap forward for the world's film industry, the atmosphere i'm. we're back in my little macros, the e war theme on hightail taurus, nate, of course, messina, with the gazelle or sierra know young as low. you're going to show you bizarre
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because in which i pushed on will be away smugly at this diligence from a minimal corrosion. some measure of no, i'm not going to do so, but i was calling it bulge it me a question. let theory. he's like a buddhist wish, your religion no much as digit. i'm city educator yet. this miram? yes. this jim store, i better go to zoom. is that over here? store in yellow, mistrusted what's president of, of the plan you don't like in them until yara, or let's get a closer look at the capsule. just look how actually burnt it is right here. because when the capsule hurdles through earth's atmosphere at a temperature outside riches, up to 2000 degrees celsius and it feels like you are inside a fireball, the mission is also a large stride forward for the russian space program which made space travel possible for 2 non cosmetic, after just 4 months of training and it's more than space tourism, it's about professionals from different areas and not just career cosmo now's been
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able to go into space and do their job, meet acting, or something else. as, as the head of rushes space agency to biddable multiple got to do both beside the scope of them. but that it was not to be to that the coverage on lowest denise. but other bit slow glitch up, but i am able to go through it but don't some of you all a cup, but i am gonna go to him but, but that it was good percentage of you need us to run them up to him of plan. ah, there is a lot of food for thought in the months to come about that, but for now everyone here including us, is just extremely excited to witness something that will definitely go down in history as an erotica reporting from isaac stan before heading to space, the filmmakers had just full months of pre flight training compared to the minimum of 2 years for cosmo notes. but julia put a sealed and clean sha panko managed to get through it all, passing that medical and finish exams with flying colors. and we caught up with the
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crew on that flight back to moscow. it's got capitalism in. yep, of semi let me cuz one of the was more difficult for you to land the capsule with 2 non professional cosmo like this one more have course. it was different because they would not professionals, but they were trained very well and without them it would have been hard to land properly. they participated in the flight helped me and i'm very grateful for that . let's almost ounces. did you? the professional cosmos have. so baby, see the film crew of the station? you know, honestly i was expecting worse, but they adapted to work on the station very quickly and there were no issues with them. they took all our advice on board and acted on that quickly. we felt comfortable working with them again using you as you look up any my, my body doesn't really understand what's happening. it's the opposite of weightlessness listening. when you are in 0 gravity, you feel like a feather, but you're on the ground. everything is very heavy. you had is heavy,
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your arms legs. well, i feel a little dizzy. we're not actually allowed to turn out has right now, of course we have already turned had, but nevertheless, we're not supposed to be constant up quickly and we can't walk very well yet. it is so good the, the descent was unforgettable because when to perish, it opened the capital spawn so quickly and we felt all these g forces. we've all experienced you forces before, but that was a little different. it's one thing to feel it in a simulator, but another to experience it in real life. when you understand what's happening to you and you look out of the window and see how the capsule you're flying to earth in is burning. we have very experienced specialists in the russian space industry. there are some nuances. of course, there are some areas i would like to be better, but i hope this project will attract money and attention and even more respect. as was interest from yon talent to people in this field is nice the trash and cinema,
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which many people say is a little backward managed to achieve this feat. i think it could only have been done as we did it. when everything is done by hand, when you have to be both a prop maker and costume designer, when there is nothing you can do. on arrival back in moscow, the crew are reunited with their families. you can imagine pretty emotional scenes of the airport. a put a sailed and ship anchor will now have to spend several days in rehabilitation. while the commander of the crew will be under supervision for a full month. as he spent a 191 days in all that we had a chance to speak to the relatives of the crew. ah wish them for you. okay. now with your budget, what does let me just add this to me?
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i still could, i just rather uncle girl negative one styling dog. she boyden, him lee was 30 so not chelsea cookie really did it was almost i lived on was that silicon is from what's on the schedule. a pick of us moses for which is on ok. school, somerset cook with media and is the cookers heating? got cool with the cost me just go. no. what's the message? easiest. brazoswood. 13. usable a movie screen. yeah. yeah. well, highlights may great to return at a r t dot com, but also auto use youtube channel as well. but thanks for sharing it. monday with us here at moscow and my colleagues union o'neill here with the desk and half an hour's time. i do hope you can join him that ah ah ah
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ah, ah, a ah ah, ah.
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hello in welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter lavelle. there are growing indications that washington isn't finished with afghanistan just yet. military involvement has come to an end, but not engagement. also, we were told there is an energy crisis. maybe this is part of the great reset. ah, to discuss these issues and more and joined by my guess, markers papadopoulos in london. he's a historian, analyst and author of the book arise, receive the return of russia to world politics and implements. we have that for kennings, and he is the editor and founder of the 21st century wire dot com originally. crosstalk rules, in fact, that means you can jump any time you want and i was to appreciate it. okay, let's start with marcus. so ever since the arctic withdrawal from kabul in the, in the western world, particularly in the washington foreign policies,
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there's been a lot of discuss.


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