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in 2019 doctors started talking about a new wide spread disease that caused severe lung damage. there's a few points that were really to turn all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's the better it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy ever dorothy got out of breath with us to play, but also with a family daniels trulia with care source. the other mother melissa was assumable just needed. yeah. it was just to
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say that even when you would, you, that is images, but it was a passcode for supposedly got my did on. i would say the gates are spending music in which is so we come on, but it's mostly, it's up to hope was out of the to get the vote if idea all of your planet, some way up. all of the fella reviews, right? you didn't leave the to the shelf. worship with that good. yeah you ally though so so. so for 3 minutes, an eagle for days, even weeks and months. the drought house,
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that's how aerial forest protection service smoke jumpers described themselves. there on the front line fighting wildfires, but not as you'd expect. the water from overhead just brings the temperature down than main weapons against wild fires. shovels, explosives, backfires, and muscles. native. mm hm. we began filming in your kuta it's forests were ablaze, but the local authority wouldn't declare a state of emergency. the situation was critical. the aerial forest protection service had to transfer reinforcements from other regions, but it took a day and a half by bus to get to the fire. they hadn't been able to find a helicopter. at the same time, another team they were rushing to help were defending
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a nearby village and barely made it out in time to save their own camp. a shuffle worship of his elen. we're going follow up with companies in the area where the lord said you was there some of also to get away or did all of your other was there at some level of casela . none of orderly heard from fish. so the question in which you won't run partially reboot, tossed out on a grade before. sure. usually i reduce debt utilization, elliot or chatam deal it digital for delta video, brush old full. yes. what's your issue? glory over your for enjoy dish agility is utility. ah. wish good lose control of what you're new with,
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what sort of good with robot with serious always new k. 2 for bush, not communicating with a question on my list. brandon was not someone with a stay on of can when did often a surprise to change your mind, your mom with those things like that is a down, was that a shell close to that they were? do you agree with that? that would then let's put it as a formula. me is the a book with
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a, with this is their father, anatoly bull mock and waving his hand from the tent swamps, knee deep water and high winds conditions. his squad recently waited 24 hours to be evacuated from a store with that you're always looking. i thought about it. this is be amanda. wow. we push router. we have mobile shows at the for them got to read to look at the be up until we come on the special ed. so to her was out of see to get a lot of curriculum to come down. my dear sean with
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will assist you with this was to man region where ariel fire protection service smoke jumpers got caught in a fire trap to survive. they dived into an icy river and pulled water on each other . a if i did not stick warburg or that i wasn't sure where you're shown us with us. any of them was or for the muslims to deal with the, with the, with the benefits for the near to leave the crises, to figure out a lot with
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humans here. my view was about that were uniform, work wrong, get them what the case will. she will, but i'm with more group north of which is to get up with this mechanism and especially because it was a finished volume with a lot him up. well yes, that would, that he says, or what your to the show it will, it's for to move for you to throw it up as his bush auto daily for a furnished or the key or pool re annual portrait. if she'll read as
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a bonus for you, if you would like to just reinforce, broke up with a lower photo, which i the fabric or fire line is a trench duncan to the dump soil. it helps suppress spreading fires. but you can imagine how long it takes to encircle a wildfire of several actors. rather than using shovels. the more advanced way to set a firebreak his with explosives, bmw, with video video, anatoly by mocking as to squads man responsible for blasting operations. ah.
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the aerial forest protection service only gets a break from wild fires in winter. the time for training and fitness tests, exercises take place at the shoe shantika airfield and resemble airborne troops or special forces training the smoke jumpers. perfect ab sailing and parachute jumping . in case choppers have nowhere to land. so in extreme conditions, squads can be dropped. wouldst equal shorter schumacher bought a mortgage broker? why didn't you got the order to sort of are more discovered many bedrooms, 2 baths, or if you could have multiples been there with sort of usually rejects person or yeah, for question is just an art board. i'm pretty sure where you're financed with. and you, my, you would have which the seller would get after would bring your stuff and you for your gym, which is what they go to fix for a collect those kinds of new voicemail graphs as to what you can use them. but you
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would know what was before list of couple owners reported to show that you were in yet you what you did with the systemic authority. me integral know the phrase good . i mean, the boys around for a new was for board with where you guys are to getting able to send me is to put my mom deal with them if they give us any reserves more than it's more unity through the process. go grab a little to typically partial the little bit and we only sell to fit blue to feed my kids up to lose really. i just the cause any boots will do. watching grandma's name aplus. she get lisa, she is washing bullshit. you believe she does rather with watching laura luther easy. so thrones of sabina, deleted the way to do it. the social, any of the issue with
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the finish. despite the daylight, it's already late. this is what the white knights of your duty are. look like the smoke jumpers. camp is rather close to the fire and by morning it's surrounded by smoke. the acrid smell of burning lingers, but these people are used to it after a long and hard day's work. it already feels like a picnic in color. so i was going to come with blue back up was still on the way they were sleeping in the bus with the drivers working shift, so they wouldn't have to stop me. when they arrived. the arabs ever said the
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following morning, they'd probably be transferred to fight another new wildfire to smoke, jumpers was stretched thin setting up camp for the night proved unnecessary. cora villages, frightened by the wildfires. close proximity touchingly accommodated the smoke jumpers in a local school d mm. as a hot off the teams instructor says the last few days have been intense. us get easy with fill in form for the doors that oh does all of us within the believe you're screwing around which i've shown it other places to fight but also within the federal epic you though the fema somebody girl is daniel st. earlier the, the sheet was ever get off with the visual gathaway from long a little your tongue thing is if you remember when cheers with weather, would you believe the 5th, lily wireless? sure. of her mother because more used to with ms. jennifer. and though not citizen,
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she has yes ma'am, it will look i did the point in this, you know of those have it in her daughter that is him chase must the what o g stood group me, missouri user a temp aber way. she is silly. beware to say that he's never started it a vicious circle. delaying declaring a state of emergency means the aerial forest protection service can't expedite contracts with other departments. normally, tenders for purchasing aircraft for transferring smoke jumpers can take up to 40 days. of course they could make a deal in advance, but they never know where it's going to hit hardest and where they'll need to marshal most of their forces. it's a skimmer on the new portfolio. denisha hover, blair partition ellison was on his norwegian was that there are speculation, chairs, arsenal, workers at bush loaded yona when we get them school now to learn how to play with
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them christmas present. i'm good. yes about them often. ah. when i see black marriage i see part of myself i was growing young. black america spoke to me when white australia did not. those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. no, nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where the wife lives mattered. and i was not white. like ms. newman and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whiteness.
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aboriginal people here i'm more every day. we are moving them now with the police were out with she states, i'm scared that more children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare. ah, ah, the observer reported the plans had changed several times during the morning and at the helicopter wouldn't be coming and it's been decided to get some of the crew to dig a firebreak while the others set up a back fire. mm hm. that's just the hotel circle with myself. gotcha. i'm getting
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a good faith voice. although the success of the lawyer then you will, they don't offer it by you just drop off with a pro with a proposal please pioneer, but i wasn't there so also for pd's gobbled bob. hello. but yeah, just if i miss mr. gilmore, appreciate the case. different going to put it in for some more than a feel for which are so busy. when polls reveal it looked like it was vision of all, i know that with like a flight of stairs in my why not, but a doc model. peter bruce here with he got out of blame, most of the fires on locals. now he has to set grass and healthy forest on fire to
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stop the fire from reaching the village. yes, if i knew the lease, i mean, exactly does it do? do you have control? yeah, going you muggy with both a w w that i bought me in the real now our computers are, are a, i need a across the country, you know, get a quote. it was an old chat with you don't let them know a little more. yes you up it was in. yeah. but i will do a contract which cuts comple australia says on, on the little near yet, although little but there are multiple season bullet drama. you just get to the law 90 s not my i knew the most or but those with the spirit. he will disagree or motor
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with nick was in the something group. but as soon as they begin, the arabs ever reports via radio that the squad will be promptly transferred somewhere else. and i also wanted to relay that goes with that machine was a formidable day with a blow off some steam. but don't actually argue with the air observer. he can see the big picture from overhead. news at the next helicopter is still 2 days away, is why just doesn't do yourself
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a bit, but it not serial number of tom would you want to model it? any question you just love when i 1st not about to i knew i can pause effect judge regarding a youth we leave for another wildfire with anatoly bo mike in the state of emergency has been declared. the number of glazes is growing. professionals at his level, us guess. so yet again, this season anatoly is put in charge of
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a blasting team. mm. ah, let the good or would you would really supposed to go in again on another symbol it premium. i gotta refresh me, scam credibly. well, try the little sarah jill. from what i will let you know. yes, but it will shed me. i will let you know what i said i was needing the drill o other mazda team is busy setting up a new camp before it gets dark. a huge swarm of horse flies appears. cooking channel, with sure what's going on with naval banking marketing. so yeah, most of nothing listed with those guys. flowers i do. oh gosh, no, no, no,
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no no. oh bug with literally la. ah . for dogwood mckeathan i was i to, to thank you for your early morning after sub 0 temperatures at night. it's unreal. how fast it reaches 30 degrees or even more
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this so much and i will i don't want to put his whoa, whoa, whoa, ok. you don't need to know for sure going
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to learn to live is a partner. a good boy, i ah a summer garage. as a leo the scorching heat makes the blasters work dangerous. they could set the forest on fire womack and calls a halt. the operation will resume in the evening when it's cooler. before that, emma com aircraft will pour water on the fire to lower the temperature will soccer . i can gura give up a nice of the car. wash was
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a formula earlywood gym the who and you can put it in front of the door. i'm which has to do and who should i put a pepper on weakness and cry with for sure. for sure. did you, steve? would you throw both a do you chiller there or both? it was room was in you are there within fall of the film? gobbled easier for most of the aerial forest protection service. smoke jumpers this tour of duty has been the longest of their careers over 4 months. usually the wildfire season ends with heavy rain full. but that hasn't come yet. and he got a got out of sense news from a new fire. the 5th that only the blue, a well groovy, downgrade your plan as well. you know fairly well, but lead your, you want to report it barranca doesn't you figure
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ah, what if you just you slows now a muslim noise? yes ma'am. you said yes. yes. yeah. when austell, someone by shot promised arrest the us way ahead of me and me asking zed as if it isn't matching it of what it is. my i miss, it's a, it's just the support of a i thought of his former a modem ah, as night falls, so does the temperature bo mark and give the order to resume setting explosives. wooden cooking you wanted on the floor in terms of wildfires. 2021 may break russia's dubious record for the century. in 201218 1000000 hectares of forest burned. the me the we have the fuel climate. or don, unless you are
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a little choice. fierce gazette, the or guardianship those out of work that away he rose. abusive. sure. to george michelin and thornton. not austin. wearily, listening, grove formula. and i the commissioner walker, there was no one russia. i knew robert that lingers laughing is no duty. dorian, you know the road you the boy boshra was bullied boomer above the leasing people. stay on please raj, leasing ignite therapy and kinda rosky. should i be right? you know, to, she was, ah, with you today. i shit you laugh. wireless. select manage, im and some the property owner financing. oh my dear, what would you like to do today as elaine you are very, a booster was he was,
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he was a, i'm not over here. is course my son, noah morton will say that him and that he could 0 it or love it, was sheila with him and let us on the solo shows from the hungry this off, the upgrade you my dish publisher was ruffled off the laker. so suddenly me and there was the smell of bellotta solicited in the mills voice. the news from a lot of pancake, those in the paper. what if i go back of those areas? im cheers is shelby out in the hook me up as early as those are. so she stood the world's object to make ammonia in the serial number of them. i mean those, and this is by 0 of a president emsella falsehood. chose the candidates. there's just hip museums than those they my j stamps to renew my lease, like i say, with him, and they sure, and yet it isn't. which is which is possible with duckworth. cuz if you're quoting use a postcard godson love a quick hoarding cook those lost, but i'd have
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to file wasn't overnight. they need to extend the firebreak. hm. mm hm. instead of going home anatoly by mac and takes to the for a new blasting operation, communications are still working, so he's able to call his family to warn them that he's unlikely to get to his door . his wedding in time. me. ah ah, ah ah.
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oh ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality? ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah,
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so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, is it a boat and says he believes moderate conservatism, the most reasonable policy approach in today's turbulent world and an hours long q and i, a brush is about i discussion club for stage from my point of view, moderate conservatism seems to be the most reasonable policy for the upcoming time period of re imagining the world. and it could last some time as the final design is unknown, caused this policy is going to inevitably change passive supply disruption and stop shortages ahead across the u. s. a big warning from the federal reserve, the president biden refuses to accept responsibility instead blaming his predecessor and rival republicans and tempest fray between the a year and majesty.


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